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Friday, August 7, 2020

2020/08/07 - Time to Breakthru

[NEW EPISODE] Time to Breakthru

If you've been stuck in a rut lately, it's time to Breakthru....

Lance Knaub
, founder of Denali Consulting & Breakthru PT & Fitness is ready to help you make it happen.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

“As entrepreneurs, we’re leaders…”


Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Lance Knaub. He gives a bit of his educational and entrepreneurial background as well as his work in physical therapy. He also goes a bit into his own health issues and his passion for nutrition and health, the two discussing recognizing warning signs and the importance of sleep.


Segment 2

Lance gets into Breakthru PT & Fitness and the expansion of his business, talking about the current state of his newer locations, his plans with the amount of space he’s recently acquired, and how he projects his business will expand by the end of the year. 


Segment 3

Lance talks a bit about his book, giving out his motivations and methods for doing so. They talk about the longevity of small, independent businesses, honing in especially on those in New York City. They go back and forth about hiring help, preparing yourself financially for expanding your staff, and knowing your strengths as an entrepreneur.


Segment 4

Lance talks about founding Denali Consulting. Jeremiah talks about how he found himself coaching entrepreneurs, entertaining the idea of writing a book in the future. Lance closes the show by dropping his contact information for listeners.


00:00:40.500 --> 00:00:46.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What's up party people in the house. It's Friday. In fact, it's August. It is a miracle.

00:00:46.650 --> 00:00:54.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We made it. No, I don't believe in miracles. I believe in hard work. I believe in people and resilience and a lot of you have shown that welcome.

00:00:54.780 --> 00:01:01.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You are listening to the entrepreneurial web. I'm your host, Jeremiah, Fox before I bring on my guest the message of the week. This

00:01:02.310 --> 00:01:12.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Comes from another JERSEY BOY. Hint, hint. We got to do from Jersey on the show today. Another JERSEY BOY. One of my first bosses mentor. He was on the show in April, I think.

00:01:12.480 --> 00:01:24.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: His name is Anthony De Silvestro he now resides in Virginia Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. He, among other things, is a restaurant tour, a very successful restaurant tour, and this is a quote from the show. He did.

00:01:25.650 --> 00:01:32.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Back in April. He said, as entrepreneurs. We're leaders. None of us are in the restaurant business because I am too.

00:01:32.730 --> 00:01:42.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So he was talking about. He and I and other restaurant tours, but we're in the customer service is if you can teach your employees that you're in the customer service business.

00:01:42.930 --> 00:01:53.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The better you do that, the better you succeed that will set the tone for today's show. With that, I would like to bring on today's JERSEY BOY, Lance. Nah, let's welcome to the show.

00:01:53.850 --> 00:01:56.310 Lance Knaub: Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here.

00:01:56.730 --> 00:02:00.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Awesome. Are you originally from Jersey, are you, are you a transplant like me.

00:02:01.080 --> 00:02:03.810 Lance Knaub: I'm a transplant. I'm trying York, Pennsylvania.

00:02:04.230 --> 00:02:15.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: York, Pennsylvania. I'm originally from Nashville, but I've moved around a lot and landed in New York about 20 years ago. And here we are, how long have you been in. I mean, York, Pennsylvania is right there in basically jersey.

00:02:18.150 --> 00:02:18.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Go ahead.

00:02:19.410 --> 00:02:26.940 Lance Knaub: I actually am a little bit of a rebel myself. I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, even though both of my parents are from Pennsylvania.

00:02:27.330 --> 00:02:30.870 Lance Knaub: And I, and I've been in New Jersey for 20 some years.

00:02:30.870 --> 00:02:39.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Around. All right. Yeah, we're in a very similar boat so Lance here is did number of things. I won't click them all off. But I'll listen, you're an author.

00:02:40.500 --> 00:02:52.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're an entrepreneur, you're a consultant and you're also in fitness and physical therapy with a doctorate. Right. Are you like Dr Sikkim and you're like, Don't call me Dr. Like, people get upset.

00:02:53.970 --> 00:02:58.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're not a doctor right but you have a doctorate or a PhD in physical therapy as well.

00:02:59.190 --> 00:03:08.760 Lance Knaub: Correct. Absolutely correct. Yep. So the terminal degree in physical therapy is a doctor of physical therapy. Yeah. So just like Sikkim, a doctor of physical therapy.

00:03:09.240 --> 00:03:27.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Cool. So we connected. This is a, this is a daisy chain through Dr Messina psyche, who was on the show last month, who I connected with with Dom Dom Jackson, because he was on his show like several months ago and Dom and I met on Twitter. So this is a Twitter.

00:03:28.200 --> 00:03:29.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Podcast LinkedIn.

00:03:31.050 --> 00:03:34.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Even though we probably live like an hour away from each other. It's pretty hilarious.

00:03:36.210 --> 00:03:39.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Did I miss anything in your in your in your

00:03:40.140 --> 00:03:45.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Rolodex of skills. And do you do jujitsu because if you did, man, we would be like doppelgangers

00:03:46.320 --> 00:03:54.030 Lance Knaub: I'm so funny. I'm probably the most important thing is, you know, just like you. I think you have three children also definitely a husband, father of three.

00:03:54.270 --> 00:03:57.180 Lance Knaub: Yeah. Fantastic. Kids and

00:03:58.650 --> 00:04:08.970 Lance Knaub: Definitely have a connection for you. A friend of mine who is had a military background and they created a leadership program built around jujitsu. So we'll talk about that and

00:04:09.030 --> 00:04:10.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Cool. I love to

00:04:10.110 --> 00:04:12.030 Lance Knaub: Not do jujitsu currently but I was

00:04:12.090 --> 00:04:14.520 Lance Knaub: I was thinking in my mind because I know how passionate you are

00:04:14.790 --> 00:04:18.330 Lance Knaub: Yeah, martial arts experiences I have and maybe we'll touch on that.

00:04:18.840 --> 00:04:24.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Cool, that'd be great. So give everybody a little background. I mean, you have a PhD in physical therapy, what led up to that.

00:04:25.530 --> 00:04:32.550 Lance Knaub: Yeah, so I knew I loved people and I knew I loved health and

00:04:33.870 --> 00:04:36.540 Lance Knaub: Guidance counseling was

00:04:38.340 --> 00:04:46.170 Lance Knaub: Maybe not the strongest at my school so I didn't really know about a lot of the options.

00:04:46.260 --> 00:04:58.560 Lance Knaub: Yeah, independently, I thought pharmacy sounded good, because I didn't have the discipline or drive at all to entertain medical school. You know, I graduated high school when I was 17 and

00:04:59.520 --> 00:05:17.250 Lance Knaub: You know, I applied to pharmacy schools, and this was probably a bad thing as well. I got accepted all the pharmacy schools I applied to so 17 big ego and very poor study habits. It's not a good recipe for freshman year in college, but that's a whole nother story.

00:05:17.400 --> 00:05:18.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There's another podcast.

00:05:21.270 --> 00:05:21.960 Lance Knaub: So,

00:05:22.020 --> 00:05:23.070 Lance Knaub: I got into for

00:05:23.070 --> 00:05:29.520 Lance Knaub: Mine. Totally. So I was at Rutgers and I started off in the College of Pharmacy and then I was kind of

00:05:30.060 --> 00:05:37.530 Lance Knaub: Undeclared by oh pre med exercise science. Don't you remember the exact order, but fortunately Andrea Aaron Haim

00:05:38.100 --> 00:05:53.070 Lance Knaub: Mentioned it mentioned physical therapy and mentioned that she was volunteering at Robert Wood Johnson. I said, What is that luckily I wasn't injured in high school, as you know, sports. I played and checked it out. Found Love immediately and

00:05:54.180 --> 00:06:03.330 Lance Knaub: You know, eventually finished physical therapy school and I had this passion for fitness and my bachelor's degree was an exercise science.

00:06:04.050 --> 00:06:11.160 Lance Knaub: And I observed pretty quickly that there was a really incredible synergy between physical therapy and fitness.

