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Friday, June 19, 2020

2020/06/19 - WOC & Life And Career Lessons

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[NEW EPISODE] WOC & Life And Career Lessons

Women Of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy is a new online community. Founder Yolanda Johnson returns to explain what it's all about.

Life And Career Lessons
Alex Counts
has over 30 years in social entrepreneurship. He returns with his latest book, "
When In Doubt Ask for More: And 213 Other Life & Career Lessons for the Mission-Driven Leader."

Segment 1

Tony introduces his first guest: Yolanda F. Johnson who is the founder of WŌC. They discuss her fundraising and philanthropy community, and what the organization does for women of color. Tony discusses George Floyd and other current events. Yolanda weighs in with her organization’s actions in the Black Lives Matter movement. Tony wishes Yolanda good luck with her organization and plugs her website


Segment 2

Tony introduces his next guest; Alex Counts, former CEO of the Grameen Foundation, and who has over 30 years of experience in social entrepreneurship. They discuss his latest book, “When In Doubt Ask for More: And 213 Other Life & Career Lessons for the Mission-Driven Leader.” Alex gives some examples of life lessons from his book, from fundraising to people management skills. Alex tells his story about working with noble prize laureates and asking philanthropists to back his charity. He says you can’t take donors for granted, and to keep in contact with them to avoid this. Engaging your donors in the organization will keep them invested in the process.


Segment 3

Tony asks Alex about the self-care tips in his book. Alex says that keeping up your mental and physical health will positively affect your mood and confidence. Alex talks about a time in his career where his mental and physical health was declining, and how he fixed it. Tony says that you have to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else. Alex agrees, saying taking your vacation days is important. Alex discusses the importance of learning new skills in all phases of your life. Alex tells Tony the psychology behind his book title; (When in doubt ask for more) he says that people are often willing to give more than you assume.


Segment 4

Alex tells Tony about the importance of diversity in your organization, not only racial and gender diversity, but occupational diversity as well. He discusses good organizational management within your organization, and getting your board members to work together for the mission of the organization. He expresses concern for board members who pledge loyalty to leaders as opposed to the organization’s mission. Tony thanks his guest and plugs his new book.