Rediscovering New York

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

2020/07/07 - New York's Art Deco Skyscrapers

[NEW EPISODE] New York's Art Deco Skyscrapers

On this week's program we will explore the City's Art Deco skyscrapers, arguably the most magnificent structures in New York.

My guest will be Rediscovering New York regular, and the show's Special Consultant, architectural expert and aficionado David Griffin of Landmark Branding.

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Segment 1

Jeff starts the show introducing his guest, David Griffin, founder and CEO of Landmark Branding. David speaks about his relationship with NYC, where he has lived, and how he became interested in architectural history specifically in NYC. Jeff and David discuss the building styles prior to the art deco architecture that is widespread throughout the city today, even noting the Native American art that was present before. David then goes into the styles directly influencing art deco in NYC skyscrapers and its origins. The segment ends with a discussion about the influence of setbacks, universal architectural features as a result of zoning regulations in force by the 1920s in American cities.

Segment 2

David talks about his company, Landmark Branding, how it’s related to NYC architecture, and his specific work as its CEO. He shares how listeners can get in contact with him, as well as how to access his writings, blog, and podcast. Jeff and David talk about one of the greatest art deco buildings in NYC, the Chrysler Building. David then highlights some of the architectural design elements on the building, taking special interest in the Chrysler Building lobby’s mural. 

Segment 3

The segment starts off on the topic of the Empire State Building. David talks about how the building got its name, the competition of creating the world’s tallest skyscraper around the world during its construction, and the many offices that make up the building. Following this, David talks about the building’s architectural design to capture as much light as it could throughout the day in all parts of the building. 

Segment 4

Jeff and David share some interesting trivia about the Empire State Building, including how fast it was constructed, details of the workflow that went into it, and one of the original reasons why it was built. David then talks about Lewis Hine’s work as a photographer of NYC’s skyscrapers, especially his photography of the Empire State Building.