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Thursday, October 22, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/10/22 - A Kick To Leadership

Facebook Live Video from 2020/10/22 - A Kick To Leadership


2020/10/22 - A Kick To Leadership

[NEW EPISODE] A Kick To Leadership

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham introduces his guest, Brendan Doyle. Brendan is the senior vice president and head of soccer at US Sports Camps. Graham asks Brendan about his new role at US Sports Camps. He gives some history behind the company and expands on his involvement in the soccer department. This includes driving players to the camps and maintaining the camps themselves. Brendan then explains how the summer camps work in the US. Since he is an English man from Liverpool, summer camp is a new concept for Brendan. Brendan recalls his first experience at a summer camp in Manchester and the competitiveness of the industry. Graham asks Brendan why sports are important in a child's development. Brendan talks about what he enjoys about being an instructor at the sports camps. Brendan says the joy of the kids motivates him. His favorite aspect of it is the experience and life skills kids learn from the camps. 

Segment 2

Graham asks Brendan what going to a sports camp would have done for him as a child. Brendan says he “missed” out on the structure of a sports camp.  He says he would make his own sports camps with kids in the neighborhood. Graham then asks Brendan his opinion with the lack of involvement of teenagers in organized sports due to the technological age. Brendan says that lack of involvement is “very concerning”. Brendan talks about the stages a child goes through when they start organized sports and the importance of “losing graciously”. Graham and Brendan talk about the Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance”. Brendan makes connections to what he’s learned in coaching sports in order to create his new business. 

Segment 3

Brendan says his former job as a P.E teacher was not enough to pay the bills. He started coaching in the US and recruited players from London. He then talks about how his entrepreneurial journey got started. Graham asks Brendan how he turned his idea for a business into a 20 million dollar company. He says his growth as a person came from his coaching experience and his family. He reminisces  the importance of remembering every kid’s name in his group. He says it was very important to build personal relationships with the kids and their parents. Brendan says he still keeps in contact with former coaches. 

Segment 4

Graham asks Brendan about his involvement in the Women’s Soccer championship. Brendan says he used to also coach girls’ youth soccer. He challenged the girls the same way he challenged the boys. He goes into details about how the Women’s match came about in Miami and all of the talented womens’ teams he invited for a tournament. Brendan is still passionate about putting tournaments together, but he says it’s a very difficult job. “The club is no longer a club. It’s a brand.”, says Brendan. Graham asks Brendan how Brendan felt working in a “women’s game” during the Women’s championship. He praises the women for their teamwork and professionalism and help, overall.


00:00:27.000 --> 00:00:40.080 Graham Dobbin: Welcome to the mind behind leadership live on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbin and every week we look at leadership influence and how we can probably bring it to life.

00:00:41.520 --> 00:00:50.910 Graham Dobbin: See, when we talk about leadership. We've all got our own opinions of probably know more so than know when we've got an election coming up. It's right in front of us and people are talking about

00:00:51.180 --> 00:01:06.150 Graham Dobbin: Leaders in lots of different ways we bring it more to home. And what we do is explore the practical application. How is used daily and discuss with leaders from various backgrounds. Exactly how they've experienced that gain some insights and just talk about their journey.

00:01:07.200 --> 00:01:15.750 Graham Dobbin: Any regular listeners will know that we've normally got guests with a slightly unusual background and approach and tonight is no different.

00:01:16.050 --> 00:01:23.100 Graham Dobbin: I tonight's guest is Brendan Boyle know Brendan, I'm going to forewarn everybody's got a strange accent. He's originally from Liverpool.

00:01:23.580 --> 00:01:29.640 Graham Dobbin: I'm the one talking about accents. He's originally from Liverpool has been over in the US for over 20 years

00:01:29.910 --> 00:01:38.310 Graham Dobbin: And Brendan is is is got a new role is a senior vice president had a soccer at us sports camps and Nike sports camps.

00:01:38.670 --> 00:01:46.860 Graham Dobbin: And before that, he was a senior vice president of global soccer properties at relevant sports group. So why, why is that important. Well,

00:01:47.130 --> 00:02:00.450 Graham Dobbin: He had the responsibility for the women's international Champions Cup and also the international Champions Cup futures, which was under 14 boys and under 15 girls tournament before that.

00:02:00.900 --> 00:02:22.380 Graham Dobbin: This makes them sound really old, but he's not really before that he built a national business with them and seven regional sites I caught still soccer with over 90 staff and 400 seasonal stuff. So by a wide variety of experiences Brendan great too great to see you again.

00:02:23.160 --> 00:02:25.230 Brendan Doyle: Great to be here. Thanks for having me, Graham.

00:02:25.500 --> 00:02:27.540 Graham Dobbin: Okay, no. Watch that accent.

00:02:28.140 --> 00:02:28.620 Brendan Doyle: I will

00:02:29.370 --> 00:02:30.060 Graham Dobbin: Speak slowly.

00:02:30.450 --> 00:02:39.450 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, this is, this is really strange. We've got a Scotsman and an Englishman calling football, soccer, so I'm going to get into the swing of things tonight.

