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Friday, July 24, 2020

20200724- The Entrepreneurial Warrior

[NEW EPISODE] The Entrepreneurial Warrior 

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Ryan Clearwater experienced first hand what that life requires - helping his parents run their business as a kid. Later, he would go on to cultivate leadership skills during his time as an Army officer & public servant.

Currently, he is the president & founder of Fidelity Strategies, a company geared to foster deeper connections between people in a rapidly changing environment.

Segment 1

“Lions don't bother themselves with the opinions of sheep.”


Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Ryan Clearwater. He relates his experience growing up in an entrepreneurial family and how those values he’s gained translate into his business philosophies. Ryan talks about adapting during the pandemic.

Segment 2

The two go back and forth about running multiple businesses at once, why the community connection is necessary, and the drives beyond entrepreneurship. Ryan delves a bit into his military background, connecting it to his entrepreneurial lifestyle today.

Segment 3 

Ryan continued his stories from his military days and further connects it to his business philosophies. They talk about the attitudes of entrepreneurs and how certain influences are important, the two also talking about the benefits of physical training.

Segment 4 

Ryan and Jeremiah connect with each other over their jiu jitsu training, both of them sharing stories from when they both just got started. To close the show, Ryan gives his advice and encouragement for entrepreneurs.


00:00:37.050 --> 00:00:47.670 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: What's up everybody. Happy Friday, whether you're wanting down your week or starting your weekend off we're going to get it popping today before I bring my guest on the message of the week.

00:00:48.090 --> 00:00:55.740 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: This is from my guest today. He's very active on all social media, but particularly Twitter, which is where him and I met this dude pumps out

00:00:55.980 --> 00:01:06.540 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Tons of awesome quotes and just motivational thoughts on a daily basis like multiple bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, the dudes crank it about and this is one he put up not too long ago and

00:01:07.680 --> 00:01:12.540 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It makes me think of him, but also the current situation kind of where everybody's at

00:01:12.780 --> 00:01:31.380 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: What the mindset is it short and sweet and we'll dissect it here in a few minutes, lions don't bother themselves with the opinions of sheep. Just a friendly reminder. With that, I would like to zoom all the way to Columbia, Missouri and introduce my guest Ryan clearwater Ryan, are you here.

00:01:31.680 --> 00:01:33.540 Ryan Clearwater: What's going on, how are you doing this morning.

00:01:33.600 --> 00:01:39.120 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: What's going on, bro. You got the legit setup neon green headphones to

00:01:39.600 --> 00:01:39.900 Ryan Clearwater: The other

00:01:40.920 --> 00:01:41.340 Ryan Clearwater: Man.

00:01:44.820 --> 00:01:46.290 Ryan Clearwater: That's awesome. I'll send them to you.

00:01:47.040 --> 00:01:49.980 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Go, go, yeah, come closer to that Mike. That sounded really clear.

00:01:50.280 --> 00:01:50.910 Ryan Clearwater: Okay, great.

00:01:51.390 --> 00:01:53.130 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's the road you were talking about.

00:01:53.370 --> 00:01:54.690 Ryan Clearwater: No, this is the Blue Yeti.

00:01:55.590 --> 00:01:56.160 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: The Yeti.

00:01:56.340 --> 00:01:59.040 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And you've got that you're running it you're running into your cell phone with that.

00:01:59.220 --> 00:02:11.040 Ryan Clearwater: Straight into my cell phone. I've got an adapter. It was kind of this hit or miss thing where the guy said, it might work. It might not. And I said, it's cool, the host of this show is understanding

00:02:11.040 --> 00:02:11.730 Ryan Clearwater: So, it

00:02:12.270 --> 00:02:13.860 Ryan Clearwater: Will pivot. I think they call it.

00:02:13.920 --> 00:02:24.420 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Women, we will pivot. Yes, that's really dope. You'll have to send me the specs on that afterwards because I'm always playing, I'm used lav mic. Same thing, I'm running into myself and I

00:02:24.810 --> 00:02:31.800 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Even before all this went down. I had to test it a little bit because the station was closed down a couple times. So I wanted to continue the show, even though

00:02:32.070 --> 00:02:40.440 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: The producer was out of the country. And I was like, man, I gotta do my show. Anyways, so I figured out like this remote setup and there's all kinds of gadgets and gadgets and stuff going into

00:02:40.770 --> 00:02:41.640 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, I know.

00:02:42.240 --> 00:02:43.500 Ryan Clearwater: What kind of album, like, yeah.

00:02:44.250 --> 00:02:46.680 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's a, it's a boy. Yeah.

00:02:47.340 --> 00:02:52.620 Ryan Clearwater: Oh yeah, oh yeah, Bo ya. But I've also got some road stuff that I like as well. They both

00:02:53.550 --> 00:02:57.450 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: They both are highly recommended and pretty versatile and I

00:02:57.450 --> 00:02:57.900 Ryan Clearwater: Liked it.

00:02:58.380 --> 00:03:09.030 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Because I've often hosted in kind of chaotic environments like my restaurant and there's stuff going on in the background. Oh, surely you can hear it a little more subtly, but when you have the lav mic. It just like barely picks it up and

00:03:09.450 --> 00:03:16.020 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: But everybody's still kind of clear in it and I enjoy that aspect of it but yeah you got a really great sound coming out of that manifesto.

00:03:16.080 --> 00:03:16.530 Ryan Clearwater: Thank you.

00:03:16.710 --> 00:03:18.060 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Hi, how you doing today.

00:03:18.540 --> 00:03:27.660 Ryan Clearwater: I'm doing great, man. It's been a good day, you know, taking some time out of my day to do this is awesome with with my work outside of

00:03:28.680 --> 00:03:33.960 Ryan Clearwater: You know the Twitter feed and all that, which isn't really considered work right.

00:03:35.550 --> 00:03:35.880 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Do it.

00:03:36.120 --> 00:03:44.070 Ryan Clearwater: It's. It all depends on how you do it. Yeah. So I work in politics outside of outside of the motivational kind of

00:03:45.390 --> 00:03:45.990 Ryan Clearwater: Life.

00:03:47.160 --> 00:03:59.100 Ryan Clearwater: Evaluation stuff. And so we have a very busy week coming up next week. So this is a welcome reprieve from gearing up for that. So thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

00:03:59.100 --> 00:04:02.790 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, no. My pleasure. So you're in Columbia, Missouri. I get that. Correct.

00:04:02.910 --> 00:04:11.550 Ryan Clearwater: That's right, home of the tigers, we're smack dab in the middle of the state about hour and a half, two hours from St. Louis on the east side and then about two hours.

00:04:13.680 --> 00:04:17.970 Ryan Clearwater: West of us has Kansas City, home of the Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs I

00:04:18.690 --> 00:04:20.490 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: knew you were gonna plug for the chiefs, I just

00:04:20.670 --> 00:04:25.440 Ryan Clearwater: Have to have to. It's been decades, man. And, you know, and so I had to do it.

00:04:25.980 --> 00:04:37.950 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Had to do it. So give everybody just for context a little background you a your parents were. They were entrepreneurs themselves. They had their own business, you grew up in that once you tell us a little bit about that.

00:04:38.370 --> 00:04:43.890 Ryan Clearwater: Sure. So growing up, my family has always been involved in the community.

00:04:45.660 --> 00:04:48.090 Ryan Clearwater: When I as far back as I can remember.

00:04:49.740 --> 00:04:58.740 Ryan Clearwater: When I was young. I'm so I'm talking three, four years old, we broke ground on a daycare center. I say we, I mean, I was, you know, in diapers.

00:04:58.740 --> 00:05:04.470 Ryan Clearwater: Probably when you were dig. I was shovel. Yeah, they had me working, you know, family, work and

00:05:05.700 --> 00:05:14.160 Ryan Clearwater: They broke ground way the concrete and built a successful daycare center with the promise that they were going to own and operate it for 10 years

00:05:15.450 --> 00:05:18.150 Ryan Clearwater: So that 10 years in that 10 year period.

