The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, November 23, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/23 - The Stages of Spiritual Development

Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/23 - The Stages of Spiritual Development


2020/11/23 - The Stages of Spiritual Development

[NEW EPISODE] The Stages of Spiritual Development

We journey through psychological as well as spiritual developmental processes.

We will look into the many stages of our Soul's unfolding as we desire transcendence from the small mind of the ego; as we journey through the false self into our true self..

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Georgeann Dau looks to define ourselves along our journey, by squashing myths that our body and self image should be a representation of our worth. Georgeann recalls how disconnected she felt when she received her diagnosis of scoliosis. This was a struggle in her earlier years but something she has over time learned to live with. She also explains to listeners that we are not to be defined by our external behavior. Learning to not feel inferior because of natural human error and struggle is key to creating a strong connection with God.

Segment 2

When Georgeann returns, she continues her topic of her external belief system defining who we are. A distorted body image creates the illusion that if you look “perfect” that will reflect into your life. This is false. A free and full life is when you clear your mind of this false sense and create a bond with God. Learning to control feelings is a self serving nature that Georgeann speaks more on. The full awareness of who we are will bring us closer to God. Next she discusses deep encounters with God and how the experience shapes us if we pay attention.

Segment 3

Next we discuss a priest ahead of his time and how his spiritual work has helped shape the dark night of the soul. We acknowledge how it feels and how spirituality in a high place makes us feel like we’re starting to move towards the light. Georgeann explains how far she feels the world has come in its spirituality and how much closer we have come as a population towards the light that is God. Things that used to be kept dark secrets are starting to be exposed and brought forward to save ourselves.

Segment 4

A famous painting is explained and the meaning behind the single doorknob on one side. We transcend through our humility and esent of our true self as the center of our being. Georgeann talks about our struggles and experiences and how they are unique to each of us and exactly how God intended. We are called to serve God based on who he intended us to be. Georgeann gets emotional while telling a story about a man she encountered on the street. A man she’ll never forget. We are grown by loving and trusting. Segment is closed with a beautiful prayer.


00:00:38.880 --> 00:00:39.840 Georgeann Dau: Hi everyone.

00:00:41.100 --> 00:00:59.190 Georgeann Dau: Thank you for joining me tonight. I'm Dr. George and our and our show tonight is a journey through unfortunately Gretchen stupid house is not here with us this evening. So it's, it's me. I'm solo. So the program is still the same, though. So we've been looking at

00:01:00.750 --> 00:01:05.790 Georgeann Dau: The way the psychological processes within us and what we were brought up around

00:01:07.380 --> 00:01:08.220 Georgeann Dau: Formed us

00:01:09.480 --> 00:01:24.330 Georgeann Dau: And supported our development. Well, there is also developmental spiritual processes that are sort of inbred by God because every human being, goes through them.

00:01:25.590 --> 00:01:30.990 Georgeann Dau: How far they go and their desire of them and

00:01:33.210 --> 00:01:34.830 Georgeann Dau: how serious they take them.

00:01:36.930 --> 00:01:46.860 Georgeann Dau: Is up to the individual because we've been given free will. So not everyone is going to journey. The same way on the same path or

00:01:49.560 --> 00:01:54.570 Georgeann Dau: The same distance on this path. So that's what we're going to be looking at tonight.

00:01:56.160 --> 00:02:07.680 Georgeann Dau: So the this this development, might the spiritual development that we all take the spiritual journey. The journey through through awareness. The journey through

00:02:09.330 --> 00:02:18.510 Georgeann Dau: We all hunger for it, we all really hunger and thirst for it. I'm on some level we

00:02:20.250 --> 00:02:27.150 Georgeann Dau: Unconsciously know we come from God, and I always think of that story that was taught to me by the nun about the family that add

00:02:28.350 --> 00:02:38.550 Georgeann Dau: The three year old and or might have been a two year old. I'm not good with the paraphrasing, the story so much. Thank you for putting up with me. Um, but

00:02:39.960 --> 00:02:53.550 Georgeann Dau: She was pregnant was having a baby. And the baby was born, so the newborn was in his crib. And the two year old always wanted to climb in the crib with the newborn and the parents were a little concerned because the baby was the child was very, very

00:02:54.630 --> 00:03:07.020 Georgeann Dau: insistent on wanting to get in the crib. So they got a camera, put it up in the baby's room and sister joy told me this. So it was a long time ago was when I was an affiliate with the cynical sisters

00:03:09.780 --> 00:03:28.080 Georgeann Dau: And so the parents got a camera and put it up in the baby's room and they watch the three year old climb up into the crib and save the baby the infant tell me quick I'm starting to forget. Talk to me about God.

00:03:29.100 --> 00:03:39.390 Georgeann Dau: And that gave me the chills. At the time I was in a different place in my journey and it still gives me the chills to think about the incredible

00:03:40.410 --> 00:03:41.550 Georgeann Dau: Possibility.

00:03:42.930 --> 00:03:57.540 Georgeann Dau: Fact that we come from God, we're going back to God and what that's like. And I always thought of, like, when we go back to God. It's probably sort of like when we leave this world and we go back to God. It's sort of like

00:03:59.790 --> 00:04:11.100 Georgeann Dau: When we're born here, and we're in the womb and everything. They were formed and what cozy and with comfy and and then it's like a big storm, you know, the uterus contracting pushing us out.

00:04:11.910 --> 00:04:20.460 Georgeann Dau: And I have an imagination is something similar there but but I know I haven't done it yet. Only the one way. Right.

00:04:22.530 --> 00:04:24.840 Georgeann Dau: Um, so we're all hungry and thirsting

00:04:26.700 --> 00:04:28.140 Georgeann Dau: For something

00:04:29.250 --> 00:04:38.100 Georgeann Dau: And we go through life many times unconscious. Hopefully, those of you listening. A desiring consciousness deeper consciousness.

00:04:39.180 --> 00:04:41.910 Georgeann Dau: To feel connected to encounter God

00:04:42.990 --> 00:04:48.060 Georgeann Dau: And we might not even know that we just might know that we feel a little empty.

