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Thursday, August 13, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/08/13 - You Are More Powerful Than You Know


2020/08/13 - You Are More Powerful Than You Know

~ Awaking Humanity ~

Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness...

[NEW EPISODE] You Are More Powerful Than You Know

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it's just you and Sam as he discusses all about how powerful we are as beings who have the ability to choose and focus.

Join the discussion, feel more empowered, and raise your vibration with this special off-the-cuff show!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

The first show done in-studio since the start of the quarantine, Sam begins with his usual quote of the day from Mike Dooley and the Universe where he emphasizes the importance of looking toward the good things that are happening now despite the Covid pandemic. He relays that, in the face of all of the hardships, people will always have the option to choose what to focus on.

Segment 2

This segment, Sam shares the quote of the day from Abraham and the Universe. For this quote, Sam continues the conversation on the power of focusing on the things that help empower us and lets us thrive. He speaks heavily on being flexible and open-minded, especially when the future is uncertain even post-quarantine/pandemic. Ultimately, he believes it is important to see the hardships as learning opportunities and to trust ourselves more.

Segment 3

Sam announces his first book, Everyday Awakening (which is on sale November 17, 2020). He talks about some of the inspirations for the book which pulls greatly from the 300+ blog posts Sam has compiled over the years. He reads and comments on some of the writings in his book. After which, he talks about those who support the station including audience members and interns, looking forward to new relations in the future.

Segment 4

Sam expands upon the idea that people are more powerful than they know. He acknowledges that, sometimes, things are too much for one person to handle, and so, never be afraid to reach out for help. He offers the audience with some tips on approaching hardships, reaching goals, and refocusing. To end the show, Sam asks the audience what they would like to hear him talk about in the future.


00:00:29.910 --> 00:00:43.530 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am so so pleased that you are all here with me today.

00:00:44.370 --> 00:00:57.180 Sam Liebowitz: And I am especially happy because I'm actually broadcasting from the studios of you notice I don't have my virtual background today. This is the office. This is the studio.

00:00:58.050 --> 00:01:09.090 Sam Liebowitz: I am here and I pumped to be with you all today. I hope you will join me on the Facebook Live. I've no guest today. It's just me and you, for the hour and

00:01:09.990 --> 00:01:18.390 Sam Liebowitz: I'm really looking forward to having a real conversation with you today. So please join me on Facebook live

00:01:19.080 --> 00:01:30.900 Sam Liebowitz: On the inspired thoughts page on the talk radio NYC page on my personal page on the conscious consultant page. I'm all over Facebook so you know that

00:01:31.800 --> 00:01:47.490 Sam Liebowitz: I really want to reach out and be with you today. So let's get started. Of course, I'm going to start with my quotes of the day from the universe and from Abraham. Let's see what they have in store for us today. First from the universe.

00:01:48.510 --> 00:01:53.970 Sam Liebowitz: Here's some advice for those who come to you with long faces.

00:01:55.140 --> 00:02:04.350 Sam Liebowitz: If you finally decided once and for all, to be happy, yet you aren't then you haven't yet decided to be happy, once and for all.

00:02:05.100 --> 00:02:22.080 Sam Liebowitz: Same goes for all the other stuff they've decided there that powerful the universe. We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe. And today, I think the universe is trying to remind us that

00:02:24.360 --> 00:02:26.340 Sam Liebowitz: Happiness is really a decision.

00:02:28.020 --> 00:02:33.060 Sam Liebowitz: How we show up in the world is really a decision and

00:02:34.590 --> 00:02:42.870 Sam Liebowitz: What we want to get out of life. What we want to experience in life or how we want to feel in life.

00:02:44.070 --> 00:02:47.130 Sam Liebowitz: Out of it is all dependent upon our decisions.

00:02:48.390 --> 00:02:58.620 Sam Liebowitz: And now look, this is not to say that things don't happen that are unpleasant at the time they happen of course, things like that happen.

00:03:00.720 --> 00:03:10.440 Sam Liebowitz: But it's up to us to decide what kind of story are we making around what's happening to us and what we choose to focus on

00:03:11.280 --> 00:03:22.410 Sam Liebowitz: Because here's the key thing. There are always good things and bad things in our own judgment, right, whether they're actually good or bad. Who knows, and I'll give you some examples of that in a second.

00:03:23.550 --> 00:03:34.170 Sam Liebowitz: But there's always good stuff and bad stuff. According to our own limited perception happening to us and it's really up to us to decide.

00:03:35.880 --> 00:03:38.880 Sam Liebowitz: What Are we choosing to focus on that good stuff for the bad stuff.

00:03:40.080 --> 00:03:44.640 Sam Liebowitz: And this this whole pandemic lock down.

00:03:45.810 --> 00:03:50.310 Sam Liebowitz: Economy falling apart is a perfect example of it.

00:03:52.050 --> 00:03:57.090 Sam Liebowitz: We can choose to focus on the fact that maybe we can travel like we used to, we

00:03:57.480 --> 00:04:10.830 Sam Liebowitz: Don't get together with our friends like we used to where our movements are much more restricted. Maybe it feels like. And I don't believe this. That feels like there's less opportunity than there used to be there are less jobs and all that kind of stuff.

00:04:12.120 --> 00:04:21.390 Sam Liebowitz: Or we can choose to focus on the fact that we finally got a break. We can slow down, spend time with our family with our loved ones.

00:04:22.710 --> 00:04:24.180 Sam Liebowitz: With our selves.

00:04:25.350 --> 00:04:30.480 Sam Liebowitz: I cannot tell you how many people I've spoken to over the last

00:04:31.560 --> 00:04:41.310 Sam Liebowitz: Many months has it been like five months that said to me, Sam. You know, before this all happened, I was saying to the universe to myself.

00:04:41.850 --> 00:04:51.480 Sam Liebowitz: I just need a break. I just need to slow down things are so crazy things are moving so fast I really need a break. Of course, they say, Well, I never imagined it would look like this.

00:04:52.710 --> 00:04:54.810 Sam Liebowitz: Of course not. But

00:04:56.250 --> 00:05:00.240 Sam Liebowitz: But it is, it is. And this is what we have to deal with.

00:05:02.310 --> 00:05:14.490 Sam Liebowitz: But again, it's what aspect of what is going on, do we choose to focus on. Now look, I want to be very, very clear. This is in no way to minimize any loss anybody is feeling

00:05:15.570 --> 00:05:21.660 Sam Liebowitz: Any hardship anybody is going through any any disease or illness.

00:05:23.340 --> 00:05:32.160 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, there is real suffering happening out there. The numbers are continuing to climb. This is something that we need to take very seriously.

00:05:32.850 --> 00:05:40.170 Sam Liebowitz: And for those of you who don't think I take it seriously. I wear a mask every single time I leave my house.

