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Thursday, July 23, 2020

2020/07/23 - Say Yes to Life


Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness

[NEW EPISODE] Say Yes to Life

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Psychologist, Author, Love & Joy Coach, and Workshop Leader, Elliott Robertson.

To say Yes to life is to fall into your heart, to fall into the place within you where you are most fully human, most available to encountering the world with love.”

So says Elliott, who has created a lyrical, soaring, small and intimate book, Say Yes to Life: 7 Keys to Living Full Out from Within, that strives to inspire, illuminate and propel you into a new way to live. This charming part-guide book, part parable, part exhortation provides you a magically illuminated road-map to the expansion of living from the most authentic soul-driven part of you. The fastest and most complete way to find happiness.

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Segment 1

The show begins with the weekly quotes from Abraham and the Universe. The quotes are about focusing on the positive and finding something good in the bad because your energy affects everyone around you. You can find the good around you by creating the good around you. Then he introduced the guest of the show Elliott Robertson. He had not always been in connection with the undercurrent of joy that we are born with. Sam announces that he is going to be joining Elliott for his book called Everyday Awakening.  

Segment 2

Elliott was not always a happy person: he used to be very jealous of what others had. He would try to find others to blame such as his parents, god, but would not blame himself. Elliott originally was going to name his book Say Yes to God instead of Say Yes to Life because he felt they were synonymous. He shares a story when his father would have expectations for his sons that they could not meet, and often used an abrasive tone when speaking to his children. Elliott wishes that he has treated the situations with more kindness - as everyone should use their hearts eyes and exercise compassion. By asking “how can I be there for you?” it brings more awareness to the situation. 

Segment 3

Elliott says a main goal people should focus on is recognizing and appreciating their inner gifts. Everyone has talents and they need to be proud of them as they are all important (excellent conversation starter, deep compassion). You also much honor the things you love, whether you are good at not. For example, you may love weaving but not be the best at it -- Elliott says you must do these things anyway because this is listening to your heart. Sam suggests that no one is good at anything when we first try it, but if you continue to put time and energy into it you will improve. tandem, the progress you make will also make you feel better in combination with doing what you love. 

Segment 4

Integrity is one of the pathways to happiness according to Elliott. We must be conscious of the “water cooler effect” as in gossiping. When we do this we are taking money out of the integrity bank account. Not trusting yourself gets in the way of your inner peace. Knowing you’re doing the right thing is a way to build a rapport with yourself and earn trust with who you are as a person. A good way to do this is to pay for the coffee of the person behind you which is a small gesture that could make someone’s whole day. 


00:00:49.710 --> 00:01:04.350 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I'm very, very pleased. As always, that you are here with me today.

00:01:04.920 --> 00:01:11.340 Sam Liebowitz: I am thrilled. I have a very special show and a wonderful guest. I think you're really going to like him today.

00:01:11.820 --> 00:01:32.580 Sam Liebowitz: But first, of course, we have our quotes of the day from the universe and from Abraham to kick us off as we journey into a wonderful show today too short a help to give you insights and help you feel a little bit better. Even alright so let's get started. First from the universe.

00:01:33.630 --> 00:01:35.310 Sam Liebowitz: If you know what you want.

00:01:35.880 --> 00:01:41.280 Sam Liebowitz: If you've made up your mind if you can see it, feel it and move toward it.

00:01:41.550 --> 00:01:45.210 Sam Liebowitz: in some small way, every single day.

00:01:45.600 --> 00:01:47.370 Sam Liebowitz: It has to happen.

00:01:48.540 --> 00:01:57.270 Sam Liebowitz: Hugs and kisses the universe. We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe. I reminding us that

00:01:58.290 --> 00:02:18.930 Sam Liebowitz: When we desire something when we have put up absolutely no alternative than for this thing to show up if we can see it and taste it and feel it and and get this sensations and all that juicy stuff in there.

00:02:20.220 --> 00:02:26.070 Sam Liebowitz: And we're moving towards it, even in some little way every single day.

00:02:27.780 --> 00:02:49.350 Sam Liebowitz: It is bound to appear in our reality. It is just the law of the universe, when we leave no other choice but for that manifestation to occur when we, when we so in body and we've aligned ourselves up and line up our energy and we just

00:02:50.490 --> 00:02:55.200 Sam Liebowitz: We can we can taste it. It's so close. It's going to come

00:02:56.220 --> 00:03:02.670 Sam Liebowitz: One of the things the universe doesn't mention here though is really getting to that point of detachment.

00:03:03.450 --> 00:03:17.040 Sam Liebowitz: Over when it's going to come because the universe has a very different timing than we do, and sometimes things don't quite show up when we think they're supposed to show up or when we want them to show up.

00:03:18.180 --> 00:03:24.180 Sam Liebowitz: Because maybe we're just not ready. Maybe all the components are just not quite lined up yet.

00:03:25.290 --> 00:03:38.700 Sam Liebowitz: So we really need to just let go of that need, like, oh, it's gotta come this way. Tomorrow wrapped in a pink bow and looking a certain way.

00:03:40.650 --> 00:03:55.350 Sam Liebowitz: Because maybe if it showed up that way, it wouldn't quite work out quite the way we want it to. But as long as we're embodying the feeling as long as we're acting as if we already have it.

00:03:56.880 --> 00:04:11.370 Sam Liebowitz: Then it almost doesn't even matter when it shows up, then it's really more about us continually to happily go along our journey and enjoy the journey and not worry about that destination so much

00:04:12.600 --> 00:04:22.320 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wait, great quote from the universe. And I think actually pretty good for for what we're going to talk about today. And now let's see what Abraham has in store for us.

00:04:23.520 --> 00:04:30.750 Sam Liebowitz: You cannot look at that which you do not want and not join and perpetuate that vibration

00:04:31.350 --> 00:04:45.810 Sam Liebowitz: Take your attention from that which is not in harmony with who you are and you're now vibration will adjust to who you really are. And then you can uplift others Abraham

00:04:46.530 --> 00:04:56.490 Sam Liebowitz: So this is one of those kind of core message Abraham talks a lot about that I think is so important because it's so easy to get caught in that trap.

00:04:57.000 --> 00:05:17.460 Sam Liebowitz: Of focusing on the things we don't want looking at what's around us, or the situation we're in. And just continuing to complain about and talk about how it's not good and and really just, you know, continue to feed that energy over and over and over again.

00:05:19.260 --> 00:05:31.470 Sam Liebowitz: And the challenge with that is, is the more we focus on what we don't want. The more we give our energy to what we don't want. The more we complain, the more we almost like a magnify it with our words.

00:05:31.980 --> 00:05:45.720 Sam Liebowitz: The more it stays around the more with giving our energy to it. So the more we're supporting it. So the very thing that we say we don't want. We're actually keeping around in our life.

00:05:46.800 --> 00:05:50.760 Sam Liebowitz: And what Abraham says here is when you take your attention away from that.