00:05:19.170 --> 00:05:26.400 Ryan Clearwater: I am blessed in the fact that I had a loving family that made sure that every one of my needs, was met. I have a

00:05:27.660 --> 00:05:39.720 Ryan Clearwater: Developmental developmentally disabled sister. So they also made sure that her needs were met, whether that was me going to a soccer practice or her going to her therapeutic horseback riding,

00:05:40.830 --> 00:05:46.140 Ryan Clearwater: We were always blessed in that regard. Now with that being said though when you run a daycare center.

00:05:47.130 --> 00:06:00.150 Ryan Clearwater: There are other children involved, of course, and those children's needs also need to be met. So for me it was i i'm early on in my life. I mean, I was able to

00:06:00.990 --> 00:06:18.480 Ryan Clearwater: Decipher when it was time for me. And when it was time for other kids and so that value of being able to say, you know what, life doesn't revolve around me, and I should take a little bit of care and compassion and throw that towards other kids.

00:06:19.980 --> 00:06:22.380 Ryan Clearwater: was instilled very early on. Yeah.

00:06:22.890 --> 00:06:25.950 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's a great lesson, especially for right now. Sure.

00:06:25.980 --> 00:06:31.020 Ryan Clearwater: Definitely, and that's that's I'm thankful that you had me on here definitely blessing had me on here because

00:06:32.160 --> 00:06:39.330 Ryan Clearwater: I think we can all agree that in today's in today's climate political and social, economic, you know,

00:06:41.370 --> 00:06:58.380 Ryan Clearwater: People don't have. They're very quick to judge people don't tend to have a lot of outwardly COMPASSION FOR PEOPLE specially on social media and places like Twitter where you get a very small amount of characters to

00:07:00.000 --> 00:07:01.140 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: To communicate with Twitter.

00:07:01.530 --> 00:07:02.790 Ryan Clearwater: Especially on Twitter.

00:07:04.020 --> 00:07:08.610 Ryan Clearwater: And and even on log for platforms like Facebook.

00:07:09.870 --> 00:07:19.680 Ryan Clearwater: You lose a lot of that nuance and a lot of that communication. So it's very, it's very easy for people to kind of get set in their ways and to lose it.

00:07:19.890 --> 00:07:22.500 Ryan Clearwater: Kind of ability to talk. Well,

00:07:22.560 --> 00:07:26.670 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And I say this in business to um you know that

00:07:29.430 --> 00:07:36.360 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: If you're in digital services and your customers not directly in front of you, you know,

00:07:36.900 --> 00:07:44.730 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's easy to say certain things that you might not say if they were right in front of you and I'm fortunate to have been in customer service.

00:07:45.420 --> 00:07:53.400 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Tangible, you know, real life customer service or 25 years like this that

00:07:54.120 --> 00:08:02.790 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know, this is directly in front of me. There's a lot more accountability there than if you're behind a screen, whether it's business, whether it's your views on politics or

00:08:03.180 --> 00:08:10.200 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Social Policy one of, one of the things because my I've children to and they've grown up, you know, with the small business owner and you're

00:08:10.200 --> 00:08:11.250 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Helping with small businesses.

00:08:11.970 --> 00:08:19.650 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And one policy, I started to institute recently amongst the family because we've got three kids.

00:08:19.980 --> 00:08:31.680 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And, you know, it can get hectic and crazy and they've all been in the restaurant and seeing how that operates and how to be successful there and it's not by treating each other, you know, like poorly.

00:08:31.950 --> 00:08:38.670 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: So I just wrote them all to imagine when you're talking to each other, you're speaking to a customer in the restaurant. How would you act.

00:08:38.940 --> 00:08:45.330 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Like of course you want. Maybe you disagree or maybe there's some negotiation on certain things, but you want to do it with

00:08:45.690 --> 00:08:55.800 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: A certain amount of attack that everybody's happy at the end. And everybody kind of gets what they want. That's real. I was like, we're gonna we're gonna start this rule. Like if you wouldn't speak to a customer that way. And these are children.

00:08:56.940 --> 00:08:57.540 Ryan Clearwater: Doing this to

00:08:57.780 --> 00:08:59.070 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's an experiment, you know,

00:08:59.400 --> 00:09:01.350 Ryan Clearwater: But you have to, I mean we have to

00:09:01.380 --> 00:09:07.740 Ryan Clearwater: We have to take a little more stock in the fact that what our children learn early on is going to compound.

00:09:08.160 --> 00:09:09.660 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: For years into their future.

00:09:09.930 --> 00:09:16.410 Ryan Clearwater: So you have to instill those kinds of values into into our into our children, especially when you know what i see parents all the time and

00:09:16.950 --> 00:09:27.720 Ryan Clearwater: I'll be completely honest with you, I'm one of them. Try not to be but you know there's times I've got an 18 month old son and with the quarantine going on. I had to do a lot of daddy daycare here at the

00:09:27.720 --> 00:09:28.260 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: House.

00:09:28.500 --> 00:09:38.970 Ryan Clearwater: And sometimes it was a instead of engaging. It was just easier to throw the phone at him or, you know, throw Blue's Clues or pop patrol on the TV right so

00:09:39.750 --> 00:09:47.550 Ryan Clearwater: Being able to instill those kinds of values and be a role model for your kids and also to be a conduit for knowledge for them.

00:09:47.880 --> 00:09:52.140 Ryan Clearwater: Right, somebody that they can trust to go to for advice and wisdom. And that's, you know, and it's

00:09:52.650 --> 00:10:05.820 Ryan Clearwater: Just kind of spit ball here for a freestyle here for a minute. But that's not just for kids right i mean you're talking about co workers you're talking about people beneath you, in the chat. And like I was gonna say the chain of command, but people beneath you and your business.

00:10:07.800 --> 00:10:18.390 Ryan Clearwater: People alongside you. And then of course people people above you, you know it's it's it's doing that kind of culture that really can set a business like a restaurant off or really, frankly, any, any business.

00:10:18.450 --> 00:10:19.560 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Anything. Yeah.

00:10:19.620 --> 00:10:21.750 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, absolutely. So, um,

00:10:23.100 --> 00:10:25.020 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Especially on your website I

00:10:25.050 --> 00:10:25.650 Ryan Clearwater: Hear you

00:10:25.830 --> 00:10:30.510 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Talk a bit about that and and fidelity strategies. What's that all about

00:10:30.930 --> 00:10:46.590 Ryan Clearwater: So fidelity strategies is a relationship based company. What we do is we help individuals communicate with other people better, whether that's personally or professionally. We also evaluate people in businesses to see what their

00:10:47.700 --> 00:10:53.640 Ryan Clearwater: What their strengths and weaknesses are and and and identify solutions for them to be able to

00:10:55.920 --> 00:11:09.510 Ryan Clearwater: What would you say strengthen their weaknesses. So, so it's a lot of community. It's a lot of communication. It's been challenging. Right. I just started this company this year. Okay, we used we used to do some social media.

00:11:10.860 --> 00:11:15.960 Ryan Clearwater: Political, social media stuff, but I've kind of shied away from that a little bit. Just because

00:11:17.310 --> 00:11:23.220 Ryan Clearwater: It's very easy to get caught in the echo chamber of politics so

00:11:24.690 --> 00:11:32.070 Ryan Clearwater: While we do political consulting. We do a lot more personal and professional consulting and development.

00:11:33.660 --> 00:11:36.660 Ryan Clearwater: What I was going to say is what the coven situation course.

00:11:38.130 --> 00:11:47.700 Ryan Clearwater: A lot of those one on one meetings aren't happening. So we have to resort to things like you know we could, I could have sat there and said, You know what, I'm just gonna, I'm just going to pump the brakes on this, the time is it right

00:11:48.750 --> 00:11:53.490 Ryan Clearwater: And you know that's not that doesn't do any kind of service.

00:11:53.670 --> 00:12:04.680 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, and that's no due diligence to the people that need help the most and are out seeking it so being able to have platforms like social media zoom based time

00:12:05.910 --> 00:12:10.500 Ryan Clearwater: It actually makes communicating a heck of a lot easier because the travel components, no longer there.

00:12:11.460 --> 00:12:27.930 Ryan Clearwater: And immediate feedback I think is great. So in that way. Nobody is waiting for an email or text or a return phone call to clarify some very fine Are some of the more finer points of personal development work. So that's what fidelity strategies is

00:12:29.310 --> 00:12:34.920 Ryan Clearwater: In my my terms or what I would think is a nutshell and

00:12:34.980 --> 00:12:37.680 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And when did you guys kick off house, he said this year.