00:06:12.000 --> 00:06:23.520 Lance Knaub: And not many places really were doing that. And the ones that were a lot of them were operating in silos. They were sort of outsourcing the fitness or the physical therapy and the massage and nutrition and personal training.

00:06:24.180 --> 00:06:30.480 Lance Knaub: So I wanted to bring it under one roof. And, you know, after about five years of working

00:06:32.130 --> 00:06:39.360 Lance Knaub: You know, for I worked in brain injury for about a year and that might connect the dots to some mental health issues. And I know you're

00:06:39.840 --> 00:06:41.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Big on that in mind. Yeah. And then I

00:06:41.790 --> 00:06:54.450 Lance Knaub: Really went straight to my true passion. I brought that neurological experience in outpatient Orthopedics and I did that for two different companies for about five years. And then took the entrepreneurial leap with

00:06:55.470 --> 00:07:03.660 Lance Knaub: My wife and I started a physical therapy practice within a fitness center and 300 square feet, about the size of an average bedroom.

00:07:03.720 --> 00:07:08.610 Lance Knaub: Yeah. And after about five years we

00:07:10.350 --> 00:07:21.300 Lance Knaub: In well within the first five years we within one year, we actually bought the fitness center that we rented from and then we started a second location and

00:07:22.080 --> 00:07:33.150 Lance Knaub: Then we had a third location around 2011 and I was my wife and I were adding to our family. And that's a milestone that I mentioned we're having a lot of success, but certainly

00:07:33.660 --> 00:07:46.830 Lance Knaub: There's a lot of stress. A lot of things to manage and even being a physical therapist personal trainer, that's when my health. Stop cooperating and I was pushing the envelope too much, even though I was serving other people

00:07:48.030 --> 00:07:52.200 Lance Knaub: That way, and my GI system stopped working. So fortunately, everybody.

00:07:52.200 --> 00:07:53.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What is bad Gs.

00:07:54.210 --> 00:07:55.500 Lance Knaub: My gastrointestinal system.

00:07:55.710 --> 00:08:01.590 Lance Knaub: Oh yeah, make my digestive system just didn't want food in only one of the things out.

00:08:01.650 --> 00:08:03.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Basically Coffee. Coffee only

00:08:04.290 --> 00:08:05.340 Lance Knaub: Not even coffee.

00:08:05.790 --> 00:08:08.460 Lance Knaub: Pretty much the brat, like, you know,

00:08:09.900 --> 00:08:17.670 Lance Knaub: bread, rice, applesauce. I mean, pretty miserable and be in your bathroom at all times, the kind of like an upset stomach.

00:08:18.180 --> 00:08:23.820 Lance Knaub: And really like low energy because you're not digesting food. And I remember standing at that time we had three offices about 30 people

00:08:24.390 --> 00:08:35.130 Lance Knaub: And I was trying to inspire and to, you know, run a company wide meeting that I'll just never forget, but fortunately power through that and we continue to

00:08:36.510 --> 00:08:43.200 Lance Knaub: You know personally I continue to work on my health work on my professional business skills and develop our best people.

00:08:43.650 --> 00:08:48.270 Lance Knaub: And we took on a couple of our best people as partners and in 2018

00:08:48.810 --> 00:08:57.330 Lance Knaub: One of our partners really wanted to actually run and operate the company and they've been doing that and that's allowed me to kind of just expand my desire and love for

00:08:58.050 --> 00:09:04.260 Lance Knaub: Helping people stay healthy. And now I want to share everything with entrepreneurs and especially on the staying healthy part while you go down this

00:09:04.710 --> 00:09:16.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The your, your gastrointestinal issues where they related to stress and just overworking and because I know you talked about that in a number of your, your brief broadcasts that I've, I've watched

00:09:16.650 --> 00:09:29.850 Lance Knaub: Yes. I mean, I had an endoscopy. And, you know, saw my primary care and saw a GI specialist and had the endoscopy. And, you know, fortunately, you know, quote, nothing was wrong.

00:09:30.030 --> 00:09:31.440 Lance Knaub: Yeah, but

00:09:32.910 --> 00:09:37.140 Lance Knaub: You know, so the final analysis, was that it's, it's probably stress and even in

00:09:37.140 --> 00:09:43.650 Lance Knaub: Hindsight talking to doctors. But yeah, they couldn't quite figure it out, which was good. Nothing obvious and

00:09:43.680 --> 00:09:44.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, it wasn't

00:09:44.700 --> 00:09:49.470 Lance Knaub: You know his cronies are some really, you know, serious heavy new diseases, cancer, things that you're worried about

00:09:49.830 --> 00:10:00.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right, I went through something similar. I was a bit younger. I was about 25. Same thing, you know, ended up in a in an emergency room and endoscopy, and the whole thing and

00:10:00.720 --> 00:10:03.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They basically, you know, none of the doctors do anything. It was crazy.

00:10:04.290 --> 00:10:12.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And one of the nurses. He was a male nurse, he, he was probably in his early 30s and you know I was a restaurant guy and he just kind of like these like me guys who do XYZ

00:10:12.600 --> 00:10:23.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All the time that it is I get any goes can't do that anymore. Like You Live. It was just literally like living too hard. You know, just firing on all cylinders mixing in some, you know, self medication.

00:10:24.270 --> 00:10:36.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, and some some some fun and it's just like, it's time to start thinking differently you know about about your body, you know those always fit as well, always active. I'm not out of shape but

00:10:36.810 --> 00:10:44.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, your body will tell you when it's like oh it's enough. I had one of those. This week I have like had a pension, my back. I JUST BEEN DOING REALLY HARD workouts for

00:10:45.480 --> 00:10:51.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Maybe, like, six weeks straight no breaks, like every day. I would just get up and I was getting stronger and feeling better and better and better.

00:10:52.290 --> 00:10:59.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, but in your mid 40s that you can't you can't do that for like super for long periods. Right. And on Monday. My body was like

00:11:00.540 --> 00:11:06.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's time for a break and you know I listened. I got my workout in this one of those. I feel much better. I'm

00:11:07.530 --> 00:11:17.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Winning when what were some of the things that you did to help you kind of get back on track. I'm physically that helped you get to that mental state where you really found some great success.

00:11:18.540 --> 00:11:30.960 Lance Knaub: Yeah, and you know, I think one thing that's probably worth pointing out before we talk about that is the warning signs. There's probably like early warning signs of indicators, though, you

00:11:30.960 --> 00:11:31.590 Lance Knaub: At all.

00:11:32.910 --> 00:11:33.480 Lance Knaub: Listen to

00:11:33.810 --> 00:11:34.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Our bodies.

00:11:34.800 --> 00:11:35.490 And

00:11:36.690 --> 00:11:42.870 Lance Knaub: You know when your, your energy's down and your, you know, your stomach might be upset or your head is foggy

00:11:44.280 --> 00:11:46.740 Lance Knaub: You know your and

00:11:47.820 --> 00:11:52.800 Lance Knaub: kind of connect into your question now. I think that the good news is,

00:11:53.310 --> 00:11:59.820 Lance Knaub: You can kind of break in and start to get more sleep or get that first workout and it's all synergistic with all the different

00:12:00.240 --> 00:12:07.650 Lance Knaub: Health components, but the same is also true. You know you miss one night's sleep and I just talked to an entrepreneur yesterday who I'm working with, who

00:12:08.160 --> 00:12:20.220 Lance Knaub: Is businesses exploding, which is awesome. However, he is. He said he pulled three all nighters in the last seven days, and he was looking at another one in the next two days.

00:12:20.730 --> 00:12:28.980 Lance Knaub: So, and sleep is probably it's a common pattern that that's one of the first things that entrepreneurs tend to squeeze out

00:12:29.460 --> 00:12:35.310 Lance Knaub: You know, first thing you cut. I was at a seminar with Mr. Wonderful. I don't know, eight months ago in Trenton.

00:12:35.790 --> 00:12:46.950 Lance Knaub: And there was an entrepreneur who already had two businesses. She was a franchise or I mean she was 30 tops and she had I think 50 locations nationally

00:12:47.430 --> 00:12:52.830 Lance Knaub: Really doing well crushing it. She was thinking about taking one of these business opportunities that Mr. Wonderful.

