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Friday, July 31, 2020

2020/07/31 - Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio 500th Show

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

[NEW EPISODE] It's Our 500th Show!

500th Show!
It's Nonprofit Radio's 10th Anniversary and 500th show! To celebrate this milestone, we've got the whole gang together. Claire Meyerhoff, our creative producer, will co-host. We'll have live music from Scott Stein, composer of our theme music, Cheap Red Wine. Each of our esteemed contributors will join in: Gene Takagi, Maria Semple and Amy Sample Ward.

We're collecting your stories to read on air: How did you get into nonprofit work? Hardly anybody chooses this when starting their career. How'd you get started?

Yes, prizes from Cura Coffee.

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Segment 1

Tony signs on to the show and announces that its his 500th show. Tony introduces his guest co-host, Claire Meyerhoff, the shows creative producer. They discuss the shows origin and what each of them have been working on since Covid-19. Tony introduces music composer Scott Stein and discusses how the music industry has stayed alive during Covid with live zoom shows.


Segment 2

Scott Stein plays “Cheap Red Wine”, the intro song to the show. Afterwards, Tony and Claire discuss planned giving and building relationships with news sites. Tony reads a letter from a fan of the show named Milda Devoe, who runs a nonprofit that helps working parents that need help staying creative during parenthood.


Segment 3

Tony introduces his next guests, Gene Takagi, Maria Semple, and Amy Sample Ward who discuss keeping your nonprofit afloat during Covid-19. Gene talks about being value focused and taking accountability. The group talks about using zoom, and what funny backgrounds they’ve seen behind their friends and colleagues..


Segment 4

The group discusses their careers before going into the nonprofit sector. Tony started in law, but eventually became the lead of planned giving. Tony thanks his guests, and Scott Stein preforms one last song, “Spanish Blues”. Tony invites Sam Liebowitz and thanks him for all his work over the years. Tony announces that the show will continue via podcast instead of live show on Talk Radio. Tony thanks his guests and signs off.


00:00:30.240 --> 00:00:36.360 tony martignetti: Hello and welcome to Tony Martin any nonprofit radio big nonprofit ideas for the

00:00:36.480 --> 00:00:45.900 tony martignetti: Other 95% of your aptly named host that live music can only mean one thing our 500th show. Oh, I'm glad you're with me.

00:00:46.530 --> 00:00:58.950 tony martignetti: I'd get slapped with a diagnosis of keratoconus if I saw that you miss today's show the 500th it's nonprofit radios 10th anniversary and 500th show

00:00:59.880 --> 00:01:11.070 tony martignetti: It's also our last live stream after today we're going to be podcast, only to celebrate all these milestones. We've got the whole gang together, Claire Meyerhoff our creative producer is co hosting

00:01:11.640 --> 00:01:24.630 tony martignetti: We've got the live music from Scott Stein composer of our theme music each of our esteemed contributors will be with us gene Takagi Maria simple and Amy sample ward and we have a bunch of surprises.

00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:39.570 Claire Meyerhoff: Our 500th show is sponsored by cure coffee connecting coffee lovers with coffee farmers and their families curate coffee calm. We are also sponsored by Wagner CPA is guiding you beyond the numbers.

00:01:39.810 --> 00:01:53.760 Claire Meyerhoff: Wagner CPA by cougar mountain software Denali fund is their complete accounting solution made for nonprofits visit Tony dot m a slash cougar mountain for a free 60 day trial.

00:01:54.510 --> 00:02:07.170 Claire Meyerhoff: And we are also sponsored by turn to communications PR and content for nonprofits. Your story is their mission turn hyphen to cope. That's turn hyphen to co

00:02:08.760 --> 00:02:12.600 tony martignetti: That professional voice can only be one. It's Claire Meyerhoff Claire Meyerhoff welcome.

00:02:13.110 --> 00:02:20.490 Claire Meyerhoff: Tony Martin, Eddie. This is the first time for us on zoom, but I feel like you're right here because you're right there on my laptop.

00:02:21.180 --> 00:02:27.270 tony martignetti: It feels, it feels close. Yeah. Every, every Anniversary Show has been in the studio this one of course can't be but

00:02:27.780 --> 00:02:39.150 tony martignetti: We pull it together because it's the 10th anniversary and I'm grateful to you because you've been creative producer this show, since like episode one before that was episode zero you were creative producer.

00:02:39.360 --> 00:02:48.150 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah, about a little over 10 years ago, you and I had a dinner and you said, you know what I want to do I want to do a radio show, and I said, Do you have any idea how hard it is to do a radio show.

00:02:48.450 --> 00:02:54.570 Claire Meyerhoff: And you were like, no, I don't care. I'm doing a radio show. Will you help me. And I said, Sure. And here we are 10 years

00:02:57.900 --> 00:03:01.560 tony martignetti: Love it, love it and you have that professional radio training, too, so that

00:03:02.010 --> 00:03:03.570 Claire Meyerhoff: At all. I have a background in radio

00:03:03.930 --> 00:03:09.960 tony martignetti: Indeed, indeed. So how have you been, how are you managing what's what's going on at the PGA agency.

00:03:10.080 --> 00:03:14.490 Claire Meyerhoff: Well you know I help I help nonprofits of all shapes and sizes with their plan giving

00:03:14.940 --> 00:03:22.620 Claire Meyerhoff: And so that's been fun. And I've been honing some of my skills at home like learning Garage Band and some different things that I didn't have time to learn before

00:03:23.100 --> 00:03:28.170 Claire Meyerhoff: So that's been that's been quite interesting. I have a few new little endeavors. And I have some nice clients.

00:03:28.530 --> 00:03:35.190 Claire Meyerhoff: It's been interesting because I started out 2020 with this list of five clients, I was working with

00:03:35.550 --> 00:03:50.820 Claire Meyerhoff: And then all of a sudden in March, like it all just changed and some went away and one that was like a little project turned into now like my main client because they were in a different situation. So it's really shown us sort of the fluidity of things in in the nonprofit world.

00:03:51.210 --> 00:03:52.170 tony martignetti: Well, that's very gratifying.

00:03:52.320 --> 00:03:53.640 tony martignetti: They love your work so much that

00:03:54.150 --> 00:03:56.220 tony martignetti: They brought you in to do more.

00:03:56.730 --> 00:04:07.440 Claire Meyerhoff: Yes. Well, they had, they had more need and then other people had less less need and less money so I like more and more money and more need that's always that's always good when you're independent person like we are.

00:04:07.980 --> 00:04:10.020 tony martignetti: Money Follows expertise that's

00:04:10.590 --> 00:04:10.950 Claire Meyerhoff: That's you.

00:04:11.190 --> 00:04:14.160 tony martignetti: And you, I'm a Scots dying. How you been,

00:04:14.670 --> 00:04:16.140 Scott Stein: I'm good, how are you, Tony.

00:04:16.350 --> 00:04:25.410 tony martignetti: Oh fabulously Scott Stein, of course, the composer of cheap red wine, which you'll be performing shortly. What's been going on musically for you since

00:04:26.970 --> 00:04:27.750 tony martignetti: Late March.

00:04:29.400 --> 00:04:35.880 Scott Stein: And well, it's certainly been a little slower than usual. As you can imagine, it's not a whole lot in the way of live music

00:04:36.990 --> 00:04:43.410 Scott Stein: But finding ways to stay busy. Um, I teach. And so my teaching it just has just gone online.

00:04:43.860 --> 00:05:00.120 Scott Stein: I have a couple acquires that I conduct and we are finding new and creative ways to stay active and stay connected and keep making music online. We all miss each other very much, but this is a good way to stay connected and actually doing a couple of gigs here and there, mostly via zoom

00:05:00.420 --> 00:05:19.110 Scott Stein: Now, occasionally, I've been able to do an outdoor socially distanced concert. I'm doing one a week from Sunday in Brooklyn where I live. And so that's always good. It's just, it's just, you just have to stay busy and stay active and and and that that keeps you motivated keeps you moving

00:05:20.010 --> 00:05:23.460 tony martignetti: The online concerts. That sounds like an interesting idea. Yeah.

00:05:23.490 --> 00:05:26.250 It, uh, it works, you know,

00:05:27.540 --> 00:05:27.960 Scott Stein: It's

00:05:29.400 --> 00:05:39.720 Scott Stein: I think you're probably going to be with us for a while and you know what's a nice way to play it is a little weird you finish a song and you're used to hearing some sort of applause.

00:05:39.780 --> 00:05:40.230 tony martignetti: Yeah.

00:05:40.440 --> 00:05:41.580 Scott Stein: And you just hear

00:05:41.580 --> 00:05:47.730 Scott Stein: Nothing. And so, I mean, you know, you hear you see people on mute. Clapping it's

00:05:47.760 --> 00:05:48.270 tony martignetti: It's very

00:05:48.990 --> 00:05:59.160 Scott Stein: And also when you banter. That's the thing, like, you know, we try to keep things light and when you make a comment that you think is funny and you don't get a response. It's like, hmm.

00:06:00.180 --> 00:06:00.960 Scott Stein: I don't know if that was

00:06:01.050 --> 00:06:04.320 Scott Stein: Funny or not. I have no idea. I'll just assume it was

00:06:05.490 --> 00:06:05.940 tony martignetti: I would say

00:06:05.970 --> 00:06:11.400 Scott Stein: It's strange, but it's, you know, it keeps us making music. And that's, you know, that's the main thing right now.

00:06:12.090 --> 00:06:15.450 tony martignetti: I attended a couple of online stand up comedy.

00:06:16.440 --> 00:06:25.500 tony martignetti: Shows and and the first one, the, the producer kept this audience muted because he was afraid that people would be chiming in too much.

00:06:25.800 --> 00:06:34.860 tony martignetti: But that was very disruptive to the comics to not know you know you're I have done some some stand up not caliber that these folks have but

00:06:35.310 --> 00:06:43.440 tony martignetti: You're playing to the audience. When the audience when the laughter starts to subside. You know, you start talking, you don't. You don't want a dead zone of, no. LAUGHTER

00:06:44.100 --> 00:06:52.200 tony martignetti: And you, and so you gotta time it but they couldn't do that because they didn't have the feedback. So, but the producer learned and then all the other shows. You know, the audience has been

00:06:53.100 --> 00:07:02.130 tony martignetti: unmuted. And they've been respectful and no hecklers but it's important for that that feedback you know for comic just like you're saying for a musician to get feedback.

00:07:02.250 --> 00:07:10.320 Scott Stein: Yeah. And the best part about about doing this via zoom though is you do get a heckler. You can mute that person.

