The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, December 7, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/12/07 - 100 Pennies - Journeying Through The Tragic Into Forgiveness

Facebook Live Video from 2020/12/07 - 100 Pennies - Journeying Through The Tragic Into Forgiveness


2020/12/07 - 100 Pennies - Journeying Through The Tragic Into Forgiveness

[NEW EPISODE] 100 Pennies - Journeying Through The Tragic Into Forgiveness

Join Dr. Dau and her guest, Gaetane Martin, author of the book, 100 Pennies, as we look at the heartfelt struggle, pain and the transformative potential of what it means to forgive against all odds.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

GeorgeAnn welcomes tonight’s guest, Gaetane Martin as she goes into detail of the heartfelt struggle, pain and the transformative potential of what it means to forgive against all odds. Painful nights from her childhood are recalled and what it was like living with an alcoholic father who sexually abused her and threatened to kill her mother.

Segment 2

Gaetane talks more about her early childhood as one of nine children. She explains what it was like encountering her father after his nights of drinking. Her father would come into her room late at night, demanding she tells where her mother is. Fearing for her mothers life she was put in difficult situations to lie on her mothers behalf. This led to tension in the family and trauma throughout her life.

Segment 3

Next Gaetane talks about the people God put in her life and how they helped her become the strong woman she is today. She speaks more about her childhood, how she helped feed her siblings and what her role was in the house. She says she was considered her fathers “property.” The day she realized her father was a coward, was the day her father called her a whore. She talks more about that moment and how she decided to leave her family when she met a man she wanted to marry.

Segment 4

Gaetane’s book, 100 Pennies, explains all this and more. After leaving her household with hate, she learned to turn it into healing. Georgeann asks what Gautane’s mother was like and why she handled her life the way she did. She answers this and more. Explaining what it was like with her language barrier and people not being able to pronounce her name, leading to her nickname of “frenchy.” After the birth of her beautiful daughter, she realized the trauma from her past wasn’t going away on its own. This began her therapy journey.


00:00:41.730 --> 00:00:42.780 Georgeann Dau: Hi. Good evening.

00:00:44.040 --> 00:00:55.860 Georgeann Dau: I always am so excited when I come on here because I never know if there's going to be listeners that have been with me. The week before. So who's ever listening tonight.

00:00:56.910 --> 00:01:11.130 Georgeann Dau: It is such a pleasure to be here with you and certainly a pleasure to be with my guests tonight. So I'm Dr. George and Tao, and you are joining us on the journey row into awareness.

00:01:12.180 --> 00:01:21.870 Georgeann Dau: And I have a very special guest tonight a credible woman that wrote a book by the name of 100 pennies. I have a copy here.

00:01:22.470 --> 00:01:39.150 Georgeann Dau: And we came to each other through a mutual friends who beautiful woman by the name of Nancy, who, when I was doing my internship and spiritual direction. She was my intern directly

00:01:39.990 --> 00:01:56.640 Georgeann Dau: And I knew her for years before. And she introduced me to Gail Martin and this woman has such an incredible testimony of the depth of love faith.

00:01:59.460 --> 00:02:00.060 Georgeann Dau: Honor.

00:02:01.830 --> 00:02:16.410 Georgeann Dau: Patience and forgiveness and it's really my honor to have her here tonight so gates and Martin gates and thank you so much for joining us tonight.

00:02:17.340 --> 00:02:28.680 Georgeann Dau: You're an incredible woman, and it's such a pleasure to be with you so you know your book it says so much and I really thank you for it.

00:02:29.190 --> 00:02:51.180 Georgeann Dau: And there's no question from your book that God touched you at a very young age and continue to guide you through all the different stages in your life. Um, so why hundred pennies. Can you talk a little bit about your life generously you you're so generous and what you share. Thank you

00:02:53.550 --> 00:02:56.490 Gaetane Martin: Thank you, George. And thank you for having me to pleasure.

00:02:57.810 --> 00:02:58.230 Gaetane Martin: I

00:02:59.400 --> 00:03:11.730 Gaetane Martin: I wanted to write this book, one of the reason was, it was because there was an injustice that was done a great injustice to this little girl, which was me and also

00:03:12.810 --> 00:03:20.550 Gaetane Martin: To all the other little girls and boys that have had the same kind of life that I had through abuse.

00:03:22.800 --> 00:03:34.710 Gaetane Martin: I always felt that children should never have to live in invisible life, you become invisible. You don't have a voice in that

00:03:36.660 --> 00:03:58.080 Gaetane Martin: Families family of abuse Hunger Now 100 pennies as a story to it, how that came to be. The title of my book I was six years old and I sitting in front of this little grocery store. I lived in is very small, little village, and it was to grocery stores at the time.

00:03:59.850 --> 00:04:09.240 Gaetane Martin: I sat down. I was trying in my little mind to figure out how people bought food. Why, because I had no food. I was very hungry.

00:04:10.410 --> 00:04:11.850 Gaetane Martin: So I started to count why

00:04:12.120 --> 00:04:14.490 Georgeann Dau: everything you say is so important.

00:04:14.790 --> 00:04:19.110 Georgeann Dau: I want you to try to speak a little louder. If you can, like, good.

00:04:19.710 --> 00:04:20.040 Gaetane Martin: Yeah.

00:04:20.220 --> 00:04:21.780 Georgeann Dau: I just speak a little louder.

00:04:22.800 --> 00:04:24.090 Georgeann Dau: Thank you so

00:04:24.690 --> 00:04:39.030 Gaetane Martin: You're welcome. So I, I was counting in French because I was starting school and I was counting to 100 and I counted. Well, if I had 100 pennies. I would be rich and I could eat.

00:04:40.770 --> 00:04:55.110 Gaetane Martin: And then I would look around and I would say that wasn't so shy. I would ask 100 big people for one penny Chanel really would be rich and I could eat, and I could have new shoes because my shoes at holes in them.

00:04:56.490 --> 00:05:11.580 Gaetane Martin: That's how 100 pennies came to being my title. It's my hunger, the hunger part of my life. My brother and I were very hungry. We went out the little hungry devil is not some days there was no food at all.

00:05:13.260 --> 00:05:25.470 Gaetane Martin: This beautiful woman that I see now again as God's grace my brother and I, we used to go and sit in a kitchen lunchtime. Every time we would smell food cooking.

00:05:26.490 --> 00:05:37.530 Gaetane Martin: And she would never ever ask anything we would not ask her anything she literally would feed my brother and I, and then feed her family.

00:05:38.760 --> 00:05:44.040 Gaetane Martin: We would leave and we would be full until the next time.

00:05:44.460 --> 00:06:03.510 Georgeann Dau: So you were born in Canada. You were brought up in Canada and a very small town and you had there was six, there were nine children. Yes. So, and it was you and your brother that were fed by this woman because there wasn't enough food and there was extreme poverty, yes.

