Voices of Courage

Thursday, August 6, 2020

2020/08/06 - The Courage to Make Peace with the Pandemic

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Make Peace with the Pandemic

This week on Voices of Courage, host Ken D. Foster is joined by Joe Curcillo, a popular author, lawyer, business coach, motivational speaker, and expert in helping business leaders and managers to create an effective unifying vision and see it through to success, and Sam Hunter, the host of 721 Live radio show and the author of The Putting Green Devotional Series whose aim is to help men and women find and live “Life to the Full," to discuss tapping into our personal superpowers in order to embrace change, choose faith over fear, and make peace with the pandemic.

Segment 1

Ken explains that this episode will help you make peace with the pandemic. He explains that stress releases chemicals like cortisol into our brain that make us feel more panicked and worried. When you have faith that things will turn out okay, you release good chemicals like serotonin or oxytocin. 


Ken introduces his guest, Joe Curcillio, an author, lawyer, and business coach who helps business owners develop a strong vision. Ken asks, what is a unified vision? Joe says a unifying vision is something that allows every person who works in a company to find a purpose within the business vision. It helps all employees and leaders move in the same direction. You implement this unifying vision by rolling it out through every level of management, making people feel that they are important to the vision. Leaders are often scared of the time and effort that go into creating a unifying vision, but it pays off in the end.

Segment 2

Coming up with a positive solution to a problem will help people contribute to a vision. The pandemic can help business leaders unify their employees because everything is changing. Avoid panic and find out your company’s new normal. You can’t control the pandemic, but you can change your business. Begin planning for the future of your company in the context of the pandemic. Make small changes and lean into them, allow your employees to adjust and adapt along with other changes as a result of the pandemic. 

Segment 3

Ken asks, how do we tap into our super powers to change out businesses. Joe says, figure out who you are, what are the strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities you’ve had your whole life? Ask people close to you to help identify those characteristics. We all can learn courage, optimism, and perseverance - learn these and blend them with your own special strengths.


What is a super power? It can be a funny and kind sarcasm, an ability to public speak, a great care for others, a kind face that makes others trust you. Ask people what you are doing wrong or right so you can learn from it.

Segment 4

Ken introduces his next guest, Sam Hunter, former design engineer, author, and host of 721 Live radio show. He aims to help people live life to their fullest with the influence of God.

Ken asks why 721? Sam says Matthew 7:21-23 inspired the name of his show. Essentially, it says if you don’t get to know Jesus, you will not make it to Heaven on Judgment Day. His radio show is mostly for men because he believes they often have the most difficult listening to God and being humble. 

Sam realized as he got older that his life was missing something, and he realized that hole was a lack of relationship with God. He proceeded to write novels to explore his faith, and felt a new purpose, energy, and clarity in his life.

Segment 5

Joe quotes the Bible, “out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. He says Jesus is the only person who can help you change your heart for the better. 

Joe says you should try to slow down when you pray, be mindful and observe the moment. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you perspective and help you see more. Your perspective will widen and clarify. This can help you understand others’ perspectives, from the pandemic to political and racial tensions in the US. 


Ken asks how we can get fear out of our lives during the pandemic. Sam says stop playing defense, play offense - stop buying up toilet paper and use your money to help a friend or organization in need.