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Thursday, August 27, 2020
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2020/08/27 - Our Moment of Choice

~ Awaking Humanity ~

Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness...

[NEW EPISODE] Our Moment of Choice

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes five luminaries in the transformational world - John Perkins, Lynne McTaggart, Drs Desiree & J. J. Hurtak and Reverend Deborah Moldow.

Climate Change. Economic Inequality. Pandemics. Environmental Collapse. Social Upheaval. Nuclear Weapons. All of these converging global crises are threatening the very survival of humanity. In today’s interdependent global culture, it’s up to all of us to make conscious choices for a shift toward hope for the future.

Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future
calls on us all to join in synergy to co-create a just, peaceful, and thriving world. This uplifting book is our Call to Action: This is our collective moment of choice, upon which our future depends.

This show is dedicated to this special book with four of it's long list of authors, and one of it's editors.

Lynne McTaggart
is one of the preeminent spokespersons on consciousness, the new physics, and the science of spirituality. She is the award-winning journalist and author of seven books, including the worldwide bestsellers The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Power of Eight.

John Perkins is an author and activist whose books, including Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Touching the Jaguar, have sold millions of copies and are translated in over thirty-five languages. A leading authority on shamanism, he is a founder of the Pachamama Alliance and Dream Change, nonprofits partnering with indigenous people to protect environments and build sustainable economies.

Desiree Hurtak, PhD, MSSc, a social scientist, futurist, and environmentalist, is president of the Foundation for Future Science, which assists communities and individuals in many developing countries. She is an author of several books, including Overself Awakening, coauthored with her husband, J. J. Hurtak.

J. J. Hurtak, PhD, a social scientist and futurist, co-founded the Academy for Future Science (AFFS), an international NGO, to foster cooperation between science and consciousness through social projects and dialogue. He is the author of numerous books showing how science and religion need not be mutually exclusive, as well as The Book of Knowledge.

Reverend Deborah Moldow is an ordained interfaith minister committed to assisting in the transformation of human consciousness to a culture of peace. She is the founder of the Garden of Light, a platform for the emerging global spirituality. She is director of the Evolutionary Leaders, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation, which brings together visionaries committed to the acceleration of the conscious evolution of humanity.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

For this special episode, foregoes his usual quotes of the day and Sam introduces each of his five guests. To begin the conversation, Deborah Moldow talks about her inspiration for the book Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future. She describes how all of the guests came together and collaborated. Lynne McTaggart then describes what attracted her to contribute to the book and her thoughts on the process. Afterwhich, Lynne and Sam reflect on the topic of self-power and minds in the state of “oneness.”


Segment 2

Recalling a previous discussion on the power of eight and shamanic work, Sam asks John Perkins what he means in his chapter when he mentions “life economy” and what that means for people coming together. Sam and John talk about perceptions of identity and how it ties to our way of consuming information and resources. John continues to discuss the unsustainable conditions people have established for themselves today, relating it to the coronavirus, crony capitalism, etc. Building off from that, Sam then asks Lynne how she believes the scientific point of view gives people a wider sense of power. She focuses on the aspect of belonging and community over competition. 


Segment 3

Sam welcomes J.J. and Desiree Hurtak. He asks if they can expand upon the topic of a “limitless mind” as mentioned in their contribution to the book, Our Moment of Choice. The two talk about the indigenous peoples they’ve worked with in Brazil and South Africa and these groups’ capacity of community. They focus on the topic of a collective consciousness and how connecting with this can help the crises we’re in. Sam asks if J.J. and Desiree are particularly optimistic or pessimistic about the future that’s about to come while understanding this kind of collective mind field.


Segment 4

Deborah starts this last segment by talking about what her hopes of the effect of the book will bring about in people. She says she hopes it's an invitation to others to be more aware and unlock their potential. Moving on, John shares his final thoughts about the book and the state of things, as well as his perspective of things ahead. J.J. and Desiree then share what they hope people will bring forward from reading this book and in life overall. To end the podcast, Deborah shares how audiences can learn more about Our Moment of Choice and get their own copy.


00:00:37.980 --> 00:01:00.750 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am so happy that you're all here with me today. We've got an amazing and very, very special show today. I have not one, not two, but I have like five amazing

00:01:01.800 --> 00:01:23.190 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: People who are on the show today true luminaries in the transformational space. And in this world. Let me I'm foregoing my quotes of the day today in order to give them as much time as possible. And let me go through and introduce you to my guests today.

00:01:24.450 --> 00:01:33.720 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: First going to introduce Reverend Deborah molto who cuz she's the one who kind of organized all this into her Iowa extreme debt of gratitude for

00:01:34.170 --> 00:01:46.440 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Bringing this all together, but she is an ordained interfaith Minister committed to assisting in the transformation of human consciousness to a culture of peace. She's the founder of the garden of light, a platform for emerging

00:01:47.460 --> 00:01:59.730 Global spirituality. She's the director and also director of the evolutionary leaders, a project of source of synergy Foundation, which brings together visionaries committed to the acceleration of consciousness.

00:02:00.120 --> 00:02:13.530 About evolution of humanity, which is what today is all about. It's actually bringing together some wonderful luminaries and this is all around a new book that she helped to edit our moment of choice.

00:02:14.790 --> 00:02:22.590 Joining us as well is john Perkins who I'm thrilled to have with us. He's an author and activists, including

00:02:23.070 --> 00:02:28.980 his seminal work confessions of an economic Hitman which I read, years and years ago and touching the Jaguar.

00:02:29.250 --> 00:02:35.370 As well as a leading authority on shamanism he's the founder of the Pachamama alliance and dream change.

00:02:35.610 --> 00:02:51.210 Nonprofits partnering with indigenous people to protect environments and build sustainable economy. So you all know this is near and dear to my heart. Lynne McTaggart who I'm so grateful is on and Lindsay, I actually have one of your books on my shelf. I pulled it out.

00:02:52.230 --> 00:03:08.700 Because Lynn is one of the preeminent spokes people on consciousness, the new physics and the science of spirituality. She's an award winning journalist and author of seven books, including the best international bestsellers the field, the intention experiment and the power of eight.

00:03:10.320 --> 00:03:16.320 As well as both doctors jet Deseret and JJ hartack

00:03:17.460 --> 00:03:27.150 Who are both social scientists and futurists co founders of the academy for future sciences and the foundation for future science.

00:03:27.660 --> 00:03:40.470 And they're well known for the book of knowledge which I also had on my shelf here in the office. So I had to pull these guys out to show you that like I've so so thrilled that you're all here with us today.

00:03:42.630 --> 00:03:48.300 And really I am honored and it's amazing kind of a

00:03:50.700 --> 00:04:02.760 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Project, I guess, Deborah just I'll start off with, you have this our moment of choice that you brought not just these luminaries but but other luminaries as well together.

