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Friday, November 13, 2020

2020/11/13 - Knockout Networking

[NEW EPISODE] Knockout Networking

It's all about the Connection!

Networking, Like Boxing, is about the Connection.

The more contacts you make, the more successful you will be! However, times are tough these days to meet new people, in the traditional way many are used to.

So, if networking is so important, why don't more people do it? Some are afraid, some don't know how, some have had bad experiences with networking in the past.

Not only is my guest next week a competitive boxer, he is also a dynamic SPEAKER, AUTHOR, COACH...and an UNBELIEVABLE CONNECTOR. He has all of the strategies you need to go to the right places, say the right things, and meet the right people!

On our next episode, we will be joined by Michael Goldberg, the Founder of Knockout Networking, as well as a national Networking Organization called TNG (or The Networking Group).

Tune in for this pragmatic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Steven introduces the topic of today’s show, knockout networking and the importance of building your network.  He further dives into how people and businesses don’t network enough and how to get in the mindset to network effectively.  Today’s guest, Michael Goldberg, an expert in networking will further discuss this topic.   He has all of the strategies you need to go to the right places, say the right things, and meet the right people.  In closing Steven defines networking from Michael’s book.  

Segment 2

Steven further welcomes Michael to the show.  As part of the method part of the show Steve asks how Michael goes about his networking and he goes to market.  Michael mentions how it is much more proactive now in this environment because we have to create the events.  They further discuss how things changed on March 13 and some individuals were stuck but others pivoted to improve their network using resources available (Zoom, LinkedIn, etc).  Steve asks Michael what is preventing businesses and individuals from embracing some of these resources to which Michael says it is the mindset and how to change that.  In closing they discuss the difference between B2B and B2C networking and how building trust is a key component to networking.  

Segment 3

In opening this segment Steve asks Michael more information on Knockout Networking and some stories around his business and how it developed.  Michael dives into how his career further transformed and he became public speaking about networking and how to network.  Steve asks Michael what he’s seen from businesses or people that were afraid to network.  Michael dives into how having a story can be a  good icebreaker for networking.  In closing they talk more about Michael’s The Networking Group (TNG).  

Segment 4

In the final segment Steve asks Michael what is the message for the weekend. Steve asks Michael how to handle getting “punched in the mouth” and where a business or individual can pivot with unexpected surprise. In closing they discuss Michael’s favorite movie character, TV show character, musical instrument and musician who plays it.


00:00:38.010 --> 00:00:48.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Good morning everyone. Happy Friday, thank god it's Friday. Some would say, although it's always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy. Great to see you guys again.

00:00:48.750 --> 00:00:59.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I see why am I, which is in case you missed it SMB stands for small and medium sized business. I have been an SMB advocate consultant enthusiast and owner for over 20 years now.

00:00:59.700 --> 00:01:09.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In my travels one major observation I have made is that some of the absolute best thought leadership for SMB happens on Friday when we feel the freedom of the weekend coming

00:01:10.260 --> 00:01:20.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): However, we're all so anxious to start the weekend that we power through the Friday we steamroll it we get into the weekend in favor of our fun activities and our freedom from work.

00:01:20.730 --> 00:01:25.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And we overlook these crucial pearls of wisdom that we that we really get some clarity on Friday.

00:01:26.460 --> 00:01:35.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So I'm always Friday we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity to discuss popular topics that are on the minds of SMB leaders and their trusted advisors.

00:01:35.820 --> 00:01:49.350 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Coincidentally, my last name means fry fry means free in German. So again, there's a not just a play on words here there is a little bit of deeper meaning we do like a little bit of deeper meaning here on always Friday.

00:01:50.070 --> 00:01:54.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So on that happy note, I'm going to embrace the freedom of the weekend and put my shades on for you guys.

00:01:57.510 --> 00:01:59.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Everything was better through these lenses. I gotta say.

00:02:00.690 --> 00:02:09.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Today's topic of discussion is knockout networking. It is all about the connection. I am so excited for this conversation. I can hardly contain myself.

00:02:09.720 --> 00:02:17.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Networking like boxing guys is all about the connection, the more contacts you make the more successful, you will be

00:02:17.280 --> 00:02:26.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): However, times are really tough. These days, especially if you're talking about meeting new people in the ways that many of us are used to shaking hands, giving hugs having drinks kissing babies.

00:02:27.420 --> 00:02:38.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It's really difficult but networking is super important. Most people will recognize that. So if networking is so important, why are more people doing it and why aren't more people doing it even right now during the

00:02:39.180 --> 00:02:47.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, the conditions that we're all dealing with today. Some are afraid, you know, some don't know how. Some have had bad experiences with networking in the past.

00:02:47.850 --> 00:02:53.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): More often than not, this this revolves around mindset and just getting into the right frame of mind to

00:02:54.150 --> 00:03:03.330 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): To expand your horizons and meet new people. It's really hard to argue with the idea that you always need to be meeting new people, especially if you work in the world of sales and business development.

00:03:03.810 --> 00:03:10.680 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, in order to be introduced to new opportunities, but it's really few and far between, that you see people do it effectively.

00:03:11.160 --> 00:03:18.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Our special guest today has all of the strategies that you need to go to all the right places, say the right things and meet the right people.

00:03:18.390 --> 00:03:28.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): While we're on talk radio dot NYC. We don't want this to just be talk the entire goal here is to use the insight that will provide today on the SMB landscape.

00:03:29.130 --> 00:03:38.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And use it to really create more impact come Monday morning, we like to bring a fun unique perspective on the people process and products that are driving SMEs today.

00:03:38.430 --> 00:03:47.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Far too often, especially in 2020 SMEs are focused on the product that's going to solve their problems, the shiny new mouse trap that magic wand. The magic bullet.

00:03:47.910 --> 00:03:59.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In my travels products change every single day in every other facet of our lives, both personal and business. There is absolutely no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first.

00:03:59.490 --> 00:04:07.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And keeping the focus on the process that is going to help you achieve your short and long term goals as long as you do this, I strongly believe

00:04:08.040 --> 00:04:19.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That the right products they will present themselves when needed by the SMB everything begins and ends with the people. So if I can get into the spirit of today. Let's get ready to rumble.

00:04:21.510 --> 00:04:28.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're surrounding ourselves with the right people. There's no question about that. We have a great show for you here today. Our special guest is Michael Goldberg

00:04:28.380 --> 00:04:40.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Michael Goldberg is the founder of knockout networking, as well as the networking group. He is a speaker educator coach author and amateur boxer. That's right, the gloves are not just for decoration people

00:04:40.620 --> 00:04:46.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): His firm knockout networking and speaking and training company has helped thousands of sales producers grow their business.

00:04:46.290 --> 00:04:54.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Through knockout networking and referral strategies. Michael is also the founder of the national networking organization called the networking group or te n g for short.

00:04:54.840 --> 00:05:03.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A veteran online business platform focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners generate more prospects more referrals and more business.

00:05:03.810 --> 00:05:11.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He has been a speaker at numerous conferences, including the million dollar round table in life insurance industry and is a two time TEDx speaker.

00:05:11.580 --> 00:05:22.620 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Most of Michael's training and coaching work is in the financial services industry with clients that include Morgan Stanley UBS nationwide Merrill Lynch and American century justice some examples.

00:05:23.310 --> 00:05:29.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): NEW BOOK knockout networking for financial advisors and other sales producers, published by Wiley is available now.

00:05:30.030 --> 00:05:37.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When he's not speaking at conferences or sales meetings or writing books. Michael is an award winning adjunct professor at Rutgers University.

00:05:37.500 --> 00:05:46.800 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And donates time to speak at networking groups focused on job searches, he is absolutely the most ideal person to discuss the theme of the day today.

00:05:47.520 --> 00:05:53.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Is what he deals with day in, day out. Eat, sleep, eat sleeps lives breathes and punches networking

00:05:53.820 --> 00:06:01.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In addition, we're going to discuss my favorite three questions. Who is your favorite movie or TV show character. What is your favorite movie or TV show.