00:12:53.820 --> 00:12:58.650 Lance Knaub: Was presenting and I was like, Well, are you sure you have the resources. The other time for this. He's like,

00:12:59.160 --> 00:13:18.150 Lance Knaub: Oh, I'm just gonna sleep a little bit less. So how much you sleep announce. She's like a five hours, it's like, Okay. Yeah. So yeah. Sleep is definitely one that we first compromise and then as far as what I did had to take baby steps for sure. And you know definitely my body forced me to

00:13:19.260 --> 00:13:26.820 Lance Knaub: Take a little bit better care of myself. So I think immediately I did sleep a little bit more, and it certainly wasn't

00:13:27.090 --> 00:13:32.520 Lance Knaub: You know, dramatic I, you know, the recommendation if you're getting less than seven hours of sleep you're considered sleep deprived

00:13:32.910 --> 00:13:44.670 Lance Knaub: Yeah, so I definitely was nowhere near seven but maybe I'm now forcing myself to get six and I was making sure to eat a little bit better and not to eat standing up and you know i mean

00:13:46.500 --> 00:13:50.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Most of my standing. Should I eat most of my meals walking

00:13:50.820 --> 00:14:04.680 Lance Knaub: You know, I just saw part is probably not bad. And actually, no. That's a recommendation from a physical therapist, who's really health expert. However, I think you can't be like multitasking. Your body is meant to

00:14:04.710 --> 00:14:09.810 Lance Knaub: Digest like you sort of have to relax and actually chew your food and start the

00:14:09.840 --> 00:14:11.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Issue. I just

00:14:11.100 --> 00:14:14.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like it's my jaw and my feet, often at the same time.

00:14:14.550 --> 00:14:16.320 Lance Knaub: Sample, you have to like about that. That's

00:14:16.530 --> 00:14:18.180 Lance Knaub: One action item to put on your list.

00:14:18.300 --> 00:14:18.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Cool, cool.

00:14:19.290 --> 00:14:22.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All right, we're gonna take a quick break. We'll pick back up. With that, I'll go

00:14:22.470 --> 00:14:24.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Back for a few will be back in just a minute. Everybody listening to the

00:14:24.810 --> 00:14:25.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Entrepreneurial web

00:16:33.900 --> 00:16:42.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay everybody, we're back. You're listening to the entrepreneurial web. I'm going to go ahead and dub THIS HOUR ON FRIDAY, THE NEW Friday happy hour because ship.

00:16:43.350 --> 00:16:51.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Most bars can operate in New York City. Anyway, so this is new happy hour you're listening to Lance knob, he is again an author.

00:16:51.990 --> 00:17:05.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He is an entrepreneur. He is a consultant. He has a PhD in physical therapy think there's a couple of the things we're going to get to. Towards the end of this show. So let's welcome Lance back to the show.

00:17:06.660 --> 00:17:07.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What's up, man. You still there.

00:17:08.460 --> 00:17:09.750 Lance Knaub: I'm still here, baby. It's all good.

00:17:09.780 --> 00:17:20.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Great. It's so funny when I talk and I come back on the show. I don't see anything. So I'm just like, Man, I hope they're still there. Every time I'm like every break of every show like what if they left what

00:17:20.820 --> 00:17:26.340 Lance Knaub: Speaking of that, how do you hold up with counting on guests for a live show

00:17:27.090 --> 00:17:33.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Man, it's a shot in the dark, you know, a couple weeks ago, I had one of my friends and neighbors. I mean, the guide literally lives around the corner from me.

00:17:33.750 --> 00:17:42.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And, um, you know, we had gone back and forth. We set everything up and the morning of the show. I was like, I'll text you the morning, all these, like, okay, I see this guy all the time too.

00:17:42.690 --> 00:17:51.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I text him didn't hear back. I'm like okay right before the show called nothing. I was like, all right, so, you know, Sam, the producer was like, time to hop on so I hopped on

00:17:51.300 --> 00:17:59.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I was like, guys, it might just be me today. And then he finally joins and he's like, you know, just a few minutes ladies like sorry I went for a run. I didn't my phone.

00:17:59.790 --> 00:18:07.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then just really needed a shower because it was hot, but then when he came on, he didn't have video and there was no time to fix it. We were live. It was just like, Oh, well, everybody is looking at me today.

00:18:10.440 --> 00:18:15.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was like, he's a pretty guy you know he's you, but whatever. You'll have to look him up on Tinder or whatever it's

00:18:18.690 --> 00:18:36.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay, so back back to focus on. So I the company we're talking about they use that you you started a PT company within a gym and you ended up buying out that and then expanding to three locations. What was the, what is the name that is still current business. Correct.

00:18:36.870 --> 00:18:37.440 Lance Knaub: Correct.

00:18:37.470 --> 00:18:38.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What's the name of that.

00:18:39.120 --> 00:18:40.140 Lance Knaub: Breakthrough physical

00:18:40.140 --> 00:18:41.520 Lance Knaub: Therapy and fitness.

00:18:41.580 --> 00:18:49.590 Lance Knaub: And when we bought the fitness center then we took another entrepreneurial leaf that probably wasn't well grounded and probably

00:18:50.040 --> 00:18:58.950 Lance Knaub: Before without enough of a business plan, which I would not advise any of these things we we took on a 6000 square foot space which is

00:18:59.340 --> 00:19:14.820 Lance Knaub: Really pretty brave in the physical therapy world. Now granted, we did have some, you know, fitness, you know, membership and revenue, but it was still pretty big. So we, we really designed a beautiful 6000 foot space to kind of bring physical therapy and fitness together, which

00:19:15.990 --> 00:19:28.740 Lance Knaub: Still isn't perfected nationally, including us, we're still trying to bring it together perfect it for the clients and have a lot of fun doing it. But most people are kind of like, you know, and I heard Matthias and his wife when your last

00:19:28.800 --> 00:19:29.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Interview.

00:19:30.030 --> 00:19:34.650 Lance Knaub: You know, fitness. If you compare industries is a lower profit industry.

00:19:34.680 --> 00:19:41.340 Lance Knaub: Sure. So some people just say, Well, just focus on physical therapy, you know, more medical and

00:19:42.390 --> 00:19:47.400 Lance Knaub: We don't want to do that. We want to create the best product and you know take on the challenge.

00:19:47.670 --> 00:19:54.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I think, like, the more you diversify your offerings, you know, if you don't overextend yourself in terms of labor.

00:19:55.230 --> 00:20:04.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You just have better chances of survival, like the same is true of martial arts schools, you know, if you only offer striking you're missing out on you know

00:20:04.470 --> 00:20:12.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Some of the students, you would get if you if you also offer jujitsu or if you only offer jujitsu and you don't offer any stand up or striking

00:20:13.260 --> 00:20:20.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know arts or just general fitness as well to kind of tied on because it all is very much tied in especially when you're talking about martial arts and fitness.

00:20:21.690 --> 00:20:30.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, the great Hickson Gracie. One of the you know best all time fighters and in modern history talks about that a lot, especially lately like this needs to be

00:20:31.140 --> 00:20:39.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: brought to the surface more way. There's a lot of schools that is exclusively jujitsu and that's all they do. You walk in, you drop down to the ground. You just roll around no discussion really

00:20:39.540 --> 00:20:50.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: About fitness or training your body in any other way than just like the techniques. Definitely not offering any stand up and he just, you know, his point is you would service your community so much more if you had more of those offerings.

00:20:50.370 --> 00:20:58.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And the thing is, a lot of those guys are well versed in that as well. You know, a lot of the instructors are a lot of the owners, they know it.

00:20:59.130 --> 00:21:03.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's just a matter of, like, do they want to teach it or not. Do they want to spend the time and if they don't

00:21:04.470 --> 00:21:08.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is it feasible to hire somebody doesn't make sense for their business, you know,

00:21:09.180 --> 00:21:18.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Their financial is to bring somebody in who could do that. But the idea being that it becomes a service to the community. And I think that's seems like what you're you're one of your

00:21:18.600 --> 00:21:30.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: One of your, you know, core values is is how you, how you can serve as your community and and have a wide offerings and, you know, you know, open a 6000 square foot space without that you know you need you need some jujitsu and

00:21:32.340 --> 00:21:34.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Will take like 3000 square feet.

