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Thursday, August 20, 2020

2020/08/20 - Protests on Martha's Vineyard

[NEW EPISODE] Protests on Martha's Vineyard

This week Antonia asks questions of our community, family and friends to help keep us all connected. She discusses the Protests on Martha's Vineyard with her special guest Amy Schumer!

Join her as she tries to quench your thirst for curiosity with real, balanced and thoughtful discussions from everyday people.

Tune in for this wonderful conversation or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Antonia signs on to her show and discusses this week's current events. She updates her audience on the covid-19 pandemic and reminds them to social distance and wear a mask. Antonia talks about a recent Black Lives Matter protest she had attended, and the wonderful people she met there.


Segment 2

Antonia plays the interview that she took at the protest. She interviews Daina, who discusses working with celebrities like Amy Schumer who are working with protest groups to raise awareness. Amy Schumer drops in to join the interview. She discusses the privilege of being able to protest.


Segment 3

Antonia comes back to the studio to discuss the daily protests on Martha's Vineyard where people in the community will kneel for George Floyd. She bring us back to Martha's Vineyard, where she discusses the community's protest efforts. Amy Schumer talks about her frustration with people who are resigned to do nothing in the wake of tragedy. Daina discusses the bravery of the people who come to protest every day in the United States. Amy talks about the fantasy of the perfect protestor. 


Segment 4

Daina talks about the record number of POC women who are running for office. A group of protesters discuss their wish for a POC vice president and more representation in the Supreme Court. Antonia reminds her audience to vote and participate in their community's protests.


00:00:40.590 --> 00:00:49.170 Antonia: Good afternoon, everyone. Happy Thursday. It's Antonia and so now you know i know you haven't seen me live in a couple of weeks I've been on vacation.

00:00:49.680 --> 00:00:58.170 Antonia: Had a couple of things I had to do for work. So I haven't been able to meet up with you but I we haven't doing some replays of older shows that I've done.

00:00:59.010 --> 00:01:07.620 Antonia: Pretty much a long time ago. So I hope you enjoyed them. And then, as always, you should always go to our talk radio and talk radio and YC

00:01:08.010 --> 00:01:17.400 Antonia: To just listen to any of the shows that we all of us do, but you can definitely go back and see. Have I progressed, I want to hope that I have. I say that because

00:01:18.630 --> 00:01:28.200 Antonia: Over the last week when I was on vacation. I was able to do a impromptu interview with some women that were doing amazing stuff in Martha's Vineyard

00:01:28.650 --> 00:01:35.790 Antonia: And, you know, I'm working to figure out how to edit it and get it to present to you today. So I hope that everyone's gonna be patient with me.

00:01:36.090 --> 00:01:43.410 Antonia: As we try this out. But I think everything that these women are doing and what we talked about was just beautiful. So I'm really excited to share that with you today.

00:01:44.220 --> 00:01:48.960 Antonia: So as we left it. I think over the last several weeks before I met last we were talking about

00:01:49.680 --> 00:02:00.300 Antonia: Different activities that are happening in our, our communities, different platforms that are becoming available for people to talk about their discomfort to talk about systemic racism prejudice.

00:02:00.660 --> 00:02:09.390 Antonia: And other issues that have for very long time have been in our community, whether some of us want to acknowledge them and or not they happen and this

00:02:09.930 --> 00:02:24.300 Antonia: Sadly, the death of George Floyd has brought out this urgency across the country for people to voice their discomfort to voice the things that they are just sick and tired, excuse me, a putting up with

00:02:25.410 --> 00:02:38.880 Antonia: So I appreciate this platform, and I hope you do too and offering you just as you know. So now you know it's all about talking to people that are on this earth doing fun, interesting, important

00:02:39.210 --> 00:02:45.240 Antonia: Things that maybe not in our own personal wheelhouse. Maybe things that we thought we might someday do

00:02:46.410 --> 00:02:56.010 Antonia: But seeing how it's getting done. The works getting done. And just to follow up on a hill was here just a couple of weeks ago talking about her new book, she talked about a children's book.

00:02:56.400 --> 00:03:01.800 Antonia: That she illustrated in author and she was doing some fundraising, because she had matched for it.

00:03:02.340 --> 00:03:14.820 Antonia: To get that book out there and published and distributed distributed and guess what she met her goal. And I think it was just a collective grass root organic push of her

00:03:15.180 --> 00:03:22.140 Antonia: It's on our bucket list to do. She's in coven she's got three amazing boys and just felt the need and fill in fill that gap.

00:03:22.830 --> 00:03:31.380 Antonia: So if you have time, please go back and I think we probably did it as a show last week. But if you didn't catch it, please go look at it.

00:03:31.770 --> 00:03:43.080 Antonia: And another update. We did have Steven Hurst, a couple weeks back, he's a photographer auto in New York, and he had been sharing with us a lot of photos that he takes of people out in Harlem.

00:03:43.920 --> 00:03:46.320 Antonia: Just everyday folks going about their code world.

00:03:46.860 --> 00:03:54.060 Antonia: And just through pictures telling a story about a community and the pitches that he continues to post on his website.

00:03:54.300 --> 00:04:05.430 Antonia: Or if you follow him on Facebook are just amazing. So I really hope that Stephen listens to us we advocated that he can put his pitches all together and he do some type of table book.

00:04:05.940 --> 00:04:14.220 Antonia: For the holidays. And I think it would just, it would just be fantastic. So again, if you have time, visit us and talk radio dot NYC. So now you know you can see

00:04:14.640 --> 00:04:30.120 Antonia: All the interviews that I've done over the last several weeks or previously when I was on the show, lot of good stuff happening and some of those guests that I previous spoken to will be coming back to give us an update. So I'm really excited about that. So as we get into this

00:04:31.290 --> 00:04:38.940 Antonia: I, as you know, I'm from Massachusetts. And last week I spent some time on Martha's Vineyard that's a normal place that I go to every summer.

00:04:39.180 --> 00:04:47.790 Antonia: coven of course has changed everything for everyone no matter where you going. So if you're out there and you haven't been able to get away for a couple of days.

00:04:48.330 --> 00:04:58.320 Antonia: You know, it's not easy. A lot of places that would have normally rented in certain places aren't renting were little having anxiety about staying in hotels.

00:04:58.620 --> 00:05:06.780 Antonia: We see that across our country. There are all these red states that have had coven uptake. So therefore, they're there on the do not travel list.

00:05:07.470 --> 00:05:15.840 Antonia: But you got to take the time we don't know what the winter is going to hold for us. And I want you to be mentally mentally prepared happy and happy and healthy.

00:05:16.500 --> 00:05:24.510 Antonia: So if you can even if it's a two hour drive you know I'm in Connecticut. So still a state that we can get. We can get in an accident.

00:05:25.320 --> 00:05:33.240 Antonia: But if you're in one of those other states. Just find some place and note the amazing thing about it is, as I talked to people who are trying to get away here in Connecticut.

00:05:33.930 --> 00:05:39.810 Antonia: They have, you know, learned about all the natural parks and different places that are here in Connecticut, that a fabulous.

00:05:40.050 --> 00:05:48.780 Antonia: So if you're in New York, upstate New York. If you're in any other parts of the country, look around and see what your natural preserves your natural parks.