00:05:40.650 --> 00:05:47.520 Sam Liebowitz: Now look if if I'm taking a walk in the park and there's nobody near me, of course. I'm going to take the mask off if there's no one around.

00:05:47.880 --> 00:05:58.770 Sam Liebowitz: That's fine. But if I'm indoors. Like, I took the subway to get down to the office today from, from the moment I left my apartment until I got into the office my mask stayed on the whole time.

00:06:00.570 --> 00:06:13.170 Sam Liebowitz: Because I, personally, I haven't been tested. I've had no symptoms. I've had no indications. I've been very careful. You know, I've gotten together with one or two friends have done a couple of things here or there.

00:06:13.500 --> 00:06:26.070 Sam Liebowitz: But I've been real pretty much careful. I mean not neurotically careful, but I've been reasonably careful about how I've treated this whole pandemic.

00:06:27.210 --> 00:06:38.070 Sam Liebowitz: And so I believe I don't know for a fact that I don't have it. I've never contracted it and and not even that I had it and I have no symptoms with just I haven't had it. That's what I believe.

00:06:39.300 --> 00:06:48.330 Sam Liebowitz: Now, until I actually got tested. I don't know. So, because I don't know because I haven't been tested and I could have very easily, because I have

00:06:48.720 --> 00:06:59.040 Sam Liebowitz: Gone for some very long walks and I went out to Rockaway Beach, a couple of times and took the ferry. So it's very possible that I may have come in contact with somebody who did have it.

00:07:01.800 --> 00:07:11.580 Sam Liebowitz: So I choose not to take a chance I choose as an act of kindness to wear my mask.

00:07:13.860 --> 00:07:18.930 Sam Liebowitz: Now I'm in studio today all by myself. So I don't need to wear it while I'm here in studio

00:07:20.700 --> 00:07:31.770 Sam Liebowitz: And again, I could complain about how uncomfortable it is to wear a mask in the summertime and and how annoying it is and all these other things. Or I can choose to look at

00:07:32.400 --> 00:07:39.330 Sam Liebowitz: You know, these inconveniences as minor and I can choose to focus on the good things that have happened since this lockdown.

00:07:40.110 --> 00:07:48.450 Sam Liebowitz: And one of the great things that's happened is because of all this has happened. It's actually forced me to do something, I

00:07:48.960 --> 00:08:01.470 Sam Liebowitz: Thought about for a while but didn't really take any action on which was moving the station kind of virtual and having my hosts be the virtual instead of in studio

00:08:02.070 --> 00:08:06.930 Sam Liebowitz: And what's that done is that opens us up and now I have people coming to me and you'll see

00:08:07.410 --> 00:08:21.540 Sam Liebowitz: We have a bunch of new shows starting in September. I've got several more people. I'm still talking to, I think, you know, by the end of the year, my prediction. What I choose to believe is we're going to double in size and there's many more good things.

00:08:22.230 --> 00:08:29.640 Sam Liebowitz: Happening so you know I can really choose to to say, you know, that is what I'm going to focus on

00:08:30.120 --> 00:08:37.950 Sam Liebowitz: And that because even though it was uncomfortable, even though you know it took some effort, even though. Yeah, I went crazy. For those of you want to hear the story of how I

00:08:38.310 --> 00:08:48.450 Sam Liebowitz: You know, basically took the network and made a completely virtual in a weekend and literally three days. I did a whole LinkedIn Post article about it. So if you just look for

00:08:48.930 --> 00:08:59.490 Sam Liebowitz: My name is Sam Liebowitz on LinkedIn and look for how I pivoted my business and three days you'll read my whole story there. And I'd love your comments and questions on it.

00:09:00.900 --> 00:09:17.640 Sam Liebowitz: And yeah, I can focus on how those early, you know, couple of weeks was pulling my hair out the technical problems is all kinds of stuff. Or I can focus on the fact that now that I've done it. I literally have opened my business up to a worldwide market.

00:09:18.900 --> 00:09:36.540 Sam Liebowitz: And how now I'm like having zoom calls with people from everywhere from Australia to India and Europe and all over the place and I love it. I love connecting with people from other cultures, other countries and, and in some ways I kind of feel like

00:09:38.190 --> 00:09:42.840 Sam Liebowitz: You know, I've been running the station now for over 10 years. It's like the rest of the world has finally caught up with me.

00:09:43.860 --> 00:09:59.190 Sam Liebowitz: So it's my choice of what I choose to focus on. So if I choose to focus on the fact of all the kind of good things that have happened and I don't want to gloat. And again, I don't want to minimize any difficulty anybody out there has had over this time.

00:10:00.240 --> 00:10:02.070 Sam Liebowitz: But just getting back to our quote

00:10:03.210 --> 00:10:08.550 Sam Liebowitz: I decide what I choose to focus on and I decide on the meaning that I want to make from it.

00:10:09.330 --> 00:10:25.410 Sam Liebowitz: So I can either make the meaning that the universe is supporting me and that even in this very difficult time I'm thriving. While many people I know are not or I can choose to focus on all the not so wonderful things about

00:10:27.180 --> 00:10:43.890 Sam Liebowitz: And yeah, I mean, there are some things that are difficult. And there are times I don't feel good. Hey, look, I am. I'm not saying that I am happy, joyful, blah, blah, blah. All 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year. Of course not. I'm a human being, I have my ups and downs.

00:10:45.210 --> 00:10:55.020 Sam Liebowitz: But it's more about what direction do I lean and what is my natural inclination and because I've done so much work on myself and because

00:10:56.580 --> 00:11:12.180 Sam Liebowitz: I feed my mind with with positive stuff like like Mike Dooley is and I just got one of his audio books. I got he ran a special on on on one of his collection of his recordings. I ordered back because it was like 20 bucks. Like, how could you not so

00:11:13.320 --> 00:11:24.540 Sam Liebowitz: You know I feed my mind with this stuff to help remind me to focus on the empowering stuff. Focus on the empowering stuff. So that's what I choose to focus on

00:11:25.260 --> 00:11:38.580 Sam Liebowitz: And it's our choice. It's our choice of how we feel how happy or sad. We're feeling in the moment. And yeah, sometimes I am focusing on things that don't feel so good. Sometimes I am focusing on the things

00:11:38.910 --> 00:11:50.700 Sam Liebowitz: That make me feel sad. So I feel sad and that's okay because I don't judge myself for feeling sad. I don't I don't criticize the universe, because things aren't exactly the way I wanted

00:11:51.570 --> 00:11:59.220 Sam Liebowitz: Because you never know, I, you know, something I just found out recently, you know, our old studio was on 76 Street.

00:12:00.420 --> 00:12:12.090 Sam Liebowitz: Between West End and and Riverside Drive and it was in a one bedroom brownstone apartment and we loved it. There was comfortable. It was almost like a second home, not an office and it was great.