00:04:49.650 --> 00:04:57.270 Georgeann Dau: That we're looking to embrace god with a small g. And what I mean by that is

00:04:59.040 --> 00:05:15.510 Georgeann Dau: Things that we use to try to fill us up to try to help us feel more connected to ourselves to the unknown like shopping TV drugging drinking eating. And again, no.

00:05:16.800 --> 00:05:23.910 Georgeann Dau: No criticism, you will be looking at these things ever but it's almost like we have a whole that we're looking to fill and

00:05:25.320 --> 00:05:38.910 Georgeann Dau: You know so along the way on this journey. There are many different stages and where we meet many, many parts of ourselves and we're called to pay attention to these places. Excuse me.

00:05:40.230 --> 00:05:43.620 Georgeann Dau: My nose is little running. I have a little bit of allergies. This time of year.

00:05:44.790 --> 00:05:45.210 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:05:47.850 --> 00:06:05.670 Georgeann Dau: We meet ourselves on this journey in the many different places within ourselves because in order to be whole we need to embrace all the different feelings, all the different places in us in order to really be old and this way we can journey more with other people.

00:06:07.620 --> 00:06:23.940 Georgeann Dau: So again, whatever we were brought up around is our view of the world. It's our perceptions. Our distortions, if you may, and yet we're always looking to transcend the full self going into the true self. We're always looking to transcend

00:06:25.110 --> 00:06:33.090 Georgeann Dau: The mechanical places in person that we built in ourselves, based on our upbringing, the way we was made to feel about ourselves.

00:06:34.500 --> 00:06:41.790 Georgeann Dau: gets carried into the spiritual journey as we stay on the journey and Jeremy spiritually.

00:06:43.110 --> 00:06:59.490 Georgeann Dau: Journey Through into awareness, awareness of what awareness into what went on what happened, what's continuing to happen in May through me and what is God calling me to as I pay attention to these deeper places in me.

00:07:01.080 --> 00:07:12.360 Georgeann Dau: Thomas Keating they Jesuit author and priest, the Jesuits are amazing. It's the name of a order a group of priests.

00:07:13.620 --> 00:07:15.870 Georgeann Dau: That were founded by St. Ignatius

00:07:16.890 --> 00:07:20.220 Georgeann Dau: Many, many years ago, I think it was 1500. So it was an amazing

00:07:21.240 --> 00:07:42.300 Georgeann Dau: St. Um, and so, as you think back, and I go over these different stages with you. Perhaps you can think about your own journey and where you might have found yourself any memories you have of these places, and I'll try to give some examples of myself along the way.

00:07:43.560 --> 00:07:53.250 Georgeann Dau: To help be helpful and make more clarity. So the very first stage, which is the basic level of our spiritual development is that

00:07:53.700 --> 00:08:13.440 Georgeann Dau: And by the way, the stages or what we believe about ourselves along the journey right so and how we look to define ourselves along the journey. So in the first, most basic level, we begin by believing that our body and self image is who I am.

00:08:14.460 --> 00:08:28.050 Georgeann Dau: So it's the most basic level, and it's a striving for security survival and esteem. Now this I remember very, very clearly. Um, and I struggled with this very much because I

00:08:29.130 --> 00:08:46.380 Georgeann Dau: Lived with scoliosis for many, many years. I lived with the deformity for 14 years before I had surgery to my spine to straighten my back. And I think in two weeks. I am coming on with a guest who I met were very good friends now.

00:08:48.000 --> 00:08:55.560 Georgeann Dau: Because she was one of the few first few people that I met with scoliosis. And it's because it's a hidden womb.

00:08:57.120 --> 00:09:12.270 Georgeann Dau: As so many of our psychological wounds are hidden and we go through life, like everything is fine. I'm fine. Life is fine. And there's nothing wrong with that because we're not going to go through life wearing it on our, on our shirt. What is that called wearing it honestly

00:09:14.190 --> 00:09:20.160 Georgeann Dau: So we're not going to go through life with that, um, you know, it's important to

00:09:21.210 --> 00:09:33.870 Georgeann Dau: Act as if in the world because no one wants to, you know, be around us. You know, when we are upset and complaining, but yet we are called to be truthful with ourselves.

00:09:34.560 --> 00:09:57.270 Georgeann Dau: And have our feelings and embrace our own feelings not look not not to look to put them out there on somebody else but to begin to face them feel them and own them, which is quite a feat in itself. So I was always very concerned about how I would do, I did not feel secure.

00:09:58.920 --> 00:10:06.120 Georgeann Dau: How I would survive having this deformity, and my self esteem was not good at all because I really

00:10:07.350 --> 00:10:22.650 Georgeann Dau: Thought that my body and self image was my self image a part of my self image and that it was really something that I felt very disconnected from did not feel good about. So that's something that we do.

00:10:23.670 --> 00:10:31.620 Georgeann Dau: Live with and as we go from stage to stage there might always be residue that we carry with us to the next stage.

00:10:32.280 --> 00:10:53.610 Georgeann Dau: But we are called on our journey to be aware of the many stages beforehand, so that, again, as we pay attention and bring them to prayer and if you're in treatment to work them through and God will embrace us and help us because God wants to give us a full life.

00:10:54.840 --> 00:11:13.020 Georgeann Dau: The second stage of our development is that we tell ourselves and we believe that we are defined by my external behavior. So I really had a sense of what's going on inside of me that really, but I'm going to make believe I do sort of and

00:11:14.160 --> 00:11:14.730 Georgeann Dau: Here.

00:11:16.260 --> 00:11:22.110 Georgeann Dau: We can attempt to look good to the outside world and

00:11:23.190 --> 00:11:28.050 Georgeann Dau: I'm going to get myself dressed and great clothes and make sure my hair is perfect.

00:11:28.650 --> 00:11:39.300 Georgeann Dau: And my makeup on and so that when I go out in the world. Everybody sees me that I have it all together and that I am terrific and I am just great.

00:11:39.780 --> 00:11:51.450 Georgeann Dau: But you see our appearance and our external behavior does not define us. We always want to be out in the world. Be kind and of course it was look ourselves look look our best

00:11:52.110 --> 00:12:13.830 Georgeann Dau: But that's different than feeling or believing that it defines us that if we don't have that, that we are somehow inferior. That's the difference. And I come across a lot of patients. And I remember all these stages and I still struggle with, with some of them. It's okay. It's okay to struggle.