00:05:51.990 --> 00:05:58.860 Sam Liebowitz: When you focus on the things that really just make us feel good inside

00:05:59.970 --> 00:06:18.510 Sam Liebowitz: Uplift us, even if it's yes we can be in the middle of a pandemic. But if we can just find that golden ray that silver lining that one thing that just is is that we can find good for ourselves and all of this.

00:06:19.710 --> 00:06:30.690 Sam Liebowitz: Then we line up with who we really are, then we can feel good. It's not about feeling good about the situation but feeling good about

00:06:31.020 --> 00:06:44.670 Sam Liebowitz: This one thing this aspect that just helps us so much that then we feel better, we embody a more uplifting energy and then we can bring those around us with us.

00:06:45.480 --> 00:06:58.740 Sam Liebowitz: However, if we're so focused on. Oh my god, this is so awful. And if we're so like, Oh, this is terrible. This is so awful. I can't stand like not being able to go out and do the things I used to do.

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:07.950 Sam Liebowitz: That all we do is bring our energy down we disconnect ourselves with who we really are and then we bring

00:07:08.400 --> 00:07:20.460 Sam Liebowitz: People around us down with us, even if we don't say a thing they can see it in the expression on our face. They can feel it with the emotions that were feeling and we're just naturally giving off.

00:07:21.240 --> 00:07:35.970 Sam Liebowitz: It was so much more sensitive to to what a person is embodying around us than we are the actual words that they're speaking. I mean their tone of voice their intonation that energy behind it all.

00:07:36.720 --> 00:07:49.230 Sam Liebowitz: Gives us certain feeling that we know whether that person is really feeling good, or now we know we can feel it in our bones that it's not lining up with us.

00:07:50.880 --> 00:07:57.960 Sam Liebowitz: So even and like with me and my wife, we go take a walk in Central Park at night, whenever we can.

00:07:58.230 --> 00:08:08.070 Sam Liebowitz: After having a long day and just walk among the trees and we're lucky, we're on the north end of the parks, so it's it's it's a much more woody then then the southern tip.

00:08:08.490 --> 00:08:18.660 Sam Liebowitz: And and you can kind of feel for even just a few minutes you're not in the city anymore. And I'm so grateful for those walks because they really helped me to just

00:08:20.610 --> 00:08:37.620 Sam Liebowitz: Breathe out and just relax for a day and and I focus on that and it makes having to be inside my apartment all day long working virtually not being able to see people face to face makes it just a little bit easier because that's what I'm choosing to focus on

00:08:39.060 --> 00:08:59.910 Sam Liebowitz: So look, a week to week three end up in tough situations. Absolutely. And, and then this latest one is only one of a multiple of tough situations, but it's not about the external world. It's about what we choose to focus on what we choose to line up with what we choose to connect with

00:09:01.200 --> 00:09:12.600 Sam Liebowitz: Hi, and then we can shift what's going on around us by shifting what's going on inside of us. Ooh, to juicy. Wonderful.

00:09:13.170 --> 00:09:25.740 Sam Liebowitz: Amazing and in alignment quotes of the day today a hope you liked them. I hope they help and I think they're going to kind of relate to what we're going to talk about today.

00:09:26.520 --> 00:09:39.570 Sam Liebowitz: And so it now it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Elliot Robertson, who is a spiritual growth coach a certified happy for no reason workshop leader who I love that being happy for no reason.

00:09:40.050 --> 00:09:47.040 Sam Liebowitz: And author of say yes to life seven keys to living full out from within.

00:09:47.490 --> 00:10:03.960 Sam Liebowitz: Elliot has written devotional for daily word magazine and articles for science of mind on miracles magazine. He holds a master's degree in psychology and it is my pleasure to welcome him to the conscious consultant hour. How are you doing today.

00:10:05.490 --> 00:10:25.230 elliott: Wonderful. I just enjoy the first few minutes of the show so much and you know when I vote for it. Yes, to life. I was hoping it would be a magnifying glass to help people focus on the positive to help people fall in love with. They are so the abraham hicks quote resonate so much with

00:10:26.280 --> 00:10:26.580 elliott: Life.

00:10:28.050 --> 00:10:40.530 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Yeah, I mean, it's so funny. Every week, I have on a different guest we you know we talked about different topics but somehow the quotes are always so in aligned

00:10:41.760 --> 00:10:50.250 Sam Liebowitz: So, so, Elliot. I always like to start off with just a, like a little bit of background for our audience who may not be that familiar with you and so

00:10:50.820 --> 00:11:01.230 Sam Liebowitz: Were you always so focused on positive stuff on on on sort of this this spiritual side of life, or is this something that developed later on in life.

00:11:01.980 --> 00:11:09.810 elliott: Well, I've always been interested in the spiritual. You know, when I was a teenager. My mother gave me the book by Alan Watts his autobiography.

00:11:10.290 --> 00:11:19.680 elliott: I don't remember anything about it except the title and the title is in my own way and that stuck with me because I feel like everyone should be can be writing

00:11:20.400 --> 00:11:38.310 elliott: An Autobiography with that title, you know, it just made me realize that my goodness there over 7 billion spirituality. These are religions in the world. So I really am excited by the in my own way concept, but so I happens before my life. In fact, my 27th VT Meister Eckhart sermons.

00:11:38.790 --> 00:11:40.590 elliott: Not everybody does, but

00:11:40.830 --> 00:11:54.600 elliott: He's, he's killing me. But to get to the main point of your question was have I really always been so joyful or whatever, I haven't. Never. I have not always been caught in connection with that undercurrent of joy that were born with.

00:11:55.050 --> 00:12:01.590 elliott: When I was at youth in my 20s, I lived in New York and I was just going around looking at people at the outdoor cafes.

00:12:01.980 --> 00:12:08.550 elliott: And I was just jealous immediately when I saw people at cafes. I couldn't afford with a bunch of friends not didn't have a whole lot of friends.

00:12:09.240 --> 00:12:24.390 elliott: That jealousy just showed up immediately. And that was the soup. I was living in jealousy and bitterness. I was constantly blaming God for being unfair and blaming life for being unfair. It just every 24 seven it was the soup. I was swimming in

00:12:24.930 --> 00:12:31.380 elliott: So I'm the last couple of years I've been waking up with joy and it's just been a sea change. It's wonderful.

00:12:32.970 --> 00:12:42.540 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. Great, great. Okay, good. So let's let's save that for the moment because they're going to ask you a little bit about when we come back from this break about, you know,

00:12:43.260 --> 00:12:56.250 Sam Liebowitz: What happened in the last couple of years and kind of what got you to look more and create your book. So yes, life great title and then we'll get into the main topic of the day, which is about inner harmony. Okay.

00:12:57.060 --> 00:13:03.210 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. Alright, and now quick shout out. I see our loyal listener patty.