00:04:03.540 --> 00:04:11.700 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I'm just curious, what was the impetus, the intention behind her moment and choice and and how did you get so many amazing people together for this.

00:04:12.960 --> 00:04:23.490 Deborah Moldow: I know it's extraordinary isn't it. I want to start Sam by thanking you for inviting us onto your radio program. It is such a pleasure to experience conscious radio

00:04:23.820 --> 00:04:42.060 Deborah Moldow: You and your audience are on the evolutionary edge that is so critical, right now, at this moment of choice. And I love that you were pulling your guests books off of your bookshelf, because this, this new book, our moment of choice.

00:04:43.140 --> 00:04:49.650 Deborah Moldow: When I was talking to somebody about it. She said, I'm looking at the people in this in this is my bookshelf.

00:04:51.480 --> 00:05:02.610 Deborah Moldow: So this book is an opportunity for everybody to to enjoy all of these 43 different contributing authors who are

00:05:03.210 --> 00:05:15.120 Deborah Moldow: luminaries in their own right, the guests. We have with us today. Our beloved authors best selling authors and well known in the community of people on the

00:05:15.720 --> 00:05:22.110 Deborah Moldow: Evolutionary edge of consciousness and helping to build a new paradigm. And then there are also

00:05:23.040 --> 00:05:37.890 Deborah Moldow: Many authors in the book, who are less known, but they are doing the work. And you get to see in this book. You get to see the accumulated wisdom of so many of what we call evolutionary leaders.

00:05:38.310 --> 00:05:49.050 Deborah Moldow: So all of the people in this book are members of the evolutionary leaders circle. You can find out more about that at evolutionary

00:05:49.560 --> 00:06:15.510 Deborah Moldow: And we are a community of people whose life work has to do with the evolution of human consciousness and the whole idea that we can now make conscious choices that actually impact how we evolve as a species, and this is so important in this moment. So here the book has

00:06:16.920 --> 00:06:31.980 Deborah Moldow: This extraordinary title, a moment of choice. And I say that in all humility because this title was given to us by Gregg Braden, who is one of the contributors to the book and also wrote the introduction.

00:06:33.000 --> 00:06:44.460 Deborah Moldow: He has been with the evolutionary leaders for a very long time. And we had a book project. Many years ago, more than 10 years ago and he had gifted us with this title. And that book.

00:06:45.510 --> 00:06:56.250 Deborah Moldow: Didn't happen and two years ago when fellow evolutionary leader Bob Atkinson proposed a book project to us and offered to Stewart it

00:06:57.030 --> 00:07:04.260 Deborah Moldow: Along with the team. So we are three co editors Bob Atkinson Kurt Johnson and myself. And we also had

00:07:04.590 --> 00:07:20.640 Deborah Moldow: Constant help from Diane Williams, who is the founder of the source of synergy foundation. That's the organization behind the evolutionary leaders, the truly visionary organization focused on bringing together people in synergy.

00:07:21.180 --> 00:07:34.260 Deborah Moldow: And also from Gregg Braden, and we said, Greg. Can we still use this title. And he said, Oh, sure. You know, it's he it was a gift from him and we started putting together the

00:07:34.980 --> 00:07:46.140 Deborah Moldow: Book and inviting all of these fabulous people like john and Len and JJ Deseret to contribute and everybody said yes. Everybody was so enthusiastic about it.

00:07:47.010 --> 00:08:01.470 Deborah Moldow: Little did we know that in the year 2020 everybody would be able to see that we are now truly at our moment of choice. Absolutely. Absolutely. And and actually with that.

00:08:01.470 --> 00:08:03.960 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I would actually like to bring on Lynne McTaggart

00:08:04.620 --> 00:08:13.830 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Because I know that she she can stay with us for the whole hour but Lynn. I'm curious, your, your chapters, the power of eight, which is also the title of one of your books.

00:08:14.220 --> 00:08:21.810 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: What is it about this project. This book i mean it's it's to me with so many luminaries involved. It's more than just a book. It's like

00:08:22.500 --> 00:08:35.550 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beginnings of a movement or something. What attracted you you're a busy person, you're, you're, you're very high profile. You've got a lot on your plate. What was it that that attracted you to say yes, I'm willing to contribute something to this book.

00:08:36.660 --> 00:08:45.450 Lynne McTaggert: Well, first of all, this organization of which I've been apart. Since 2008 I'm brought together so many people

00:08:45.870 --> 00:08:57.150 Lynne McTaggert: Who are on the leading edge of the evolutionary movement in one way or another, and got us all together in the same space and you know we've been meeting regularly ever since.

00:08:57.510 --> 00:09:13.830 Lynne McTaggert: And you know we back in 2008 we were talking about, hey, this is our moment of choice, you know, we're going through some big evolution. Little did we know it was going to kind of accelerate it in 2020 and we were suddenly going to be faced with

00:09:15.120 --> 00:09:26.790 Lynne McTaggert: A series of demonstrations that we are actually on the very edge of a completely new way of life, you know, in that we are in crisis, you know,

00:09:27.360 --> 00:09:40.920 Lynne McTaggert: Our current way of living and just about every part of it is is collapsing at the moment. And so it's really important for us to recognize that it won't ever be the same. And that's a good thing.

00:09:41.520 --> 00:09:48.750 Lynne McTaggert: And I think that was what really attracted me because I know there's so many great minds in this organization, each of us.

00:09:49.140 --> 00:10:05.070 Lynne McTaggert: offering something a little bit different in the work that we've we have been doing and each of us perhaps able to provide one path that may help people through this extraordinary time of crisis and change.

00:10:06.090 --> 00:10:20.640 Lynne McTaggert: And for me the power of eight was about one of the problems and the thing that I work on so much is the new science. One of the reasons that we are in this crisis is because we're living according to a full story.

00:10:21.060 --> 00:10:29.370 Lynne McTaggert: You know, a story that has been, you know, science writes the stories we live by. And this the story that we've been living by

00:10:29.640 --> 00:10:37.920 Lynne McTaggert: Is more than 300 years old and it describes us as separate entities operating according to fix laws in time and space.

00:10:38.370 --> 00:10:49.170 Lynne McTaggert: And that idea bolstered by the ideas of Charles Darwin that you know we're separate and we have to be in competition there just isn't enough to go around.

00:10:49.500 --> 00:10:54.570 Lynne McTaggert: Has created a kind of mindset and a society that is no longer sustainable.

00:10:55.050 --> 00:11:01.200 Lynne McTaggert: So for me the power of eight was really important because I wanted to demonstrate that people have

00:11:01.560 --> 00:11:10.980 Lynne McTaggert: A different kind of power within themselves that gets manifested in small groups and I've seen this now thousands of times I've seen miracles.