00:12:15.270 --> 00:12:23.640 Georgeann Dau: It's just that I know at this point that they don't define me anymore. I'm going to have the feelings, but they don't define me.

00:12:24.840 --> 00:12:25.320 Georgeann Dau: Um,

00:12:26.760 --> 00:12:27.240 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:12:28.950 --> 00:12:32.340 Georgeann Dau: In in the second stage here we

00:12:34.800 --> 00:12:43.710 Georgeann Dau: We believe that the way we show up in the outer world has to appear. Perfect.

00:12:45.060 --> 00:12:45.600 Georgeann Dau: And

00:12:49.710 --> 00:12:59.970 Georgeann Dau: It has to appear that way and we cannot let anybody feel or see or imagine that it is anything else but that way.

00:13:01.230 --> 00:13:04.410 Georgeann Dau: Because if we did that, then somehow

00:13:05.760 --> 00:13:11.070 Georgeann Dau: We will be looked at in a, in a way that we're afraid we might be

00:13:13.020 --> 00:13:14.940 Georgeann Dau: Because we define ourselves by this

00:13:16.110 --> 00:13:21.810 Georgeann Dau: So I hope this is making sense to you here, we look to hide any evidence

00:13:23.580 --> 00:13:33.840 Georgeann Dau: Other than our perfection to the world. So in this place. We have an outer world, our outer appearance and our private appearance.

00:13:34.980 --> 00:13:44.550 Georgeann Dau: And our, our need is to bring them together for wholeness. We're going to take a break and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. Thanks so much.

00:16:01.650 --> 00:16:06.120 Georgeann Dau: I welcome back to a journey through awareness. I'm Dr. George and out

00:16:07.170 --> 00:16:07.590 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:16:08.850 --> 00:16:26.910 Georgeann Dau: We left off, we were looking at our belief system that my external behavior is who I am now this kind of gels into the first position that we looked at, because I know for me.

00:16:28.230 --> 00:16:37.230 Georgeann Dau: When I was defining myself as my body image which was very distorted literally

00:16:39.660 --> 00:16:40.140 Georgeann Dau: That

00:16:42.060 --> 00:16:47.850 Georgeann Dau: I needed to show up in the outside world with my appearance.

00:16:49.080 --> 00:16:54.450 Georgeann Dau: Putting being put all together and my behavior.

00:16:56.580 --> 00:17:00.810 Georgeann Dau: Quote perfect because I felt so inferior

00:17:02.520 --> 00:17:03.630 Georgeann Dau: I felt inferior

00:17:05.550 --> 00:17:13.650 Georgeann Dau: And I remember what a how much bondage. That was there's no freedom there see Jesus God

00:17:15.030 --> 00:17:18.660 Georgeann Dau: promised to give us a life of fullness.

00:17:20.850 --> 00:17:21.450 Georgeann Dau: Of freedom.

00:17:23.820 --> 00:17:31.770 Georgeann Dau: And now that we have God inside of us and us inside of God, we can pay attention to.

00:17:33.180 --> 00:17:47.340 Georgeann Dau: That place in us so that we can grow through these stages into a more full whole life together with God with one another with one another.

00:17:48.570 --> 00:17:49.770 Georgeann Dau: Because I can't do it alone.

00:17:51.450 --> 00:17:52.260 Georgeann Dau: And neither can you.

00:17:54.990 --> 00:17:55.950 Georgeann Dau: So the third

00:17:58.800 --> 00:18:06.450 Georgeann Dau: Place that we grow into is we tell ourselves that my thoughts and my feelings of who I am.

00:18:08.070 --> 00:18:09.420 Georgeann Dau: You know, and as we grow.

00:18:10.830 --> 00:18:14.790 Georgeann Dau: We take pride in how great we're doing right

00:18:16.050 --> 00:18:18.390 Georgeann Dau: Now my thoughts and feelings are intact.

00:18:20.160 --> 00:18:21.660 Georgeann Dau: I've learned to control them.

00:18:26.040 --> 00:18:33.450 Georgeann Dau: And in that control. We don't even see that they are of a self serving nature. So in other words,

00:18:34.710 --> 00:18:42.060 Georgeann Dau: I can be very manipulative, we all can be where I'm going to show up where

00:18:43.140 --> 00:18:49.890 Georgeann Dau: I am this perfect person put all together and

00:18:51.930 --> 00:18:55.680 Georgeann Dau: I am going to do this and this and this for you with you.

00:18:56.880 --> 00:18:59.250 Georgeann Dau: But in truth, I'm doing it really for myself.

00:19:00.270 --> 00:19:01.290 Georgeann Dau: Not just for you.

00:19:03.060 --> 00:19:04.260 Georgeann Dau: It's not selfless

00:19:07.770 --> 00:19:22.320 Georgeann Dau: And again, there's no criticism here or that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not going to bring us into the fullness of what we're looking to journey into a journey through to awareness.

00:19:23.430 --> 00:19:31.050 Georgeann Dau: You need to grow into the full awareness of who we are, of what's really going on inside.

00:19:32.760 --> 00:19:40.560 Georgeann Dau: You know, here in this in this place of I am my thoughts and feelings and they define me.

00:19:44.850 --> 00:19:48.690 Georgeann Dau: See, we're always more than who we tell ourselves, we are

00:19:49.920 --> 00:19:58.800 Georgeann Dau: As great as we might think we're doing with with our positioning and these different levels of journey.

00:20:00.060 --> 00:20:07.800 Georgeann Dau: We're always more than that because we live in God and God lives in us. So our potential is unlimited

00:20:09.210 --> 00:20:22.740 Georgeann Dau: We have unlimited potential to grow into fullness, but it takes struggle and it takes some pain because we don't want to face these places that we're working so hard to avoid

00:20:24.090 --> 00:20:34.650 Georgeann Dau: We are defining ourselves by her body by our self image by our external behavior by how I look by ally, just by Li act by my wonderful thoughts and feelings.