00:12:13.650 --> 00:12:21.450 Sam Liebowitz: But then the landlord decided not to renew our lease and we had to move out. And now we're down in Midtown. And we really liked being on the Upper West Side

00:12:23.340 --> 00:12:33.240 Sam Liebowitz: But now I just found out that there's a hotel right on 76 Street and Broadway, that they turned into a homeless shelter or that their housing, a bunch of homeless people

00:12:34.290 --> 00:12:42.090 Sam Liebowitz: Because of trying to spread people out and and and and trying to bring down the number of people together and the homeless shelters.

00:12:42.780 --> 00:12:56.220 Sam Liebowitz: And what's happened because of that crime has gone up in the area tremendously and not just the hotel in 76 Street. There's another one on 79th Street and that I've been seeing some articles and hearing some people talk about crime going up violent crime, all kinds of stuff.

00:12:58.050 --> 00:13:13.860 Sam Liebowitz: And so I have to take a step back and say, You know what, maybe one such a bad idea. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that we, you know, had to move out of that old office and and out of that old space. And now we're in a completely different space.

00:13:15.510 --> 00:13:26.700 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know. Again, it's one of those things that gets me to pause and stop and say, you know what that expression that life happens for us not to us.

00:13:27.720 --> 00:13:29.370 Sam Liebowitz: Actually is really true.

00:13:30.720 --> 00:13:39.660 Sam Liebowitz: And and even if we were still on the original office on 72nd Street, I'm hearing 72nd Street is even worse more crime and more things happening there.

00:13:41.010 --> 00:13:58.020 Sam Liebowitz: So, you know, things happen and sometimes at the time they're happening. We don't understand. And we don't see the big picture. And we wonder why why is this happening. It was such a great setup we had that we loved it so much, why did we have to move

00:13:59.310 --> 00:14:00.450 Sam Liebowitz: Well, now I know

00:14:01.890 --> 00:14:13.230 Sam Liebowitz: Now I can say, because if we were still in 76 street I can almost guarantee that I would have been at least using it personally. A little bit more during the lockdown.

00:14:14.640 --> 00:14:25.440 Sam Liebowitz: You know, my, my wife. She's a therapist them work together. I mean, I don't think she would see clients, but maybe she would go there and still do telemedicine and stuff. And who knows what would happen.

00:14:25.770 --> 00:14:31.470 Sam Liebowitz: You know cuz you know we're New Yorkers and we're not afraid to like walk home at night from there.

00:14:32.880 --> 00:14:45.570 Sam Liebowitz: But, you know, we didn't even know we didn't even know when it initially happened that they moved all these homeless people into neighbor and I didn't even know that the crime rate was up until after the fact, until after I saw that you know this this article online about it.

00:14:47.220 --> 00:14:51.690 Sam Liebowitz: So, you know, I really have to stop and say thank you to the universe.

00:14:54.000 --> 00:15:08.280 Sam Liebowitz: For managing your life much better than I could have with my limited perspective. And that's really the key thing is understanding our own limited perspective when it comes

00:15:08.670 --> 00:15:17.160 Sam Liebowitz: To what's going on around us and sometimes we think things are happening, and they're not what we personally want at the time.

00:15:18.390 --> 00:15:30.360 Sam Liebowitz: But sometimes maybe it's just that we don't have the perspective at the time to see how, what's happening is really serving us, even though it's not what we want in the moment.

00:15:32.010 --> 00:15:40.080 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know. I really don't know. And who knows, you know i i bemoan the fact that things locked down and we turned everything virtual but we're still

00:15:40.320 --> 00:15:48.900 Sam Liebowitz: You know, paying rent in the office space and we just signed a five year lease in September with a personal guarantee and everything. So we can't get out of it.

00:15:50.520 --> 00:16:01.560 Sam Liebowitz: And and but who knows what's going to happen over the next five years, who knows, you know, maybe it's a good thing we signed a five year lease. I don't know. I really don't know.

00:16:02.910 --> 00:16:15.510 Sam Liebowitz: But I've learned to now stop second guessing the universe and second guessing life and just learning to trust a little bit more each day, just a little bit more each day.

00:16:15.990 --> 00:16:21.090 Sam Liebowitz: Well, I've only gotten through one quote, and it's already time for our first break. Okay, I'll get to the quote from

00:16:21.690 --> 00:16:29.910 Sam Liebowitz: From Abraham as soon as I get back. I see on the live stream a loyal listener Patty, thank you for joining us.

00:16:30.420 --> 00:16:35.760 Sam Liebowitz: Survey. Oh, wonderful to see you. Thank you for joining me today. It's great to see you on the live stream.

00:16:36.120 --> 00:16:45.000 Sam Liebowitz: Please, any, any questions, any thoughts. Any comments, anything you would like me to talk about today. It's just me and you, please.

00:16:45.690 --> 00:16:48.840 Sam Liebowitz: Comment on the Facebook Live and

00:16:49.560 --> 00:16:56.640 Sam Liebowitz: You know, wherever you want to go today that's where we'll go. I mean, I have some idea. I have a few things. I got a great announcement. I'm really glad you're with me today.

00:16:56.850 --> 00:17:02.520 Sam Liebowitz: Because I got a super duper announcement. And I want you to stay with us. And I'm going to get to it. Soon as I finished the second quote

00:17:03.030 --> 00:17:15.480 Sam Liebowitz: From the universe. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC.

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00:17:49.500 --> 00:17:59.190 Sam Liebowitz: In on the show and the guests I interview like last week I had on the, the former CEO and one of the founding members of the heart math Institute great episode. If you haven't

00:17:59.700 --> 00:18:07.710 Sam Liebowitz: listened to it. Please find it on one of the podcasting apps and listen to it and give it a rating. I would really appreciate it. So I just

00:18:08.400 --> 00:18:17.250 Sam Liebowitz: I'm just asking. Don't keep me the best kept secret. And I won't be for long, and you'll find out why later on in the show, so we will be right back. And we're going to see you after this

00:20:25.110 --> 00:20:33.960 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am so so pleased that you're here with me today.

00:20:35.400 --> 00:20:43.620 Sam Liebowitz: Just checking my volume levels seemed a little bit high for a moment and I am not sure why did I hit something.

00:20:44.880 --> 00:20:47.790 Sam Liebowitz: You know it's been a while since I've been here in studio so

00:20:51.150 --> 00:20:55.980 Sam Liebowitz: You know, if I have a couple of technical glitches. I hope you will forgive me.

00:20:59.520 --> 00:21:04.650 Sam Liebowitz: So I did our quote from Mike Dooley in the universe. I haven't had a chance yet have been

00:21:06.660 --> 00:21:21.060 Sam Liebowitz: Talked about it so much. I didn't even get a chance to get to our quote from Abraham. So let me get to that one. Now, so from Abraham be less intensely focused on the problem or the question and feel more anticipation

00:21:22.470 --> 00:21:33.600 Sam Liebowitz: Of the solution. And the answer, Abraham. Ooh. So I mean, again, this is perfectly in alignment with the first quote from the universe.