00:07:10.740 --> 00:07:15.060 Scott Stein: Yes, you can. You can do that in a club. So, so there is that advantage.

00:07:15.480 --> 00:07:18.480 tony martignetti: The equivalent would be like cutting off their head or having I think

00:07:19.170 --> 00:07:22.020 tony martignetti: I think security bounced there bounced their ass out right

00:07:22.050 --> 00:07:22.320 tony martignetti: Yeah.

00:07:23.190 --> 00:07:29.340 Scott Stein: In a live setting, it's, it's a much less it's it requires a lot less aggression to just hit mute. Yeah, I kind of like that.

00:07:30.630 --> 00:07:37.170 tony martignetti: Claire, do you do any any performances may type like are you voice with that professional voice of yours.

00:07:38.790 --> 00:07:40.020 tony martignetti: You have a podcast.

00:07:40.320 --> 00:07:51.630 Claire Meyerhoff: I do have, I have a new podcasts and I, I'll be happy to chit chat a little bit about it and that's appropriate because the name of my podcast is charitable chit chat with Cathy and Claire

00:07:53.640 --> 00:07:55.020 tony martignetti: Iterations as much as I do.

00:07:55.110 --> 00:08:02.820 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, it all works out because it's also Kathy with a sea and clear with the sea. So we really like, Oh, I see. So I do it with with my friend and colleague, Kathy Sheffield.

00:08:03.060 --> 00:08:13.050 Claire Meyerhoff: from Fort Worth, Texas, and she's a very experienced planned giving person and she and I have talked about doing it for a while and then when coven hit, we said, well, we have no excuse.

00:08:13.410 --> 00:08:21.240 Claire Meyerhoff: So I learned how to do Garage Band and record stuff and I do all the editing and production and Kathy and I do a podcast and it's planned giving focused

00:08:21.660 --> 00:08:28.350 Claire Meyerhoff: And each episode, we have one guest and we've had some awesome guests on from the California Community Foundation and Northwest health

00:08:29.010 --> 00:08:39.750 Claire Meyerhoff: Nature Conservancy, and a wonderful volunteer from the Girl Scouts of America, who's helped bring their plan giving program in less than 10 years from 400 plan giving donors.

00:08:39.930 --> 00:08:46.290 Claire Meyerhoff: To 4009 years so very successful program. So we have a lot of great shows coming up and

00:08:46.740 --> 00:08:49.440 Claire Meyerhoff: It's charitable with Kathy and Claire

00:08:49.980 --> 00:08:50.250 Is that

00:08:52.800 --> 00:08:56.460 tony martignetti: Is that, is that what prompted the garage band learning that you talked about

00:08:56.490 --> 00:09:00.660 Claire Meyerhoff: Yes, it definitely prompted the garage band learning and I had plenty of time to learn that and

00:09:01.500 --> 00:09:05.070 Claire Meyerhoff: I was, you know, I have a production background, but I had never worked with garage band so

00:09:05.700 --> 00:09:12.150 Claire Meyerhoff: Some of it was intuitive and others. I was looking all over YouTube for tutorials and found some really helpful things and

00:09:12.540 --> 00:09:22.320 Claire Meyerhoff: Hey, if I can do it, anybody can do it. So it's, it's been a lot of fun and it's you know it's nice to have a new project during coven because there's nothing new. Right. It's like the same same house same different day.

00:09:23.850 --> 00:09:25.650 tony martignetti: I did something similar. Other and audacity.

00:09:26.250 --> 00:09:27.630 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, that's great. Yeah, audacity is

00:09:28.290 --> 00:09:29.550 tony martignetti: Comparable Garage Band.

00:09:29.580 --> 00:09:41.670 tony martignetti: Yes, I, I knew so little about audacity when I started I was ready to write a big check. I figured this is such a popular program app, it must be like 220 50 bucks. And that's how little I knew about it. It's free.

00:09:42.180 --> 00:09:42.570 Claire Meyerhoff: Yes.

00:09:42.780 --> 00:09:46.680 tony martignetti: But that's it. He's absolutely but I didn't know I was. That's how little I knew

00:09:46.800 --> 00:09:47.520 Claire Meyerhoff: And right but

00:09:48.030 --> 00:09:49.080 tony martignetti: I've gotten familiar with it.

00:09:49.290 --> 00:09:57.540 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, there's a lot to do. And you learn like podcasting on your own. There isn't sort of one solution out there that's kind of like, oh, the podcasting solution know you'd have to like

00:09:57.870 --> 00:10:07.020 Claire Meyerhoff: You have to record your interview on something like zoom and get that into an MP3, then you dump that into garage band or audacity you cut that up, you add your music. That's another situation.

00:10:07.350 --> 00:10:19.050 Claire Meyerhoff: And then you have to apply upload it to buzz sprout after I produced it. And then from buzz sprout. You have to subscribe to the different services like Apple podcasts and Spotify and I Heart Radio and do that and

00:10:19.560 --> 00:10:26.430 Claire Meyerhoff: And then you do it over and over, and it's it's a lot. It really is a lot to learn. There is a learning curve with with do it yourself podcasting.

00:10:26.790 --> 00:10:27.810 tony martignetti: Yeah, yeah, for sure.

00:10:28.080 --> 00:10:28.440 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah.

00:10:28.560 --> 00:10:32.010 tony martignetti: BUT YOU SAID YOU SAID YOU BRING IN THE MUSIC Let's, let's bring in the music.

00:10:32.280 --> 00:10:38.790 tony martignetti: Hey Scott remind us cheap red wine. Now this is been our theme song for many years.

00:10:40.950 --> 00:10:48.780 tony martignetti: At nonprofit radio remind me the genesis of remind us the genesis of cheap red wine, please. And then, and then play it for us.

00:10:48.840 --> 00:10:57.420 Scott Stein: Sure, a song I recorded it on a record back in 2009 record called jukebox. And I'd wrote it probably about a year before that.

00:10:58.260 --> 00:11:14.850 Scott Stein: I like to describe this as coming from my angry young man phase, you wouldn't know it from maybe from listening to it but uh yeah I was I was living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the social circles. I ran in when I wasn't playing, which was to say my roommates friends.

00:11:16.140 --> 00:11:28.140 Scott Stein: There was a lot of people who worked in law and finance and I think they didn't know quite what to make of me. They didn't kind of understand it, you could play music for a living and and so

00:11:29.490 --> 00:11:41.910 Scott Stein: And it's also a big single scene up there and I was single at the time and I got a little cynical because I sort of felt like I was just in the wrong profession to be dating. So this song kind of grew out of that.

00:11:43.020 --> 00:11:53.250 Scott Stein: I will add that I have been happily married for seven years now, with, with a wonderful son. So it all worked out. But anyway, so that's where the song kinda had its origins

00:11:53.430 --> 00:11:55.860 tony martignetti: All right, please. Scott Stein cheap red wine.

00:12:14.040 --> 00:12:16.170 Scott Stein: Just keep on talking sooner or later.

00:12:17.310 --> 00:12:18.060 Scott Stein: What you mean

00:12:24.840 --> 00:12:25.680 Scott Stein: TV screen.

00:12:53.310 --> 00:12:53.730 Scott Stein: Now,

00:13:12.660 --> 00:13:14.850 Scott Stein: They won't talk to the kind of clothing that I went

00:13:19.710 --> 00:13:20.640 Scott Stein: For the good stuff.

00:13:40.410 --> 00:13:40.800 Scott Stein: Goodness.

00:13:48.090 --> 00:13:49.050 Scott Stein: Man, I got it.

00:15:11.280 --> 00:15:12.300 Scott Stein: Don't matter now.

00:16:19.350 --> 00:16:22.170 tony martignetti: love that song, Scott. Thank you. Thank you so much.

00:16:22.380 --> 00:16:22.770 Thanks.

00:16:24.720 --> 00:16:28.620 tony martignetti: There's nobody waiting in line. We're just like cheap red wine. Thank you. I love it.

00:16:29.310 --> 00:16:30.840 Scott Stein: I remembered those lyrics

00:16:31.680 --> 00:16:32.940 I don't worry about that happens.

00:16:35.010 --> 00:16:40.290 tony martignetti: So Claire, I got this. I got some new venture plan to giving accelerator.

00:16:40.290 --> 00:16:42.540 Claire Meyerhoff: So sounds very, very exciting.

00:16:42.720 --> 00:16:44.370 tony martignetti: You're in the plan, giving space on this.

00:16:44.370 --> 00:16:44.850 Claire Meyerhoff: I am

00:16:45.060 --> 00:16:48.600 tony martignetti: In the arena of shameless self promotion.

00:16:50.190 --> 00:16:51.600 tony martignetti: Plan to giving accelerator. It's

00:16:52.650 --> 00:16:59.670 tony martignetti: It's a membership community I launched it two weeks ago nonprofits join for an annual membership.

00:17:00.150 --> 00:17:04.830 tony martignetti: And I will teach them everything I know about starting and then growing

00:17:05.010 --> 00:17:06.900 tony martignetti: Yes, and giving programs that

00:17:06.900 --> 00:17:18.240 Claire Meyerhoff: Sounds great. So is it a month to people come on a webinar monthly or how to what to what do people get for their yearly subscription. How does that look to the to the nonprofit person, hoping to grow their plan giving program.

00:17:18.930 --> 00:17:21.180 tony martignetti: I haven't thought through that know they

00:17:22.230 --> 00:17:22.500 Claire Meyerhoff: Like

00:17:22.770 --> 00:17:23.310 Tony

00:17:24.960 --> 00:17:26.250 tony martignetti: Hey guys, we're gonna have

00:17:26.670 --> 00:17:27.750 Claire Meyerhoff: Got a nice poster.

00:17:29.430 --> 00:17:40.770 tony martignetti: There's exclusive. Yes, there will be exclusive webinars will probably do two a month, they'll be exclusive podcasts one or two of those. A month I'll be doing small group asked me anything sessions on zoom

00:17:40.800 --> 00:17:45.270 tony martignetti: Very nice talk through individual potential donor challenges.

00:17:45.330 --> 00:17:45.840 Claire Meyerhoff: Must be

00:17:45.870 --> 00:17:48.060 tony martignetti: Challenges or talk to your marketing materials, new

00:17:48.060 --> 00:17:48.810 tony martignetti: Small groups.

00:17:49.830 --> 00:17:51.360 tony martignetti: There's a Facebook community.

00:17:51.690 --> 00:17:52.350 Claire Meyerhoff: Very nice.