00:20:35.220 --> 00:20:58.170 Georgeann Dau: Were defining ourselves by these as a way to avoid this emptiness inside as a way to avoid all of the things we were made to believe about ourselves where we weren't enough, but we're already are enough, but we're not living out of that enough ness. I don't think that's the word I'm

00:20:59.850 --> 00:21:01.500 Georgeann Dau: Were already living

00:21:02.640 --> 00:21:03.990 Georgeann Dau: We're already enough

00:21:05.310 --> 00:21:13.440 Georgeann Dau: Because we are made in the image and likeness of God. But we don't believe that. And we continue to

00:21:16.950 --> 00:21:20.400 Georgeann Dau: Look for things that define us and when that lets us down.

00:21:21.810 --> 00:21:23.550 Georgeann Dau: It's a real shock to us.

00:21:24.570 --> 00:21:28.050 Georgeann Dau: And then we face great discomfort and pain.

00:21:29.370 --> 00:21:36.510 Georgeann Dau: So in any of these previous places of journey. If someone was to make a negative content can

00:21:38.580 --> 00:21:51.450 Georgeann Dau: This to make a negative comment about them would display at me. We just know that or we be agitated.

00:21:52.560 --> 00:21:57.810 Georgeann Dau: And egotistical and what do you mean, and I got it together, but an idiot, or

00:21:59.100 --> 00:22:04.260 Georgeann Dau: Whatever might be bad examples, but it's all at the moment so

00:22:06.120 --> 00:22:07.740 Georgeann Dau: Nearly all of us.

00:22:09.270 --> 00:22:10.560 Georgeann Dau: At this stage.

00:22:12.420 --> 00:22:26.610 Georgeann Dau: In order to move on all of us at this stage will experience a major defeat shark humiliation, in order to pass through beyond this stage.

00:22:28.500 --> 00:22:32.820 Georgeann Dau: Because we are very much in belief that we have it all together.

00:22:35.070 --> 00:22:35.910 Georgeann Dau: And that's okay.

00:22:37.350 --> 00:22:41.880 Georgeann Dau: But I know from my own experience. And I think many of you out there listening.

00:22:44.550 --> 00:22:49.290 Georgeann Dau: Might might agree that there's more past this stage.

00:22:51.750 --> 00:22:52.200 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:22:54.330 --> 00:23:03.720 Georgeann Dau: The next stage of development is, we believe that my it my deeper intuitions and felt knowledge in my body is who I am.

00:23:04.500 --> 00:23:17.670 Georgeann Dau: Now we begin to really feel connected to God here. Right. And it's a great breakthrough because now I'm able to discern more of what's going on inside of me.

00:23:18.150 --> 00:23:37.350 Georgeann Dau: And what's going inside of me that's that's God. And that's great that's a breakthrough and some helpful too many of us content to stay here. But again, God always calls us to more. That's the one thing I have found is that God is a very demand is very demanding.

00:23:38.520 --> 00:23:52.290 Georgeann Dau: And God for those of us that are that are desiring and want to really grow and go deeper with God. God is demanding and will want more with us with us.

00:23:53.370 --> 00:23:53.880 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:23:54.990 --> 00:23:56.700 Georgeann Dau: We can remain at this level.

00:23:59.790 --> 00:24:04.770 Georgeann Dau: But again, it is it'll be just more of the same, and

00:24:06.210 --> 00:24:09.000 Georgeann Dau: It will lead to

00:24:10.170 --> 00:24:16.290 Georgeann Dau: More bodywork more psychoanalysis, um,

00:24:17.700 --> 00:24:26.880 Georgeann Dau: But it will be empty. Have any ongoing real deep encounter with God because on this journey along the way.

00:24:28.140 --> 00:24:31.800 Georgeann Dau: We can have deep encounters with God.

00:24:33.090 --> 00:24:47.250 Georgeann Dau: If you read the lives of the saints. They've had many there's a woman that might be my coming on to my show, who had one in church, similar to my first experience of

00:24:47.880 --> 00:25:01.290 Georgeann Dau: Meeting God. And I think we all do. I think we all i don't think i know we all do. If those of us pay attention to it, those of us that are on this journey. God is always at work in our lives right it's

00:25:01.920 --> 00:25:11.370 Georgeann Dau: If we're paying attention to deny, but God is always at work in our lives and revealing God self in through our lives through our lives right

00:25:12.120 --> 00:25:36.510 Georgeann Dau: So, you know, as, as we move along the path of this journey we begin to face. This is where a lot of people stop, even in psychoanalysis, or we're in really good therapy that they don't want to go any further because this is the place we need to face the unvarnished

00:25:37.560 --> 00:25:41.520 Georgeann Dau: uncivilized state that lives within us. We all have one

00:25:43.500 --> 00:25:47.190 Georgeann Dau: Where you all have an uncivilized state we're creatures.

00:25:48.510 --> 00:25:49.770 Georgeann Dau: And unless we face it.

00:25:50.940 --> 00:25:59.370 Georgeann Dau: We will all project it out. We will continue to project it out and make it someone else but it's just the parts of ourselves that were deemed bed wrong.

00:26:00.480 --> 00:26:02.100 Georgeann Dau: It's not necessarily bad and wrong.

00:26:03.150 --> 00:26:05.070 Georgeann Dau: It's what we believe about ourselves.

00:26:06.690 --> 00:26:08.220 Georgeann Dau: That makes it dead wrong.

00:26:09.360 --> 00:26:14.490 Georgeann Dau: So we need to look at that and get clear on that. So,

00:26:17.670 --> 00:26:19.800 Georgeann Dau: We begin to believe that

00:26:20.880 --> 00:26:26.280 Georgeann Dau: The been varnished bad parts of ourselves is who I am.

00:26:27.390 --> 00:26:41.010 Georgeann Dau: My shadow self is so am so the worst parts of myself that I have looked at it from defended against through all of the ways we've talked about so forth tonight and

00:26:42.570 --> 00:26:51.600 Georgeann Dau: All the ways we choose God with a small J shopping alcohol, drugs, sex, whatever it is.

00:26:53.940 --> 00:26:56.850 Georgeann Dau: As a way to avoid facing

00:26:58.200 --> 00:27:00.960 Georgeann Dau: These unvarnished parts of ourselves.