00:21:34.680 --> 00:21:44.460 Sam Liebowitz: Basically Abraham is saying again the same thing when we're faced with a challenge when we're faced with something that, you know,

00:21:45.690 --> 00:21:48.030 Sam Liebowitz: We're not quite sure how to deal with.

00:21:49.350 --> 00:22:01.740 Sam Liebowitz: Let's not focus on the challenge the question the situation, whatever it is, let's focus on the solution. Let's focus where we want to go and what Abraham often says is

00:22:02.070 --> 00:22:08.460 Sam Liebowitz: That when we experience contrast and that's Abraham's term for something we experienced that.

00:22:09.300 --> 00:22:19.350 Sam Liebowitz: You know, is not necessarily what we want. It helps to clarify what we don't want. And the better we know what we don't want the better we know what we do want

00:22:20.130 --> 00:22:26.910 Sam Liebowitz: And so then when we know what we do want, then let's focus on that and not what we don't want.

00:22:27.870 --> 00:22:43.320 Sam Liebowitz: And you've probably heard me say this on the show before. And you've probably heard other people say this, the universe responds to sort of the images in our mind and our feelings, our emotions and the universe doesn't know the word not

00:22:44.880 --> 00:22:54.810 Sam Liebowitz: So like when we say you know i i don't want to be sick. It doesn't hear the don't it just tears. I want to be sick.

00:22:55.590 --> 00:23:12.090 Sam Liebowitz: Because when we focus on, you know, the thing that we're experiencing that we don't want to experience that's where we're giving our energy to that's where we're. That's what we're feeding we're feeding our attention, our focus our energy to that thing.

00:23:13.830 --> 00:23:22.950 Sam Liebowitz: And that just makes the thing that we were not wanting have more energy, which means it expands, which means it grows, which means it

00:23:24.870 --> 00:23:28.950 Sam Liebowitz: You know becomes bigger becomes a more of a challenge.

00:23:30.090 --> 00:23:34.020 Sam Liebowitz: Hello, I am that one who believes that the universe tests us

00:23:35.190 --> 00:23:47.580 Sam Liebowitz: I believe that life happens for us to learn and grow and to support us and to build bridges is my dear friend, Jennifer huff likes to say

00:23:48.810 --> 00:24:04.380 Sam Liebowitz: And to really become more of who we really are. And sometimes we don't really even know how strong how powerful how amazing. We really are until we've experienced something that's unpleasant difficult, etc.

00:24:05.970 --> 00:24:06.510 Sam Liebowitz: Now,

00:24:08.400 --> 00:24:19.290 Sam Liebowitz: When we experience something. I don't know. Okay, so let's let's just, you know, I want to take an example of something that you can relate to of what's going on now.

00:24:23.550 --> 00:24:30.630 Sam Liebowitz: Let's say you experience a job loss or your business basically completely disappeared overnight, because of the lockdown.

00:24:32.160 --> 00:24:46.050 Sam Liebowitz: So do you choose to focus on the fact that suddenly your income has dried up or you do choose to focus on the fact that this is a great opportunity for you to reinvent restart and and create something new.

00:24:47.700 --> 00:24:55.050 Sam Liebowitz: Of course, are you, are there going to be concerned about paying bills and about survival and things like that. Absolutely.

00:24:58.050 --> 00:24:59.460 Sam Liebowitz: Yet if we

00:25:00.510 --> 00:25:08.550 Sam Liebowitz: Really focus on the solution. If we really focus on the opportunity that it gives us to create something new.

00:25:11.100 --> 00:25:20.730 Sam Liebowitz: Then perhaps we can create something amazing. Even better, and we can thrive in a way that we wouldn't have thrived otherwise.

00:25:23.550 --> 00:25:31.980 Sam Liebowitz: Now this is not to say that it won't involve some work. Not to say that it won't happen overnight. That will happen overnight.

00:25:34.380 --> 00:25:47.700 Sam Liebowitz: But it's not about sort of how quickly things happen, or what we're experiencing in the moment, it's about the person we need to become in the moment to make that shift and make that change.

00:25:48.780 --> 00:26:02.670 Sam Liebowitz: And maybe what the universe is kind of teaching us is to be more flexible is is to be more open minded is to just think differently and to not necessarily believe that things are always going to be the same.

00:26:03.810 --> 00:26:05.340 Sam Liebowitz: And indeed, I

00:26:06.600 --> 00:26:08.220 Sam Liebowitz: I hope this doesn't

00:26:09.360 --> 00:26:18.420 Sam Liebowitz: Upset people do much, but I really believe this pandemic this this global challenge that we're all facing

00:26:19.170 --> 00:26:25.200 Sam Liebowitz: It's only the first of probably a series of global challenges that are going to come our way.

00:26:25.590 --> 00:26:40.650 Sam Liebowitz: I don't necessarily know what they all are. I know definitely the environment and and the reactions of the virus and environment to what we've done to it. We're going to start feeling more and more and more those challenges every year.

00:26:42.450 --> 00:26:50.490 Sam Liebowitz: I'm very other challenges. I don't know. I mean, I don't think they're going to be the same kinds of challenges like the pandemic, but I really do believe that

00:26:50.940 --> 00:27:02.340 Sam Liebowitz: Life is going to shift and change and be different and ways that we have not yet. Imagine, and that perhaps what life is doing is kind of teaching us

00:27:02.820 --> 00:27:13.050 Sam Liebowitz: To learn to adapt and not be so certain about the way things are, today is the way they're going to be tomorrow. Now, look I 100% fully believe

00:27:13.590 --> 00:27:23.010 Sam Liebowitz: That I don't know when. But that eventually we're going to get this pandemic under control. There's going to be a cure. There's going to be some way of dealing with it.

00:27:24.060 --> 00:27:36.840 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know if you believe in vaccines or not I, personally, you know, I'm not fanatical against vaccines. However, I do have learned enough and I've heard enough stories of how people have had a lot of

00:27:37.620 --> 00:27:50.220 Sam Liebowitz: Negative effects to vaccines and and I personally would not want to be one of the first people to get vaccinated because I'd want to see and make sure that other people are getting it in that there's no

00:27:51.570 --> 00:28:01.530 Sam Liebowitz: severe side effects or whatever, you know, I believe that the best vaccine is keeping yourself healthy and doing the right things to prevent catching the disease in the first place.

00:28:03.000 --> 00:28:04.350 Sam Liebowitz: Now having said that,

00:28:05.790 --> 00:28:18.750 Sam Liebowitz: You know I'm, I'm not so young and and as I get older and older, right, I have to work I being healthier and healthier and taking better care of myself. So my immune system is functioning better

00:28:20.160 --> 00:28:35.250 Sam Liebowitz: But what I eventually take a vaccine for coronavirus if it's still around and and and if you know people have been getting vaccinated for a while and there aren't any obvious long term side effects.