00:06:03.900 --> 00:06:14.280 Gaetane Martin: We live very, very poor very poor. At the time, there was only four children. My mother, and there was my sister, my brother and only four

00:06:15.000 --> 00:06:27.210 Gaetane Martin: And then later on. My mother had five children, one after the other. So that's how we became nine children and our family. The last five children. My siblings day didn't go hungry.

00:06:28.530 --> 00:06:34.530 Gaetane Martin: But my all four first four of us, we did. We didn't have any any food.

00:06:35.460 --> 00:06:40.470 Georgeann Dau: What was going on there. Where was your father. Can you talk about that, where

00:06:40.920 --> 00:06:42.480 Gaetane Martin: What positive. Yeah.

00:06:43.080 --> 00:06:44.100 Georgeann Dau: Sorry, no.

00:06:44.160 --> 00:06:44.970 Georgeann Dau: My father

00:06:46.710 --> 00:06:52.170 Gaetane Martin: My father, mother of two sides to my life. My father was a

00:06:53.370 --> 00:07:07.110 Gaetane Martin: lumberjack an alcoholic periodic alcoholic. He didn't write or read, he, he was illiterate. He was very, very poor.

00:07:09.360 --> 00:07:10.740 Gaetane Martin: At his family.

00:07:13.530 --> 00:07:14.070 Gaetane Martin: Live the

00:07:15.270 --> 00:07:22.590 Gaetane Martin: American cigarettes and tidy live my. That was my father came from an incestuous family.

00:07:23.760 --> 00:07:27.600 Gaetane Martin: So he brought that into our lives. So I was sexually abused by

00:07:27.630 --> 00:07:38.640 Georgeann Dau: Yes, there's always repeat whatever we're brought up around yes we bring into our lives, unless it's unless it can be healed.

00:07:40.110 --> 00:07:51.450 Georgeann Dau: Unless it's healed which like yours is um but your dad's obviously wasn't and he he made you the subject of that abuse. Correct.

00:07:52.950 --> 00:08:02.160 Gaetane Martin: Yeah, my father was very violent yet had been also very abused as a child, later on, obviously, to my my journey and got to see that.

00:08:03.180 --> 00:08:04.470 Gaetane Martin: More or

00:08:05.850 --> 00:08:10.980 Gaetane Martin: follow that pattern. A more violent and yeah you beat up.

00:08:12.120 --> 00:08:23.130 Gaetane Martin: Beat up my mother. He beat up everybody. He didn't work much that's why we had nothing to eat and but he was a hunter used to hunt deer and

00:08:24.600 --> 00:08:35.340 Gaetane Martin: Wildlife and now when we did have food. A lot of times, that's what we ate my mother would cook that with no spices. Believe me nothing. You know, just that kind of food.

00:08:36.000 --> 00:08:38.430 Georgeann Dau: Okay. Tom, what amazing in in

00:08:38.460 --> 00:08:45.810 Georgeann Dau: What I've read in your book was the your father would announce everyone that he was going to go out drinking

00:08:46.350 --> 00:08:56.190 Georgeann Dau: He would binge, he would come home. He was enraged he would look to beat up your mother be cursing looking for, she would. I'd

00:08:57.090 --> 00:09:15.090 Georgeann Dau: Everyone all the children yourself, your mom what terrorized you father would pass out sleep and then the next morning, everyone would get up and go and eat together like nothing happened. It was really quite

00:09:16.980 --> 00:09:19.080 Georgeann Dau: It was really quite something.

00:09:24.870 --> 00:09:26.370 Georgeann Dau: You know, you can see so much

00:09:26.370 --> 00:09:27.270 Georgeann Dau: The discussion.

00:09:29.250 --> 00:09:36.810 Georgeann Dau: And how long your mom obviously felt like a prisoner of her life that she couldn't get out

00:09:41.580 --> 00:09:42.750 Georgeann Dau: Do you have insights. I

00:09:43.050 --> 00:09:45.060 Georgeann Dau: Can't go, I see that we having

00:09:45.630 --> 00:09:47.880 Gaetane Martin: Some audio problems because I

00:09:48.150 --> 00:09:48.360 Georgeann Dau: See

00:09:48.420 --> 00:09:50.400 Gaetane Martin: A lot of works. Now you frozen.

00:09:51.240 --> 00:09:51.780 Georgeann Dau: Yes, I'm

00:09:52.080 --> 00:09:54.150 Gaetane Martin: missing words. I can't answer.

00:09:54.480 --> 00:09:59.970 Georgeann Dau: Yes. Gee, I wonder what to do with this, um,

00:10:04.230 --> 00:10:08.190 Georgeann Dau: Okay, so I'm hearing that, can you

00:10:10.740 --> 00:10:21.300 Georgeann Dau: Okay, I'm hearing that your internet is a little unstable. So you should probably disconnect and come back in again. Can you hear me.

00:10:21.660 --> 00:10:22.560 Gaetane Martin: Now I can

00:10:22.590 --> 00:10:37.500 Georgeann Dau: Now it's a seven. We're going to go on a break and then come back in the meantime get 10 you're going to disconnect from the radio station and show shut it down and come back on and try that.

00:10:38.130 --> 00:10:42.690 Gaetane Martin: Okay, I just changed the network now and it's going to work.

00:10:43.410 --> 00:10:46.620 Georgeann Dau: Okay, I don't know. I was just told by audio.

00:10:46.920 --> 00:10:49.860 Georgeann Dau: Yeah, you have you shut down completely and dumped back on.

00:10:50.370 --> 00:10:51.570 Gaetane Martin: Okay all right there.

00:10:51.930 --> 00:10:55.560 Georgeann Dau: Okay, sorry everyone will be right back. We're going to take a break.

00:10:56.940 --> 00:10:57.450 Georgeann Dau: Thank you.

00:13:27.480 --> 00:13:49.230 Georgeann Dau: Hi, welcome back. I'm Dr. George, and this is a journey through into awareness and we're here tonight with our guest gates and Martin and we're sorry about the audio glitch. We had, but I think we're back. And I think we've gotten we've rectified it so gay 10 we were talking about

00:13:50.640 --> 00:14:09.540 Georgeann Dau: You being born in Canada nine children and the first part of the family's life. There were not all nine of you. There were three or four of you and Dad being an alcoholic would binge come home angry Rachel would look to pick fights.

00:14:10.950 --> 00:14:14.850 Georgeann Dau: Was sexually abusive to you and

00:14:16.590 --> 00:14:26.250 Georgeann Dau: The next morning, after all of this went on everyone would have breakfast together like there was nothing wrong. You see that is that

00:14:27.450 --> 00:14:37.680 Georgeann Dau: That is the most traumatic that is everything that goes on for there to be no talk of no awareness of

00:14:38.430 --> 00:15:01.530 Georgeann Dau: In the outer world within the family of this dysfunction. That is so incredibly difficult and yet this was all part of of your experience. Um, so can you talk a little bit more about this. I'm going to just sit back now and let me tell you a story.