00:27:05.760 --> 00:27:11.730 Georgeann Dau: Growing up in the first years of life and even from the time we were in the womb.

00:27:13.290 --> 00:27:20.070 Georgeann Dau: How we were made to feel about ourselves. Unless that's healed. We go through life carrying that as

00:27:21.300 --> 00:27:21.630 Georgeann Dau: True.

00:27:22.650 --> 00:27:37.260 Georgeann Dau: That this is me. This is who I am and I'm going to do whatever I can to defend against that, because I'm going to put other things to define me in that in place of that.

00:27:39.420 --> 00:27:50.100 Georgeann Dau: But the truth is, is that what you put in place doesn't define you and that which you made to feel about yourself. Growing up doesn't define you.

00:27:51.600 --> 00:27:55.080 Georgeann Dau: And we're on a journey to come into

00:27:56.340 --> 00:27:57.570 Georgeann Dau: That which

00:27:59.070 --> 00:28:05.610 Georgeann Dau: Does define you. Which is love, which is God in us. That's the only thing that defines us

00:28:07.950 --> 00:28:13.080 Georgeann Dau: And God invites us to come into that through this journey.

00:28:15.150 --> 00:28:18.480 Georgeann Dau: Right through dying to the fullest self.

00:28:19.950 --> 00:28:26.160 Georgeann Dau: And coming into the light by dying to the full self and transcending and transforming

00:28:27.540 --> 00:28:40.860 Georgeann Dau: By dying and rising again by dying and rising again. It's the full journey of our lives over and over again. Jesus's life is our life.

00:28:42.390 --> 00:28:48.030 Georgeann Dau: And we're going to take a break we'll see you in a moment. Thanks for being with me tonight and the journey through

00:31:17.190 --> 00:31:19.470 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back. So

00:31:21.750 --> 00:31:23.430 Georgeann Dau: As we are looking at

00:31:25.830 --> 00:31:27.000 Georgeann Dau: This part of our journey.

00:31:28.560 --> 00:31:29.130 Georgeann Dau: That

00:31:30.900 --> 00:31:34.170 Georgeann Dau: We begin to believe that our unvarnished

00:31:36.180 --> 00:31:38.370 Georgeann Dau: Part of ourselves so we are

00:31:40.890 --> 00:31:44.940 Georgeann Dau: Here we see that

00:31:46.260 --> 00:31:56.640 Georgeann Dau: All the ways that we've spoken about so far all the previous ways that we have attempted to define us and sue the US begin to fail.

00:31:59.880 --> 00:32:15.150 Georgeann Dau: And when I mean by that is, they have failed to bring us to a deeper relationship with myself ourselves to a deeper relationship with God and to a full life of grace goodness and love.

00:32:17.490 --> 00:32:18.780 Georgeann Dau: Especially

00:32:20.400 --> 00:32:29.610 Georgeann Dau: To bring us to a relationship with the one that we seek because whether we realize it or not. We are really seeking God. And you know, when you look at

00:32:30.660 --> 00:32:32.040 Georgeann Dau: You look down through history.

00:32:33.720 --> 00:32:35.370 Georgeann Dau: It's amazing, because

00:32:37.020 --> 00:32:39.120 Georgeann Dau: You look at the Native American Indians.

00:32:41.040 --> 00:32:42.930 Georgeann Dau: How they were connected to nature.

00:32:44.160 --> 00:32:53.190 Georgeann Dau: How they were always praying always seeking always doing different tributes or initiations

00:32:54.360 --> 00:32:56.850 Georgeann Dau: Or dances to their God.

00:32:59.640 --> 00:33:07.530 Georgeann Dau: We innately know that God is here. We innately know that God is in us. We all know this.

00:33:09.000 --> 00:33:15.810 Georgeann Dau: It's really beautiful. So in this stage we begin to judge ourselves.

00:33:17.610 --> 00:33:24.570 Georgeann Dau: And tell ourselves the same things that we were told about ourselves welling up

00:33:25.950 --> 00:33:33.480 Georgeann Dau: So if we were told that we weren't smart that voice will come in. It's called fried point at the super ego.

00:33:35.760 --> 00:33:38.460 Georgeann Dau: The voice of the parental figure

00:33:39.930 --> 00:33:53.010 Georgeann Dau: The authority figure, whatever we were told about ourselves, we will begin to have that voice. Did you ever asked yourself. Okay, so I have all these voices speaking to me.

00:33:55.230 --> 00:33:57.960 Georgeann Dau: Know they did the ego. The super ego.

00:34:03.210 --> 00:34:04.170 Georgeann Dau: Who's listening.

00:34:06.390 --> 00:34:08.880 Georgeann Dau: To have asked yourself that. Who's the listener.

00:34:10.380 --> 00:34:11.850 Georgeann Dau: Who's, who's on the center here.

00:34:12.960 --> 00:34:13.920 Georgeann Dau: Was paying attention.

00:34:16.950 --> 00:34:17.310 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:34:18.750 --> 00:34:20.280 Georgeann Dau: Here we're judging ourselves.

00:34:22.860 --> 00:34:25.050 Georgeann Dau: Because nothing has worked and now

00:34:26.370 --> 00:34:33.330 Georgeann Dau: Here I am. I'm not so smart, and I'm not so pretty and my clothes are really so great and

00:34:33.810 --> 00:34:45.720 Georgeann Dau: You know all the many different things. I'm sure you can imagine many of them, you know, I always used to say, I could sit in a room by myself and beat myself up. I don't need anybody around. I don't mean any money.

00:34:46.890 --> 00:34:47.250 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:34:48.930 --> 00:34:51.270 Georgeann Dau: Without grace guidance and prayer.

00:34:53.340 --> 00:34:56.160 Georgeann Dau: We will fail. Here we get stuck here.

00:34:57.210 --> 00:34:58.710 Georgeann Dau: And we all

00:34:59.730 --> 00:35:01.080 Georgeann Dau: Attempt to run back

00:35:02.100 --> 00:35:16.080 Georgeann Dau: To the previous ways that we looked at that we thought we had transcended through move through. We will attempt to run back. So whenever we are in a time of stress, physical illness.