00:06:02.040 --> 00:06:05.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And what is your favorite musical instrument and the artists who plays it

00:06:06.030 --> 00:06:10.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're going to get deeper into talking with Michael. In our next segment. After our commercial break.

00:06:11.040 --> 00:06:20.970 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Before we get there, give you guys a little bit of my lay of the land. My experience. And you know, I usually like to relate some thoughts from books that I have in my vast library.

00:06:21.570 --> 00:06:29.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Today I have the fortunate position of the person I'm interviewing with you guys today is actually the author of said awesome books that I like to quote from my library.

00:06:29.820 --> 00:06:36.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So we'll get to that in just a minute. But, you know, just as far as you know might take an experience. I've been a serial networker for years.

00:06:36.840 --> 00:06:44.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And, you know, the fact is this some people embrace networking and some don't. And that can always be changed, especially for the people that don't

00:06:44.880 --> 00:06:52.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But networking with with in groups of people are on zoom or any of these other virtual conference, you know, types of meeting chassis is

00:06:52.800 --> 00:06:55.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It often requires the ability to do some public speaking.

00:06:56.550 --> 00:07:02.970 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Which brings with it an interesting challenge that actually I think of all the time and Michael actually is quoted in his book as well.

00:07:03.300 --> 00:07:12.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): If you guys remember the old Jerry Seinfeld comedy routine, you know, he references the idea of public speaking, being the absolute number one fear of people in the world.

00:07:13.650 --> 00:07:21.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then number two is actually death, which means that the average person would rather be in the casket then giving the eulogy.

00:07:21.810 --> 00:07:35.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So that therein lies a little bit of a challenge if you know you're trying to do something that that is you know people's number one fear at the end of the day, okay. It can make it difficult to make the proper tracks and but more important than that.

00:07:36.720 --> 00:07:42.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know it's it's become clear to me over the years of, you know, being a serial networker and connector and trying to

00:07:42.900 --> 00:07:51.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): To meet new people that you know, by and large, people know that they need to always expand their horizons and meet new people and lead them to new opportunities, but

00:07:51.540 --> 00:07:57.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They don't necessarily go about it in the most effective way almost like they're lacking a complete purpose for it.

00:07:57.720 --> 00:08:05.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And you know, that's something that we definitely want to zoom in on a little bit here. I'll talk to you guys a little bit about some of the things, Michael says in his book, and then we'll get to some of his magic.

00:08:05.430 --> 00:08:12.720 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know later on in the show, but it's, it's, it's something that's that can be a little bit of a struggle so

00:08:13.110 --> 00:08:22.410 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, people they need to get over their fear of public speaking and kind of kind of leave that aside, you know, they also need to be willing to to get out there and and to do this.

00:08:23.610 --> 00:08:32.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, multiple reasons why people don't necessarily feel comfortable getting into it. Again, some of them may have had previous terrible experiences, some of them.

00:08:32.640 --> 00:08:40.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Often judge books by their covers. Well, you know, you can't really judge a book by its cover with most things in life. It's something that I do believe very, very strongly in

00:08:42.000 --> 00:08:51.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And people do it with networking all the time they tried it once with a particular group of people. It didn't take. So now they've they've said no to networking for, you know, forever in perpetuity.

00:08:52.350 --> 00:09:04.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There, there does need to be a particular mindset around networking like you can find value in almost any conversation there is, whether it's business. Whether it's personal, whether it's just a good conversation.

00:09:04.740 --> 00:09:10.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There's so many different pieces of value when it comes to making new connections and expanding your network.

00:09:10.890 --> 00:09:15.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So a couple things I wanted to revisit looking at Michael's book. And, you know, talking with Michael today is

00:09:15.900 --> 00:09:24.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know actually what is networking. You're getting people along the lines of the networking mindset. And you know why don't more people network.

00:09:24.330 --> 00:09:35.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, and it's funny. Michael likes to use a lot of cartoons and his training and discussion. So this one we sticks out at me if you guys can see it out there in TV land. It's, uh, yeah.

00:09:36.060 --> 00:09:42.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Let's see. I, uh, I spent some time, you know, pretending I was interested in what you're saying. I gave you my cards. And now let's see where it goes from here.

00:09:43.290 --> 00:09:51.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I feel like all too often. That's the way people are treating networking like they're just accumulating a list of people and then it's up to them to give them a sales pitch to set list of people

00:09:52.320 --> 00:09:57.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Networking doesn't work that way. It's about People First like most things I talked about here on the program.

00:09:57.480 --> 00:10:05.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Is people first then having a type process which will lead you to the end product of more connections more business more referrals more sales more revenue.

00:10:06.270 --> 00:10:17.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, you know, let's get into the topic of how we network with people. There's a Michaels first book knockout networking. He has one that came out a little more recent again, knock knock down networking for financial advisors and other

00:10:17.970 --> 00:10:24.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): sales professionals. I'm going to read to you guys a little bit from from this book it says what is networking anyway.

00:10:24.630 --> 00:10:34.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): networking's one of those terms, that is a bit nebulous and ambiguous. It's a concept that you don't learn in school and it's not part of the MBA training and programs.

00:10:34.530 --> 00:10:42.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Although it absolutely should be taught there. In fact, I believe, networking should be taught in public schools to children as a part of their elementary school education.

00:10:42.960 --> 00:10:53.460 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Imagine a third and fourth graders learn how to better connect with teachers, principals, fellow students and even their friends parents. Here's Michaels official definition.

00:10:54.000 --> 00:11:01.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Networking is a proactive approach, although sometimes it can be reactive to meeting quality people to learn and potentially help them.

00:11:02.370 --> 00:11:07.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Learning helping. That's it. If you focused on learning from and potentially helping the right people.

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:13.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They will help you back. Networking is a collaborative effort toward helping one another.

00:11:14.070 --> 00:11:24.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Goal selling a product or service landing a job. Solving a specific problem, learning about something volunteering for a cause or, in some cases, meeting the love of your life.

00:11:25.110 --> 00:11:32.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Networking is much more than simply meeting people working the room, as some people would say, and giving everyone you meet a business card, which you should never do.

00:11:33.660 --> 00:11:40.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Networking is about meeting the right people. Those you like and have some connection with to the clients you want to work with.

00:11:41.100 --> 00:11:49.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Going to the right events or venues where do these right people hang out and where and saying the right things. What types of introductions. Do you make what types of questions for you and

00:11:50.610 --> 00:11:54.630 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Then he goes into having the networking mindset. And this is so big to me.

00:11:55.170 --> 00:12:04.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Having a networking mindset is a way of being. If you're open friendly approachable, interesting, interested. I was always told that it's better to be interested as opposed to interesting

00:12:05.100 --> 00:12:14.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Curious inquisitive conversational considerate respectful collaborative happy positive, be honest helpful relational and a true connector.

00:12:14.790 --> 00:12:17.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You're operating from a networking mindset.

00:12:17.670 --> 00:12:23.460 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You must have networking mindset to be a knockout networker on the rise, you'll have a very difficult time connecting with people.

00:12:23.700 --> 00:12:33.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And having them trust you at events and in other networking scenarios, your mindset or attitude drives your behavior. If your behavior is let's say a sales mindset.

00:12:34.050 --> 00:12:42.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Then you'll demonstrate sales behavior when meeting people and networking asking qualifying questions pitching products and services, assuming the sale.

00:12:43.260 --> 00:12:47.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Overcoming objections and closing. This is something I see people do all the time. It drives me crazy.

00:12:48.150 --> 00:12:57.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What would the reaction be of those you meet a networking event. If you demonstrated a sales mindset, they would probably be on the defensive and it would be for the most part, an awkward conversation.

00:12:58.290 --> 00:13:05.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They were more than likely avoid you. And the word would get out sooner than later, a sales mindset is very important at a sales meeting.