00:12:38.040 --> 00:12:43.410 Ryan Clearwater: So this so not 2020 but within like the 305 calendar.

00:12:43.680 --> 00:13:01.440 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Day council. Yeah. So, so you're young, still in terms of that iteration. I'm curious, something you said earlier about your parents they committed to a 10 year business plan. Do you know why they why they chose that timeframe, just out of curiosity, because I've heard that before.

00:13:01.890 --> 00:13:03.960 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, for them, I think it was more

00:13:05.010 --> 00:13:09.600 Ryan Clearwater: And they're fascinating people if you ever wanted. I don't know if they'd be able to know how to set up a microphone, but

00:13:10.980 --> 00:13:16.350 Ryan Clearwater: They'd be fascinating people to talk to you as well because coming from an adult perspective of running the business.

00:13:17.610 --> 00:13:31.170 Ryan Clearwater: But from what I, from what I've gathered the reason why was so that they had a a clear plan for the future. In the short term, so they knew that if they could build something within that 10 year period.

00:13:32.760 --> 00:13:41.250 Ryan Clearwater: Build it to the best of their ability, then they would be able to take the experiences from that and transfer them over into

00:13:41.820 --> 00:14:01.260 Ryan Clearwater: Their family life and other professional ventures that they're wanting to get across. So I mean it. It was man, it was like 10 years. I mean, not to the dot. But, you know, to the end, but it was 10 years of dedicated service to our community community that and then they they they got out.

00:14:02.640 --> 00:14:07.350 Ryan Clearwater: So the business that's running the daycare still stands under a different name.

00:14:07.590 --> 00:14:07.800 Ryan Clearwater: Guy.

00:14:08.040 --> 00:14:19.530 Ryan Clearwater: I drive by it almost every single day. And from what I understand it's flourishing and and to know that my, my parents had a direct impact on

00:14:20.100 --> 00:14:27.780 Ryan Clearwater: The future lives of kids. I mean, I don't know if that I don't know if that business would still be around to serve the community with my folks hadn't built it so

00:14:27.840 --> 00:14:37.410 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, it's it's surreal. Understood, understood. Okay, great. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be back. Okay, awesome. Everybody listening. So that's one area web

00:16:45.960 --> 00:16:56.580 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: All right, everybody, welcome back. Once again, Friday. High Noon you're listening to the entrepreneurial web. I'm your host, Jeremiah, Fox here with my guest from Columbia, Missouri. Ryan clearwater

00:16:57.000 --> 00:16:57.840 Como

00:16:58.860 --> 00:16:59.880 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Como, does that mean

00:17:00.270 --> 00:17:02.220 Ryan Clearwater: Columbia, Missouri, man. Como

00:17:02.370 --> 00:17:03.450 Ryan Clearwater: Como on now.

00:17:03.870 --> 00:17:05.850 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I I've been on

00:17:06.930 --> 00:17:13.710 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Almost all my life. I don't know anything. I didn't even know there was a country. I was like, what, it's not just New York

00:17:14.160 --> 00:17:20.970 Ryan Clearwater: I know, I know. Yeah, it's a, there's a, they call flyover states, I call it home. All right. All right.

00:17:21.270 --> 00:17:30.720 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: So we were just talking on the last segment about your family's business with that you were part of as a kid and their, their 10 year business plan. I've heard. The reason I asked about that is because a lot of

00:17:31.050 --> 00:17:35.910 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's interesting that somebody back then was doing that because that's more of a common thing now where I feel like

00:17:37.290 --> 00:17:38.280 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Earlier on,

00:17:39.330 --> 00:17:46.350 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Families would build businesses that they intended to rush and possibly even pass down

00:17:46.380 --> 00:17:47.490 Ryan Clearwater: generational thing.

00:17:47.910 --> 00:18:03.930 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, yeah. So now I what I hear from a lot of people, they say, you know, go for it. Go for 10 years five is too short, if you if basically if you survive 10 years especially as a brick and mortar business these days in this climate. That's like huge success.

00:18:04.170 --> 00:18:05.910 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Because of the rapidity of like

00:18:05.970 --> 00:18:10.560 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Just flux and now I mean, now we've got a whole new component, you know,

00:18:11.700 --> 00:18:13.680 Ryan Clearwater: Destruction with innovative destruction.

00:18:13.710 --> 00:18:20.460 Ryan Clearwater: Occurring and the advent of the Internet businesses that that whole adapt or die kind of

00:18:20.520 --> 00:18:26.130 Ryan Clearwater: Idea. Right. So yeah, I mean, you know, used to hear all the time that a

00:18:27.150 --> 00:18:30.180 Ryan Clearwater: Lot, vast majority of businesses would

00:18:31.260 --> 00:18:39.480 Ryan Clearwater: Have to shut down after what a year and then if it's five years. Yeah, that went down 510 percent and I don't even remember the statistics, but

00:18:41.490 --> 00:18:51.150 Ryan Clearwater: That still that number was astronomically high so with how fast paced, everything is now i mean that five year period, I think is kind of now the

00:18:51.690 --> 00:18:55.440 Ryan Clearwater: 10 year period. So I think that right. I think that businesses should i mean

00:18:56.190 --> 00:19:07.320 Ryan Clearwater: For each their own right but i mean i i think it is kind of this deal where it's for me if I were to invest that time and opportunity into a business. I would love the stick with it personally.

00:19:08.100 --> 00:19:18.300 Ryan Clearwater: I know others would love to move on and try to experience new things and serve people better and other aspects but for me I don't know if I could. I don't know if I could leave something like that.

00:19:18.360 --> 00:19:23.070 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: So yeah, I mean, it's almost like the startup mentality, but like just on a really slow pace.

00:19:23.820 --> 00:19:29.430 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Right startup. So like build it quickly, they want to sell it was like, yeah, we did the same thing, just we took 10 years

00:19:29.460 --> 00:19:31.200 Ryan Clearwater: 10 years you know

00:19:31.710 --> 00:19:44.640 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: But at least they did sell it you know and and that it's still there, that's a testament to. I mean, I kind of am fascinated by that and I'm on the fence about businesses that I've started and been involved with

00:19:45.210 --> 00:19:50.910 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Which is, it is the goal to build it up and part ways with it, but that's so it continues still

00:19:51.180 --> 00:20:03.150 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's still it's, you know, a service to the community and it goes on to succeed, but somebody else gets to dabble in it and then like I'm, I'm kind of all over the place. That way, I kind of didn't understand that where I could, I could just hop into something else as well.

00:20:03.540 --> 00:20:06.810 Ryan Clearwater: Jeremiah, I think. I don't think that there is one right or wrong answer there.

00:20:06.840 --> 00:20:07.110 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah.

00:20:07.170 --> 00:20:14.880 Ryan Clearwater: And I think that that's something that I've realized, as I've dabbled into my my business consulting is what are the what what is it that you want.

00:20:15.240 --> 00:20:21.420 Ryan Clearwater: What are your driving factors do you want to do not have the time anymore and I hate saying do not have the time.

00:20:21.930 --> 00:20:31.410 Ryan Clearwater: Is it not a priority for you anymore. Is it something that you're wanting to move or what move on from and, if so, and if you can if you if you hold something else to have more value.

00:20:32.310 --> 00:20:39.150 Ryan Clearwater: Move on. But let's make sure that you're you're doing it for the reasons that you're going to be comfortable with. So

00:20:39.780 --> 00:20:47.580 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah. So like I said, teach their own on that, you know, so I understand that if you're having a struggle, or if anybody else is having a struggle on making those kinds of decisions, it's, it's a tough.

00:20:48.420 --> 00:20:50.880 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It is and what I've found is that

00:20:52.440 --> 00:20:58.770 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know, for me personally businesses operate better when I'm when I'm hands on with them.

00:20:59.220 --> 00:21:10.500 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Sure we're often and and it's not a matter of necessarily you don't have enough time, but like, you're, you're only so much. You're only so much lion. Right. There's so much so much lion to go around.

00:21:10.770 --> 00:21:17.550 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And it's hard to be. I mean, there was a point where I was running I've places at the same time.