00:11:11.220 --> 00:11:25.170 Lynne McTaggert: Where people, you know, had a woman who is paralyzed do a power of a group last summer and get off out of her wheelchair and I see this thousands of times after 10 minutes of group intention, so

00:11:25.920 --> 00:11:41.370 Lynne McTaggert: What we want to demonstrate to everybody in different ways on this in this book is the new powers that are being recognized that we all have within ours us the end, leading to a completely different way of living.

00:11:42.630 --> 00:11:45.180 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It's so funny.

00:11:46.410 --> 00:11:58.200 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I know several people who are astrologers numerologists people who in the years leading up to it said that 2020 was going to be a special year that there was going to be some big shifts

00:11:58.500 --> 00:12:06.930 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: But they all admitted afterwards that there was no way they could have predicted what was going to happen, that it would be a pandemic and then this global uprising.

00:12:07.170 --> 00:12:17.730 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Around the Black Lives Matter movement and around really people, it seems people trying to take back their power and that in some ways there's kind of this

00:12:19.350 --> 00:12:32.370 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: dichotomy between sort of some people in control, trying to hold on to this old paradigm. This patriarchal top down, sort of power structure. While this new

00:12:32.790 --> 00:12:49.350 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Sort of more Aquarian type of egalitarian energy and paradigm is emerging and really showing us that we do have choice and that we do have power that we didn't recognize all these years.

00:12:51.510 --> 00:13:02.520 Lynne McTaggert: Absolutely. I mean, and that is absolutely the case. And I've seen it. There is something that goes on with people, what we've been able to measure it, we've measured it with brainwave

00:13:03.150 --> 00:13:15.990 Lynne McTaggert: studies we've demonstrated that people enter into a completely different brainwave signature when they're part of an intense a small intention group. The parts of the brain involved with separation.

00:13:17.160 --> 00:13:26.790 Lynne McTaggert: Are dialed way down, as are the parts of the brain involved with worrying doubt negativity. These are people who demonstrate a brainwave signature.

00:13:27.780 --> 00:13:35.100 Lynne McTaggert: Identical to studies that have been done on Buddhist monks during ecstatic prayer and Sufi ministers during chanting

00:13:35.520 --> 00:13:40.350 Lynne McTaggert: So these are people who are in an ecstatic state of oneness and we're talking about

00:13:40.830 --> 00:13:50.790 Lynne McTaggert: A period of time of only 10 minutes but that demonstrates in that when people can enter into a state of oneness, as I've seen thousands of times

00:13:51.090 --> 00:14:03.180 Lynne McTaggert: They can heal things in their lives and things in the world. So this is a capacity that has been here before blocked by this very reductive view that we have of the world.

00:14:03.600 --> 00:14:11.940 Lynne McTaggert: And that we now see is possible. And so I suppose my small contribution was to basically say,

00:14:12.510 --> 00:14:33.240 Lynne McTaggert: You have far more power than you've been told. And while these old ways of doing things are being taken away from you, let's embrace a new path forward and a new way forward. And this is one of the aspects that you don't realize that you have right there inside you. Yeah, absolutely.

00:14:33.270 --> 00:14:40.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Absolutely very beautifully said it reminds me of the story of a friend of mine who does a spoon bending workshop and

00:14:41.100 --> 00:14:45.300 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And one of the stories. He tells in it because we spend and I do it with her sometimes

00:14:45.630 --> 00:14:53.010 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: An hour the first hour and a half of the workshops all about quantum physics and it's all about sort of changing people's mindset and she tells the story.

00:14:53.310 --> 00:15:09.780 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Of a professor in Stanford, I believe, who wanted to create a course for quantum physics for non physics majors and the department rejected it is saying it would be like giving a loaded gun to children.

00:15:12.960 --> 00:15:15.570 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Like, don't worry, I'll teach gun safety, but it didn't seem to

00:15:15.570 --> 00:15:16.290 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Convince them.

00:15:16.680 --> 00:15:18.240 Lynne McTaggert: Oh, I love that.

00:15:19.200 --> 00:15:28.500 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So I got to take a quick break and then I want to come back and because I think what you said. Lynn carries perfectly into I want to bring on john Perkins next

00:15:29.100 --> 00:15:45.720 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: To talk about also sort of the demonic aspect and transitioning to a more life based way of doing things. So john state. So everyone please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we will be right back after this

00:17:53.070 --> 00:18:09.510 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Welcome back to The Conscious Consultant Hour awakening humanity, we have a very special show today with Reverend Deborah mold out Lynne McTaggart john Perkins and doctors Deseret and JJ her attack. Welcome, so

00:18:10.440 --> 00:18:24.600 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: John. It was interesting, listening to a Lynn talk about sort of the power of when we come together and their particular thing. The power of eight like when a people come together with an intention with a

00:18:26.070 --> 00:18:29.160 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Particular purpose in mind that almost miracles can happen and it

00:18:29.520 --> 00:18:40.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Also sort of reminds me of some demonic work that I've been involved with over the last six years how when we come together in community for the purposes of healing for the purposes of evolving.

00:18:41.070 --> 00:19:00.390 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: That we all actually benefit from each other's presence and what we all contribute to the ritual and to the time that you've very involved in in shamanic work in in really being a voice for Pachamama for Mother Earth.

00:19:01.530 --> 00:19:12.720 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Your chapter in this book is reasons for optimism transitioning to a life economy. What do you mean by a life economy and how does coming together. Help us all.

00:19:14.190 --> 00:19:15.900 John Perkins: Well, thanks Sam. Yes.

00:19:17.280 --> 00:19:25.530 John Perkins: I live a car. So, so let's start by saying, where we have right now is what we call a deaf economy, which is an economic system that's built on on the

00:19:26.160 --> 00:19:32.910 John Perkins: Perception that our goal out to be to maximize short term profits and short term consumer materialistic benefits.

00:19:33.540 --> 00:19:44.640 John Perkins: And that's really taking us to a situation where are our economy, our economy is consuming itself into extinction in the short term, we're using up the resources we needed in the long term, and that includes the air.

00:19:45.060 --> 00:19:52.920 John Perkins: That includes displaying our planet. And so, but that's fairly recent Lynn mentioned 300 years and that's about right. As far as i mean

00:19:53.160 --> 00:20:00.030 John Perkins: This is we go we only go back about 300 years to create in this economy, and particularly with since World War Two. We've really

00:20:00.900 --> 00:20:09.330 John Perkins: built it up. And if you look at the 250,000 or so years that we've been humans on this planet we live according to life economies.

00:20:09.630 --> 00:20:19.560 John Perkins: Which is why indigenous people continue to live in as the few that are remaining unable to keep the trishna lifestyles, a life economy cleans up pollution.

00:20:20.070 --> 00:20:34.170 John Perkins: it regenerates destroyed environments. It recycles it it renews, it does not, you know, it looks at the long term, so its goal is not short term profits or materialism. It's long term benefits for people and nature.