00:02:40.470 --> 00:02:49.650 Graham Dobbin: So talk to me about the new role that you've got, which is the senior vice president and head a socket at us sports camps and Nike sports camps. What does that involve

00:02:51.120 --> 00:02:53.310 Brendan Doyle: Well us sports camps are

00:02:54.360 --> 00:03:04.590 Brendan Doyle: The biggest provider of sports camps in the US and probably in the world, they have about 100,000 kids for summer on on camps all over the US.

00:03:05.730 --> 00:03:13.260 Brendan Doyle: So your sports camps has been around since the 70s. It was original originally tennis camps.

00:03:14.370 --> 00:03:23.850 Brendan Doyle: And then grow into all different sports divisions. So you can do everything from American football to real football or soccer.

00:03:24.090 --> 00:03:33.090 Brendan Doyle: Or running, you know, skiing, snowboarding, you name it, you can do a golf camps. So, a lot of them are on

00:03:34.170 --> 00:03:47.760 Brendan Doyle: university campuses, run by the college coaches and staff and and supported the functions of the camps are run by us sports come. So I'm very new to the position just started this week so

00:03:48.720 --> 00:03:56.190 Brendan Doyle: We're based over in San Francisco. So it's quite a commute for me at the moment from from the New York area so

00:03:56.430 --> 00:03:57.630 Graham Dobbin: Soup is not daily

00:03:58.020 --> 00:03:59.250 Brendan Doyle: Now not daily

00:03:59.430 --> 00:04:00.030 Thankfully,

00:04:01.260 --> 00:04:04.170 Graham Dobbin: So, what, what's your involvement going to be there. Brendan

00:04:05.340 --> 00:04:14.340 Brendan Doyle: I mean just had an open and grow in the soccer division, even more so I have a team at us sports camps and then we have

00:04:14.790 --> 00:04:27.480 Brendan Doyle: You know 100 plus partners of camp directors around the country college coaches youth soccer coaches who we work with to put on great camps in the summer. So it will be driving

00:04:27.870 --> 00:04:39.720 Brendan Doyle: Kids and players to the camps and then the actual function of the camps, making sure the camp is a top class and you know facility and program. When the kids get there.

00:04:40.410 --> 00:04:40.740 Um,

00:04:41.820 --> 00:04:49.020 Graham Dobbin: Some things just struck me because this isn't necessarily something that happens in the UK all the time kind of Soccer Camps and summer camps.

00:04:49.350 --> 00:05:00.690 Graham Dobbin: And I know we have a number of listeners in the UK and also Australia. Can you maybe just give a little bit of background, what what these are, what the camps are how the kind of facilitating what the structure is

00:05:01.170 --> 00:05:17.400 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I mean, summer camps are a big part of American culture and it was the reason I I first came to the US when I was a student back in the mid to late 80s. That's the 1980s, Graham.

00:05:18.660 --> 00:05:18.900 Brendan Doyle: And

00:05:19.110 --> 00:05:20.970 Graham Dobbin: We're in the same way will be a bread that I'm not

00:05:23.040 --> 00:05:30.540 Brendan Doyle: You know that. I mean, the kids are off school for 10 or 12 weeks in the summer here in the US. So they have to do something structured, it's

00:05:30.840 --> 00:05:45.000 Brendan Doyle: It's not like the days when I grow up and you grew up in the UK and we hunger out about for six weeks in the summer and play games and hung out with our friends, you know, the, it's a long time off school. It's very structured

00:05:45.870 --> 00:05:56.940 Brendan Doyle: Some parents traditionally would send their kids off to camp for 567 weeks before grabbing a family vacation in the summer holidays and it's also very popular.

00:05:57.540 --> 00:06:10.020 Brendan Doyle: For families to take their kids to a different camp each week and and that will be all kids from, you know, aged five years old to 14 maybe on day camps and then

00:06:10.980 --> 00:06:17.100 Brendan Doyle: Residential us Soccer Camps have about 50,000 kids on residential or sleep away comes

00:06:18.000 --> 00:06:24.570 Brendan Doyle: Every summer as well. So, you know, that's a huge part of what kids in the US, they want to do and it's also

00:06:25.020 --> 00:06:38.340 Brendan Doyle: Become more popular in the UK as well. So there are sports camps in the summertime in the UK. Now, whether it be soccer or other sports and you can send your kids off to residential camps as well so

00:06:39.510 --> 00:07:00.060 Brendan Doyle: You know I the first ever camp. I worked with was actually in England. Bobby Charlton Soccer Camps. Okay, University of Manchester back in the mid 80s. And so it has been going for a while and and it's become I think more prevalent in the UK, and I should imagine in Australia as well.

00:07:00.930 --> 00:07:08.130 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, essentially, I remember my kids were in the UK. We have a couple of summers we send them to Manchester City.

00:07:08.700 --> 00:07:21.360 Graham Dobbin: And summer camps, but that was kind of a day thing. It wasn't the residential that didn't seem to have kind of the, the importance and significance of of even youth development that this does no yeah yeah

00:07:22.410 --> 00:07:24.750 Brendan Doyle: You know it's it's big business and

00:07:25.830 --> 00:07:38.610 Brendan Doyle: I made some very competitive marketplace and you know you've year you're dealing with people's prized possession in their kids and you've got to make sure that it's a top top class event.