00:13:03.720 --> 00:13:08.640 Sam Liebowitz: Tuning in on the Facebook Live from Tucson, Arizona. Great to have you with us again patty.

00:13:08.970 --> 00:13:16.650 Sam Liebowitz: And I see shell with us from Ohio, a new listener. I haven't seen you with us before shell. Welcome to the show. And I just want to remind

00:13:16.920 --> 00:13:29.790 Sam Liebowitz: Everybody that, you know, while you're listening to the show. If you're listening to the Facebook Live if you post your questions or comments there. I'll make sure to get to them and to ask Elliot, and we'll talk about what you want to talk about

00:13:30.900 --> 00:13:44.310 Sam Liebowitz: And also, I just want to make a quick announcement, because I'm very, very thrilled that I'm actually going to be joining Elliot as an author. I'm not literally 20 him, but I'm meeting league of people

00:13:45.270 --> 00:13:57.150 Sam Liebowitz: I'm getting ready to start my campaign for my first book called everyday awakening. We have our launch date which is November 17 of 2020

00:13:58.170 --> 00:14:11.490 Sam Liebowitz: And so look for announcements, sign up for the newsletter on my website on talk radio dot NYC. You'll see announcements there, but I'm really thrilled I think 30,000 feet.

00:14:12.720 --> 00:14:13.230 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:14:14.310 --> 00:14:21.810 Sam Liebowitz: I'll be talking about it more as we get close to that they just want to let you all know you are like the first hear about it. So you see, that's

00:14:23.310 --> 00:14:30.210 Sam Liebowitz: Alright, so we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back we'll have more with Robert

00:14:31.410 --> 00:14:42.960 Sam Liebowitz: author of the book say yes to life. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we will be right back after these messages.

00:16:49.980 --> 00:17:02.220 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern right here on talk radio dot NYC and on Facebook Live

00:17:03.270 --> 00:17:16.410 Sam Liebowitz: All over the place. So you just got to look for the conscious consultant hour. And also, you know, we're on all the podcasting apps. And if anyone listening and you're used to using Apple podcast podcast or Spotify.

00:17:18.600 --> 00:17:18.750 Sam Liebowitz: Or

00:17:22.560 --> 00:17:24.390 Sam Liebowitz: Spiritual coach and author

00:17:29.490 --> 00:17:33.840 Sam Liebowitz: always so happy for you.

00:17:36.600 --> 00:17:41.520 Sam Liebowitz: You did have struggled you so you didn't have

00:17:42.780 --> 00:17:43.050 Sam Liebowitz: Any

00:17:45.210 --> 00:17:46.860 Sam Liebowitz: Wanted and, you know,

00:17:51.120 --> 00:18:10.920 Sam Liebowitz: What what really helped to you to kind of get over that hump or sort of transition you from somebody who felt that way to someone who would write a book like say yes to life and and be more in alignment and more joyful more connected to more supportive feelings.

00:18:11.880 --> 00:18:21.120 elliott: I'm so sorry to disappoint you. Because the thing for me and my life experiences. I really have trouble putting a finger on a specific moment.

00:18:21.180 --> 00:18:25.290 elliott: Or the journey has been a very gradual journey.

00:18:25.620 --> 00:18:26.730 elliott: I can say that

00:18:28.170 --> 00:18:34.920 elliott: I certainly do know that one of the things that was so central to the turnaround. And I think this might be fairly universal

00:18:35.430 --> 00:18:49.020 elliott: In fact, it's also one of the keys my book to living full out from within. I have seven keys in the book. So one of the keys so central and pivotal for me was just taking ownership of my life and start playing

00:18:49.590 --> 00:18:57.720 elliott: For all the time that I was bitter. I was costly st life is unfair was just blaming anyone and everyone. My father didn't deserve any blame, but I would blame him sometimes

00:18:58.170 --> 00:19:09.450 elliott: And then finally, there I guess there came a moment, there was a moment when I did notice that I'm not going to be able to fulfill my dreams. I always had dreams of being of service to people.

00:19:10.110 --> 00:19:24.690 elliott: And I was always saying God's is unfair. I don't have any money to invest and doing what I want to do to serve people and finally I got it that unless I stop blaming. I'm not going to make any progress. It's just going to stay like it is.

00:19:25.500 --> 00:19:26.880 elliott: So that was one of the keys for

00:19:26.880 --> 00:19:27.150 Sure.

00:19:29.730 --> 00:19:37.860 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, it's interesting. It's one of the principles that when when I'm coaching people and working with people that I

00:19:38.670 --> 00:19:47.670 Sam Liebowitz: Usually one of the fundamental principles that I bring forward and it's one of those things that people initially usually have a hard time with

00:19:48.150 --> 00:20:03.840 Sam Liebowitz: But once they can really get their mind in their hearts around it that that it really is so empowering and that is that we are 100% responsible for our life all the good stuff all the bad stuff. It's all on us.

00:20:04.290 --> 00:20:12.360 Sam Liebowitz: And, you know, we're so used to playing a victim and blaming another person and say, oh, this person's fault. That's worse they missed me they did that to me.

00:20:12.870 --> 00:20:23.640 Sam Liebowitz: And and we forget that we have the power to choose how we respond to something. Now, look, I'm not trying to minimize trauma. I'm not trying to minimize

00:20:23.970 --> 00:20:32.940 Sam Liebowitz: You know challenges that that we come across. But if you look around and you study people and you know you're a psychologist, so

00:20:33.360 --> 00:20:41.370 Sam Liebowitz: Or you have a degree in psychology and you know like if you look different people will respond to different situations differently.

00:20:41.910 --> 00:20:50.610 Sam Liebowitz: And it and even if the majority of people respond. One way to a challenge, even if they were just a few people who responded in a different way and more positive way.

00:20:51.060 --> 00:20:59.790 Sam Liebowitz: It's a map for us. It's a guide for us to show us that, hey, we don't have to get caught in that trap and I just remembered. It's a story.

00:21:00.330 --> 00:21:11.490 Sam Liebowitz: I don't remember all the details, details aren't really that important, but I remember Tony Robbins says at one of his seminars about this guy who was in a motorcycle accident and

00:21:12.660 --> 00:21:22.530 Sam Liebowitz: Got like burns on his face and then he was in a plane crash, and he was in the hospital and he lost in he was mostly use of his legs.

00:21:22.890 --> 00:21:30.120 Sam Liebowitz: But he was still always so positive. And so cheerful and he would say to his friends. He see that beautiful nurse by the end of the week I'm going to have a date with her.

00:21:30.330 --> 00:21:40.230 Sam Liebowitz: And not only did he have a date with her. He ended up marrying her and I think he ran for governor of the state. He was in and being super successful and this man had so many tragedies that happened to me. It's so much that happened to him.

00:21:40.590 --> 00:21:47.550 Sam Liebowitz: But because he chose to respond to a different way to it. He had a completely different life.