00:21:17.640 --> 00:21:23.820 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And they were all how geographically very close to each other like four of them were on this were within two blocks.

00:21:24.180 --> 00:21:31.710 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And one was just a little outside of that. But still, I mean, you just can't be everywhere at once, even though you're that geographically geographically

00:21:32.040 --> 00:21:40.830 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Close. It's hard to keep your hands on the machinery of all of those things and and yeah we had to. We had to adjust things to where we could make it more manageable.

00:21:41.130 --> 00:21:48.780 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Um, I think that representation is really important when when ownership or leadership is there if you find the right managers.

00:21:49.200 --> 00:21:52.140 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And you're making enough money to pay them. That's kind of story.

00:21:52.650 --> 00:21:56.730 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's that's rare, though. I think it's becoming more and more rare these days where you find people that

00:21:57.030 --> 00:22:06.360 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Can represent your values and and continue with your culture the way that you would, or at least close to it in a way that that makes that business really sustainable and not

00:22:06.720 --> 00:22:10.800 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Just anonymous because I think what we're seeing right now. I don't know what it's like where you're at, but in New York.

00:22:11.220 --> 00:22:15.390 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: All those places that we're just kind of anonymous. They're just disappearing because

00:22:15.750 --> 00:22:24.540 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: They didn't have the culture. They didn't have the following, you know, there wasn't that connection to the community and like it sounds like to me what your parents did was that they really focused on that community connection.

00:22:24.900 --> 00:22:29.430 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And that's something that, uh, that we've definitely tried to harness. It's really hard to do.

00:22:30.090 --> 00:22:31.020 Ryan Clearwater: It's very tough.

00:22:31.320 --> 00:22:32.130 Ryan Clearwater: It's very tough.

00:22:32.460 --> 00:22:38.490 Ryan Clearwater: And so, so something that you said jumped out at me. The fact that you have to be

00:22:39.120 --> 00:22:46.920 Ryan Clearwater: Or sometimes you might feel like you have to be everywhere at once. You know, if you're running five different bit running five different businesses or you have five different managers.

00:22:47.550 --> 00:22:54.420 Ryan Clearwater: You can't be everywhere at once. Something that I learned in the military was that there's this aspect called decentralized command.

00:22:54.990 --> 00:23:02.700 Ryan Clearwater: So there's. So, on the flip side of that is centralized command, which is where you are it and nobody can make a decision until they pass it through you.

00:23:03.150 --> 00:23:12.990 Ryan Clearwater: And I don't know a single successful business that is able to do that, you have to be able to be decentralized so that you can make decisions when they, when they have to come to you.

00:23:13.320 --> 00:23:20.310 Ryan Clearwater: But as long as the businesses are being taken, taken care of the patrons are being taken care of the employees are being taken care of.

00:23:20.790 --> 00:23:32.790 Ryan Clearwater: And and everybody within your company has the ability to maneuver and the flexibility to make decisions that advance your culture and your mission statement.

00:23:33.930 --> 00:23:44.280 Ryan Clearwater: That's, that's obvious. In my opinion, that's obviously going to be preferred over that over that other other thing, because then on the centralized side, you're not able to

00:23:44.700 --> 00:23:53.910 Ryan Clearwater: Make you're not able to get to everybody. And then you're doing a disservice to you your employees and then your and then more importantly your patrons so

00:23:55.140 --> 00:23:57.870 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah i don't i don't know how anybody would be able to do that.

00:23:58.440 --> 00:24:03.360 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I like how that worked out. I wanted to rope in your military experience that is how we were going to get there. That was

00:24:04.410 --> 00:24:06.600 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: So seamless and really nice.

00:24:06.720 --> 00:24:09.810 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Tell everybody a little bit about your, your military background.

00:24:10.200 --> 00:24:25.050 Ryan Clearwater: So I will start by saying I was in ROTC Cadet at the University of Missouri. I graduated from rock ridge High School. Way back in 2004 to some people that might make me a baby to some people it might might make me an old man.

00:24:26.700 --> 00:24:33.060 Ryan Clearwater: But, but in high school that was when of course 911 happened.

00:24:34.260 --> 00:24:40.290 Ryan Clearwater: I'd always had this affinity for playing army guy, you know, I always have the GI Joes and the green soldiers.

00:24:41.760 --> 00:24:59.220 Ryan Clearwater: And so, ended up being able to go to the Air Force ROTC program after one year there. I decided that rather than fly the planes. I would love to have the opportunity to jump out of the planes. So I transferred over to the army Army ROTC program.

00:25:00.270 --> 00:25:07.080 Ryan Clearwater: Commissioned and then ended up. I didn't have a glorious career I unfortunately never got deployed.

00:25:08.100 --> 00:25:15.150 Ryan Clearwater: As I got to see all my all my, I would say. Brothers and sisters, but really, my friends and people that that became very close to me.

00:25:16.200 --> 00:25:17.490 Ryan Clearwater: Got to see them deploy.

00:25:18.750 --> 00:25:27.600 Ryan Clearwater: And you know so i for me that was rather difficult but but I was able to, I went to Field Artillery school. I went to airborne school

00:25:28.710 --> 00:25:29.760 Ryan Clearwater: I ended up becoming a

00:25:31.110 --> 00:25:36.570 Ryan Clearwater: Company executive officer, which I'll explain that in a second and a

00:25:38.280 --> 00:25:50.610 Ryan Clearwater: CEO company commander for an infantry drill sergeant unit based out of Quincy, Illinois, which is about. Man, I can't even remember three, four hours away from Columbia.

00:25:51.810 --> 00:26:01.230 Ryan Clearwater: Great unit of of gentlemen and ladies who who dedicated their, their lives and their careers to making sure that America was safe.

00:26:02.640 --> 00:26:04.170 Ryan Clearwater: So that was that was fantastic.

00:26:05.700 --> 00:26:16.230 Ryan Clearwater: The company executive officer essentially takes care of the day to day activities of their of their company so they make sure that everybody has their training in line.

00:26:16.740 --> 00:26:24.780 Ryan Clearwater: That they're scheduled for their training and that they're being taken care of, whereas the company commander, of course, has a more

00:26:25.410 --> 00:26:38.070 Ryan Clearwater: bird's eye view opinion and steers the unit in the direction that that meets the mission of the higher commands. So, gotcha. Yeah, so that's that's essentially it

00:26:40.200 --> 00:26:41.520 Ryan Clearwater: loved every minute of it.

00:26:42.630 --> 00:26:49.260 Ryan Clearwater: And, you know, God bless our military man i i know that our military and our law enforcement right now. A lot of folks are

00:26:50.340 --> 00:26:58.440 Ryan Clearwater: Crying foul over a lot of things. And I don't want to get into the politics, but, you know, God bless them for doing the doing the job that they do so.

00:26:59.850 --> 00:27:06.480 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You must be familiar with Simon cynics and some of his studies and military and business.

00:27:07.320 --> 00:27:09.630 Ryan Clearwater: I know a little bit about Simon centric.

00:27:09.660 --> 00:27:16.050 Ryan Clearwater: I own a couple of his books for me and I cannot, this is this is a mortal sin of mine.

00:27:17.520 --> 00:27:20.760 Ryan Clearwater: I don't remember the author. But the book on killing

00:27:21.420 --> 00:27:22.170 Ryan Clearwater: Oh yeah, that was it.

00:27:22.320 --> 00:27:24.480 Ryan Clearwater: Goes into know psychological aspects of

00:27:24.540 --> 00:27:29.940 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I know that one. Well, actually, is a it's in the other room. I can't remember his name, either on combat.

00:27:30.120 --> 00:27:31.710 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: is fantastic. Have you read that.

00:27:32.130 --> 00:27:38.130 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That was like by opening for me, man. There were just so many fascinating aspects.

00:27:38.520 --> 00:27:41.640 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Of everything I haven't read on killing yet, but I'd like to

00:27:42.030 --> 00:27:47.310 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Um, yeah. And he he definitely kind of predated Simon cynic in terms of that because those books are

00:27:47.700 --> 00:27:52.560 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: A solid like 15 years old and that was probably when someone sending was just getting his, his feet wet in this, but

00:27:52.920 --> 00:28:15.120 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know, essentially, he is coming from a business background and followed military companies around and I you know I one of his more recent books is leaders eat last right was talking about you know how out what the culture is like in in a company and how the, the younger

00:28:16.290 --> 00:28:17.220 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know, I don't know.