00:07:39.150 --> 00:07:48.810 Brendan Doyle: Through safety through the quality of the instruction and through the kids have informed you know at us sports camps, they call it serious phone

00:07:49.620 --> 00:07:59.490 Brendan Doyle: Around their camps, because they want the kids to develop. But in order to keep the kids involved and to keep one in the kids to come back then. Kids have got to have fun.

00:08:00.240 --> 00:08:04.980 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, I'm actually curious who is one of the questions have been asked to play sports important

00:08:06.000 --> 00:08:15.900 Graham Dobbin: I'm actually wondering more know is it, why is this important for the development of kids, what's, what's the significance on that you think you do the things you

00:08:16.140 --> 00:08:18.360 Brendan Doyle: Do you mean from a sports are life skills.

00:08:19.080 --> 00:08:22.140 Graham Dobbin: I'm actually thinking, probably more from life skills. Well,

00:08:22.560 --> 00:08:35.280 Brendan Doyle: No, I mean I think sports is huge. And I'm very passionate about it. I'm very passionate about and kids participate in it you know my own kids as well. I owned

00:08:35.700 --> 00:08:46.230 Brendan Doyle: A SOCCER business right through my kids childhood and you know my kids used to say, do we have to play soccer dad or can we don't go and play other things.

00:08:46.920 --> 00:08:54.780 Brendan Doyle: And me and my wife used to say we honestly don't care what you do, but you've got to do something you're not sitting around

00:08:55.080 --> 00:09:03.990 Brendan Doyle: Or just doing your schoolwork, because I think it's a big part it teaches them discipline, you know, they know, time management, when the

00:09:04.260 --> 00:09:12.750 Brendan Doyle: Doing a sport at the same time of school, whether it's a high school sport or or a club sport around sport. They learn teamwork.

00:09:13.080 --> 00:09:24.300 Brendan Doyle: And, you know, they learn, they can learn leadership skills from a very early age, they can learn management skills from a very early age building relationships within their teams.

00:09:24.990 --> 00:09:35.970 Brendan Doyle: As we said discipline and also the physical fitness aspect which you know I think later in life. We all realize how important that is healthy body healthy mind.

00:09:36.270 --> 00:09:45.420 Brendan Doyle: But it's the same for kids. They just don't realize it as much. But, you know, they kids feel great. After the play the game or they've had a tough training session and

00:09:45.690 --> 00:09:57.600 Brendan Doyle: They get back in the car and their parents, stop for ice cream and that type of thing on the back of of doing some physical activity for for an hour. So I think it's really good for kids.

00:09:58.500 --> 00:10:11.070 Graham Dobbin: And so I'm curious. Then when we talk about Soccer Camps it do you focus completely on soccer or American football. So is it completely that candidate that that sport and everything around it, or is it multi discipline.

00:10:12.450 --> 00:10:31.110 Brendan Doyle: Now it's you sign up for whatever sport you want to do so in some campuses. It might just be a camp, run by the soccer coach. So, you know, you go to Stanford University. It might be the tennis camp long by the tennis coach or The Places You'll Go there and it will be

00:10:32.340 --> 00:10:47.940 Brendan Doyle: Golf camp tennis camp and Soccer Camp, but the kids will go and pick one of the spots and will stay with that for the whole week whether it's a residential sleep over Campbell a day camp. It could be Monday through Friday or Monday through Thursday but

00:10:47.970 --> 00:10:54.330 Graham Dobbin: What do you enjoy about it. I can, I can hear the passion. I think I've really seen you so animated just talking about some

00:10:54.390 --> 00:10:54.720 Brendan Doyle: Yeah.

00:10:54.930 --> 00:10:57.060 Graham Dobbin: So what do you enjoy your boat with this.

00:10:57.240 --> 00:11:21.180 Brendan Doyle: No, I just feel that it's a really important thing for kids to pass participating in activity and, you know, over the years have been involved in camp. So from 1986 be in the first year I was involved in camps and 34 years ago, it just as the joy you see

00:11:23.310 --> 00:11:32.190 Brendan Doyle: Often kids turn up at camp on a Monday morning or Sunday afternoon for residential camp. And then verse, they don't want the parents to leave.

00:11:32.520 --> 00:11:37.170 Brendan Doyle: The parents are like, maybe we shouldn't leave the, you know, we'll come back and see him.

00:11:37.740 --> 00:11:43.860 Brendan Doyle: And we'd be like, no you kids you come and pick them up Thursday night Friday night, whatever it is.

00:11:44.160 --> 00:11:55.890 Brendan Doyle: Your kids will have the time of their life and they will not have been thinking of you all week. If you keep showing up and coming back to save their. Okay. They'll always be thinking about home and missing home.

00:11:56.190 --> 00:12:07.020 Brendan Doyle: And you see the kids at the end of the week you know meeting their parents and their siblings with the new 10 friends. The found who they keep in touch with especially nowadays with

00:12:07.290 --> 00:12:24.990 Brendan Doyle: With social media and I just think it's a really valuable thing. And, you know, for me, internally, seeing my kids go through that they went to sports camps. They traveled abroad on international tours, which is another thing that

00:12:25.560 --> 00:12:38.760 Brendan Doyle: Has been part of my business in the past, sending them off to a foreign country with a with a gang of American kids to play in the tournament is an unbelievable life changing experience for them so

00:12:39.600 --> 00:12:46.380 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I'm passionate about it. I love it. I love the sport aspect, but we are your sports camps, we do.