00:20:34.920 --> 00:20:41.220 John Perkins: And I like to be reminded that we say we go back 250,000 years but me. I've got a cat in the background.

00:20:44.160 --> 00:20:47.340 John Perkins: Anyway, I like to be surrounded by sloths and

00:20:47.580 --> 00:20:59.070 John Perkins: And and Adobe houses and and animals that remind us that, you know, that's a very short span. Most of these animals have existed a lot longer. They live in life. Economists

00:20:59.460 --> 00:21:14.400 John Perkins: And so today as we look at a change of consciousness, you know, the consciousness consultant, what is our consciousness as human beings today. And part of it as as as Lynn said it's this moving away from the communal spirit.

00:21:15.450 --> 00:21:22.680 John Perkins: Throughout history, and indigenous people live. These can be a little lives. It's not about me, it's about us.

00:21:23.010 --> 00:21:33.270 John Perkins: And it may be eight people in a small community or maybe a global community. And right now we're realizing that as a global community. We all need to come together, that there is no

00:21:34.140 --> 00:21:43.260 John Perkins: There's no China. There's no Russia, there's no United States except as we perceive these things and we perceive this we've created this perception of

00:21:44.250 --> 00:21:54.450 John Perkins: Separate nuts and creating that perception. We've created a reality which which has taken us to this deeper and deeper into this death economy, we need to come together and

00:21:55.320 --> 00:22:05.880 John Perkins: These are eight as lead mentions and also in communities of much larger than that recognition that we are all living a life now that isn't working very well.

00:22:06.510 --> 00:22:07.260 John Perkins: And we need to change.

00:22:07.800 --> 00:22:18.180 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: It reminds me of the book, Frank white road called the overview effect where he studied the astronauts and the psychological effect of seeing the Earth from space.

00:22:18.540 --> 00:22:25.470 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And that there. There were no borders from space. When you look down. Yeah, you can see the Wall of China, but that's about it.

00:22:25.770 --> 00:22:34.740 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: There, these borders, these, these identities. These nationalistic identities are completely stories that we've made up.

00:22:35.340 --> 00:22:43.260 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And that they and they really only serve to keep us more separate and and it also kind of reminds me of talking about the

00:22:43.920 --> 00:22:52.050 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: The third wave of the agricultural wave, which was much more a life affirming wave. And then when the industrial wave came in, it really

00:22:52.530 --> 00:23:03.480 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Started to dehumanize us in a way and not just to make us so much of a consumer economy, but to try and merge man with machine and lose our connection to the land and to each other.

00:23:03.840 --> 00:23:11.340 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: But now we're sort of experiencing right that next wave of evolution that we're not even sure what to call it, whether it's a

00:23:12.000 --> 00:23:18.480 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: The you know information age the connection economy. There's so many terms for it. I like your terms of life economy.

00:23:19.320 --> 00:23:37.530 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Because, you know, it's this this consumerism is such a short term vision and sort of a short term fix for feeling disconnected but long term it is horrendous what it's doing, not just to the planet, but to ourselves. Yes.

00:23:37.980 --> 00:23:47.160 John Perkins: Yes, and I love the story about the astronauts and Edgar Mitchell, one of the people who walked on the moon was a good personal friend of talked a lot about this and wrote about it.

00:23:48.330 --> 00:23:57.660 John Perkins: And, you know, in another story that because a lot of this kind of complementary to that as one told by a shaman lady high in the Andes, a woman with a wonderful name is Maria one

00:23:58.830 --> 00:24:06.270 John Perkins: And she lets us speaking. Hi, in the end is and I take people to visit these shamans periodically and

00:24:06.690 --> 00:24:14.520 John Perkins: A few years back we were there. And one of the people in the group I'm translating one of the people said, you know. So Maria wanna. How do we save the earth.

00:24:14.910 --> 00:24:28.650 John Perkins: And she laughed. And she said, well, there's not a danger, we humans are, you know, we're destroying ourselves and the planet that as we know it for us. But we're like so many fleas. And if we get to be too much of a nuisance she'll just

00:24:29.760 --> 00:24:37.980 John Perkins: shake us all off and Maria What it looks up at him Barbuda this volcano that hovers over her home high in the Andes of Ecuador. And she said,

00:24:38.430 --> 00:24:49.500 John Perkins: A few years ago that volcano was covered by a massive ice cap. It isn't anymore. Mother Earth at your mama is twitching, she's sending us a message.

00:24:49.860 --> 00:25:00.300 John Perkins: We've created a system that doesn't work the death economy and she's letting a we better listen. We're blessed to be living at a time where we can listen and we can see these things and listen.

00:25:00.900 --> 00:25:17.730 John Perkins: And, you know, Sam. I've been struck by ever since that every time was a massive hurricane or big these big fires that are happening in California and Australia and the Amazon and all the other ones that 100 year events that happen every year. So I'm struck by how she's been teaching

00:25:18.210 --> 00:25:20.670 John Perkins: That we've looked at all those as local events.

00:25:20.730 --> 00:25:41.670 John Perkins: If I survive the fire or the hurricane the outside world is going to come to my rescue in a year in a day or two, or maybe a couple of weeks. Bring a water bottle water and food. Now we've been hit by the biggest twitch of all your pandemic as global there's no outside world.

00:25:42.270 --> 00:25:42.690 John Perkins: We have

00:25:42.900 --> 00:25:45.810 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Shows how dependent we really are right.

00:25:46.470 --> 00:25:55.170 John Perkins: Yes, yes, it's a major twitch, and I think the message that we, I know the message that we need to take whether we whether we look at it scientifically.

00:25:55.620 --> 00:26:04.170 John Perkins: You know, the, the satellite images we see of how the sky is a clearing over Beijing or whether we look at it. Sure manically the way Maria Why does

00:26:04.620 --> 00:26:08.100 John Perkins: What we know is that we've created a system it's failing us

00:26:08.580 --> 00:26:16.830 John Perkins: And we have to change it and then involves a big change of consciousness that change of this perception from looking at the short term consumer profit motivation.

00:26:17.250 --> 00:26:25.020 John Perkins: To the long term benefits which has been part of human history throughout almost all of our history, except for the last blink of an eye in human history.

00:26:25.350 --> 00:26:31.920 John Perkins: And I think we're definitely moving in that direction, we were before the coronavirus started when we were looking at conscious capitalism and

00:26:32.220 --> 00:26:38.040 John Perkins: Here and he corporations benefit corporations to Green New Deal and on and on and i i'm hoping

00:26:38.520 --> 00:26:47.550 John Perkins: That despite all the problems this time is creating and the deaths and the sadness that it is it is a true it'll be a true awakening further

00:26:48.030 --> 00:27:03.840 John Perkins: For us as people of the planet. Little bring us together as one community that really understands one community with many languages. Many cultures, but that understands that we must work together to create a system that is itself a renewable resource.