00:21:35.490 --> 00:21:36.330 Lance Knaub: That sounds good.

00:21:36.720 --> 00:21:37.800 Lance Knaub: I mean, you bring up a great

00:21:38.010 --> 00:21:42.600 Lance Knaub: You know, a great point. It's kind of like a business conflicts that I talked about in my book.

00:21:42.630 --> 00:21:43.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And yeah.

00:21:43.500 --> 00:21:53.850 Lance Knaub: Just an entrepreneurs need to know because yeah diversification does protect you. However, you know, you do need to really I think Jim Collins. Good to Great calls it the hedgehog.

00:21:53.880 --> 00:22:04.200 Lance Knaub: Effect. Yeah. Really need to, you know, dominate your one market and many businesses have failed in trying to offer new profit.

00:22:04.200 --> 00:22:05.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Center, too.

00:22:05.280 --> 00:22:20.340 Lance Knaub: Early so it's a cash flow, it's really complicated, but we're definitely are committed to to accomplishing it and bringing on you know incredibly passionate people in the fitness world. Like Dr sucky is part of the equation.

00:22:20.370 --> 00:22:24.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For success. So you have three locations. Now for breakthrough. Is that correct,

00:22:24.720 --> 00:22:33.150 Lance Knaub: So we have five and we are planning on a six at the end of the year. I mean, that may get adjusted push back a little bit, but

00:22:34.830 --> 00:22:35.310 Lance Knaub: We'll see.

00:22:35.730 --> 00:22:42.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, and and have you franchise yet or or is this all still internal. Great question.

00:22:42.300 --> 00:22:48.270 Lance Knaub: No we're independent. I think we probably want to stay that way. However, there was a time when I did.

00:22:49.440 --> 00:23:02.970 Lance Knaub: Research, you know, franchising and consider being a franchise or and it you know it was a great learning process and the benefit would have been helping physical therapists who often tend to really be passionate about the clinical work, you know,

00:23:03.030 --> 00:23:12.720 Lance Knaub: Probably the technician work the work in the business, not the work on the business, but maybe it could help more physical therapists, you know, be an owner and run their own practices. We didn't go down that path.

00:23:13.770 --> 00:23:20.400 Lance Knaub: But, you know, we certainly would never rule it out, but we're very independent and fighting a lot of big players.

00:23:21.150 --> 00:23:37.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and and a pandemic. Right. So you mentioned, you know, opening, you know, hopefully something goes by the end of the year. What is the situation with your, with your spaces right now, given that there's, you know, strict protocol. I mean, I have they open gyms backup and New Jersey yet.

00:23:38.190 --> 00:23:41.310 Lance Knaub: No. However, you can do

00:23:42.810 --> 00:23:45.120 Lance Knaub: Personal Training inside. So either

00:23:45.180 --> 00:23:48.480 Lance Knaub: One on one and you could do partner if they're within the same household my

00:23:48.870 --> 00:23:57.870 Lance Knaub: Wife and we've done some sports performance outside to try to pivot and innovate and you know even

00:23:58.830 --> 00:24:07.080 Lance Knaub: You know I know with Matthias and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and just all the fitness plays like totally emphasized in empathize with New York because

00:24:07.530 --> 00:24:22.950 Lance Knaub: It is hard. I one thing we did. And I know it was brought up that people are kind of getting burnout from online. But I do think you have to continue to take a step back and try to come up with a new some new options.

00:24:23.100 --> 00:24:23.850 Lance Knaub: Yeah, innovate.

00:24:24.480 --> 00:24:33.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and i don't think digital is going away. What you know even before the pandemic goes like this increasingly needs to become part of your business.

00:24:34.830 --> 00:24:43.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Because you just never know. I also interviewed he's he's in northern New Jersey arm call private. He's also known as silver fox. He's a

00:24:44.280 --> 00:24:51.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and has I think he has three or four schools. I think he just rolled another one out to, like, in the last month or so.

00:24:52.440 --> 00:24:57.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And he had already you know he'd been in business for 14 to 15 years he already had a good

00:24:58.590 --> 00:25:08.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: online presence. He's also written a book. Um, but he had developed his online presence. Previously, to the extent that he was able to do a YouTube Live every day.

00:25:09.630 --> 00:25:16.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For the first 99 days of the pandemic and you know they don't give those out to everybody like you really have to have like a good following on YouTube, to be able to

00:25:16.650 --> 00:25:20.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Broadcast YouTube Live, you know, it's not like Facebook and Instagram where you're just like any user can do it.

00:25:21.180 --> 00:25:29.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You have to be like top tier, so he held virtual classes with worldwide attendance. So this guy was already thinking in that way, you know, and he had a big reach but

00:25:30.420 --> 00:25:36.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It serviced him so much during this because he got the last one. He was on the show. This was, I think it was in May.

00:25:36.390 --> 00:25:40.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He had gotten no assistance. He had gotten no loans or or grants or anything.

00:25:41.040 --> 00:25:47.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And he kept his entire teaching staff employed and just like stay current with everything he continued to collect whatever tuition, he could

00:25:48.060 --> 00:26:00.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But he also continue to to offer service of some form and you know jujitsu really sucks digitally. You know, it's like you need a partner you need that interaction. But you know, it's also the idea that, you know,

00:26:01.050 --> 00:26:04.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You have to, you have to Kennedy doing something like even if you're just doing solo drills.

00:26:05.430 --> 00:26:13.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On on a on a sophomore on your own, that's going to keep you in the continuum. So when things open back up. You're not knocks back into the woods.

00:26:13.950 --> 00:26:22.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, however many years. I mean, I put way too much training and to let that happen. So I just continued. Fortunately, my wife and daughters train so I had

00:26:22.860 --> 00:26:28.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A training partners, the whole time and kept it up but you know it can be challenging. But I love his just

00:26:28.350 --> 00:26:34.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: His resilience and his refusal to give up and he just went at it and actually held virtual classes where he would show a technique.

00:26:35.250 --> 00:26:45.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then the camera guy would see the questions pop up and he would answer questions and sometimes they'd be in the Ukraine, sometimes they were in California. And he was just like hanging out in North Jersey was pretty fascinating.

00:26:45.570 --> 00:26:54.750 Lance Knaub: That's amazing. Totally. You know, worth you know emulating and studying that that example to to me. I think the one big lesson I take away is

00:26:56.220 --> 00:27:00.570 Lance Knaub: Taking time to step back away from things and being strategic being on the front edge because

00:27:00.810 --> 00:27:00.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah.

00:27:01.020 --> 00:27:03.720 Lance Knaub: You know, that's that is actually one thing that I really

00:27:05.400 --> 00:27:09.180 Lance Knaub: You know, hate to use the word preach, but definitely emphasize

00:27:09.330 --> 00:27:17.340 Lance Knaub: Yeah, with entrepreneurs, because I've noticed that 90% of small business owners don't have small business as a business plans.

00:27:17.640 --> 00:27:21.810 Lance Knaub: Yeah, and I was fortunate enough to have a mentor that kind of taught me a traditional business plan.

00:27:22.350 --> 00:27:26.970 Lance Knaub: And I was sort of trying to when I started Denali and started doing some small business coaching.

00:27:27.480 --> 00:27:35.520 Lance Knaub: Trying to encourage entrepreneurs to to do this and it just wasn't realistic to spend 40 820 hours to do it.

00:27:35.910 --> 00:27:41.340 Lance Knaub: So I didn't really, you know, kind of merge, you know, Ray Dalio some thoughts. I heard him say, and

00:27:41.760 --> 00:27:51.810 Lance Knaub: Just my observations and I realized that it can be a much smaller amount of time, but just doing some strategic work and getting like a functional game plan.

00:27:52.410 --> 00:28:00.240 Lance Knaub: That's actionable and that you can really use and make it come to life will totally you know set you apart. For example, Silver Fox.