00:13:06.510 --> 00:13:11.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Networking mindset networking meeting sales mindset sales meeting. See how that works very important

00:13:12.210 --> 00:13:18.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Having the right mindset at the right time will help you connect with others who also have the right right mindset at the right time.

00:13:19.170 --> 00:13:27.810 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): As you're developing your networking skills and practicing, ask yourself, What is my mindset. So before we go to break, real quick.

00:13:28.200 --> 00:13:32.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I'm just going to throw out there. Why, understanding the six reasons for networking is important.

00:13:32.940 --> 00:13:39.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He outlines Michael in this book. What, so what's the point of the six reasons they bring you several important benefits. Okay.

00:13:40.170 --> 00:13:44.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Being clear in your communication realizing that others have an agenda to

00:13:44.430 --> 00:13:51.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Have their benefits gaining some confidence, learning how to talk to people there six very specific reasons why people go to network.

00:13:51.690 --> 00:13:58.350 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And again, to reiterate those reasons are growing the business landing a job social reasons learning

00:13:58.800 --> 00:14:13.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): At paying it forward and solving a very specific problem. I like to make things a nice hybrid combination of personal and business networking is a people first type of discussion people. So it's important to be human about it.

00:14:13.620 --> 00:14:21.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Have the conversation. Don't be sales minded when you're in the networking meeting. It's a networking mindset when you're in a sales meeting. It's a sales mindset.

00:14:21.810 --> 00:14:29.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're going to go deep into the discussion of knockout networking with my main man Michael Goldberg when we come back from commercial break. Stay with us.

00:16:42.630 --> 00:16:51.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Alright everyone, welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy we're talking about knockout networking today. It's all about the connection.

00:16:51.480 --> 00:17:03.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're going to start chatting with my good friend Michael Goldberg and just a moment just to get things checked off for us, you know, one thing that I I continue to harp on with this. It's, you know, networking is not something that's easy.

00:17:03.930 --> 00:17:08.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But it can be, you know, simplified a little bit, and it's a lot of that simplification.

00:17:09.150 --> 00:17:25.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Does revolve around getting people in the right mindset for this. Don't judge a book by its cover its kind of continued reinforcement of certain fundamentals. So without further ado, let's get ready to rumble my main man Michael Goldberg Michael pleasure having you on the show today.

00:17:25.860 --> 00:17:29.400 Michael Goldberg: What is going on. Steve fry my brother, my brother, my brother.

00:17:29.880 --> 00:17:42.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ladies and gentlemen, weighing it and I wanted to read this weighing in at 180 pounds. Michael Goldberg, which made me feel a little bad about myself because I'm suffering from the coven 30 right now so I'm, I'm not waiting the boxing champ over here.

00:17:45.240 --> 00:17:49.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So Michael, this is the method PART OF OUR SHOW. This is the scientific piece of things so

00:17:50.010 --> 00:17:57.720 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is where we like to talk about what you do, how you do it, and how you go to market for it, you know. Networking is an interesting one because a lot of folks have

00:17:58.020 --> 00:18:09.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Done, you know, in some way, shape, or form some type of gathering and networking function. But what you do is so specialized so awesome. So targeted and gets people really in the right mindset with the right process.

00:18:09.870 --> 00:18:13.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Tell us a little bit about how you go about doing this and how you go to market.

00:18:14.700 --> 00:18:25.440 Michael Goldberg: I go to market. Well, it's all about the networking. Hey. Somebody once said, it's all about the networking. So I think as as you very cleverly quoted in

00:18:26.100 --> 00:18:35.100 Michael Goldberg: My book. So it's really about knowing exactly what it is that you're after like Knowing who your clients are you want your clients to be

00:18:35.520 --> 00:18:46.200 Michael Goldberg: I love breaking that down into industry profession market segment niche dynamic demographics geography and in some cases company names. If you're a B2B person.

00:18:46.530 --> 00:18:52.710 Michael Goldberg: Because you know that, then it's all about going to the right places saying the right things and meeting the right people the way to go. What to say with them.

00:18:53.220 --> 00:18:57.840 Michael Goldberg: And that's what I think a lot of confusion is because, to me, that's just the marketing plan.

00:18:58.380 --> 00:19:07.740 Michael Goldberg: Like if you know who you want your clients to be then think about from a networking standpoint, and this is online or off, you know, so when I wrote the book. It was pretty cold and now all of a sudden

00:19:08.340 --> 00:19:15.300 Michael Goldberg: You know, I'm having conversations with prospects and clients say, well, now how do I network. Well, it's kind of the same way. You're just not getting in your car and

00:19:15.600 --> 00:19:22.320 Michael Goldberg: Going to send chamber event or wherever it is right now. It's all online. And the big difference is, it's way more intentional now.

00:19:22.800 --> 00:19:27.150 Michael Goldberg: So you had mentioned my definition is a proactive approach, although it can be reactive

00:19:27.510 --> 00:19:43.080 Michael Goldberg: both true, but it's way more proactive now than it's ever been. Because we have to create the events or find the events. So it's much more focused or now it's proactive in terms of where you're going, what you're saying and with your own and why

00:19:44.430 --> 00:19:55.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, no, I couldn't agree more. And another topic of discussion along these lines is, you know, I've been a an advocate of the idea that during the pandemic conditions.

00:19:55.800 --> 00:20:05.430 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, talking to somebody three blocks away is no different than talking to someone 3000 miles away and organizations that I work with are using this time to embrace you know going nationwide.

00:20:06.120 --> 00:20:13.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What commentary on that as far as embracing your network and expanding your network to places where you can't drive to what are your thoughts on that these days.

00:20:13.890 --> 00:20:24.300 Michael Goldberg: Well, I mean way easier to do. And what's really ironic is. That's why look at March 13 2020 is the time that the world change, like the world came to an end. March 13th.

00:20:24.450 --> 00:20:25.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Exactly. A month ago.

00:20:25.560 --> 00:20:36.000 Michael Goldberg: I yeah so roughly. Yeah. So I'd like it to the day right for the day. It's true. So eight months to the dead and realize that. But you're right, eight months to the day the world kind of came to an end for some

00:20:36.660 --> 00:20:44.010 Michael Goldberg: Some people really believe that, like, what am I going to do and they're stuck. Many or not, though many realize and maybe it took some time.

00:20:44.400 --> 00:20:51.930 Michael Goldberg: To be able to make that proverbial pivot and realize, you know, I had this thing called zoom. I had this thing called LinkedIn.

00:20:52.230 --> 00:20:57.030 Michael Goldberg: I had this thing called go to the right place at the right thing, meet the right people, the entire time.

00:20:57.450 --> 00:21:04.860 Michael Goldberg: But these resources, what at my fingertips. But now how can I be way more proactive and intentional about making some of these things happen.

00:21:05.220 --> 00:21:11.520 Michael Goldberg: So now geography is less of a thing. Although that has always been that thing, right. So that's what I think.

00:21:12.150 --> 00:21:20.370 Michael Goldberg: Like occurring to people right now is now I got to do these zoom meetings and this and that could have been doing it the whole time. That's now just leveraging the resources.

00:21:20.700 --> 00:21:28.140 Michael Goldberg: And it's also the perception. Now, like the procession sending out zoom meetings throughout our days now everybody's on that program. And this is global.

00:21:28.560 --> 00:21:36.900 Michael Goldberg: And I did a talk, we were talking about this offline did a talk yesterday. This was a global event that I was speaking at for the International Association of

00:21:37.470 --> 00:21:51.390 Michael Goldberg: rabbis of all organizations not financial services, and I had rabbis, I was looking on the screen. That is a big meeting literally from all over the world. They were rabbis in South Africa. I didn't think they were rabbis in South

00:21:51.390 --> 00:22:07.950 Michael Goldberg: Africa about we are, and in Australia all over the world. And then I had to have i'd Rabbi, that is literally in my town that was there to, you know, so I mean these things happen and we take them for granted now but you know these resources where they are eight months ago. Yeah.