00:27:04.110 --> 00:27:17.610 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Right, it kind of as as the title of the book, our moment of choice, it's really our choice now to either come to get to either keep going the way we've been going and have more trouble or to really come together and I've heard

00:27:18.060 --> 00:27:22.140 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Some people. And this actually even came to me independently in a meditation, one day that

00:27:23.550 --> 00:27:27.900 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: You know, people are calling this this pandemic a virus, you know, calling the corona virus.

00:27:28.290 --> 00:27:40.710 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: But really, in some ways, aren't we the virus on Mother Earth and this is more like the antibodies of Mother Earth coming to fill this out because it like cancerous cells. We're just multiplying to

00:27:41.490 --> 00:27:44.610 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Know it's not that way but but we're contributing too much.

00:27:45.120 --> 00:27:55.740 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Toxins to the world. And so what happens in our body right when something produces too much toxins, the antibodies come in to kind of clear it out. And that's sort of what's happening to us.

00:27:56.190 --> 00:28:10.770 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: In the end, you know, it's a horrible thing for humanity and it's a lot of suffering. But the environment and Mother Earth in is actually winning in in the result of all this that we're experiencing.

00:28:12.030 --> 00:28:22.290 John Perkins: Yes and it's it's sending a strong message and you know I get this little Jaguar here next to me. But it's a reminder that, you know, we're the only species on the planet.

00:28:22.680 --> 00:28:32.010 John Perkins: That likes to think of itself as being so intelligent. At the same time, the only species on the planet that's really destroying itself and in the planet as we know it.

00:28:32.400 --> 00:28:44.100 John Perkins: What kind of a consciousness is that, and again, it's been a pretty recent event in human history that we've that we've developed this perception of being human and being so selfish so self centered

00:28:45.240 --> 00:28:52.320 John Perkins: We're moving away from it. And I think it's frankly I think it's a wonderful time to be alive to be at this moment of choice.

00:28:52.740 --> 00:28:58.410 John Perkins: And participating in writing this book really brought this out for me and reading all the other people's all the other authors and

00:28:58.860 --> 00:29:10.170 John Perkins: And as I travel around the world. Speaking at events in many different places that I'm struck by how people everywhere are waking up to the fact that we live on a very fragile space station the earth.

00:29:10.500 --> 00:29:17.130 John Perkins: Yeah we we humans are going around a short period of time in relative to so many other animals like the last

00:29:17.970 --> 00:29:24.060 John Perkins: These you know where the pilots. We're now the pilots and we've been navigating towards disaster.

00:29:24.570 --> 00:29:34.290 John Perkins: So now it's time to wake up. Reboot. Reboot our navigation system become better pilots and let's move into this this future that we all know is

00:29:35.010 --> 00:29:48.450 John Perkins: Is necessary possible. And in fact, we must do it and we can do it. And it's going to be fun doing it. I'm looking forward to this transition that we're in the process of making because I think moving into a life economy is going to is a lot of fun.

00:29:49.860 --> 00:29:57.840 John Perkins: It's a challenge. And it's also filled with incredible opportunities for self expression and joy and bringing us into a new way of living.

00:29:59.280 --> 00:30:03.780 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Lynn. I want to bring you back on for just a minute before we go to our next break because

00:30:04.470 --> 00:30:12.330 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: What we're all experiencing right now is a huge challenge and they're probably a bunch of other challenges waiting for us. I kind of view this as just

00:30:12.600 --> 00:30:33.570 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Sort of the first challenge that we're kind of hitting. How does sort of coming together and working together from a scientific point of view, from an intention point of view. How does that help give us more power to be able to ride these waves in a in a more sustainable way.

00:30:34.530 --> 00:30:37.050 Lynne McTaggert: Well as john basically said

00:30:38.130 --> 00:30:53.550 Lynne McTaggert: We have lived a life of separation and we've lived again according to this whole story because the science does not show that we were born to be competitive, the science very clearly shows that we need community.

00:30:54.210 --> 00:31:09.780 Lynne McTaggert: I mean, there are a number of signatures here that we need to belong, you know, belonging is practically more important to us than eating or having, having air. I mean, we need to people who commit suicide.

00:31:11.220 --> 00:31:19.860 Lynne McTaggert: Suffer from what psychologists call excessive individuation they feel left out and being left out is something people cannot bear

00:31:20.310 --> 00:31:39.450 Lynne McTaggert: And studies have shown that community of any size, particularly small communities protect people from heart attacks, strokes, even the common cold. So we need community and we also have inbuilt inbuilt

00:31:41.520 --> 00:31:52.410 Lynne McTaggert: Abilities and needs to give. We need to give, we need to take turns. We needed to be fair to that's also in build and

00:31:52.980 --> 00:32:03.480 Lynne McTaggert: We have all of these mechanisms that support the idea of community rather than living separately, but we have lived lives of, you know, what

00:32:04.110 --> 00:32:13.200 Lynne McTaggert: You know, quiet desperation as Elliot, put it because we live lines of separation, you know, an interesting factoid is during the

00:32:14.070 --> 00:32:26.400 Lynne McTaggert: When the Pilgrims came over and they built these very actually nice houses ultimately a number of them were hijacked and, you know, kidnapped by the Indians and they were put in

00:32:27.420 --> 00:32:34.200 Lynne McTaggert: teepees with Native Americans, etc. And a number of them then were rescued.

00:32:35.820 --> 00:32:49.950 Lynne McTaggert: From some of them for some of them, they decided to go back, you know, they didn't want to be rescued. They weren't interested in leaving their own little houses separate houses. They love the communal living of Native Americans, so

00:32:50.670 --> 00:33:07.050 Lynne McTaggert: I just one tiny demonstration of how important we have in you know what how important community is to us and how we have to reclaim that that's one very important mechanism working cooperatively and community is one

00:33:07.770 --> 00:33:15.480 Lynne McTaggert: You know, vital path we now need to take in order to recover our humanity and recover our world.

00:33:15.870 --> 00:33:33.480 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful, wonderful that beautifully said, and it reminds me of them. I forget who was did a study on longevity and and the person found that it was in places that were more communal where the people had community that they actually live longer that like a lot of centenarians

00:33:34.590 --> 00:33:40.380 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Live to be over 100 years old because of the tight knit community that they were in the time

00:33:40.680 --> 00:33:44.370 Lynne McTaggert: Absolutely. I mean, they've demonstrated that community.

00:33:45.660 --> 00:34:00.060 Lynne McTaggert: Even when you have certain genetic tendencies towards a depression as they looked at in one study those people who lived in a tight knit community essentially were able to override these genetic

00:34:01.140 --> 00:34:16.320 Lynne McTaggert: propensities and they were not expressed. So we see that and just about everything. We also see that in acts of altruism people who do altruistic things do things for others, no matter how small live longer, healthier.