00:35:17.220 --> 00:35:20.100 Georgeann Dau: Mental stress life stress.

00:35:21.570 --> 00:35:22.710 Georgeann Dau: We all regress.

00:35:24.120 --> 00:35:28.110 Georgeann Dau: Now, if we are working on ourselves and in treatment and praying

00:35:30.330 --> 00:35:41.610 Georgeann Dau: We regress to work it through to get to the other side of it. If we're not doing any of that we regress because it's familiar and we get stuck there.

00:35:43.620 --> 00:35:44.100 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:35:45.330 --> 00:35:51.510 Georgeann Dau: We will look to run back to our old definitions of ourselves.

00:35:55.080 --> 00:35:57.690 Georgeann Dau: So in the next stage.

00:35:59.310 --> 00:36:01.680 Georgeann Dau: We feel very, very drained.

00:36:03.180 --> 00:36:05.850 Georgeann Dau: Very took it out. We feel empty doubt.

00:36:08.070 --> 00:36:17.190 Georgeann Dau: We can feel sorry for ourselves. I've tried. I thought I had arrived, only to feel that I fell down.

00:36:19.830 --> 00:36:23.850 Georgeann Dau: So, you know, somewhere along the line when we were learning to walk.

00:36:25.440 --> 00:36:38.520 Georgeann Dau: You know how we were treated during that stage, we could be really miserable to ourselves here because whatever we were brought up around lives inside of us. And we all regressed from time to time, so

00:36:39.570 --> 00:36:44.130 Georgeann Dau: ST. JOHN of the cross from Spain and amazing.

00:36:45.330 --> 00:37:04.590 Georgeann Dau: He was canonized a saint, but an amazing priest way ahead of his time a human st Theresa of Avila would do work together and would do some really profound spiritual work way ahead of their time. I don't remember what what year they were in, they might have been

00:37:06.300 --> 00:37:22.380 Georgeann Dau: Probably like 13 or 1400 don't quote me on that. I'm not sure, but I'm ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS would call this the dark night of the soul, because it can feel very empty and you can feel very alone and left, and it can feel like great suffering.

00:37:23.460 --> 00:37:31.380 Georgeann Dau: But it is actually spirituality at a very high place because you begin to face all the things you've been looking

00:37:32.310 --> 00:37:49.290 Georgeann Dau: To run from you begin to face all of those parts of ourselves that are in the dark. That is starting to move towards the light, and I believe spiritually that where we are now in the world on this planet is really a very high

00:37:50.910 --> 00:37:57.810 Georgeann Dau: Spiritual evolutionary stage because all that we're experiencing is very much in the door.

00:37:58.830 --> 00:38:00.240 Georgeann Dau: Right, all of the prejudice.

00:38:01.860 --> 00:38:02.730 Georgeann Dau: All of the hate

00:38:04.500 --> 00:38:05.700 Georgeann Dau: All of the pedophilia

00:38:07.980 --> 00:38:10.290 Georgeann Dau: In the dark for so long and

00:38:12.150 --> 00:38:17.100 Georgeann Dau: Um, was really very much going on for a very very long time.

00:38:18.330 --> 00:38:27.240 Georgeann Dau: And now it was brought into the light. And it doesn't feel good, right, whenever we bring something into the light. It doesn't feel good.

00:38:27.870 --> 00:38:38.400 Georgeann Dau: We rather it hide in the dark, because we really don't want to face it, but yet in order to grow and move through things. So we have fullness of life. It has to, it has to be

00:38:39.510 --> 00:38:53.760 Georgeann Dau: Brought into the light. Let's remember that a seed before it goes into a new plant is always in the darkness, and so it is with our growth. It's interesting because God uses Jesus always use metaphor of

00:38:55.020 --> 00:39:06.840 Georgeann Dau: Landscape and of the earth and creation and we really were part of that. So it's really very much the same with us and it's just fascinating to look at

00:39:07.620 --> 00:39:24.630 Georgeann Dau: And I knew with this. So I apologize if I'm not looking at you. I'm looking, you know, here at myself, you know, and talking into you. So I apologize because I really do not really know what I'm doing with this so I'm learning as I go along.

00:39:25.740 --> 00:39:28.950 Georgeann Dau: Hopefully I'm a little bit more of a quick study, not always, though.

00:39:30.270 --> 00:39:31.290 Georgeann Dau: So, um,

00:39:33.060 --> 00:39:38.100 Georgeann Dau: So any attempt that we use here, to quote save ourselves.

00:39:39.960 --> 00:39:47.400 Georgeann Dau: Right by trying harder. Try to be better trying to look better trying to be smarter.

00:39:48.420 --> 00:39:49.530 Georgeann Dau: Will fail.

00:39:50.700 --> 00:39:55.140 Georgeann Dau: The only thing that will work here is to face that we don't know.

00:39:56.460 --> 00:39:59.040 Georgeann Dau: Is humility and prayer.

00:40:01.020 --> 00:40:13.230 Georgeann Dau: Is to love and trust is to trust God in the unknowing is to trust God in the anxiety of not knowing

00:40:14.430 --> 00:40:25.860 Georgeann Dau: Because most of the time when we don't know what feels like anxiety and truthfully. It's a very high place when we cannot know

00:40:27.510 --> 00:40:48.060 Georgeann Dau: hold our own anxiety not projected onto anyone, stick it to anyone but hold our own give it to God in prayer and trust that God is at work in us. That's a great movement from where we've been looking at so far into a place of trust.

00:40:49.230 --> 00:40:59.010 Georgeann Dau: Putting down all the things we've used in the past, all the things we've attempted not attempting to use those anymore and surrender.

00:40:59.520 --> 00:41:19.920 Georgeann Dau: To God and trust with prayer and relationship that's a ritual. We can do that because truth is many times we don't know. I know many times I don't know I don't know and i cant pretend to know there are many things I don't know and I don't necessarily

00:41:21.150 --> 00:41:32.940 Georgeann Dau: Have to know, but I do need my relationship with God to be with God intimately and To Tell The Truth About it and give it to God because I know

00:41:33.960 --> 00:41:44.760 Georgeann Dau: That God will help me God lives in God will help, help me through as God will help you through. There's no question, but we need to sit in faith and trust.