00:05:49.470 --> 00:06:00.180 Antonia: See what they have to offer. Because you might be surprised. There might be places that are not that far. Two hours away that can really just give you that sigh of relief. If you to take that break

00:06:00.570 --> 00:06:08.010 Antonia: Because I am worried about the winter, and I am worried about flu season. I think it's crazy right now. Well, I shouldn't say crazy

00:06:08.640 --> 00:06:12.630 Antonia: Our expectation is that our kids education will continue and it should continue

00:06:13.230 --> 00:06:22.290 Antonia: And this is all new and different to us and we just have to figure out how do we manage this coven world and educational system. So I know a lot of parents are really anxious about

00:06:22.860 --> 00:06:31.590 Antonia: You know, opening those doors back to school in some ways I say something we have to do and other ways. I'm like, I don't know if I want to send my child because it is it is dangerous.

00:06:31.890 --> 00:06:41.880 Antonia: In certain ways. But again, social distancing wearing our mask, making sure we're six feet apart. Washing our hands all the time using hand sanitizer.

00:06:42.870 --> 00:06:51.690 Antonia: And I know that because that's what the medical experts are saying, and that's what we know to be true that if people can be masked say six feet away from others.

00:06:53.040 --> 00:07:01.560 Antonia: The problem is if you are ever and I believe what the science is saying is if you are ever amassed for 15 or more minutes.

00:07:02.520 --> 00:07:12.480 Antonia: Near someone that has been exposed, then you're exposed. So try to keep that in your head right six feet away in mast.

00:07:13.050 --> 00:07:22.080 Antonia: You should not you should be okay. It's when you are unmasked for longer than 15 minutes and you are in the vicinity of someone who perhaps has been exposed

00:07:22.350 --> 00:07:30.300 Antonia: Then all those droplets those little pieces of yuck that come out of our mouth that we don't see. But is there. We know it's there.

00:07:31.080 --> 00:07:37.290 Antonia: Within those 15 minutes back and become an issue within 15 minutes of touching a surface or something else. And it's getting to your mouth and again

00:07:37.560 --> 00:07:47.370 Antonia: That's an issue. So there's anything that you take away from today six feet away. Make sure your mass. I don't care who they are. If they're not part of your actual household and you're out the door.

00:07:48.150 --> 00:07:57.750 Antonia: Just do the right thing, where the mass tastes to stay six feet apart. Otherwise, you kind of take it into your own hands and then you're exposing innocent people to other stuff.

00:07:58.620 --> 00:08:07.290 Antonia: But anyhow, let's get to this. So I go to Martha's Vineyard turns out for various reasons, my daughter staying with some a friend and I'm by myself.

00:08:07.800 --> 00:08:17.640 Antonia: And so I decided to visit different parts of the islands that I had not been for a very long time and I had some family that was staying out. So my nieces, who had been there already.

00:08:18.180 --> 00:08:25.860 Antonia: were telling me about this gathering that happens in chilmark which is a part of the island of Martha's Vineyard

00:08:27.120 --> 00:08:34.620 Antonia: That happens every day at 1030 in the morning, and it is a silent, but very intense protest.

00:08:35.130 --> 00:08:42.960 Antonia: Against all the police violence and brutality that has been happening in the country and they were explaining to me that how all the victims of police brutality.

00:08:43.260 --> 00:08:58.170 Antonia: George Floyd and others are honored with their names being said after a kneeling down for the amount of time that he suffered before he died. So I thought that was very interesting. It was very different. I think I actually had heard a little bits and pieces of it.

00:08:59.580 --> 00:09:03.480 Antonia: On Facebook and other places of folks that have lived out there that this was happening.

00:09:04.050 --> 00:09:23.070 Antonia: And it happened it been happening in early June, so I was very surprised not surprised pleasantly surprised that it was still happening. So when I visited I met them and participated and was just so moved from this very organic heart felt sense of community.

00:09:24.090 --> 00:09:27.120 Antonia: On this corner it's at the chilmark library.

00:09:28.170 --> 00:09:42.360 Antonia: On this into this four way stop and it just was really intense and as I participated and really prayed just, I don't know, just move me write that in there in that moment to pray.

00:09:43.050 --> 00:09:53.940 Antonia: I heard one of the women who organizes it speak. And so I felt afterwards. I want to approach her and I talked a little bit about this show and what the purposes

00:09:54.450 --> 00:10:01.560 Antonia: Of the show is and then I just wanted to share her story because she had created this platform for people to be engaged.

00:10:02.280 --> 00:10:09.540 Antonia: In this I too am trying to create a platform. So she will hesitant at first as as anyone would be, I think, not knowing

00:10:10.050 --> 00:10:21.600 Antonia: You know, here I am. Oh, I have this little podcast talk show radio that I want you to come on and speak. And so eventually she agreed to do that. So what I'm going to try to do today share some bits and pieces of our interview.

00:10:22.290 --> 00:10:31.830 Antonia: Just to get a sense of the wonderful, beautiful work that is being done out on the island of Martha's Vineyard and then there was a little surprise and I'm

00:10:32.850 --> 00:10:37.860 Antonia: We're going to go through it and then I'm going to come back and we'll talk a little bit about it, but I was just I

00:10:39.240 --> 00:10:41.130 Antonia: stumbled into my first

00:10:45.030 --> 00:10:58.950 Antonia: My first celebrity interview and it was very interesting, because you know it's one of those things. When my niece's were there and they tell me. Oh, you know, Amy Schumer participates in this

00:10:59.610 --> 00:11:06.960 Antonia: This gathering she's part of one of the leaders and I'm like, Oh, wow. Amy Sherman. Yeah, she's a comedian love her work have seen it.

00:11:08.700 --> 00:11:14.220 Antonia: New or, you know, we all know her, but I hadn't heard from in a while and hadn't thought about on a while.

00:11:14.640 --> 00:11:28.770 Antonia: And so on. My niece is totally all she was there. You didn't see she spoke. I was like, No, I didn't. But the beauty of it was, I don't think she was there to be Amy Schumer as well. Here she was there to just be a very concerned citizen, a very concerned mother.

00:11:30.690 --> 00:11:43.140 Antonia: And it was in was there to participate and to share her story. And so as I was talking to this. The this woman who started this. Her name is Dana Nunes

00:11:45.060 --> 00:11:49.770 Antonia: Amy, then joins the interview. So I was very pleasantly surprised. And we just had a very

00:11:51.000 --> 00:12:10.140 Antonia: Heart to Heart conversation about where we were, what our purpose was that day. And in that moment, and so I truly am appreciative of it because I think it does say a lot about us as humans as us all having the desire in us and we'll talk a little bit about this in the interview.

00:12:11.220 --> 00:12:21.390 Antonia: We want to protest. We want to stand up for right what's right and if we don't want to stand up for right what's right, we still want to have our voices heard. Now whether, you know, some would argue

00:12:22.230 --> 00:12:28.590 Antonia: For those that feel differently about the protests that have happened against this country that as

00:12:29.100 --> 00:12:45.810 Antonia: Amy and Dana will talk about, let's have a conversation about it, let's hear your side, your side to side with so much your side of the story. Let's just sum to stand. Let's meet in the middle. Let's agree to disagree, but not having giving people that ability to disagree or just

00:12:47.160 --> 00:12:56.490 Antonia: You know, kind of blown off the other side and, especially, we're going to see a lot of that with this election coming up. And we've already seen that, you know, our President hasn't been a good role model is

00:12:57.810 --> 00:13:10.260 Antonia: To open dialogue and open discussion. So it becomes very difficult for people to do. But I think what really moved me and this particular protest, because I have participated in various protests, as we've talked about here.