00:17:52.410 --> 00:17:55.740 tony martignetti: All exclusive just two members it all kicks off October 1

00:17:56.100 --> 00:17:58.710 tony martignetti: First group starts October 1 and that's what we're

00:17:59.040 --> 00:17:59.880 tony martignetti: That's what promoting for

00:18:00.900 --> 00:18:03.090 tony martignetti: planned giving accelerator com

00:18:03.330 --> 00:18:14.250 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, there's a lot of need out there a lot of nonprofits are not in the plan. Getting game or in the plane, giving space. They think it's too scary. They need technical knowledge they can't do it. They need too much staff, whatever.

00:18:14.490 --> 00:18:32.100 Claire Meyerhoff: But frankly, any nonprofit can do something with planned giving and bring in those all important plan gifts. Also, I think you'll be helping to educate people about like asking for non cash assets and and things as well, like how to, you know, do more, a little bit more complex gift giving

00:18:32.850 --> 00:18:36.300 tony martignetti: We will eventually we're going to start off with getting requests.

00:18:36.660 --> 00:18:37.230 Claire Meyerhoff: Yes.

00:18:37.410 --> 00:18:44.340 tony martignetti: But, and there's a whole groundwork as you're suggesting there's old groundwork that's got to go before you start before you start promoting and

00:18:44.340 --> 00:18:45.930 tony martignetti: Got to promote to the right people.

00:18:46.560 --> 00:18:48.570 tony martignetti: And then give them the right message.

00:18:48.660 --> 00:18:59.160 Claire Meyerhoff: It's a yes and you have to have a back end. That's the first thing that I help my clients with. It's like, well, what do they have. Do they even have information on their website like simply people have nothing on their website and in

00:19:00.480 --> 00:19:03.720 Claire Meyerhoff: Our most recent episode of our of our charitable chit chat.

00:19:04.800 --> 00:19:11.910 Claire Meyerhoff: pod cast. We had a great volunteer from the Girl Scouts and she got started because she had updated her estate plans about 10 years ago.

00:19:12.360 --> 00:19:22.590 Claire Meyerhoff: And she included the Girl Scouts and then she happened to be in New York City. Not long after that, where the headquarters are so she went to go meet with the development person just drop off like a copy of her

00:19:22.920 --> 00:19:28.080 Claire Meyerhoff: Whatever her paperwork and the development person wasn't there. So she met with the CEO.

00:19:28.530 --> 00:19:37.740 Claire Meyerhoff: And she sat down with the CEO and she said well you know I was updating my estate plans and I went to go find some info. I couldn't find any information on your website about that. Why is that

00:19:38.220 --> 00:19:43.320 Claire Meyerhoff: And the CEO was like, No, I don't know why. And then they from there they created a whole. Good. Great.

00:19:43.740 --> 00:19:55.140 Claire Meyerhoff: plan giving program. So, you know, the back end is first off, you need to have some information on on your website, you need a dedicated page with some request language with your contact information with your tax ID.

00:19:55.470 --> 00:20:00.900 Claire Meyerhoff: Just a couple of things. And if you have that webpage, then you can start getting in the plan, giving game.

00:20:01.350 --> 00:20:03.540 tony martignetti: That's the beginning. And that's the kind of stuff. We're going to be talking

00:20:03.540 --> 00:20:05.400 tony martignetti: About easy promotion.

00:20:05.430 --> 00:20:06.360 Claire Meyerhoff: You got to get in.

00:20:06.750 --> 00:20:17.310 tony martignetti: Identifying the right people to promote to and giving him the right message and and how to do that and then how to follow up how to talk to your board about planning to give an

00:20:17.520 --> 00:20:25.170 tony martignetti: All important all all to get planned giving program started in the audience that I'm always most interested in small and midsize show

00:20:25.200 --> 00:20:32.970 Claire Meyerhoff: Me too. I love, I love the small nonprofits and and there's you can anyone can get started in plan giving. So I think that your program is

00:20:33.540 --> 00:20:44.550 Claire Meyerhoff: Is really great because if you have don't, you're a small nonprofit you have donors and and they're going to leave some charities and there will, but they're not going to leave your charity in their will. If you've never promoted the idea

00:20:44.820 --> 00:20:46.620 Claire Meyerhoff: And you've never communicated the idea

00:20:46.950 --> 00:20:49.890 tony martignetti: Absolutely right. That absolutely you need to be asking so

00:20:49.920 --> 00:20:50.580 Claire Meyerhoff: Need to be asking

00:20:50.970 --> 00:20:54.630 tony martignetti: If you're ready to get planned giving started planned giving accelerator.

00:20:54.720 --> 00:20:55.440 Claire Meyerhoff: Cool.

00:20:55.590 --> 00:21:10.710 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, I'm looking forward to seeing the evolution of of this and I think it's a great it's much needed in the space and I think you'll be successful and help a lot of people along the way and that's that's what we're all about. Helping. Helping nonprofits, especially the little ones.

00:21:11.160 --> 00:21:30.090 tony martignetti: And someone who's helping me to promote planned giving accelerator is is with us. These pitter patter Pinto is part of a partner in turn to communications just renewed their sponsorship for a second year, which we are very grateful for. I am very grateful for Peter. Welcome to the show.

00:21:30.720 --> 00:21:38.130 Peter Panepento: Great to be here, Tony. Great to be back here, Tony. We've been checking in very regularly over the years, excited to be part of this milestone episode.

00:21:38.430 --> 00:21:49.770 tony martignetti: Oh, thank you. Yes, 500 shows 10 years and I'm grateful for your sponsorship you and your partner Scott turn to what's what's what's on your what's on your plate. These days,

00:21:50.400 --> 00:22:05.190 Peter Panepento: We're doing a lot of media relations work these days a lot of nonprofits and foundations that we work with are really looking for to try to break through the clutter right now and get their stories told in the media, which is a really challenging thing right now. During

00:22:06.570 --> 00:22:12.300 Peter Panepento: I mean, it's always challenging, but right now we have so many media outlets that are

00:22:13.230 --> 00:22:19.200 Peter Panepento: Operating with with furloughed staffs and with people kind of playing out of position covering different beats.

00:22:19.680 --> 00:22:28.170 Peter Panepento: And nonprofits are really looking for extra support and trying to figure out who they need to connect with how they can connect with them and how they can connect what they're doing.

00:22:28.950 --> 00:22:40.050 Peter Panepento: To the prevailing storylines of our time, which are covert 19 and racial justice and equity. And so we've been spending a lot of our efforts there. In addition to working with you on the plan, giving accelerator and other things to

00:22:40.290 --> 00:22:59.070 tony martignetti: Indeed, yes, challenging times indeed to get your voice heard, but it's doable, as I say in the sponsor messages you know if you if you have those relationships with journalists, if you have the right hook you can you can be heard, even in the in the coronavirus cacophony

00:22:59.580 --> 00:23:03.240 Peter Panepento: Absolutely, absolutely. And the relationships are really important and

00:23:04.290 --> 00:23:13.140 Peter Panepento: What I think a lot of nonprofits and really all organizations still make the mistake and doing is thinking they can kind of spray and pray their way to

00:23:13.740 --> 00:23:21.300 Peter Panepento: Success with media relations by spray and pray. I mean, kind of spraying out press releases to everybody and hoping and praying that somebody picks it up.

00:23:21.930 --> 00:23:33.000 Peter Panepento: What really works is when you have some relationships with journalists who who really cover the topics you care about and that they're actually thinking of you when they're looking for sources, rather than the other way around.

00:23:33.000 --> 00:23:40.590 Claire Meyerhoff: Yes. And, as a former reporter, I wholeheartedly agree because I back in the day as a as a news reporter for working in all news radio and working in television.

00:23:40.830 --> 00:23:46.860 Claire Meyerhoff: You would get these like spray and pray. Kind of like press releases and stuff that had nothing to do with anything you'd normally cover.

00:23:47.250 --> 00:23:52.740 Claire Meyerhoff: And you know, you really need a more targeted approach and build a relationship. And I think nowadays it's easy.

00:23:53.130 --> 00:24:02.340 Claire Meyerhoff: To build a relationship with news people because they're all on Twitter and they're all on Facebook and you can follow them and comment on their on their things and get to know them a little bit that way.

00:24:02.850 --> 00:24:18.330 Peter Panepento: Absolutely. I think investing in in a handful of those relationships and and really trying to make sure you're nurturing the journalists who actually care about what and and and reach the people you need to reach. There's so much value in doing that, you're absolutely right.

00:24:19.890 --> 00:24:23.970 tony martignetti: And Peter. Thank you again for for your sponsorship of nonprofit radio

00:24:24.750 --> 00:24:34.440 Peter Panepento: I love the partnership. I'm really glad to support it. And I really believe strongly in what you do, Tony. So we're happy to be sponsors and and to be part of this great community.

00:24:34.710 --> 00:24:35.430 tony martignetti: Thanks so much.

00:24:35.610 --> 00:24:37.860 tony martignetti: Turn hyphen to you want to check them out. Check them out.

00:24:37.890 --> 00:24:41.610 tony martignetti: Turn hyphen to dot CEO. Thanks so much, Peter.

00:24:41.730 --> 00:24:43.050 Claire Meyerhoff: Thank you very much. Peter

00:24:43.500 --> 00:24:44.130 Peter Panepento: Thanks, Claire

00:24:45.180 --> 00:24:50.250 tony martignetti: I have a story I want to read from from one of our listeners Matilda, Bill, did the bow.

00:24:51.900 --> 00:25:00.000 tony martignetti: I'm the Founder and Executive Director of Penn parentless a small literary nonprofit that helps writers stay on creative track after they start a family.

00:25:00.720 --> 00:25:10.290 tony martignetti: I got into nonprofit work because I had the idea for this collective of supportive writers running programs to defy the stereotype, which was rampant in the early 2000s.

00:25:10.830 --> 00:25:21.990 tony martignetti: That having kids would kill your creative career. I was already running a salon series that featured the diversity of work by writers who had kids and I wanted to do more to prove to women and men.

00:25:22.440 --> 00:25:27.420 tony martignetti: That parenthood was just a life event and not an alternate alternate career.

00:25:28.260 --> 00:25:39.030 tony martignetti: I self funded a fellowship for writers who were new parents and the lawyer approached me and asked if I had considered turning my ideas into a nonprofit. I never had she helped me pro bono

00:25:39.840 --> 00:25:47.850 tony martignetti: Now it is 10 years later and pen parentless has helped countless writers finish their creative projects, despite the challenges of raising kids.