00:28:36.000 --> 00:28:45.750 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, I probably would, because I don't want to catch that thing to begin with, again, am I going to be in the first wave. Am I going to be one of the first. Absolutely not.

00:28:46.410 --> 00:29:01.020 Sam Liebowitz: I am more than happy to wait six months a year, two years after it comes out and then get vaccinated, but I'm definitely not going to be in the first wave, but because I just believe that I want.

00:29:02.040 --> 00:29:20.640 Sam Liebowitz: My immune system to be naturally healthy and naturally do the things to avoid getting sick and and I believe that there are many alternative and natural treatments for her coven that we don't really necessarily hear that much about it, just as one example.

00:29:22.110 --> 00:29:39.600 Sam Liebowitz: I know someone was talking about ozone therapy and how ozone therapy is is like one of the big ways to cure, not, not just covert but I mean many kinds of viruses and things and and then, you know, proper nutrition zinc vitamin C, vitamin D.

00:29:40.890 --> 00:29:50.370 Sam Liebowitz: And all kinds of stuff. I mean, you just got to do your research. And if you don't want to end up in the hospital. You don't want to do things, then

00:29:52.290 --> 00:29:59.490 Sam Liebowitz: Find out and look to see what kinds of natural cures, what kinds of natural treatments have people had success with

00:30:00.150 --> 00:30:15.120 Sam Liebowitz: And then if it resonates with you, you know, go for it. And, you know, one of the biggest challenges we have today is there's so much misinformation. There's so much disinformation. There's so many differing opinions on things that sometimes we just don't know what to believe.

00:30:16.320 --> 00:30:36.750 Sam Liebowitz: Some perhaps one of the big learnings in all of this is the life teaching us to trust ourselves to to really sit down. Be still and connect with what resonates with us and what feels true and what feels right to us.

00:30:38.010 --> 00:30:46.410 Sam Liebowitz: Because if we hear something regardless of what anybody else says if we hear something and it strikes a chord of truth within us.

00:30:47.640 --> 00:30:53.580 Sam Liebowitz: And maybe that's the thing we should listen to, even if other people say, Oh, no, no, no, it can't be that

00:30:54.870 --> 00:31:06.990 Sam Liebowitz: And so that's one of the, I believe, positive lessons coming out of all of this is, is that since we can't really trust all the media and all the different things.

00:31:08.520 --> 00:31:11.490 Sam Liebowitz: That you know maybe it's about life.

00:31:13.320 --> 00:31:28.320 Sam Liebowitz: Telling us. We need to trust ourselves more and that in absence of really having the access to the true data and the hardcore facts that this is when we have to trust our body, our hearts. Our intuition.

00:31:30.150 --> 00:31:38.610 Sam Liebowitz: To really give us what the right answer is for us and what the right answer is for us might not be the right answer for anybody else.

00:31:39.630 --> 00:31:50.460 Sam Liebowitz: So let's learn to focus more on the solution more and what we want, not what we don't want more on what we want to create

00:31:51.660 --> 00:31:56.640 Sam Liebowitz: And one of the things I just want to say before finishing off and now we gotta cut to a break. Wow.

00:31:57.630 --> 00:32:06.090 Sam Liebowitz: Is that why is always a bad question task. Like, why is this happening, why this, why that stop asking yourself why

00:32:06.600 --> 00:32:19.830 Sam Liebowitz: Whenever you find yourself asking yourself why something happened. Catch yourself and turn it around. You don't doesn't matter why there is no why and then the more you ask why your unconscious mind is going to find an answer. And it may not be an answer you like

00:32:21.270 --> 00:32:25.320 Sam Liebowitz: But we want to kind of program ourselves to focus on

00:32:27.360 --> 00:32:34.050 Sam Liebowitz: What is there to learn from this, how can I learn to thrive in this, you know, what can I do with it.

00:32:35.280 --> 00:32:44.520 Sam Liebowitz: How does it make me stronger. How can I feel more empowered, you know, how can I what opportunities are there in this the how, what

00:32:45.030 --> 00:32:58.740 Sam Liebowitz: You know, where can I take this you know those kinds of questions are much, much better questions to ask. You always want to ask those questions to move you in the direction you want to go, not in the direction you do not want to go. Okay.

00:32:59.460 --> 00:33:05.850 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, excellent. I see a loyal listener William also on the Facebook Live. Thank you. William alright so

00:33:06.420 --> 00:33:13.290 Sam Liebowitz: Those are our two quotes of the day, very much in alignment from the universe and from Abraham. I love our quotes of the day. I hope you like them too.

00:33:14.220 --> 00:33:25.650 Sam Liebowitz: And so now I'm going to take another break and when we come back I got a super duper announcement. And I want you to stay tuned for it, and then we'll talk about some more stuff. But if you have

00:33:26.370 --> 00:33:30.360 Sam Liebowitz: Anything in particular that you're dealing with that you would like me to speak upon

00:33:30.630 --> 00:33:39.120 Sam Liebowitz: Anything that you find challenging in the moment that you'd like a different perspective on please post it on the Facebook live in the comments section and I'll get to it.

00:33:39.870 --> 00:33:50.400 Sam Liebowitz: After we come back. So thank you all for being with me. Thanks for staying tuned you're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we will be right back after this

00:36:07.350 --> 00:36:16.050 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. Thank you all for staying with me and thank you all for joining me today.

00:36:17.100 --> 00:36:24.210 Sam Liebowitz: This is a special show. It's the first show that I've been that I'm doing in studio

00:36:24.720 --> 00:36:39.900 Sam Liebowitz: Just for you here since the lockdown started. I think I'm gonna just come into the studio on Thursdays to do my show live instead of from home, because I think that sound quality is a little bit better. You guys let me know how it sounds compared to previous weeks.

00:36:41.580 --> 00:36:46.980 Sam Liebowitz: The rest of the shows the other shows. I'm going to keep virtual and I'm going to engineer them from home, but

00:36:47.910 --> 00:36:58.680 Sam Liebowitz: From my show. I think I'm going to try coming in as long as they're not other considerations that might keep me from from not coming in. Anyway, so

00:36:59.370 --> 00:37:06.600 Sam Liebowitz: I have a very special announcement. And I'm going to give you a quick preview of

00:37:07.230 --> 00:37:17.610 Sam Liebowitz: My upcoming book. Yes, my first book I'm getting ready to do it the manuscript is done. This is what it looks like. It's called everyday awakening. This is a proof copy

00:37:17.910 --> 00:37:25.590 Sam Liebowitz: I just got my first proof copy. I love it. It looks beautiful did find a couple of little errors in it and we're going to upload a new file.