00:13:11.370 --> 00:13:22.950 Antonia: It was just a sense of people were from other places, obviously, because they were vacationing you could tell there were young black men. There were older white men and women.

00:13:23.700 --> 00:13:36.690 Antonia: There were people there were young children, and there were families that were coming together to participate in this moment this moment of silence this moment of like I said Prayer.

00:13:37.560 --> 00:13:51.060 Antonia: But it was a moment to celebrate something that has been happening to a person to a group of people in solidarity and I just thought it was, it was just so fantastic and wonderful. So again,

00:13:52.110 --> 00:14:02.220 Antonia: I'm new to my eyes. I know you guys don't hear from Sam too much, but he's the he's the guy behind all this, and helps us put all together our shows

00:14:02.850 --> 00:14:10.380 Antonia: So I tried to edit some of the work I'm doing. And then, of course, I was nervous doing it. And some of it. I didn't take correctly, but I think I was able to

00:14:12.060 --> 00:14:19.440 Antonia: Save. Most of the interview, but just was really blessed to come in the path of two amazing women doing amazing work.

00:14:19.950 --> 00:14:29.970 Antonia: And just want to share that with you today that you have a voice and you should use your voice in any way, shape, or form that you can because it can be transformative.

00:14:30.390 --> 00:14:39.630 Antonia: For a lot of people or just for one person, but you need to use it. So we're going to get ready for our first break and we're going to try to queue up some of these pictures that I want to show you

00:14:40.350 --> 00:14:51.930 Antonia: From the activity that's happening on Martha's Vineyard and then we're going to talk a little bit to Dana and Amy about the great work that they've been doing Martha's Vineyard so you're listening to Antonia and so now you know and we'll be right back.

00:16:58.440 --> 00:17:10.440 So Now You Know: Sure, if you stand six feet away. And we had a very brief conversation. He was from London. He was here for a short time and he had no clue that things were as bad as they were here until George Ford died.

00:17:11.730 --> 00:17:19.200 So Now You Know: How he had not been aware. I don't know, but he was interested in finding out more. So he stood with me.

00:17:20.040 --> 00:17:32.550 So Now You Know: And shortly after he arrived, I was aware that there was someone behind me. So I turned to say hello. And it was this Young, Blonde woman. She looked like she was about 14 years old, had her hair pulled back. She was wearing running talks.

00:17:33.630 --> 00:17:37.050 So Now You Know: And I greeted her I said hello and

00:17:38.880 --> 00:17:47.460 So Now You Know: She told me her name. And I looked at her again. And I said you did we work together because she looked like some kid. I might have worked with in a restaurant someplace and she said, No, I'm a comedian.

00:17:48.630 --> 00:17:53.580 So Now You Know: And my first thankfully unspoken thought was, this is a job for an adult.

00:17:54.990 --> 00:18:03.720 So Now You Know: Um, and then she called her husband to bring me a bottle of water because she knew how long, I'd been out there on a hot day. And when he pulled up

00:18:04.260 --> 00:18:21.960 So Now You Know: I realized, who she was, because I'd worked for her husband, a few years before and I knew he had married her, and it was Amy Schumer and the peculiar part was that I still don't know, I've never seen what she does. Um, I didn't know who she was.

00:18:24.300 --> 00:18:36.030 So Now You Know: And people say, Oh yeah, Amy. She was like, you know, she's you know she's sort of my partner in crime here she's become a friend, but I still haven't seen her stick. Oh yeah, she's

00:18:36.870 --> 00:18:43.950 So Now You Know: People keep saying, Oh yeah, she's, she's really good. She's really funny. It's like one of these days, I've got to watch something just so that I have some idea of what she's doing.

00:18:45.000 --> 00:18:50.640 So Now You Know: But I know her as this. I'm really involved utterly genuine woman.

00:18:51.750 --> 00:18:54.990 So Now You Know: Who wants to make change. And so to me, she's just Amy.

00:18:57.540 --> 00:19:06.720 So Now You Know: And she's done a fabulous job and she took what I was doing, which was just my goal was to stand there three hours a day for a week. She took that and gave it for form.

00:19:07.650 --> 00:19:15.900 So Now You Know: Um, she asked to the for at the end of the first day, she asked if she could come if I was going to be there the next day. And I said, Yes, I'm going to be here every day. There's nothing like Vegas. I'm here all week.

00:19:17.820 --> 00:19:31.230 So Now You Know: And she said, well, do you mind if I come back and I said, Sure. Well, that I was there from nine to 12 every day at 1030. The next day, it was like a flash mob showed up. She had called everybody. She knew and they descended on beetle been corner.

00:19:32.340 --> 00:19:47.760 So Now You Know: To the point where I almost had I felt like I needed to escape to the other side just to get away for everybody because there was so many people, but she turned it into what it has become now she turned it into more of the remembrance of those who are gone at the hands of law enforcement.

00:19:49.500 --> 00:20:00.300 So Now You Know: And I can't thank her enough because that's not what I do. I'm not an organizer for me I needed to make a statement to defend this person who put up their sign and had it ripped down

00:20:01.350 --> 00:20:04.320 So Now You Know: That's all I was there to do. She gave it this form.

00:20:05.580 --> 00:20:09.600 So Now You Know: So people say, Oh, I love what you did with it. No, no, man. I didn't do anything with it. This is her thing.

00:20:11.130 --> 00:20:16.320 So Now You Know: Are you did you did you create it. I was out there. Yeah, I put my I put my ass out there on the corner.

00:20:16.890 --> 00:20:25.950 So Now You Know: You say things always happen for a reason. And I think what I I've been learning, as I say, is as platforms, create people who have never spoken out before or knew how to advocate in some way.

00:20:26.760 --> 00:20:35.850 So Now You Know: Find that strengthen others and perhaps that with that. That is what led her to do that. She is a very famous Canadian and when Mike. So when my niece's invited me

00:20:37.380 --> 00:20:52.260 So Now You Know: Was it Monday. There was a disruption, as we know that someone drove by. Yes, yes. And at that point, I didn't know who she, I didn't know she was there. And I guess she had said something to that person. And then as we come talk to us.

00:20:53.940 --> 00:21:00.390 So Now You Know: The girl says she kind of use some language. No, no, not at all. Okay. No, because she was standing next to me. We both said the same thing. That's all.

00:21:01.320 --> 00:21:09.870 So Now You Know: That's right. That might my thing. I thought it was something else. But at the end, she did a reflection and she apologized for that outbursts that in

00:21:10.350 --> 00:21:21.420 So Now You Know: I know she got a little emotional and I still recognize who it was, but then later when I talked to my niece's about it and they were explaining to me because I could only see the car when it turn to, you know, the other side is through the intersection

00:21:22.800 --> 00:21:26.130 So Now You Know: And he was telling me, Oh, we don't have that, like every day. Oh, that's me.