00:21:48.390 --> 00:21:57.780 Sam Liebowitz: And so I'm curious with how I mean you've been working with people for years, I assume, and you have your own experiences do you

00:21:58.230 --> 00:22:11.580 Sam Liebowitz: Find that like, you know, at that point, when you switch from sort of stopping to blame other people to kind of taking that responsibility that then you were able to sort of choose a better way of responding to situations in life.

00:22:12.720 --> 00:22:24.930 elliott: I love that story. And thank you for that. Nice question. You know, what I'd like to think of sometimes is that whenever we're walking down the path to life. We always encounter a lot of forks in the road.

00:22:26.070 --> 00:22:33.270 elliott: You know, there's some moments when we can choose to go on one path or another pair. The thing is, is that I feel like in my

00:22:33.750 --> 00:22:43.260 elliott: Youth when I was constantly jealous and bitter. I'm not so sure I was aware of both forks in the road. I don't know if I saw the other path.

00:22:44.010 --> 00:22:59.850 elliott: So I just kept sticking with the only thing that I was aware of which was, um, I was fight about the way the world was the way the way the world was, it was unfair and I was just really in that quicksand.

00:23:01.530 --> 00:23:07.740 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah yeah it because it's so easy radio. It's always a biblical I'm right. Everyone else is wrong.

00:23:08.820 --> 00:23:19.260 Sam Liebowitz: And then I, you know, a number of years ago, I heard the expression. It's like you can be right or you can be happy Jews which one you want to do. And I said, You know what, I don't have to be right. I want to be happy.

00:23:19.620 --> 00:23:20.790 elliott: It's more important to me to

00:23:20.790 --> 00:23:23.100 Sam Liebowitz: Be happy then to be right and it's

00:23:25.470 --> 00:23:41.130 elliott: Only this we're talking about the foundation here. It really just start with this and this is the first key in my book all the other keys are standalone they could have been sort of random the order of keys to 27 it could have been in any order. But this one had to be the first key.

00:23:42.750 --> 00:23:55.860 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And just a curiosity, what was the motivation for writing the book was there something that just kind of spurred you on or did it just kind of feel like the next natural step for you.

00:23:56.880 --> 00:24:04.920 elliott: I had just finished a book called The seventh way which is not published yet and I always. Yeah. And I'm always just

00:24:05.460 --> 00:24:10.830 elliott: So my habit of going to the cafe every morning and working on the surface way he'd come to a close.

00:24:11.220 --> 00:24:19.110 elliott: But I continued the habit of going to a cafe every morning and opening my book and seeing what wanted to be written, I found myself writing just

00:24:19.770 --> 00:24:24.930 elliott: One random thing that story with say yes to God and a paragraph or two about that.

00:24:25.440 --> 00:24:31.650 elliott: The initial title of the book was saying yes to God. And then I changed the title will say yes to life. I feel like they're fearless anonymous

00:24:32.610 --> 00:24:39.360 elliott: But it was just a matter of because I was showing them the cafe every day and just writing whatever wanted to flow through me.

00:24:39.690 --> 00:24:51.240 elliott: I got bits and pieces and eventually as more and more shown up the seven different topic became evident and I was able to cobble together an outline and go from there.

00:24:52.830 --> 00:25:05.070 Sam Liebowitz: Hmm. Gotcha, gotcha. So it's interesting. So you actually have another book written that isn't published yet. And this one got written afterwards. We've got published beforehand. I'm curious, how many books have you published

00:25:06.090 --> 00:25:10.080 elliott: This is the only book I published because I published it a self publisher.

00:25:10.380 --> 00:25:13.560 elliott: The other book. I really want to be published by

00:25:13.560 --> 00:25:17.280 elliott: A traditional health. So that's why it's going to be first or

00:25:18.840 --> 00:25:28.170 Sam Liebowitz: Gotcha. No problem. I understand that completely and and you know the whole idea of, of being in service and now I'm like really big into this idea of servant leadership.

00:25:28.500 --> 00:25:42.210 Sam Liebowitz: That actually some of the the best leaders. I see around are the people who embody this idea of being in service as a leader. So it's definitely a timely message. So I hope you get that published soon. Love you back on. We get published.

00:25:42.630 --> 00:25:42.960 elliott: Thank you.

00:25:43.020 --> 00:25:43.500 Um,

00:25:44.670 --> 00:25:57.270 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, so let's kind of move on to sort of our main topic of the day, which is inner harmony and and I think it's a very timely topic especially considering

00:25:58.080 --> 00:26:07.710 Sam Liebowitz: It's for a lot of people inner harmony is a little bit of a challenge right now because we're dealing with this pandemic and with a really

00:26:08.160 --> 00:26:26.490 Sam Liebowitz: A situation that we haven't seen in generations that we really don't have a context for in the modern world of like how to deal with this kind of situation. So I imagine that in speaking to people and talking to people that this must be a big challenge that you see out there.

00:26:27.870 --> 00:26:41.880 elliott: Absolutely. I feel like this may in fact be the biggest challenge for the human race ever certainly in my lifetime and and also for individuals. It is a has been rough sledding, for sure.

00:26:42.930 --> 00:26:48.840 elliott: So what I like to do is to focus on the pillars of the Harmony. Harmony health

00:26:49.530 --> 00:26:52.740 elliott: You know, just saying, oh, I want to have more inner harmony and

00:26:53.100 --> 00:26:56.550 elliott: Trying to just get it through meditation only meditation is important.

00:26:57.120 --> 00:27:08.280 elliott: But there's also some pillars that we can do in our daily lives that we can focus on the tend to and if we can strengthen those inner pillars, such as the pillar of compassion.

00:27:09.060 --> 00:27:09.690 elliott: Such as the

00:27:09.810 --> 00:27:23.580 elliott: Pillar of integrity. Those are two of the pills in house of poverty, when we strengthen those tellers, then we're more likely to experience harmony, it will it will show up and will be anchored in a harmony.

00:27:24.150 --> 00:27:33.780 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Right. And I love that like compassion is is the first one, because we need to have compassion, not just for others. But first, for ourselves, right.

00:27:34.380 --> 00:27:52.050 elliott: Yes, for both is important, um, you know, I think of my father and my brother back when I was 13 years old. My brother was 14 my father would sometimes get frustrated that my brother, like if my father was helping him with math work math homework.

00:27:53.190 --> 00:27:57.660 elliott: And my brother was not able to do basic arithmetic because he had learning disabilities.

00:27:58.740 --> 00:28:02.910 elliott: My father would get really frustrated and I think it was because he had expectations.

00:28:03.810 --> 00:28:10.560 elliott: That you know that he would be able to at least have basic job or he could count the change in the grocery store, whatever.

00:28:11.700 --> 00:28:22.140 elliott: So he really did have a very abrasive tone when he was helping and I wish that he could have made that small pivot to just setting those expectations aside.

