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Friday, July 31, 2020

2020/07/31 - Champion Your Dreams

[NEW EPISODE] Champion Your Dreams

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Matheus Lutes, just earned his black belt from Marcelo Garcia in December of 2019. With a number of titles under his belt, and a new family, Matheus made the move to open his own academy in Long Island.

Then one of the toughest opponents of his career surfaced.....COVID-19. In what may be the longest match of his life, Matheus managed to get wrangle open the doors of Royal Jiu Jitsu Academy in Mineola, NY - just as the state began to once again allow the operation of such institutions - albeit modified.

Myself, an avid jiu jitsu practitioner, it's an honor to have such an accomplished guest as Professor Lutes on the show. OSS!

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Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the first guest of the show, Matheus Lutes. Matheus talks about her early life, living in Portugal and Brazil before coming to the United States. He also talks about his black belt training, running his own jiu jitsu classes, what draws people to learning martial arts, and what it takes in order to run a business.


Segment 2

Matheus opens up about opening a brand new martial arts academy in the midst of the pandemic. He gives his projections on what will happen to the fitness industry at the end of quarantine, Jeremiah drawing parallels towards the restaurant industry. Matheus urges for attention to be brought to the fitness industry in these times. He gives advice for blossoming entrepreneurs.


Segment 3

Jeremiah introduces the second guest of the show, Alicia Lutes. She talks growing up in NY and meeting Matheus. She talks about reaching out to the community and her focus in the dojo, emphasizing the importance of self-defense for children and women especially. Alicia talks about plans for reopening and what will have to be done to accommodate for children, her and Jeremiah trading thoughts on how re-openings will be done in schools.


Segment 4

Alicia and Jeremiah discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on people’s mental health, Alicia recommending counseling and therapy. Alicia also suggests being physically active to improve your mental health, connecting that with the stay-at-home orders and gym closures and the concurrent rise in stress and depression. She gives Jeremiah her ideas on reopening and what she has to say to Governor Cuomo.


00:00:31.770 --> 00:00:34.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Happy Friday everybody what's happening.

00:00:34.380 --> 00:00:45.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're listening to the entrepreneurial web on your host Jeremiah Fox very special day today for a number of reasons. But first, the message of the week. This is something that my jujitsu professor said many times in class.

00:00:45.390 --> 00:00:56.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: very applicable these days is that the definition of the martial arts as he understands it is making order out of chaos plenty of chaos. These days, right.

00:00:57.180 --> 00:01:03.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So today's special because this is my first in person interview since Friday, March 13. That was a very

00:01:04.380 --> 00:01:10.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Serious like just the most eerie Friday the 13th I've ever experienced in my life. That was the last time we did an interview in the studio.

00:01:11.040 --> 00:01:15.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So this is great because I get to actually have the person next to me instead of being on zoom, which is what we've done.

00:01:16.560 --> 00:01:23.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For the past four months. So, that feels great. Also, the guests today I have to actually we have a special guest coming on and a little bit

00:01:23.760 --> 00:01:34.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My first guest, though, is Professor Amadeus Lou days he is five time world champion and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu correct, yes. Everybody yeah I time I didn't miss any

00:01:35.550 --> 00:01:45.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And he has just opened his own martial arts school and Mineola New York royal Jiu Jitsu which we are sitting in right now. So it's great to be

00:01:45.540 --> 00:01:51.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Part of the groundbreaking process of a martial arts Academy. He received his black belt from our Silla Garcia.

00:01:52.170 --> 00:02:04.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Last year, right, yes. And the last year, November last year november of 2019 and that's a hard enough journey in itself right summer bata was like a 10 years journey to become like yeah

00:02:04.560 --> 00:02:14.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was 14 to 15 when I started. Now I'm 25 yeah was 10 years of my life. And so you get your black belt in. It's like, yes, we got my black belt is

00:02:14.370 --> 00:02:21.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is a good feeling. It's like, I like to say some people's get a degree like over, they go to school, they go to get a college degree and

00:02:22.500 --> 00:02:27.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I got my degree in jujitsu I got a blackberry 10 years of this occasion of it. It's like getting a PhD. Right.

00:02:28.170 --> 00:02:39.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, it's like a lot of work, because a lot of hours into it. Yeah, so that's like very analogous like you, you study medicine for like 10 years yeah and you get that PhD and you haven't even started.

00:02:39.720 --> 00:02:49.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Your real journey. Yeah, that is, that kind of how it feels. Right now it is so it feels like now is the start of everything's a long road ahead of me and

00:02:50.970 --> 00:03:00.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I'm blessing because I got the Blackbird in a gene, and I have both turns into same time. Yeah, because some people that have the opportunity to just compete insurance, which is a black belt.

00:03:00.630 --> 00:03:08.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For five years to 10 years before they open your own Academy and I got the blessing to be doing both in time. So his

00:03:08.880 --> 00:03:17.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: shoe store to the same time it should join his Yasin path together. And that's often how it is, right, like most things kind of as a lot of things in life happens at the same time.

00:03:18.240 --> 00:03:29.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you're also, you also have a young family, you are. Yeah, pretty new father is what is. Yeah, I have a daughter, she's gonna turn three years old. So, yeah, yeah, I was a father very young age of 2012

00:03:30.510 --> 00:03:38.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you got, you know, starting a family. Yeah, you're the rear. You're just some people like to say living the American dream.

00:03:38.490 --> 00:03:45.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Move to America, five years ago. And I'm living the dream right and you're, you're a native of Brazil. Correct. Yes, I am from Bella design.

00:03:45.450 --> 00:03:53.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I, and I believe I read that you also live in Portugal, for a little while. Yes. I live in Portugal, for a year. Yeah, so I move out of Brazil was 19

00:03:54.210 --> 00:04:07.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And when I turned to me and moved to America. What, what brought you to Portugal, always the so my sister. She's been living Portugal, for now for over 15 years okay so she is a particular states and see how lives in Portugal.

00:04:08.070 --> 00:04:15.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And she invited me to come over and say, with her for a while and I always like to get new opportunities in life and that's what brings me to Europe.

00:04:15.750 --> 00:04:25.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you were able to train over there there. Yes, I am. ADRIANA. Like in a place called semiprivate Academy is a very good person very good guy took care of me for a long time.

00:04:25.980 --> 00:04:32.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I can say my time in Portugal was amazing because I met one of my best friend and he is a person who helped me to reach America and

00:04:33.210 --> 00:04:38.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I'm really glad was a very good time of my life and I'm actually expecting to go back. I want to retire in Portugal. Yeah.

00:04:39.510 --> 00:04:53.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Some people want to go to Florida to retire. Oh, I think for this year humid for me. Yeah, yeah, Portugal, I, I'm partial to to coastal Italy like Tuscany. Yeah, and a mosquito very beautiful. I'll come visit you though so close.