00:21:26.670 --> 00:21:32.910 So Now You Know: Right, and they like, and I'm like, no, what do you talk. I didn't see her there like that was her, she was standing like right right over there.

00:21:33.270 --> 00:21:40.260 So Now You Know: So again, it's that it's that organic just people coming out right speaking their truth without the pretentiousness without the

00:21:40.860 --> 00:21:52.710 So Now You Know: You know, yeah, this there's no there's no flash, there's no there's no artifice IN HER. SHE IS AS I SAID SHE SHOWED UP AND RUNNING talks with her hair pulled back looking like you know some 14 year old kid.

00:21:54.090 --> 00:21:58.920 So Now You Know: She is utterly genuine and she has touched both myself and my partner with her.

00:22:00.750 --> 00:22:04.290 So Now You Know: realness and her dedication. She's remarkable

00:22:05.430 --> 00:22:10.590 So Now You Know: Now when you met this other gentleman in those early days of this and you as you said you were surprised.

00:22:11.070 --> 00:22:23.790 So Now You Know: That he didn't realize the plight of black folks in this country. And I think that might be the normal people, and they look at the United States that they don't get how deep dark Speak of the devil. How are you, hey me

00:22:25.110 --> 00:22:25.680 So Now You Know: Come on up.

00:22:30.960 --> 00:22:31.830 So Now You Know: Here. Okay.

00:22:35.400 --> 00:22:35.820 So Now You Know: Um,

00:22:37.500 --> 00:22:42.450 So Now You Know: So I know is he was saying to you. He didn't realize how bad it was until this happened right

00:22:43.230 --> 00:22:51.720 So Now You Know: What does that part is that the narrative that this country creates i don't know i mean this guy was do remember if the gentleman who was standing there was the first day. The English gentleman with the biking talks on

00:22:52.710 --> 00:23:02.340 So Now You Know: And I was trying. I didn't want to break from what I was doing, which was really a silent thing, but I had to talk to this guy, because I was curious. I mean, the guys from England.

00:23:02.730 --> 00:23:19.020 So Now You Know: Race Relations over there on exactly stellar um but he did seem surprised by what was going on here. And I think I may have offended him I, you know, finally, after listening to him, I said, I think, Man, I think he'd been white too long. Um, he didn't come back after that.

00:23:20.520 --> 00:23:26.940 So Now You Know: Yeah, I didn't mean any offense. I just was amazed that anyone could be so unaware

00:23:29.580 --> 00:23:35.700 So Now You Know: You ever seen him again he's never come back. Yeah. And I know he was. He said he was living here. He's from London, but he said he's living here.

00:23:36.060 --> 00:23:44.070 So Now You Know: And he's been living here for a short time I got the impression that he was not going anywhere. Why would you go back to England, it's just as bad as well. Then it was just as bad as it is here.

00:23:44.340 --> 00:23:46.230 So Now You Know: But he never came back and I may have offended him.

00:23:46.650 --> 00:23:53.730 So Now You Know: He's probably not the first person I've offended. Oh my God, if He was offended by that. Yeah, well, but he made like a firm plan.

00:23:53.970 --> 00:24:06.120 So Now You Know: That we were going to meet again. Yeah, he was like yes yeah you know he did come back the next day and that and that wasn't and that was when I made my comment. Oh, and we were still talking and then he never came back. So yeah, he was there twice, and that was it. Okay.

00:24:07.260 --> 00:24:21.060 So Now You Know: So Amy, for you when you saw her that first day. What was it about what was happening in my country or the discomfort in that that made you want to get more involved in and create the path that you did for this, um,

00:24:24.690 --> 00:24:26.430 So Now You Know: Well, I mean, it was

00:24:27.510 --> 00:24:30.780 So Now You Know: I think at the forefront of all of our minds, you know,

00:24:32.100 --> 00:24:36.900 So Now You Know: Well, I saw, I saw Dana standing out there. We didn't know each other.

00:24:38.970 --> 00:24:42.540 So Now You Know: And I've been thinking a lot about how protesting.

00:24:44.460 --> 00:24:45.150 So Now You Know: Protesting

00:24:46.230 --> 00:24:51.720 So Now You Know: Is a privilege, um, you know, I don't like it shouldn't be. It should be a right but

00:24:52.830 --> 00:24:53.310 So Now You Know: Uh,

00:24:54.570 --> 00:25:07.290 So Now You Know: I wanted to, I wanted to be out there and be expressing myself that way. Um, I wanted to support Dana, not the tues asking for it. But, um,

00:25:09.300 --> 00:25:16.890 So Now You Know: Yeah, it was kind of killing me. I wasn't in New York, and there was right in your face. Yeah, yeah, yeah, to go down Island. To do this you

00:25:17.460 --> 00:25:21.750 So Now You Know: Know it came to me. Right. Well, we were driving. I don't even remember where I was going with my husband.

00:25:22.590 --> 00:25:40.980 So Now You Know: You're walking or something because you have you have the running shorts on in your head was oh no I just dressed like garbage every day. This is how I mean, look at me, ya know, you always look nice. I yet but so I just wanted to be out there and like support.

00:25:42.480 --> 00:25:46.440 So Now You Know: Her and and I wanted to express myself in that way too.

00:25:47.580 --> 00:25:48.660 So Now You Know: Well, and I was explaining

00:25:50.670 --> 00:26:02.130 So Now You Know: Who were the one who brought it form. I was just standing there, I would not have. I wasn't going to kneel because I didn't have any way to time myself right um and you brought it the form that it has now.

00:26:04.080 --> 00:26:15.030 So Now You Know: You brought the brought the stories you brought the names you brought the kneeling, and that was not what I was doing. That was your thing. Oh yeah, you did that, I think, on the second day well

00:26:16.170 --> 00:26:22.050 So Now You Know: Or some form of it right because that was not me. No, but I mean, I do think it happened really organically because

00:26:22.740 --> 00:26:31.080 So Now You Know: I didn't like this wasn't like a format that I, you know, knew about or whatever. But you said that you'd wanted to kneel for George Floyd, and I had no way to

00:26:31.560 --> 00:26:49.050 So Now You Know: You know, to time yourself and also they hadn't mode. And so it was like the tix were bad, and the grass was high. And I said, well, let's meet. Why don't we meet here tomorrow. And, you know, we'll bring a towel or whatever. And I said, what time is good for you. And you said 1030

00:26:50.220 --> 00:26:58.440 So Now You Know: And it was just like, okay, and all we knew was that we were going to meet the next day. And so we met, and I think

00:26:59.640 --> 00:27:02.490 So Now You Know: Maybe I spoke about George Floyd or

00:27:03.930 --> 00:27:12.840 So Now You Know: Yeah, and I was overwhelmed by the crowd. Yeah. Well, it was like you know at first. I don't know. There might have been our first day I don't know how many people were there, but we were like,

00:27:13.440 --> 00:27:20.880 So Now You Know: The first day. The first memory was like the flash mob showed up. I don't remember that. The next day, you said

00:27:21.750 --> 00:27:34.680 So Now You Know: YOU APOLOGIZE. You said, Okay, I didn't call anybody today. Yeah. Right. Well, because I wanted to respect what you were doing. And the thing was like our hearts were so heavy. Then, and, um,

00:27:35.910 --> 00:27:46.260 So Now You Know: You know, it was just like that time it was like it was wrong. It was wrong. And it was like, you don't want to hear people making plans to talk about what they're going to eat after that.

