Voices of Courage

Thursday, July 9, 2020

2020/07/09 - The Courage to Find the Lion Inside of You

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Find the Lion Inside of You

This week on Voices of Courage, host Ken D. Foster is joined by Paul Pagnato, an author, a top advisor with more than 27 years of industry leadership, and Founder at PagnatoKarp, a top family office and private wealth management firm with over $9.5 billion assets under management,

Kimberly Faith, is a systems thinking expert, futurist, thought leader, and the author of an award-winning book that inspires women to free themselves from the universal mindsets standing in the way of their ultimate success, to discuss embracing transparency and keys to exponential growth and living our fullest life.

Segment 1

Ken tells us we will be talking about wealth principles, innovation, and transparency to help us succeed in the coming months and beyond. He explains how connecting with others can help improve your personal, professional, and spiritual lives.


Segment 2

Ken introduces his first guest, Paul Pagnato, founder at PagnatoKarp, a top family office and private wealth management firm with over $9.5 billion in assets under management. Ken asks Paul about what transparency means to him. Paul says this means someone who is honest and open, able to express true feelings and accurately address or depict a situation. It’s difficult, but the world is more transparent now than ever. Ken and Paul compare honesty with oneself to yoga, where you must be in tune with your body and honest about when you can modify and when you can lean in.


Ken asks Paul about his book, Transparency Wave. Paul explains we are embarking on the third massive wave of communication, following the printing press, travel, etc. Our digital communication is far more advanced than communication in the past, thrusting us all into transparency because it is now more possible than ever.


Segment 3

Ken asks Paul about the 6 components of transparency. Paul says to take a step back and identify standards to take their business and do something their peers have not achieved. Next, you should have transparent terms of use and total accountability for the company’s actions. You should then have a transparent cost: straightforward cost, return policy, etc. The last thing you should do is to communicate the truth; show the facts of how your business works and serves customers. These steps will all give you consumer trust.


Companies with transparency are often newer, technology-based businesses that allow a lot of autonomy for employees. They allow innovation all over their company.


Segment 4

Ken asks Paul if he thinks failure helps build success. Paul explains that his business was founded as a result of failure: the 2008 financial crisis. He was an advisor on Wall Street and advised his clients to invest in funds that ended up being unstable. He managed to get his clients’ capital back, but after that, he wanted to pursue transparency in our financial system. His company creates transparency that can build trust in its customer base.


Ken introduces the next guest, Kimberly Faith. Kim is the author of Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within and Live Your Fullest Life, a book meant to inspire women to get out of their smallness and empower themselves in leadership positions. Ken asks about this smallness, what it is and how to get out of it. Kim explains we are taught to act small, both men and women. She was inspired by living with her 100 year old mother-in-law, when she realized some of the problems her mother-in-law talked about still existed today for women.


Kim likes to have women ask, is it the system, or is it my own behavior. It is often a mix of both, but it is often up to you to identify and break the glass ceiling to open doors to your own success. We have many beliefs handed to us that our not ours, so we should take time to reexamine ourselves and identify our own values.


Segment 5

Ken asks Kim what she thinks about “the victim card”. Kim says she thinks this mindset can be extremely harmful; this idea will make you feel exhausted and will sap your motivation, energy, and courage. She has been there herself, and knows that she felt much more empty when she lived her life as a “victim”. You can make a choice to step into a vista of freedom, where you free yourself of the victim mindset and begin to live your potential.