00:41:45.420 --> 00:41:55.350 Georgeann Dau: And that's not always easy. God causes to a much deeper relationship with God self and God's calling us to the real

00:41:56.040 --> 00:42:11.550 Georgeann Dau: Not to the pretense, not to the false ways that we look to define ourselves not to all the ways that we look to hide. God doesn't judge any of that. And certainly need the door we judge ourselves in that

00:42:12.600 --> 00:42:14.220 Georgeann Dau: But God's really looking

00:42:15.510 --> 00:42:18.960 Georgeann Dau: To the real really looking for the real and

00:42:20.460 --> 00:42:24.930 Georgeann Dau: It's looking for us to die to this ego in a major way.

00:42:26.280 --> 00:42:27.840 Georgeann Dau: To really let it go.

00:42:29.100 --> 00:42:33.060 Georgeann Dau: And transcend so die to the ego and transform

00:42:34.440 --> 00:42:34.860 Georgeann Dau: And

00:42:36.540 --> 00:42:57.510 Georgeann Dau: We're going to go into the next stage, we have three more stages left we have time for tonight. So that's great. Um, so, I wish I could take some questions and maybe we'll be able to figure out a way of doing that in the future. Um, but I hope that I'm making myself clear along the way tonight.

00:42:59.460 --> 00:43:15.060 Georgeann Dau: So again, this list stage we attempt to not go back into any of the stages. Previously we use to manage your feelings to hide from the parts of ourselves that we judge that were judged.

00:43:15.540 --> 00:43:24.090 Georgeann Dau: To try to show up in ways that weren't real, but we were hiding from ourselves and from God and actually from everyone else.

00:43:25.080 --> 00:43:42.750 Georgeann Dau: Because God is really calling us to a deeper relationship and to be more real. So we are on this journey as a way to die to the full self died of the small minds of the ego and take on your likeness God to take on your likeness, Lord.

00:43:43.770 --> 00:43:47.430 Georgeann Dau: Which is you and me and me and you and

00:43:49.380 --> 00:43:55.230 Georgeann Dau: I look forward to continuing on. Once we get right back and we'll be back momentarily. Thank you.

00:46:18.780 --> 00:46:27.900 Georgeann Dau: Okay, welcome back. Welcome back. So, um, what I forgot to mention. And our last segment of

00:46:30.390 --> 00:46:34.140 Georgeann Dau: Looking at the stage of journey is that

00:46:35.220 --> 00:46:37.380 Georgeann Dau: So I mentioned that we need to

00:46:38.880 --> 00:46:46.080 Georgeann Dau: Wait, humble ourselves and trust but I forgot to mention that we need to ask

00:46:47.220 --> 00:46:52.140 Georgeann Dau: We always need to ask God for what we need and

00:46:55.020 --> 00:46:57.870 Georgeann Dau: A lovely, lovely man who's a patient of mine.

00:46:59.550 --> 00:47:04.350 Georgeann Dau: It's been a treatment for about a year now and he's just begun.

00:47:05.370 --> 00:47:11.520 Georgeann Dau: Wonderful Jewish man just begun to recognize God in this life and testing.

00:47:12.690 --> 00:47:13.170 Georgeann Dau: And

00:47:14.610 --> 00:47:16.920 Georgeann Dau: So we've been looking at some of this and

00:47:19.200 --> 00:47:22.380 Georgeann Dau: He was saying that when he

00:47:23.520 --> 00:47:26.580 Georgeann Dau: Begins to do work that he does.

00:47:27.630 --> 00:47:29.910 Georgeann Dau: He's actually a Canadian and

00:47:31.020 --> 00:47:46.650 Georgeann Dau: Before he goes on that he doesn't ask anymore for it to turn out a certain way that it just asks for God's guidance and that's huge, because he's really moving in trust and

00:47:47.910 --> 00:47:58.380 Georgeann Dau: So when I say ask. I'm not talking about, you know, and I'm sure you know this word of the workout in the morning, go to work and can I see it a Porsche in my driveway.

00:47:59.370 --> 00:48:06.510 Georgeann Dau: I don't know why it's important. I wouldn't even like a percentage. But you know, I know you know that I'm just being silly. So, um,

00:48:07.350 --> 00:48:17.490 Georgeann Dau: But it's, it's more about, you know, asking God for guidance asking God for movement of a spiritual soulful nature.

00:48:18.120 --> 00:48:28.830 Georgeann Dau: And again, my friend, Linda, who I love mentioning who is with us anymore. She died 46 of liver pancreatic cancer. She was a light in the world. She was a beautiful, beautiful woman.

00:48:29.850 --> 00:48:44.820 Georgeann Dau: And prayed for me for a long time to help me to come to my my spirituality. She used to say, God's not interested in how comfortable you are God's interested in the development and state of your soul.

00:48:45.870 --> 00:48:48.660 Georgeann Dau: And I'll never forget that. So I want to share that with you.

00:48:51.270 --> 00:49:10.140 Georgeann Dau: And actually, our state of our soul like because it comes from God is in perfect shape. It's what we do with it. Right. What we do to what we believe about it i think that you know matters. Instead of looking to be comfortable all the time. So,

00:49:11.670 --> 00:49:17.580 Georgeann Dau: That's that that God calls us to discomfort or pain or suffering. But this world is not

00:49:21.240 --> 00:49:25.140 Georgeann Dau: This world requires us to live in certain ways that

00:49:26.250 --> 00:49:38.130 Georgeann Dau: Along spiritual journey. I don't know about you, but you know, many times. You just don't really embrace it. It's really not your own truth and it's certainly not my truth along the way.

00:49:39.210 --> 00:49:42.450 Georgeann Dau: Not creation. But what man has created

00:49:43.650 --> 00:49:44.790 Georgeann Dau: As the way to live.

00:49:46.380 --> 00:49:52.170 Georgeann Dau: So there's also a painting a very famous painting of Jesus on one side of the door.