00:22:07.980 --> 00:22:16.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): No, absolutely. I'm always somebody who's embraced the idea of, you know, working remotely. I love the flexibility of having to do, you know, being able to do it, but

00:22:17.340 --> 00:22:21.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I just don't like you know some of the situations, people find themselves in where they're mandated to do it.

00:22:22.110 --> 00:22:31.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It does, you know, take away a little bit of the human feeling. But with that said, there was no absolutely no reason why people can't be making relationships for the first time.

00:22:31.290 --> 00:22:45.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And building on those relationships with people who are thousands of miles away from from here. I've done it during this I know you've done it during this. It's like, what's preventing people from getting out of their own way and getting out there and meeting people all over the country.

00:22:45.870 --> 00:22:54.540 Michael Goldberg: Well, it's like you said earlier, it's the mindset. You've got to have the mindset, right. It's got to be the mindset and be open to be connectable

00:22:55.290 --> 00:23:00.810 Michael Goldberg: Right. I mean, so a lot of its openness and a lot of is just back to mindset. They always come to that. And I, and I

00:23:01.110 --> 00:23:11.970 Michael Goldberg: Make that power when it comes to like in the ring like it to be crazy enough to climb through the roads to get in the ring, whether you're sparring or whether it's some sort of a competitive championship thing. It takes a lot of guts.

00:23:12.270 --> 00:23:18.540 Michael Goldberg: You know, you've got to have this mindset of killer be killed. I mean, you know, if it's if you're really competing and I don't learn that

00:23:18.870 --> 00:23:29.910 Michael Goldberg: You have to have that mindset or you're, you're not going to do well, you're going to get hurt. And it's the same thing in business, and it's the same thing, especially now that if you don't have the right mindset to be more connectable

00:23:30.570 --> 00:23:41.010 Michael Goldberg: Right and to have the wherewithal to be able to do that and be mindful of where to go. What to say, with whom you're going to get Harvard and you know I coach a lot of advisors that are stuck in that place they

00:23:41.400 --> 00:23:46.530 Michael Goldberg: haven't quite figured it out because their mindset is how do I sell more product.

00:23:46.800 --> 00:23:56.310 Michael Goldberg: How do I promote my service. How can I move more money. How can I bring in more the different assets under management and how do I do all those different things.

00:23:56.520 --> 00:24:09.360 Michael Goldberg: In essence, how do I convince more people to do this and that over online. And that's kind of where they're coming from. So I'm not sure if that's the right mindset. And so a lot of it just starts from that place. But when you climb through those robes. Make sure your heads right

00:24:09.810 --> 00:24:18.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, I mean, there's plenty of little analogies and quotes and things that get into this mindset. One of the ones that always resonates to me is the Will Rogers concept of I'd rather have

00:24:18.450 --> 00:24:27.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own. And a lot of times you know when you're building the right network using the right type of process you're, you're really making you know

00:24:27.960 --> 00:24:34.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Almost like a Salesforce for yourself a voice of your people and your product in your platform and whatever you're trying to do.

00:24:34.350 --> 00:24:43.800 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): On the same lines of connectable mindset. I want to go back to something you said about you know B2B versus B2C because you know I've dealt with SMEs on both sides of that spectrum.

00:24:44.130 --> 00:24:50.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I would, I don't know if you see things the same way I do. But I would argue that if you're a BB focused organization.

00:24:51.240 --> 00:25:04.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It's infinitely more important to be a better connector so so that you can build a network of people to get in front of you, though, and forget you in front of those other respective businesses, whereas it's important in the B2C world as well.

00:25:04.740 --> 00:25:12.150 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But it's one where you know you might be appealing that the SMB, small, medium sized business. They might be dealing to people, very, very directly

00:25:12.600 --> 00:25:26.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, but it's I do see that the need to really become a strong, strong networker, especially in the B2B space. And now, again, it's not, not the slight the B2C space. But I'm curious in some of your take on that, like where you might see a couple of differences. Well,

00:25:26.220 --> 00:25:33.540 Michael Goldberg: I i think the connection aspect is the same. At the end of the day we're human beings without a connection nothing great

00:25:33.900 --> 00:25:41.550 Michael Goldberg: With a great amount of risk is going to happen. That's, that's really what it comes down to. But I just think that if your B2B, you're just fishing in different ponds.

00:25:42.000 --> 00:25:48.330 Michael Goldberg: You know, it's, you know, I talked about networking is going to the right place to say the right things being in the right people, you're just going to different places.

00:25:48.780 --> 00:25:57.480 Michael Goldberg: saying different things meeting, different people, you know, so it's really just about geography. At the end of the day, it's about the connection. It's about, you know, the ability to get to know

00:25:57.870 --> 00:26:06.030 Michael Goldberg: Like trust and respect people and that's whether you're, you know, you're a florist. You know when you're selling to people coming into your shop, you know, or a

00:26:06.540 --> 00:26:12.990 Michael Goldberg: Lot of those shops are open right now and there's restrictions going in place, you know, as, as we speak about this right now.

00:26:13.290 --> 00:26:26.670 Michael Goldberg: That might prevent a lot of that stuff. So, but you still get, you know, there's still one 800 ba ba ba right and there's still all these avenues to sell your product and all different creative ways this being one of them. So again it just comes down to the connection.

00:26:27.450 --> 00:26:32.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah no absolutely i love that you said fishing in different ponds, because the also the

00:26:32.640 --> 00:26:38.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The old idea of, you know, feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

00:26:39.180 --> 00:26:47.430 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I do think there's, you know, while you know some folks are people people in our networking mindset people that are just serial networkers and we'll go out there.

00:26:48.030 --> 00:27:01.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is definitely something that can be coached can be taught can be cultivated and all of that, you know, as we get, you know, into the next segment where we talk about the madness of what you do and what you see on a day to day basis, you know,

00:27:02.310 --> 00:27:03.930 Michael Goldberg: Is absolute madness.

00:27:03.960 --> 00:27:05.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): absolute madness. There's no

00:27:05.220 --> 00:27:05.940 Madness.

00:27:07.110 --> 00:27:19.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): No question. But just getting people you know into that mindset. Like even if, especially if it's the first time for them if there's somebody who's definitely afraid of their own shadow like they can't even articulate it is what they do, without, you know,

00:27:19.830 --> 00:27:33.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Looking like completely self conscious and not not confident about what they're saying. It's like, how do you get them kickstarted into gear where they're excited and energetic and ready to learn what it means to be a good fisherman. A good networker

00:27:34.260 --> 00:27:41.730 Michael Goldberg: Huh, yeah. Yeah, I mean, and there's a lot of that. It's like climbing through the ring kind of hidden can see the fighters get themselves like kind of

00:27:42.000 --> 00:27:51.300 Michael Goldberg: Like snapping and they got to get themselves into the model, you know, but well networking is a series of learn skills and develop skills like any skill, whether it's playing the piano.

00:27:51.870 --> 00:27:59.010 Michael Goldberg: Now you're whether it's a, you know, using Microsoft, you know, like Excel weather, right. These are all skills that you, it's the same thing with networking

00:27:59.370 --> 00:28:05.340 Michael Goldberg: But I think a lot of people take it for granted because we talk like this is like we talk more than pretty much any activity.

00:28:06.120 --> 00:28:17.940 Michael Goldberg: That we engage in like we're talking so networking is just a different position and in context in terms of how we talk and with whom and why and there is a process to it for sure, but

00:28:18.240 --> 00:28:21.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Thank God for that because you know how much I love to focus on process.

00:28:21.480 --> 00:28:33.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): To that end, you know I as simple as simplistic as it gets. At its core, for people to do business with you, you know, whether you're talking about your personal life like things that you're engaging people to do business with or your professional life.

00:28:34.200 --> 00:28:38.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I'm a big believer that people have to like you, they have to trust you and they have to think you know what you're talking about.