00:25:48.360 --> 00:25:56.010 tony martignetti: Issues heightened to epic levels during the pandemic. We have one arts grants from New York City, as well as New York State Council for the Arts.

00:25:56.490 --> 00:26:04.200 tony martignetti: As a writer with two kids. It makes me laugh that all the encouragement I give to other writers has just now finally come home to my own career.

00:26:04.920 --> 00:26:14.970 tony martignetti: I finally finished writing my first novel. I want to thank you. This is the touching. Thank you so much. I want to thank you and your nonprofit radio a field that inspiring.

00:26:15.660 --> 00:26:22.920 tony martignetti: I feel that listening to recordings of past live streams. I've been exposed to some of the top minds working in nonprofit today.

00:26:23.970 --> 00:26:38.820 tony martignetti: It's like having an MBA in ARTS ADMINISTRATION right at your fingertips, or at least the faculty of one I've gained a lot by listening so thank you that so touching and Milla Milla is with us know that. Welcome to the show.

00:26:39.210 --> 00:26:44.850 MM DeVoe: Thanks. Thank you so much. It's really exciting to be here. Did you see me taking notes. I was already. I was like, oh,

00:26:47.820 --> 00:26:49.920 Claire Meyerhoff: I love notice hair That's beautiful.

00:26:50.160 --> 00:26:50.550 MM DeVoe: Thank you.

00:26:50.970 --> 00:26:51.750 Very nice.

00:26:53.130 --> 00:26:56.160 tony martignetti: Beautiful bank, right. Did I pronounce your name right.

00:26:56.310 --> 00:26:56.910 MM DeVoe: You did.

00:26:58.230 --> 00:27:01.410 tony martignetti: Okay, you've been listening to nonprofit radio for wireless

00:27:02.040 --> 00:27:03.180 MM DeVoe: Have for forever.

00:27:03.300 --> 00:27:04.890 MM DeVoe: Yeah, yeah, I think.

00:27:05.160 --> 00:27:15.780 MM DeVoe: I frequently when I Google something that I don't know. I will find a link, you know on Facebook or somewhere. I'll find a link to a show and I'll

00:27:16.290 --> 00:27:16.620 Listen.

00:27:18.330 --> 00:27:18.870 MM DeVoe: Okay.

00:27:19.110 --> 00:27:21.150 MM DeVoe: So it works like I don't know. Yeah.

00:27:21.540 --> 00:27:22.890 MM DeVoe: Cuz I really, really, really.

00:27:23.160 --> 00:27:31.350 MM DeVoe: learned this from the ground up just sort of as I was doing it. And yeah, it's really so we're going to put on a plan, giving page. Pretty much, yes.

00:27:34.440 --> 00:27:47.640 MM DeVoe: But it's really, it's really wonderful that you bring all these experts together. And when you interview them so so many of them are so generous with their time with their contact information like it's kind of spectacular, but I really kind of got

00:27:48.690 --> 00:27:54.750 MM DeVoe: Into your show. After you did the the Foundation Center. I love the Foundation Center and

00:27:54.930 --> 00:27:58.050 MM DeVoe: moderating that can with them all their candidate now candid

00:27:58.860 --> 00:28:03.330 tony martignetti: Well, they were there were the Foundation Center. You're not wrong to call them that they were that they were that back then.

00:28:03.930 --> 00:28:09.630 MM DeVoe: When but for the you did. I think four sessions are some some amount of sessions.

00:28:10.260 --> 00:28:14.970 MM DeVoe: Race and you could go there and be a live audience or you could watch it after and so

00:28:15.150 --> 00:28:22.560 tony martignetti: Yes, it was, it was nonprofit radio month at the Foundation Center and the Foundation Center month on nonprofit radio

00:28:22.890 --> 00:28:23.520 MM DeVoe: That was very cool.

00:28:23.790 --> 00:28:25.950 tony martignetti: That's very cool partnership month. Thank you.

00:28:25.980 --> 00:28:31.590 MM DeVoe: I also like all the partnerships that you have with all the different companies like everybody say just what

00:28:32.550 --> 00:28:34.470 MM DeVoe: The battle is just on Peter saying

00:28:34.770 --> 00:28:40.020 MM DeVoe: That you develop these relationships. Well, I think I feel like I learned something from that from you.

00:28:40.770 --> 00:28:43.200 tony martignetti: Upstairs Hilda, that's why I do the show. Thank you so much.

00:28:44.160 --> 00:28:54.000 tony martignetti: So for your, for your generosity to nonprofit radio and for sharing your how I got into nonprofits story we have, we're going to send you a bag of cure coffee.

00:28:54.870 --> 00:28:56.430 MM DeVoe: I love coffee. Bring me coffee.

00:28:58.860 --> 00:29:00.360 Claire Meyerhoff: It's a wonderful pies.

00:29:00.390 --> 00:29:01.530 MM DeVoe: How nice of you.

00:29:01.650 --> 00:29:08.910 Claire Meyerhoff: You want to hear more about it cure a coffee directly connects coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans.

00:29:09.090 --> 00:29:26.820 Claire Meyerhoff: With every cup of cura you join our effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world. We are direct trade coffee company with direct impact brought directly to you, creating organic smiles beyond the cup cure coffee calm and that is your prize.

00:29:26.880 --> 00:29:27.990 Claire Meyerhoff: Melody. Oh.

00:29:28.110 --> 00:29:35.250 tony martignetti: Yes, absolutely. Yes, thank you. Listen. Thanks so much, again, for sharing your story and for being a loyal listener. Really it's touching

00:29:35.670 --> 00:29:42.450 MM DeVoe: Thank you. It's so kind of you. I'm really grateful and I love how your musician nodded, when he, when I talked about having kids at home and being a

00:29:42.450 --> 00:29:46.590 MM DeVoe: Creative. That's why I run a nonprofit for that reaction.

00:29:48.180 --> 00:29:49.290 Scott Stein: So much. Yeah, you

00:29:50.910 --> 00:29:54.060 MM DeVoe: Were here all creatives are trying to create so

00:29:54.060 --> 00:29:55.140 MM DeVoe: Anybody who wants to

00:29:55.140 --> 00:30:01.890 MM DeVoe: Pin parental org. We'd love to have you come and find out what we do. And thank you again so much for having me on the show was so

00:30:01.890 --> 00:30:02.310 tony martignetti: Nice.

00:30:02.670 --> 00:30:07.050 tony martignetti: I'm sure you're coughing. Yes, yes. Pin

00:30:07.320 --> 00:30:07.710 Thank you.

00:30:09.030 --> 00:30:09.900 Thanks. Hello.

00:30:11.280 --> 00:30:14.580 tony martignetti: Claire you wrote your creative you you've been writing

00:30:14.880 --> 00:30:16.050 Claire Meyerhoff: Yes, I am. I

00:30:16.050 --> 00:30:22.230 Claire Meyerhoff: Am I am. It's a, it's a, it's a blessing and a curse. Being a creative person because the brain just never shuts off so

00:30:22.590 --> 00:30:32.760 Claire Meyerhoff: We're always making stuff from a tender age. I was like sitting on my front lawn with a basket of crayons and my mother would just throw like an old egg carton or something and some pipe cleaners.

00:30:34.140 --> 00:30:44.820 Claire Meyerhoff: And before you know it, we had like costumes and putting on a show. So that's, that's my childhood. So I have written for you a special at 10th anniversary home or nonprofit radio. So would you like me to read it.

00:30:49.230 --> 00:31:02.340 Claire Meyerhoff: Okay here we go let's celebrate a decade of the show by Tony Martin, Eddie. Here's my poem. It's goofy so you better get ready. Tony had an idea, Tony had a vision, Tony, one at a radio show. So he made a decision.

00:31:03.540 --> 00:31:12.600 Claire Meyerhoff: He started his show he booked his first guest, he worked on a format and then all the rest production with Sam music with Scott sponsors and quizzes, man. That's a lot.

00:31:12.990 --> 00:31:31.560 Claire Meyerhoff: Top trends and Tony's take to nonprofit radio. We love you 10 years later and 500 shows your Silver Anniversary your listenership grows your Tony Martin Eddie nonprofit radio top trends sound advice. Should I end this home. Yes, that sounds nice. Happy anniversary

00:31:34.290 --> 00:31:37.860 tony martignetti: Of your should I send this poem. That sounds like. Thank you. Claire Mayra

00:31:38.310 --> 00:31:39.930 tony martignetti: SO SWEET, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Well, you

00:31:39.930 --> 00:31:40.830 Claire Meyerhoff: Got in somewhere.

00:31:41.280 --> 00:31:42.630 tony martignetti: What a creative down. I love it.

00:31:42.660 --> 00:31:43.620 Claire Meyerhoff: Thank you. You know, it's fine.

00:31:43.680 --> 00:31:44.100 Thank you.

00:31:45.330 --> 00:31:46.110 tony martignetti: That's very sweet. I

00:31:46.590 --> 00:31:47.370 Claire Meyerhoff: Gotta keep doing things

00:31:48.000 --> 00:31:52.170 tony martignetti: Silver Anniversary. I hadn't thought of that. That's right. The silver. Silver Anniversary.

00:31:52.200 --> 00:32:05.670 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, you know, I was thinking of ideas. I was like, What can I do for Tony Silver Anniversary. And I was like, I was like, well, it is the Silver Anniversary that's 10 years it's silver. So maybe I should send him like an engraved set of silver candlesticks, or maybe I'll read them upon

00:32:06.510 --> 00:32:09.840 tony martignetti: Well, you could do the candlesticks to there's no they don't have to be mutually exclusive.

00:32:09.870 --> 00:32:11.550 Claire Meyerhoff: With Amy like those. I could do like

00:32:12.630 --> 00:32:12.930 Claire Meyerhoff: Right.

00:32:13.200 --> 00:32:16.980 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah, can do it for your name is that once your 10th anniversary, did you happen

00:32:17.340 --> 00:32:18.210 tony martignetti: You missed it. Yeah.

00:32:19.110 --> 00:32:20.970 Claire Meyerhoff: Okay. I'll catch on the next one.

00:32:21.240 --> 00:32:22.200 tony martignetti: Catch me on this one. It's not

00:32:23.640 --> 00:32:24.060 Claire Meyerhoff: Right for You.

00:32:24.120 --> 00:32:24.660 Claire Meyerhoff: I'll wait for your

00:32:24.690 --> 00:32:25.950 tony martignetti: Gold wedding. Oh, no, no, no.

00:32:27.000 --> 00:32:27.180 tony martignetti: No.