00:34:17.550 --> 00:34:40.440 Lynne McTaggert: And happier lives. So that's all part of it as part of recreating what kind of system we live in. And that's part of our moment of choice, but also our great advantage now in the system is breaking down. So I want to keep emphasizing this isn't a bad thing. This is a great thing.

00:34:40.620 --> 00:34:52.290 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Absolutely, absolutely. As one of my teacher said, we've been praying for change. All these years. Why are we so upset now that it's coming now that it's here. All right, we got to take another break when we come back.

00:34:53.010 --> 00:35:08.670 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Doctors Desiree and JJ Hurtak want to bring you guys on to look at things from a more spiritual and consciousness point of view as well. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after these messages.

00:37:25.320 --> 00:37:37.260 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. Just as a reminder. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC.

00:37:37.620 --> 00:37:44.220 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And I'm so, so grateful for, for, for all my guests today, unfortunately, Lynne McTaggart had to go

00:37:44.670 --> 00:37:54.390 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: John Perkins. Wonderful to have you here. Deborah molto thank you for putting this all together for me and now it is my extreme pleasure to welcome.

00:37:55.140 --> 00:38:07.980 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Dr. JJ and Deseret her attack. Now your specialty is a little bit different than let's say a Lynne McTaggart says who look morning at the science, you are more into the

00:38:08.610 --> 00:38:17.460 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: I would say the the consciousness, the spiritual side of all of this, and your chapters called awakening to are limitless minds.

00:38:18.000 --> 00:38:27.660 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: What do you mean by limitless minds. Well, thanks for having us on. And I, we really love actually work quite a bit in many capacities with the same thing that Linda's

00:38:28.050 --> 00:38:33.300 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And of course we do know john and I want to go back a little bit and put the two together because

00:38:33.600 --> 00:38:44.520 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Basically we've worked extensively in Brazil with the native peoples there with the indigenous people in Brazil. And one of the things that we immediately noticed and we appreciate

00:38:44.970 --> 00:38:51.900 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Is that they actually because they sleep together in these huts, just like you saw with dancing with walls that their minds.

00:38:52.590 --> 00:39:02.910 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Is are interconnected. We know this if like in college. If you lived in dorms or lived in houses with a bunch of people you know your rhythms of your body gets synchronicities

00:39:03.270 --> 00:39:12.870 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And also your whole you know thought patterns you start dreaming together of each other. So, you know, this is our capacity and that's what Lynn's talking about this field.

00:39:13.140 --> 00:39:22.350 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Or consciousness field and the indigenous people really do share their thoughts with you. In fact, sometimes it can be very strange and hard for ourselves.

00:39:22.770 --> 00:39:26.310 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Because we're so separate and we're used to having the divisions

00:39:26.820 --> 00:39:39.120 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Between each other, but the indigenous people are not like that, at least the ones we've worked with in Brazil, their minds are able to tap in and tune into each other in a very strong way and that way they also have a very strong

00:39:39.990 --> 00:39:49.200 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: family relationship. We've also worked with the zoo. The people in South Africa. And so we bring together the shamanistic the to

00:39:49.530 --> 00:39:59.370 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Native mystic and also the capitalistic since we are looking at the overall paradigm of how all of these movements of thought are converging down here in the

00:39:59.580 --> 00:40:05.700 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: 21st century. So the answer your question, we're looking at a new way but but i will call it the collective consciousness.

00:40:05.910 --> 00:40:13.710 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Discovery in itself. Well, one of our main situations is we've actually work with remote viewing and this also again ties into

00:40:14.010 --> 00:40:20.520 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Lens work. And that is, you know, where you could be in California or New York and you can actually see

00:40:20.760 --> 00:40:31.980 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: What's taking place somewhere else on the planet like in Russia, and there was a big study in the 1970s, you're probably familiar with Stanford Research Institute help Rudolph rosell targeting goes swan.

00:40:32.310 --> 00:40:35.010 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: You know they were actually sitting with Pat prize another

00:40:35.580 --> 00:40:45.270 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Remote viewer in California, and they were actually seeing exactly what the Russians were doing in Novosibirsk and they wrote it down and they compared notes and

00:40:45.630 --> 00:40:57.660 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: It's amazing. I mean, they even got CIA funding for this because they were so accurate. In fact, one of the things that Russell talks about is there was a Russian airplane that had crashed and Africa was trying to leave.

00:40:58.500 --> 00:41:04.020 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Russia defects and to speak and it was during Jimmy Carter's administration.

00:41:04.410 --> 00:41:12.510 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And so they went to the remote viewers, they said, you know, can we find this plane before the Russians get there, you know, the Russians had tracking and we didn't

00:41:12.780 --> 00:41:20.640 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And they have the remote viewers exactly say it was by a river. It's by this area, you know, go there, get it and they did. They got their first

00:41:21.180 --> 00:41:28.020 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: From anyone so remote viewers really can see around the planet and it really exemplifies this consciousness field.

00:41:28.350 --> 00:41:34.140 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: That we're all sharing that we're all a part of. And yes, we do have to wear off. I'm also personally an environmentalist.

00:41:34.470 --> 00:41:37.860 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Working in various capacities with new energy technologies.

00:41:38.160 --> 00:41:50.010 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And we need to improve what we're doing on the planet because that will be the next major problem as far as word you seeing this, but it will even get worse and worse as far as we have calculated

00:41:50.310 --> 00:42:00.090 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: But in addition to that, you know, we can make a difference. That's what our messages by our consciousness linkage and understanding of what's taking place.

00:42:00.390 --> 00:42:10.560 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: We can actually transform and change. We can also find solutions that go way beyond any kind of limitations that people think they have

00:42:11.010 --> 00:42:20.460 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: So to answer your question about the theme of limitless mine. This comes from studies with the top scientist in literally in the United States. Russell Tarik

00:42:21.540 --> 00:42:37.710 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Ingo Swann and the late Dr. Elizabeth the Rouse year who has written more than 400 papers and consciousness research and this is part of the largest study, we recently published also in a book called My dynamics in space and time, which is my opinion, the

00:42:38.400 --> 00:42:47.430 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: X Files of what the government has done for many years, but it was not until 1995 this information began to come out through Russell and others.

00:42:47.730 --> 00:42:55.320 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And our work has been to pioneer, how, how we can use this power of the mind to bring people together to go from a culture of death.

00:42:55.710 --> 00:43:04.080 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: That john speaks of into a culture, a piece of culture of cooperation and this is really the great shift that we're seeing now do we go forward.

00:43:04.290 --> 00:43:09.810 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Or backwards 300 years we are in point of recognizing this is our moment of choice.

00:43:10.080 --> 00:43:22.740 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And we've got these dynamics scientifically studied with the best minds in the Western world showing us that we are part of another sense, in addition to the five senses a sense of expanded consciousness.

