Voices of Courage

Thursday, August 13, 2020

2020/08/13 - The Courage to Create an Expanded Life

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Create an Expanded Life

This week we discuss stepping into our power, taking control of our thoughts, and expanding what we think is possible.

My first guest, Dr. Patrick Wanis, is a world-renowned Human Behavior Expert who is recognized for his Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique, designed for trauma, PTSD, and other behavioral and relational issues. My second guest, Chris Burres, is a scientific researcher who has pioneered the use of an astonishing molecule called ESS60 that has amazing properties, which include enhancing sleep and boosting immunity. My third guest, Sandra Rogers, is a licensed psychotherapist who has written a book on the emerging Queen Archetype as a new developmental stage available to women at midlife. 

Show Notes
Segment 1

Ken explains that today’s show will tell you how to use your mind to create the life that you want. Take some time to evaluate your emotions, mind, and body. Identify where you need to do work and reprogram your thinking – still your mind and tune in, pick a powerful affirmation, and more.


Ken introduces his first guest, Dr. Patrick Wanis, a human behavior expert renowned for his Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique. He then welcomes Chris Burres, a researcher who has begun the use of a molecule ESS60, which can enhance sleep and boost immunity. These two have a product called MyVitalC, meant to improve sleep, energy, immunity, and longevity.


Dr. Wanis delves into the emotions of fear, sadness, and anxiety that have been triggered by the pandemic. Old emotions from people’s past have been triggered and can drive unhealthy behaviors. “Doom-scrolling” is a habit of surfing the internet for anxiety-producing content. Healthy sleep, eating, and self care habits have been interrupted for many individuals during quarantine.


Segment 2

Ken asks Dr. Wanis which 7 dominant emotions are keeping people from healthy habits. Dr. Wanis says fear and anxiety create an expectancy of pain mixed with a feeling of loss of control. Next are sadness, sorrow, and grief. Sadness creates heaviness, and grief is the mourning of our life before the pandemic. Recognize it is okay to have these emotions – do not try to escape them, but control the direction it pushes you in and your response. To learn more about this method and to purchase MyVitalC, go to for Dr. Wanis’ audiobooks. You can also visit for the SRTT process.


Ken asks Chris about his product containing the molecule ESS60. Chris says that the molecule extended the lives of rats by 90% and seemed to prevent tumors. This could have a huge impact upon the human lifespan.


Segment 3

Ken asks Dr. Wanis how important is the mind to longevity. Dr. Wanis explains that your mind and thoughts can have a real impact on your body, influencing almost every system. Train your thoughts to support your body. We create our reality with our thoughts.


Chris says that thoughts can also drive actions – taking initiative to exercise and eating healthy. Your thoughts will impact your body, but also how you treat your body. He explains that his product gives customers mental focus and energy during the day, and then better sleep at night. He explains how his own past injuries and migraines have alleviated with the use of the product. 

Segment 4

Chris talks about a method of dealing with emotion – distance yourself from it and give it a name. Ask yourself why you feel this way so you can shift your thoughts to constructive ones. Controlling your thoughts will give you power over your emotions and physical health.


Segment 5

Ken introduces his next guest, Sandra Rogers, a licensed psychotherapist who has written a book about the Queen Archetype for middle-aged women. The Queen comes in after active mothering. Women at this stage are often vital and have energy to spare, and can continue to use their skills for the betterment of themselves and their communities.


Ken asks about the Chakra system. Sandra says she uses this to create a system to describe a Queen, and to position her within the Chakras. The first Chakra, located at the base of the spine, represents our connection with the earth and with our place of home. The fourth Chakra, located in the heart and lungs, regulates our relationship with love – personal, family, and love of country. The fifth Chakra, located in the throat, gives voice to our creativity.


Sandra talks about active imagination – a conversation with an entity. This can be a conversation with your family member in your head, with God, or any other mental figure. This can be a form of meditation conducted in your head or through writing. This is a powerful way to find answers to conflict in your life.