00:28:17.580 --> 00:28:20.160 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I don't know the names of all the different levels, but

00:28:20.610 --> 00:28:22.200 Ryan Clearwater: I would just say your junior soldiers.

00:28:22.260 --> 00:28:28.350 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, your age, your age, your 18 year olds. Yeah, and quite quite frank and not to interrupt, but I know exactly

00:28:28.470 --> 00:28:34.530 Ryan Clearwater: Where I know where you're going here. Um, that's, that's a crucial aspect is making sure that your teams are taken care of.

00:28:34.560 --> 00:28:36.270 Ryan Clearwater: Both exactly and

00:28:36.840 --> 00:28:45.450 Ryan Clearwater: To an extent, of course, and I have a little story for you to an extent, you have to make sure of course that you're taken care of. Because if you're the decision maker.

00:28:46.830 --> 00:28:51.420 Ryan Clearwater: If you're not taking care of yourself. Then again, you're doing a disservice to those around you.

00:28:52.530 --> 00:28:57.000 Ryan Clearwater: I was blessed to be able to go to Fort Bragg North Carolina for a very short month

00:28:58.350 --> 00:28:59.760 Ryan Clearwater: I was slated to go

00:29:01.140 --> 00:29:22.080 Ryan Clearwater: Basically job shadow a special forces unit ended up getting transferred into a PSYOPs unit psychological operations and the cycle operate the psychological operations unit. Their job was to do all the print work for comic books and, you know, different types of pamphlets and flyers.

00:29:23.100 --> 00:29:33.840 Ryan Clearwater: That they would, you know, insert into areas where they wanted some information to get out. So while I was there. And these printers, man. They're the size of a small house.

00:29:35.550 --> 00:29:50.940 Ryan Clearwater: A there was a general who had there was a general who had passed away and I got you there was a general that passed away and we had to do a mission in support of him and I can get into that later.

00:29:51.570 --> 00:29:58.110 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Cool. Great. Yeah, let's pick up with that when we come back we'll take another quick break and we'll be back in just a few everybody hang tight.

00:32:16.290 --> 00:32:22.890 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Alright everybody, we're back again with my guests Ryan clearwater out of como was that what it was called

00:32:23.340 --> 00:32:23.820 Ryan Clearwater: You got it.

00:32:23.910 --> 00:32:25.710 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Omo Omo

00:32:26.250 --> 00:32:33.030 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Oh yeah, Columbia, Missouri. So let's pick back up with that story. Great job, catching that cue to your sharp, man. You're ready for the big time.

00:32:33.450 --> 00:32:34.890 Ryan Clearwater: I try, I try

00:32:35.310 --> 00:32:36.780 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Very good, very good. Go ahead.

00:32:37.200 --> 00:32:51.030 Ryan Clearwater: So, so, yeah. So while I was at that unit this general had passed away and the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that we're going to be going to that unit or two to that funeral president was invited

00:32:52.170 --> 00:32:56.610 Ryan Clearwater: There were all sorts of commanding generals from all military branches going to this thing is a big deal.

00:32:56.970 --> 00:32:57.780 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Wow. Yeah.

00:32:58.020 --> 00:32:59.910 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, and and

00:33:01.080 --> 00:33:11.460 Ryan Clearwater: My happy ass ended up being being there during this like really important thing college kid, you know, and I was just wide eyed, you know, innocent as the day as I was born.

00:33:11.850 --> 00:33:23.070 Ryan Clearwater: And and so what we ended up having to do is print, of course, the obituary story. It was a multi page pamphlet, um, I can't get my printer in my home office to work half the time.

00:33:23.370 --> 00:33:25.290 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: So I had to rely on my soldiers.

00:33:25.650 --> 00:33:40.110 Ryan Clearwater: Who do this for a living for a career, um, to get that job done. So for me it was a not so much an ego check because for me I when I find somebody that has the expertise and the knowledge to get something done.

00:33:41.340 --> 00:33:53.340 Ryan Clearwater: 100% every single time. I'm going to defer to that individual. Now, am I going to ask questions. You bet. I'm going to ask questions. But, and am I going to learn as much as I can. Am I going to be a sponge. Yeah, of course.

00:33:53.760 --> 00:34:04.890 Ryan Clearwater: But so when that when that happens when that generally passed away all of a sudden we had colonels like on the on the low end we had kernels that are

00:34:05.340 --> 00:34:24.090 Ryan Clearwater: Colonel comes right before the first stage of being a general we have generals and then I think we did have a few maybe like UPPER RANKS like majors that weren't in that Colonel to general range, but all of a sudden everybody was in my in I say my right, our unit.

00:34:26.460 --> 00:34:35.040 Ryan Clearwater: observing everything and asking questions and making sure that everything was running smoothly for this funeral that that mission took 96 hours.

00:34:35.580 --> 00:34:43.380 Ryan Clearwater: Of that 96 hour operation we had pages. And I know that this seems it can sound silly. When you talk about

00:34:44.280 --> 00:34:52.410 Ryan Clearwater: Ink not matching up with other other colors of ink and things like that. But I mean, if you think about a picture. If you are a t shirt design.

00:34:52.770 --> 00:34:58.770 Ryan Clearwater: If you overlay the blues on top of the yellows wrong or the reds. I mean, everything is going to look like garbage.

00:34:59.190 --> 00:35:08.130 Ryan Clearwater: We had that for a lot for at the very beginning, a lot of our stuff, a lot of our product was not performing well. So because of that, and also

00:35:08.580 --> 00:35:16.950 Ryan Clearwater: Part of being a young leader I felt like I had to be there, not necessarily be in charge, not necessarily have my hand in everything.

00:35:17.250 --> 00:35:27.840 Ryan Clearwater: But just be there. So my soldiers could see and I say my soldiers. Again, I was only there for a month. However, during that time period. I was in charge of that I was treated as if I was in charge of that unit.

00:35:28.260 --> 00:35:28.530 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Hmm.

00:35:29.040 --> 00:35:42.750 Ryan Clearwater: So during that period. I felt it was important to be seen so much so that I was man I was slamming monsters energy five hours and Red Bulls like like they like. They were the last on earth and

00:35:45.210 --> 00:35:48.300 Ryan Clearwater: I started making mistakes at about our

00:35:49.770 --> 00:36:01.920 Ryan Clearwater: Oh man, it was two and a half days in no sleep. Of course, all my guys were on rotation all my ladies were on rotation, but it was a for me. I felt like I had to be there for everybody needed to see me.

00:36:03.180 --> 00:36:18.810 Ryan Clearwater: And so I I started making mistakes. I started making bad judgment calls. I wasn't taking care of myself, my first sergeant came up to me and she said, Sir, I need you to go. I need you to go to that office. I need you to turn off the lights. I need you to. I need you to shut the door.

00:36:19.230 --> 00:36:21.090 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Me the regular yeah

00:36:21.240 --> 00:36:31.500 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, and and i i'm thankful for that lesson she actually said, Sir, you're, you're, you're getting in the way, and I and like that kind of forward.

00:36:32.040 --> 00:36:45.900 Ryan Clearwater: direct communication. I appreciate it. And of course, there's always a time for that. But, and that was definitely one of those times. So I got about five hours of sleep. I woke up refreshed and we carried on the mission got it done.

00:36:47.130 --> 00:36:56.580 Ryan Clearwater: Unit got some got some good recognition out of it, so it ended up being a win. Once I was able to recognize that I was being more of a detriment to my team that I was a help.

00:36:57.240 --> 00:37:05.250 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, so it's always important to be able to relate to have that kind of introspection and realize when when when things are going awry.

00:37:05.760 --> 00:37:22.530 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah. Um, what else can you cite from your time with the military that in terms of that leadership and along the lines of, like, some of the stuff that Simon cynic and other authors have highlighted that have helped you as you transition, especially like with with consulting. Yeah.