00:27:47.490 --> 00:27:57.420 So Now You Know: Right, so like when people you know people like we're showing. I mean, it's been like such a whole like progression and roller coaster all summer because it's like

00:27:58.110 --> 00:28:08.250 So Now You Know: At first, yeah, it was like, people were just kind of like weren't sure what we're doing. And you know, I think they were excited to see other people because the pandemic and so it's just kind of like

00:28:09.360 --> 00:28:17.220 So Now You Know: People who were yeah talking about the beach, whatever, and and talking to you, trying to get you to talk. Yeah. And I was my thing was a

00:28:17.490 --> 00:28:29.790 So Now You Know: I was trying to have a silent vigil. It was me staring at the drainpipe of the library across the road and then acknowledging the people as they drove by me because they had to drive right in front of me. I mean, this is really in the intersection. Yeah.

00:28:31.020 --> 00:28:35.070 So Now You Know: And so that was what my thing was so for me this was all of a sudden, it turned into a coffee klatch

00:28:35.880 --> 00:28:50.550 So Now You Know: And it didn't feel comfortable and without my saying so, she knew it, and she came back the next day, she said, I'm so sorry that was not what I intended and I didn't call anybody today and instead. People who people showed up with a

00:31:53.520 --> 00:31:58.530 Antonia: Hi everyone. So we are back you're listening to Antonia and so now you know. Sorry about that little hiccup at the end.

00:31:58.800 --> 00:32:06.360 Antonia: So just to put that in context with Dana had started out with. She was protest, not really protest but she was upset that someone had put up a flyer

00:32:07.020 --> 00:32:17.040 Antonia: And then someone took it down. And that's what really started her kneeling and coming to the corner and then as you heard them talk, it kind of snowballed into this

00:32:17.760 --> 00:32:33.360 Antonia: daily ritual silent protest. So as you can tell, I was very excited to have Amy join the conversation. But again, just this organic friendship that's being built between two women who knew nothing of each other, but just shared this island.

00:32:34.080 --> 00:32:37.980 Antonia: This small island. So as we get into more about their discussion.

00:32:39.120 --> 00:32:51.510 Antonia: And I showed some pictures if you're not looking on Facebook. This literally is just an intersection and I'm one corner of the intersection is grass. It is a library and people come every morning at 1030 and kneel down

00:32:52.320 --> 00:32:55.950 Antonia: At a given time for the amount of time that George Floyd suffered

00:32:56.520 --> 00:33:01.530 Antonia: To pay tribute to the people that have died by police brutality black people that have died in police brutality here.

00:33:01.830 --> 00:33:15.030 Antonia: In the United States, it's a very moving time and then there are speakers that come and share, whether it's poetry, an article or they just give some information to the community of how they can further get involved in this work.

00:33:16.410 --> 00:33:31.320 Antonia: And it's just, you know, come in, they do their thing and they leave. But most people will leave with a sense of belonging and community. So we're going to go into listening more to how these ladies came together the work that they're doing and how it's been impactful.

00:33:32.640 --> 00:33:34.530 So Now You Know: so pleased to see her there.

00:33:35.490 --> 00:33:37.260 So Now You Know: Cycle somebody who looks like me.

00:33:37.860 --> 00:33:45.840 So Now You Know: Um, and somebody who she's smart, she's, she's got everything that we need

00:33:48.420 --> 00:33:56.190 So Now You Know: But there's also a trump standing in the way that nasty woman. She's a nasty woman. Yeah. Is this really the best you can come up with, pal. Yeah.

00:33:58.170 --> 00:34:03.480 So Now You Know: I don't understand. I don't understand how we got to where we are. This

00:34:04.560 --> 00:34:14.460 So Now You Know: All right, I was telling you about the there are these two women who are doing the Pro. The same thing out of containment age they had been with us for a while and they decided to let us let us start this

00:34:14.760 --> 00:34:23.700 So Now You Know: Can I wanted people to take this spread it around other places. And so they decided to start doing it a containment, two weeks ago and they have gotten some

00:34:24.210 --> 00:34:34.290 So Now You Know: really nasty vitriol from people these, you know, screaming about, you know, Trump 2012 and I'm horrible things

00:34:34.800 --> 00:34:39.510 So Now You Know: That we haven't really had to deal with we've had that one schmuck, who said, You know, you're being brainwashed.

00:34:40.200 --> 00:34:49.350 So Now You Know: But the thing that I find interesting is that we can get these people to come and talk to engage. Don't they won't engage. They don't engage by yelling from a car right

00:34:49.680 --> 00:34:56.850 So Now You Know: I'm passing cars. They have no information they have nothing to back it up. No, they won't have a conversation. There's no critical thinking involved here.

00:34:57.090 --> 00:35:12.030 So Now You Know: Come, stand on the line with us. Talk to us, but we don't get that. And the funny thing is, is that my partner who I was telling you, it goes someplace for coffee in the morning that place that shall not be named. Um, oh yes, he goes down to the gas.

00:35:13.560 --> 00:35:13.980 So Now You Know: Texaco

00:35:15.060 --> 00:35:24.210 So Now You Know: Through that yeah he goes down to minister Texaco every morning, cuz he's been doing it for decades. This is his morning routine, he goes out at 630 in the morning has coffee with these guys that he's known for most of his life.

00:35:24.750 --> 00:35:26.130 So Now You Know: Who aren't mad Trump supporters

00:35:26.820 --> 00:35:38.400 So Now You Know: Because he wants to know what they're thinking. And he reads he reads everything he reads, The New York Times. He reads Fox News. He reads, The Guardian he read the Wall Street Journal. He reads, The Washington Post.

00:35:38.610 --> 00:35:45.180 So Now You Know: At three o'clock in the morning because that's the way he is but he reads and then people say what Fox News.

00:35:45.840 --> 00:35:55.590 So Now You Know: Yes, Fox News because you need to know all sides of it and he needs to know what it is they're reading and what they're thinking and why they're thinking it but they

00:35:56.400 --> 00:36:05.490 So Now You Know: Are not going to do the same thing all they're going to do a call names live towards the New York slimes you know this idiot stuff they used to do on playgrounds. Yeah.

00:36:06.780 --> 00:36:12.750 So Now You Know: And I don't understand why they can't come just talk to us like adults. I just feel like if you're still a Trump supporter

00:36:14.220 --> 00:36:23.220 So Now You Know: Good luck to you. I have nothing. I have, you know, like that's sort of like, let's talk about this that I want to hear. That's, that's all gone for me.

00:36:23.700 --> 00:36:29.580 So Now You Know: Yeah, I still I still I still I still, I guess not Pollyanna but I still want to know.

00:36:30.300 --> 00:36:38.610 So Now You Know: Why, because you feel like you must be missing something. Am I missing something. Yes. I think it goes back to you know what you're saying. Before I now have to find someone lower than me.

00:36:39.210 --> 00:36:48.330 So Now You Know: Into things within I would say black lives matter and I'd give some credence to a black life is actually might be worth more than mine or that they're suffering.