00:37:26.160 --> 00:37:32.580 Sam Liebowitz: It's going to go on sale November 17 and I'm going to let everyone know more about that.

00:37:33.150 --> 00:37:45.390 Sam Liebowitz: In the meantime, I would ask that if you want to learn about when the book is launching I'm going to try and also talk to some of the people I got a ton of testimonials for the book. And I'm going to be

00:37:46.470 --> 00:37:56.820 Sam Liebowitz: Rounding up and maybe getting some extra little giveaways for people who order the book on our launch day. So if you want to find out about that and keep up to date about it.

00:37:57.360 --> 00:38:08.670 Sam Liebowitz: Just join my mailing list on if you go to www dot the conscious consultant calm and click on join the mailing list.

00:38:10.470 --> 00:38:11.490 Sam Liebowitz: It will

00:38:12.900 --> 00:38:21.330 Sam Liebowitz: I'll keep you up to date as as we get closer and closer to launch day I'm figuring out how to do it all. Thank you. Patty Patty says, sounds great. Yeah.

00:38:21.660 --> 00:38:25.350 Sam Liebowitz: This this book and I want you to know what this book is, and I want you to understand that.

00:38:25.950 --> 00:38:34.530 Sam Liebowitz: This isn't something that I just sat down and wrote like over a short period of time. This book actually is a combination

00:38:35.280 --> 00:38:47.430 Sam Liebowitz: Of blog posts that have written over the last four to five years. And when I looked at this body of work, I really didn't realize when I started this years ago.

00:38:47.820 --> 00:38:57.960 Sam Liebowitz: How much writing that it would be over a period of time. And so I took a look at it. It was almost 300 blog posts. I was like, wow, and and I saw one of the

00:38:58.890 --> 00:39:12.240 Sam Liebowitz: marketing people that I love and I follow Seth Godin he I love him. He's such a great thought leader and he he put out this book that was a combination of his blog postings beautifully formatted lots of nice pictures all this kinds of stuff.

00:39:14.370 --> 00:39:23.940 Sam Liebowitz: And so I thought, well, you know, if he can do it, why can't I, and so I started working with an editor actually right after the lockdown started

00:39:24.390 --> 00:39:34.350 Sam Liebowitz: I said, You know what, Mike. This is the time I want to do this. I mean, I know it's taking a chance I'm investing money you know it's not cheap to get a quality book done

00:39:35.760 --> 00:39:47.700 Sam Liebowitz: But it just called to me. I just felt like, Now is the time that I should do this. And we, we, I started working with this wonderful editor. STEPHANIE. I really have enjoyed working her. She's been wonderful.

00:39:48.330 --> 00:39:58.830 Sam Liebowitz: And going through these 300 blog posts and pulling out what are the best ones. And then I was also trying to figure out like how am I going to organize this, how am I going to

00:40:00.750 --> 00:40:04.710 Sam Liebowitz: How am I going to put this in a way that that makes sense.

00:40:05.940 --> 00:40:19.620 Sam Liebowitz: And then of course, you know, first I was saying, Okay, well, how many different chapters to put it in and knowing me yeah I believe in numerology and I like powerful numbers. So is it, seven is a date is a 12 chapters.

00:40:20.940 --> 00:40:37.140 Sam Liebowitz: And so after talking to Stephanie and she said seven is a good number of chapters. I thought, okay, seven, seven chakras. Let's organize it by the energies of the different chakras. So that's what I've done. And there are 18 because 18 is the number of life.

00:40:38.280 --> 00:40:40.980 Sam Liebowitz: In Hebrew numerology high

00:40:42.870 --> 00:40:55.950 Sam Liebowitz: And so they're 18 blog posts for seven chapters. It's 126 posts. So out of nearly 300. This is like less than half. So these are considered to be the best of those

00:40:56.640 --> 00:40:59.850 Sam Liebowitz: And it's really designed to be almost like a reference book.

00:41:00.300 --> 00:41:06.990 Sam Liebowitz: So it's not that you're going to necessarily read this straight through and just go from one to the other, to the other. It's more the kind of book that one day.

00:41:07.230 --> 00:41:15.420 Sam Liebowitz: You just pick it up and you just randomly flip to a page and see which one that is. Okay, let's see which one I open to

00:41:16.290 --> 00:41:22.890 Sam Liebowitz: Harmony is when we flow effortlessly from being to doing all right let's see what this one says

00:41:23.400 --> 00:41:36.000 Sam Liebowitz: Sometimes we focus too much on doing, especially in the Western world where productivity is so highly regarded to find balance, we must first we must focus on. We then must focus on being

00:41:36.870 --> 00:41:43.140 Sam Liebowitz: Both doing and being have a place in our lives, both are important. They're like two sides of the same coin.

00:41:43.620 --> 00:41:52.500 Sam Liebowitz: When we learn to be more of who we are. We can do from a deeper place when we take the time to meditate on what it is we want to be.

00:41:53.310 --> 00:42:02.850 Sam Liebowitz: What we want to do becomes more obvious yet when we spend too much time on the doing we get too busy to just be

00:42:03.390 --> 00:42:12.270 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, we create a lot of things when we focus on the doing we build everything from bridges to social media followings we write books. See, but

00:42:12.930 --> 00:42:24.000 Sam Liebowitz: Close deals and create new organizations yet doing can become a trap. We can get hooked on pursuing the next goal. The next accomplishment. The next thing to do.

00:42:24.930 --> 00:42:35.460 Sam Liebowitz: It is only when we take a step back to just breathe that we can see things a little more clearly when we allow ourselves to take a breath and just be

00:42:36.720 --> 00:42:52.080 Sam Liebowitz: Be in nature be with friends and family or just be alone. We can add, we can then ask ourselves, why are we doing all the things we do, we can then look at it look at if it is all in alignment.

00:42:52.890 --> 00:43:04.500 Sam Liebowitz: With what we are about is are doing fully embodied in our being, is what we are creating truly an expression of what our essence calls us to do cause us to

00:43:05.160 --> 00:43:14.460 Sam Liebowitz: At the same time, if all we do is focus on how to be, then, do we really accomplish anything, are we bringing some creation into the world from our being.

00:43:15.030 --> 00:43:25.680 Sam Liebowitz: Harmony is achieved when we learn to flow effortlessly from being to doing and from doing to being it takes time to master this flow yet, isn't it worth it.

00:43:27.210 --> 00:43:27.870 Sam Liebowitz: So like

00:43:28.950 --> 00:43:34.860 Sam Liebowitz: And so this is the kind of book that maybe one day you open it and that's the message that you read

00:43:37.080 --> 00:43:47.580 Sam Liebowitz: And maybe it's a message to tell you, hey, maybe you're a little too focused on the doing stuff and it's time to take a break and just sit back and be

00:43:49.530 --> 00:43:56.190 Sam Liebowitz: And maybe it's a time to just, you know, take a breath and evaluate what's going on.

