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Friday, June 12, 2020

2020/06/12 - Fighting For Survival

[EPISODE] Fighting For Survival

Throughout the lifespan of the show I have spoken many times about my affinity for martial arts, jiu jitsu in particular. I try to bring it up in every show as it has profoundly affected my life.


Right now martial arts schools are fighting for survival as the close contact puts them often in the last phase of reopening per state.


This week I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Professor Karel Pravec, owner of Silver Fox BJJ in Saddle Brook & Butler, NJ. He is a well decorated Renzo Gracie black belt & a long-time student at Renzo's flagship academy in Midtown.


His schools have been paused with still no information on a likely reopen date, but Karel has a warrior spirit and has accomplished unprecedented things for his community, students & instructors lately. He is determined to reopen safely & swiftly.


Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Prof. Karel Pravec. The two trade observations back and forth about independent businesses and martial arts schools. Karel chimes in with some wisdom for fellow martial arts instructors. He talks about his transition from finance to Brazilian jiu jitsu, being initially inspired by martial arts films and getting that first push through attending a class himself. Pravec shows his familiarity and passion for martial arts by expounding on some philosophies and outlining his journey as an entrepreneur.  

Segment 2

Karel looks back at his journey as a martial artist. He talks about his workout routines, the implementation of new styles and techniques, and talks about its impact on his life and his health. Jeremiah and Karel then reflect on how they first met through underwater training. Jeremiah  talks about coming in contact with him and the current state of business owners. Karel talks about how his business has had to adapt in these times and what resilience is necessary for smaller businesses to survive the pandemic.

Segment 3

Karel talks about his social media presence and the main mission of his business and live YouTube streams. They talk about the stress of being a small business owner during these times and why adaptation to the digital space is necessary. He also adds the motivations behind writing his book and his work attending seminars, as well as his main goals as of right now. 

Segment 4

Karel shares his experiences from participating in competitions. He talks about the tumultuous process and why he refrains from them personally. The conversation steers more towards the business side and Jeremiah inquiries about how Karel plans to reopen his dojo. The show closes with Karel plugging his website where his contact information is located.