00:15:02.460 --> 00:15:02.940 Yes.

00:15:04.680 --> 00:15:19.980 Gaetane Martin: Of course we lived. I lived and we did domestic violence to my father, like you said before you would warn us that he would go get drunk and it'd be our fault because we were shit real shit, you know,

00:15:20.430 --> 00:15:33.300 Gaetane Martin: And so he would go out and come back and he would go after my mother all the time to beat her this particular time. As I said in my introduction. When you talk about he

00:15:34.080 --> 00:15:44.280 Gaetane Martin: He went, he went to hide and he was downstairs, and we were all upstairs and never used to come upstairs. Never when he was drunk. I guess it was

00:15:44.670 --> 00:16:00.570 Gaetane Martin: A to kill my mother is always going to kill her. And we lived with guns, all the time, there were guns. There were hunters, but they were gardens and we lived at the end of that bell. My mother and

00:16:00.630 --> 00:16:05.640 Georgeann Dau: All of us you such and such incredible terror, you lived with

00:16:06.120 --> 00:16:13.710 Georgeann Dau: You know, it's interesting because your father. I mean, all of this is so much self hate because if you follow the really wanted to kill her, he would have

00:16:13.860 --> 00:16:16.260 Gaetane Martin: Oh, and he told her you know that

00:16:17.520 --> 00:16:40.680 Gaetane Martin: He told her so, with that story that particular story that night he decides, I have my siblings India's bed. We're all huddled together. Now I'm 16 years old at the time, and he decides he comes upstairs because we would always be aware of that, that he may come upstairs. He's coming upstairs.

00:16:40.740 --> 00:16:42.240 Georgeann Dau: You were the oldest yes

00:16:42.900 --> 00:16:50.100 Gaetane Martin: Well, my oldest sister didn't live with us because he used to beat her up. She was five years old and she went to live with grandma. So I became

00:16:50.670 --> 00:16:51.720 Georgeann Dau: His, His mother.

00:16:52.170 --> 00:16:53.850 Gaetane Martin: You know, my mom's my

00:16:53.910 --> 00:16:54.600 Georgeann Dau: Mom's Mom.

00:16:54.780 --> 00:17:10.770 Gaetane Martin: Yeah, so we're this nightly comes upstairs and now we use and he's an image we use footsteps and see comes to the door at his bedroom. The kids are only to Blake it and he looks at me and he said,

00:17:11.670 --> 00:17:24.150 Gaetane Martin: Where the fuck is she so I didn't want to see. I didn't know I just said that she wasn't there. And because I if I said that you would have kept on looking right

00:17:25.710 --> 00:17:31.170 Gaetane Martin: If you don't tell me where she is. I'm going to kill you for the first time.

00:17:33.210 --> 00:17:39.930 Gaetane Martin: I believed me standing Gary Rachel in a turn and I see just gone in his hand.

00:17:41.610 --> 00:17:42.270 Georgeann Dau: That again.

00:17:42.480 --> 00:17:51.270 Gaetane Martin: I said I turned and I looked at him and he had a gun and he was going to kill me now because I wasn't telling him, and I wasn't going to give her up. I

00:17:52.800 --> 00:18:01.080 Gaetane Martin: I just close my eyes and that night that night I said oh god I'm 16 and now I'm going to die tonight.

00:18:02.100 --> 00:18:10.470 Gaetane Martin: Please, please, and I turned totally to God. And I said, Please help us here for some reason. My eyes were closed.

00:18:11.550 --> 00:18:16.650 Gaetane Martin: In a year or something and I opened my eyes and he turned around and left us

00:18:18.750 --> 00:18:34.110 Gaetane Martin: So the next day, of course, my mother gets up, we get up. She's cooking his breakfast like nothing happened. And so we live like that. This that that was the one time. There's so many other times.

00:18:36.180 --> 00:18:37.560 Gaetane Martin: Nobody talked about it.

00:18:38.730 --> 00:18:42.420 Gaetane Martin: Ever. And this was go on and on and on.

00:18:43.710 --> 00:19:01.500 Gaetane Martin: This man in his mental illness in his crazy craziness. He did everything you want it to do to all of us all nine of us any made my mother do anything because he told my mother, she did leave him a few times and he'd say,

00:19:02.610 --> 00:19:12.240 Gaetane Martin: You leave me. My mother told us at the end of her life, she said. He told me if I left, he was going to kill me all of you and kill himself. And you would have

00:19:13.740 --> 00:19:14.700 And she believed that

00:19:15.720 --> 00:19:16.920 Gaetane Martin: And so we live like that.

00:19:17.100 --> 00:19:25.170 Georgeann Dau: Yeah and you know the generations back then, it was very, very because I saw a picture in the book in your book of your mother at 66

00:19:25.620 --> 00:19:40.590 Georgeann Dau: Which is pretty much our age. Yes. And your mother look so aged and one out in those days it was unheard of that a woman left. Oh, man, it was quite unusual because what would she do

00:19:40.920 --> 00:19:43.320 Georgeann Dau: How would she support herself and not

00:19:43.350 --> 00:19:52.080 Gaetane Martin: My mother was educated. She came from pretty well to do family. These people were educated. He wasn't

00:19:52.710 --> 00:19:59.940 Georgeann Dau: For mommy and daddy's. What was your mother's parents alcoholic know my

00:20:00.120 --> 00:20:01.290 Gaetane Martin: My grandfather was

00:20:01.740 --> 00:20:02.910 Georgeann Dau: Your mother's father

00:20:03.120 --> 00:20:03.420 Gaetane Martin: Yeah.

00:20:03.540 --> 00:20:07.020 Georgeann Dau: Yeah, I use a lot. Yeah, there's always a repeat unless unless

00:20:07.320 --> 00:20:07.800 Georgeann Dau: The work.

00:20:08.040 --> 00:20:08.760 Georgeann Dau: But again,

00:20:09.030 --> 00:20:17.310 Georgeann Dau: I'm nosy in that age of development of human consciousness only movies stores went for therapy.

00:20:17.610 --> 00:20:21.090 Georgeann Dau: Yes, or or you were totally mentally ill.

00:20:21.300 --> 00:20:23.760 Georgeann Dau: And then they would institutional lunch you right

00:20:24.600 --> 00:20:34.620 Gaetane Martin: So my mother. She's my mother had been brought up totally, completely different from this. I used to call my grandfather. Her father are high class alcoholic.

00:20:35.070 --> 00:20:44.580 Gaetane Martin: My father's family, the low class alcoholic and he was the high class our key because of that Rd lived the very religious. They were very Catholic

00:20:45.330 --> 00:20:52.890 Gaetane Martin: You know, I got my, a lot, a lot of my faith through this grandmother. There was angry all the time. My mother's mother.

00:20:53.670 --> 00:21:04.890 Gaetane Martin: And my mother was she grew up and she was not equipped to live a life like that she didn't know what to do. My mother was a very sweet.