00:04:55.320 --> 00:05:04.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On the plane. I'm taking a boat. Oh, that's better. And we'll have max on the deck that would be good trained as a good plan. Yeah. Retirement retirement plan.

00:05:05.310 --> 00:05:11.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then what brought you to New York, you were in Portugal, for a year you so that's a funny story, because when I moved to New York City.

00:05:11.880 --> 00:05:20.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Was February 2015 and you came straight from Portugal. Portugal to New York City. So in 2015 in January.

00:05:21.180 --> 00:05:26.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They open you into jujitsu in New York City. Right. And I come for to America. In February, because

00:05:27.300 --> 00:05:35.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: By the Europeans of the year. The pollens you all came to train a in Portugal, the place Australia because they were like to train before the tournament.

00:05:35.490 --> 00:05:46.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And we become friends like we talked to each other and they say, hey, one day, show up in New York in a trend was like when I say yeah, one day we'll get me or get a coffee. Yeah, I took that serious and I moved to America.

00:05:46.920 --> 00:05:54.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I was able to turn it them with like Unity so many good friends. I turned it more real for like two years before I moved to Marcel

00:05:55.740 --> 00:06:02.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Was like, it's very good time there. I really make very good friends as to talk to them. Some of them come to train with me a few times.

00:06:02.490 --> 00:06:07.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Make me to have those guys trained serious yes is I can, I can say that I have dairy.

00:06:07.920 --> 00:06:17.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The opportunity to train it to the best schools in award. Yeah. Marcello in unity. So that makes a big difference for me. Did you have any kind of association with its

00:06:17.610 --> 00:06:27.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Marcello still part of alliance. Yes. So we are like Roget tourism or soldiers Association, and it's just just makes me very happy and glad that Marcel, let me

00:06:29.070 --> 00:06:36.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Be part of the because I was, as I was working and teaching and training and competing and Mr seller for the past three years.

00:06:36.510 --> 00:06:43.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So being able to say to that is a very, very good thing that could happen to me. So can you walk. People just really briefly through that.

00:06:44.220 --> 00:06:48.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That process for people that don't know, it's like, you know, if you want to open a restaurant, you just, you can do

00:06:49.140 --> 00:06:57.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is a franchises and we're selling associations to have a franchise we able to have our own name to own business, and we just part of his association team.

00:06:57.780 --> 00:07:04.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But Marcello here. As you see, you don't have a main associations around the world because he tried to make a rule. They have to be training under him for the

00:07:05.580 --> 00:07:14.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For at least three months. Okay, so we have to continue to actually expand. Sometimes you need so he know you better. Right. Because I completely understand because when you open a

00:07:14.640 --> 00:07:26.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A mega corporation. They have a program and just have to follow the program if you fall in quality, they will be able to just come and like talk to you about that issue. This is a little different because he's a lot of factors that can be played over

00:07:27.930 --> 00:07:40.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is really hard. So I just explained so much time with him. I was working for him for a long time. So he was more than comfortable to let me do this and his, his public persona is that is like he wants you to take care of me really wants a

00:07:41.760 --> 00:07:51.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Person who really wants to, like, make sure that he knows you well like she wants to like you. He wants to be around you. That's been sometimes so he can really gave you like a

00:07:52.560 --> 00:08:05.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He can take over. Yeah, I understand. Yeah. He said, no, he seems to be like very, very concerned about the well being of the Jiu Jitsu community. And I don't know of any offhand, but I've heard of places where you could just kind of like

00:08:06.060 --> 00:08:17.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: By your, your school and you go somewhere like if you have a good like vision. If you have a good product. I don't see why not, right. You understand, but if you wanted to control quality.

00:08:18.420 --> 00:08:22.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You have to really be strict about and that's what Marcel, the ones who wants to like be strict about that they

00:08:23.310 --> 00:08:34.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Will open his Academy, so he can control the quality of it. Um, I can think of somebody in the food industry that's similar. Are you familiar with Momofuku and David Chang their little all over New York. It's like

00:08:35.040 --> 00:08:44.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's ramen. In general, but not just he he experiments in a bunch of different ways. But he's he's gotten up there to the level of like Danny Meyer and Mario Batali

00:08:45.690 --> 00:08:54.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To head should really control quality and that's this big thing. Like, how do you scale the intimacy and the quality as you grow. And that's been a big point of fascination for him.

00:08:54.990 --> 00:09:04.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I'm happy to hear that people are doing that. Yeah. Is is like if we're going to look at it like when we interpret it is really hard to control quality in a franchise. Yeah.

00:09:05.010 --> 00:09:09.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you have to put a plan and a half to create a system that the system is going to work for itself.

00:09:10.260 --> 00:09:16.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But how the system is going to work. And the people is going to follow, they're not going to be just like breaking and trying to make easier.

00:09:16.620 --> 00:09:24.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Maybe to hire less people may to like raise profits. You never know. So it is really hard. And when you can find like

00:09:24.960 --> 00:09:37.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: When a person who can own a restaurant and they can open a bunch of different franchise, but control the quality, he found a very good system that works. Yeah, and that's amazing young do you did you study business at all. I mean, you talk very eloquently I

00:09:39.060 --> 00:09:46.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Have a friend that he consistent sending links and like yeah readings and like books and I tried to keep updated, but he's

00:09:47.580 --> 00:09:54.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He's a monster business is a monster. Yeah. When you look from the outside. As soon as you start finding yourself seeing like, all right, I can deal with

00:09:55.410 --> 00:10:06.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And is nobody like I feel that any person who is very successful business. They live out of the blue. He really has to like take time. He has to try sometimes fail.

00:10:07.110 --> 00:10:14.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Sometimes they get it and maybe they fail again. And that's how we grow. And as we get better on it and when those people's experience.

00:10:14.760 --> 00:10:19.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like they share the experience with us. It makes easier for me as a small business owner

00:10:19.620 --> 00:10:28.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To try create something and learn from day thing, you understand. That's how I think that's how, like, I feel every person should be trying to do something.

00:10:28.560 --> 00:10:37.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Listening to experience because that it happens to them before. And there's when a person Ascension energy to class when the show a move.

00:10:37.530 --> 00:10:50.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is a reason that, why are you doing that because it fails if you do the other way. You understand ends exactly same as a business, you have to really make sure that you're looking for every single option and trying to like, be consistent and don't say

00:10:52.050 --> 00:10:56.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I'm really glad you made that connection, I was gonna do it at some point you like

00:10:58.650 --> 00:11:06.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like when you become a black belt, you're really starting to everywhere. And as the true meaning of a blanket is not being good as usually to you and to me, the person 10 times know

00:11:06.960 --> 00:11:16.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Mean, being a black better can seizures you to everyone in every single aspect of your life. And that's what I like to see it like running a business running a Jiu Jitsu Academy. Okay. You just have to be good if you to know.

