Rediscovering New York

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

2020/06/02 - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

[EPISODE] Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

On this week’s show we will visit another great Brooklyn neighborhood, Cobble Hill.

My guests will be one of our regular guests, Justin Rivers, Chief Experience Officer and Lead Tour Guide for
Untapped New York, and Jamie Erickson, founder and owner of Poppy’s Catering.

Segment 1

The show begins introducing regular guest, Justin Rivers. Justin talks about his time as a teacher in NYC’s lower east side and how teaching his students led to his position as Chief Experience Officer and Lead Tour Guide for Untapped New York. Justin starts the topic of Cobble Hill about a subset of Lenape Native Americans, Canarsee, who first inhabited the area and their relationship with Dutch settlers in the 17th century. He then talks about Cobble Hill’s significance during the Revolutionary War, especially during the 1776 battle of New York, and the fortifications that were propped up during the War of 1812. The segment ends about the importance of ferries in Cobble Hill and the nature of neighborhoods established surrounding them.

Segment 2

Justin talks about how his work and how Untapped New York’s programming is affected during the pandemic, virtual tours, and what listeners can do to find out more about Untapped programming. He then goes into when Cobble Hill began to transform into the neighborhood we know it today. Justin and Jeff discuss two historical figures connected to Cobble Hill. The first is UK former prime minister, Winston Churchill. Second, philanthropist and house-reformer, Alfred Tredway White. Justin moves on to the topic about the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, the world’s first subway, and Cobble Hill Tunnel. The segment ends discussing what a “vest pocket park” is and its role in NYC.

Segment 3

Jeff introduces his next guest, Jamie Erickson, founder and owner of Poppy’s Catering situated in Cobble Hill. Jamie grew up in the lower east side and talks about why she eventually moved to Red Hook. She then divulges on what led her to start her own business and the steps that got it to its current standing today. Covering her relations with the neighborhood, fellow artists and creatives, and the workings from a humble pop-up to retail, she describes some of Poppy’s workings and her role as its founder.

Segment 4

Jamie talks about her favorite dishes from Poppy’s and the dishes she is especially known for. Jamie describes how she feels about Cobble Hill, her favorite parts about it, and how it has changed since she first moved there in 2006.Jamie talks about her customers and describes how she believes Cobble Hill has changed during the pandemic. She then lists some of the struggles she has owning a business in Cobble Hill before the pandemic. Particularly, being a food business in a non-food business area. Despite this, Jamie finds that Cobble Hill has everything she really needs for a neighborhood, and doesn’t need to venture into the city because of this. The segment ends with Jamie sharing some advice for those who are looking to start a business, and where to learn more about Poppy’s Catering.