00:37:22.860 --> 00:37:30.600 Ryan Clearwater: So again, early on when I was in a large amount of I don't even want to call it a career, my schooling in ROTC

00:37:32.550 --> 00:37:43.590 Ryan Clearwater: I was a jerk, because I thought that that's what I was supposed to be, you know, you see it in the movies all the time. I mean, look at Full Metal Jacket. Right. I thought I was. I thought I was him but

00:37:44.790 --> 00:37:47.520 Ryan Clearwater: And what that did was it made me unapproachable.

00:37:48.750 --> 00:37:50.910 Ryan Clearwater: It made people feel alienated.

00:37:52.200 --> 00:38:01.860 Ryan Clearwater: And and ultimately it hurt my leadership skills. I wasn't a patient individual and and actually it ended up. And normally I am a patient individual

00:38:02.460 --> 00:38:14.670 Ryan Clearwater: So, it ended up actually affecting me personally and kind of turned on turned into this weird alter ego, in a way. So, but once I recognize that that was happening.

00:38:15.720 --> 00:38:21.690 Ryan Clearwater: And it took. I mean I'm not saying that was a week long month long or even a year long thing. I mean, that took years

00:38:21.750 --> 00:38:26.850 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, um, once I realized that that was happening. I was able to to

00:38:28.140 --> 00:38:38.700 Ryan Clearwater: Change that thought. So, um, I would say, being able to be a patient individual somebody who can empower people

00:38:39.510 --> 00:38:53.640 Ryan Clearwater: To make decisions that are appropriate and maybe may not be the decision that you would make but a decision that worked right and then being able to just communicate. I think that that's, those are those are some of the big

00:38:55.350 --> 00:39:02.340 Ryan Clearwater: Other pillar other pillars of of a good leader, a good, a good person that cares about his people.

00:39:03.570 --> 00:39:15.480 Ryan Clearwater: I mean, it's in the title of Simon's book, you know, leaders eat last um Now granted, I was doing that. He probably got it for me because I was doing that before the book came out, but

00:39:16.350 --> 00:39:29.250 Ryan Clearwater: But yeah i mean it's it's 100% true and, you know, so you always have to make sure that you're taking care of your people, you're asking them how and and quite frankly, I would even go a step further and say you're making sure that

00:39:30.330 --> 00:39:33.180 Ryan Clearwater: They're doing okay outside of outside of your job. Yeah.

00:39:33.630 --> 00:39:34.980 Ryan Clearwater: Really investing yourself.

00:39:35.010 --> 00:39:39.090 Ryan Clearwater: In the person, not the employee. I did that is not as crucial.

00:39:39.210 --> 00:39:52.380 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, I had a similar experience, but it was in it was in business and running, especially restaurants for other people going back to I got my start in like 93 you know

00:39:52.770 --> 00:39:55.620 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah 16 1617 years old and

00:39:55.620 --> 00:39:55.980 Ryan Clearwater: That's all.

00:39:56.130 --> 00:40:06.780 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Good in a management position and and these were older gentleman who really came from another time in terms of business operation. It was a lot of that same mentality.

00:40:07.740 --> 00:40:25.890 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That you had to be a jerk. You really just had to be an asshole to get right. The thing that you wanted done and I'm and I picked up a lot of those traits and it especially once I moved to New York. You know, I thought, even more so, like, now I really get to be an ass.

00:40:26.310 --> 00:40:27.120 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah yeah

00:40:27.180 --> 00:40:27.570 Ryan Clearwater: And it was

00:40:27.780 --> 00:40:31.980 Ryan Clearwater: It was Yorkers man you New Yorkers are strong willed people

00:40:33.000 --> 00:40:35.700 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: We fucking love that man give us just a reason to be an ass.

00:40:37.560 --> 00:40:46.980 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: But, but, and it took them. It took some ego shedding and a lot of time to unpack the shadow, just like what you were saying it wasn't. It was something that started for me. Like I said, in like the early 90s.

00:40:47.250 --> 00:40:56.520 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And I probably only really started to address it in the last five years, especially when I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

00:40:56.550 --> 00:40:59.700 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Hi. Yeah. Nice. Nice.

00:40:59.700 --> 00:41:01.290 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Transitions are going so well.

00:41:01.320 --> 00:41:03.870 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: He's completely out let folks.

00:41:03.930 --> 00:41:04.260 This

00:41:05.460 --> 00:41:07.200 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yesterday, like we're going to talk about the

00:41:08.160 --> 00:41:13.650 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: How you're going to get there, but it's just like getting that getting that arm bar, you know, you know, you want to use. Don't know how you're going to get there.

00:41:15.030 --> 00:41:16.590 Ryan Clearwater: So yeah, at least I think that's right.

00:41:17.100 --> 00:41:19.560 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Sir, enter Brazilian jujitsu where

00:41:19.650 --> 00:41:36.480 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I've been training for the last five years. Didn't take teaching for about three years as well, which was just a blessing because it just increased my knowledge and skill set and that just the depth of the bandwidth. When I was like, wow, this house just

00:41:36.510 --> 00:41:40.680 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. How long have you been training for

00:41:41.100 --> 00:41:42.870 Ryan Clearwater: I've been training for about two and a half years.

00:41:43.260 --> 00:41:49.200 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And you said yesterday you because of work, especially what what your, your

00:41:51.120 --> 00:41:57.300 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: duties as a public servant require oftentimes you you don't get to train super Titan.

00:41:57.570 --> 00:42:08.850 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, that's right. It does. It does run in conflict huge i mean you know as well as I do. There is a of course a physical gain, but there's also a mental and emotional game to jujitsu

00:42:09.870 --> 00:42:20.160 Ryan Clearwater: That honestly I don't. There are very few places where you can find that kind of environment to to sharpen yourself. You know, everybody that I've

00:42:20.490 --> 00:42:31.560 Ryan Clearwater: Other than, of course, your bad apples that are that are one in a million right um every iron sharpens iron, day in, day out in the in the jujitsu mats and

00:42:32.370 --> 00:42:41.610 Ryan Clearwater: And yeah, it's, it's great. But yeah, I've been doing it about two and a half years, of course, with that, I have to take off four or five months. Every single year.

00:42:42.690 --> 00:42:49.530 Ryan Clearwater: And so where where I get to go maybe five one time a month or two times. Yeah, yeah. So

00:42:49.860 --> 00:42:50.520 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's rough

00:42:51.150 --> 00:42:59.130 Ryan Clearwater: It's rough and no amount of YouTube or Juju documentary is going to do that. My dogs don't like it when I do

00:43:00.480 --> 00:43:04.380 Ryan Clearwater: My wife, my wife has long fingernails that she won't cut so

00:43:05.040 --> 00:43:07.980 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's a good training, though. That's good. Good show those hands.

00:43:10.740 --> 00:43:21.780 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's so awesome. Oh yeah, I was different for me. I trained every day because the school was right amongst all my businesses. So I just always had a backpack and every time there was

00:43:21.840 --> 00:43:27.510 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: A three hour. I was just, I was notorious for doing six classes in the day if time allowed

00:43:27.750 --> 00:43:28.260 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: One. Oh.

00:43:28.530 --> 00:43:31.680 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, so you would like more today than you were in a month. Sometimes

00:43:32.340 --> 00:43:33.990 Ryan Clearwater: pretty old guy. So, I mean, that's

00:43:34.590 --> 00:43:35.070 Ryan Clearwater: A little

00:43:36.300 --> 00:43:37.560 Ryan Clearwater: Sore on the muscles right

00:43:37.650 --> 00:43:51.180 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: No, no, I take very good care of myself. Yeah. For for a guy in his mid 40s. I recuperate really um yeah but you know I've been. I've been practicing that with some pretty hard training leading up to my dad.

00:43:51.870 --> 00:43:55.650 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Is a hard ass to he's still he's in his late 60s and still

00:43:56.670 --> 00:43:59.220 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Like winning bench press competitions, he's

00:43:59.370 --> 00:44:00.030 Ryan Clearwater: Good for him.

00:44:00.210 --> 00:44:03.360 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: He's uh, he's he's an anomaly. We call them guns isn't

00:44:03.480 --> 00:44:05.580 Ryan Clearwater: As finance because that's fantastic.

00:44:05.580 --> 00:44:06.750 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Jack yeah

00:44:07.110 --> 00:44:17.820 Ryan Clearwater: That's so cool. The fact that I mean the fact that your father. Does that my dad kept running into doing push ups and sit ups until, until he had to have nice complete knee and shoulder replacement. Yeah.