00:28:39.060 --> 00:28:48.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And one quick thing you have on the inside jacket of your wonderful book here is trust is essential to the success of anyone working in the financial services industry. And I would argue, almost any industry.

00:28:49.440 --> 00:28:57.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But the thing that comes with trust is to me the definition of trust is doing what you say you're going to do over and over again and proving yourself.

00:28:57.780 --> 00:29:09.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): With networking and I think you would agree. A lot of times people are looking for too much instant gratification. They're looking for the results immediately to me. It's something that takes time. Just like building trust takes time. Would you agree.

00:29:09.600 --> 00:29:18.450 Michael Goldberg: I would agree and I would take it the next step. It's not just building trust with you it's building trust and if I'm going to introduce somebody to you and connect you to somebody else.

00:29:18.870 --> 00:29:21.810 Michael Goldberg: Do I have the trust and knowing that you're going to make me look good.

00:29:22.680 --> 00:29:33.540 Michael Goldberg: Yes, right. So as an example, like if we refer someone if I refer somebody to one of my best clients and that person is just not really focused on the relationship, but they're just in sales pitch mode.

00:29:33.990 --> 00:29:39.360 Michael Goldberg: That's going to probably not come back to me and again in the most positive light. And that's going to be a reflection on me.

00:29:39.780 --> 00:29:44.070 Michael Goldberg: Now I have to go and have a conversation with that person and say, Yeah, you know, so it's

00:29:44.430 --> 00:29:52.800 Michael Goldberg: A lot. That's really where the trust comes from, you know, so getting back to the forest, you know, if I was going to refer someone to a for us. There's not a high level of trust. There

00:29:53.220 --> 00:29:59.010 Michael Goldberg: You know, you're either going to get the product that you're looking for in a fair price or you're not. But when it comes to moving money.

00:29:59.370 --> 00:30:14.820 Michael Goldberg: When it comes to employee benefits related products when it comes to a mortgage when it comes to real estate when it comes to where you're talking about a much bigger price tag at a much bigger risk and a much bigger cost. Trust me, and so much more.

00:30:15.570 --> 00:30:26.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I couldn't agree more. We're going to take a short break. We'll be right back with Michael Goldberg, the founder of knockout networking and the networking group to discuss the madness of the networking world. Stay with us.

00:30:26.010 --> 00:30:26.820 Madness.

00:32:51.120 --> 00:32:59.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Alright everyone, welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy we're talking about not knockout networking. It's all about the connection.

00:32:59.820 --> 00:33:07.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We are here with my good friend Michael Goldberg, we're going to get into the madness of the networking world. This is more of the observational part of the show.

00:33:07.950 --> 00:33:12.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What have you seen out there no story is too taboo. We talk about anything here.

00:33:13.440 --> 00:33:18.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Stories, you have yourself things that you've seen out there, repeated asks that you know people

00:33:18.510 --> 00:33:23.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know folks that you work with half of you to get to get them going in the right direction.

00:33:23.340 --> 00:33:28.950 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Again, as we were saying at the close of the last segment, it's something that I've observed people want instant gratification here.

00:33:29.280 --> 00:33:39.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It almost never happens that way with real networking really making a relationship with people and building on that relationship. It's something that takes time. You got to be able to build it.

00:33:39.450 --> 00:33:51.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So Michael, without further ado, give us a peek into the madness of of your existence and of your training, coaching authoring speaking engagements around the networking world. Give us some stories.

00:33:51.180 --> 00:33:54.240 Michael Goldberg: The madness. I don't know what stories. I can tell you, well,

00:33:55.500 --> 00:34:07.230 Michael Goldberg: So I've been at this for 20 years knockout networking was founded in June of 2000 and as a lot of my friends joke with me is you conjured up a business out of thin air. And I kind of did.

00:34:07.860 --> 00:34:15.270 Michael Goldberg: But, you know, if you can identify a need, you can identify or resource that can provide you with revenue because of that need

00:34:15.660 --> 00:34:26.190 Michael Goldberg: And you're very focused on that resource and you become an expert at that you've got a business. The business so i i realized early on that I when I left.

00:34:26.670 --> 00:34:31.260 Michael Goldberg: My last employer, which was a speaking and training company. It was Boston based

00:34:31.650 --> 00:34:40.440 Michael Goldberg: And it wasn't really focused on networking skills, but I was literally traveling the world doing trainings and speaking on all aspects of communication and leadership.

00:34:40.770 --> 00:34:51.840 Michael Goldberg: And my niche became sexual harassment prevention of all things. That's what I became so you're the SMB guy I became the SHP sexual harassment prevention guy that was

00:34:52.140 --> 00:35:01.980 Michael Goldberg: So, not, not a badge of honor that I wore proudly, but it did bring in bringing an income, but I was still under a you know a consultant companies banner and

00:35:02.730 --> 00:35:11.010 Michael Goldberg: I was finishing going back to kind of like big boy school and all that and getting the letters and the degree and all that. So, so I was, you know, Boston based at the time.

00:35:11.190 --> 00:35:23.400 Michael Goldberg: And after a couple of years, I knew I was not long for that world, but I brought in a ton of business into that firm. In fact, more than any of the other speakers and consultants combined, in essence, I had become the sales team and I realized

00:35:23.910 --> 00:35:36.540 Michael Goldberg: I could do this. And so I ended up leaving that and it was actually a different company name at that point. But emerged evolved into knockout networking and it started off when I was kind of the leadership.

00:35:37.260 --> 00:35:47.670 Michael Goldberg: Communication sexual harassment prevention guy and I was effective at that but it burned me out because these are charged areas, especially on the sexual harassment prevention.

00:35:47.910 --> 00:35:56.760 Michael Goldberg: Aspect of things I was dealing with some really ugly topics and situations. You're talking about stories I've stories there. I can't even share that I had to

00:35:57.150 --> 00:36:03.750 Michael Goldberg: You know, kind of deal with. So I got burnt out. But I was really good at networking and that's how I brought almost all of my business and

00:36:04.170 --> 00:36:08.250 Michael Goldberg: Then finally, an organization, and I don't even know if you've heard this story, Steve.

00:36:08.730 --> 00:36:20.880 Michael Goldberg: An organization called DNI business networking international so that's a global networking group and I had, you know, been a part of those circles early on when I started my business, but being I hired me

00:36:21.150 --> 00:36:25.080 Michael Goldberg: To be there Northeast Regional speaker and they wanted me to talk about networking

00:36:25.590 --> 00:36:36.090 Michael Goldberg: And my reaction was, isn't that just something you do like in my mind like like da. You know, it's like teaching somebody how to put on a pair of sunglasses and drink a glass of water, like, you know, so you wanted to talk about this for an hour.

00:36:37.260 --> 00:36:42.240 Michael Goldberg: So they ended up booking me. And the reason they booked me is because they thought I had an approach that they

00:36:42.510 --> 00:36:49.470 Michael Goldberg: thought was interesting that maybe they weren't addressing and I did this talk and it changed my entire way of looking at not just networking

00:36:49.710 --> 00:37:00.390 Michael Goldberg: But my business. So all of a sudden the whole sexual harassment prevention leadership communication, then went away and I became the networking guy because I realized this was my thing.

00:37:00.780 --> 00:37:10.170 Michael Goldberg: And I was terrified to get up in front of that audience. This is like an 800 person audience up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to talk about something I really never spoken about professionally.

00:37:10.440 --> 00:37:15.570 Michael Goldberg: You know this this phenomenon called networking and after that you know the the

00:37:16.140 --> 00:37:25.170 Michael Goldberg: Federal Trade Commission that next this is back in 2002 so the Federal Trade Commission in 2003 October of 2003 rolled out the Do Not Call the DNC.

00:37:25.380 --> 00:37:35.640 Michael Goldberg: And my whole world exploded, because all of a sudden these financial firms that kind of needed me really needed me and my business just exploded. But that's how this whole thing started.

00:37:35.940 --> 00:37:43.830 Michael Goldberg: And I started speaking and all the big broker dealers and all the big firms and everything else. And then as other opportunities presented themselves with coaching.

