The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, July 9, 2020

2020/07/09 - The Truth About Life

[NEW EPISODE] The Truth About Life

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author, Speaker, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Lilly Koutcho.

Dr. Koutcho is an internationally renowned author and speaker, whose healing techniques, affirmations, and positive thinking have inspired countless of people worldwide. Using a combination of neuroscience, pharmaceutical knowledge, energy medicine, and spiritual principles, Dr. Lilly has developed many methods that help people heal in minutes.

Dr. Koutcho’s healing techniques have helped countless of people around the world to create wellness in the bodies and minds, as well as more abundance in their lives. Dr. Koutcho’s healing message has been the subject of many radio shows, TV shows, and magazine articles.

Dr. Koutcho holds a master’s in neuroscience, a master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and a doctorate in pharmacy. She is the author of several books and the founder of the nonprofit organization Light & Love for Africa.

To download the first 5 chapters of her book "The Truth about Life: Revelations Never Told Before in the History of Humanity" just click here!

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Segment 1

Sam starts his show with the weekly quotes from Abraham and the Universe. The first quote speaks to visualizing what we want for ourselves and act as if they are going to happen, (not exactly immediately) they will. The universe knows when to provide us what we are seeking. The other quote explains that money is not a signifier of success - not in Sam’s book, and not in the Universe’s book either. Success is about the feeling that we cultivate inside. Then Sam introduces us to Lilly Koutcho, doctor, author, nonprofit starter, and natural healer. Dr. Koutcho has premonitions come true, and shares that her sister shares this same ability. 


Segment 2

Dr. Koutcho is from Togo, Africa and came to the US in 2009 after studying in France. Lilly began her studies with a more grounded, science based subject, however, in her last year of school, things began to change. Things in her life began to escalate and she had a mental breakdown. She realized she needed to be the change in her life and began a forgiveness journey of praying and fasting. This journey helped her spiritual and physical health as her vibration rose. As people began coming up to her crying in person and in her dreams, she came to the conclusion that these were messages from angels and archangels. Lilly kept her abilities to herself for fear of rejection, but eventually started to share it so that she could help the people who needed her. 


Segment 3

Sam asked Lilly how she decided to make the full time transition from pharmacy work to spiritual work. Lilly said her visions became stronger and it was clear this was her path. She prays for her clients and speaks with the higher power in order to communicate what they are meant to do. She does sessions with clients all over the world. She has written three books in three years --  the ideas keep coming to her! Then Sam and Lilly discuss how everyone has two guardian angels assigned to them at all times. She says listening to your intuition because it is your guide to the universe. 


Segment 4

Dr. Lilly speaks about her non profit organization Light & Love for Africa. She recognized a lack of schooling resources in Africa and it broke her heart. She wanted to give back to give them the same opportunity she received. Sam says that we are all one people and borders and continents are artificial. He finds it foolish that we divide ourselves over sexuality or race, and urges us to treat each other as brothers and sisters.