00:11:17.790 --> 00:11:25.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You have to see your teacher, you have to be able to follow like a few rules that is executive team doing jujitsu class.

00:11:25.950 --> 00:11:37.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is an witnessed I like using that analogy. It makes it so much easier to run some teaching to you. Fitting into the mix. It's a whole different component, right, for sure. For sure it is. Um, when I

00:11:37.470 --> 00:11:42.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Started training right when I really started to get involved in a number of businesses, I'd already

00:11:42.660 --> 00:11:48.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Been you know operating businesses and open to a couple of my own that that didn't that didn't last, you know, experience and have those failures.

00:11:49.050 --> 00:12:00.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I started training. And it's funny because, you know, I was always athletic. I felt good. I felt like I was just a great workout. I love to spar like that feel great, you know, just, it's just as good but but what really

00:12:01.650 --> 00:12:06.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: pulled me in was that the messages that those those metaphors for life.

00:12:06.750 --> 00:12:15.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Was so easily apply to my, my professional life. And then I just started to see things get better and better and better and even with the

00:12:15.420 --> 00:12:17.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, it's like when you're training with a bunch of

00:12:17.730 --> 00:12:23.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Little guy, you know, it was always like the guys in the room and you're like, you're saying you always kind of look for opportunities. You can't just flatten out

00:12:23.400 --> 00:12:34.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Know, be like, Nope, he's got me and I started to hear those messages. But in that way, not i mean i applied it to just as well but it helped me in business so much it was remarkable. Yes, it's fun like

00:12:35.280 --> 00:12:49.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A lot of people walk introduce you to Jim not not nine for sure. After the lockdown second long, but a lot of people listen to Joe Rogan yeah and Joe Rogan here consistency is that you also have the, the Marines.

00:12:50.190 --> 00:12:57.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Jake Jacko will echo. Yeah. So those people. They just say it what every person who trained us user experience that is

00:12:58.830 --> 00:13:07.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is Alyssa is a lesson for life. Yeah. So, now one thing that is fun, as usual, just attract so much valuable wealth people very smart people like

00:13:08.220 --> 00:13:17.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A lot intelligent people confuse you too, and some people's in a very good position in life that they can be like their own boss or they really they really have a lot of like control.

00:13:18.690 --> 00:13:27.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They come to the region. They feel that they have to go back to the beginning. Yeah. And that feeling is from missing they live and some people like that to make decisions in business.

00:13:27.960 --> 00:13:35.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Or some people just like that. You feel like into something again they like. They like the feeling of like falling per segment and rules.

00:13:35.580 --> 00:13:39.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it's funny because it can be huge. It's gonna be playing so many different angles of

00:13:40.410 --> 00:13:44.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Understand and like when you look at your kids can be a lot of discipline or self confidence.

00:13:44.820 --> 00:13:49.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And assembling them look for a woman can be a lot of like women empowerment. Yeah, or even woman self defense.

00:13:49.920 --> 00:13:58.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you have so many angles in so many different ideas that you can play with jujitsu and that's what I feel is being successful in America because America is a very successful country.

00:13:58.470 --> 00:14:05.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And people in America, seizures, each was successful. It is such a spring and is attracting a lot of attention to it. So that's like people's like most

00:14:06.390 --> 00:14:14.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Great, we're gonna take a quick break when we come back, let's talk about what it's like to open a school in the middle of a pandemic and a little, a little

00:14:15.540 --> 00:14:18.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright, everybody will be back in just a minute. You're listening to the entrepreneurial web

00:16:27.660 --> 00:16:32.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright everybody, once again, welcome back. It's the entrepreneurial where we are in Mineola New York

00:16:33.060 --> 00:16:42.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: At Royal jujitsu here with Professor as Lou taste. He is a black belt under Marcelo Garcia. He is a five time world champion in Brazilian jujitsu

00:16:42.480 --> 00:16:55.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And just recently he opened his own school in Mineola New York, which has been a difficult process, it's usually not easy. Well, though a pandemic in there where you're not supposed to have contact with people.

00:16:56.730 --> 00:17:02.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: wasn't scary jujitsu is the opposite of social distancing were like, no, let's get close.

00:17:03.570 --> 00:17:16.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So it's funny because we we signed the lease was January six right depend me key start growing in the worldwide in January. So February last week of February we start construction.

00:17:16.860 --> 00:17:25.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Two weeks after the New York State shuts down. Yeah. So it's like okay everybody say, just for a couple weeks. Yeah, we've been very wary. By the end of March, you open it.

00:17:26.250 --> 00:17:34.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So first week of April, we were editor open and it's just like no light in the end of the tunnel and it's like

00:17:34.650 --> 00:17:45.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: While we're going to do. So we keep like trying to advertise. Got it. We've got a very good number of radio stations and people start reaching out about like the place been open in

00:17:45.720 --> 00:18:00.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it's just like, it's so hard, because as I say a word from her celibacy in New York City and Long Island is being faithful for over 25 days, New York State interface for for over a month.

00:18:01.260 --> 00:18:13.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In this to know Tao no guidelines about when any fitness facilities going to be able to open and I feel that is really unfair because it's over 30 days have

00:18:14.370 --> 00:18:25.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Any answers. And what happened is New York State, I feel that they they they shut down was the last week of March. So we shut down for four months.

00:18:26.580 --> 00:18:29.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Guys, there's a ton of the that is a lot of like

00:18:31.020 --> 00:18:36.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A lot of time in the hood, especially because I was reading some some news like

00:18:37.380 --> 00:18:42.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The fitness industry in America study $4 billion New Yorkers 7% of that.

00:18:43.560 --> 00:18:56.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you're talking about a lot of money and most of it in New York State is not big James is Molokai it goes for any other facility to buy a personal trainer jujitsu to striking

00:18:56.550 --> 00:19:12.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And these like is more James's including me is really hard to keep yourself alive if you can run if we cannot have people walking. Yeah, so is really, really challenging time to open as usually to school interdependent make and with no light in the end of the center

00:19:13.920 --> 00:19:18.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: is challenging. We were just talking about Silver Fox and what and what he's able to do

00:19:19.170 --> 00:19:24.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He's been established for a long time. So you have a little bit you know you have a little bit of leverage that way, but I can't.

