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Friday, July 3, 2020

2020/07/03 - To Push & Persevere

[NEW EPISODE] To Push & Persevere

Dr. Saqib Habib - whose experience focuses on Sports Specifics clinics working with professional athletes, military personnel & geriatrics - was driven to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy after working with a few patients with missing or prosthetic limbs.

And he's no stranger to operating under tremendous pressure. As a Muslim, he annually trains through Ramadan, with all the constraints that come with a month of physical exertion while fasting during daylight and disjunctive sleeping patterns.

Dr. Saqib believes that everyone can benefit from athletic approaches when coached properly; the road to recovery is not just a quick fix, it is a lifestyle commitment and you must embrace the journey through the good and bad to find your true potential

Segment 1

“The road to recovery is not just a quick fix…”

Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Dr. Saqib Habib. Habib talks about his education and his interest in fitness and physical therapy. He outlines his fitness journey that began with a soccer injury in high school and how he began working as a trainer. Habib explains how his passion for fitness led him to eventually study corrective therapy and his current career.

Segment 2

Habib thinks back on the recovery process after tearing his ACL and choosing not to have surgery. The conversation then shifts to the sometimes necessity of surgery and Habib’s work with high school athletes. Habib talks about the many facets that contribute to health and wellness and how he applies his knowledge to fitness. He also talks about the importance of mental training.

Segment 3

Habib talks about his experience fasting during Ramadan and maintaining his exercise routines while not endangering his health. He then talks about the impact of the pandemic on this process. He goes in-depth with the elements of his training and things he’s learned in the journey.

Segment 4

Jeremiah talks about advice given by a jiu jitsu instructor on Joe Rogan’s podcast and connects it to Habib’s training ideologies. Habib talks about how thinking smart is the most important element of training and how adaptation is important, especially during times such as these. Habib talks about his philosophy when it comes to his physical therapy work. To close the show, Habib drops his contact information and social media for listeners.