00:12:46.890 --> 00:13:06.060 Brendan Doyle: We have an Esports division as well. So you kids can go away and spend the week gaming in in debt on different games. And that's a big gap, you know, participation sport. Now, at the moment, and kids will go away on a residential camp for the weekend to to hone their gaming skills.

00:13:06.540 --> 00:13:21.360 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, and I've noticed some like professional soccer teams signing up and Esports players. Yep. Cool. But, you know, maybe a little bit old school. It says is that it's maybe just a little bit five. It's really interesting that how people are embracing

00:13:23.340 --> 00:13:27.780 Graham Dobbin: Sports as a spectator sport in any kind of form and once

00:13:28.320 --> 00:13:37.410 Graham Dobbin: I'm after the break, I'm gonna, we're going to take a break in a moment. After the break, it would be good to kind of explore what difference would that have made to your upbringing. Can I think in

00:13:37.740 --> 00:13:48.690 Graham Dobbin: Our upbringing as a problem very similar. I remember, you know, going out on a Saturday morning, eight o'clock with football under mom's not coming back till six o'clock at night, and that's just how it was. Yeah. Do not Saturday and Sunday.

00:13:49.230 --> 00:13:56.250 Graham Dobbin: But just understanding maybe what that would have brought to us and also explore a little bit on what kind of leadership skills are

00:13:56.730 --> 00:14:06.810 Graham Dobbin: What development, you see from some of the some of the younger adults or kids that are involved in it. Just how they develop and grow even over a short period of time.

00:14:07.110 --> 00:14:16.470 Graham Dobbin: You're listening to the mind behind the leadership. My name is Graham Dobbin we're speaking with Brandon Boyd Oil. Oil. Oil and we will be back right after these

00:16:34.590 --> 00:16:48.000 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership, we're speaking with Brendan dial and Brendan, we talked about Canada development of kids here in the US with with Soccer Camps what difference do you think it would have meet for you.

00:16:48.510 --> 00:16:56.970 Graham Dobbin: If you'd had that kind of facility. I'm assuming that you didn't have a facility. And when you were growing up, voted on for you.

00:16:58.200 --> 00:17:14.070 Brendan Doyle: I mean, I would personally loved it. You know, I spent my whole life in a in a sports camp or a gym at school. You know, I used to live for the days of PE classes and and games classes, going to school.

00:17:15.090 --> 00:17:25.170 Brendan Doyle: So I would love that. But never had the opportunity if the was the opportunity. My parents wouldn't have had the money to send me there if it cost any money so

00:17:26.820 --> 00:17:29.250 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, no, I, I definitely

00:17:30.270 --> 00:17:39.510 Brendan Doyle: missed out on that structured aspect. I mean, you know, the thing for us as kids though. And you said it, leaving the house with a ball and

00:17:40.200 --> 00:17:54.000 Brendan Doyle: eight in the morning coming back at six o'clock we, you know, I tell my own kids about this, you know, on the and the years of Olympic Games, we created our own Olympics in our housing estate kids of all ages like

00:17:54.660 --> 00:18:07.710 Brendan Doyle: In everything up to walking onto a podium and getting a gold, silver, or bronze medal and and my kids will I rarely who organized it, I was like, I don't know, we did and

00:18:07.950 --> 00:18:08.430 Graham Dobbin: Just take

00:18:08.760 --> 00:18:23.970 Brendan Doyle: Him from tennis to bike races to run in races and we did everything and enjoy in Wimbledon. It was always tennis and yeah we created our own sports camps, which were probably not as much fun as the

00:18:24.300 --> 00:18:36.810 Brendan Doyle: The camps. You see us sports camps on it camps and but but we had nothing to compare it with. And it was a great time and and that's definitely where where I got my competitive nature.

00:18:37.830 --> 00:18:40.380 Brendan Doyle: On a house in a state in Liverpool definitely

00:18:40.590 --> 00:18:51.570 Graham Dobbin: Know I'm very similar to hosting a state in Scotland exactly the same and kind of the same experience. And one day, you mentioned gaming before, and one of the things that there's regular we spoken about.

00:18:52.110 --> 00:19:05.040 Graham Dobbin: That here in different environments and maybe I should maybe more so in the UK is that kids are sitting in front of computers. Nowadays, the not the not being active the not getting out there and doing that.

00:19:06.930 --> 00:19:11.820 Graham Dobbin: Do you think there's a difference with the access to organized facilities.

00:19:13.050 --> 00:19:17.370 Graham Dobbin: What's your thoughts around that I'm a little less a little less kids that actually getting involved. No.

00:19:18.750 --> 00:19:36.570 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, there's definitely last kid to get involved. Now, I mean the if you look at any of the surveys and the studies, you know, the amount of kids that drop out of organized sport between the ages of 13 to 15 say maybe even 12 to 14 is

00:19:37.590 --> 00:19:41.940 Brendan Doyle: Is really, really high and very concerning and I think

00:19:43.050 --> 00:19:46.050 Brendan Doyle: It's a problem here in the US as well.