00:19:24.900 --> 00:19:35.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I know of a bunch of the restaurant. Same thing if you know a build out for a restaurant can take two years. Yes, I know guys that sign their lease over a year ago and they were slated to open April 1

00:19:35.340 --> 00:19:46.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and you put 18 months and all of your money and they're saying you have no name. And they're like, oh, you can serve take out like how are you supposed to build a brand is is almost impossible and

00:19:46.860 --> 00:19:56.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I feel like fitness people liking the first Jamaat everybody's really into like zoom classes and training online, which is which is challenging because you need content.

00:19:57.060 --> 00:20:07.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And after that time is just become that you can only do that for so long. You can only do them. So in is what is happening. So people really have to realize that genes are

00:20:08.040 --> 00:20:15.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: like herding yeah and people like in the they start supporting the first month, the second one, but all of people lost the jobs.

00:20:16.050 --> 00:20:21.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A lot of people off the did they already have start thinking they're going to the people. So getting afraid that they're going to lose a job ahead of

00:20:22.380 --> 00:20:30.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You understand, and some people just will never go back to training and and some schools will close for sure. I know a bunch of schools out there you

00:20:31.260 --> 00:20:43.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And some schools like if nothing happened. The next one that will close right because it's going to be like five months. I'm wondering if the statistics are similar to the restaurant industry. Something I heard early on, they said.

00:20:45.810 --> 00:20:55.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If if they'll shut down was for 30 days we lose 30% of restaurants, just in that first month. Well, if it went on for 60 days you would lose

00:20:56.460 --> 00:21:10.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know 40 to 50% if it went past two months, you would be at 50% and if it went to six months, which we're almost at only 30% of restaurants that were opened before would remain. And I'm wondering if

00:21:10.860 --> 00:21:11.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, it's different.

00:21:12.390 --> 00:21:22.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I'm kind of fascinated by the business model in a martial art school in a gym because it's it's almost like subscription based where you're collecting like exactly you encourage monthly

00:21:22.740 --> 00:21:29.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Subscription and usually like in six to 12 months blocks were for restaurant. It's like money in money out

00:21:29.580 --> 00:21:41.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, I'm literally buying food with what I made the day before. Sometimes, um, so I'm wondering if that statistic how similar they are across the industry is but it seems like if this goes on for six months.

00:21:41.490 --> 00:21:46.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's going to, it's going to tax so many schools and as in, especially because when you mentioned restaurants, a

00:21:47.610 --> 00:21:57.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Lot of restaurants close should now like one of my favorite restaurants nearby shuts down to what will happen is ahead. They have the option to do take out. Yeah, right.

00:21:57.570 --> 00:22:05.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that was like a lease. Let's say to people, like a breathing is paying the electrical exactly paint electrical bill.

00:22:05.550 --> 00:22:12.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But then, phase three do it allowed to do outside 90 and our faith for inside line and there were to be open for inside 94

00:22:12.960 --> 00:22:23.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: in Long Island, three weeks, some errors in New York State indoors indoors. Yeah. Yes, for four weeks. Unfortunately, New York City. They know nothing.

00:22:23.880 --> 00:22:31.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is hard shows like when you're looking at your New York City is a place is is always crowded. So people are like creating a space on the outside.

00:22:32.070 --> 00:22:39.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But it's not the same. You can only have certain amount of people, we can only point you have to control like them. The amount of plants are serving on night.

00:22:40.440 --> 00:22:50.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But the rent is to the same price expenses have not gone down. You understand, and so I feel that the restaurant business heard in a lot, but now that tension should be coming to

00:22:51.600 --> 00:23:00.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The fitness facilities records is really, really bad and there's no no lights and then of the Center for us. So do you have like if you were talking to

00:23:01.200 --> 00:23:12.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: governor, Governor Cuomo right now. Do you have like a set of suggestions you would make for for like martial arts schools and gems to open. Is there something in particular you think would work. So it's hard because when you're going to talk about the safe.

00:23:13.740 --> 00:23:21.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Over like the coronavirus things. A lot of people say was in the beginning or use mass know his mask, I agree that

00:23:21.990 --> 00:23:30.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If the mask make a difference. People should be wearing a mask. But what I would like to talk to como is you shouldn't just turn your back in a whole. Interesting. Yeah.

00:23:31.290 --> 00:23:40.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It is is not fair. I completely understand that is trying to control like cases and death. But he should really look into, like,

00:23:42.270 --> 00:23:53.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A way to make this happen to really help people out because he's just turning it back. Don't say that. You can open and on gave any of the tours for the past two weeks was no mention of

00:23:53.880 --> 00:24:01.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: James like you talking about 14 days in New York State Commission goes in front of the public. It doesn't say anything and open gyms.

00:24:02.580 --> 00:24:10.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So there was something that should be giving updates daily like looking for like guidelines and the CDC guidelines is a

00:24:10.830 --> 00:24:21.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is working some says because they're ready. All right. Most of them are not understand it for like social distancing like you're just too hard to do it. But unless people for money and they feel that they have some

00:24:22.590 --> 00:24:29.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Only for the online classes. People just canceling memberships turn on soft in mind. So is not as it's not going to happen. And if you're

00:24:29.520 --> 00:24:42.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: New you're trying to attract new members understand it's it's really hard. You have a little bit of a you have a reputation and you know that history has been I'm trying to bring good quality of service to Nassau County in Long Island and

00:24:43.950 --> 00:24:55.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: As we I told you got a pretty good a pretty good number of registrations, but those people. They're not going to come and pay membership to watch classes online, they only be able to come when I can open the place and have classes in place.

00:24:56.850 --> 00:25:02.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So that's going to be really challenging because if the New York State say they're not going to be able to operate 2021

00:25:03.150 --> 00:25:11.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I have this whole place that I'm being planning tool for for five years and I'm not going to be even maybe nine months without bringing any income in it is really it is

00:25:12.360 --> 00:25:24.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you guys didn't have the history to even apply for the PP know you know PPP no no SBA loans is like we don't feel that I had five years history and they gave me nothing either. Wow. So we did it at the restaurant without anything

00:25:24.990 --> 00:25:27.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I won't say it's easy, but it's not impossible.

00:25:28.050 --> 00:25:39.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's hard. It's really hard. Yeah, it's really hard. It's challenging. Well, I feel like if anybody has the tenacity to do it. It's you, because you you've been in some tough some tough matches and

00:25:39.690 --> 00:25:44.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I'm just, I'm not afraid of challenges yes what frustrates me is when I cannot do it.

00:25:45.240 --> 00:25:53.190 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Rank people just not allow me to do it. Yeah, and that's what is happening now, we're now able to drop. Yeah, it's really hard, really hard, really challenging

00:25:53.730 --> 00:25:56.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But we we have opened that everything's gonna

00:25:57.240 --> 00:26:00.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Get easy. Yeah, and things going to struggle a little bit back to normal.