00:28:22.680 --> 00:28:29.490 elliott: And making listening and understanding where was be the first priority.

00:28:30.180 --> 00:28:43.680 elliott: When we seek to understand first like Stephen Covey says in his book seven Habits of Highly Effective People when we make that the first thing we do, as opposed to layering our projections and expectations and our how you should be

00:28:44.400 --> 00:28:50.760 elliott: On people whenever you're whenever you put an expectation, you're really saying how you should be. And that means you're going to be judging the person on the go, let you down.

00:28:51.120 --> 00:28:58.470 elliott: There's no two ways about it. So whenever you've got that going on that's been a block the compassion. It's going to prevent you from being able to go into your heart.

00:28:59.010 --> 00:29:10.710 elliott: To see with your heart size and it's going to, but what encourages you to go into your heart what really brings you into watching somebody from your hearts is where you have the compassion.

00:29:11.160 --> 00:29:21.810 elliott: Is when you start with seeking to understand, instead of being understood just seeking to understand what is going on for you and how can I be there for you.

00:29:22.440 --> 00:29:29.520 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Right. And and merely by asking that question, you can bring a little more awareness to that situation right

00:29:29.820 --> 00:29:43.230 Sam Liebowitz: As you said before, it's like we have these challenges and and we're not even aware of what we're doing. So then once we start to ask some questions and we look a little bit more internally.

00:29:43.500 --> 00:29:50.850 Sam Liebowitz: Then we start to bring a little more awareness to the situation, then it's possible to see things and shift things a little bit more

00:29:52.110 --> 00:29:52.740 elliott: That's right.

00:29:54.720 --> 00:30:04.710 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome. Alright, so it's time for us to take another quick break when we come back, let's continue this talk on inner harmony and just like

00:30:05.100 --> 00:30:11.520 Sam Liebowitz: Curious about like what you're seeing with people you're talking with lately and what has been their challenges within their harmony and

00:30:11.700 --> 00:30:27.300 Sam Liebowitz: Hopefully. Maybe. Our audience can relate to some of that. And then what are you know like what kind of advice you give them and what kinds of practices can actually help people to achieve inner harmony while we're in the middle of this very challenging time. Okay, thank you.

00:30:28.920 --> 00:30:39.150 Sam Liebowitz: Alright, great. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern Time.

00:30:39.360 --> 00:30:48.150 Sam Liebowitz: Right here on talk radio dot NYC we're speaking this hour with Elliot Robertson, author of the book say yes to life and we will be right back after this

00:33:05.010 --> 00:33:09.690 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity.

00:33:09.990 --> 00:33:20.220 Sam Liebowitz: Speaking with Elliot Roberts and author of the book say yes to life. Quick Shout out. I see loyal listener William on the Facebook Live. Yes, hi, William. Thank you for joining us. And thank you, Patti.

00:33:20.760 --> 00:33:38.190 Sam Liebowitz: For your support on the line. I'm so we're talking about inner harmony and so curious Elliot, and in working with people talking to people like what are the challenges around inner harmony like today in today's situation with what's going on now.

00:33:39.180 --> 00:33:45.930 elliott: You know, I think you actually already brought that up earlier. Maybe during the first few minutes of the show. You were noticing.

00:33:46.260 --> 00:33:58.770 elliott: That we do often fall into the trap of looking at the outer world and seeing what we don't like about it. We just what we do is we go around, we say I want these to be like this. Not like that.

00:33:59.370 --> 00:34:07.530 elliott: And just, we just get constantly stuck in that rut. Sometimes it just becomes like a broken record. We're just constantly noticing.

00:34:07.920 --> 00:34:18.360 elliott: Oh please, like resisting what the way it is and trying to tug things in a different direction or or just saying, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make things different know going down that kind of thinking

00:34:19.200 --> 00:34:26.400 elliott: So that is something that a lot of people are experiencing. They're just sort of stuck in that and

00:34:27.750 --> 00:34:34.920 elliott: So one of the keys to getting out of that stuck position is

00:34:36.060 --> 00:34:37.530 elliott: Allowing yourself to

00:34:39.270 --> 00:34:47.730 elliott: To really just notice the gifts that are within you. I really am hoping the people who look at say yes to life.

00:34:48.300 --> 00:35:01.620 elliott: Everyone works with me as a client. I'm always hoping that they'll discover more gifts within them, or that they'll stop downplaying their inner gifts and start pressuring them and noticing how glorious they are

00:35:02.100 --> 00:35:15.180 elliott: I know that for years I've sort of aware that I had some gifts, but I think I sort of helped them dimly identity really named them and claimed a notice how bright and blind and genius. They were

00:35:15.690 --> 00:35:25.920 elliott: So I'm all about I'm focusing on the positive Julian of Norwich says please do well in the positive a glance that shadow glance at the negative

00:35:26.160 --> 00:35:34.470 elliott: We've got to be aware of it. We've got into our shadow work, but she wants us to do well in the positive. So when we look at our gifts and when we

00:35:35.610 --> 00:35:46.110 elliott: Really honor them and just allow ourselves to say yes I am capable of being a wonderful mother or wonderful cook a wonderful whatever doesn't matter what

00:35:46.770 --> 00:35:59.700 elliott: If you just notice what your true heart's desire is in the trip the gift that your heart means we come into this world that is such a tremendous way to refocus yourself.

00:36:00.630 --> 00:36:12.870 elliott: From the complaining into preparing the way to fall in love with yourself. That's really a first step in the direction of falling in love with who you are and celebrating is often saying yes to life.

00:36:14.910 --> 00:36:28.140 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful, wonderful. Yeah. And it sounds like you're really talking also about like self acceptance. It's almost like you need to accept yourself and accept your

00:36:30.330 --> 00:36:38.250 Sam Liebowitz: Your gifts, your talents your challenges you need to really accept that and and then you can

00:36:40.650 --> 00:36:51.600 Sam Liebowitz: You know, honor yourself in a way because if you don't honor yourself, how can you accept what you you need to do then, what, what's the gift is that you have here for people

00:36:52.050 --> 00:37:02.490 elliott: Absolutely, and I could have named the book say yes to who you are, you know, structure, it's, it really is one of the keys from the book is say yes to your uniqueness.

00:37:03.030 --> 00:37:14.220 elliott: And you know I don't just talk about saying yes to your human and ethics, which which is going to pull the. Do you know if you have a unique sense of humor. Yes. So yesterday up or if you are really

00:37:14.760 --> 00:37:28.290 elliott: Wonderful at the art of conversation, not everybody is that might be your unique quality say yes to that. And then also, I encourage people to say yes to the unique soul from within them.

00:37:28.860 --> 00:37:32.010 elliott: In a way it's true that we all have light within us and love within us.

