Rediscovering New York

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

2020/06/16 - Touring New York City

[NEW EPISODE] Touring New York City

On tonight’s show we will be taking a look at businesses that bring New York City to life through their incredible tours.

My guests will be Corey William Schneider, CEO and Founder of
New York Adventure Club, and Joyce Gold, Founder of Joyce Gold History Tours.

Segment 1

Jeff introduces his first guest, Joyce Gold, who has 40 years of touring experience, numerous encyclopedia entries of NYC. Joyce was originally from Pennsylvania, moving to NYC when she was 8 and has lived in the city ever since. She muses on how much has changed since her beginnings as a tour guide, becoming a full-time tour guide not long after conducting tours of Greenwich. Joyce then talks about the process that goes into designing her tours, how long it takes her to design a tour, and what inspires particular tours she has done in the past.

Segment 2

Jeff and Joyce go further into what inspired her tours, specifically the Brooklyn neighborhood, Gowanus. Many of Joyce’s tours are inspired and based around specific incidents in history, such as the Revolutionary War, and ethnic communities. She even made a tour of Governor's Island, a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor, soon after it was open to the public some 15 years ago. Joyce then goes into what makes her decide to update a tour and what helps her make those decisions. The segment ends with tours Joyce would love to give in the future, many of which are new neighborhoods focusing on technology and Hudson Square.

Segment 3

Jeff introduces his next guest, Corey William Schneider. Corey isn’t originally from New York City, having lived in New Jersey prior, and has been in his business - New York Adventure Club - for 6 years. He goes into the beginnings of his business, what inspired it, and some of the goofy logistics that shaped it into what it is today. One of the first “adventure tours” that Corey designed included Brooklyn Army Terminal and was especially impressed by the aesthetic of its architectural design. Corey then goes into how his approach to designing tours over the years has evolved, especially now that he gets many referrals of different places.

Segment 4

Corey talks about what neighborhoods and tours are especially memorable for him, having a special attachment to Lower Manhattan. He then talks about how New York Adventure Club has been dealing with the coronavirus lockdown, working with artists, musicians, vendors, etc. to find a way to translate their tours into a virtual medium. Despite the difficult situation, NYAC has been very successful with plans to keep virtual tours past the lockdown. Corey still has ambitions of expanding his business beyond New York City and feels even more enthusiastic after the success of his virtual tours.