Voices of Courage

Thursday, August 20, 2020

2020/08/20 - The Courage to Use Brain Power to Accelerate Your Success

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Use Brain Power to Accelerate Your Success

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Kate Lanz, founder and CEO of Mindbridge, a UK-based global leadership company specializing in the power of modern neuroscience and releasing latent brain potential, Craig Nandoo, President of JBK Wellness Labs, and Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder and lead formulator for JBK Wellness Labs, to discuss using our brainpower and setting powerful intentions to thrive and accelerate our success in life and business.

Segment 1

Ken tells us that we will be discussing how to maintain a healthy mind to accelerate your success. Think about habits such as drinking, smoking, or constant worrying. If you have these problems, you may need to improve the health of your mind.


Ken introduces his first guest, Kate Lanz, founder and CEO of Mindbridge. This company specializes in releasing brain potential. Kate got into this field because exiting the corporate world, she became increasingly interested in the science of releasing full potential. She explains the brain has evolved in 3 phases: first the brain stem to regulate automatic processes, then the limbic system or emotional brain, then the prefrontal cortex with rational thinking. The prefrontal cortex is actually slower to react than the limbic system, meaning emotions can surge to the forefront of our mind before rational thought. 

Segment 2

Studies have shown that the brains of women and men work differently in terms of physical patterns of thought. In the male brain, activity runs from front to back in each separate hemisphere. In women, activity runs horizontally between hemispheres. This manifests itself in different ways of paying attention and different takes on the world. Not every brain is the same and may present a mix of these two activity patterns. Hormone levels also lead to difference in thought – testosterone leads to competitive behavior in men and oxytocin leads to bonding and collaborative behavior in women.


Ken asks what stops the brain from thriving? Kate explains that if your limbic system thinks you’re in danger, it will take over your responses. If you communicate between your limbic system and prefrontal cortex, you can create a more efficient and harmonious thought process.

Segment 3

Ken asks, how do you deal with an alpha male? Kate gives an example of how a woman boss matched a challenging employees behavior by meeting his eye and shutting him down was the right way to establish her authority. She started with collaborative behavior and did not deter his disrespect, and found matching his behavior caused him to step down and begin working with her. If you would like to purchase Kate’s book, All the Brains in the Business: the Engendered Brain in the 21st Century Organization, you can find it on Amazon.


Segment 4

Ken introduces his next guest, Dr. Jenelle Kim, founder and lead formulator for JBK Wellness Labs. He then introduces her husband and president of JBK Wellness Labs, Craig Nandoo. Ken asks Craig, how did you get into this business? Craig said he had experience in the industry along with the natural formulas that Jenelle’s family had passed down through the years. She wanted to share these with the world.


Ken asks how they managed to distribute in companies like Urban Outfitters, Ritz Carlton, and more. They realized that distributing their products through other companies and not under their name could only help these products reach and help more people. They did not anticipate this, but their company gained a manufacturing focus for other brands.


Ken asks how important intuition is in this process. Jenelle says she thinks it is vital and can lead to good decision making for your business. She says her ancestors were herbologists and doctors of the past, and their wisdom has been passed to her. She sees herself as the guardian of these formulas and she is proud to have been the first to share them with the world.

Segment 5

Craig explains how their company helps entrepreneurs purchase products in smaller quantities and to put their own label on the product and to build their brand. To work with them in this way, an entrepreneur could approach JBK with an idea of a product and sometimes ingredients they would like to incorporate, and the Lab will formulate the product. Jenelle explains that they will only work with someone who is focused on putting out a high quality product. Craig says to new entrepreneurs, start with a product you believe in and follow an aspirational plan and purpose to guide you. If you would like to learn more, you can visit or