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Friday, June 19, 2020

2020/06/19 - What’s Hot & What’s Not

[EPISODE] What’s Hot & What’s Not

There’s a lot of buzz about the real estate market locally & regionally, so Friday at noon I’m bringing one of Brooklyn’s finest, Halstead Real Estate broker Tyson Lewis. Listen in to What’s Hot & What’s Not on or watch it live on Talking Alternative Broadcasting.

Segment 1

The guest of the show, Tyson Lewis, introduces himself.. He outlines his career as a musician and eventual realtor. He talks about living in Connecticut and New York (specifically Brooklyn) and studying anthropology in Vermont. Tyson outlines his journey as an entrepreneur and his search for a career path and the birth of that self-reliant spirit.

Segment 2

Tyson talks about being involved in the community, constantly learning and educating himself, and how he’s maintained his resilience in the real estate industry. He talks about the importance of having confidence in his industry. Tyson outlines the path of a realtor’s career from being an agent to being a broker. He also talks about how his business has changed in wake of the pandemic. 

Segment 3

Tyson goes more in-depth in the current real estate industry in New York, in particular Manhattan, and how COVID has affected the industry.  He also talks about how we should be assisting our communities and how the realtors should ease themselves back into the regular flow of things.

Segment 4

Tyson talks about his current anxiousness to get back to work as what will have to change post-quarantine. Jeremiah also talks about what he has to do in order to accommodate for his business as New York City reopens. The show closes with Tyson Lewis giving out his contact information.