00:26:01.110 --> 00:26:11.190 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Before we go to our next break. Do you have some advice for anybody. You know, not necessarily somebody looking to open to Joe, Joe. Obviously you specialize in that. So it could be specific to that, but just advice for someone

00:26:11.520 --> 00:26:22.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's that's on the same part of, you know, kind of the journey that you're on right now. That's because you seem pretty positive, you seem undeterred. You don't i don't get the vibe from you that you're going to be like, Oh, we're just done.

00:26:22.950 --> 00:26:39.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it's just like I'm taking a lot of devices now because I'm new in business. But one thing that I like to say is just gotta keep your keep your calm and like keep trying to find options and the most important is knowing expect will help you gotta

00:26:40.110 --> 00:26:50.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You gotta go and do it if you just keep sitting down waiting that something's going to happen. Nobody's over nobody's going to help you out. You got to make away just like me and enter that big guy right it is

00:26:53.010 --> 00:27:00.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Great. It's great. Thank you. That was wonderful wise beyond your years for such a young guy and you got you got to really

00:27:00.330 --> 00:27:08.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Learn the road ahead. You got to really, you got a good head. You got a good shoulders to which he got he got a good, you got a good head on them. So I appreciate that. I appreciate

00:27:08.430 --> 00:27:16.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It awesome talking to you today, we're going to take a quick break when we come back we got a special guest will continue right here in Mineola New York you the CC entrepreneurial lab.

00:27:18.240 --> 00:27:18.570 Thank

00:29:35.010 --> 00:29:44.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All right, everybody, welcome back again the entrepreneurial web. I'm your host, Jeremiah fox, a little switch gears here we are in Mineola New York at Royal jujitsu

00:29:44.730 --> 00:29:55.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For a segment, we were speaking with the head instructor, but they asked loop as we are now joined by his wife, Alicia Lou taste. She is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

00:29:55.770 --> 00:30:02.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not you don't have five titles yet, right, but you're working on it. I'm working on and it definitely definitely want to get up there.

00:30:03.420 --> 00:30:10.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: She's, she's a blue belt under Marcelo Garcia as well. She's a co owner here at Royal Jiu Jitsu she has a background in

00:30:10.860 --> 00:30:27.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: An elementary and preschool education. Yes, as well as a mental mental health. Yeah. So give us a little quick breakdown background. You grew up nearby here and I actually grew up the town over from any Ola.

00:30:28.140 --> 00:30:37.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All of my friends lived in Mineola so we were always in Mineola hanging out on Jericho or a hillside, which is the street next to us and

00:30:38.400 --> 00:30:48.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was just, it was always fun here. The community is very close. It's very welcoming, very supportive, I, I've lived in other places in Long Island.

00:30:48.960 --> 00:30:59.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In SUFFOLK And Nassau and I just felt that Mineola has a different community by like they really care about you like

00:30:59.730 --> 00:31:07.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: When we posted coming soon. We have a coming soon and sign up since we can't open yet for like for like a year he got

00:31:08.550 --> 00:31:27.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I got a call from the Mineola Chamber of Commerce. Actually, the President and now I'm like talking to him all the time. I became a member of the Mineola chamber of commerce and he actually put me in contact with a lawyer that's helping businesses, I can open

00:31:28.290 --> 00:31:29.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That who didn't get the loans.

00:31:31.350 --> 00:31:39.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And who's fighting for those businesses so it's it's nice. It's almost like I have an extra family. Yeah, in the community that is

00:31:39.480 --> 00:31:44.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it makes the biggest difference. I know where my places are adding widget terrorism Brooklyn, same thing.

00:31:44.790 --> 00:31:52.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The community is very intertwined. Almost all the business owners live in that neighborhood. There's not a lot of guys come in from like other places, then like have

00:31:52.650 --> 00:32:02.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: delis and stuff there. And we all kind of live there and we definitely have banded together, and even the other restaurants. We're not like in competition with each other. It's like, how can we support each other through this because we want to. It's

00:32:03.030 --> 00:32:17.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A vibrant scene attracts like more people. And yeah, it's just more visibility and that's what we all kind of neat strengthen numbers. Yeah. So what was your feeling when when the decision was made like we're gonna open a Jiu Jitsu school in Mineola

00:32:18.120 --> 00:32:23.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I before I met my tails like we've known each other for years. Four and a half.

00:32:25.230 --> 00:32:25.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I've been

00:32:27.660 --> 00:32:41.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I always wanted to open my own Academy. And then when energy, really. Yeah, like when I started I like instantly fell in love with it. Yeah, I was just like, my goal is to get a black belt to open my own Academy

00:32:41.670 --> 00:32:52.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And when materials and I meant something that we had spoken about, obviously, where you know dreams or aspirations that we have for the future, and we both share that. Yeah.

00:32:52.800 --> 00:33:08.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So when we got the opportunity to start building our own place. It was really special because we both share the same image of it. We both shared the same values of what we want to bring into the academy and

00:33:09.780 --> 00:33:21.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Little hard having your husband or your wife as a business partner but familiar. Yeah, we have some friends, giving us advice. We call that counseling. Yeah.

00:33:22.890 --> 00:33:24.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Hope free counseling.

00:33:25.410 --> 00:33:27.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I give them free food. Yeah.

00:33:30.630 --> 00:33:35.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, but it's it's cool. It's something that's very special to us and

00:33:36.540 --> 00:33:41.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To have an in the area that I grew up is something really special to me because

00:33:42.390 --> 00:33:52.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's like I have my friends passing. And they're like, oh my god, it's so exciting. Like, we're just driving to her house and we see your Academy and Canada. We can't wait to open and it makes a big deal. I mean,

00:33:53.070 --> 00:34:00.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I, I say constantly because, you know, we live in a community where our businesses are at our kids have all gone to the local school is like, yeah.

00:34:00.150 --> 00:34:07.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Especially recently that is what has survived is because nobody else is coming around. It's not like people are frolicking around streets in Brooklyn, like, oh, let's go get

00:34:08.730 --> 00:34:13.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Dead. You know that's gone. Hopefully it comes back, but, um, it's really been

00:34:14.340 --> 00:34:18.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Those relationships and the connections that we've had for a long time. We've been in the community for 15 years

00:34:19.170 --> 00:34:30.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you get the opportunity, you know, to really meet a lot of people and and really like a bond. And it literally survived us without that they just wouldn't be there. So all of you that are listening from Paris.

00:34:32.940 --> 00:34:42.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So yeah, I think, you know, that could be, you know, what do they call that this shoe and your hat, whatever, something like that. What's the saying always out what those I'm mixed them up to you.