00:37:44.070 --> 00:37:54.930 Michael Goldberg: And all these other things, you know, of course you know columns and different publications, the blog, you know, over time, and everything else. It's really become you know quite the thing. So now I'm niche in this arena.

00:37:55.230 --> 00:38:07.950 Michael Goldberg: I've been at this now for, you know, for 20 years it's it's unbelievable. So there's books. There's coaching. There's consulting, you know, I even have firms that license my products online so their advisors company.

00:38:09.150 --> 00:38:12.330 Michael Goldberg: Can have access can knock out networking anniversary. So

00:38:13.440 --> 00:38:14.370 Michael Goldberg: This is all hung

00:38:15.390 --> 00:38:17.040 Michael Goldberg: Up a business out of nothing.

00:38:19.020 --> 00:38:28.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And that might have been a little taboo 20 years ago, but those were, you know, first of all, maybe some non believer friends here and there, but nowadays people conjure up business ideas every single

00:38:28.920 --> 00:38:30.960 Michael Goldberg: Day, saying, this one is like those

00:38:31.020 --> 00:38:38.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Info so tangible so awesome and and like so worthwhile to get out there for people in their personal lives and their business lives.

00:38:39.090 --> 00:38:48.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I absolutely love that you mentioned, you and I, business networking international because people out there who are, you know, engaged in networking even remotely. Most people out there have heard of

00:38:49.050 --> 00:38:55.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The and I are le tip or those big international networking organizations. And I just want to point out that from Michael's books.

00:38:55.920 --> 00:39:01.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ivan Meisner, the founder of DNI and the referral Institute for Michaels first book knockout networking

00:39:01.860 --> 00:39:10.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He says, right at the very beginning, Ivan Meisner the founder p&i knockout networking is an absolute must read if you're looking to grow your business or land. The new job.

00:39:10.320 --> 00:39:19.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Michael Goldberg's pragmatic approach to networking will serve as an invaluable resource in accomplishing those goals. This is coming from the biggest networking organization in the world.

00:39:22.590 --> 00:39:26.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So bottom line is you guys need to listen to Michael, you need to buy his books, you need to take his training and you need to do all of the above.

00:39:27.420 --> 00:39:34.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So very interesting that the biggest leg and one of the biggest networking organizations or not the biggest out there. It's like you were

00:39:34.500 --> 00:39:43.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): intimately involved with them for a moment or two actually doing training on networking and it's, I love the idea of. It's not just something you do because yeah for you and me.

00:39:44.220 --> 00:39:46.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It's blatantly something that you and I just do.

00:39:46.860 --> 00:39:48.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But for the people that don't do it out there.

00:39:49.290 --> 00:39:57.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Give us some stories about that, like, like somebody who was like afraid of their own shadow to oh my god they're superstar networker at this point.

00:39:57.720 --> 00:40:04.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, throwing jabs and and hooks left and right with their knockout networking you tell us a little bit about what that's look like for you.

00:40:04.410 --> 00:40:13.020 Michael Goldberg: Well, you know, I've got rules that I talked about. And in the book. There's 23 rules. I usually rattle off, you know, four or five or six of them because the rules are really designed

00:40:13.320 --> 00:40:23.850 Michael Goldberg: To have somebody that may not have the confidence or the focus at this yet, or think that they do but something's not working. So the rules can be a friendly reminder. So one of my

00:40:24.900 --> 00:40:30.690 Michael Goldberg: First at first and foremost you have to have the right mindset. You have to know that networking is about learning helping

00:40:31.110 --> 00:40:39.390 Michael Goldberg: Collaborating exchanging being resource. It is not about pitching or selling your product, but that's fundamentals. If that's not the mindset and nothing else matters.

00:40:39.810 --> 00:40:46.230 Michael Goldberg: You know it's going to be yeah but yeah but and I run into that with financial advisors that aren't white and have that mindset yet.

00:40:46.560 --> 00:40:54.870 Michael Goldberg: And this is not a right, wrong, good, bad thing. It's just what is if you don't have that mindset, you're not going to be great at connecting because people are not going to want to connect with you, right, because people

00:40:55.230 --> 00:40:58.800 Michael Goldberg: Meeting you at a networking event at cocktail party even online.

00:40:59.070 --> 00:41:07.530 Michael Goldberg: They're not there to, you know, to buy your product, necessarily, you know they're there to network and exchange information so you can refer one another. So that's rule number one.

00:41:07.800 --> 00:41:15.300 Michael Goldberg: Is having networking mindset and then rule number two is be able to speak to people and be able to start a conversation

00:41:15.570 --> 00:41:24.570 Michael Goldberg: My favorite way of starting a conversation, this could even be for somebody that is nervous. Nervous about public speaking or they're new to their business is share a story with people.

00:41:25.230 --> 00:41:29.610 Michael Goldberg: So Steve. Very nice to meet you. May I share a quick story like. How's that for an opener.

00:41:30.030 --> 00:41:40.350 Michael Goldberg: Right. And as long as it's not a story that's going to be salesy like I'm looking to sell you something. But there's tons of stories that we can tell, especially now that most of our time is

00:41:40.740 --> 00:41:54.150 Michael Goldberg: Much more business time is spent online like there are tons of stories just real quickly. So I did. I mentioned I did a talk yesterday for rabbis and so I was prepping for the talk. And I did this search

00:41:54.720 --> 00:42:06.870 Michael Goldberg: Google search. It was you know images rabbis. So now all these images of all these you know guys, when you know black hats and gray beards came out in the middle there was a picture of rabbits. So

00:42:07.680 --> 00:42:12.480 Michael Goldberg: When you do a search on rabbis, you might conjure up very religious rabbits.

00:42:12.780 --> 00:42:26.490 Michael Goldberg: You know that that dip into the Jewish faith, I'd allows for 20 minutes about that, that became my opener at the talk yesterday and I had all of these rabbis laughing at this and I actually did the screenshot and added on the slide.

00:42:26.730 --> 00:42:36.180 Michael Goldberg: So funny. But imagine I could just be an opening storage or networking conversation. And I'm not saying on the stage, take it over this was like a minute story minute and a half right.

00:42:36.570 --> 00:42:43.200 Michael Goldberg: And then you can just say it's not established, anything like that ever happened to you and now you're going to now all of a sudden you've got a connection.

00:42:43.590 --> 00:42:49.740 Michael Goldberg: Right and your left and right doesn't have to be a funny story, right, it could be just something that's relevant that struck you that's

00:42:50.640 --> 00:42:56.310 Michael Goldberg: You know, that's just ironical, you know, like my daughter just celebrated her 18th birthday. Don't think stories come out of that, you know,

00:42:57.030 --> 00:43:03.750 Michael Goldberg: So right there. You've broken the ice and you don't need to be the best order in the world to be able to do that. You just need to be human.

00:43:04.080 --> 00:43:11.850 Michael Goldberg: Because when we're in a conversation that's not called networking. We do this sort of thing all the time. So it's really just about connecting with people.

00:43:12.270 --> 00:43:17.010 Michael Goldberg: And then after that, it's just asking questions and other people about what they do, they ask you questions.

00:43:17.220 --> 00:43:26.160 Michael Goldberg: And it's really as long as you're going into that exchange. So, so those are newer newer to this, I always give just these quick tips is your goal should just be to

00:43:26.820 --> 00:43:29.880 Michael Goldberg: Speak to people speak to at least two or three people.

00:43:30.450 --> 00:43:39.810 Michael Goldberg: To learn something and have fun. That's it. Let's just start with that. If you can just practice just I'm going to speak to two or three people break. You know, break it open with a story.

00:43:40.320 --> 00:43:46.560 Michael Goldberg: And just be focused on I'm going to learn something right, you got to be open to that. That's part of the mindset and then just have fun.