00:19:47.220 --> 00:20:02.130 Brendan Doyle: You know, the parents in the US, a very, very committed to getting their kids, you know, to different practices and and to play organized sports and, you know, I certainly as a parent here with my kids growing up.

00:20:03.030 --> 00:20:20.730 Brendan Doyle: In suburban New Jersey. You know, we spent 15 years of our life very in our kids around to games tournament's practices, all that type of things. My parents could not have done that with me. They were always at work and I'm never

00:20:22.290 --> 00:20:28.110 Brendan Doyle: You know, again, my own kids do not understand that my mother probably watched me play

00:20:28.620 --> 00:20:45.780 Brendan Doyle: soccer, football once in my life and you know I played for 10 years where I got paid lower level and she probably never saw me play probably saw me play once when I was a kid, but I never thought of it till later in life and I saw the structure over here, I think.

00:20:46.800 --> 00:21:00.600 Brendan Doyle: Back in the UK, in particular for elite athletes, there's good structured coaching. Now, especially in football soccer from from the clubs. But if you're not an elite athlete, which the majority of kids aren't

00:21:01.020 --> 00:21:10.470 Brendan Doyle: Then it's not as structured as it is in it is here in the US. And I think that is a really great opportunity. I think for a kid in the US.

00:21:10.770 --> 00:21:18.810 Brendan Doyle: Who plays soccer. For example, you can find the team at any level and they'll go out and get a good competitive game and it might have been

00:21:19.050 --> 00:21:35.820 Brendan Doyle: Six five and to watch it. It was painful, but the kids are still buzzing when they come off the field and they, in their minds. They're still picturing they were Cristiano Ronaldo when they ran down the line with the ball, which to me that that's what it's all about.

00:21:36.390 --> 00:21:46.020 Graham Dobbin: That this kind of an innocence. I suppose that's interesting. And there's an innocence as well. Younger about you go out to score more. It's all about success.

00:21:46.380 --> 00:21:54.540 Graham Dobbin: And again, it goes back. One of the things I found over the weekend. I've kind of got into American football, a little bit. I'm beginning to understand its tactical and

00:21:55.230 --> 00:22:04.350 Graham Dobbin: I enjoy kind of the strategy part of it. And then suddenly get 400 appreciated was that college football was was such high scoring. So it was a game at the weekend that was

00:22:05.730 --> 00:22:07.860 Graham Dobbin: And I'm sitting what what happened.

00:22:08.160 --> 00:22:10.050 Graham Dobbin: Yeah. And then someone explained to me.

00:22:10.140 --> 00:22:17.100 Graham Dobbin: In the bar. This is kind of what happens at college football is all offensive or all attacking, as we would say, yeah, um,

00:22:17.940 --> 00:22:32.040 Graham Dobbin: Do you see that you see that kind of that will fall. We want to play the game this way and we want to get involved that when this all kind of forward thinking at that age or does that be, do you see the development of kids when it begins to change. Yeah.

00:22:32.070 --> 00:22:42.990 Brendan Doyle: I mean again at the different levels. You definitely do. I mean, most kids will start playing in the US in local recreation leagues. At the age of five, six or seven

00:22:43.320 --> 00:22:52.860 Brendan Doyle: And many of them will be coed and they'll just be thrown on two teams do a bit of practicing and and play games and it's all about the phone and

00:22:53.070 --> 00:23:11.220 Brendan Doyle: Not counting who's warned or or lost and just cheering and and scoring goals. I think as the kids get older and get more serious and yeah they get more competitive and it hurts more to lose because the putting in so much more effort to win.

00:23:12.390 --> 00:23:20.010 Brendan Doyle: You know, and I think winning and losing is a good lesson. There's, there's no problem with getting beat

00:23:21.030 --> 00:23:31.200 Brendan Doyle: You've just got to be able to react to it. And when I was a coach on the field, you know, at the end of games here in the States. The kids will line up and shake hands.

00:23:31.560 --> 00:23:39.150 Brendan Doyle: And I used to say to the kids that used to be a big thing. If we lose. We're going to lose graciously and shake those hands.

00:23:39.450 --> 00:23:53.970 Brendan Doyle: You know it hurts. But that's the way it's got to be. And when we, when we will have the other side of it and hopefully the other team will do the same, because again that's an important life lesson you you get knocked down but you got to get back up and and get on with it.

00:23:54.420 --> 00:24:05.310 Graham Dobbin: Everything's temporarily successes temporary failures temporary yeah I am watching. And this way so seems a lot of people are actually watching the last dance again I've already watched it this year.

00:24:05.520 --> 00:24:19.020 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, kind of going through again because there's so many insights into one of the things that's happened for me is I didn't know the back stories. So I'm seeing it when I watched the first time I'm seeing all these games fresh I'm seeing the, the difference between the

00:24:20.070 --> 00:24:30.240 Graham Dobbin: At the Bulls and the pistons and that that rivalry. I'm when the bills beat the pistons, there was this big thing that the pistons walked off with folks shaking hands. Yeah.