00:34:43.110 --> 00:34:58.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I'm excited to like classic things up. Yeah. Create your own. Yeah, exactly. Um, but that that will that will likely be a big deal. Hopefully we'll play you guys definitely. I mean, I love kids and we have one kid right now. Luna

00:35:00.450 --> 00:35:00.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: She's

00:35:03.270 --> 00:35:06.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Almost had a third special guess we might still we made anything

00:35:08.550 --> 00:35:20.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, but something that I really wanted to do was, like, go to the surrounding schools. There's a lot of elementary schools, there's high schools. There's like so many schools surrounding where we are right now where we're located

00:35:21.540 --> 00:35:36.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I've been my brother went to Shama that's like the biggest high school Catholic high school that we're near it's an all boys high school and they, they're really great with wrestling Jiu Jitsu yeah and

00:35:37.770 --> 00:35:45.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They're, they're always in contact with my family still like that was something that was part of their schools. They're very. They're like little yeah

00:35:47.190 --> 00:35:55.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And Satan's was where my brothers and I went to middle school and elementary school, so I wanted to go there too and

00:35:55.770 --> 00:36:05.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And obviously all the other schools, but just to offer you know our services to them like, hey, when we open. We would love to work something out with you and

00:36:05.760 --> 00:36:14.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just to get lean is like such a big thing now. And there's a lot of cyberbullying, but the in person bullying hasn't stopped either

00:36:15.150 --> 00:36:18.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And these kids, they would be whether they

00:36:19.170 --> 00:36:28.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know whether you want to look at it is like learning how to defend yourself. Obviously, you always want to learn how to defend yourself, especially as it as a child. You're smarter than everybody

00:36:28.710 --> 00:36:41.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But to have that confidence to get that confidence when you're from jujitsu from training to feel empowered. It helps to stand up for yourself.

00:36:41.910 --> 00:36:46.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and both for for children and women. That's something like I saw that on your website.

00:36:47.460 --> 00:36:52.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's, that's something point of a big interest for you. Do you want to talk about that a little bit more

00:36:52.770 --> 00:36:59.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In terms of like you're in this community where you grew up. We talked about goals, but as well, just like what are some of the values that you really

00:36:59.700 --> 00:37:13.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You hope to share from from Royal with the community. I'm just to show them that nobody isn't capable of defending themselves. And it's also not too late to start

00:37:14.820 --> 00:37:24.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And being that you know sometimes my tail. It's a little intimidating, so I feel like what with women, seeing that there's a woman here and

00:37:24.720 --> 00:37:40.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And we're a family that we want to bring them in and and treat them like their family and like their whole family could come. Yes, exactly. Like they they're not just dollar signs to us like we I I really want to impact their lives.

00:37:41.250 --> 00:37:46.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In a positive way, and especially women like obviously it speaks to me more being a woman.

00:37:47.790 --> 00:37:53.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But you have a daughter as well. Yeah, exactly. And it's scary. Having a daughter is very scary in this world. Yeah.

00:37:55.860 --> 00:38:03.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They all do Jiu Jitsu is like a requirement. You want to go to the park. You got to do a class, you got something that I said my tales night.

00:38:04.080 --> 00:38:14.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: When we were talking about, you know, Luna doing jujitsu and we don't want to force her to follow our footsteps in our dreams, right, but we're gonna force her to learn how to defend herself.

00:38:15.000 --> 00:38:28.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So whether she wants what she wants to do with it from there is right on her, but she's gonna learn how to defend should have to open a school but you got to know how to choke somebody. Yeah, you gotta, you gotta be able to hit somebody you know do something

00:38:29.520 --> 00:38:41.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But being a female and and I'm a lot smaller. Yeah. Um, it's, it's definitely opened up a lot for me confidence wise. I'm talking about feeling and power and like

00:38:42.150 --> 00:38:55.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There's just something so magnificent about feeling that you can toss somebody over you, who's like 300 pounds and I'm like 125 pounds and

00:38:56.040 --> 00:39:07.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It doesn't matter. I could still toss them over armor them and get away. And how does that apply to opening martial arts school in the middle of the pandemic. It's like

00:39:09.390 --> 00:39:20.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: More like an elephant. Yeah. Oh my god, it's, it's been really tough. Obviously we have bills to pay, and now three mouths to feed so it's it's hard but

00:39:21.120 --> 00:39:27.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, luckily we we have family who helps us if we need help and

00:39:28.080 --> 00:39:36.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We're just waiting. And we're hoping. We've had some people contact us. And they're like, we don't care if you're close, we'll, we'll help you out with money and

00:39:37.320 --> 00:39:44.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We were like, no, we don't want to do that when we open. We just want to open and everyone feel that we just want that.

00:39:44.610 --> 00:39:53.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not, not obviously the money is a great aspect we need to say open, you have to have that we want. We want the people we want the community we want

00:39:54.360 --> 00:40:05.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We want people to come in and feel like they're not judged. You know that they're not going to get yelled at for bowing or not bowing or, you know, little crazy things that

00:40:06.420 --> 00:40:14.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Some academies make you do and make people feel a little uncomfortable. We just want them to come train. Have fun hanging out.

00:40:15.720 --> 00:40:26.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that's it. And in terms of your intention with the school is how did that feel when you're like working to open a martial arts school. I'm going to go to the schools and you're like, oh yeah, there are no schools anymore.

00:40:27.240 --> 00:40:37.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's a little discouraging, especially because when we do eventually open we we aren't going to start kids classes right away. We want to give some some time in between.

00:40:39.480 --> 00:40:50.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So that was I was difficult for me I think especially because I was super amped up about the kids down and running the kids classes and having Luna start with

00:40:50.580 --> 00:41:02.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Other children her age and and going to the schools that my family went to and that I went to, and being like, Hey, I'm back. And look, I have a business. My husband and I opened the business and we want

00:41:03.090 --> 00:41:16.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You guys to come and and this is why. And so it's it's discouraging but you know there's a there's a reason for everything. I believe I really firmly believe that there's a reason for everything and

00:41:17.100 --> 00:41:29.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For some reason, this is happening, and we'll get through it and they made announcements here about like especially public schools. I know when in the five boroughs. It's just

00:41:29.940 --> 00:41:41.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: anybody's guess nobody, no one on. I mean, the last that I heard was they were going to do like alternating days so students in Group A will come

00:41:41.640 --> 00:41:48.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever, and then groupie will go on the days that group A, isn't there.

00:41:49.200 --> 00:41:59.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, and I know that they have them in some crazy conditions where they're all in like a cubicle of, like, you know, that thick plastic that's not glass.

00:42:00.060 --> 00:42:08.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So they have them like in a box with the fake plastic. You have to wear a mask and then they also have to wear a shield

00:42:09.540 --> 00:42:20.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like a face shield and then the, the teacher has to do the same as well. Yeah, so I feel really bad for this for the kids. I really do.

