Rediscovering New York

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

2020/07/21 - Battery Park City

[EPISODE] Battery Park City

Join me for a special journey to Battery Park City!

My guests are Rediscovering New York regular guest Joyce Gold, of Joyce Gold History Tours, and Bob Giraldi, longtime film, TV, and commercial art director who now owns and operates restaurants in Lower Manhattan including Gigino at Wegner Park.

Segment 1

Jeff introduces his first guest who is also a regular guest on the show, Joyce Gold of Joyce Gold History Tours. She talks about her relationship with the city and where she grew up. She details how she got into the business of touring and illuminating tourists. Joyce and Jeff discuss some small details about Battery Park City including its name and its original location. They talk about the waterfront running along Battery Park City and the Twin Towers. Following this, Joyce talks about what Battery Park City Authority was used for, Tribeca, and Gateway Plaza.

Segment 2

Joyce talks about what tours are open to the public, what the tours entail, and where listeners can find out more about them. Jeff and Joyce talk about the unique design development and architecture of Battery Park City and what/who influenced those designs. Following, Joyce describes some of the most interesting parks that make up the neighborhood. They place special focus on Teardrop park and Hunger Memorial. 

Segment 3

Jeff introduces his next guest, Bob Giraldi. Bob talks about where he grew up, when he arrived in NYC, his multi-faceted past work history, and some of the high-profile figures he has met. Then, Bob talks about how he got into the food business through all of his experiences and connections.

Segment 4

Bob talks about the many restaurants he owned over the years. He talks about how he started his current restaurants, one in Tribeca and another in Battery Park City, describing the environment surrounding the restaurants. He then describes how his restaurants were affected during 9/11 and how it affected other businesses nearby. Following this, Bob describes what he likes the most about owning a restaurant in Battery Park City and any difficulties he faces as a restaurant owner. The segment ends with Bob sharing his favorite dish.