00:21:05.760 --> 00:21:25.680 Gaetane Martin: kind, loving gentle human being that had to become a whole lot of the stuff that he made her do because he was going to killer just just that was no out of this, you know, I was sexually abused by him. I was his favorite. I was groomed by him three years old.

00:21:27.120 --> 00:21:33.090 Gaetane Martin: Talk about children being invisible. I believe my father loved me, I believe that everybody's dad loved them that way.

00:21:34.470 --> 00:21:34.980 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:21:35.430 --> 00:21:50.250 Gaetane Martin: You know, and so, you know, living poverty, shame, going to school naughty not having any so to take a bath, not even add to toothpaste brush it teaches telling you to go home. You stink.

00:21:51.060 --> 00:21:57.990 Gaetane Martin: Either happy and my grandmother on my mother's side. They were like the beautiful people, and we look, you know,

00:21:59.490 --> 00:22:01.980 Gaetane Martin: We were so poor with dirt poor, you know,

00:22:02.340 --> 00:22:09.780 Georgeann Dau: Grandma and Grandpa. Your mother's parents. They didn't provide any financial help or sustenance.

00:22:11.130 --> 00:22:24.570 Gaetane Martin: They did for a while, they did for a while, but there was this was a bottomless pit there that was you know these people could have given every single thing in the world and they had it would have never been enough

00:22:25.320 --> 00:22:34.350 Gaetane Martin: And these two people eventually what I had nothing and we still would have had nothing, you know, and so very, very early child.

00:22:34.830 --> 00:22:52.980 Gaetane Martin: Little girl I was very happy little girl. I love my mom. I love my dad, so I thought you know as the years went by the domestic violence got worse and, you know, and my mom Christmas time is still to this day. We're always will be. Because to me, my mom. She used to

00:22:54.120 --> 00:23:10.590 Gaetane Martin: She loved Jesus. She loved the Nativity she I remember she used to tell us all the you all the names of all the the kings and all that and I and taught us to pray and she was, she was a kind beautiful woman.

00:23:10.800 --> 00:23:12.390 Georgeann Dau: Mommy's still alive.

00:23:12.540 --> 00:23:27.900 Gaetane Martin: No, no, she died. She was only 67 but she yeah she so that was my very child in school in first grade. Oh my god. I was like, this was the most beautiful time in my life. The nuns.

00:23:28.290 --> 00:23:41.160 Gaetane Martin: Me none loves Me and love Me and I was always wanted to top student and had the Medal of Honor and you know and i was i was noticed I was not invisible in school.

00:23:41.400 --> 00:23:41.880 Georgeann Dau: To

00:23:42.150 --> 00:23:46.650 Gaetane Martin: Yeah. And so these were the early years, the Christmas, my brother.

00:23:47.940 --> 00:23:56.850 Gaetane Martin: You know, my mom. Even my dad in those days, he was not as crazy as time went by. He was, you know, but his mom was mentally ill. So he him between

00:23:58.260 --> 00:24:08.940 Gaetane Martin: The alcohol and everything. So, you know, this was like a very, very young childhood, you know, up until I was, I would say like 14 years old, I would say, and things

00:24:09.630 --> 00:24:22.170 Gaetane Martin: Got worse. Of course, you know, and they were like times. And again, I had a fate. I used to see mom Christ to run to that little church every day sit there

00:24:22.800 --> 00:24:38.550 Gaetane Martin: In front of that lesson mother statue and say, Please, please, please make mommy start crying, please make mommy stop crying make all that bad stuff, stop. You know, I knew all of this was wrong that that like I was that young. I knew that life was wrong.

00:24:39.660 --> 00:24:52.290 Gaetane Martin: And so yeah, until I was about 11 I would say I denied 11, you know, things started to happen where I had pivotal things started to happen in my life.

00:24:52.740 --> 00:24:53.490 Georgeann Dau: So, yeah.

00:24:53.820 --> 00:24:54.870 Georgeann Dau: If people 11

00:24:55.050 --> 00:24:56.310 Gaetane Martin: Yeah I did 11

00:24:57.840 --> 00:25:06.570 Gaetane Martin: I spent a summer with my mother, sister and my uncle beautiful man I love him so much anyway he's passed away.

00:25:07.710 --> 00:25:08.670 Gaetane Martin: That summer.

00:25:09.720 --> 00:25:14.070 Gaetane Martin: I spent with them and they lived up north in Canada.

00:25:15.360 --> 00:25:17.430 Gaetane Martin: And my uncle had a little girl.

00:25:18.660 --> 00:25:21.900 Gaetane Martin: And she was only a year old, and

00:25:23.100 --> 00:25:24.810 Gaetane Martin: I noticed how he was treating her

00:25:26.610 --> 00:25:29.670 Gaetane Martin: He getting treated with my father did

00:25:31.050 --> 00:25:42.510 Gaetane Martin: You didn't take a secret places you didn't, you know, he would. I would like can look around what he did what he would hold her, but he wouldn't know you wouldn't do anything. My father did

00:25:44.010 --> 00:25:46.230 Georgeann Dau: So you were able to see a contrast

00:25:46.500 --> 00:26:00.990 Gaetane Martin: All of a sudden something inside again something inside. I knew all boy this is really wrong all boy. What am I going to do all and this was like a knowing

00:26:02.010 --> 00:26:07.080 Gaetane Martin: I had no words for it, but I knew this was bad. I went home at the end of the summer.

00:26:08.190 --> 00:26:08.970 And then I

00:26:10.260 --> 00:26:16.230 Gaetane Martin: You know, I was so scared of him all the sounds very, very scared of him, because I knew what he was going to do.

00:26:17.460 --> 00:26:26.580 Gaetane Martin: And he did. He came to me. I wasn't crying, and he comes to comfort me and I knew what he was going to do. And so for the first time ever is associated

00:26:27.930 --> 00:26:30.810 Gaetane Martin: Now for the people that don't know what this associating is

00:26:31.140 --> 00:26:38.820 Gaetane Martin: Good. They're not being there, right, make it go away because you can't, you know, and that happens with children and people have trauma.

00:26:39.150 --> 00:26:40.590 Gaetane Martin: Discover Yes, correct.

00:26:40.710 --> 00:26:44.880 Georgeann Dau: And it was easy for you to do because you were brought up feeling invisible.

00:26:45.090 --> 00:26:52.080 Georgeann Dau: Yeah, it was easier for you to learn to do that for yourself. Right.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:26:53.670 Gaetane Martin: Continued

00:26:53.730 --> 00:26:55.710 Georgeann Dau: Business Associates. That's right.