00:36:48.810 --> 00:36:56.070 So Now You Know: They can't. It can't even articulate Kevin said because you'd have to recognize. Oh, well, I'm not empathizing with a black man. Yeah.

00:36:56.670 --> 00:37:09.570 So Now You Know: For some, especially white men I they just cannot will not recognize that it's like the dudes. He's dead right there. Like, we can do it 50 times six that we can just show you right here. Yeah. And there's still this. Wow.

00:37:10.710 --> 00:37:21.150 So Now You Know: We all matter or they don't want to change their minds. So I think some people they've. This is their stamina and I can't change my mind now. Yeah, it's too late. I've got to stand by this

00:37:21.810 --> 00:37:35.640 So Now You Know: And some people just don't make any sense at all. We had a conversation with a what we bank. We were in New Zealand for three months. Every year in the winter, and we were talking to this guy there, who was a staunch Trump supporter. I'm on the other side of the world, and I'm still talking

00:37:36.870 --> 00:37:40.950 So Now You Know: And he's talking about how, what a great job. This guy's doing

00:37:41.610 --> 00:37:49.380 So Now You Know: And I said, well, wait a minute, what about the whole pussy grabbing thing you the guy is a serial sex offender, if you will. Yeah.

00:37:49.770 --> 00:37:59.040 So Now You Know: He said this was his response to me, at which point I lost it. He said, well, some women deserve it, because of the way they dress. No. Yeah.

00:37:59.700 --> 00:38:05.730 So Now You Know: I, we were standing in an antique store at the time and I was afraid I was gonna break something. I was

00:38:06.690 --> 00:38:12.720 So Now You Know: I don't have Paul easily. I was appalled. I stood there probably with my mouth open for about three seconds. And all I could say was

00:38:13.560 --> 00:38:19.950 So Now You Know: You're an asshole. Yeah. And that was the end of the conversation. I gave up. If somebody can say that, then the conversations over. Yeah.

00:38:20.220 --> 00:38:32.430 So Now You Know: What else can you say no, there's not gonna be some New Zealand. He was a kiwi, but he had he kept talking about all the friends that he had in Minnesota and how they've been telling they tell me all this, they tell me everything that's going on there.

00:38:33.660 --> 00:38:35.700 So Now You Know: And he had it so much of it wrong.

00:38:37.590 --> 00:38:46.140 So Now You Know: And it blew my mind, the great things that he's done for the economy. What you turn the economy around isn't really ecommerce didn't turn around that fast, pal.

00:38:46.770 --> 00:38:55.890 So Now You Know: Um, it was really sad. But we've talked to a lot of Americans there and we have run into a few Trump supporters and they try and justify their choice.

00:38:56.190 --> 00:39:09.510 So Now You Know: With the specious arguments that don't really make sense if you are willing to dig in and pull the argument apart with fact I tried to do that. I was I was touring um

00:39:11.430 --> 00:39:17.610 So Now You Know: I was touring leading up to the 2016 election and

00:39:19.050 --> 00:39:29.640 So Now You Know: And yeah, and like, if I were, if I mentioned Hillary or any big thing in some boot. I'd say will you come talk to me because like you. I was like, can you just like explain it to me, you know,

00:39:30.630 --> 00:39:41.160 So Now You Know: And it was just there was just nothing. It was like, well, I just don't like her. Yeah. And it was like what her emails and you go, what about her email. What they didn't find any you know

00:39:42.240 --> 00:39:46.170 So Now You Know: So it's just like, and you know, and then

00:39:47.250 --> 00:39:49.530 So Now You Know: There was one show I didn't Tampa where

00:39:50.550 --> 00:39:52.440 So Now You Know: Like maybe 100 people walked out

00:39:53.640 --> 00:40:12.360 So Now You Know: This isn't a stadium of this is 10,000 people are in the crowd 100 leave and they wrote about it, like she is over. Yeah. And I'm like, all right, what about the other. A lot of people say, you know, but it was like you know as an artist. It's like you

00:40:13.530 --> 00:40:21.930 So Now You Know: When your public about your opinions, like you're gonna you're gonna lose like yeah I mean, God, I was thinking about them yesterday. It's just like

00:40:22.470 --> 00:40:32.490 So Now You Know: They were, they were like the first people who were cancelled, you know, and they bounced back. Yeah. And there, and nothing but yeah but it's like

00:40:33.420 --> 00:40:39.630 So Now You Know: I feel like that about people in the public eye to it's like if you're not speaking out about how you feel.

00:40:40.170 --> 00:40:52.860 So Now You Know: If you have right now if you've always use it like how could you possibly protect like what are you protecting your wallet. Like, you don't want to. I'm like, don't come see me. You know, like it's

00:40:53.880 --> 00:40:58.110 So Now You Know: Yeah and you know it's like I'm not trying to get anybody to do

00:40:59.430 --> 00:41:01.380 So Now You Know: What they aren't comfortable with, or where they

00:41:02.430 --> 00:41:15.390 So Now You Know: You know, but if you really wake up to this racism and the the homicide like just all of the murdered black human beings.

00:41:16.560 --> 00:41:24.150 So Now You Know: And you don't feel moved to do something about it like that does change who you are, in my mind, you know, I mean,

00:41:25.500 --> 00:41:36.420 So Now You Know: Comment about the moderates, it's easier to deal with the Klansmen than it is the white moderates in America because they're not willing to do anything.

00:41:37.170 --> 00:41:44.070 So Now You Know: Is look away. Look away i wanna i don't want to rock the boat. My life is comfortable right now. I don't want to run to the people. It's like

00:41:47.160 --> 00:41:57.450 So Now You Know: It's like okay I get it, like it hurts to some of this news it. I mean, it hurts, right, all the school shootings. They hurt all the shootings hurt.

00:41:58.590 --> 00:42:07.530 So Now You Know: And I don't think you need to watch 24 hour coverage of, you know, Sandy Hook or whatever. I know. No, but it's like

00:42:08.730 --> 00:42:18.690 So Now You Know: You know, some shootings. I like take off. I'm like, I actually, I can. I can't, like, go in on this one and find out about who these people were, whatever, but

00:42:19.950 --> 00:42:33.990 So Now You Know: But you can't do that to this whole movement like don't just if you're just watching the news and you got it. You're reading the paper and oh god another another black life gone when you go to the funny. Yeah, well, I gotta feel better like

00:42:35.250 --> 00:42:39.390 So Now You Know: Do something and feel better. Yeah, do something

00:42:41.070 --> 00:42:57.750 So Now You Know: For me it's frustrating because my none of my children have been here only two of them are on the island, but none of them have neither of them have come. Um, my son. He just doesn't do crowds. I kind of understand this is this you know he's he's Mr private

00:42:59.670 --> 00:43:10.560 So Now You Know: But it's it there's a little there's a little bit of hurt in here because I just would like them to to step forward and be there, you know, sort of like that.

00:43:11.250 --> 00:43:17.940 So Now You Know: Daddy, what did you do in the war thing. Well, you know, what did mommy doing the war Mommy got our ass out there and stood up with a sign.