00:37:32.160 --> 00:37:40.860 elliott: So there's something very universal about love and light within us there is that universal level. And then I also feel like we all have

00:37:41.430 --> 00:37:55.200 elliott: In the realm of the divine in the realm of light and love a unique soul print unique heart friend. So we really need to discern what that is. Just notice how we are unique and celebrate as well.

00:37:55.620 --> 00:38:11.160 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Right. And just because we're different from other people. And just because maybe our particular talents may not be one that you know you usually make a lot of money out like you may be a great

00:38:11.880 --> 00:38:19.620 Sam Liebowitz: Musician or artist but you know you're not you're not really making a lot of money from it. It's not mean that that's not something

00:38:19.980 --> 00:38:35.610 Sam Liebowitz: To really embrace and honor and and MIT and except that, like, Hey, I'm a great artist. I may not make a lot of money, but I really, I love my art. People love listening to me. I love doing what I'm doing.

00:38:35.850 --> 00:38:45.330 Sam Liebowitz: And I'm just using art as an example, it could be anything. Maybe you're a good listener. Very good friend, you're good at relationships, but you're, you know, you're working at some Corporation and

00:38:45.900 --> 00:38:52.860 Sam Liebowitz: They don't care about your relationship, doesn't matter. It's not about the external validation is about the internal validation

00:38:53.640 --> 00:38:57.210 elliott: Absolutely. I love the point you're making. And, you know, if you

00:38:57.240 --> 00:38:59.070 elliott: Let's say you decide to

00:39:00.600 --> 00:39:10.050 elliott: Go ahead and honored your love for weaving, for example. And so you get to learn when you start doing all of that, or maybe meeting or whatever.

00:39:11.400 --> 00:39:21.240 elliott: And then you find that you're getting better and. But anyway, you're giving yourself an outlet you're honoring your love for it, whether or not you're doing a good job or not.

00:39:22.320 --> 00:39:23.190 elliott: That is

00:39:24.210 --> 00:39:37.020 elliott: You giving yourself an example of treating yourself with dignity and respect respecting your heart's desire to do something like leaving a lot of these

00:39:38.250 --> 00:39:44.400 elliott: Things that I think come up for us that we sometimes say, Well, maybe later after I retired or something.

00:39:44.850 --> 00:39:51.690 elliott: A lot of them are hurts our hearts. They came to us, our hearts desires and they really need to be on and we really need to be listening to our hearts.

00:39:52.080 --> 00:39:59.160 elliott: And allowing our heart to have space in our life and I really feel like when we do that in one area just that we've, you know, whatever.

00:40:00.150 --> 00:40:21.630 elliott: We get some momentum going for honoring all of us in all areas we begin to just start, it'll be it'll snowball. So that's a wonderful suggestion that Uranus meaningful forward to just get moving in the right direction and allow the snowballing to take place the momentum to grow.

00:40:23.100 --> 00:40:34.590 Sam Liebowitz: Right, absolutely. And if you love something even if, in the beginning, you're not that good at. I mean, look, none of us are good at anything when we first try it. Right. There's always that kind of awkward phase.

00:40:34.860 --> 00:40:40.410 Sam Liebowitz: But if you really love something and you keep putting your energy into and you keep putting your time into it.

00:40:40.740 --> 00:40:51.810 Sam Liebowitz: Over time, you'll see progress and then over progress, you'll see, you can actually get better. I mean, I remember when I was in college, I took some drawing classes.

00:40:52.350 --> 00:40:58.380 Sam Liebowitz: Not because I was a great artist. I was a lousy artists, but I just remember in high school that there were some

00:40:58.890 --> 00:41:06.450 Sam Liebowitz: Some girls who were just really good at drawing and I couldn't draw a straight line. I was always so jealous, let me learn a little bit about it.

00:41:06.930 --> 00:41:22.230 Sam Liebowitz: And so from the beginning of semester till the end of the semester, I could not believe the progress that I had made from practicing now was a great artist. Then, absolutely not. I mean, can I draw well today. No, I haven't drawn and years but

00:41:23.400 --> 00:41:34.320 Sam Liebowitz: It just the fact that I was able to see the progress and the change like that made me feel good because I just put the time into it. So it doesn't matter where you're starting and where you're at.

00:41:34.560 --> 00:41:39.990 Sam Liebowitz: It's where do you want to go and just by putting that time and you can really see the change and the difference right

00:41:40.530 --> 00:41:51.450 elliott: Yes, I totally appreciate that. What you're talking about is creating a win for yourself and I love to help people create wins. I have a workshop that I've designed that is all about.

00:41:52.050 --> 00:42:00.090 elliott: It's for people who may have tried to become vegetarian and throw in the towel. People just try try and dive into the pool of becoming vegetarian overnight.

00:42:00.330 --> 00:42:06.270 elliott: And then their frustrations and traps that encounter and they just say, oh, it's too difficult. And then that's the end of it.

00:42:06.780 --> 00:42:18.240 elliott: My approach is to bring them to a plateau, not to the mountaintop vegetarian but emphasize vegetables look and have to vegetable meals a week to vegetarian meals a week.

00:42:18.660 --> 00:42:27.270 elliott: For a couple of months. And after you get confident over the course of two months, proving to yourself that you're capable of cooking vegetarian meals.

00:42:27.600 --> 00:42:39.780 elliott: And it just becomes so much easier and easier and easier. After two months. My graduates can either go on if they wanted some more meal. So he created an entirely vegetarian or they can just stay at that level, whatever they want to do.

00:42:40.710 --> 00:42:51.300 elliott: But basically, you know. I just know about all the traps that are in the lay of the land. So I can tell them you know you've got to plan your recipe before you go shopping go shopping and stuff like that.

00:42:51.570 --> 00:43:00.540 elliott: That really makes it easy effortless transition and that and the reason I love a chorus is because, by the end of two weeks they have created a win for themselves.

00:43:01.020 --> 00:43:02.580 Sam Liebowitz: Hmm. Beautiful. Beautiful.

00:43:02.820 --> 00:43:04.950 elliott: reference point. Yeah, it's an I can

00:43:05.160 --> 00:43:11.550 elliott: And then I can can spill or perhaps if they want that energy to spill over it might be able to another areas.

00:43:12.000 --> 00:43:26.010 Sam Liebowitz: Right, exactly. So you're talking about being able to help people to move forward with their diet and their health through vegetarianism, you know, kind of a step at a time. Not going from zero to 100 which I totally love. I'm a big believer in baby steps.

00:43:26.850 --> 00:43:33.390 Sam Liebowitz: But it's the same principle is that work with like anything that we want to change in life, lady, you know,

00:43:33.810 --> 00:43:43.410 Sam Liebowitz: Like I remember many years ago. And one of the other shows on the network. It was a health and fitness show and the guy had a marathon runner on his show

00:43:43.890 --> 00:43:54.330 Sam Liebowitz: And the guy started off being a marathon and he like run like marathons all around the world. These humongous really long marathons. But how did it get started. One day,

00:43:54.900 --> 00:44:03.450 Sam Liebowitz: He just started running to the end of the block and back to his house running to the end of the block and back to his house and then he run a little bit further, you know, to the next.