00:28:00.240 --> 00:28:00.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, he

00:28:00.960 --> 00:28:05.280 Lance Knaub: Obviously was already position to do that and capitalized on it.

00:28:05.490 --> 00:28:14.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, maybe he he had a financial background prior so he was always, you know, in that headspace. Um, but yeah. And you mentioned some great some great people.

00:28:15.150 --> 00:28:20.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you think like Ray Dalio and i and i i like that you pointed out, like, it doesn't have to be a set

00:28:21.390 --> 00:28:29.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Hardcore plan, but some kind of structure. It kind of has to morph especially these days, right, it has to have a little elbow room because things are changing so quickly.

00:28:29.970 --> 00:28:35.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But still, as long as you. I mean, I've had to deal with this and the restaurant over the last six months where it just keeps changing.

00:28:35.940 --> 00:28:41.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like, and now we have to think about, well, what, what does the winter look like what does next year look like, what are we

00:28:42.390 --> 00:28:50.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, and again, going back to the quote at the beginning that my my old boss said, you know, it's, it's about customer service. It's not about thinking, well, I'm a restaurant.

00:28:50.910 --> 00:28:58.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I serve food. You know I serve people indoors, it's, it's about always analyzing knowing what your services like or knowing your why

00:28:59.550 --> 00:29:12.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right is another another great one, why are you doing it and you'll you know at least have that framework and then you can figure out, you know, you can make adjustments. So that structure. We're going to take another break and we come back I want to talk about your book.

00:29:12.630 --> 00:29:15.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Awesome. Awesome. Okay, everybody. Hang tight. We'll be back in a few

00:31:33.270 --> 00:31:43.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay everybody, again, we're back. We're talking with Lance. Now I mentioned it a number of times in the show already. He is an author. Let's tell us all about your book, is it a kids book, is it picture friendly.

00:31:45.000 --> 00:31:45.570 Lance Knaub: You know,

00:31:45.630 --> 00:31:47.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I did you know

00:31:48.150 --> 00:31:50.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Dad's you know matter with some time like I'm going to explain

00:31:50.940 --> 00:31:53.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My kids some way, these, these things are going to pay off.

00:31:54.150 --> 00:31:59.910 Lance Knaub: Anyway, my youngest child was willing to participate, but she has some illustrations in there.

00:31:59.940 --> 00:32:00.690 Lance Knaub: So,

00:32:01.170 --> 00:32:02.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Check it out. Great, great. He's

00:32:03.450 --> 00:32:04.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Busy, busy.

00:32:05.250 --> 00:32:21.150 Lance Knaub: It's for, you know, adults. It's for entrepreneurs and especially entrepreneurs who are often overwhelmed and managing thousands of, you know, variables and, you know, feeling burnout.

00:32:21.240 --> 00:32:23.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah. So what is the name of the book.

00:32:24.030 --> 00:32:27.210 Lance Knaub: So the book is called The 4% breakthrough.

00:32:28.320 --> 00:32:43.230 Lance Knaub: And, you know, that kind of connects to some of the stats and even Michael gerber's comment that you know 80% of businesses fail in the first five years and don't get too excited if you're, you know, in that 20% because, by the way, 80% of that 20% fail in the next

00:32:43.440 --> 00:32:48.210 Lance Knaub: Right idea. So if you actually do the math that's 96% of small businesses fail and 10 years

00:32:48.900 --> 00:33:00.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yep. Very true. And I think that's a little exacerbated since March. Yes, it's definitely been a little Darwin. Darwin your. How do you, what would you say Darwin like

00:33:01.470 --> 00:33:14.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yes. What's the word I'm there. We got tangled up on that one. Um, you know it around where we're at. To because there's a there's a high concentration, you know,

00:33:14.550 --> 00:33:24.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Coffee shops on top of coffee shops, just like so many, you know, it's just saturated, um, anybody that was just like teetering already was just like

00:33:24.630 --> 00:33:33.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, just a quick SWAT and you just gone. You know yeah really gone into. Of course, there are some that are that are losing out just because of the government restrictions like

00:33:33.600 --> 00:33:39.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Small private gyms, you know, and practices like that, that just you're not allowed. You're literally not allowed to operate.

00:33:41.430 --> 00:33:51.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not at all, but like, it's the restrictions are very tight is really hard to figure out like how to make money with like the hot, some of the highest rents in the world you know some of the creative. I mean,

00:33:52.170 --> 00:33:57.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, bureaucracy, you have to, you know, excuse me go through operate a business in New York City.

00:33:57.930 --> 00:34:02.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is like unparalleled. You know, it's just crazy. If you can pull it off. Here you can pull it off anywhere because it just

00:34:02.940 --> 00:34:13.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Constant this people constantly dipping in. It's like, oh, this guy needs that. And this guy needs that. And it's all just like change coming out of your pocket. So battling all of those fronts, same time it's like

00:34:13.590 --> 00:34:21.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Super overwhelming. Um, what, what kind of What drove you to like write a book. I MEAN, DID YOU WERE YOU A writer before and you can have a background in that or

00:34:22.170 --> 00:34:31.410 Lance Knaub: No, no. So, you know, really in when you know we had made doctrine eight taking over as CEO and we

00:34:31.410 --> 00:34:38.070 Lance Knaub: Had basically a self sufficient leadership team operating breakthrough. I was able to

00:34:39.390 --> 00:34:53.010 Lance Knaub: kind of explore my passion, which is really developing people and you know leadership development and just leadership. So I looked into, you know, wanted to. I really had all my

00:34:54.630 --> 00:34:58.650 Lance Knaub: Investments really so much into a small business, so I kind of wanted to diversify, a little bit and

00:34:58.650 --> 00:35:06.900 Lance Knaub: Down to do my passion. So I looked at franchising and I realized the way to entrepreneurial for that. And then I went to podcast movement actually in Philadelphia.

00:35:07.260 --> 00:35:15.570 Lance Knaub: To see john Lee Dumas who I emulate when I found out pretty short notice that he was there. And when I was there. There was Chandler bolt was there from self publishing school

00:35:16.140 --> 00:35:26.610 Lance Knaub: And Billy says allow Nick just help walk me through how a book would really help launch my help me serve entrepreneurs and, you know,

00:35:27.000 --> 00:35:37.650 Lance Knaub: Small business owners better and I have a little bit more credibility and also I'd really be getting my message out to the masses, a little bit more. So that kind of inspired it

00:35:38.490 --> 00:35:42.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And what was that process like I mean, did you have to, aside from

00:35:42.690 --> 00:35:44.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know your your knowledge.

00:35:45.600 --> 00:35:56.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That, you know, was there a monetary investment that you had to put out up front. Did you write it or did you have, you know, people scripted for you because like I would love to write a book. I feel like I have so much to say.

00:35:56.700 --> 00:36:01.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But if you want me to concentrate those thoughts into like something that that resembles a book that people

00:36:03.030 --> 00:36:03.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like it is so

00:36:05.190 --> 00:36:14.640 Lance Knaub: Good. Great questions. You know, you have to do like a mind map or brainstorm first and there's a process to writing a book.

00:36:14.820 --> 00:36:15.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, and

00:36:15.660 --> 00:36:26.040 Lance Knaub: Which actually connects to my book I wanted to make it easy and make it a process. And then once you do your, your mind map you create your, your, your chapters your outline and then you do a mind map on each chapter.

00:36:26.670 --> 00:36:34.230 Lance Knaub: And then you really do have to commit to writing a little bit every day, just like you're going to read because otherwise you get a little bit separated from it.

00:36:34.680 --> 00:36:39.870 Lance Knaub: So you have to keep it fresh and even if it's only 30 minutes, you have to write a little bit day and I did.

00:36:41.670 --> 00:36:50.010 Lance Knaub: Put about 18 months probably have on average about 20 hours a week into the book and I tend to be have a lot of perfectionism in me and

00:36:50.520 --> 00:37:02.820 Lance Knaub: Especially the health section. So my book is actually three steps or section. The first is some introspective thought, personal development exercises and I that kind of connects to your mission that you mentioned your why

00:37:03.210 --> 00:37:04.410 Lance Knaub: And the very first step or

00:37:04.410 --> 00:37:05.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Check on the book.