00:26:55.830 --> 00:27:04.500 Gaetane Martin: And it was a tool that I use that at the time. Thank goodness that saved my sanity. But you asked me what he did to me. I didn't know

00:27:05.160 --> 00:27:20.700 Gaetane Martin: I didn't remember that's what does associating mean you're not dare therapy. Oh my god. Later years later when I when this beautiful woman work with me, and she she tried to tell me what this wasn't a quick. You know what's so difficult. So

00:27:21.720 --> 00:27:37.470 Gaetane Martin: But over the years, obviously, you know, to this day, this associating. That's what I did. You see, and out. So that's I was 11 and then from 11 to 14 now I have friends. I love people. Yeah.

00:27:37.770 --> 00:27:47.100 Georgeann Dau: That's uh we, uh, that's a very, very good point that you just brought up that whatever were brought up around

00:27:48.780 --> 00:27:52.410 Georgeann Dau: How we handle it as children.

00:27:54.060 --> 00:28:01.500 Georgeann Dau: saved us, it saves us we don't judge ourselves with it. It saved us

00:28:02.550 --> 00:28:20.370 Georgeann Dau: The opportunity is with that wantonness to become aware of it as an adult, so that it can be worked on to be healed. So that you're not still using the same tool with the trauma back then.

00:28:21.450 --> 00:28:39.660 Georgeann Dau: In your contemporary life. Even if something similar is happening and you continue contemporary life your work to through enough where you're not using the same defense to handle your wounds.

00:28:40.800 --> 00:28:54.030 Georgeann Dau: That's very, very important. So we don't make yourself wrong for whatever way we taught herself to deal with our trauma as children, but we work on it.

00:28:54.840 --> 00:29:08.070 Georgeann Dau: Enough to be free of it in our adult life. Very, very important piece. Very, very important piece. And we're going to be to be taking a break in one minute.

00:29:12.060 --> 00:29:15.840 Georgeann Dau: But I'm sure that you've had many, many years of treatment.

00:29:16.290 --> 00:29:19.260 Georgeann Dau: For you to be able to get to the other side of this

00:29:19.440 --> 00:29:33.930 Georgeann Dau: Yeah, because I know that you are a holy woman. And you know, I look forward to everyone hearing from you about your spiritual journey in the center of all of this.

00:29:34.380 --> 00:29:44.880 Georgeann Dau: Thank you get 10 so we're here tonight with gets in Martin and Dr. George and data. And this is the journey through and we'll be right back. Thank you so much.

00:32:38.670 --> 00:32:52.320 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through with Dr. George anto AND gates and my 10 I love seeing your name. It's such a great name. I love it. It's really beautiful. So, um, you know,

00:32:54.480 --> 00:33:04.710 Georgeann Dau: It's amazing what God does with trauma. It's amazing what God does with pain if we bring God into it.

00:33:05.790 --> 00:33:10.110 Georgeann Dau: So I know you know from your book that

00:33:11.130 --> 00:33:32.520 Georgeann Dau: All of this that you found your way through all of this into forgiveness and certainly there's no way that you could have done that on your own without your relationship with God. And so it's really something I whenever you're ready. I'd love to hear more about that.

00:33:36.420 --> 00:33:36.810 I

00:33:38.340 --> 00:33:41.490 Gaetane Martin: I have to sit up from the very beginning of my life.

00:33:42.810 --> 00:33:46.980 Gaetane Martin: I always knew this, this was very, very clear that there was another life.

00:33:48.480 --> 00:33:59.490 Gaetane Martin: There was no one that could have ever changed my mind about that no matter what happened. I would pick myself up and I knew I was going to destroy your life.

00:34:00.690 --> 00:34:01.590 Gaetane Martin: I yeah my

00:34:01.740 --> 00:34:15.900 Georgeann Dau: What do you mean by other life. You mean or sending from from here, this earth plane or you mean, from what you were brought up in to another life here on the earth plane from what

00:34:15.960 --> 00:34:21.060 Gaetane Martin: I knew that I had to break that generational curses.

00:34:21.480 --> 00:34:22.050 Georgeann Dau: And non

00:34:22.140 --> 00:34:22.830 Georgeann Dau: Standard have

00:34:23.430 --> 00:34:32.580 Gaetane Martin: And I knew this was all I could all I could do this when I was a little girl I could, I knew that there was this other life. That would be

00:34:33.180 --> 00:34:45.540 Gaetane Martin: A good life, it would not be domestic violence, it would be love a life of love. How in the world. I was going to find that glow. That was another that's another story. Right. But I did because I'm living it today.

00:34:46.410 --> 00:34:53.010 Gaetane Martin: I am going to go back a little bit too, especially like pivotal times at 14 and I'm going to make it like

00:34:54.060 --> 00:35:08.610 Gaetane Martin: At 11 and then at 14 what happened at 14 years old, my mother came to my mother was sick, actually. Now, all these other children are being born except my, my last brother, and she took me out of school.

00:35:09.630 --> 00:35:21.000 Gaetane Martin: Now that was to me taking my heart out of my body because I knew at 10 years old actually something that happened. I knew inside that education was going to save me.

00:35:21.720 --> 00:35:33.660 Gaetane Martin: save my life. Get me out of there. That would be my way out of there. Well, at 14 it was taken away every single thing of my life. Everything to what my life was taken away that nice people.

00:35:34.530 --> 00:35:53.520 Gaetane Martin: So comes that time priest comes to the house system. I said to my mother, you cannot take this child out of school like this. She's intelligent, you can't do this before she's 16 my mother said, I need her the word need to this is difficult for me to need right

00:35:54.690 --> 00:35:56.880 Gaetane Martin: So my mother came to me and said he time

00:35:58.050 --> 00:36:02.310 Gaetane Martin: Now there was four in diapers, or whatever, if you don't stay here.

00:36:03.630 --> 00:36:04.590 Gaetane Martin: And help me.

00:36:05.880 --> 00:36:14.190 Gaetane Martin: Be with these kids, they were all going to the orphanage. I will be going to their to their godparents now.

00:36:14.940 --> 00:36:25.890 Georgeann Dau: What an amazing burden to place on you at such a young age or any age, you didn't bear these children. Oh my goodness gates. Yeah, so

00:36:25.920 --> 00:36:42.300 Gaetane Martin: Then my thought to make myself again. Again, that very loving place inside. Okay, I fell apart inside and then I got myself up and I believe this is all God's strengthen me

00:36:42.720 --> 00:37:01.500 Gaetane Martin: I cannot deny that. So I pick up again and I say, okay, oh, this is horrible, but my siblings. Don't siblings will not go hungry. I will feed them I not like my me my brother. No, they're not going to be hungry.

00:37:02.070 --> 00:37:13.710 Gaetane Martin: Now, here I am. I'm taking this on taking care of my mother. He's drinking. He's doing whatever he's doing now, by that time we bootlegging we have guys all over this House.

00:37:14.220 --> 00:37:25.740 Gaetane Martin: Seeing all kinds of comments about my body. I was a teenager, I mean, you know. So I stayed there a year or so later we open this little canteen.