00:43:58.980 --> 00:44:12.870 Sam Liebowitz: Now that's just one example that there are 125 other exam, but other sections in here. And so this is what I hope this book will be in my intention behind this book.

00:44:13.290 --> 00:44:27.780 Sam Liebowitz: And to those of you who eventually get this book and don't pre order right now. Don't order it. It's not really out there yet, but my intention is for this book to really be a support and a tool to empower you to really

00:44:29.940 --> 00:44:55.770 Sam Liebowitz: come to life in a way that serves you to to really learn these lessons and and bring them in to, to, to just be an and be okay with yourself, how you are and what you're doing and not focus on it. You know, sometimes I really feel that in this society, especially in the US and Western culture.

00:44:57.000 --> 00:45:14.430 Sam Liebowitz: That we prize productivity and getting things done so much that we do it to the detriment of our individual lives and that there are other aspects, besides success and wealth and creation that are important.

00:45:15.660 --> 00:45:16.830 Sam Liebowitz: Relationships.

00:45:19.350 --> 00:45:38.760 Sam Liebowitz: In their search searching alignment with what we truly feel and I admit, like I've been caught up with it at times when when I look back at some of my old journals about the goals I had and what I wanted to create not that they weren't what I wanted.

00:45:39.900 --> 00:45:53.190 Sam Liebowitz: When I can kind of look back on them now and feel that, you know, that's really more what I was thinking that I wanted was more influenced by what society values, what other people

00:45:54.840 --> 00:45:59.580 Sam Liebowitz: Had as goals and accomplishments and oh yeah I want that too.

00:46:00.960 --> 00:46:12.870 Sam Liebowitz: But you know what, I never really accomplished them and they never really came to me because it wasn't what really resonated with my soul, and what resonates with me and I've learned this. Now, over time, more than anything else is community.

00:46:14.610 --> 00:46:16.320 Sam Liebowitz: It's it's having

00:46:17.610 --> 00:46:19.620 Sam Liebowitz: People in my life.

00:46:21.180 --> 00:46:25.800 Sam Liebowitz: That I know are there for me and I'm there for them.

00:46:26.940 --> 00:46:42.240 Sam Liebowitz: It's that sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that we're not so separate that we're not truly independent of each other. We're interdependent with each other and that together we can

00:46:43.800 --> 00:46:51.990 Sam Liebowitz: Achieve so many amazing things so much more than if we go about it. Just through our own efforts.

00:46:53.340 --> 00:47:10.200 Sam Liebowitz: I see Patty on the Facebook Live says, I made a very good point. I always make you think, and create Patty, thank you. I'm glad that it helps you to, to think about some things perhaps a little bit differently than you thought about things in the past so

00:47:11.370 --> 00:47:12.600 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, so

00:47:13.980 --> 00:47:23.130 Sam Liebowitz: Everyday awakening. It's coming. I just, it's my first time to announce that I just got the proof the other day. It looks beautiful. Just got to fix a couple of little things.

00:47:23.550 --> 00:47:33.930 Sam Liebowitz: I'm really very proud and and I am so grateful to all the people that supported me. And speaking of community. I also want to give a really big shout out.

00:47:34.680 --> 00:47:47.310 Sam Liebowitz: Before we go to break, to all the interns who've been working with talk radio dot NYC over this pandemic and the lockdown kind of working virtually and supporting all the different shows and different hosts.

00:47:48.780 --> 00:47:52.740 Sam Liebowitz: Maurice Pfeiffer Sarah Clara Kelly.

00:47:57.630 --> 00:47:58.440 Sam Liebowitz: Who am I missing.

00:47:59.580 --> 00:48:07.680 Sam Liebowitz: I think that's everybody and of course my assistant, Emily, who always supports me. I'm so, so grateful to them all. A lot of them are

00:48:07.950 --> 00:48:17.490 Sam Liebowitz: Going back to school. Most of them are going back to school. The end of August. We just had kind of our last team meeting last night, and there'll be new interns coming along and new people supporting us so

00:48:17.970 --> 00:48:24.510 Sam Liebowitz: To me that's community having a whole group of people like that. Supporting. Supporting the station and supporting us so

00:48:25.080 --> 00:48:29.910 Sam Liebowitz: Really a big, big thank you and a bigger appreciation and big virtual hug to you. All right.

00:48:30.900 --> 00:48:44.520 Sam Liebowitz: Way over time on the segment. Let me go to break, and when I come back, we'll wrap it all up. And again, Patty William survey. If any of you. Anybody else listening has any questions. Oh, and I saw Barbara

00:48:44.970 --> 00:48:54.360 Sam Liebowitz: Also made a comment on the Facebook live about, you know, the best strategies, keeping your immune system strong and not getting sick. Yes. Thank you, Barbara. I agree. So

00:48:54.930 --> 00:49:07.080 Sam Liebowitz: Everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern right here on talk radio dot NYC and we'll be right back after this

00:51:01.590 --> 00:51:09.660 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity I so so appreciate all of you.

00:51:10.290 --> 00:51:17.520 Sam Liebowitz: Listeners and people coming forward. So I announced last segment, this is my upcoming book you see it says, not for resale. This is just a proof copy

00:51:18.180 --> 00:51:32.490 Sam Liebowitz: The subtitle of it is you are more powerful than, you know, and that's really what we've been talking about through the quotes of the day today and everything throughout the show. I guess that's what I'll title this show is you are more powerful than, you know,

00:51:33.510 --> 00:51:39.990 Sam Liebowitz: And, you know, I've been speaking about our focus and

00:51:41.430 --> 00:51:43.620 Sam Liebowitz: You know, putting our energy towards

00:51:44.970 --> 00:51:52.950 Sam Liebowitz: Our being not just start doing and that how what we choose to focus on determines our happiness determines what comes to us.

00:51:53.610 --> 00:52:05.430 Sam Liebowitz: And it's really one of our magical superpowers. Our choice. Our decision right free will. It is our free will to decide what we choose to focus on in any given moment.

00:52:07.680 --> 00:52:08.310 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:52:09.330 --> 00:52:17.760 Sam Liebowitz: I really, I guess that's really my message today to all of you. And it's my message in general to people I work with, and my coaching practice.

00:52:18.090 --> 00:52:28.680 Sam Liebowitz: And two people that I just did a webinar about podcasting and with my classes on podcasting. It's all about getting your voice out there and it's all about really letting people know

00:52:29.400 --> 00:52:49.590 Sam Liebowitz: That we are much more powerful than we realize. And we actually have a much greater capability, then we give ourselves credit for when it comes to our own destiny our own life and I really, I guess. Want to implore to you that

00:52:51.300 --> 00:53:06.930 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, it's sometimes when when we're facing big challenges or when we're stuck in a rut and and we just feel like things are moving forward. It can feel that we're, we're not that powerful. We're not empowered.