00:37:05.610 --> 00:37:10.500 Lance Knaub: So there's several more just like that and we can drill down on any of them. If you'd like to. And then the second step.

00:37:11.160 --> 00:37:28.680 Lance Knaub: Also has five sub steps. And that's sort of developing your team and best business practice. And then lastly it's actionable health information and this is mental health, nutrition, sleep, exercise and posture and ergonomics and this is really where I got caught up being a, you know,

00:37:28.740 --> 00:37:35.220 Lance Knaub: Dr. Physical Therapy I drilled down on the research because I wanted it to be evidence based and scientific and sound information.

00:37:36.180 --> 00:37:45.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, one of the things that you stress in in all of your, your, especially your social media is the ability for you to separate from your business.

00:37:46.770 --> 00:37:58.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To an extent at least even all the way to, like, hands off for other people are running it for you. And that's, is that really like the the essence of the book. That's what it's driving people towards just to be able to

00:37:59.040 --> 00:38:08.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Continue to be an entrepreneur, but continue to live your life and not be like, What's the enough. You have to be familiar with that book. Where are you familiar with that one.

00:38:09.120 --> 00:38:10.320 Lance Knaub: That's what I'm saying. Michael Gerber

00:38:10.350 --> 00:38:14.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is the other. Yeah. Michael Gerber, that's what I knew when you said that name. I was like, man, I recommend that name.

00:38:14.700 --> 00:38:21.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, you know, or he when I started reading that it really like it dawned on us like four or five years ago, you know, stop working.

00:38:22.620 --> 00:38:34.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In your business and start working for it now. It's funny because the pandemic, I'd really like gotten you know loosen the reins and in this just made it all come right back and we talked about this.

00:38:35.490 --> 00:38:44.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Last week, with no two weeks ago with my, my guess. Ryan clearwater about how important like he grew up in the small business family entrepreneurial parents

00:38:44.640 --> 00:38:51.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And he is a kid participated in his parents business and my kids are getting the same thing. And we're very present right now. And that's what's really succeeding us

00:38:52.710 --> 00:38:59.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I look forward to the time where I can kind of let go of those reins, a little bit more. I'm having fun. I'm enjoying it, but

00:38:59.520 --> 00:39:14.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's interesting because I pushed really hard. I put like three or four years work into that and, you know, really quickly got kind of snapped back, which feels good, but you want to talk about that for a minute, like the difference between the two and and why each are important.

00:39:15.210 --> 00:39:24.900 Lance Knaub: Sure. So to answer your question, I think it's gonna be individual once people answer those their purpose. Their why you know their, their cars, their mission.

00:39:25.440 --> 00:39:30.540 Lance Knaub: And then you kind of slice it a few different ways like I like people think about their perfect life.

00:39:30.900 --> 00:39:35.640 Lance Knaub: And then even their perfect professional life, because most people with their permission life. Think about financial freedom.

00:39:36.030 --> 00:39:42.450 Lance Knaub: But we kind of have to get there as a perfect professional life, and that might be having a little bit of lifestyle freedom or geographic freedom and so on.

00:39:43.020 --> 00:39:51.810 Lance Knaub: And then I kind of tweaked Stephen Covey's funeral exercise because he says, think about what you want other people to say at the end of your life. This is a new chapter three.

00:39:52.290 --> 00:39:59.730 Lance Knaub: And really, to me, I think, an improvement on that exercise is, what do you want to be able to say about yourself. If you think of your life.

00:40:00.090 --> 00:40:11.760 Lance Knaub: As an entire body of work, because other people have their own perspectives and that may be flawed. So, you know, you have to decide and then you really do a hard self assessment and. Step four.

00:40:12.210 --> 00:40:19.320 Lance Knaub: And then step five is the success schedule. So once you've kind of done these, you know, these type of things and you really thought about your mission and your vision.

00:40:19.770 --> 00:40:26.430 Lance Knaub: You'll know what's going to bring you joy and true happiness and satisfaction. And for some people that might be

00:40:27.240 --> 00:40:35.340 Lance Knaub: Not be in the operator right not going to Jiu Jitsu training or being the, you know, the baker, or being the physical therapist being the account be an attorney.

00:40:35.970 --> 00:40:49.470 Lance Knaub: And it might change over time. They may really want to have more resources to run the company or to do marketing or whatever they might want to let their team run the company like Geno Whitman did the author of traction which our team really emulates his book.

00:40:50.520 --> 00:41:02.040 Lance Knaub: So, so not many entrepreneurs. I'm really fortunate and blessed necessary want to share my message have gotten to the point where they've created a self sufficient. You know, leadership team who

00:41:02.250 --> 00:41:12.450 Lance Knaub: Can fearlessly run their organization. Because for me, my passion. I'm still treating but I'm not doing any of the leadership management hats and of course I'm still helping as needed.

00:41:12.930 --> 00:41:22.170 Lance Knaub: But not on a formal basis. So my real passion is now you know coaching and helping entrepreneurs. So I've been fortunate enough to do that because the team is, you know, running

00:41:22.380 --> 00:41:28.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, break through down the organization you, you must be familiar with this JERSEY BOY Gary van der Chuck

00:41:28.740 --> 00:41:36.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Absolutely sure you've heard of him. He, he posted something recently it was a picture of him and his is like head of

00:41:37.290 --> 00:41:44.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: photography and video production and he said, hire the people for your company to do the shit. You don't want to do

00:41:45.390 --> 00:41:52.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, and that was I knew that already. But when I saw that I was like, straight up, because they're within my businesses. I mean, there's a few of them and

00:41:53.580 --> 00:42:04.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I love to do certain aspects of of all of them, but I don't like doing all of that, you know, everything in all of them and and i think people need to think about that more. You know, it's good to know at least like an elementary

00:42:05.940 --> 00:42:19.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Have an elementary knowledge of all the little things like because you never know what's going to happen. I mean, again, what happened to me recently, like I just lost. I lost half my stuff, not because you know we laid them off or anything. They just, they left, they were scared.

00:42:19.740 --> 00:42:20.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, they took off and yeah

00:42:20.910 --> 00:42:28.500 Lance Knaub: Well, I heard you mentioned that. And I heard you mentioned that. Yeah. The only thing I'd add to your comment to Gary these comment is that

00:42:28.890 --> 00:42:30.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's right credit me for Gary Vee. I like that.

00:42:32.430 --> 00:42:33.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Tell them to send a check, man.

00:42:34.290 --> 00:42:42.270 Lance Knaub: You definitely need to know your strengths. Right. And, you know, most, most expert opinion is to focus on your strengths

00:42:42.390 --> 00:42:50.550 Lance Knaub: Yeah. However, I do think you need to you can outsource your weaknesses and the jobs you don't like too soon. You have to be ready.

00:42:50.880 --> 00:42:53.190 Lance Knaub: Right, you have to be financially ready because some people

00:42:53.190 --> 00:42:58.350 Lance Knaub: Do that and then they you know if if they just don't have enough revenue coming in. If they're not

00:42:59.160 --> 00:42:59.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I know it.

00:43:00.060 --> 00:43:11.880 Lance Knaub: Yeah, totally. Now for me right now as a sort of solo printer and getting started all over again. And I'm loving learning all these skills because even when we started in 2004 with breakthrough. We didn't even have a website, the world was totally different.

00:43:12.480 --> 00:43:13.650 Lance Knaub: Right now, I mean I'm learning.

00:43:13.920 --> 00:43:23.790 Lance Knaub: You know how to do you know use all these apps and software's and he blasts and, I mean, you name it. I mean you social media. I totally work through our

00:43:24.120 --> 00:43:31.110 Lance Knaub: expert team and delegated all that. So I'm having a blast. But I definitely I'm already planning. When I hit certain milestones, the things that I would

00:43:31.230 --> 00:43:32.340 Lance Knaub: Yeah giveaway.

