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Friday, June 26, 2020

2020/06/26 - Improv For Culture And Creativity & Tech Policies

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[NEW EPISODE] Improv For Culture And Creativity & Tech Policies

Improv For Culture And Creativity
A performer and a board member from Washington Improv Theater teach us how improvisation can make your team more creative, confident, supportive and successful. They're Krystal Ramseur and Graziella Jackson.

Tech Policies
Karen Graham and Dan Getman want to help your staff avoid scams, malware and inappropriate data handling. Might you have employees using personal phones or computers for work? You especially need to listen. Karen is with Tech Impact and Dan is at MANNA.

Segment 1

Tony introduces his first guests, Krystal Ramseur and Graziella Jackson, who appear as part of this years 20NTC coverage. They discuss how improv can help your nonprofit team be better at teamwork and get more creative. 


Ramseur discusses what she loves about improv, and how it can encourage you to stay present and engaged in your team. She says the number one rule in improv is “yes, and…” which is a rule anyone can use in their career. Jackson says that improv can help people learn how to respond to your team.


Ramseur and Jackson lead Tony through some improv exercises. 


Segment 2

 Jackson tells Tony why doing the same exercise saying “No, and…” is more difficult. Ramseur describes how improv dynamics can help in brainstorming at work. She says that especially with today’s work from home culture, knowing what’s important and what’s not is crucial. 


Jackson tells Tony that teamwork and cohesion is important in improv, and even more important in an office environment. She says that agreeing with who and where the team is will keep them on the same page. He thanks his guests and plugs their website.


Segment 3

 Tony introduces his next guests, Karen Graham and Dan Getman, who appear as part of this years 20NTC coverage. They discuss tech policies for nonprofits that can help companies learn to respond when workers make bad choices. Graham says that nonprofits need to be careful of data breaches as a result of downloading something from an untrustworthy website. She says that most nonprofits don’t invest in security as much as they should. 


Getman says that every detail, even the computer used, can impact a nonprofit’s security. He says that personal information, such as clients and donors phone numbers, addresses, and even credit card information is a ripe target for hackers.


Segment 4

Getman describes his system in terms of donor relations, and the need for a company to keep their donor information safe. Graham discusses her companies social media security policies. Getman talks about the nonprofit’s role in security, from the CEO to the donors.


Graham counsels Tony on good security practices. She talks about security in the age of working at home. She says that accessing company information on personal devices is risky.