00:43:18.420 --> 00:43:28.620 So Now You Know: And stood there every single damn day but it's their choice. It's their choice. My son's girlfriend comes so she's the only member of my family who shows up, which I'm glad for

00:43:29.970 --> 00:43:35.460 So Now You Know: It my partner, my partner had a very hard time with it at the beginning because really it doesn't. He's not demonstrative

00:43:36.000 --> 00:43:40.560 So Now You Know: He doesn't say what on his mind what's on his mind, he doesn't speak out and this is teaching him.

00:43:40.860 --> 00:43:51.420 So Now You Know: This is really teaching. So he goes down to the gas station in the mornings and he's now actually responding to the things that people are saying and trying to talk to them about things, which is, I'm so proud of him. But it is painful. I think

00:43:52.890 --> 00:44:02.070 So Now You Know: For men, especially black men sitting there, kneeling, and I was looking there was too young, black boys kneeling with their parents.

00:44:02.640 --> 00:44:08.610 So Now You Know: And I, it just moved me because I'm looking at the crowd. I'm like, here's a group of people that are like their guardian angels, because

00:44:09.030 --> 00:44:14.700 So Now You Know: Take them off of Martha's Vineyard and stick them in Florida, where they're standing around or stick them here.

00:44:15.030 --> 00:44:20.640 So Now You Know: They are the same as any of these men that have been killed, they're not asking them for an ID or were you from

00:44:21.030 --> 00:44:28.320 So Now You Know: They are just justice so I felt. Wow, that must be powerful at least to them that they're being uplifted by this community, but at the same time, it's like

00:44:28.800 --> 00:44:38.370 So Now You Know: This about me and he's about everyone who looks like me so I could see that it could be somewhat of a struggle but that moves me to see all ages and everybody really supporting

00:44:38.820 --> 00:44:46.530 So Now You Know: These two boys and that is the nice thing even though you know not all of our partners or families are there with us.

00:44:47.880 --> 00:44:50.460 So Now You Know: We do have each other, which

00:44:51.870 --> 00:45:05.520 So Now You Know: Is a beautiful thing and just, you know, it's a different sort of kinship. Like, I feel, you know, there's like all these different versions of each of us who we are at work. We are their friends. Whatever I I feel the most myself.

00:45:06.690 --> 00:45:11.400 So Now You Know: At our morning meetings or when I'm protesting. We're not you know it's like take all the like your

00:45:12.090 --> 00:45:21.180 So Now You Know: Women are supposed to be nice and not being, you know, whatever. I mean, yeah, we are I've been trying to tell you that all but just like, you know, sort of, it's just

00:45:21.780 --> 00:45:32.640 So Now You Know: And I just, I feel very connected to the people who are who are showing up because we all share, you know, we all share something, you know, it's a different level than

00:45:33.480 --> 00:45:43.800 So Now You Know: You know, even then your friends because you're like, this is and also because it's like the people who, especially people come every day. It's like

00:45:44.460 --> 00:45:52.560 So Now You Know: Which also it is a privilege and it's 1030 in the morning, and it's a summer vacation for some people but some people, you know, people have to work like I get it, but

00:45:54.480 --> 00:46:09.630 So Now You Know: You just know that these people are going to be in it for the rest of their lives. Yes. You know, like in the way that you are and and that is a that is a very cool thing. I was so pleased to see Kiva, and in a town today. It's like

00:46:10.770 --> 00:46:13.170 So Now You Know: It was, you know, we were there to support these two women.

00:46:14.280 --> 00:46:16.080 So Now You Know: Who are you know taking some abuse.

00:46:17.400 --> 00:46:27.090 So Now You Know: The fact that I'm Michelle Obama came and stood with them was, you know, that, you know, that's a plus. That's a real plus. That's something we haven't had. Oh yeah, come on, Michelle.

00:46:28.620 --> 00:46:47.820 So Now You Know: Michelle I want Barry appear here. Anyhow, it's, um, it's been really interesting, um, you know, you were talking about. You were, you know, in an arena performing in an arena. And I'll never forget that comment that you made after the the rally debacle in Oklahoma, where people

00:46:50.280 --> 00:47:02.010 So Now You Know: Maybe we're talking about the nobody's talking about the the failure to failure to produce rally. And she said, Oh, wait a minute. I worked that arena in case anybody wants to know what it looks like full

00:47:04.410 --> 00:47:11.040 So Now You Know: Council yeah and I so I posted it you know I posted a picture just that was it was it was flattering. Yeah.

00:47:13.170 --> 00:47:20.460 So Now You Know: Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. Well, ladies, thank you so much and I just appreciate that you are creating this space for people

00:47:20.790 --> 00:47:29.040 So Now You Know: Because it does make a difference. Just like that young man I was saying to you, he appreciated. I think even when I got to the island. My, my niece is automatically. Oh, you got to be here at 1030

00:47:29.430 --> 00:47:37.260 So Now You Know: And sending me that I just think the more of us as we let people have these conversations and they move it forward, just like the sign says one on one will

00:47:37.620 --> 00:47:51.120 So Now You Know: Will make a change. So I appreciate all the work I do have one more thing to add, I had, um, I had emailed him, but he never responded to me. There is one more member of this little group here is his name is Al, what will the Gabriel

00:47:52.170 --> 00:47:55.620 So Now You Know: He works for the UN, he joined us in the first few days.

00:47:56.790 --> 00:48:06.060 So Now You Know: And he is facilitating these conversations that are happening at the yard, which is a dance center here that's not happening this summer. So they let us use their space.

00:48:07.170 --> 00:48:19.080 So Now You Know: And it's, it's in in with the visual, but it's a completely different idea. The idea is actionable things things to make change. So it's a group of 20 people who get together, you sign up

00:48:19.800 --> 00:48:29.100 So Now You Know: And we talked about things we can do to make change in this world in just maybe just in our world, in the world of our work in our families, however.

00:48:29.640 --> 00:48:38.670 So Now You Know: So I would is a really important part of this is very interesting man, man, I just, I wish, I wish I knew he was doing us he was doing a salon somewhere.

00:48:40.080 --> 00:48:56.010 So Now You Know: Yeah, I was like, Okay. Well, yeah, but it was like, yeah, I mean, we can just connect you to him, but he just remembering that there was something you asked me to do over email today and I forgot. Um, I don't know, but he

00:48:57.870 --> 00:49:08.160 So Now You Know: Oh what, oh also just with the thing is, like, you know, anybody can find something wrong with a specific protest, just like with a, you know, rape,

00:49:08.610 --> 00:49:14.010 So Now You Know: Victim like people want perfect victims. They want perfect protests and how we saw in Seattle. It was like

00:49:14.640 --> 00:49:22.500 So Now You Know: Well, and then like that when the mothers were on the front of the line. They were like, well, there weren't enough mothers of color, like they were you know. There's just, there's always a thing and so

00:49:23.220 --> 00:49:36.780 So Now You Know: Like you know we know we're not perfect, but we're out here because we all have the same goal in mind, which is obviously, you know, true equality and just not being murdered just, you know, just not being murdered because of the color of your skin.

00:49:38.310 --> 00:49:44.670 So Now You Know: But that has been cool and like just people want to also share their ideas. You know, so, Meredith.

00:49:45.720 --> 00:49:54.870 So Now You Know: Who you mentioned, she has this company A CLOTHING LINE called blowin Li Jie Annie, I think, oh, she made these these vote masks.