00:44:18.210 --> 00:44:20.430 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know he's he's out for those. He's just putting it off.

00:44:20.580 --> 00:44:21.630 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know she's gonna have to

00:44:21.630 --> 00:44:23.310 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Slow down once it happens.

00:44:23.340 --> 00:44:32.880 Ryan Clearwater: But, but I'll tell you, man. I mean, there is something to be said for I hear this all the time and you see it, where people in their late 20s, 30s and 40s.

00:44:33.570 --> 00:44:45.000 Ryan Clearwater: tend to think that they're no lot because they're no longer a teenager or 25 that for some reason they they have this out to stop.

00:44:45.540 --> 00:44:57.330 Ryan Clearwater: Trying to better themselves and and what does that do for you. It does absolutely nothing. Nothing. And so when you've got a when you've got a father that does bench press right or a father that does anything

00:44:57.330 --> 00:44:58.020 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Acted yeah

00:44:58.170 --> 00:45:01.200 Ryan Clearwater: Really um that's excellent. I mean,

00:45:02.760 --> 00:45:19.080 Ryan Clearwater: You can hear it from just about anybody. The second that you start doing any kind of physical training is the second that your mental decision making process goes up your mentality goes up, you become more positive because you've already faced the fire of the day or the night before.

00:45:21.030 --> 00:45:33.540 Ryan Clearwater: In your emotional clarity, you know, goes goes out through the roof. Yeah, I don't know how many I mean during that five month period. You could ask my wife right when I'm only going once or twice a month.

00:45:33.960 --> 00:45:37.830 Ryan Clearwater: But the math other. There are times where she's like, I just need you to go to jujitsu

00:45:39.690 --> 00:45:41.190 Ryan Clearwater: You know, know that story well

00:45:41.520 --> 00:45:43.140 Ryan Clearwater: Go lift some weights.

00:45:43.440 --> 00:45:46.500 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: We're gonna take one more quick break and we'll pick back up with that I want to talk about

00:45:47.040 --> 00:45:48.150 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: For the rest of this show.

00:45:48.600 --> 00:45:49.110 Ryan Clearwater: Let's do it.

00:45:49.320 --> 00:45:52.050 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Alright, everybody will be back in a few hosts.

00:45:52.620 --> 00:45:52.980 Hosts

00:47:46.410 --> 00:47:54.090 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Okay everybody, we're back and as promised, we're going to spend the rest of this hour talking about Jiu Jitsu. No, not just but

00:47:54.510 --> 00:47:59.640 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: We're going to rope in some of the things that Ryan was just mentioning towards the end of the last segment.

00:48:00.030 --> 00:48:10.740 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: The positive effects. Can't stress it enough, the amount of just goodness that comes from daily physical activity, especially

00:48:11.130 --> 00:48:18.960 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: If you're trying to improve in if you own your own business, you're trying to you know do better in some company you work for you want to have

00:48:19.320 --> 00:48:33.690 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: A better relationship with your, your spouse, partner, children, all of it. It just, it raises your emotional intelligence and you, you look and feel good you sleep better, right. What else did I miss RYAN Oh my gosh that's that's that's

00:48:33.990 --> 00:48:36.270 Ryan Clearwater: Really good list. I'm sure we could probably add

00:48:36.360 --> 00:48:37.320 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: More there's more

00:48:37.710 --> 00:48:45.270 Ryan Clearwater: Oh, I'm sure there's definitely more, um, you know, one of the things that I found really great about the Jiu Jitsu community.

00:48:46.650 --> 00:48:51.990 Ryan Clearwater: Those that last in jujitsu set their ego aside. Yeah.

00:48:53.010 --> 00:48:54.330 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Well, that's what it's all about, right.

00:48:54.390 --> 00:49:03.210 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's like, that's what I was saying before, is I didn't really realize how much of like a shit salesman. I was until I was on the mats.

00:49:03.540 --> 00:49:04.140 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And I've been

00:49:04.500 --> 00:49:09.300 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I had been there. I'm just saying, like, especially this is going back five years and I was a white belt.

00:49:09.570 --> 00:49:18.720 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And I remembered training with one of the owners was a couple that owns the dojo that I train at and they're both black belts and I was training with with the lady.

00:49:19.020 --> 00:49:27.780 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And she's. Excellent. She's a little smaller than me, though, and you know if I really like used my strength. She was like this just sucks. Like, neither of us are advancing

00:49:27.810 --> 00:49:37.170 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You're just nuts pounding your head against the wall and it's just, it's kind of silly. And so we started to talk about how I could mellow out and relax and it began with grits, which is

00:49:37.380 --> 00:49:38.190 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Often the first

00:49:38.400 --> 00:49:49.350 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You know, and I was like, cool. So I started to work on that. And I would work with her regularly and at one point I you know I had convinced myself I was relax my body was relaxed. My breathing was relaxed everything. And she was like,

00:49:49.920 --> 00:49:55.380 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: I need you to relax and I was like, I feel like I'm relaxed and she said, Look at your knuckles and I was just holding her lapel.

00:49:55.470 --> 00:50:06.240 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And they were just like white but like my arm was relaxed, my i'd you know how to calm you know demeanor to my face and it just really occurred to me then, like, how much I tricked myself.

00:50:06.690 --> 00:50:13.860 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Over the years, and put on the facade, especially for business, you know, and, and it just, I just, I almost went home and cried. I was just like oh my

00:50:13.860 --> 00:50:16.200 Ryan Clearwater: God I'm such a shitty human

00:50:16.830 --> 00:50:34.950 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: But it was the beginning it was the beginning of a really great lesson and how did to peel those layers away and you're writing the the people. The people that only go to like blue belt, maybe two purple and then they give up. You, you definitely don't get the depth again have that bandwidth

00:50:35.100 --> 00:50:35.910 Ryan Clearwater: It just keeps

00:50:36.210 --> 00:50:47.040 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's like a bottomless well you know but there's you're you're getting water along the way. But you just like never get to the end and the people that last are the ones who really, really reap the benefit of that.

00:50:47.370 --> 00:50:53.100 Ryan Clearwater: That's right. I mean, I, I will never forget my very first, I'm sure I don't know. Do you remember your first class.

00:50:53.310 --> 00:50:54.000 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Oh, of course.

00:50:54.390 --> 00:50:54.990 Ryan Clearwater: I do times

00:50:55.080 --> 00:50:56.520 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: The Lily. Lily.

00:50:56.910 --> 00:51:02.760 Ryan Clearwater: Was your. Let me ask, I'm not gonna, I'm not going to give it to you. But let me ask was your first role with the instructor

00:51:04.710 --> 00:51:07.290 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: My dad didn't happen on my first class, but the

00:51:07.290 --> 00:51:15.510 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: First time. The first. It's so funny because I I started right when they opened up. It was their second school and

00:51:15.840 --> 00:51:27.030 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: The other one was kind of far away. So like there was a little crossover of training, but I just stayed here and I knew nothing about jujitsu prior he just opened up a couple doors down for me. And he was like, you're an athletic guy. You should come

00:51:27.030 --> 00:51:34.620 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Train. I think you'll like it. And I was like, this is when I was running five businesses. I had four and I was getting ready to open another one. And I was like, I'm kind of busy, and he's like,

00:51:35.160 --> 00:51:42.180 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You'll, you'll make time. And I was like, is this kind of crazy and I did, I did my first class and I was like, Oh, I'll adjust my schedule. I'll make this

00:51:42.300 --> 00:51:42.570 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah.

00:51:42.960 --> 00:51:48.000 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And you know, you go a couple months before you're actually live training where you're just doing the basics and stuff like that.

00:51:48.390 --> 00:51:54.060 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That's right. So when they first started there when they first started the really the advanced classes and we all got to do because we were all brand new.

00:51:54.540 --> 00:52:00.750 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: We, you know, we all started to do live training and if it was an odd number of people. He would just hop down

00:52:01.170 --> 00:52:09.990 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And train with you so much. The first times I've worked with him. I didn't know. I'm just like he you know like haven't done, and he was he was just like cat and mouse thing and having a good time.