00:44:03.930 --> 00:44:16.950 Sam Liebowitz: telephone pole and back in the next telephone back then he'd run around the block, and he would just little by little by little would keep running a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more. And, you know,

00:44:17.400 --> 00:44:24.060 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, it took a while but like within like two or three or four years. He started running marathons it and then he started running like even

00:44:24.630 --> 00:44:41.070 Sam Liebowitz: Bigger marathons and marathons. He didn't start out that way. He just started out running to the end of the block and back to his house. So just that little bit of effort, eventually, if you do it consistently can lead to huge changes. So I love that approach.

00:44:41.850 --> 00:44:42.150 Okay.

00:44:44.760 --> 00:44:45.120 elliott: Guess.

00:44:45.990 --> 00:44:46.410 Very

00:44:48.000 --> 00:44:56.580 Sam Liebowitz: Um, okay, so it's time for us to take our last break. And so when we come back, um, let's talk about a little bit more about what are some things

00:44:56.940 --> 00:45:08.640 Sam Liebowitz: That people today who who maybe, you know, don't feel quite centered and don't feel quite connected to their inner harmony. You know what else they can do to really

00:45:09.810 --> 00:45:19.350 Sam Liebowitz: Help themselves to feel better, where they are today so that they can show up better because now is this you know we're here in New York and and other states quarantines going crazy but

00:45:19.620 --> 00:45:26.040 Sam Liebowitz: That that each day as things get a little longer, and a little bit you know tougher that they can show up a little bit better. Okay.

00:45:26.730 --> 00:45:27.540 Beautiful.

00:45:29.160 --> 00:45:36.660 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after this

00:47:29.340 --> 00:47:41.820 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern right here on talk radio dot NYC and on Facebook Live and we're talking

00:47:42.150 --> 00:47:50.220 Sam Liebowitz: We've been speaking this hour with Elliot Robertson, author of the book say yes to life seven keys to living full out from within.

00:47:50.670 --> 00:48:01.560 Sam Liebowitz: You know, Elliot. It was interesting. I reconnected with an old friend this weekend, who were very good friends. It's been a couple of years since we've seen each other and she said to me, you know,

00:48:02.250 --> 00:48:08.730 Sam Liebowitz: And she's a meditator she does TM and meditation every day she's been doing it religiously for the last couple of years.

00:48:08.790 --> 00:48:18.240 Sam Liebowitz: More than enough probably last four years and she said you know Sam for people like you and me during this pandemic were able to go within

00:48:19.590 --> 00:48:31.860 Sam Liebowitz: And and and we can kind of get through this crazy situation before a lot of people they don't know how to go within and all they are is like external and so they they have a hard time dealing with something

00:48:32.130 --> 00:48:39.540 Sam Liebowitz: Where they can't go outside that much. And they're not able to get together with friends as much and I thought that was a really interesting observation.

00:48:39.990 --> 00:48:55.650 Sam Liebowitz: And so I'm just wondering, like, when it comes to inner harmony. Like, what kinds of tools can people use. Besides meditation, because all my listeners know I'm a big believer in meditation to to help to cultivate that feeling of it.

00:48:58.320 --> 00:49:10.680 elliott: You know, my focus when I'm working with clients is not on meditating, um, you know, I encourage that. But my expertise is looking at other things that can influence that

00:49:11.430 --> 00:49:21.750 elliott: Such as your integrity. Earlier we were talking about integrity being one of the columns of the house of inner harmony and you can also think of in a farmer is tree.

00:49:22.350 --> 00:49:29.190 elliott: And it gets fertilized by integrity and self trust those two go hand in hand and also get fertilized by compassion.

00:49:29.640 --> 00:49:39.450 elliott: And then when that inner harmony tree is healthy, what ends up happening is the gifts bear some fruit. One of the fruits is really true contentment.

00:49:40.170 --> 00:49:51.180 elliott: You're not going to find content by chasing happiness. So you know Eckert totally had somebody asked him recently I've been looking for happiness for 20 years and I imagine somebody looking into the couch and in the cupboard and

00:49:52.440 --> 00:49:57.690 elliott: Anyway, in a car was like stop looking and he was totally by he's always right.

00:50:00.270 --> 00:50:01.740 elliott: So it's a byproduct.

00:50:01.800 --> 00:50:08.880 elliott: Of inner of inner harmony able to really anchor deeply in peace, then the happiness just shows up on its own.

00:50:09.210 --> 00:50:20.580 elliott: The other thing that shows up on its own is unshakable of a if you're going to be invincible. You have a prerequisite is that a harmony. If you want to be unshakable untouchable and be able to be in the eye of the storm.

00:50:21.390 --> 00:50:30.420 elliott: So I was just saying that integrity is one of the key pathways to getting there, and I'm gonna sound a little bit like a school teacher and I don't want to

00:50:30.900 --> 00:50:39.360 elliott: Because I believe and just doing whatever your heart says to do I don't believe and just following things because you should do something to be a good boy or a good car.

00:50:40.890 --> 00:50:46.620 elliott: But, but I'm going to talk about integrity and sometimes it comes off that way, even if that's even though that's not what I mean at all.

00:50:47.070 --> 00:50:57.030 elliott: Um, one of the things that we need to look out for is are we talking about people behind their back or we go into the water cooler and gossip. Is that a pattern is that a habit.

00:50:57.420 --> 00:51:12.060 elliott: If we're doing that, then we're consistently taking money out of the integrity bank account and out of the self. Trust Bank account to have when we're in integrity. We can when we're Religious. I'm doing things like being kind as opposed to

00:51:13.110 --> 00:51:23.610 elliott: gossiping or TELLING LITTLE lies that you think a harmless and maybe they are. But somewhere in you that integrity parameter, here's the little lie and

00:51:24.360 --> 00:51:35.340 elliott: It takes money out of the self. Trust Bank account and now I don't mean to make. I just mentioned that so many of you are listening to this and you're cringing and you're going into guilt.

00:51:35.820 --> 00:51:37.740 elliott: And you're saying, you know, oh my goodness this is

00:51:37.800 --> 00:51:49.830 elliott: Exactly what I do. And please, please, because optional to totally optional. I'm just saying this to point you to meet you notice. No, let's just put on the table where you are right now.

00:51:50.190 --> 00:51:55.500 elliott: Take a look at it and with completely child. They say, maybe I'd like to make another

00:51:55.950 --> 00:52:02.760 elliott: move in a direction, maybe like to cut back on the things that are interfering with me, having that deep inner peace.

