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Friday, July 3, 2020

2020/07/03 - Thought Leadership & Content Strategy

[NEW EPISODE] Thought Leadership & Content Strategy

Thought Leadership
Peter Panapento and Antionette Kerr co-authored the book, "Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits." They share their insights on how to build relationships with journalists so you get heard as the thought leader you are. Plus other media strategies, like crisis communications.

Content Strategy
Now that you're an established thought leader, you need to produce multichannel content that's relevant, engaging, actionable, user friendly and SEO friendly. Our 20NTC coverage continues as Valerie Johnson from Pathways to Housing PA and Katie Green with The Trevor Project show you how.

Segment 1

Tony continues his coverage of 20NTC with Peter Panapento and Antionette Kerr. They discuss media leverage and thought leadership. Antionette discusses the importance of close relationships with the press, as a non profit organization. Peter discusses what being a thought leader means, and being recognized as an expert. He discusses what you can do to become a credible source of information for news outlets.


Segment 2

Antionette speaks about being on the journalist’s side of press relationships. She says that knowing what the reporter is interested in is important to know before you reach out to them. Peter says that pitching what the journalist wants to write about will make them more likely to follow your story. They discuss crisis communications, and the importance of planning ahead. Peter says that things like designating spokespeople and key messages ahead of time within your organization will strengthen your platform.


Segment 3

Tony introduces his next guests, Valerie Johnson and Katie Green as part of his 20NTC coverage. They discuss fundraising and content strategy, and tell Tony where he can find a video of their virtual 20NTC panel. Katie discusses user personas, and how to get information on the demographics of donors. She tell Tony how to answer the question; “Who are our donors?” and “What do they care about?”


Segment 4

Katie discusses multi channel advertising, where non profit asks are available on multiple social media sites and websites. She says that people who repeatedly see the same post multiple times are more likely to give. Valerie tells Tony about what demographics her company tests, and what layouts are most successful for getting donors. She says that even small things like using the word “donate” impact how users interact with your site.