Voices of Courage

Thursday, July 23, 2020

2020/07/23 - The Courage to Be Courageous

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Be Courageous

This week on Voices of Courage, host Ken D. Foster is joined by Dr. Friedemann Schaub, a physician, researcher, personal development coach, and author who has helped thousands of clients worldwide to overcome fear, anxiety, and self-limiting patterns by addressing their deeper, subconscious root causes.

And Gurvinder Singh, an International Humanitarian Aid Director for United Sikhs, a non-profit organization that has been on the ground this year helping those in need survive disasters, such as the coronavirus pandemic and an ISIS attack on a temple that left 25 dead, to discuss tuning into our courage, overcoming fear and limiting beliefs, and working together to uplift our communities with service.

Segment 1

Ken speaks about how we need to take time to work on ourselves in the midst of the chaos going on in the world. This episode is meant to help you tune back into your innate courage and to take your life to the next level. Ken introduces Dr. Friedemann Schaub, a researcher, physician, author, and personal development coach with a specialty in fear and anxiety. He wrote the award winning book, The Fear and Anxiety Solution. Ken asks Friedemann if he has noticed increased anxiety and fear in France, where he is located. He responds that the virus is more under control, so people have been neglecting to wear masks. There is less anxiety than in the US, but if people don’t wear masks, this could be a bad thing. Ken asks why Friedemann chose to focus on fear and anxiety. He said his dream was to help people hands on, and thinks that anxiety is the root of many physical ailments.

Segment 2

Ken asks how you overcome fear and anxiety by addressing the root of the emotions. Friedemann explains that you can outgrow fear and anxiety by changing your perspective. View your problems head on through a mature, adult lens – anxiety is meant to “protect” us, so we must show our brains we can handle our problems without it. There are different levels to stress – negative thinking, emotional responses, trouble sleeping, and illness such as increased blood pressure or IBS. The first place you can begin to outgrow your anxiety is by starting with your thoughts.

Segment 3

Ken asks, what are the most effective solutions for fear and anxiety? Friedemann says that when you finish his book, you are a different person. You have readdressed the framework of your anxiety and have taken your first step to deconstruct it. Fear can block you from expressing your true self. If you have a lot of fear, chances are you are not living up to your full potential. The leader inside of you has been suppressed by fear, and will come back when you start to break through this feeling. You will make better choices and will have stronger intuition when you get on the other side of fear and anxiety. Believe in yourself and stop living in fear.

Segment 4

Ken introduces his next guest, Gurvinder Singh, who is the International Humanitarian Aid Director for the United Sikhs, an organization that helps people survive disasters such as pandemics and terrorist attacks. Ken asks Gurvinder how he got involved with the United Sikhs. Gurvinder explains that service is an important part of the Sikh faith, and it is essential to worshiping the Creator. He explains how the United Sikh’s efforts have increased during Covid – they have supplied 3 million meals, thousands of articles of PPE, and more. This speaks to the strength of the individuals in the organization and their worldwide reach.

Segment 5 

Gurvinder talks about the United Sikh’s aid in the US. They have teams in many different states, a help hotline, they deliver groceries and medication to those in need. The number is 1-855-878-6333. Ken asks, what is the legacy of the United Sikhs? Gurvinder says that Sikhs recognize the human race as one. He explains that we must work together to face this pandemic together, and that our unity will uplift humanity as a whole. We all should try our best to help, whether through action or donation. No matter what faith you are, service to one another will be at its core. The best way we can help the United Sikh’s is by volunteering your skills (such as writing), getting out in the field, and donating resources and money. Reach out to the United Sikh’s at, or Gurvinder’s personal number, 469-222-6288. You can also visit the United Sikhs website,, to find out more.