00:32:27.660 --> 00:32:28.890 tony martignetti: No need to wait wait.

00:32:29.460 --> 00:32:31.080 Claire Meyerhoff: I'm gonna I'm gonna send you

00:32:31.470 --> 00:32:33.240 tony martignetti: I'm your numbers it's it's

00:32:33.840 --> 00:32:34.950 Claire Meyerhoff: Going to send you something.

00:32:34.950 --> 00:32:36.270 Claire Meyerhoff: Really funny. That's

00:32:36.690 --> 00:32:38.250 tony martignetti: The silver gift, and I will

00:32:38.310 --> 00:32:44.340 tony martignetti: Then be expensive silver gift, don't, don't be constrained by the by the artificiality of numbers. So, so

00:32:44.670 --> 00:32:47.040 Claire Meyerhoff: You know, I'm going to go to Bloomingdale's and register you

00:32:48.750 --> 00:32:52.860 tony martignetti: We got we got all our all our contributors are well our esteemed contributors are here.

00:32:52.890 --> 00:33:07.350 tony martignetti: Nice. Yes, absolutely. I see. I see them. Indeed, I see me sample ward our social social media technology contributor and gene Takagi, of course, our legal contributor and

00:33:07.770 --> 00:33:19.200 tony martignetti: the brains behind the wildly popular nonprofit law blog com and Maria simple the prospect finder at the prospect finder com welcome Maria gene and Amy, welcome.

00:33:19.920 --> 00:33:21.330 Amy Sample Ward: Hey, yay.

00:33:21.750 --> 00:33:34.500 tony martignetti: Good to be here. Thank you very much, Amy. See also Amy, of course, besides being our contributor in technology and social media, CEO of n 10 I was in 10 doing. How you doing, Amy.

00:33:35.940 --> 00:33:43.890 Amy Sample Ward: And I've recently been answering that question by saying that I am alive and awake in 2020 and all that that means

00:33:45.360 --> 00:33:47.160 tony martignetti: And being in Portland, Oregon, as well.

00:33:47.220 --> 00:33:56.580 Amy Sample Ward: Being in Portland, Oregon being at the intersection of I think a lot of opportunity to positively change the world.

00:33:57.840 --> 00:34:01.830 tony martignetti: Well you three have never been on a show all together. So I want to

00:34:01.920 --> 00:34:07.680 Amy Sample Ward: So I know Gina and I have definitely been on at the same time before, but I don't think all three of us.

00:34:08.190 --> 00:34:11.820 tony martignetti: Know all three of never so Maria meet Jean

00:34:11.880 --> 00:34:16.590 tony martignetti: Jean Maria, Amy. Amy meet Maria, Maria meet Amy.

00:34:17.580 --> 00:34:21.990 tony martignetti: Gene already knows, Amy. Amy knows gene. Oh, meet each other. Welcome, welcome.

00:34:24.570 --> 00:34:31.800 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: You know, Tony. I had suggested a long time ago that you should fly us all into that New York studio at some point. And so

00:34:31.800 --> 00:34:33.540 Amy Sample Ward: We would not have fit all together.

00:34:34.110 --> 00:34:35.580 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Since you never get that

00:34:38.100 --> 00:34:40.530 tony martignetti: for you all to the beach. Now it's much, much safer down here.

00:34:41.010 --> 00:34:44.790 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Yeah well until this coming storm that is but

00:34:46.290 --> 00:34:49.110 tony martignetti: Yeah, yeah. Well, not this weekend. Let's not get carried away.

00:34:49.410 --> 00:34:50.460 Claire Meyerhoff: At seven or something.

00:34:50.700 --> 00:34:51.600 tony martignetti: We're not doing it this weekend.

00:34:51.900 --> 00:34:54.300 tony martignetti: No, it's not that bad. It's a, it's like a

00:34:54.630 --> 00:34:56.790 tony martignetti: Two, one. It's so far. It's a one or something.

00:34:57.210 --> 00:34:57.660 Claire Meyerhoff: Some of its

00:34:58.380 --> 00:35:02.490 tony martignetti: We live you know that's that's part of our life living at the beach hurricane season so

00:35:02.520 --> 00:35:03.750 Claire Meyerhoff: coming straight to your house, Tony.

00:35:06.330 --> 00:35:06.690 Claire Meyerhoff: You back

00:35:07.050 --> 00:35:09.780 tony martignetti: Out again got a metal roof, they're gonna finish tomorrow.

00:35:09.840 --> 00:35:11.220 Claire Meyerhoff: Good metal razor. Great.

00:35:11.280 --> 00:35:13.290 tony martignetti: Days before the hurricane again just finished my metal roof.

00:35:13.350 --> 00:35:17.550 tony martignetti: What color is it a, it's a, it's a great, it's a pale grey.

00:35:17.790 --> 00:35:18.510 Claire Meyerhoff: Very nice.

00:35:19.350 --> 00:35:24.780 tony martignetti: Neutral neutral tone, nothing, nothing outlandish like those clay. You know those red clay color anything but

00:35:26.250 --> 00:35:28.950 tony martignetti: You need to copy. How are you doing, San Francisco.

00:35:29.760 --> 00:35:30.600 Claire Meyerhoff: Hey it's gene.

00:35:30.990 --> 00:35:45.870 Gene Takagi: Hey, I'm pretty well, all things considered as Amy kind of referenced as well. A lot of folks hurting so happy to be in good health with my family as well and good to see all of you and congratulations.

00:35:46.500 --> 00:35:53.580 tony martignetti: Oh, thank you. Thank you, gene and your practice has been very busy of late as nonprofits nonprofit struggle bit

00:35:54.750 --> 00:36:11.520 Gene Takagi: Yeah, a lot, a lot to deal with obviously the pandemic and a lot of racial equity movements which is a very positive sign so like Amy and trying to see some of the Silver Linings and and what changes and reimagine nations may come out of this.

00:36:12.840 --> 00:36:24.450 tony martignetti: Indeed, quite a bit. I was, I was talking to somebody earlier today that it's a good time for introspection, you know, and that may be on an organizational level two. And it may be that it's

00:36:25.950 --> 00:36:26.790 tony martignetti: Not all

00:36:29.460 --> 00:36:39.510 tony martignetti: Not all voluntary but you know some things have been foisted on us. So it seems like a good introspective time like on an individual level and on a organizational level to

00:36:41.580 --> 00:36:42.420 tony martignetti: Seeing a lot of that.

00:36:44.040 --> 00:36:54.570 Gene Takagi: Yeah. Absolutely. And I think it's really helpful for for organizational leaders to sort of get together and start to think

00:36:55.830 --> 00:37:07.680 Gene Takagi: Sort of back to basics and say, What, why are we here. What are we doing, are we serving. What are we trying to do and how are we really walking the walk and not just talking to talk. Yeah.

00:37:07.710 --> 00:37:12.720 tony martignetti: For sure, right, back to back to basics mission for important for the board to focus on

00:37:13.290 --> 00:37:24.990 Gene Takagi: I love actually adding value to that as well. So just saying we further admission that the mission of course that that's important to me mission focus, but I think it's now equally important to be values focused

00:37:26.160 --> 00:37:30.480 tony martignetti: What do we stand for. Yeah. Amy, you feeling that at 1010

00:37:31.530 --> 00:37:40.770 Amy Sample Ward: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think just going to extend what gene was saying, I think we see a lot of organizations at least historically

00:37:42.090 --> 00:37:55.680 Amy Sample Ward: Who hide behind a mission statement that doesn't name in equity, of course mission statements are often like aspirational and where you're going and like, why you exist. And because it's those things aren't named they

00:37:56.490 --> 00:38:00.300 Amy Sample Ward: Use that to sidestep accountability to those issues right like

00:38:00.690 --> 00:38:08.220 Amy Sample Ward: Because racism isn't named in their mission. They don't have to talk about racism and maybe they get to say that they don't perpetuate any of it right

00:38:08.460 --> 00:38:15.390 Amy Sample Ward: And now this moment, kind of, I think what you're alluding to Tony with like it being foisted upon folks is

00:38:16.230 --> 00:38:28.920 Amy Sample Ward: People understanding or at least demanding that organizations don't get to sidestep that that there's no way any of our social missions could be advanced if we aren't ever talking about racism.

00:38:29.460 --> 00:38:37.920 Amy Sample Ward: Right, like that. That's a root of why many of our issues even exist that we have a mission to address. So there needs to be less

00:38:39.090 --> 00:38:45.810 Amy Sample Ward: Fear of that because the fear has really just got us to a very entrenched place of oppression, so

00:38:45.900 --> 00:38:56.970 Amy Sample Ward: Can folks. Be willing to talk about that so that they can move forward and actually address their missions and serve their communities and really be part of the change that our communities need

00:38:57.750 --> 00:39:04.110 tony martignetti: We've had a good number of guests on lately talking about all those subjects and there's more to

00:39:04.980 --> 00:39:21.570 tony martignetti: There's more to say about it. There's more to to the organizational journey to achieve racial equity and social justice and I'm glad that we've been able to have a good number of guests and and I'm always looking for more on on those kinds of subjects. Yeah.

00:39:21.720 --> 00:39:22.170 Amy Sample Ward: No.

00:39:22.290 --> 00:39:26.220 tony martignetti: I agree with you, Marissa what's going on your practice the prospect finder.

00:39:27.330 --> 00:39:34.890 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Well, you know, we still have nonprofits who are thinking about their, their major gift programs, obviously, and

00:39:36.150 --> 00:39:46.530 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: It has been a good time for some of them to kind of sit back and and do some research on those donors that may, you know, maybe they haven't really focused on quite as much

00:39:47.700 --> 00:40:00.570 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: And thinking about, you know, how is the the approach to them going to be different. And so, you know, a lot of a lot of interesting things going on in the prospect research and major gift world.

00:40:00.990 --> 00:40:06.840 tony martignetti: Very simple. Of course she's about six miles away from me or so maybe it's a little more. I'm not sure.

00:40:07.770 --> 00:40:10.050 Amy Sample Ward: I didn't realize you to where we're on

00:40:10.140 --> 00:40:13.830 tony martignetti: We're on the same island different towns, but we're on the same island. Yeah.

00:40:13.860 --> 00:40:14.400 Amy Sample Ward: Nice.

00:40:14.640 --> 00:40:15.690 tony martignetti: Same barrier island.

00:40:15.750 --> 00:40:18.480 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: North same barrier island that's being targeted by this

00:40:22.200 --> 00:40:22.860 tony martignetti: Portal life.