00:52:10.380 --> 00:52:17.730 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And I didn't even think about it and then that stopped because the classes got big enough where he didn't have to be the extra person and he was monitoring more

00:52:18.060 --> 00:52:29.940 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And then it was a month before he asked me to train again and I actually learned a few things. And I remember that first time he asked me, hey, do you want to stay in train a little bit. I was like petrified. I was like, oh shit like

00:52:30.000 --> 00:52:31.230 Ryan Clearwater: I don't know what I mean, of

00:52:31.230 --> 00:52:31.680 Ryan Clearwater: Course

00:52:32.070 --> 00:52:33.840 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: We slap hands and I went blank.

00:52:33.870 --> 00:52:45.030 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And I was just like, and and I you know I was contorted and all these different ways. And he kind of put it on me a little bit at a time and and then it was. Yeah, it was like four and a half years of trying to find where am I, you know,

00:52:45.300 --> 00:52:46.560 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Where my ass was

00:52:49.020 --> 00:52:55.260 Ryan Clearwater: Constantly like you push it. You keep pushing and pushing against the person like you want to talk about a metaphor for life.

00:52:55.290 --> 00:52:59.400 Ryan Clearwater: Right, like, yeah, or you push the it's not going to go

00:52:59.790 --> 00:53:00.600 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And, you know, he said.

00:53:00.750 --> 00:53:08.640 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: That he would always say, you know, we can do this all day. You want to keep pushing I he's like I got I got plenty of energy for this but

00:53:08.700 --> 00:53:11.280 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: When I know it behooves you to not push

00:53:11.880 --> 00:53:16.680 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, so my very first role was with my black belt instructor shot his name's Sean woods

00:53:18.720 --> 00:53:20.670 Ryan Clearwater: I had known Sean prior to that.

00:53:20.970 --> 00:53:24.660 Ryan Clearwater: He actually used to work at at AMP t and sold me my very first cell phone so

00:53:24.660 --> 00:53:25.830 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: When I went to that security.

00:53:26.280 --> 00:53:31.560 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, so it was kind of wild, but my first role is with him and

00:53:33.270 --> 00:53:40.530 Ryan Clearwater: Let me think loop choke right no wasn't even a loop choke. He just got a whole he got cross color and he just went like this.

00:53:40.920 --> 00:53:50.160 Ryan Clearwater: And I was, of course, in his guard like everybody who's ever wrestled or grappled before does and I just started driving into him and he just went mad.

00:53:51.060 --> 00:53:58.710 Ryan Clearwater: And I it was it was weeks before. Thanks. I will never forget this. It was weeks before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day was when I could finally swallow right

00:53:58.710 --> 00:54:01.320 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You could say, were you drinking Turkey out of a straw.

00:54:01.440 --> 00:54:02.520 Ryan Clearwater: Oh my gosh, man, it was

00:54:02.520 --> 00:54:03.540 Ryan Clearwater: Brutal

00:54:03.570 --> 00:54:05.880 Ryan Clearwater: I am so thankful that I was able to eat that day but

00:54:06.570 --> 00:54:07.440 Ryan Clearwater: Yeah, man. It's

00:54:07.620 --> 00:54:10.080 Ryan Clearwater: It's such a it's such a great experience.

00:54:11.700 --> 00:54:19.170 Ryan Clearwater: And then, of course, like, you know, there's, there are other aspects of jujitsu that are that are great, of course, being able to meet new people.

00:54:20.580 --> 00:54:21.450 Ryan Clearwater: For the community.

00:54:21.780 --> 00:54:30.450 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Community so strong and I and I asked my professor once because we do muy, muy Thai as well and I teach us teaching a lot of my time right up until

00:54:30.900 --> 00:54:36.300 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Until everything was shut down and and I noticed that you just didn't get the same commitment from

00:54:36.690 --> 00:54:41.250 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Like you know the standing arts and we do fitness classes as well. Same thing.

00:54:41.580 --> 00:54:54.480 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: As you do in jujitsu and I was like, why is that he said, Man, that look at the level of commitment, you have to have just to do a class with the person like it just supersedes all other things and and it builds these bonds.

00:54:55.050 --> 00:54:56.160 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: You were talking earlier about

00:54:56.160 --> 00:55:03.210 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: investing in people. It's like you're investing in yourself, but you're investing in your training partners as well and you develop this little crew.

00:55:03.510 --> 00:55:09.990 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And like nobody, you know, first of all, nobody's gonna fuck with you because you destroy him. But it's like emotionally

00:55:10.200 --> 00:55:19.710 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: And spiritually you connect with these people on just like such a high level and it like you said earlier such a such a metaphor for life and for business. I always I've always said that

00:55:20.250 --> 00:55:21.030 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's great that

00:55:21.270 --> 00:55:27.270 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: We have to wrap up here, here in just a couple minutes. I want you to tell people a little bit more about where they can get in touch with you and

00:55:27.450 --> 00:55:30.840 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Definitely some of the things that you offer so go. You got about two minutes.

00:55:31.500 --> 00:55:34.920 Ryan Clearwater: Okay, well I'm not even going to take the full two minutes, man. But what

00:55:35.190 --> 00:55:36.270 Ryan Clearwater: I will tell you is

00:55:37.260 --> 00:55:39.900 Ryan Clearwater: I'm on Twitter at Ryan underscore clearwater

00:55:41.430 --> 00:55:43.620 Ryan Clearwater: Don't go follow the other Ryan clearwater

00:55:43.710 --> 00:55:45.150 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: It's not me. Yeah, he's got

00:55:45.180 --> 00:55:52.890 Ryan Clearwater: A he's got garbage. So just so everybody knows it's an inactive account for somebody else. So the guys probably a nice guy.

00:55:53.970 --> 00:56:09.030 Ryan Clearwater: And then I'm on Facebook, by my professional page on Facebook is the Ryan clearwater of the other Ryan clearwater being a chiefs fan, of course, the other writing clear water has to be an Oakland Raiders fan, which is like one of our big net divisional

00:56:09.360 --> 00:56:18.870 Ryan Clearwater: Rivals, but those are my two big ones. If you want to reach out to me. Ryan at Ryan clearwater calm websites Ryan clearwater calm.

00:56:19.650 --> 00:56:30.180 Ryan Clearwater: There's a, there's a blog on there that's been been working on a little bit here and there, website. I'm working on here, there, I'm doing all of this myself. And that's what I'll end on is the fact that

00:56:30.960 --> 00:56:39.480 Ryan Clearwater: If anybody out there feels like they have a an interest in something doesn't matter if you've never done it before, learn it.

00:56:40.200 --> 00:56:46.290 Ryan Clearwater: Have have a little bit of discipline, a little bit of grace when you're inevitably inevitably going to fail, but

00:56:46.920 --> 00:56:57.840 Ryan Clearwater: At the end of the day, if you're making steps in a positive direction. I don't think you or anybody else can fault you for that. So, you know, so building my website on my own. I was able to earn or learn a lot.

00:56:59.010 --> 00:57:02.700 Ryan Clearwater: Of course do just doing this podcast here with you. I've never done a podcast before

00:57:03.330 --> 00:57:05.940 Ryan Clearwater: radio shows, but I've never done a podcast before. So thank you.

00:57:05.940 --> 00:57:06.480 Ryan Clearwater: Fantastic.

00:57:06.870 --> 00:57:13.890 Ryan Clearwater: You know, so as long as you're moving forward and breaking down some some personal barriers and learning some stuff good on you.

00:57:14.130 --> 00:57:17.460 Ryan Clearwater: So that's, that's what all that's my final thing I would like to say

00:57:17.820 --> 00:57:21.870 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Awesome, great stuff, man. So everybody go do it. Good on you.

00:57:21.900 --> 00:57:23.940 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: To read it and do some jujitsu

00:57:24.360 --> 00:57:27.840 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Yeah, oh yeah. All right, everybody. Thank you, Ryan.

00:57:28.110 --> 00:57:31.710 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: The rest of you. Have a great weekend, take some of this positive energy, go get some

00:57:31.740 --> 00:57:36.240 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Awesome stuff done. We're going to end with hosts. Oh, awesome work, man.

00:57:36.390 --> 00:57:40.050 Jeremiah Fox, The Entrepreneurial Web: Everybody have a great weekend, we'll talk to you soon. You're listening to the entrepreneurial way.