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Friday, July 10, 2020

2020/07/10- Summon Your Inspiration

[NEW EPISODE] Summon Your Inspiration

Yes - it's great when you can combine your work with your passion - and the whole experience is a huge source of inspiration for you and your life, but what if that's not necessarily the case for you?

 Where can that inspiration come from?

This week we'll hear from a couple successful entrepreneurs that derive enormous mental strength from physical activity: Nick Lozano and the positive effects of Brazilian jiu jitsu, and Thane Taylor with his side project, Everyday Workout Man.

Segment 1

“The training is seventy percent mental, twenty-five percent physical.”


Jeremiah introduces the first guest of the show, Nick Lozano. Nick gives his business background from working as a professional chef for eight years to his current podcasting venture. He also talks about how he got into the podcast industry. The conversation then steers towards Gary Vaynderchuck, Jeremiah sharing his story on how Gary inspired him to first start the Entrepreneurial Web. Nick gives his experience with LinkedIn.

Segment 2

Nick delves into his history with martial arts, his passion getting kickstarted by Bruce Lee films. He tells his reasons for falling in love with jiu jitsu, Jeremiah and him going back and forth about why they love it the way they do. Nick connects martial arts philosophies and attitudes to being an entrepreneur during the pandemic. Nick drops contact information and plugs his podcast Lead.exe for listeners.

Segment 3

Jeremiah introduces the second guest of the show, Thane Taylor. Thane gives his business and education background and discusses his current entrepreneurial venture as well as how they’ve adapted to the pandemic.

Segment 4

Thane Taylor talks about his side project Everyday Workout Man which he started back in late 2016. He talks about what gravitated him towards it. Taylor talks about how to keep with the program and how its ideologies will seep into other aspects of your life. As the show closes, Taylor drops his websites and social media for listeners.