00:40:22.920 --> 00:40:23.400 tony martignetti: Yeah, and he

00:40:23.670 --> 00:40:26.400 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Pronounced his story is I, you know,

00:40:26.550 --> 00:40:29.460 tony martignetti: What's the name of the name of the storm howdy Allah wishes know it's

00:40:30.660 --> 00:40:32.160 Claire Meyerhoff: It's within ay ay.

00:40:32.820 --> 00:40:33.750 tony martignetti: Ay, Z or something.

00:40:33.960 --> 00:40:34.830 Claire Meyerhoff: I don't know.

00:40:35.130 --> 00:40:37.770 Claire Meyerhoff: Al Roker Al Roker said it really nicely today.

00:40:38.250 --> 00:40:39.180 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Oh, yes.

00:40:39.210 --> 00:40:40.650 Claire Meyerhoff: Nice job.

00:40:40.680 --> 00:40:41.730 Claire Meyerhoff: He gets paid like 3 million

00:40:41.730 --> 00:40:42.540 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Nice name.

00:40:43.380 --> 00:40:54.270 tony martignetti: What are the who's, who's seen some who's seen some interesting which could be good or bad. I guess funny like zoom, zoom backgrounds. You're all we're all talking

00:40:55.350 --> 00:41:03.930 tony martignetti: Yeah, we all have lots of zoom meetings all of us who's got it. Who's got a good zoom background that you saw you thought, wow, like I see like Scott Stein right now is Curious George

00:41:03.960 --> 00:41:05.520 Claire Meyerhoff: He's got. That's the best one. And I just

00:41:06.240 --> 00:41:07.770 Claire Meyerhoff: I just put that up on LinkedIn. So

00:41:09.810 --> 00:41:11.130 Scott Stein: That that's not a background. This

00:41:12.180 --> 00:41:15.150 Scott Stein: Is now my my toddler's

00:41:15.480 --> 00:41:17.490 Claire Meyerhoff: Part of your background. It's part of your background.

00:41:17.640 --> 00:41:19.740 Claire Meyerhoff: On your back. I think you should sell that to zoom

00:41:19.890 --> 00:41:23.040 Scott Stein: I thought that Curious George would just lighten the mood, a little bit.

00:41:23.610 --> 00:41:24.360 tony martignetti: absolutely does.

00:41:24.450 --> 00:41:28.620 tony martignetti: I love Curious George inspired me to ask, Well who else has seen something funny.

00:41:30.240 --> 00:41:34.320 Amy Sample Ward: Are you telling me that the virtual backgrounds. Are you talking about just people having things in their background. Oh.

00:41:34.320 --> 00:41:37.080 tony martignetti: I mean, more like people in their backgrounds, like in their home.

00:41:37.110 --> 00:41:38.160 Claire Meyerhoff: Their real backgrounds.

00:41:38.340 --> 00:41:39.360 tony martignetti: Thing. Yeah, yeah.

00:41:39.540 --> 00:41:50.610 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, I've really enjoyed watching like I watched the Today Show. I'm an NBC Watcher. And so I really studied the backgrounds and I like to read the titles of the books on the shelves behind the people and that's kind

00:41:50.610 --> 00:41:58.620 Claire Meyerhoff: Of interesting and then sometimes like if they have their own book that they wrote, there's like 10 copies of it. So they have like four other copies and there's like 10 copies of their book.

00:41:58.860 --> 00:42:05.610 Claire Meyerhoff: And then a couple of more copies. So I like to look at the titles like Kobe or has it and it's funny cuz cold bears like in his basement and

00:42:06.000 --> 00:42:15.900 Claire Meyerhoff: Kind of laying and it's just, you know, nothing fancy. And there's like an old desk and stuff. And so I like to look at the stuff on his, on his shelf. Everybody likes you know history books and biographies I was

00:42:16.320 --> 00:42:26.550 Scott Stein: Mentioning people's books like you can always tell you know the sign of an independent musician because somewhere in their place. They have boxes and boxes of unsold CDs.

00:42:26.790 --> 00:42:27.600 Claire Meyerhoff: Right, right.

00:42:28.050 --> 00:42:28.590 Scott Stein: It's a

00:42:28.710 --> 00:42:32.400 Scott Stein: One of my bandmates referred to them as a very expensive coffee coffee table.

00:42:33.270 --> 00:42:34.230 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, that's fine. That's

00:42:34.530 --> 00:42:35.550 Scott Stein: Kind of what they're doing. Right.

00:42:35.550 --> 00:42:35.760 tony martignetti: Yeah.

00:42:35.820 --> 00:42:37.110 Claire Meyerhoff: You can do wall art with them.

00:42:37.170 --> 00:42:39.780 Scott Stein: Like to a whole yeah yeah a tribute to me.

00:42:39.870 --> 00:42:40.350 Yeah.

00:42:43.440 --> 00:42:45.450 Claire Meyerhoff: Narcissism. Come on, you got plenty of time. Don't

00:42:47.580 --> 00:42:48.930 Claire Meyerhoff: Know now with the baby.

00:42:49.980 --> 00:42:50.970 Claire Meyerhoff: And Curious George

00:42:51.840 --> 00:42:53.370 tony martignetti: Anybody else seeing something funny.

00:42:54.630 --> 00:43:08.220 tony martignetti: Work Silverman just had Mark Silverman is our web guy. He just had his. Well, that was a that was a fake background his driving, driving background, but nothing nobody's trying to think, I suppose I've seen good lighting people have

00:43:08.280 --> 00:43:10.140 tony martignetti: I see people using light to good

00:43:10.140 --> 00:43:13.260 tony martignetti: Effect. I think people have realized that a turned on light.

00:43:13.770 --> 00:43:14.640 tony martignetti: Make so much

00:43:14.850 --> 00:43:15.720 tony martignetti: Nicer back

00:43:15.900 --> 00:43:22.260 Claire Meyerhoff: To have light on your face to like there's, there's a lot of things for when you're lighting and interview, you know, you put light on the person's

00:43:22.350 --> 00:43:27.660 Claire Meyerhoff: On the earth and space. So you'll notice, everyone has these little round rings and sometimes you can see it reflected in their glasses.

00:43:27.720 --> 00:43:29.130 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah, that's a problem like rings.

00:43:29.340 --> 00:43:34.350 tony martignetti: The glasses. You got it. You gotta be careful with the glasses because even just your screen will reflect into the glasses.

00:43:34.380 --> 00:43:35.640 Claire Meyerhoff: Right. Like right now I turned that way.

00:43:36.210 --> 00:43:36.750 tony martignetti: Exactly.

00:43:37.290 --> 00:43:37.950 Claire Meyerhoff: That way. Wow.

00:43:38.130 --> 00:43:39.390 tony martignetti: Yeah, now you're alien now you

00:43:39.540 --> 00:43:40.380 Claire Meyerhoff: got good life.

00:43:40.470 --> 00:43:41.490 tony martignetti: Yeah yeah yeah

00:43:43.080 --> 00:43:44.700 tony martignetti: Alright, so nothing

00:43:45.780 --> 00:43:50.460 tony martignetti: Know what else I feel like I feel like it's a cocktail party you

00:43:51.270 --> 00:43:54.870 Amy Sample Ward: Didn't you say we were supposed to all answer some question. I didn't write down

00:43:55.080 --> 00:43:56.040 Amy Sample Ward: Question was,

00:43:56.130 --> 00:43:56.730 Claire Meyerhoff: I don't really

00:43:56.760 --> 00:43:59.970 Amy Sample Ward: I didn't think about the question, but I did make the mental note of

00:44:00.330 --> 00:44:02.490 Amy Sample Ward: Tony has some question we're supposed to answer.

00:44:02.550 --> 00:44:04.020 tony martignetti: Well, how you got into nonprofits.

00:44:04.050 --> 00:44:05.220 Amy Sample Ward: Yes, I like I like

00:44:05.760 --> 00:44:12.930 Claire Meyerhoff: What was your favorite nonprofit job I like, you know what I like to know what did people do before they worked in the nonprofit because everyone has a different story.

00:44:13.140 --> 00:44:20.070 Claire Meyerhoff: So what did you, what was your last job before you entered the nonprofit space. And what was your first job in the nonprofit space.

00:44:21.660 --> 00:44:22.710 Amy Sample Ward: Only have one job.

00:44:22.920 --> 00:44:26.940 Amy Sample Ward: Not really profit space and that was 15 and I worked in a coffee shop.

00:44:27.390 --> 00:44:30.090 Claire Meyerhoff: Oh, OK. And then so your first job was your nonprofit job.

00:44:31.050 --> 00:44:33.210 Amy Sample Ward: My first job was working in in the coffee shop.

00:44:33.240 --> 00:44:35.910 Claire Meyerhoff: No, but I'm in your first nonprofit job is your current is your current job.

00:44:36.660 --> 00:44:38.970 Amy Sample Ward: No, but I just always worked in the nonprofit sector, right.

00:44:39.030 --> 00:44:41.130 tony martignetti: It's 16 years old. She's the CEO event and

00:44:42.630 --> 00:44:43.140 Claire Meyerhoff: I know

00:44:43.200 --> 00:44:43.680 Claire Meyerhoff: hazing

00:44:43.740 --> 00:44:44.460 That's crazy.

00:44:46.740 --> 00:44:50.490 tony martignetti: That's a good idea. Gene, would you do before you are a nonprofit attorney you were

00:44:51.330 --> 00:45:08.460 Gene Takagi: You know I bounced a lot. I say sold insurance. I worked in a beauty salon kale, but the last job, I had was, I was operations manager for duty free retail in San Francisco. So we're about a $50 million your business in the early 90s.

00:45:08.850 --> 00:45:10.890 Gene Takagi: And I had to lay everybody off because

00:45:12.180 --> 00:45:13.410 Gene Takagi: I'm vendor per city.

00:45:13.620 --> 00:45:22.650 Gene Takagi: And so it's 150 people gone I continued to work doing sort of national expansion for this huge global retailer, but

00:45:23.490 --> 00:45:33.060 Gene Takagi: It made me decide I wanted to work at something more meaningful. So I saw this little newspaper ad for what I believe, was the first nonprofit.

00:45:34.020 --> 00:45:48.240 Gene Takagi: graduate degree program in the country at the University of San Francisco. And so it to your program in the evening. So I jumped ship and left my job work for a tiny social service organization.

00:45:48.750 --> 00:45:50.430 Gene Takagi: As an office manager and

00:45:51.420 --> 00:45:52.380 Gene Takagi: Yeah, that's cool.