00:49:56.820 --> 00:50:03.360 So Now You Know: And at her business. She changed to make sure that all of the half the models will be bypassed.

00:50:05.580 --> 00:50:13.980 So Now You Know: That she was pushing the right initiatives pairing with you know the the girls clubs down there and and for me it's like I

00:50:14.670 --> 00:50:19.920 So Now You Know: Any production. I work on I'm making sure that half the crew is of color and

00:50:20.670 --> 00:50:27.930 So Now You Know: Being like someone who's a job creator, you just so kind of planting those seeds for other people just other ideas and people have given

00:50:28.440 --> 00:50:35.910 So Now You Know: Me great ideas and that's you know I've said the Gloria Steinem quote a couple times about us, which is that we're linked. We're not ranked just

00:50:36.450 --> 00:50:51.570 So Now You Know: Because you know with things like this. Anything you start people start to be like, well, yeah, exactly. So it's like, just remember this is all of ours, and I think people have done a good job with that and and if taken the ball and run with it, you know, listen to your landline

00:52:47.190 --> 00:52:57.210 So Now You Know: This is their moment and it's time for them arise, and they also really need to know the history. Yes, yes. Now they're not gonna learn it in school and

00:52:57.780 --> 00:53:01.560 So Now You Know: Many times they don't learn at home, we've got to do a better job.

00:53:01.950 --> 00:53:14.520 So Now You Know: Of teaching them art history. Yes, because there's a record number of women that are running for Congress last year and so they started with the work 100 and something women and now there's 60 black women yes will benefit primary. I mean, in

00:53:15.630 --> 00:53:20.940 So Now You Know: 2012 we had 48 black women nominees ran for Congress. Okay. And by

00:53:23.010 --> 00:53:38.670 So Now You Know: That number had double today over 122 black women and we may have at the end of this because they're still as you all know, there's still primaries even one coming up in Tennessee and we have a black woman writer for the United States Senate.

00:53:39.330 --> 00:53:45.780 So Now You Know: In Tennessee as a Democratic nominee, we may have a record number of black women seeking federal office.

00:53:46.800 --> 00:53:56.370 So Now You Know: And others that should know. And by the way, is, you know, for majority minority destroy Johanna Hayes from Connecticut Lucy, Lucy.

00:54:00.030 --> 00:54:15.600 So Now You Know: We have an opportunity this year to make even more history and of course we would be remiss if we didn't said we would like to see a black woman on the ticket. You don't see anything with put it out, or at least Supreme Court nominee.

00:54:19.410 --> 00:54:22.170 So Now You Know: And yeah no either or

00:54:25.290 --> 00:54:34.260 So Now You Know: And I'm glad you raised that because it's a really important point that's getting long as I'm a big I'm a big one for social media. So what I want the Supreme Court. I want both

00:54:35.640 --> 00:54:44.250 So Now You Know: No one ever since, to a white man. Yes. Which one do you want. You got the presidency, why do you need the Supreme Court. No one ever says

00:54:44.940 --> 00:54:55.740 So Now You Know: But when it comes to black women. We are always made to have to choose to pick. I don't want to wait till somebody on the Supreme Court retires or die before we can rise.

00:54:58.470 --> 00:55:01.740 So Now You Know: Beeping I want the Supreme Court and also cabinet.

00:55:05.250 --> 00:55:05.430 So Now You Know: And

00:55:09.780 --> 00:55:12.090 So Now You Know: We had been loyal to this party. Yeah.

00:55:13.980 --> 00:55:18.690 So Now You Know: Put the time and it is time as, as we say in touch payday coming after a while.

00:55:21.180 --> 00:55:26.880 So Now You Know: Right, you know, but when you talk about that. One thing that is concerning you look at Alexandria.

00:55:27.360 --> 00:55:36.540 So Now You Know: A costume Cortez you look at I Anna Presley. Look at the Honorable maxine waters. They've all been assaulted and attacked and it feels as though they're not being protected.

00:55:37.380 --> 00:55:45.840 So Now You Know: What can we do to ensure that black women or women in general are especially our elected leaders are protected. Like, I know that they've called for.

00:55:46.560 --> 00:55:55.860 So Now You Know: There was like they were calling for the governor to be lynched or something and you know it's like we're not. I feel as though women are not being protected. Well, we can receive

00:55:56.520 --> 00:56:08.100 So Now You Know: The lead keyshia yes i mean i know London breed and San Francisco. Oh, my first call mayor Muriel Bowser here in DC. When she named

00:56:08.490 --> 00:56:29.460 So Now You Know: Black Lives Matter plaza then is this is what happens in a patriarchal inside in the society. Yes. Well, we don't treat women with respect period with black women's bodies have always been in danger. Yeah, from the time we hit these words what what we see women what at high levels of business.

00:56:36.060 --> 00:56:51.120 Antonia: So welcome back. You've been listening to this last segment was Donna Brazil, who does a lot of commentary on politics and she was having a conversation with some other women about the upcoming election. I want to talk a little bit about Senator Kamala Harris his

00:56:52.380 --> 00:57:01.620 Antonia: Nomination and we'll get into that next week, but I just want to share that conversation, because I do feel as we start these platforms and I keep saying platforms because

00:57:03.240 --> 00:57:08.700 Antonia: I when I think I think of it visually. It's just different places that people are talking and having conversations

00:57:09.180 --> 00:57:17.130 Antonia: And I really think this election coming up. We'll get into it more over the next several weeks is going to be an important one. So I hope you are registered to vote.

00:57:17.910 --> 00:57:31.320 Antonia: Make sure you double check make sure if you have a state that has absentee ballots. There's a lot of conversation going on about that in the United postal service. So make sure you double check and make sure that you are going to be ready to go vote.

00:57:32.850 --> 00:57:36.300 Antonia: And as I said, I want to thank Dana Nunes and Amy Schumer for

00:57:36.810 --> 00:57:49.170 Antonia: Talking to me when you know I was on vacation. And they were just doing their thing, because as you heard, it's a very close relationship that they have, they have created since June, since this all happened and it'll probably be a very

00:57:49.830 --> 00:58:00.540 Antonia: lifelong relationship that they have and you too can have that you just have to be willing to have that conversation be uncomfortable reach out to people that are next to you. And again, across the way.

00:58:00.990 --> 00:58:12.330 Antonia: To ask ask those questions and sometimes it's people who will be like minded and it'll be an easy conversation and sometimes it won't. But at least you will walk away with a little, a little Smarter. Smarter.

00:58:13.800 --> 00:58:25.770 Antonia: A little more cautious and able to keep the conversation going. So I appreciate everybody listening to me today. Again, check out talk radio dot NYC to learn more about. So now you know in our other shows.

00:58:26.220 --> 00:58:30.450 Antonia: That are there. And then if you have any interest of ever doing what I'm doing today.

00:58:31.110 --> 00:58:36.300 Antonia: Please reach out to us because the more the merrier. And the more conversations that we can have and share with others.

00:58:36.690 --> 00:58:53.580 Antonia: The more our community is going to change. Again, don't forget register to vote and bring a friend with you if you can. It's been great seeing you and talking to you and I will catch up with everybody next week. And so now you know it's Antonia. Have a great rest of the week.