00:43:32.580 --> 00:43:39.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, no, I hear that I hear that. Same here. Cool. We're going to take another quick break when we come back I want to talk about Denali consulting

00:43:40.350 --> 00:43:48.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and just, you know, where people can get in touch with you and find out more. Alright, everybody will be back in just a few you're listening to the entrepreneurial web

00:45:43.200 --> 00:45:54.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay everybody, we're back again. It's the entrepreneurial web that Friday happy hour 12 to noon. We're talking to Lance Not about a new jersey author entrepreneur fitness PhD.

00:45:55.980 --> 00:46:07.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Disguise everything. No, just yet, but it's coming soon. So you as well as break through your book you also started and founded Denali consulting correct

00:46:07.650 --> 00:46:08.250 Lance Knaub: Yes.

00:46:08.670 --> 00:46:10.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Tell us a little bit about that.

00:46:10.890 --> 00:46:13.920 Lance Knaub: Sure. So as I said in

00:46:16.050 --> 00:46:16.800 Lance Knaub: When

00:46:18.570 --> 00:46:32.850 Lance Knaub: One of our partners and it's probably worth mentioning that in developing our people, part of what I really saw as the win. Win was having some of our, our great our best people join us as equity partners so they

00:46:32.850 --> 00:46:34.890 Lance Knaub: Can Literally share in the profitability.

00:46:34.920 --> 00:46:47.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's such a special thing right when you close to that. But like, and I've been. I've received that it's fantastic like to pass that on that is, like, I think that's one of the best contributions, you can make to your people.

00:46:47.550 --> 00:46:58.530 Lance Knaub: Totally agree and I want to, you know, happy to share all the lessons learned, but we've got an incredible team. So, you know, Dr. Kevin Snitzer came on as a partner and indoctrinate stealth and then Dr. Nick, Nolan and

00:46:59.130 --> 00:47:02.280 Lance Knaub: You know those guys and the rest of our leaders, you know, running the company and

00:47:04.020 --> 00:47:13.020 Lance Knaub: As I mentioned, I knew I wanted to, you know, help share all my lessons learned and and do some coaching. So after I realized that

00:47:14.220 --> 00:47:22.710 Lance Knaub: You know as to entrepreneur for franchising I started a company and john Lee Dumas who I mentioned he actually wrote the introduction for my book.

00:47:23.040 --> 00:47:23.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh, nice.

00:47:24.600 --> 00:47:27.270 Lance Knaub: Entrepreneurial fires. You know, when my favorite podcasts and

00:47:27.270 --> 00:47:27.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah.

00:47:28.650 --> 00:47:32.640 Lance Knaub: Before I started freedom geographic Freedom Financial freedom and

00:47:33.690 --> 00:47:45.540 Lance Knaub: You know i i was using his, his journals, the freedom journal, the mastery journal. And I guess the freedom journal really my goal was to kind of monetize. So the first thing I did was I started a mastermind.

00:47:46.050 --> 00:47:53.670 Lance Knaub: And I really made it incredible offer and I just had like six people that I knew wanted to start a business and you know handful of people that had a business.

00:47:54.060 --> 00:48:03.030 Lance Knaub: And it was so much fun to use video conference, you know, before it was the norm and just help those two sets of groups and

00:48:03.990 --> 00:48:16.140 Lance Knaub: That was kind of the first taste of really, you know, helping to do it. And, you know, of course I knew that I had been coaching and developing our leaders for, you know, for 14 years as the operator, but definitely

00:48:17.040 --> 00:48:24.180 Lance Knaub: I am enjoying helping people in all industries as well and not really like focusing on physical therapy and fitness.

00:48:24.300 --> 00:48:33.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, same. It brings joy to me too. I have people from all just because I'm very visible and again there's businesses popping up around here, left and right, and people from like whatever

00:48:34.440 --> 00:48:46.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's how I kind of realized what was happening in my life and who I was becoming was just working. I just think I literally boots industry sleeves rolled up hands in everything. And people just started to come to me, left and right.

00:48:46.680 --> 00:48:47.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: From, like, for businesses.

00:48:48.030 --> 00:48:52.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They were. Yeah. And I was like, I don't know, like, and they're like, No, you know, and I'm like, really. And then I would give advice.

00:48:53.250 --> 00:48:56.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And they would take it and they would come back and be like, Man, that really works. I was like,

00:48:56.160 --> 00:48:57.960 Lance Knaub: That's that's leadership right there.

00:48:58.110 --> 00:49:13.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, well then I was leading you know employees to and so it all kind of it started to sink in. And I was like, oh, I didn't set out like I'm going to be this. I want to be this. It just kind of happen but then once I realized that I was like, people say, I'm good at it, you're

00:49:13.650 --> 00:49:14.640 Lance Knaub: Coaching now.

00:49:15.210 --> 00:49:25.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not, I mean, no I haven't monetized it but that's certainly, you know, I mean, you're doing a lot of the things that I would like to do. I'd like to put out a book, one day, that'd be fantastic. I definitely like to get into coaching and again diversifying because I'm

00:49:25.500 --> 00:49:27.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I've been all brick and mortar thus far.

00:49:27.270 --> 00:49:27.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right, you know,

00:49:28.050 --> 00:49:30.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I understand the risk of pain of brick and mortar so

00:49:31.080 --> 00:49:39.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: 6000 square feet. Man, I don't have that much in like five locations. Just like my head just started to hurt when you said that I was just like, oh,

00:49:40.320 --> 00:49:46.080 Lance Knaub: And that's a personal guarantee that's are very personally. So there's real risk and real pain and such a

00:49:46.980 --> 00:49:50.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Huge yeah so I getting into something that like doesn't have rent.

00:49:51.480 --> 00:49:57.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know very little regulation in terms of like government agencies coming in and getting their hands in the pot. Well, you know,

00:49:57.750 --> 00:50:02.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, but I just, I do. I just enjoy it. And if you us any of my employees or

00:50:02.700 --> 00:50:08.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The people that spend a lot of time around me like what do I like to do the most and it's just like to talk people talk to people.

00:50:08.250 --> 00:50:21.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And to help people, you know, I mean, that's how I ended up in customer service and restaurants. I mean, I love food. But I also love to just like you want you want this experience and like I can execute it for you, like, just, I just want to put that smile on your face that's

00:50:21.000 --> 00:50:21.600 Lance Knaub: Really

00:50:21.930 --> 00:50:25.020 Lance Knaub: I think coaching is the right mindset versus consulting, you know, you

00:50:25.050 --> 00:50:25.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Know,

00:50:25.530 --> 00:50:34.770 Lance Knaub: My company has the knowledge consulting. I really, you know, connect with coaching mindsets and I don't know if you know Martin Rooney, who's from the fitness world he's actually

00:50:35.400 --> 00:50:37.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The name familiar, but I can't say, off the top of my head.

00:50:38.340 --> 00:50:42.750 Lance Knaub: Physical Therapist, but he really did traditional physical therapy for a short period of time and then he worked with

00:50:43.770 --> 00:50:53.880 Lance Knaub: PC speed school and now he's got training for warriors and he speaks all over the country and they use their CFO. He's kind of sort of similar to me learn the business part of things I think school hard knocks.

00:50:54.240 --> 00:50:55.110 Lance Knaub: Yeah, it's um

00:50:55.860 --> 00:50:57.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, I like that. No.

00:50:57.780 --> 00:51:01.320 Lance Knaub: He does, we, you know, you learn better that way by rolling up

00:51:01.320 --> 00:51:04.110 Lance Knaub: Your sleeves in learning by doing. Right. I think that's probably a

00:51:04.410 --> 00:51:06.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: An under pressure. Like, not too much.

00:51:07.110 --> 00:51:07.770 Lance Knaub: Yeah, like

00:51:07.920 --> 00:51:11.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If you're, if you're in that ideal environment, you know, where's

00:51:11.880 --> 00:51:16.050 Lance Knaub: That right, I think, yeah, Rogan about the right I really, that was the first, you know,

00:51:16.140 --> 00:51:17.070 Lance Knaub: Episode I listened to you.