00:24:30.330 --> 00:24:30.780 Brendan Doyle: That's right.

00:24:31.320 --> 00:24:41.010 Graham Dobbin: I'm even know this is kind of what 20 2025 years later. So like that, you're still, you're still having to explain why we did it. Yeah.

00:24:41.760 --> 00:24:51.240 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I mean, that's still shocking. I was shocked by that when I WATCHED THE LAST DANCE. And I, you know, being in the states in the mid 80s when I was in

00:24:51.780 --> 00:25:07.650 Brendan Doyle: University, and then I lived here like 8889 90 and then went back for a while. So I was here for some of that. But yeah, I didn't know the backstory like culturally and stuff like that was yeah was shocking to me.

00:25:08.070 --> 00:25:17.520 Graham Dobbin: So there's a huge link on a lot of times with spoken with with with two key people involved with sports but most of the time is our own business and I know you've got boards.

00:25:17.760 --> 00:25:31.020 Graham Dobbin: And I want to explore. We'll explore a little bit later about the business that you created here um what links. Do you Woody. What have you learned from sport that you took into business and the other way around.

00:25:33.450 --> 00:25:43.620 Brendan Doyle: Well, I think everything i think i think i've always managed and run businesses like I've run a team or coach to team.

00:25:45.300 --> 00:25:54.780 Brendan Doyle: You know, you, you can only do so much. You've got to empower your players, you've got to leave it to them. When the game's on you can give them some encouragement.

00:25:55.860 --> 00:26:13.350 Brendan Doyle: But, you know, as a coach, I would listen to coaches, you know, coaching the kid on the ball or whatever run down the wing now past nine now shoot you know that that kids not hearing or interpret in any of that you doing that for your own mental state on the sideline.

00:26:14.490 --> 00:26:25.710 Brendan Doyle: But, but I think yeah i i think on the from a coaching perspective. I was always very good at identifying talent and picking really good kids from my teams.

00:26:26.040 --> 00:26:32.310 Brendan Doyle: And I very much took that into business when I interview people for roles. I always think I

00:26:32.700 --> 00:26:45.510 Brendan Doyle: I picked really good people and they weren't necessarily the standout people, but I thought they're going to be really good on this team and they're going to be great to work with and they may not have this skill set yet.

00:26:45.930 --> 00:26:54.990 Brendan Doyle: But that's the least of my worries you know i'm i'm all about personality and how they'll build the relationships. They may never have sold a Soccer Camp.

00:26:55.290 --> 00:27:06.960 Brendan Doyle: But the actual selling beer is easy. If people are like them. So I would very much Peter pick likable people and then also people, you know, like from a team perspective, you can't pick

00:27:07.980 --> 00:27:20.850 Brendan Doyle: 10 center midfield as a goalkeeper because it just won't work, although at the highest level, like the quarterback in football. The center midfielders or the centre forward, maybe the most skilled players.

00:27:21.150 --> 00:27:39.600 Brendan Doyle: But you don't need the most skilled players in every possession. So I would also hire people who are good at things that I didn't want to do, or we're not very good at and bring them into the team that way. So I could empower them and and let them run with it. So I think

00:27:41.370 --> 00:27:49.080 Brendan Doyle: You know coaching is all about. Stop freeze paint the picture show them how to do it and then play again and I

00:27:49.380 --> 00:27:59.580 Brendan Doyle: I sort of managed and run a business like that, you know, freeze stop. We're not doing this right. Look at this guy. Look at this person. That's how you do it.

00:27:59.850 --> 00:28:11.610 Brendan Doyle: Or model it out yourself and let people see someone who's really good at it and then go and do it and let them do it Latin fail. Don't let them continuously fail. Don't let them.

00:28:12.360 --> 00:28:19.890 Brendan Doyle: Sink and drown. But Latin struggle in the water and then give them the tools to to make them better and make them stronger.

00:28:20.490 --> 00:28:32.010 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting because, again, I'm getting a little bit of an insight here because it's almost natural on on a sports field that you look at someone strengths play to the friends, give them that position.

00:28:32.370 --> 00:28:41.760 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, and and help them improve and improvements all about my all. A lot of it's about modeling yeah and greatest in business. A lot of it can be about theory.

00:28:42.180 --> 00:28:57.810 Graham Dobbin: Rather than practical application. Yeah. And you know what can so much with businesses at the moment about how to feel better how to feel quickly and comfortably and, you know, protect it. Yeah, I think so. Because if we don't feel we're not creative. We're not creative. We don't improve

00:28:59.370 --> 00:29:08.640 Graham Dobbin: I'm going to talk a little bit more about what the mindset came in to you how you decided that there was what the rest of the become an entrepreneur. Did you wake up one morning and just say,

00:29:08.850 --> 00:29:26.310 Graham Dobbin: This is me or what happened, how you built that business and also how you moved on kind kind of from being professional it football to be kind of solely in the business you're listening to the main grammar an intriguing discussion with Brendan Boyle this evening.

00:29:27.330 --> 00:29:35.700 Graham Dobbin: This is the mind behind leadership you listening to me grab job in real life from New York and talk radio dot NYC and we'll be right back after these messages.