00:52:03.090 --> 00:52:19.770 elliott: That comes when there's integrity in yourself trust it sort of automate the piece automatically columns. If you've got a solid self trust there and solid integrity. If you really shooting for compassion again and again and in a harmony comes along with it the unshakable

00:52:20.700 --> 00:52:26.100 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, and it's kind of like what if I'm hearing you properly. It's by practicing

00:52:27.210 --> 00:52:44.850 Sam Liebowitz: Integrity and moving in that direction. We're actually giving ourselves more reasons to trust ourselves in the self trust actually naturally develops that we build up this integrity muscle. Right. It's like anything else, you got to go to the gym, you build up the muscle. It takes time.

00:52:46.410 --> 00:53:00.360 Sam Liebowitz: And as we do it. We're actually giving a signal to our brains our bodies, our nervous system, our souls that hey, see, I actually made a choice to be an integrity. This

00:53:00.360 --> 00:53:00.810 elliott: Time that

00:53:00.840 --> 00:53:06.960 Sam Liebowitz: I do have a reason to trust myself and I can actually be more compassionate with myself now.

00:53:07.680 --> 00:53:16.410 elliott: Right. And it's not just about avoiding things that are unhelpful. You know, the get in the way. Like costs opinion, it's not just about avoiding the bad things.

00:53:16.830 --> 00:53:23.790 elliott: It's also about doing the good things. I have a friend who was at this is what started a coven

00:53:24.660 --> 00:53:34.920 elliott: Thing that was going on. He was at a grocery store with a shopping cart and somebody was taking lots and lots of peanut butter from shelf and she just waited.

00:53:35.850 --> 00:53:46.290 elliott: Patiently. And then, there wasn't much left. And so she decided to just take only just allow yourself to take two from the field of the remaining and

00:53:47.430 --> 00:53:58.920 elliott: She and then after she did that, she just took the car down the aisle some more. And all of a sudden she was just overcome with this really good feeling, um, you know, she knew she had done the right thing.

00:53:59.340 --> 00:54:10.320 elliott: And it just was sort of a way of doing like ito on the ego away of sidestepping the ego and it gave her a reference point to look back on.

00:54:11.700 --> 00:54:24.540 Sam Liebowitz: I love that. I love that idea. Yeah, because to me it was so crazy that you know the the the shells were like empty of toilet paper at the beginning of all this, like what you think they're going to stop making toilet paper.

00:54:25.020 --> 00:54:33.390 Sam Liebowitz: And I remember we could we had toilet paper. We didn't have a lot and it's just me and my wife. We don't need a huge amount

00:54:33.840 --> 00:54:41.070 Sam Liebowitz: But we found one store near our office that had toilet paper. And so, you know, we bought

00:54:41.910 --> 00:54:46.740 Sam Liebowitz: You know they have these like big packages. We bought one big package one small package that was it.

00:54:47.370 --> 00:54:53.220 Sam Liebowitz: And it was more than enough to last us and we didn't need to go back for toilet paper again. But it was just so funny for like

00:54:53.490 --> 00:55:07.230 Sam Liebowitz: Three months, you know, you look and toilet paper was so scarce and it was like, why is it really necessary and just by asking that question and being a little bit more conscious about how we show up.

00:55:07.620 --> 00:55:16.410 Sam Liebowitz: Then we can be in integrity with ourselves. And it's also, in a way, an act of trust. Right. It's trusting that you know look

00:55:16.740 --> 00:55:35.250 Sam Liebowitz: Things are still going to be there tomorrow I'm still gonna have what I need. I don't need to hoard stuff. And that makes us feel good. Right. It's like hoarding actually doesn't make us feel good morning actually like blocks up the energy and and and like doesn't feel so good, does it

00:55:35.700 --> 00:55:53.370 elliott: That's right. And another possible thing to do is just pay for the coffee for the person behind you. You're just feel so good about yourself. You know, there is another aspect to another river that flows into integrity and feeds it. And I'd like to just say a few words about very briefly.

00:55:53.820 --> 00:55:55.470 elliott: When I was in my usual

00:55:55.740 --> 00:56:06.630 elliott: I am sort of like, you know, the baby elephants in the circus get chained stake in the ground with chain that connects them and they can only move 10 feet in diameter diameter

00:56:06.930 --> 00:56:16.470 elliott: And so they learn that that's everything. There's chain connected to them. That's all they can do they grow up and become powerful elephants, but they've already learned that that's their limit.

00:56:17.130 --> 00:56:29.040 elliott: You know, from their childhood they learned that they can only move small circle 10 feet in diameter. So they when they're adults, they could yank that stake in the ground, very easily, but they don't they stay within that

00:56:30.330 --> 00:56:40.260 elliott: In my youth I was always having this limited beliefs about what's possible. And so I was sort of like the elephant and what was so key for me.

00:56:41.010 --> 00:56:48.990 elliott: For helping me to see the gifts within me, and to acknowledge that they are so magnificent glorious and I'm so capable of doing so much

00:56:49.620 --> 00:56:55.410 elliott: More than I can imagine. And and you to every one of you can do more than you ever dreamed. Oh.

00:56:55.890 --> 00:57:07.890 elliott: I love green the imagination beyond the comfort zone. Beyond that small circle and just allow yourself to have wild dreams in your imagination and know that the true that they can be true.

00:57:08.760 --> 00:57:24.090 elliott: So anyway, what allowed me to move out of that full circle was I'm enjoying. That's the importance of confession and repentance. I noticed the old language words sometimes I use old language.

00:57:24.900 --> 00:57:30.390 elliott: The importance of turning around and other words and admitting to yourself what your limiting beliefs are

00:57:30.990 --> 00:57:42.600 elliott: That's what Confession is it's admitting oh my goodness, I have been stopping myself. This is how I've been keeping myself confined. I have been not taking the stake out of the ground, but I've been playing small

00:57:43.200 --> 00:57:50.610 elliott: So that's what I mean by confession and repentance and then making a commitment noticed, you know, I could go another direction.

00:57:51.180 --> 00:58:05.670 elliott: St. Catherine's that heaven is not a place. It's a direction and health, not a place it's direction. I spent a lot of time moving in the direction of hell. And I've also spent some time moving in the direction of heaven and that means I'm going to heaven when I'm moving in that direction.

00:58:06.870 --> 00:58:17.640 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. What we're gonna have to leave it there, Elliot. We're out of time, real quickly if people want to find out more about you get in touch with you. What's your website, where can people find more information.

00:58:17.640 --> 00:58:29.310 elliott: Sure, sure. You got to www say yes to life and when you get there you can click on a link that will take you to my website and you can find out about my coaching at my website.

00:58:30.540 --> 00:58:40.080 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. Thank you so much, Elliot. Really appreciate you taking the time to come on the show today. I see. Patty loyal listener posting and William thank you for

00:58:40.470 --> 00:58:57.390 Sam Liebowitz: You guys for coming on and engaging with us on Facebook. We're out of time. I have to go please stay tuned. Coming up next on talk radio dot NYC it's Ken Foster and his show voices of courage and we will talk to you next week.