00:42:20.760 --> 00:42:22.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's like torture. Yeah, it's like

00:42:23.280 --> 00:42:38.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You would think that maybe the box is not enough. Right. And the fact that they like you can interact with each other. It's. It makes me really sad. I can't get a kid to sit down or stop talking. How are you going to get them to keep a mask. And yeah, and he was a little girl.

00:42:40.320 --> 00:42:47.190 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I haven't heard about recess, but I'm assuming there's no recess, because you can interact with each other. What, what are you going to do

00:42:47.700 --> 00:42:56.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, or how are they going to do lunch. A book today, is it seemed like pretty set in stone, and they plan on doing. Yeah, that your last the last I heard was

00:42:57.240 --> 00:43:04.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That was what was gonna happen. At first, they were thinking of having everything digitally right um

00:43:05.190 --> 00:43:16.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But even they were saying that some schools are going to still have it digitally. Yeah, so you're gonna be in class, but you're going to be on a computer computer or

00:43:17.610 --> 00:43:31.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And an iPad or something like that. So it's still like no books, no like paper, pens, nothing. And it makes me think a lot about what's going to happen to like penmanship. Let's get into the

00:43:32.850 --> 00:43:42.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: domino effect. Yeah, the domino effect is scary. All right, we're gonna take a quick break. We'll be back in just a minute. For our last set listening to the entrepreneur web hang tight everybody

00:45:37.980 --> 00:45:46.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay everybody, we're back last portion of the show today. Again, we're here with Alicia today. She is a co owner of royal jujitsu in Mineola New York

00:45:47.010 --> 00:45:55.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We were talking previously about the situation here. You know what's happening to the school is because the intention for the school was to be an asset to the community.

00:45:56.130 --> 00:46:09.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, helping young people develop self defense confidence, even I find this even useful for cyber bullying because yeah I feel like the the response is the same. It just looks different, you know. Yeah. And it also

00:46:10.080 --> 00:46:14.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There's a lot of self control that you learn from Jiu Jitsu so

00:46:14.490 --> 00:46:23.190 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Maybe not. If someone just cause cause you a bad name and is like, you know, jumping down your throat. Maybe learning to be like, and they're not worth it. I'm gonna walk

00:46:23.490 --> 00:46:39.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's always what I tell my daughter's they're not touching you. And you can walk away. Yeah, you just walk away. Yeah, let them keep typing to them. Right. Um, and also, you know, empowering women and and and helping the community in that way. But you also have a background and mental health.

00:46:40.230 --> 00:46:41.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What little. Tell us about that because I'm

00:46:42.720 --> 00:46:48.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Officially, I was like mental so it's mental health counseling school counseling.

00:46:49.350 --> 00:46:50.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And

00:46:51.120 --> 00:47:04.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's just basically what it is. So with school counseling. I could work in a school as like the counselor. So again, sir. You remember going to the counselors office and I do many times. Yeah, so that would be me.

00:47:06.030 --> 00:47:06.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But also

00:47:08.040 --> 00:47:11.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: mental health counseling in a sense of group counseling one to one counseling.

00:47:13.080 --> 00:47:26.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I, I always wanted to do teaching and some sort of therapy or counseling, just because I feel like it goes hand in hand. And like you said, I'm like a big advocate for children. So

00:47:27.750 --> 00:47:51.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I felt if I could give them more. I want to give them more. Um, but I feel like you know with this pandemic alone there the suicide rates went up, um, domestic abuse child abuse all everything yeah crime so drug addictions. I had a few

00:47:52.590 --> 00:47:55.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: friends of friends. I know drinking a lot. Yes.

00:47:57.330 --> 00:48:03.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, I was like, I was like, you guys are gonna survive Corona yeah assumption. I'm not sure. Yeah.

00:48:05.370 --> 00:48:07.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: No. Yeah. Um, so I feel

00:48:09.180 --> 00:48:15.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, mental health isn't just going to a therapist and sitting down.

00:48:15.930 --> 00:48:28.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That definitely you know does a big number. I have used counseling in my childhood and you know i i recommend it for everybody. Like, still I still have. Sometimes I call my therapist, and I'm like,

00:48:29.250 --> 00:48:44.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I need to talk to you. Please, I need to talk to you today. I'm it, it's good to go. And and have somebody you can talk to somebody who's always there with unbiased open arms like hey, I'm going to tell you what it is if you're being the

00:48:44.910 --> 00:48:48.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: D IC K, you're being a di you're gonna do the curse. Okay. If you're being

00:48:51.060 --> 00:49:07.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah. Um, but it's also that physical aspect, like it's it's just biological that when you are working out and your, your blood is flowing that serotonin is rushing to your brain. So

00:49:07.800 --> 00:49:19.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For me, I'm, I'm more of a holistic person. I like holistic approaches. If you have a headache. I'm not gonna tell you go take Tylenol or something like that. I'm going to say, Well, did you have enough water today, or did

00:49:21.120 --> 00:49:32.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You just say, yeah, so you know, for me, physical activity and is huge for mental health. I feel like they go hand in hand, whether you're

00:49:32.490 --> 00:49:38.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, lifting and doing yoga just being physically active moving dancing like just sometimes

00:49:39.480 --> 00:49:44.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I wake up and I'm feeling like in a crappy mood and I'll put on music and Luna and I will just dance.

00:49:45.240 --> 00:49:53.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And just dance while we make breakfast and I'll feel so much better. And obviously, it's fun to do things like that with her, but I feel like

00:49:54.210 --> 00:50:04.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just in general, getting my body moving and getting that serotonin moving to your brain. If you just sit every day and you do nothing, which is something that's happening a lot during this pandemic.

00:50:05.850 --> 00:50:13.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're gonna feel like shit. Like, you're gonna feel depressed and and i just i just want to tell everybody like don't stop.

00:50:14.670 --> 00:50:20.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Don't stop moving. Whether you get up and you just like walk around walk up and down the stairs. A few times, like just

00:50:21.180 --> 00:50:28.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If you're still quarantining yourself inside your house, you can move inside your house, you know, you just go outside. Yeah, you can go outside. Just don't

00:50:28.980 --> 00:50:36.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, don't stop moving. I am really concerned. Like, what are the implications for all these people, especially like what we were talking about, you know,

00:50:37.440 --> 00:50:50.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Earlier is like zoom can only go so far, especially like for jujitsu me. My wife is we all, we all take Samba as well. That's like, yeah, so it was like the dojo was always closed on Sunday, but some of it was on Sunday. And I think those Brazilian

00:50:51.030 --> 00:50:59.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I know my wife have been dancing with this lady for a long time, and she's great, but it was that same thing like just get up and get moving. It does. It doesn't release the same endorphins. Yes.