00:49:53.940 --> 00:50:03.090 Georgeann Dau: And no handle the doorknob and Jesus is knocking, meaning that the hands all the join up. It's just on the inside so

00:50:03.990 --> 00:50:19.470 Georgeann Dau: God is always knocking Jesus is always knocking at our door and we are called to open it to allow grace and the love him. So it's very important. Also, that when we sit in humility and trust that we need to ask

00:50:22.980 --> 00:50:37.500 Georgeann Dau: Ask. So in one of the final stages as we transcend is you know here in our humility. You know, we sit and we begin to experience the waning of the false self.

00:50:38.130 --> 00:50:48.480 Georgeann Dau: And the ascent of the true self as the center of our being. We get to experience that is truth, instead of just somebody telling us

00:50:49.200 --> 00:51:07.110 Georgeann Dau: That we have experienced and struggled along these different places within our journey uniquely to us because there's only one of you. There's only one George and Tao, there's only one of you and God made you

00:51:08.190 --> 00:51:11.580 Georgeann Dau: You know, in God's creation in God's

00:51:15.510 --> 00:51:33.120 Georgeann Dau: Vision, but there's only one of you. So you made in God's image. And there's only one. So whoever that is we are called to find that and to live out of that and to serve God from that.

00:51:34.890 --> 00:51:42.930 Georgeann Dau: And what I mean by serve God is that learning to love so that we are here together serving one another.

00:51:44.460 --> 00:51:52.860 Georgeann Dau: Not doing things for to get something back. I'm not doing things

00:51:53.910 --> 00:52:04.050 Georgeann Dau: To manipulate and have myself fed also that it's clearly just about you, you know, speaking of my friend, Linda. She used to

00:52:06.270 --> 00:52:18.720 Georgeann Dau: Choose to pack her truck and we would go into the city. We were packed the truck with clothes and socks and clubs and food and hot drinks and we would go into the city.

00:52:19.140 --> 00:52:28.170 Georgeann Dau: And we would drive along, you could tell this was a long time ago, so they couldn't do it. Now, we will also said that she passed away. She's on the other side, but

00:52:29.100 --> 00:52:34.170 Georgeann Dau: We were driving along for someone that looked like they were struggling or they were homeless, we would stop.

00:52:34.920 --> 00:52:41.340 Georgeann Dau: And we would say are you homeless. Are you hungry. And if they say yes, we would get out of the vehicle and we would

00:52:42.270 --> 00:52:51.660 Georgeann Dau: Dress them and warm clothes, put on the coats and scars and give them sacks and give them food and drinks. And I'll never forget. There was a young man and

00:52:52.350 --> 00:53:02.130 Georgeann Dau: You never know who are you going to touch. And I was so moved by him that I still think of him today. And it was such a beautiful exchange still think of him today.

00:53:04.230 --> 00:53:07.050 Georgeann Dau: I had extra sandwiches and it was the end of the day.

00:53:08.100 --> 00:53:20.670 Georgeann Dau: And I went up to him and I said, Would you like this. He goes, oh, thank you so much. I said, I actually have extra so I can give them to you. And he said, oh, no one is fine. Find somebody else that needs them.

00:53:23.250 --> 00:53:34.590 Georgeann Dau: And I said, thank you. Thank you so much. You are such a blessing to me and he was. And I'll never forget him. I'll never forget him for as long as I live, so

00:53:35.400 --> 00:53:45.930 Georgeann Dau: We come to recognize that who we are is really God in the center of our being, and we begin to live out of that we begin to live out of that.

00:53:48.270 --> 00:53:58.260 Georgeann Dau: Because we become transformed from the inside out and we change we grow and we change. And it's not something we can do on our own. I know this.

00:53:58.980 --> 00:54:09.750 Georgeann Dau: Because I had a lot to grow and change through and there's no way I could have done it on my own. And there's no way that God does not exist for me to ever have achieved any of that.

00:54:12.780 --> 00:54:19.440 Georgeann Dau: In the next stage, we begin to recognize and claim that we are much more than we thought we were

00:54:21.000 --> 00:54:23.040 Georgeann Dau: We are much more than we thought we were

00:54:24.630 --> 00:54:28.950 Georgeann Dau: That we claim this goodness we claim it

00:54:30.240 --> 00:54:34.170 Georgeann Dau: We own it, we claim we believe it. We claim, who we are.

00:54:35.280 --> 00:54:59.580 Georgeann Dau: We begin to trust and believe in this process we begin that we, that we have grown by loving and trusting, not by having to know understand and rely on all of the previous selves that we have allowed to die, and we transformed into the God with them.

00:55:01.920 --> 00:55:09.150 Georgeann Dau: We grow by loving and trusting, not by having to understand and rely on having to know

00:55:10.770 --> 00:55:11.160 Georgeann Dau: And

00:55:12.840 --> 00:55:16.650 Georgeann Dau: The next stages we come to from john 10

00:55:17.790 --> 00:55:18.450 Georgeann Dau: Chapter

00:55:20.280 --> 00:55:24.720 Georgeann Dau: Of the book of john verse 10 through 13

00:55:26.370 --> 00:55:32.970 Georgeann Dau: He says the father and I are one and here we recognize that there was only God God in me.

00:55:34.110 --> 00:55:49.560 Georgeann Dau: God in you. God and all of us that we are all one in God, there's nothing to protect. There's nothing to promote there's nothing to prove to anyone, especially yourselves, or for yourself no longer guides the ship.

00:55:50.580 --> 00:56:03.870 Georgeann Dau: My relationship with God does. We have learned to let grace and mystery guide us still without full or any comprehension if needed. We don't have to understand

00:56:05.280 --> 00:56:24.450 Georgeann Dau: And then the final step is that we transform into I am who I am and that is an image of God. I am just me warts and all I am enough. It's enough to be me. It's enough to be human, without all the window dressing.

00:56:25.650 --> 00:56:37.440 Georgeann Dau: We are now fully detached from our own self image that we created. I don't need the window dressing. I walk when spirit with you. God and I walk in spirit with each of you.

00:56:38.670 --> 00:56:44.730 Georgeann Dau: God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you have a safe, healthy, happy.

00:56:45.930 --> 00:56:53.910 Georgeann Dau: And Bulava time with your family. God bless. And thank you so much for joining me. I hope to see you next week. Good night.

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