00:43:23.400 --> 00:43:35.640 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: So given that in today's environment. It's kind of this another duality of sort of people holding onto personal opinions over scientific evidence in front of them.

00:43:36.330 --> 00:43:48.450 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Are you more optimistic about the future. Do you see more people being open to a more open to different ways of thinking and and seeing this as a different

00:43:49.110 --> 00:43:54.990 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Way that we can move forward. Are you more optimistic or are you still kind of a little concerned or worried

00:43:55.620 --> 00:44:07.080 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Know, we're definitely futurists, and we are optimistic. If you understand the idea of this field their consciousness field that Lynn also talks about, even though I in the keys of Enoch, Dr. Her tech also mentions the consciousness field.

00:44:07.500 --> 00:44:13.440 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: You realize that what's there and it's not just my field. And it's not just his field and it's not even just

00:44:13.770 --> 00:44:17.100 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: The Planetary field, although that's what's really the local field.

00:44:17.430 --> 00:44:26.880 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: You know, there's all the information all the solutions and I go back to the quantum physics quite a bit because quantum physics tells you there's multiple possibilities.

00:44:27.210 --> 00:44:41.910 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: So all we have to do really and it is kind of that simple. It's a tap into that field with a positive intention and that's exactly again what Lynn talks about and bring in that information and scientists are picking up on this.

00:44:42.570 --> 00:44:47.370 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Researchers sociologists are picking up on this environmentalist are also picking up on this.

00:44:47.610 --> 00:44:59.970 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And we can find solutions for this planet, or at least be prepared for the changes that are taking place so that we can come out ahead. So in short, use the positive intention and the positive mind extension.

00:45:00.630 --> 00:45:13.380 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Mix this dramatic breakthrough. The new science is so important, which includes remote viewing remote communication remote healing all of these new breakthroughs in consciousness. We believe in properly handled.

00:45:13.890 --> 00:45:20.280 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: By a world community on the upstart a for a positive future can be a transformative.

00:45:20.550 --> 00:45:27.210 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: phase that we need to go through, otherwise we fall back into fear we fall back into lethargy before back into separation.

00:45:27.480 --> 00:45:35.310 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: All of which is product that we're all in humanity to this point of destruction called Global destruction of global construction, we believe

00:45:35.550 --> 00:45:45.930 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And we've seen evidence of how people can be really activated re inspired by knowing the power of the mind beyond space and time. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

00:45:48.000 --> 00:45:55.860 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: It reminds me, just a couple of weeks ago, I had on Bruce cry or who is one of the founding members of heart math Institute and and we were

00:45:56.610 --> 00:46:02.400 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Speaking all about sort of the power of the heart. So it's not just the mind, but it's opening people's hearts.

00:46:02.670 --> 00:46:16.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: That when we open our hearts to each other and community that then we really feel more connected we feel more connected, not just to each other, but to ourselves and to the environment around us. And then we're much more likely to really

00:46:17.280 --> 00:46:24.720 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Be mindful of our environment of how to be sustainable, of how to protect our future and and the ecology that way.

00:46:25.620 --> 00:46:30.180 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Absolutely and that's why this book is so important because it is our moment of choice.

00:46:30.480 --> 00:46:40.230 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Basically every all solutions are there. Well, there's not one thing that's happening on this planet that we can find a positive solution for and it may be

00:46:40.500 --> 00:46:51.660 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Pretty far out. So we have to be open minded for but we have to make that decision. I mean, transhumanism can go two ways, right, it can go where we become part of the

00:46:52.200 --> 00:46:58.980 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: AI intelligence or it can be that we transcend the limitations of the earth in that sense.

00:46:59.220 --> 00:47:05.220 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: And we prefer, of course, that ladder, but many people want to see just the AI. And that's I think a perfect example.

00:47:05.400 --> 00:47:13.920 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Of our moment of choice in every moment is our moment of choice and keep saying that because we're actually pulling in information from the consciousness feel

00:47:14.100 --> 00:47:25.410 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: It's how we utilize that information that's so important. You will crisis. They're bringing us into this moment of choice for a great Renaissance of the mind that we believe we are within grasp but realizing

00:47:25.770 --> 00:47:37.860 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: The dynamics that we have amongst us, and this is why this book was so important, showing the pluralism of people from so many different directions coming together as that critical mass saying this is what we can make

00:47:38.430 --> 00:47:47.160 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Happen now not some place in the distant future, not by looking back at the past and thinking negative but see the positive synergy.

00:47:47.430 --> 00:47:59.250 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: With some phonics energy. That brings us all together and just to chime in with what everyone says 2020 has been an awakening for many, many people I think people are seeing that, whether it's staying home and doing more meditation or

00:47:59.430 --> 00:48:15.210 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Or reading more books on you know transcendental, you know, meditation, whatever it is, you'd like to do, or our own books are our moment of choice. It's awakening people to realize we have to make a difference. It's not any longer. We can make a difference. We have to make a difference.

00:48:15.750 --> 00:48:28.710 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I hate to interrupt you, too, because you you're so on fire. I love it. You guys are great, but we got to take our last break of the show. And then we'll come back and wrap everything up with Deborah and with john

00:48:29.040 --> 00:48:45.480 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And we'll see where we go from here. So thank you all for contributing your energies to this show I so appreciate you all. So everyone please stay tuned, we're going to be right back after this. Don't go anywhere. We still got some things to talk about. So we'll be right back after this

00:50:38.760 --> 00:50:50.460 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. This has been a special show all about our moment of choice with Reverend Deborah Malvo

00:50:50.880 --> 00:51:06.330 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Lynne McTaggart who was with us earlier john Perkins and doctors Deseret and JJ her talk. Thank you all for for coming in and being part of the show today. I really appreciate you. And this is sort of the magic of technology, right.

00:51:07.470 --> 00:51:14.490 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: You guys were just talking about how we have this this challenge with technology right now. Which way do we go with it.

00:51:15.090 --> 00:51:23.430 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: We can use technology as a positive tool to bring together amazing minds and amazing people from across the globe to really

00:51:23.970 --> 00:51:41.460 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: give something to humanity to help to inspire and uplift and empower people to move forward. Deborah, I would love to hear from you for a minute of just what's your intention behind the book. What is your hope will happen once this book is published, it gets published

00:51:42.630 --> 00:51:43.710 Deborah Moldow: September 1

00:51:44.280 --> 00:51:44.820 Deborah Moldow: Right up

00:51:45.180 --> 00:51:50.280 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Coming up in just a few days. What are you hoping will be the effect of this book coming out.

00:51:52.620 --> 00:51:54.630 Deborah Moldow: We see this book as an invitation.

00:51:55.830 --> 00:52:05.190 Deborah Moldow: This is, this book is reaching out to everyone out there and this would be particularly the people who are listening to this radio program.

00:52:05.790 --> 00:52:20.940 Deborah Moldow: Who are in the community of, of those who, who not only see the dire situation that humanity is in right now, here on planet Earth due to the choices that we've made at previous levels of consciousness.