00:53:08.340 --> 00:53:24.060 Sam Liebowitz: And I guess that's the time to reach out for help, that's the time to work with somebody like me who can support you in going through your process. So that's the time to really look for a book.

00:53:24.870 --> 00:53:38.100 Sam Liebowitz: Podcast Facebook Live, you know, whatever, to look for something that really serves you, to remind ourselves that actually we do have a lot of power.

00:53:39.810 --> 00:53:54.210 Sam Liebowitz: And one of the phrases. I always like to say is, look, you know, we don't have the power to control what happens to us but we we we have 100% the power, how we respond to what happens to us.

00:53:55.980 --> 00:53:56.790 Sam Liebowitz: And so

00:53:58.020 --> 00:54:07.320 Sam Liebowitz: I guess that's really my message today to all of you. You are amazing magnificent powerful human beings.

00:54:08.430 --> 00:54:14.100 Sam Liebowitz: And you actually are much more powerful than you realize.

00:54:15.990 --> 00:54:36.180 Sam Liebowitz: And if there's just one aspect of life that I'd love to hear that you decided to focus on to empower yourself to do more. It's, it's that aspect of choice of focus. What are you choosing to focus on today, right here, right now.

00:54:37.620 --> 00:54:41.070 Sam Liebowitz: Are you focusing on what you can do, or what you can do.

00:54:43.770 --> 00:54:52.560 Sam Liebowitz: And indeed, just asking ourselves that question when we're stuck in the middle of something. And we're not sure which way to go.

00:54:56.430 --> 00:54:59.400 Sam Liebowitz: What can I do in this

00:55:00.510 --> 00:55:02.970 Sam Liebowitz: Situation. What can I do

00:55:04.200 --> 00:55:05.370 Sam Liebowitz: In the middle of this all

00:55:06.570 --> 00:55:17.070 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe that's the most important question we need to ask ourselves, what can we do not. What can we do not. What are we not doing

00:55:18.960 --> 00:55:29.730 Sam Liebowitz: But what can we do, what small tiny little steps can we take even when we're faced with some huge, enormous challenge.

00:55:31.200 --> 00:55:45.150 Sam Liebowitz: Let's not focus on what we can't do. Let's not focus on how difficult it is let's focus on what we can do. Right. You know that old expression. How do you eat an elephant. Does anybody know that one. How do you eat an elephant.

00:55:46.740 --> 00:55:50.970 Sam Liebowitz: One bite at a time like anything else. How do you get over

00:55:52.620 --> 00:56:03.180 Sam Liebowitz: How do we get through over any difficult humongous challenge break it down. You need bitty tiny steps. What are we choosing to focus on what little, little thing, can we do today.

00:56:04.290 --> 00:56:10.260 Sam Liebowitz: A loyal listener William says all the books I read because of your show. Now, one will be yours. Cool.

00:56:10.710 --> 00:56:16.710 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you, William. Thank you. And please, I will let you know when to order the book and I'll let you know when to get it. I'm

00:56:17.220 --> 00:56:24.360 Sam Liebowitz: We're working on some strategies because my intention behind the book is that it will be a number one bestseller and and

00:56:25.290 --> 00:56:37.800 Sam Liebowitz: My intention is even an international number one bestseller. And so I'll let you know all about that campaign and what we end up doing as as that strategy and that campaign becomes clearer and clearer.

00:56:39.270 --> 00:56:45.600 Sam Liebowitz: So, um, Wow, I can't believe the show's almost over. I just got a few seconds left.

00:56:46.770 --> 00:56:50.850 Sam Liebowitz: I really when when I never got the response back from my gosh am I guess.

00:56:51.180 --> 00:56:59.340 Sam Liebowitz: Was supposed to be today. Someone from Australia, who's numerologists I was actually looking forward to having him on. But when I went to reconfirm with him, he never got back to me so

00:56:59.700 --> 00:57:10.290 Sam Liebowitz: I was like okay this is going to be one of those shows that I do by myself and normally the by myself show is the first show of the month, but because I had that opportunity to bring on Bruce Cryer

00:57:11.070 --> 00:57:24.690 Sam Liebowitz: The former CEO of heart math Institute. I was like, Okay, let me just use my my me only show for Bruce and so now it turns out. Okay, so it's the second show of the month. I'd like to be flexible. Right. Remember, flexibility, it's a big thing.

00:57:25.830 --> 00:57:36.750 Sam Liebowitz: To be mindful of. So I hope you enjoyed today's show, you are more powerful than, you know, I hope that message really resonates with you.

00:57:37.560 --> 00:57:47.010 Sam Liebowitz: And I really want you to think about and feel into what are some of the topics I can explore for you.

00:57:47.430 --> 00:57:59.190 Sam Liebowitz: What are some things in future episodes that you'd like me to cover that would really serve you the most. I mean, I'm booked out with guests until the end of the year. I do have a couple of

00:57:59.520 --> 00:58:12.630 Sam Liebowitz: You know, a couple few shows that are just going to be me and you talking. So I'd love to get your feedback. I'd love to hear from you a little bit more on what you would love to hear me discuss with you interact with you on

00:58:14.640 --> 00:58:24.660 Sam Liebowitz: Patty says I love the me only shares. Thank you. Fatty. And to be honest, I actually like doing them too. But it's always so much more fun, you know, to actually interact with another human being.

00:58:26.400 --> 00:58:30.840 Sam Liebowitz: But till next week, I'll be back. I do have another guest scheduled for next week. Hopefully they'll show up.

00:58:31.440 --> 00:58:35.760 Sam Liebowitz: But I really, I have some really cool amazing people scheduled between now and the end of the year and

00:58:36.030 --> 00:58:48.720 Sam Liebowitz: I haven't started scheduling people for next year yet, but I have several requests in the queue. And I am going to start scheduling people up in January, and I'm sure I'll be booked up with guests through June of next year before too long.

00:58:50.400 --> 00:58:57.420 Sam Liebowitz: So thank you all. I'm way over time. Thank you all for tuning in today. Thanks for all the loving support.

00:58:58.170 --> 00:59:09.210 Sam Liebowitz: Again, please share the video, share the podcast share the recording. If you missed any part of today's show, you can catch it on talk radio dot NYC and on your favorite podcasting app.

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00:59:20.790 --> 00:59:28.170 Sam Liebowitz: But subscribe to me, wherever you can't even if you listen to me live all the time. Still, subscribe to the podcast. This way if you happen to miss one, you know, you get it so

00:59:28.590 --> 00:59:39.690 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you all for tuning in. Coming up next, of course, is can foster and his show voices of courage later today, Antonia at five o'clock with. So now you know and Graham Dobbin with his show The Mind Behind Leadership at 7pm

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