00:51:00.180 --> 00:51:02.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Live training, but it always made me feel better.

00:51:02.610 --> 00:51:14.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So that she's continued to do that. And that's been okay but like the ladies not making any money off of it. She's just like doing on of the goodness of our own heart, which is crazy, like we're we invited her to the restaurant. It's like, let us by. Yeah, but like

00:51:14.610 --> 00:51:16.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If people don't get up and do that like

00:51:17.100 --> 00:51:19.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just get moving. And if they continue to keep

00:51:19.860 --> 00:51:30.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Places like martial arts academies, which specifically help with that. Yeah, it's like, yeah, you can be able to defend yourself, but the likelihood that you're ever going to happen to us that it's going to be so slim but

00:51:30.780 --> 00:51:42.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Your ability to change your mood yet but I mean it's just like your ability to change your mood. Yeah, like your outlook on the world that happens every day. And that's what the training is really about. So when

00:51:43.380 --> 00:51:45.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're not allowed to offer that like

00:51:46.170 --> 00:51:57.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What is that going to do to the world. It's like it's almost like they're making jujitsu illegal. Yeah, or even lifting even going to a regular gym. Right. They don't have. They don't have anything and it's

00:51:57.720 --> 00:52:08.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's like, how are you going to tell people that as. Everyone's health is declining. You want them to keep declining their health and and their mental health and drinking as much as

00:52:09.000 --> 00:52:21.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Out there and buy a beer and drink it was more like a cases spirit, it's, it's definitely it's it's pretty backward right I'm like telling people to stay inside which if it's

00:52:21.870 --> 00:52:31.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If, if your remaining the six feet if you're following the guidelines and you're being safe and you're doing what you need to do to be safe. Why can't we go outside.

00:52:32.100 --> 00:52:41.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You need the sun. The sun. The fresh air, it's, I mean, I know some people have definitely and I think it's more of like a, you know, social media.

00:52:42.180 --> 00:52:49.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Warriors, you know, or like don't go outside. Yeah, I feel like the CDC and, you know, the state has been like yes go outside.

00:52:49.830 --> 00:52:57.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Get some fresh air. It's actually better for you and yeah get out and move your body. But people. A lot of people have taken this on like I'm supposed to just like yeah huddle up in

00:52:57.990 --> 00:53:06.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The beginning, it was like they were making everybody so scared and they were saying, do not go outside. Don't go outside. Stay inside

00:53:06.870 --> 00:53:15.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then now it's like, Okay, everyone go outside. It's better to be outside don't stay indoors and clustered and yeah and I agree and and

00:53:16.440 --> 00:53:24.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Part of that which I wish they agreed with is also doing stuff like jujitsu and and having gyms and academies open because

00:53:25.830 --> 00:53:34.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's there's just something like I'm sure everybody is so frustrated with what's going on everyone has a lot of built up tension and

00:53:34.740 --> 00:53:45.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I don't know about you, but I definitely feel that when I'm having a pretty crappy day and I'm feeling frustrated and angry. Like, it feels good to let it out with rolling. Yeah.

00:53:45.810 --> 00:53:54.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It just feels great. I mean, even just like a guard passing drill will change my entire day. Yeah, it just takes a little bit of movement yeah and and just that.

00:53:55.050 --> 00:54:03.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That sense of like you don't know what's gonna happen like drilling is great, but it's just like, it's, it's the but it's also keeping your mind focus

00:54:04.260 --> 00:54:07.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On this, because if you don't stay focused and let's say you're training.

00:54:08.430 --> 00:54:14.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Or even if you're really if you don't stay focused and you mess up your legs hurt you hurt your training partner. Yeah. So, but it's that

00:54:14.790 --> 00:54:24.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's getting into your brain and your hand up that way where like you forget about everything else. And then when you're done, you look back at that stuff. You can look at it with like

00:54:26.130 --> 00:54:37.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We are mine. Ya know, so what what would. What's your like, I'm sure you ponder this daily. What's your vision for like getting reopen, what do you, what do you think, or do you have like recommendations like

00:54:37.500 --> 00:54:43.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Castro has been if you were talking to Cuomo right now, what would you say would you just tell him he's like, can you just look that way.

00:54:46.380 --> 00:54:55.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, I feel like I would tell him like, What the F are you doing yeah um he's forgetting about all the

00:54:56.400 --> 00:55:06.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All the small businesses. He's forgetting. I hear it's horrible in the cities for. It's a lot worse. But how are you going to tell people to

00:55:07.440 --> 00:55:17.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To continue. Like, I don't know, I feel like we're all adults. And if we're following the guidelines and if we're keeping safe. And why can't these places, be open.

00:55:18.180 --> 00:55:35.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Why can't we be open and you he's bringing us in a shit ton of debt. So, and there's no there's no talk of like any help that way. And I'm I heard that there's a sense that there's a stimulus check. That's going to be coming again. But still, like, you think you're getting your

00:55:36.390 --> 00:55:45.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: How can how can people survive on just, I'm just sad and it's, it's something has to be done like something has to be done because

00:55:46.230 --> 00:55:54.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not saying anything. And over 14 days about the openings of venues of gyms academies, etc. Like,

00:55:54.750 --> 00:56:01.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Everything that was supposed to be open and face for that you were like, no you like that's the last one, but like half the businesses aren't making

00:56:02.070 --> 00:56:15.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Calls open you have bars open you have outside seating, which if you can. You could fit 300 something people outside and it's okay because if you're, if you can accommodate it. You can accommodate it.

00:56:15.900 --> 00:56:21.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's, it's very frustrating and it's, I feel like he's not really thinking about

00:56:22.710 --> 00:56:30.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Everyone, you know, like Home Depot big corporations have been open the entire time. And that's who's getting that money and that's who's getting the money.

00:56:31.050 --> 00:56:35.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We got to wrap it up. You want to tell people where they get, they wanted to find out more about your school

00:56:36.060 --> 00:56:57.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: New if you want to contact us. You can visit our website world Jiu Jitsu Academy calm and on there. It has the buttons, a little icons for all our social media. There's also a page where you can email us contact at Royal Jiu Jitsu and I'm always open to answer any

00:56:58.590 --> 00:57:07.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Awesome. Well, thank you so much. Thank you haven't person interview. Yeah. Good. All right. Yeah. I wish you guys all the best of luck and and

00:57:09.540 --> 00:57:15.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Or to the future. Yes. All right, everybody, I wish you all the best of luck to stay safe but move

00:57:17.100 --> 00:57:23.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Moving do some slow today sharpen your brain. Have a great weekend. Everybody will see you next week and listen to the entrepreneur web