00:29:39.960 --> 00:29:40.440 And my

00:32:03.690 --> 00:32:18.420 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership, we're speaking with Brendan Doyle, who is a Senior Vice President and head of soccer at us sports camp stroke Nike sports camps. I'm Brendan You mentioned down here. You were paid to kick a ball about

00:32:18.810 --> 00:32:19.170 Yeah.

00:32:20.820 --> 00:32:24.810 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I was lucky enough for 10 years

00:32:26.280 --> 00:32:36.300 Brendan Doyle: I I played at the lowest level where you get paid. So, you know, when people say you were a professional soccer player. I don't really like to say that

00:32:36.660 --> 00:32:48.180 Brendan Doyle: And because for 10 years I got paid for playing and if you wanted to watch me play. I don't know why that would have been, you would have had to pay to get in the stadium, but it was never

00:32:49.770 --> 00:32:59.700 Brendan Doyle: It was never enough to survive. So that's how I got into teaching and coaching because it was a great especially back home in the UK.

00:32:59.970 --> 00:33:11.190 Brendan Doyle: You could work as a PE teacher and you still have time to to practice and to travel in place. So I did that for a number of years and then did it in Spain as well for three years.

00:33:12.480 --> 00:33:17.400 Brendan Doyle: And during that time I had come over and started coaching in the US in the summers.

00:33:18.720 --> 00:33:30.060 Brendan Doyle: And kept recruiting staff in the UK and around your up and bringing them over to work for summer camps and then came back over to the states full time.

00:33:31.590 --> 00:33:47.610 Brendan Doyle: When we were starting to do the business full time, you know i i started a business with three friends who we knew from our university days and all have the same background Sports Science degrees failed professional soccer players.

00:33:48.870 --> 00:33:56.580 Brendan Doyle: And we're coaching and, you know, I'd like to say that we started the business with a business plan and a

00:33:57.180 --> 00:34:09.300 Brendan Doyle: An exit plan. But we started the business and with very little plan at all our big plan was we wanted to do it full time and give up teaching and coaching jobs so

00:34:09.780 --> 00:34:17.220 Brendan Doyle: Believe it or not, because we used to work every holiday and every weekend because if you're in coaching.

00:34:17.550 --> 00:34:27.660 Brendan Doyle: You know you're working as soon as the kids get out of school and the whole time. They're off. So every bank holiday you work in every summer holiday. So our idea of we

00:34:28.080 --> 00:34:37.710 Brendan Doyle: Run our own soccer business. We can work hard and then play golf every Monday morning when we used to go to schools teaching or coaching.

00:34:39.060 --> 00:34:53.610 Brendan Doyle: And that was our that was about as much of our business plan as as possible. And I think it lasted about one week and one round the Gulf and we're in the right place at the right time, when the game was really booming at the youth level.

00:34:54.930 --> 00:35:01.050 Brendan Doyle: And and we you know we literally started coaching ourselves and then decided

00:35:01.560 --> 00:35:16.110 Brendan Doyle: You know, the business is sort of we replicated the business year round on ours coaching. So every hour you coached you got paid by a soccer club or a group of parents or whatever. So, you know, from a business perspective, we were like,

00:35:17.130 --> 00:35:18.360 Brendan Doyle: We were better off.

00:35:19.620 --> 00:35:27.900 Brendan Doyle: Managing 1020 coaches each at the same hourly rate because it's not like we're world famous coaches and

00:35:28.860 --> 00:35:41.880 Brendan Doyle: So it just started like that, you know, and, and by the end of of UK elite soccer, you know, 20 odd years before we sold it, you know, we'd gone from one camp in New Jersey and no year round business to

00:35:42.990 --> 00:35:56.670 Brendan Doyle: $20 million in revenue nine regional offices, we worked in 32 states and dealt with 50,000 families a year had about 30,000 kids on summer camp every summer so

00:35:57.060 --> 00:36:11.100 Brendan Doyle: You know, we'd created a real business. None of us had any business experience at this at the start of it and but we were motivated to get it right and we were very motivated to earn a living out of it because

00:36:13.380 --> 00:36:17.340 Brendan Doyle: If we didn't, if we weren't successful, we would have been in deep trouble.

00:36:18.660 --> 00:36:23.550 Graham Dobbin: Um, I'm cute couple of things that you've raised their first of all, you were professional

00:36:24.000 --> 00:36:26.550 Graham Dobbin: My high regard I was induced by

00:36:27.090 --> 00:36:36.720 Graham Dobbin: By being promised tickets for first class games when I wasn't playing. So I think quite regard myself as professional because no money, two times, but I was right on the cusp.

00:36:36.870 --> 00:36:47.370 Graham Dobbin: Yeah. Good day. So you're absolutely there and I'm always curious this this kind of comes up a lot. This is something I think about you. You started a business.

00:36:48.390 --> 00:36:50.160 Graham Dobbin: off the back of this is what we want to do.

00:36:50.670 --> 00:37:01.380 Graham Dobbin: This is kind of life that we want to create and that's going out playing golf doing this and we're kinda good at this. So, so that's our passion. That's always a great place to start. You started without a plan.

