The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, June 11, 2020

2020/06/11 - The Role of Alchemy in the Awakening of Consciousness

[NEW EPISODE] The Role of Alchemy in the Awakening of Consciousness


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes two Healers, Teachers, and the Founders of Anu Alchemy, Tison and Swaha Ron.


Tison is recognized as an intuitive Master Healer specializing in removing pain and limitations on the physical, emotional, cellular, and DNA levels, opening the door of possibilities to flow. She has successfully helped countless clients suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, eating disorders, high blood pressure, prenatal suffocation, birth trauma and many other emotional issues. 


It all started for Swaha Ron with a desire to learn healing to restore the health of his life partner, Linda, who lived 29 years longer than the doctors at the UCLA liver transplant unit had said was possible. During their marriage, he traveled the world tirelessly to learn energy healing techniques to help her, searching U.S., Brazil, China, India, Europe, and Mexico. 


In pursuit of the secrets of healing energy, many amazing things happened. In 1995 before his first pilgrimage to India, he stopped to give a street lady some money. Out of her eyes came a laser beam of light that dissolved a $10 bill in his hand, and then the street lady and Swaha Ron dissolved into light! He was teleported in his car onto the freeway and wept in the most intense JOY for the next week! 


In 2011 Swaha Ron met an immortal maha siddha. This encounter led to Swaha Ron being asked by the immortal Siddha Bogar, teacher of Babaji, to bring their siddha energetic herbal medicines to his friends in the West!  It is clearly evident that Swaha has been taught to recognize and to follow the guidance coming from the immortal siddhas!

Swaha Ron, aka Dr. Ron Holman, owns and operates Mental Health Insurance Companies, intending to bring the understanding that Health is a Balance of Mind, Body, & Spirit to corporate health care!


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Segment 1

The show begins with a weekly quote from Abraham and the Universe about gratitude and manifestation. He introduces the guests of the show, the founders of Anu Alchemy Tison and Swaha Ron. Sam inquires about how Swaha Ron’s background has taken him to where he is now. Then Tison describes her childhood and her first meditation session. 


Segment 2

Swaha Ron explains that he has had many past lives as a healer, shaman, and priest which has created a “flow of divinity” through him to produce healing. Ron says that the attitude of gratitude can make anything happen. After the death of his wife, he had an interaction with God which helped him step into his new life. Sam inquires about how the two met. Tison explains they first encountered each other at a spiritual community and became soul brother and sister after they realized they had seen each other in the same past life vision. They started Anu Alchemy after coming back from India with spiritual aura mist. This mist helps heal the skin, the gums, facilitates meditation and deepens potential realizations. 


Segment 3

Tison explains that their medicine is inspired by three places around the globe: Egypt, Peru and India. In Egypt, Ron was introduced to an oil that reveals the true nature of things, which should be applied on the small of the back. In his travels, he found love is the common theme of healing in many places around the world. Ron explains that essences are very simple: do you want to know what is sucking your blood? Mosquito essence. What is an annoying presence in your life? Gnat essence. The blue plasma cleanses and prepares the body, whereas red plasma takes you down to the depths of the heart, where choices can be made easily about what's good for you. Yellow plasma is a love potion, the fragrance of eternity brings already mastered gifts from past lives and green plasma allows for more money making. In Egypt they had an initiation in which a spirit told them to do the work that must be done. Tison says that it wasn’t their choice to create energetic medicine, it landed upon them. 


Segment 4

Sam inquires about how to use the essences and what benefits they have provided the users. Tison says that Aura mist can help to develop the left and right hemispheres of the brain. At Anu Alchemy, they don’t add extras into their medicine. Tison shares a story about a client in Belgium who began laughing after applying unicorn essence, and the experience made her realize she needs more laughter in life. Sam asks the pair about what they see the role of the medicine being in the shift/upheaval happening in society. Ron says that there is a specific medicine that allows the user to reflect in on themselves to see what they can do to help society. The medicine helps connect the user to who they really are and facilitates the realization of the work they are meant to do.