00:43:46.890 --> 00:43:54.660 Michael Goldberg: That's it. Don't look to even get into business. If that happens, let that happen organically and I find that as I'm coaching.

00:43:55.230 --> 00:44:07.920 Michael Goldberg: You know business owners whether their advisors or brokers, whatever it is that's usually a great start, because all kinds of other great things come out and now I'm almost forcing you to get into this whole networking mindset place.

00:44:08.850 --> 00:44:14.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yep, I love, I love starting these things off with a story. I love the rabbi story and it hits home with me because the two

00:44:15.480 --> 00:44:23.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): rabbis that live close to my house. They have a combined total of about 20 kids. So there's definitely some type of rabbit esque analogy to make there. I'll leave that

00:44:23.820 --> 00:44:24.330 Michael Goldberg: Yeah.

00:44:25.020 --> 00:44:32.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A bit imaginations. But when you started talking about all the took the 23 rules. I thought the first rule was going to be the first rule of Fight Club is

00:44:36.600 --> 00:44:38.220 Michael Goldberg: Rule number two. Steve is

00:44:39.060 --> 00:44:40.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We don't talk about fight, but

00:44:40.530 --> 00:44:42.450 Michael Goldberg: What we do talk about networking, baby.

00:44:42.690 --> 00:44:52.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That's right, baby. So, you know, on the spirit of networking. So you do have, you know, knock out networking speaking coaching books licensing agreements, the whole thing.

00:44:52.650 --> 00:45:01.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You have also the networking group or T and G for short. A vetted community of professionals, which is, you know, very interesting to me.

00:45:01.560 --> 00:45:09.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That's how I found actually talk radio dot NYC. And that's was a big catalyst for me getting my podcasting going so very

00:45:10.110 --> 00:45:16.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Grateful for all of your efforts there and you know for the continued success and introductions, that we have from there, but

00:45:16.680 --> 00:45:24.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, you're, you're, you know, almost launching your own DNI your own organization, it's, it's a little different. The way that it's structured, but

00:45:24.450 --> 00:45:31.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know you you've been given such praise and accolades, not only from people out there, you're working with, but peers of the networking group industry.

00:45:31.710 --> 00:45:44.430 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And that and now you're almost like a competitor of theirs, how, like, how has this been evolving, especially during the pandemic and, you know, what did you What trends, have you been seeing, talk to me about the networking group initiatives.

00:45:44.490 --> 00:45:51.480 Michael Goldberg: Well, thank you, the networking group is different than some of the others that are up and I'm not going to say, better than just, they're all good. It's just different, you know,

00:45:51.990 --> 00:46:00.870 Michael Goldberg: And I love the and I and I always suggest that people even within the networking group community is that if you're part of other groups, you know, have added. That's great, you know,

00:46:01.410 --> 00:46:10.860 Michael Goldberg: So to me, I just promote the fact that as long as you're out there and you're connecting and you're willing to put yourself out there and build your business and provide the resources do that, that's all good.

00:46:11.220 --> 00:46:15.000 Michael Goldberg: But, you know, with coven everything else so that the vision of the networking group, which was founded.

00:46:15.510 --> 00:46:21.690 Michael Goldberg: In 2014 had always been to be a national organization ultimately a global organization.

00:46:22.260 --> 00:46:30.630 Michael Goldberg: But you know the whole Cogan thing just really just prompted that expedited that so we were already live and in person pre march 13. In fact, the last

00:46:30.930 --> 00:46:38.250 Michael Goldberg: T AMP G meeting in New York City was scheduled for March 18. That was the last one to be scheduled. And that was our first online meeting in fact

00:46:38.820 --> 00:46:41.670 Michael Goldberg: I returned, everybody's money than people that registered

00:46:42.150 --> 00:46:48.360 Michael Goldberg: Because they were. This is when all this was hitting it wasn't like, let's just have a zoom meeting with the world wasn't there yet like this just happened.

00:46:48.690 --> 00:46:54.450 Michael Goldberg: And we were supposed to be in New York City to do this march 18 thing that was 78 people registered. It was a big meeting and

00:46:54.690 --> 00:47:00.360 Michael Goldberg: Returned everybody's money and I said, let's do this online and all of a sudden it was just about everybody was there for free.

00:47:00.600 --> 00:47:12.210 Michael Goldberg: Online in tears because this, you know, still the whole coven thing nobody knew what was going on. That's when I knew that I really had something significant because it wasn't about networking now. And that was my family.

00:47:13.050 --> 00:47:22.920 Michael Goldberg: And I'm so emotional and caught up with it. So I just thought, Now is the time to replicate this nationally. So before we know it. It went from two we had New York City and Philadelphia.

00:47:23.160 --> 00:47:29.460 Michael Goldberg: To now eight now we're in eight different communities, and by the end of next year, we're going to be in 30 different communities around the country.

00:47:29.940 --> 00:47:41.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I love the vision. Keep the fire burning because we got to take a quick commercial break. We're going to be right back with Michael Goldberg knock out networking and the networking group talk about the message. Everyone needs to take away some have a more impactful Monday. Stay with us.

00:47:48.420 --> 00:47:49.590 Educate and

00:50:01.620 --> 00:50:11.250 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Hey there everyone, welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy. We're talking with Michael Goldberg, the founder of knockout networking, as well as the networking group.

00:50:11.550 --> 00:50:16.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're going to wrap things up today with a little bit of messaging. What should our listeners, be taking away from this

00:50:16.980 --> 00:50:26.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What insights, should they take away this weekend to have more impactful Monday. I mean, Michael, you know, I love everything that you do. And I love the way that you do it so

00:50:26.940 --> 00:50:32.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, put, put it on a nice bow for us, by the way, before I forget if you guys like listening to

00:50:32.910 --> 00:50:41.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): topics that are around the small and medium sized business arena. Stay with talk radio dot NYC. We have the entrepreneurial web with Jeremiah fox coming up at 12 noon.

00:50:42.240 --> 00:50:51.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But as we wrap this up. Michael, bring it home for us. You know what should people take away to make them more impactful Monday. How should they get out there and deploy some of your thoughts.

00:50:51.810 --> 00:51:01.320 Michael Goldberg: Well, it's like in the ring. It's just start they'll start throwing punches you know it's usually in the first round, you're a little anxious, you know, coaches are always let it go. Let it go start throwing punches and starting out, so

00:51:01.530 --> 00:51:04.890 Michael Goldberg: A lot of us just getting busy in the ring. But to give you something a bit more

00:51:05.760 --> 00:51:15.330 Michael Goldberg: Substantial I know one of the testimonials having I've been mentioned pragmatic I pride myself on pragmatic. So let me give you four step by step ideas that might be

00:51:15.960 --> 00:51:27.450 Michael Goldberg: pragmatic and useful for you is that most networkers think that it's, it's all about presenting yourself. It's all about the conversation that you're having in real time. I only think that's 25% of the picture.

00:51:28.020 --> 00:51:34.290 Michael Goldberg: Is that there's four phases of networking. So there's an extra 75% to this. There's your preparation.

00:51:35.010 --> 00:51:42.090 Michael Goldberg: Your presentation. Your follow up or follow through and your maintenance or staying in touch. Those are the four phases.

00:51:42.300 --> 00:51:56.130 Michael Goldberg: So preparation certainly that was preparation for for this podcast. When you're going to a meeting online or off. There's in my mind should be a level of preparation, who you meeting. Why, what are you saying what are you listening for how can you help. So it's really

00:51:57.090 --> 00:52:02.250 Michael Goldberg: You know, coming, coming out of meeting with that. So, for example, even online if I'm gonna have a zoom meeting.