00:37:26.550 --> 00:37:48.180 Gaetane Martin: To my book. I have a smile on because that canteen was fantastic for me because all my friends, my Canadian friends that are listening to me tonight that I love. With all my heart to this day. My angels behind the scenes. He didn't know. Again, these are all people. Yes, I put in my life.

00:37:48.240 --> 00:37:48.720 Gaetane Martin: Yes.

00:37:48.810 --> 00:37:56.700 Gaetane Martin: My question my but all of them. I bought a bunch of them are same age, right, they would come to that canteen every night.

00:37:57.660 --> 00:38:13.470 Gaetane Martin: Every without a jukebox. The Beatles we carried on. We had so much fun. My friend, Andrea all my gosh she's to wipe my book I know she's listening, you know, God did we laugh, but did, didn't know what was happening to me after day left

00:38:15.030 --> 00:38:22.560 Gaetane Martin: That I was being sexually abused by him that I was being abused by him. You didn't know that I never told anybody

00:38:23.070 --> 00:38:25.140 Georgeann Dau: What do you think you kept it to yourself.

00:38:25.500 --> 00:38:30.450 Gaetane Martin: Oh, like you would have killed me. So I 14 I told him.

00:38:31.500 --> 00:38:41.310 Gaetane Martin: The time I guess I didn't associate I said you stop this. I'm going to tell, I said you you can't you can't tell. NOBODY'S GOING TO BELIEVE YOU. You're a liar.

00:38:42.300 --> 00:39:04.350 Gaetane Martin: I go really I'll run away. Now this is a big one. Oh, yes. He said, I'll find you anywhere in the world and I will kill you and I believe that I carry this with me until therapy. Years later in New York. Okay, so this was 14 1516 with these beautiful people. In the meantime,

00:39:05.520 --> 00:39:20.250 Gaetane Martin: Taken care of my mother bootlegging waitress cooking take all of it. Okay. Talk about strength that I know where that comes from. Today more than ever, and the courage. But the one thing for me. My siblings weren't hungry.

00:39:21.300 --> 00:39:39.510 Gaetane Martin: Okay, because I worked. I fed them. I was 15 or whatever, then 16 1716 years old. Come, my friend, Andrea, I go out with her another on incredible gift that was given to me that particular night I go out with her and I

00:39:40.530 --> 00:39:58.320 Gaetane Martin: And winded next door, and I could see my father in the kitchen downstairs waiting for me. All night long. I was his property, you see. So we had gone out. I ran away I to run away to go out and have fun. Sometimes I go home the next day and he calls me a whore.

00:39:59.970 --> 00:40:02.520 Gaetane Martin: Because he was waiting for me, right, because I'll

00:40:03.570 --> 00:40:08.850 Gaetane Martin: Say I screamed at him and I told him how much I hated him for the first time. And do you know, there you go.

00:40:09.960 --> 00:40:26.130 Gaetane Martin: For some reason, at that moment, I knew how much of a coward, he was, and I knew I was leaving and I knew I was leaving and changing country changing language, all of this, I knew all of this inside

00:40:28.350 --> 00:40:30.030 Gaetane Martin: And I would know when

00:40:31.710 --> 00:40:39.480 Gaetane Martin: And this was as real as we sitting here. So that gave me hope to keep going until that time came

00:40:39.780 --> 00:40:40.320 Georgeann Dau: Mm hmm.

00:40:40.530 --> 00:40:42.420 Gaetane Martin: Was another big pivotal

00:40:42.630 --> 00:40:43.740 Georgeann Dau: In a new

00:40:44.220 --> 00:40:46.860 Gaetane Martin: He comes 18 years old I meet my husband.

00:40:48.390 --> 00:41:07.380 Gaetane Martin: Get married at 19 come to New York. So my life in Canada, my life with my siblings and everything ended when I was 18 physically obviously very much disassociated I couldn't leave my siblings and feeling ology so I could not, I would not have been able to

00:41:08.520 --> 00:41:09.960 Gaetane Martin: Got out of that hell.

00:41:11.220 --> 00:41:18.540 Gaetane Martin: And I knew inside of me. I was going to meet somebody. But he wasn't going to speak French. I didn't speak English.

00:41:20.370 --> 00:41:30.000 Gaetane Martin: So now from 16 correct so 16 to 18 I knew this, and a day that I met Peters name wars.

00:41:31.320 --> 00:41:39.780 Gaetane Martin: I knew. Now it's time for you to leave. Do you know that my mother when I told us get married. She looked at me, said yesterday, it's time for you to leave. Imagine

00:41:40.410 --> 00:41:54.030 Georgeann Dau: You get on what I know now, your mother obviously put so much of her emotional needs into you was asking you, unconsciously to carry your life now that you will leave. And what did she do

00:41:55.170 --> 00:41:57.270 Georgeann Dau: All of a sudden, now she had strength.

00:41:57.540 --> 00:41:59.550 Georgeann Dau: Well children were old enough now.

00:41:59.700 --> 00:42:08.580 Gaetane Martin: No, they weren't my little brother was four or five and my mother had a major heart attack, she almost died. This woman. Do you see she could not

00:42:09.570 --> 00:42:26.400 Gaetane Martin: No one. No one in this world can leave this kind of abuse and survive it. Nobody, nobody and that woman was beaten, emotionally, physically raped. Oh, how could she could she not

00:42:26.760 --> 00:42:30.030 Georgeann Dau: But you you you live that also

00:42:30.270 --> 00:42:32.100 Gaetane Martin: I did, I did and I

00:42:32.310 --> 00:42:37.020 Georgeann Dau: Did she loves it and you both had tremendous faith right

00:42:37.080 --> 00:42:40.260 Gaetane Martin: I but you see when I left, I felt very guilty.

00:42:41.880 --> 00:42:43.170 Georgeann Dau: Sure. Of course.

00:42:43.260 --> 00:42:43.800 Gaetane Martin: Right. So, in

00:42:44.190 --> 00:43:02.670 Gaetane Martin: Essence right to all these people are dear, I leaving when incredible memories and love and being loved by my relatives being loved by my friends. I love my country. I love my my language. But I got to hate it. I didn't want to speak this way.

00:43:03.120 --> 00:43:19.260 Gaetane Martin: Because it brought back all that I always always went back once a year to visit, at least, and I still do. I still love and connect with my people, you know, and over my healing time

00:43:19.800 --> 00:43:27.180 Georgeann Dau: Once you list. What did your father, was your father still continuing that same abuse, I

00:43:27.270 --> 00:43:35.190 Gaetane Martin: You know my sisters i don't know i i suspect because people like that don't stop, don't stop at one person.

00:43:35.400 --> 00:43:36.750 Georgeann Dau: That's why I'm asking that.

00:43:36.930 --> 00:43:39.630 Georgeann Dau: And also the same abuse with your mother. Right.