00:52:21.570 --> 00:52:31.020 Deborah Moldow: But can also dream into a future that doesn't look like the present and I love John's term for the life economy.

00:52:31.770 --> 00:52:43.140 Deborah Moldow: I love what the her talks are talking about going beyond the limitations of our minds as we know them. Now there is so much potential for

00:52:43.740 --> 00:52:54.780 Deborah Moldow: Living into a new paradigm and everybody has a role to play and you know the the subtitle of this book is evolutionary visions and hope for the future.

00:52:55.710 --> 00:53:07.920 Deborah Moldow: So this book is a banquet of visions from the indigenous wisdom that has been trying to tell us some of these truths for a very long time.

00:53:08.310 --> 00:53:18.120 Deborah Moldow: But we haven't been listening yet. And maybe we are now all the way to new frontiers of science and spirituality that are bringing us into

00:53:18.450 --> 00:53:32.550 Deborah Moldow: Whole new ways of considering what it means to live in community here on planet Earth. And this one volume called our moment of choice. This offers

00:53:33.360 --> 00:53:50.100 Deborah Moldow: 43 amazing visionaries in all of their different concepts and and truly their life work the wisdom that the her texts were talking about studying tribes all over the world and learning from them and

00:53:50.760 --> 00:54:00.570 Deborah Moldow: You know, many other perspectives. There are some who work with youth. There are some very amazing ministers in here like Reverend Michael Beckwith and

00:54:01.080 --> 00:54:14.190 Deborah Moldow: Sylvia Sumpter and and Reverend Christian Sorenson and all of these chapters have an invitation to action.

00:54:14.910 --> 00:54:21.450 Deborah Moldow: So whatever it is that you do in the world you are invited into this movement.

00:54:22.140 --> 00:54:41.610 Deborah Moldow: Of people all over from all different cultures who are looking at this moment and saying, yes, this is our moment of choice and I am going to choose a brighter future, not only for myself, my friends and my family, but for all life on Earth.

00:54:42.210 --> 00:54:55.230 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beautiful, beautiful Deborah john Final thoughts before we end the show. What is the one thing you hope people take away from this book and and take into and integrate into their lives.

00:54:56.100 --> 00:55:03.840 John Perkins: Well, it's that we live in very blessed less a time that we're blessed to be alive right now. There was a consciousness revolution that's sweeping the planet.

00:55:04.260 --> 00:55:15.750 John Perkins: I think we all need to understand that whenever there's a revolution is always pushed back from the status quo. That's certainly happening out to. But just like if you want to build up a muscle, you have to have resistance.

00:55:16.950 --> 00:55:23.790 John Perkins: And so the resistance that we're getting from the status quo is making it stronger and pushing us even harder to move forward.

00:55:24.030 --> 00:55:31.920 John Perkins: So I think it's it's really important for everybody out there to recognize that you are so lucky to be alive right now at this moment of choice.

00:55:32.280 --> 00:55:40.140 John Perkins: And make the best of it and get it be part of it. Get involved read this read these amazing articles and see which ones really most draw you in and

00:55:40.440 --> 00:55:49.860 John Perkins: And get people involved and know that we are winning, we're going to change consciousness and and changing consciousness. We will change reality. Yeah.

00:55:49.980 --> 00:55:50.460 Yeah.

00:55:52.380 --> 00:56:03.180 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Deseret and JJ. Just a final word of, you know, what do you hope people will bring forward into their life from from being exposed to this work.

00:56:03.810 --> 00:56:08.220 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: This is the greatest moment to be alive. The most important part of incarnation.

00:56:08.550 --> 00:56:15.660 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Into a time of change and transition and so whole high the standards of all humanity working together.

00:56:15.840 --> 00:56:24.780 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Hold high the positive future that we will engineer the sociology and psychology of our collective energies together and hold high the spiritual

00:56:24.990 --> 00:56:34.440 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: Ethic and the understanding that we are all part of the divine for us in fact life could be defined as the god force that is not coming truly into recognition.

00:56:34.680 --> 00:56:50.640 Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak: We are all ecumenical brothers and sisters who must be the light pulse must be the light and must be the beacon of courage. I know you can make a difference. But it's a collective we that really will be making the difference. So thank you. And our moment of choices available for everyone.

00:56:51.000 --> 00:57:01.980 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Right, right, right, and Deborah. I know the book is available at our moment of choice calm, but there were also some special things if people pre order the book right now. Right.

00:57:02.640 --> 00:57:15.120 Deborah Moldow: Yes, there are some exciting bonuses and I was thinking during this program about one of our bonuses is is a chapter know is the whole book.

00:57:15.420 --> 00:57:26.760 Deborah Moldow: Of Duane by Duane Elgin that he wrote many years ago called awakening Earth that predicts this moment. And actually, actually.

00:57:27.300 --> 00:57:40.620 Deborah Moldow: demonstrates how we will be moving into a new time of new consciousness that is inevitable part of our evolution is absolutely fascinating. And there are

00:57:41.310 --> 00:57:53.100 Deborah Moldow: Five bonuses. So if you go to our moment of and you purchase the book. From there, you will be entitled to all these bonuses, as well as this.

00:57:53.970 --> 00:58:12.630 Deborah Moldow: Very exciting new book. So we invite you, and we invite you into this movement because everybody is needed. And I think that's what we've heard from all of our guests today that everybody has a role to play in this new time that we can co create together at our moment of choice.

00:58:13.050 --> 00:58:20.550 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you. Debra. Thank you so much. And thank you again for organizing all of this and bringing these amazing people together today.

00:58:21.120 --> 00:58:30.600 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I invite you all next time you're going to be in New York City. I would love to get together with you and maybe even have you come into the studio and we'll do something face to face when it's safe to do so.

00:58:31.830 --> 00:58:38.820 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Thank you all for tuning in. I posted the link to the Facebook Live. So if you have not yet.

00:58:40.290 --> 00:58:48.480 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Liked our Facebook pages. There's the slash conscious consultant Facebook com slash talk radio NYC and

00:58:48.930 --> 00:58:55.740 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Thank you all for tuning in. I so appreciate my loyal listeners. I see. Patty has been commenting and

00:58:56.580 --> 00:59:00.300 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Very much in joining today, enjoying today's show. Thank you. Patty and

00:59:00.600 --> 00:59:09.990 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And for all of my listeners. Thank you for for staying with us through the hour, and especially thank Lynne McTaggart john Perkins Deseret and JJ Hertzog Deborah Moldova.

00:59:10.320 --> 00:59:26.880 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And please stay tuned because coming up right after this show. It's Ken foster in his show voices of courage followed later today by Antonio Thompson in her show. So now you know and Graham Dobbin in his show the mind behind leadership. Take care everybody. We will talk to you next week.

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