00:52:02.670 --> 00:52:08.190 Michael Goldberg: Or a Skype meeting with somebody. I've already been on your LinkedIn profile. I've already looked to see what you're about what you're focused on

00:52:08.370 --> 00:52:16.860 Michael Goldberg: I've already been to your website and I have already got a notebook handy where I'm jotting down questions and they're not questions that can be answered on your LinkedIn or on your

00:52:17.130 --> 00:52:25.980 Michael Goldberg: Website there. I'm asking questions because I've done my research on your LinkedIn profile website so big deal. So it's doing your research and coming up with your

00:52:26.280 --> 00:52:36.510 Michael Goldberg: Preparation coming into the questions presentation is what you're saying and what's happening in real time. The questions that you ask what you're listening for how you're speaking about yourself.

00:52:36.810 --> 00:52:45.900 Michael Goldberg: And setting up that dialogue where there is a connection and it is back and forth. Then there's a part that most of us forget about and that's the follow up.

00:52:46.260 --> 00:52:47.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like what, how about you.

00:52:47.940 --> 00:52:55.740 Michael Goldberg: Yeah, the FAQ, as I like to say, you know, so not following up. And for those of you that don't see this is Superman. My favorite superhero

00:52:55.980 --> 00:53:04.830 Michael Goldberg: kryptonite takes down Superman. But, you know, not following up takes down yet working, what do you think about that, so not following up or not focusing on the FAQ

00:53:05.100 --> 00:53:14.520 Michael Goldberg: Is not allowing whatever connection, you might have made to take right and it does take time. Like for networking to take. You've got to give so give in terms of the follow up.

00:53:14.760 --> 00:53:17.880 Michael Goldberg: Or the follow through and then there's maintenance or staying in touch.

00:53:18.180 --> 00:53:26.850 Michael Goldberg: How are you going to stay in touch. Why are you going to stay in touch. What does that look like and how is it going to be a mutual benefit you know where it's a given take it's a light sparring.

00:53:27.060 --> 00:53:38.610 Michael Goldberg: If it's not a mutual benefit. It's going to be really hard to stay in touch. So think in terms of those four areas and what you might be doing to be really great at executing those four areas.

00:53:39.210 --> 00:53:48.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So preparation presentation follow up in maintenance. I love it as a plan. It reminds me of my fiduciary training along the way of organized formalized implement and monitor

00:53:48.570 --> 00:53:58.680 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Very similar thought process. It's just about having a plan. One thing that I always hear you say, and I love it and I kind of want to just get a quick thought on this before we go into my fun questions from earlier is

00:53:59.040 --> 00:54:01.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You. I always hear you say everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.

00:54:03.420 --> 00:54:09.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So how do you when you get hit in the mouth. You know, what are some of the little jabs that you throw in there for people really get them to rebound. Nice.

00:54:09.510 --> 00:54:16.410 Michael Goldberg: Yeah, well, I can't take credit the credit away from Mr. Mike Tyson, that's actually a mike tyson quo and everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

00:54:16.740 --> 00:54:21.750 Michael Goldberg: Right, so I use that because very often we punch ourselves in the mouth when we're on a podcast or

00:54:21.960 --> 00:54:30.360 Michael Goldberg: A webinar or training than that we just forget about all these things that we learned early great intentions that we have, we end up putting ourselves in the mouth, getting back into our calendar.

00:54:30.570 --> 00:54:36.390 Michael Goldberg: Getting back into our business and getting back into whatever we're doing so it just becomes kind of an apathy thing.

00:54:36.600 --> 00:54:41.220 Michael Goldberg: But I think in networking. One of the ways we punch ourselves in the mouth is that we don't follow up. We have a great meeting.

00:54:41.460 --> 00:54:51.990 Michael Goldberg: And we don't really know what to do. So what does that follow up look like. So if it's not like I think this guy is going to be a client, then it becomes a little bit confusing as to, you know, how and why we follow up.

00:54:52.320 --> 00:55:02.280 Michael Goldberg: But it's, there's got to be a great connection and it's got to be relevant, and in most cases relevant for both parties. So getting that follow up. Otherwise, on some level you are punching yourself in the mouth.

00:55:03.090 --> 00:55:09.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I couldn't agree more. We're getting short on time here, Michael. I'd like to thank you for, for joining us here today, awesome conversation.

00:55:09.810 --> 00:55:20.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It is all about the people get out there and make those connections. I do want to go to the three questions my magic questions I asked you. Who's your favorite movie or TV show character. What is your favorite movie or TV show.

00:55:20.760 --> 00:55:30.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And what is your favorite musical instrument and the artist who plays it so it goes through these quickly the immediate the original response I got was Ryan Begum from up in the air. If you guys remember George Clooney character.

00:55:31.590 --> 00:55:36.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Wasn't the the sexiest super imposing. Oh, it's hard to make anything you know with George Clooney not sexy. So

00:55:37.230 --> 00:55:41.460 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, Michael, you're pretty decent clue. I like, I like your face on some of the other answers you gave

00:55:41.790 --> 00:55:49.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This was one where I felt the need to interject a little bit. I do often think of Rocky Balboa when I'm on the phone with you and I meetings with you so

00:55:50.250 --> 00:55:57.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Do you want to ring that bell, you know, that's a thought was perfect. And I can't help but join some of my special guests. So that's me as Apollo Creed Jason, you're on the beach.

00:55:59.010 --> 00:56:10.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah. And then also, like we alluded to before. Fight Club is actually something that Michael has been doing as of late, I can't talk too much about it because you can't talk about Fight Club. But you know the the idea of Tyler Durden

00:56:10.560 --> 00:56:20.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Def definitely comes to mind for me when I think of Michael Yeah, it's, it's a lot of ways you personify some of these characters in the most politically correct way possible. I'd like to think

00:56:21.240 --> 00:56:29.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But Michaels favorite TV show that he he had given me originally with six feet under. So gone but not forgotten. That's definitely a good one.

00:56:30.090 --> 00:56:45.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You as a Michael C. Hall Fisher and what's his first name, I forgot, but uh yeah not not bad but nowhere near as good as the last couple ones. Michael did also bring up the show kingdom and alvey kulina trade, played by Frank Grillo is that it

00:56:45.120 --> 00:56:45.990 Michael Goldberg: I grow. Yeah.

00:56:46.380 --> 00:56:58.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, so I'm not familiar with this guy, but he looks pretty bad. As a former MMA fighter and Michael looks definitely bad as as as Frank Grillo LB Khalida so and the favorite instrument and artists to place it is none other than Mr.

00:56:59.160 --> 00:57:12.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Billy Joel. The Piano Man Playing the piano and that's way back in the day old school Billy Joe Joel You look pretty good man. A couple more. They're drinking in public. So there you go. That's what it looks like today. And there's me a new in the music video like that.

00:57:14.070 --> 00:57:30.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Little bit of information up there on knockout networking for you guys. Michael available for calls anytime 732-961-7678 plenty of social media outlets. You can find them everywhere and knock out networking, the networking group, Michael, thank you so much for being on the show.

00:57:31.440 --> 00:57:35.040 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): One last thing I wanted to share with you guys just coming up next week.

00:57:35.850 --> 00:57:41.130 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're going to be talking about producing timely and accurate results as a way of life, similar to some discussion today.

00:57:41.370 --> 00:57:45.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I don't like you know networking and money and you know income to be

00:57:45.840 --> 00:57:54.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A HAPPY ACCIDENT. I like it to be a little more success oriented and a little bit more planned as we were just discussing a lot of times I see happy accidents happen.

00:57:54.600 --> 00:58:04.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Although I do love Bob Ross. We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents. Next week, we're going to be talking to a CPA professional buddy of mine, Jordan Krantz senior manager at a depth as partners.

00:58:04.410 --> 00:58:09.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): At that this partners, LLC is a family owned and run accounting firm.

00:58:09.510 --> 00:58:16.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Very solutions based collaborative approach and solving problems they cultivate unique relationships to accommodate the specific needs.

00:58:16.350 --> 00:58:29.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Working to provide personal attention recognition and the respect that clients deserve until then. I'm Stephen Fry, this has been always Friday, I'm your SMB guy love the conversation again today, Michael, thank you for joining us.

00:58:29.580 --> 00:58:30.060 Michael Goldberg: Thank you.