00:43:39.930 --> 00:43:59.580 Gaetane Martin: So I like I said, you know, I needed to take care of. I couldn't go there was too overwhelming. You know, so I so when I left. And so anyway, so I leave all these beautiful people behind. I left that help to save my life. And again, the courage.

00:44:00.870 --> 00:44:10.350 Gaetane Martin: The strength. The fate of boy, did I leave with full of hate men did I hate these people, Mike.

00:44:10.440 --> 00:44:11.760 Gaetane Martin: This was my energy

00:44:12.000 --> 00:44:13.680 Georgeann Dau: You will have to have. Oh.

00:44:14.070 --> 00:44:16.470 Gaetane Martin: I didn't get casting and hating

00:44:16.860 --> 00:44:17.160 Georgeann Dau: Yeah.

00:44:17.310 --> 00:44:22.830 Gaetane Martin: I could tell you, boy, I know what that's like. Yes.

00:44:22.980 --> 00:44:35.070 Georgeann Dau: You would like to in order to move into forgiveness. You have to first experience a depth of your own hate you would have to, yes. That makes that makes perfect sense.

00:44:35.160 --> 00:44:36.300 Gaetane Martin: And it was not all

00:44:37.080 --> 00:44:41.160 Georgeann Dau: Me when we're going to be taking a break.

00:44:41.250 --> 00:45:02.790 Georgeann Dau: Okay about 30 seconds. So we look forward to returning for more of your journey and your pennies and we'll be right back with a journey through a gate 10 months and thank you so much for joining us tonight. We'll be right back. Thank you.

00:47:24.930 --> 00:47:25.740 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:47:26.880 --> 00:47:31.320 Georgeann Dau: With Dr. George and our journey through with gates and Martin.

00:47:32.550 --> 00:47:33.510 Georgeann Dau: So gator.

00:47:36.240 --> 00:47:43.380 Georgeann Dau: You were talking about when you left and came to New York and we were looking at how you have to be

00:47:44.340 --> 00:47:56.280 Georgeann Dau: Deal with your eight and allow yourself to experience whatever's inside of us. We have to experience in order to clear the decks, so that we can have a healing.

00:47:56.850 --> 00:48:08.220 Georgeann Dau: Otherwise, we're trying to put forgiveness on top eight and it doesn't work, you know, something though that I find interesting. And we were looking at this before, because you had mentioned about

00:48:09.300 --> 00:48:22.560 Georgeann Dau: That you know God put a lot of angels in your life and absolutely God absolutely does that and magnificent and that your mother had that too. Um,

00:48:24.630 --> 00:48:38.070 Georgeann Dau: You know, I would just love to now expect you to answer this, I would just love to know what went on in MOM'S VERY EARLY YEARS FOR HER TO HAVE CREATED chosen the husband that she did and create

00:48:39.270 --> 00:48:52.170 Georgeann Dau: The life that she did a that a really put you and all the children in no criticism, it's just fascinating when we look at our families, there's never any criticism, we look at it.

00:48:52.650 --> 00:49:08.970 Georgeann Dau: As a way for us to grass in a more depth for way how it affected us as the children grown up and brought up in that. But my point here. I'm sorry to be so long winded with it.

00:49:10.320 --> 00:49:17.610 Georgeann Dau: Both you and your mom had the same amount of trauma, you are able to deal with it with strength, your mother.

00:49:18.810 --> 00:49:26.670 Georgeann Dau: Didn't have didn't seem didn't seem to have the same amount of strength and what I want to say about that to our listeners is

00:49:28.080 --> 00:49:36.630 Georgeann Dau: When you are because you said you had mentioned that your mom was brought up with a wealth and you know some athletes in education.

00:49:37.800 --> 00:49:43.860 Georgeann Dau: When your mom being brought up in an environment where she was taken care of, well,

00:49:44.880 --> 00:49:46.380 Georgeann Dau: That many times

00:49:48.390 --> 00:50:03.060 Georgeann Dau: Takes away from the child becoming an adult ability to really be strong and fight for themselves and stand up and build something for themselves.

00:50:03.750 --> 00:50:18.720 Georgeann Dau: That power, you know, yes. God gives us that. But you see, you were born in this. So from the very time you were a little girl pre talking you had, you had to develop that level of

00:50:19.680 --> 00:50:28.980 Georgeann Dau: Continue power that God gave you, you had to build it to survive. And that's the big difference between your when your mom.

00:50:29.760 --> 00:50:41.520 Georgeann Dau: Yeah, I would say. So I just wanted to mention that to the listeners. I'm just to maybe give some clarity to that. So, um, yes. K 10 so that we were talking about the hate

00:50:43.980 --> 00:50:44.730 Gaetane Martin: Well, I

00:50:46.260 --> 00:50:58.890 Gaetane Martin: So I left and I, of course I didn't feel it because it was this associated, but it was there. I mean it was all you know just Association eventually alone, your life. You get to see that it's

00:50:59.340 --> 00:51:06.780 Gaetane Martin: Nothing ever goes away. What happens, you know. You don't know what the heck you acting anymore. Right, so

00:51:06.840 --> 00:51:10.230 Georgeann Dau: What must have been angry. I must have been very angry.

00:51:10.530 --> 00:51:12.420 Gaetane Martin: Oh, it came out all over the place.

00:51:12.420 --> 00:51:13.380 Georgeann Dau: Absolutely.

00:51:13.470 --> 00:51:15.990 Gaetane Martin: I wasn't afraid of anything and I live in New York.

00:51:17.880 --> 00:51:18.990 Georgeann Dau: Right, so

00:51:19.020 --> 00:51:24.060 Gaetane Martin: What happened. So when I left there which I want to talk a little bit about my healing journey.

00:51:24.810 --> 00:51:36.180 Gaetane Martin: How it started, there was all my goodness, I get married and we lived in Brooklyn, and I don't speak English. And I just, just love these Brooklyn people and they love me and decade.

00:51:36.660 --> 00:51:49.860 Gaetane Martin: Men, they can't pronounce my name, Andy. Can I, can we call you gay. Can we call you, friend. She and I couldn't tell them what the heck no. No. And why not, because then, speaking of English. So I wind up to be Frenchie in

00:51:50.220 --> 00:51:58.800 Gaetane Martin: A Frenchie. You know, like that. So that's how I learned to speak English. It was in Brooklyn. And, you know, and to this day, I do.

00:52:00.240 --> 00:52:06.660 Gaetane Martin: I do you have a contest. So usually when with the story what one of my broken story so

00:52:07.710 --> 00:52:18.570 Gaetane Martin: The fun and I was finally free out of that hell physically and I was having fun as a young person because I never had it and I was 19 and, you know,

00:52:19.920 --> 00:52:34.080 Gaetane Martin: After all, the fund, a few years. I went into Manhattan. I got a job right away. Work bilingual i i took subways. I had no idea. I just went, I mean I had incredible coverage and i and i believe i could do all that.

00:52:34.230 --> 00:52:38.310 Gaetane Martin: You know nothing could hurt me here because it already had fruit me there.