00:45:52.800 --> 00:45:55.980 Claire Meyerhoff: That's a great story. How about you, Maria What did you do before you got into

00:45:55.980 --> 00:46:02.130 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Nonprofits I was working for a French investment bank in Manhattan.

00:46:02.670 --> 00:46:06.180 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: For five years out of college and

00:46:07.500 --> 00:46:11.700 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Buying and selling and trading securities and French and

00:46:13.020 --> 00:46:31.650 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: So very different from working in a non profit space and didn't enjoy it very much was having dinner at my father in law's who owned a fundraising consulting firm based in nutley New Jersey and complaining about my job and hating it and

00:46:32.760 --> 00:46:39.120 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: He said, Well, I am looking for a campaign manager for a salvation army capital campaign.

00:46:39.180 --> 00:46:46.830 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Oh wow, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and I raised my hand and like you said, who said to Jean just said jumping ship.

00:46:47.700 --> 00:47:04.320 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Right, I jumped ship and landed in the nonprofit space that way and consulting for him and then branched out on my own. When I started a family and decided I could do prospect research from home. So I've been doing. I've been doing this home based

00:47:04.350 --> 00:47:10.410 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Thing. And yes, it is. Yes, since since the early 90s.

00:47:10.830 --> 00:47:14.700 Claire Meyerhoff: That's cool. So Tony, before you worked in nonprofits, you are in the service, weren't you

00:47:15.840 --> 00:47:32.280 tony martignetti: Yeah, that was that was long before I was in the Air Force left there as a captain, and then I went to law school and he did practicing law. And then I started my first business which did mediocre. So I ended it and became director of plan to given at Iona college

00:47:34.020 --> 00:47:41.400 Claire Meyerhoff: Everyone has a great nonprofit story. I worked in broadcast journalism. I worked in all news radio in Washington, DC. I worked at CNN as a news writer.

00:47:41.910 --> 00:47:47.970 Claire Meyerhoff: Worked at XM satellite radio in DC, and I covered a lot of nonprofits. When I was a reporter because you you know if there's

00:47:48.210 --> 00:47:53.580 Claire Meyerhoff: If it's cold. And you do need to do a story at a homeless shelter, you end up at a nonprofit you interview, the director, that kind of thing.

00:47:54.000 --> 00:48:05.340 Claire Meyerhoff: So I always liked the nonprofit space and then later started doing like a little PR for nonprofits and things like that. And then eventually worked my way into the wonderful world of plan giving we do

00:48:05.730 --> 00:48:07.620 Claire Meyerhoff: And that's how I met Tony Martin at a biggest I

00:48:08.010 --> 00:48:19.950 Claire Meyerhoff: I I read an interview that you had done and I was needed some content for another publication. I was editing and I said, Can I take your article and turn it into a Q AMP. A and I emailed you and you're like, Sure. And we talked on the phone.

00:48:20.370 --> 00:48:34.140 Claire Meyerhoff: And then if I had questions about plan giving stuff for this writing. I was doing I would call Tony and he was so generous with his time and we became phone friends. And then, and then he wanted to do a radio show, and I'm a radio person so 10 years ago.

00:48:34.770 --> 00:48:35.910 Claire Meyerhoff: Total started. I can't

00:48:35.910 --> 00:48:42.510 Amy Sample Ward: Believe, no one else spent years making espresso drinks and serving sandwiches to people like

00:48:42.750 --> 00:48:44.760 Amy Sample Ward: What kind of nonprofit group of people are we

00:48:44.820 --> 00:48:46.410 Amy Sample Ward: I'm the only person that did that.

00:48:46.500 --> 00:48:48.990 Claire Meyerhoff: Well, if you go that far back. I worked at Roy Rogers.

00:48:49.050 --> 00:48:56.250 Claire Meyerhoff: on Long Island Ice and, you know, I said. Howdy partner may i help you. Thank you very much. Happy Trails I worked at friendlies. I was an ice cream scooper at friendlies.

00:48:56.760 --> 00:48:58.080 Amy Sample Ward: Nice, nice.

00:48:58.350 --> 00:48:59.550 tony martignetti: My only espresso.

00:48:59.610 --> 00:49:06.060 tony martignetti: Experiences were when I was waiting tables and when, when in my restaurant, the waiters had to

00:49:06.840 --> 00:49:08.220 tony martignetti: create these dresses.

00:49:08.730 --> 00:49:12.090 tony martignetti: And I always cringe when people order them because I could never get it right.

00:49:12.120 --> 00:49:12.750 Claire Meyerhoff: Oh, wow.

00:49:12.990 --> 00:49:19.980 tony martignetti: When one table order Nespresso everybody else was wait everybody else was leaked your entrees cold salads didn't come

00:49:21.390 --> 00:49:23.820 tony martignetti: And cut out the soup to get to the entree and tell them I

00:49:24.210 --> 00:49:30.180 tony martignetti: Tell them. It was kitchens fault. I couldn't get an espresso milk was never right it was two for me.

00:49:30.180 --> 00:49:30.540 Claire Meyerhoff: Right.

00:49:30.750 --> 00:49:36.690 tony martignetti: It was too hot, there was too much steam. There wasn't enough steam the coffee grounds were to compress. They weren't compressed enough

00:49:37.020 --> 00:49:37.530 Claire Meyerhoff: Wow.

00:49:37.620 --> 00:49:40.170 tony martignetti: The cursor was so express it was a 2020

00:49:40.170 --> 00:49:43.590 Claire Meyerhoff: Has nightmares about espresso. Hey, I bet that was. Was that an Italian restaurant.

00:49:44.220 --> 00:49:45.510 tony martignetti: It wasn't Italian restaurant. Yes.

00:49:45.630 --> 00:49:50.940 tony martignetti: Had to been Amy example where you did many more espressos like. I'm sure you had a better down much better down the

00:49:51.360 --> 00:49:51.900 Claire Meyerhoff: Great at it.

00:49:52.560 --> 00:50:11.730 Amy Sample Ward: Yeah, I mean, looking back, it just seems so interesting. I mean I you know I grew up in a very small town. So I guess that came with trust, but like, you know, to 15 year olds, we were alone in the shop running the entire shop closing it

00:50:11.880 --> 00:50:13.770 Amy Sample Ward: Doing all the bank deposits

00:50:13.860 --> 00:50:14.580 Amy Sample Ward: You know,

00:50:14.640 --> 00:50:21.480 Amy Sample Ward: Like, so I guess it helped instill from a very young age like responsibility.

00:50:21.510 --> 00:50:38.010 Amy Sample Ward: Yes, and and all of that. But it also was like we we didn't have anyone else they're telling us, you know, oh, you have to do whatever this customer says, or whatever. It's just like, you know, to 15 year old people. And we were like, no.

00:50:38.370 --> 00:50:49.470 Amy Sample Ward: You don't get that thing. That's not fair. You just demand, like I saw you put your gun this person did this regularly take their gum, put it on the side of their plate eat their food and then mix the GM into the rest of their

00:50:49.620 --> 00:50:51.300 Amy Sample Ward: Salad and then come up and say,

00:50:51.750 --> 00:50:53.310 Amy Sample Ward: There was gone, and now

00:50:53.610 --> 00:50:55.560 Claire Meyerhoff: I'm not paying for no

00:50:55.590 --> 00:50:56.100 Amy Sample Ward: Yeah.

00:50:56.280 --> 00:50:57.600 Amy Sample Ward: And so we would just say like

00:50:58.140 --> 00:50:58.770 Amy Sample Ward: Your GM

00:50:58.950 --> 00:50:59.700 Amy Sample Ward: Like we have no

00:51:00.180 --> 00:51:03.060 Amy Sample Ward: Adult manager telling us the customer's always right there, like

00:51:03.060 --> 00:51:03.600 Amy Sample Ward: Right. No.

00:51:03.630 --> 00:51:04.470 Claire Meyerhoff: No, that's your

00:51:04.830 --> 00:51:05.580 Amy Sample Ward: That's your gun.

00:51:05.670 --> 00:51:07.170 Amy Sample Ward: You start getting your money back.

00:51:07.200 --> 00:51:09.000 Claire Meyerhoff: You eat swallow that gun.

00:51:11.730 --> 00:51:13.590 Claire Meyerhoff: I'm 15 and I'm in charge.

00:51:13.740 --> 00:51:15.090 Amy Sample Ward: Yeah yeah

00:51:15.990 --> 00:51:16.650 Amy Sample Ward: Well, good for you.

00:51:16.950 --> 00:51:19.560 Claire Meyerhoff: That's good. You ever assertiveness, you learn responsibility.

00:51:19.890 --> 00:51:22.470 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah, that's great that's that's a great story.

00:51:22.500 --> 00:51:34.830 Amy Sample Ward: We learned far better than Tony how to make espresso drinks. That was my first exposure to people like melted cheddar cheese on top of their cold apple pie. Like, you know, I learned a lot about humanity in that

00:51:35.100 --> 00:51:35.970 Claire Meyerhoff: I've heard. Yeah.

00:51:36.150 --> 00:51:37.050 tony martignetti: I've heard of that one.

00:51:37.110 --> 00:51:37.800 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah.

00:51:37.830 --> 00:51:39.510 Claire Meyerhoff: Yeah, well, I worked at Roy Rogers on

00:51:39.660 --> 00:51:42.330 Claire Meyerhoff: The island man there. I learned a lot about humanity.

00:51:44.460 --> 00:51:46.560 tony martignetti: We get into before we get into gross beef stories.

00:51:47.820 --> 00:51:48.570 tony martignetti: We gotta move on now.

00:51:49.290 --> 00:51:58.680 tony martignetti: Maria, Maria Amy and gene. Thank you so much for what you contribute for you. I don't want you to go stay if you can stay because Scott's gonna perform another song, but

00:51:59.070 --> 00:52:02.190 tony martignetti: I want to thank you. Thanks. Thanks to each of you for

00:52:02.580 --> 00:52:09.390 tony martignetti: All the years you've been contributors. Many, many years for each of you. Thank you so much for what you give to our listeners.

00:52:09.780 --> 00:52:13.050 Amy Sample Ward: Thanks for having a platform that's open to lots of people, Tony.

00:52:13.590 --> 00:52:17.100 Gene Takagi: Yes, absolutely. Graduations on 510

00:52:19.380 --> 00:52:21.150 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: It's amazing, amazing.

00:52:21.960 --> 00:52:24.480 Maria Semple, The Prospect Finder: Much wishing you 10 more wonderful years

00:52:25.140 --> 00:52:27.300 tony martignetti: Thank you. I will do it. I'll do it.

