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Friday, June 5, 2020

2020/06/05 - Facing Tough Times

[EPISODE] Facing Tough Times

Facing tough times with Michael Alfieri of The BIGS Show. Resilience, fortitude, courage, physical & mental strength.

All things we need as humans and more so now than in memorable history.

This week Michael Alfieri will share his experiences from the Air Force, as a fireman, a fitness model and most recently as a personal trainer whose business came to a grinding halt upon national stay at home orders.

His training taught him that it’s not about getting knocked down, it’s how you get back up. His inspirational personality & positive energy are next level (as well as his podcast, The BIGS Show)!


Segment 1

“What do you have to develop in order to cultivate a non-quitting attitude in life?”

Jeremiah, with this question, brings on the guest of the show Michael Alfieri. Michael introduces himself to the listeners, briefing them on how he first got into the fitness world and his origins in New Jersey. He goes through his journey living throughout the country and his career working in the Air Force and then as a fireman. Jeremiah and Micheal share their thoughts on the fitness lifestyle and industry, Michael relating his experiences working as a model and how he got into that line of work.

Segment 2

Michael explains how he first got out there in the modelling work, detailing the process from sending his pictures out to agencies to his first photoshoot. Michael also talks about how he was able to use these opportunities he was gaining to support his family, soon expanding his ventures into fitness training. Jeremiah and Micheal talk about the necessary mindset in order to preserve living an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Segment 3

Michael talks about his career as an in-house personal trainer and informs viewers about a venture he’s found success in. He talks about the expansion of this enterprise and how it first got started as well as what keeps him going. He also notes the impact of the pandemic on his business and how he bounced back by adapting it virtually.

Segment 4

Micheal celebrates what new avenues the pandemic had opened for him. He then promotes his own podcast, The BIGS Show, sharing the topics of the discussion, the guests he’s had on, and more. To close the show, Michael plugs his social media and contact information.