00:52:38.580 --> 00:52:43.620 Gaetane Martin: Absolutely. Anyways, so I did nice part was

00:52:44.760 --> 00:52:53.610 Gaetane Martin: Now have all this fun and then I have my daughter, my beautiful daughter in Brooklyn. Beautiful. Oh my gosh, my heart and

00:52:55.560 --> 00:52:59.010 Gaetane Martin: Things started inside weren't going away.

00:53:00.180 --> 00:53:07.080 Gaetane Martin: Nothing was going away. And it was getting worse. And now I'm trying religion and now trying

00:53:07.620 --> 00:53:20.490 Gaetane Martin: All kinds of things, and nothing is working. And now I'm angry now on hateful. Now, this is all coming on the surface. And of course, I don't know why I'm so hateful and I know it's taken away from my spirit.

00:53:21.600 --> 00:53:36.660 Gaetane Martin: So I meet this woman short, long story short, because I want everybody to know this. I mean this lovely lady in my ex husband was an alcoholic. I didn't know God during be so I taught and this woman to read. I read it tells me

00:53:36.780 --> 00:53:41.130 Georgeann Dau: And this is the man that you were married to it this time. You know, the Joker.

00:53:41.490 --> 00:53:43.740 Georgeann Dau: And when the present, but back then in

00:53:43.740 --> 00:53:44.250 Gaetane Martin: Brooklyn.

00:53:44.670 --> 00:53:45.570 Georgeann Dau: Right. And we're okay.

00:53:46.020 --> 00:53:49.860 Gaetane Martin: So, I mean, this beautiful lady. And then she tells me about Alan

00:53:51.570 --> 00:54:02.880 Gaetane Martin: Alan own. What is that, well, it's for families of alcoholics, I said that that's how you spell guy. How would this. I'm not sending anybody talking about alcohol because that's what I thought it was

00:54:04.020 --> 00:54:14.940 Gaetane Martin: Long story short, I did. I find that I went in to al anon get used to call me firecracker I was explosive everywhere from all that stuff all the which years

00:54:15.840 --> 00:54:29.820 Gaetane Martin: From you talk about God and God opening doors it in my life. Every single door to my healing journey has been open since this was 1982

00:54:30.570 --> 00:54:53.070 Gaetane Martin: I went to Alan on I met this beautiful lady that told me about this incredible therapist that I disclose sexual abuse to Ramona crater Jonas in my book I talk about a woman saved my sanity saved my life. Ramona was a gentle giant a gentle beautiful human being and also as a therapist.

00:54:53.100 --> 00:55:03.300 Georgeann Dau: Yes. And I just want to mention because we have so much here so much incredible material to I'd love to cover. We have about three minutes till the end of the show.

00:55:03.510 --> 00:55:03.960 Gaetane Martin: Oh boy.

00:55:04.080 --> 00:55:05.130 Georgeann Dau: Oh, so I know

00:55:05.340 --> 00:55:07.560 Georgeann Dau: I know I just want to just mention that

00:55:07.920 --> 00:55:10.050 Georgeann Dau: And I just want to say probably

00:55:10.260 --> 00:55:12.450 Georgeann Dau: Two second prayer. So go

00:55:13.260 --> 00:55:25.830 Gaetane Martin: So then from there I everything therapy talk therapy art therapy groups workshops writing drawing talking

00:55:26.910 --> 00:55:38.880 Gaetane Martin: Everything in the world. I could do my, I went to see a spiritual person that helped me to heal my soul. I finally got to heal to forgive my father, I was able to see that little

00:55:39.360 --> 00:55:45.930 Gaetane Martin: flicker of flame in him that he became a human being as well. That's why a journey to forgive the unforgivable.

00:55:46.200 --> 00:55:56.700 Gaetane Martin: So I did. And then I met this beautiful man Jim that we're together today. I never thought in my life I could ever meet anybody decent, but I am in Gemini together for nine years.

00:55:57.000 --> 00:56:10.530 Gaetane Martin: I live is beautiful place here in Northport I just have a beautiful, peaceful, loving life that I that is the life that I knew was

00:56:11.850 --> 00:56:20.250 Gaetane Martin: This is where, like I said, like you said, I could go there because there's so much. I do believe in a holy spirit that has guided me from the very

00:56:20.250 --> 00:56:21.000 Georgeann Dau: Result when

00:56:21.480 --> 00:56:32.250 Gaetane Martin: I turned back and I see all of it now everyone. So my children, two boys that I love so much my two boys did just sweethearts might be kids blessings gifts.

00:56:33.480 --> 00:56:38.190 Gaetane Martin: And beautiful friends and still microphone. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:56:38.970 --> 00:56:48.030 Georgeann Dau: Yeah you know gator. You know, one of the things that drew me so much to us so quickly. Besides the fact of

00:56:48.750 --> 00:56:55.230 Georgeann Dau: Anyone who is wounded and works their way through it to me as an exceptional human being.

00:56:55.830 --> 00:57:15.600 Georgeann Dau: Because we're all wounded and we all struggle and you were willing to take tell the truth about it, but our, our, a very early on yours are similar, perhaps, maybe you come back on the show. At some point, yes. I want to thank you for tonight.

00:57:15.870 --> 00:57:21.360 Georgeann Dau: You're really incredible. And I'd like to just end in prayer, if I may.

00:57:23.310 --> 00:57:35.700 Georgeann Dau: Oh, great love. Thank you for living and loving in us and through us may all that we do flow from our deep connection with you and all living beings.

00:57:36.390 --> 00:57:46.950 Georgeann Dau: Help us become a community together collective consciously that vulnerability shares each other's burdens and our weight of glory.

00:57:47.550 --> 00:58:01.980 Georgeann Dau: Listen to our hearts longing for the healing of the world and knowing that you were hearing us better than we are speaking we offer the prayers of our arts with love in all of the holy names of God.

00:58:02.580 --> 00:58:11.340 Georgeann Dau: Thank you, everyone. Thank you so much gates and God bless. Thank you for tuning in tonight. Next week we have an incredible show

00:58:11.850 --> 00:58:31.890 Georgeann Dau: I'm similar of what we're talking about tonight, but we're talking about hidden wounds in this and how many ways that our wounds Ignis can hide and it's about a physical journey and body image. So we thank you so much for always journey journeying with us. God bless.

00:58:33.210 --> 00:58:34.560 Georgeann Dau: And we love you guys.

00:58:36.030 --> 00:58:39.750 Georgeann Dau: Thank you so much for you. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

00:58:40.020 --> 00:58:40.950 Georgeann Dau: We'll do this again.

00:58:41.130 --> 00:58:42.780 Gaetane Martin: Thank you for having me. Thank you.

00:58:43.140 --> 00:58:45.570 Georgeann Dau: Always. Thank you. Goodnight.

00:58:45.900 --> 00:58:46.380 Goodnight.

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