00:52:28.050 --> 00:52:32.970 tony martignetti: It's got, let's get Scott back, he's got he's got some to do singing Spanish blues.

00:52:33.300 --> 00:52:34.650 tony martignetti: I am got starting

00:52:35.190 --> 00:52:40.140 Scott Stein: All right here we get this song, like the other one has a lot of words for me to remember. So

00:52:41.370 --> 00:52:41.820 Scott Stein: Here we go.

00:52:53.820 --> 00:52:57.270 Scott Stein: Sky was the bias, New York. I was finishing the

00:53:01.830 --> 00:53:03.990 Scott Stein: Doctor asked for his

00:53:05.430 --> 00:53:06.780 Scott Stein: Son. I think it just

00:53:23.370 --> 00:53:23.880 Scott Stein: Swear

00:54:02.100 --> 00:54:04.290 Scott Stein: Welcome to travel.

00:54:05.580 --> 00:54:07.410 Scott Stein: With a familiar voice reverb.

00:54:10.320 --> 00:54:12.000 Scott Stein: I jumped up and ran when

00:54:15.780 --> 00:54:17.820 Scott Stein: My ass neither study really

00:54:19.710 --> 00:54:19.980 Scott Stein: Hadn't

00:54:31.920 --> 00:54:33.300 Scott Stein: Lady in the waitress turn

00:55:15.090 --> 00:55:16.650 Scott Stein: Some water. My hair was so

00:55:21.450 --> 00:55:23.670 Scott Stein: As an engineer in the past.

00:55:40.170 --> 00:55:40.890 Scott Stein: She went back

00:56:22.200 --> 00:56:28.770 tony martignetti: Wow, that was amazing. Thanks outstanding sing in Spanish blues. Thank you.

00:56:29.340 --> 00:56:31.170 Claire Meyerhoff: Thank you. I love Scott's time. Thanks. So

00:56:31.170 --> 00:56:33.750 tony martignetti: Much Scott, yes. Scott Stein music com right

00:56:33.780 --> 00:56:43.020 Scott Stein: Do I have that right. Yes. Yeah. That's correct. And, and thanks again for having me. Tony, and congratulations on 500 and yeah. Always. Always a pleasure to do this with you here.

00:56:43.470 --> 00:56:48.450 tony martignetti: Thank you, Scott, I love, I love having cheap red wine is part of our show you with me every

00:56:49.560 --> 00:56:55.620 tony martignetti: every hour, every intro every after every show cheap red wine is with us. Thank you. Thank you.

00:56:56.730 --> 00:56:59.610 tony martignetti: Check them out Scott Stein music com

00:57:01.050 --> 00:57:18.150 tony martignetti: So I said earlier, this is going to be our last live show Friday, one to 2PM Eastern has been my slot at talking alternative now talk radio dot NYC since July of 2010

00:57:19.140 --> 00:57:32.460 tony martignetti: And this is going to be the last one, where we're going to be live streamed. The show is just going to be a well not just going to be the show is going to be a podcast only from from here on.

00:57:33.780 --> 00:57:42.480 tony martignetti: And what that has meant for these 10 years is working with Sam Leibowitz every show I've credited to him. Sam Libra, which is our line producer.

00:57:44.220 --> 00:57:56.580 tony martignetti: And so it's been just a wonderful run with Sam hundreds of shows in the studio every Anniversary Show, which is every July every 50 shows in the studio before this one.

00:57:58.080 --> 00:58:13.740 tony martignetti: And I've just been grateful for the for the partnership with Sam and and the network. The talking alternative network which is again talk radio dot NYC Sam you're not able to join us by audio. It doesn't, I see you, but you can't

00:58:14.670 --> 00:58:23.640 Have to keep switching I can come on, but I have to switch back. Otherwise, the rest of the audio doesn't go out, but I don't think I'm being recorded right now.

00:58:24.750 --> 00:58:26.250 tony martignetti: Okay, alright. So Sam.

00:58:27.270 --> 00:58:30.540 tony martignetti: Sam just spoken. Yes, we hear him, but he thinks he's not being recorded.

00:58:30.750 --> 00:58:31.560 Claire Meyerhoff: And we see him.

00:58:31.860 --> 00:58:36.060 tony martignetti: So, what he said was Tony's been an outstanding host. He's been exemplary.

00:58:36.570 --> 00:58:40.350 tony martignetti: So handsome. I'm blushing. I'm the color of my

00:58:40.380 --> 00:58:53.940 National and Tony does remain the can. The honor having the honor of being besides my own show the longest running show on work.

00:58:54.870 --> 00:59:04.740 There was a period of time when we had several shows that have been with us for about five years. But out of all those shows Tony is the only one who stayed consistent over all this time.

00:59:04.950 --> 00:59:20.550 And they stay with us this long. Thank you so much. Tony, I appreciate you know all of the time that you've spent with us. I appreciate all your support and I love your mission and I wish you the best of luck and and only the best things moving forward.

00:59:21.390 --> 00:59:39.420 tony martignetti: Thank you, Sam. I hope listeners were able to hear that we're not Sam said he's not sure if it was recorded, but I hope it was. Thank you, Sam. It's, it's been just a lovely, wonderful, fun collaboration for these 10 years. Absolutely. Absolutely. So

00:59:41.490 --> 00:59:49.200 tony martignetti: But of course the show continues, as I said, on podcast every Friday. I'm going to keep to every Friday schedule, there'll be a brand new show every Friday.

00:59:51.990 --> 00:59:54.540 tony martignetti: Available to to our 13,000 listeners.

00:59:55.620 --> 00:59:56.490 tony martignetti: A lot of listeners.

00:59:56.850 --> 00:59:57.240 tony martignetti: Thank you.

00:59:57.360 --> 01:00:06.330 tony martignetti: THANK YOU, JOHN so we got to wrap it up and I want to, I want to thank very much Scott Stein so much Scott Stein music com Scott. Thanks so much for being with

01:00:06.330 --> 01:00:08.940 Scott Stein: us. My pleasure. Thank you for. Thank you for having me.

01:00:10.290 --> 01:00:12.450 tony martignetti: I want to give a shout out to our web guy.

01:00:13.980 --> 01:00:21.990 tony martignetti: I always I'm always crediting him. I know Mark Silverman is our web guy so much Silberman has been has been in the background for the show.

01:00:22.170 --> 01:00:23.610 tony martignetti: Monica. Say hello. So you're not

01:00:23.670 --> 01:00:31.710 Marc Silverman: You do speak. I love the background. I'm the background guy but you know I made if you will tell me. Don't make me stand up live. But here I am.

01:00:32.040 --> 01:00:47.280 Marc Silverman: Tony, it's been great. I'm there every Friday for you. I put the podcast up on to the website. It's been a long and wonderful relationship and 10 more years. Make it 20 I'm happy to be there for you and congratulations.

01:00:47.820 --> 01:00:53.970 tony martignetti: Thank you, Mark. Thanks. And thanks for all your help. It's been many, many years. You've, you've been since the beginning. Yeah.

01:00:54.360 --> 01:00:56.400 tony martignetti: Doing, doing the back end for us. Thank you so much.

01:00:56.910 --> 01:01:00.600 Marc Silverman: I wish I was on that submarine with you when you were the captain, that would have been even more fun.

01:01:01.470 --> 01:01:02.970 tony martignetti: Summary. I was underground. But I was

01:01:04.320 --> 01:01:04.920 tony martignetti: Close. I was

01:01:05.550 --> 01:01:08.130 tony martignetti: I was underground not underwater be close enough.

01:01:08.220 --> 01:01:08.940 Claire Meyerhoff: You were southern

01:01:09.360 --> 01:01:13.440 tony martignetti: Claire Meyerhoff yeah I was subterranean clear Meyerhoff thank you so much 10 years collaborating

01:01:13.560 --> 01:01:16.620 tony martignetti: On creative producer co hosting every single Anniversary Show.

01:01:16.650 --> 01:01:23.400 Claire Meyerhoff: Thank you. It's really, really been a joy and, you know, normally I come up to New York. And we did this great new york show and Sam studio and Scott lugs in as

01:01:23.640 --> 01:01:31.290 Claire Meyerhoff: You know, sometimes I meet Scott at the door and I carry in some gear for a minute. It's always such a treat them afterwards we go out and we get a bagel or something in the city.

01:01:31.800 --> 01:01:40.380 Claire Meyerhoff: And but this on Zoom was really, really nice. And I've enjoyed it greatly. So if you need a guest sometime just hit me up and zoom away, we will

01:01:40.890 --> 01:01:41.370 tony martignetti: I'd love to.

01:01:41.460 --> 01:01:42.300 Claire Meyerhoff: It's been really fun.

01:01:45.210 --> 01:01:56.910 tony martignetti: Our 10th anniversary 500 show. Thank you so much for being with us. I'm grateful. I'm grateful for all of each of our listeners and I'm glad that nonprofit radio helps you in the important work that you are doing

01:01:59.970 --> 01:02:01.200 tony martignetti: The feedback I get is,

01:02:01.890 --> 01:02:09.450 tony martignetti: It's touching. I know, I know we're helping nonprofits with their missions and their values. That's why we do the show.

01:02:10.860 --> 01:02:11.400 Claire Meyerhoff: Great job.

01:02:11.910 --> 01:02:23.880 tony martignetti: Next week we'll return to our 20 MTC coverage with more of an TCS smart speakers. If you missed any part of today's show, I beseech you find it on Tony Martin calm.

01:02:24.660 --> 01:02:30.390 tony martignetti: We're sponsored by Wagner CPA is guiding you beyond the numbers where your CPA com

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01:02:56.040 --> 01:02:56.430 Claire Meyerhoff: And we'd

01:02:56.490 --> 01:03:10.830 Claire Meyerhoff: Like to thank Sam Leibowitz he's our line producer, the show. Social media is by Susan Chavez Mark Silverman is our web guy and this delightful fantastic marvelous live music by the super talented.

01:03:12.570 --> 01:03:13.980 Claire Meyerhoff: And your creative producer.

01:03:15.630 --> 01:03:16.110 That's me.

01:03:17.820 --> 01:03:18.690 tony martignetti: With me next week for

01:03:20.280 --> 01:03:22.110 tony martignetti: Peak nonprofit ideas for the

01:03:23.130 --> 01:03:27.330 tony martignetti: 95% go out and be great.

01:03:29.700 --> 01:03:30.270 Scott Stein: Great show

01:03:32.160 --> 01:03:32.940 tony martignetti: Thank you so much.