Voices of Courage

Thursday, October 22, 2020

2020/10/22 - The Courage to Push Your Life Forward

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Push Your Life Forward

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder and lead formulator for JBK Wellness Labs, Regina Diann, Intuitive LifeWealth Strategist and international bestselling author, and Peter Shiao, the founder and CEO of Immortal, Inc. to discuss finding out how to ignite the courage to push our lives forward.

Segment 1

Ken asks his viewers if they’re confused about all the hype going on in the market today. He mentions how important it is not to let the overwhelming amount of negative media ruin your perspective. Keeping your mind positive helps us be empowered in our day to day life. Ken introduces his first guest, Dr. Jenelle Kim, the founder and lead formulator for JBK wellness labs. Ken first asks Dr. Kim about how she stays in her creative mindset, which she credits with being clear in her purpose. Ken asks Dr. Kim how someone can find themselves in today’s society. Dr. Kim stresses the importance of taking a moment to reground yourself and see the world more clearly. She then discusses the maintenance of one’s body and how forming habits can improve day to day life. Ken then asks Dr. Kim about her company Good Essentials, a line of personal care products created with her expertise in medicine. Specifically, she talks about the hand sanitizer she developed during the COVID-19 pandemic,, healthy for the skin. 

Segment 2

Ken introduces his next guest Peter Shiao the CEO and founder of Immortal Studios. Ken starts by asking why Peter founded Immortal Studio which prompts Peter to talk about being committed to storytelling specifically in the Martial arts film genre. Peter’s father was one of the most prolific martial arts actors during his time which was a constant source of inspiration to him. Peter goes on to talk about wanting to create a cinematic universe like the popular Marvel one with the films his studio makes. Peter talks about wanting to celebrate heroism and all the different colors and shapes it comes in through his films. Peter and Ken begin to talk about the benefits of deep meditation which some Shaolin masters use to breathe underwater for two hours. Peter mentions that people learning to harness their inner power has been a hige influence on his films.

Segment 3

Ken introduces his next guest Regina Diann, a life and wealth strategist. Regina begins by talking about the untimely death of her husband and how our lives can be derailed but how she is living proof that we can recreate our lives. Ken asks Regina how she overcomes some of the hardships of life and Regina talks about finding purpose in pain. She goes on to say pain is a huge help in her personal growth. She emphasizes the importance of a good mindset and guided action.

Segment 4

Ken asks Regina how she breaks through the barriers of fear. Regina brings up our fear of losing things and how our ability to receive is an abundance block. She mentions the importance of investing their wealth into growing abundance. Ken asks her what her message to the world is and Regina says it’s about being committed to the life you are living.