00:51:17.280 --> 00:51:17.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah yeah

00:51:17.760 --> 00:51:21.900 Lance Knaub: Just was, but there is a certain ideal the rotational

00:51:21.930 --> 00:51:33.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, yeah. And that's and and studies have shown that you know you you take information on you commit it to memory more if there's a little bit of pressure if it's if it's too easy.

00:51:33.450 --> 00:51:39.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know it's in there somewhere, but it might be harder to recall. But if if you know we learn through failure, you know,

00:51:40.230 --> 00:51:42.150 Lance Knaub: Slight there as long as they're not big one that, yeah.

00:51:42.150 --> 00:51:47.340 Lance Knaub: I think you need to do a little bit of the strategy work and you know

00:51:48.420 --> 00:51:53.370 Lance Knaub: I always like to say a lot of entrepreneurs say just take action, but I really like to say take strategic action.

00:51:53.370 --> 00:51:57.330 Lance Knaub: Yeah, everyday, step back, you know, meditate to your mindset.

00:51:58.080 --> 00:52:11.760 Lance Knaub: Think about what your big drivers are your big, you know, big boulders your big needles what your needle movers are going to be and try to get those two or three things done every day, even as Tim Ferriss says, right, even at the expense of small reversible damage, you have to

00:52:12.270 --> 00:52:13.620 Lance Knaub: Get those big boulders done

00:52:13.680 --> 00:52:21.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Man, that's that's straight jujitsu one on one like Jiu Jitsu is all about strategy. It's about, you know, I'm

00:52:22.350 --> 00:52:33.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Understanding that there are very common human responses to certain to certain. And when I say attacks but just, you know, certain maneuvers certain situations. People. People.

00:52:33.690 --> 00:52:38.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: By and large, respond in very similar fashion. And it's very true in business as well.

00:52:38.790 --> 00:52:50.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You can you see it play out every day. And then you start to narrow down and leave less options, until at a certain point, you are the one who's in control and then you can make the choice to set them free.

00:52:51.750 --> 00:52:52.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Or kick their ass. It's up to you.

00:52:54.330 --> 00:53:01.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You have you can put him to sleep snapping on whatever you like, but they call it human chess, because it's a thinking man's, you know, thinking man's martial art. It's, it's

00:53:02.160 --> 00:53:10.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Less less athletic and less sporty again to quote Hickson Gracie just earlier this week, he said in one of his first live, you know, these guys are

00:53:11.160 --> 00:53:19.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He's probably in his 60s and just getting into live broadcast, you know, he legendary instructor, but I think he just did his first one recently and

00:53:20.250 --> 00:53:26.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that was one of the things he said it's like less athleticism. It's, it's, it's more about maneuvering and strategy and timing.

00:53:27.120 --> 00:53:34.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And those are a lot of things you're speaking of, you got to be, you know, you have to have the timing right into finance to set up to make that move where you bring in the person that's

00:53:34.080 --> 00:53:34.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right.

00:53:35.070 --> 00:53:37.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Road. If you do it too early, you blew it. And it's just like you get

00:53:37.890 --> 00:53:38.760 Lance Knaub: Two times

00:53:39.450 --> 00:53:42.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Awake, or if you wait too long, losing money, you know,

00:53:42.510 --> 00:53:47.580 Lance Knaub: Yeah, well, you're totally inspiring me to consider jujitsu and I just that you made me

00:53:47.640 --> 00:53:50.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Silver Fox man check him out. He's the best

00:53:50.250 --> 00:53:54.750 Lance Knaub: In preparation for this talk. You inspire me to think about. I did judo for a little while.

00:53:54.810 --> 00:53:55.890 Lance Knaub: Yeah, I was really young and

00:53:55.890 --> 00:53:56.310 Lance Knaub: Ben.

00:53:56.820 --> 00:54:05.280 Lance Knaub: I had a Vietnamese French wrong when we always butchered his name, I guess, and call it a new year and he didn't correct this. But I think it's called bovine armed

00:54:05.370 --> 00:54:06.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I did maybe seven or eight

00:54:06.600 --> 00:54:10.380 Lance Knaub: grade and I mean it was hard floors. We did it on and I

00:54:10.590 --> 00:54:13.290 Lance Knaub: Probably just wasn't tough enough, but it did toughened me up a little bit.

00:54:13.620 --> 00:54:15.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was good hard floors are no joke, man.

00:54:16.920 --> 00:54:17.400 Lance Knaub: No.

00:54:18.240 --> 00:54:19.350 Lance Knaub: I like background.

00:54:19.980 --> 00:54:20.880 Yeah, that was, yeah.

00:54:22.230 --> 00:54:23.040 Lance Knaub: That was challenging

00:54:23.250 --> 00:54:33.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, definitely. Um, so what are some of the ways people can get in contact with you. I mean, you have, you have a big panorama here, you know, between breakthrough between the book between Denali

00:54:34.260 --> 00:54:40.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You've got social media as well, where do you, where do you like to see your traffic come through and for what things

00:54:40.590 --> 00:54:48.990 Lance Knaub: Yeah, well, I would anyone who's an entrepreneur, thinking about starting a business on my website. You can schedule with me.

00:54:49.470 --> 00:55:03.090 Lance Knaub: Love to do a complimentary you know strategy session 20 minutes or, you know, call it our helpline. If you really you know need help and don't know who to turn to. So you can do that. My email is Dr. Lance Not about the knowledge consulting team.

00:55:03.540 --> 00:55:05.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And what website where you're referencing

00:55:05.430 --> 00:55:12.300 Lance Knaub: Just the end. The website is Denali consulting team. COM. Okay. And another thing to just to mention is

00:55:12.780 --> 00:55:24.240 Lance Knaub: We talked about the book, being a process. So you can on Amazon. You can read the beginning of the book for free. And within that you'll see a link to a free workbook a companion workbook.

00:55:24.720 --> 00:55:32.640 Lance Knaub: Or you can go to the knowledge consulting team com forward slash resources for the complimentary workbook, which you know will help you

00:55:33.210 --> 00:55:37.680 Lance Knaub: Give you the actual action steps, you won't get the stories in each chapter but you'll get the

00:55:38.250 --> 00:55:45.570 Lance Knaub: You know the structure to write your personal mission statement and so on. Everything we talked about. So consider that. And then on Instagram. I'm

00:55:46.050 --> 00:56:02.670 Lance Knaub: Dr. Lance knob and you'll find me on on LinkedIn Denali consulting team has a has a Facebook page. And I guess one thing that I'm really having fun with is forming a community that it was sparked around the book. There's a Facebook group a private Facebook group called the 4% break

00:56:02.700 --> 00:56:03.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I saw that. Yeah.

00:56:03.630 --> 00:56:09.330 Lance Knaub: So originally I was I created that in mind to help walk people through the book and I'm actually doing that.

00:56:09.810 --> 00:56:22.860 Lance Knaub: But also it's similar to the book if you want to develop yourself personally if you want to develop your professional business skills and if you want to get and stay healthier. We've got a whole community of like minded people come join us.

00:56:23.130 --> 00:56:36.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's so awesome, man. Fantastic. Well, thank you so much. We're going to have to wrap it up. Really appreciate you coming on the show and sharing everything will have to connect. There's, there's a little buzz in the air about a virtual roundtable with Dr.

00:56:36.060 --> 00:56:38.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Stephen and Dom Jackson and we can

00:56:38.910 --> 00:56:43.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We can break up into our little zoom corners and and hash it out. I think that'd be a really great show.

00:56:43.950 --> 00:56:57.060 Lance Knaub: I would love to do it. And yeah, kudos to you for the podcast. I mean, this is awesome. You really bring out some great information to and hope and positivity and strength and resilience and grit, you know,

00:56:58.380 --> 00:57:02.250 Lance Knaub: Everybody has got it within us. So let's dig deep.

00:57:02.280 --> 00:57:07.770 Lance Knaub: Get through this. Find the opportunities. And yeah, thanks so much love that.

00:57:07.800 --> 00:57:14.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I pleasure, man. Really. Have a great weekend. The rest of you have an awesome weekend. We'll check in with you next week. You're listening to the entrepreneur your web peace out