00:37:02.010 --> 00:37:09.660 Graham Dobbin: And you ended up with a $20 million revenue business and I always wonder how people grow into those businesses, when

00:37:10.050 --> 00:37:19.950 Graham Dobbin: I suppose the big one where you'll get Jeff Bezos start no sad that he and his garage and now has billions of dollars. But how do you bridge those two things.

00:37:20.700 --> 00:37:28.350 Graham Dobbin: Even still, you start to some without a plan, no real business experience and all of a sudden you've got hundreds of people and

00:37:28.800 --> 00:37:41.340 Graham Dobbin: Europe, but you've also said, as you've now got the responsibility of the crown jewels of families. Yeah, which is probably even more important. How did all that come about, how do you see your development into that person.

00:37:43.110 --> 00:37:44.100 Brendan Doyle: I think it's

00:37:45.150 --> 00:37:58.320 Brendan Doyle: You know the teaching and coaching background debt definitely makes you look at things through the lens of the kids and the parents and, you know, we used to say on our Soccer Camps and it was a

00:37:59.040 --> 00:38:14.760 Brendan Doyle: Little thing and and I'd got it from coaching myself account by 1030 on the first morning of camp. You've got to know the name of every kid in your group right and you know you might have 12 or 14 kids in your group and

00:38:16.020 --> 00:38:23.220 Brendan Doyle: Know their name. So when the parents come to pick him up at the end of the day, even if it's a half day camp on Monday at one o'clock.

00:38:23.610 --> 00:38:30.510 Brendan Doyle: You're like, goodbye. Caitlin. See you tomorrow. Jimmy well played today and it. It's so

00:38:30.930 --> 00:38:43.680 Brendan Doyle: impactful on the parents thinking, how does that coach know everyone's name on the first day of camp and and then you can see how relax the parents are dropping their kids off into your

00:38:44.100 --> 00:38:51.180 Brendan Doyle: A custody. The next day and and then they start worrying about the quality of the soccer coaching.

00:38:51.480 --> 00:38:59.970 Brendan Doyle: They didn't worry about that. The first day because they were worried about their kids and the safety of the kids. So we used to be like, let's get the personal touch right

00:39:00.630 --> 00:39:07.890 Brendan Doyle: Let's leave all the coaches for a at the beginning of the mall and integrate the parents and the kids and chat and build those relationships.

00:39:08.160 --> 00:39:15.510 Brendan Doyle: And so that if you hit any road bumps during the camp week on Wednesday, Thursday, you have the trust of the parents to say

00:39:15.750 --> 00:39:30.510 Brendan Doyle: Well, you know, there's always going to be a problem here. You know, it's not your fault. It rained all day and we had to pick the kids up early, or whatever it might have been at the time and and we built that on yeah on relationships or that at the end of the week.

00:39:31.770 --> 00:39:43.740 Brendan Doyle: The kids would say to the parents. I want to come back next year and you know even year round coaching when I used to do professional development on our staff when they're working in soccer clubs.

00:39:44.310 --> 00:39:49.500 Brendan Doyle: I used to say the number one thing is the kid really wants to come to the next practice.

00:39:49.980 --> 00:40:04.020 Brendan Doyle: Because if they don't want to come back to practice. There's no development. Nope. The best coach in the world can make you better have your not the and you've got to want the kid to keep coming back. So that comes back to hiring personalities and

00:40:05.070 --> 00:40:10.890 Brendan Doyle: One of the best coaches I ever hired in the UK was a chef. When he came to interview.

00:40:11.670 --> 00:40:11.940 Graham Dobbin: And

00:40:12.330 --> 00:40:23.010 Brendan Doyle: He worked for us coaching for 12 years and he was a great player and but he was a chef and he done a couple of coaching badges, because he loved it. A couple of awards.

00:40:23.640 --> 00:40:32.130 Brendan Doyle: With the Football Association, but never done any sessions, and he said, an hour won't get picked, but I'd love to do this. And I was like,

00:40:32.790 --> 00:40:38.910 Brendan Doyle: Come out to the US for nine months, and you'll, you know, Coach, your socks off. Coach $1,000

00:40:39.570 --> 00:40:53.400 Brendan Doyle: And you love it and everyone will love you and and this guy was was unbelievable. And an all our stuff helped him because he was a chef and the guys who lived in a house with him. Got, got the chef to make meals, all the time.

00:40:54.600 --> 00:41:13.140 Brendan Doyle: Top Dog, but that again is just you saw something in the personality. How can they were how passionate and you know the rest of the stuff about organizing practices and and teaching techniques and skills will will come with experience so

00:41:14.580 --> 00:41:21.480 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting chefs on, you know, being kind of stereotyping chefs on renowned for the leadership of which

00:41:21.900 --> 00:41:22.590 Brendan Doyle: I know

00:41:24.030 --> 00:41:24.300 Graham Dobbin: So,

00:41:24.870 --> 00:41:26.610 Brendan Doyle: That's probably why I didn't make it this year.

00:41:29.040 --> 00:41:33.060 Graham Dobbin: I'm hearing that a lot of this as gut instinct on people. Yeah.

00:41:33.270 --> 00:41:34.170 Brendan Doyle: I think so.

00:41:35.610 --> 00:41:38.670 Brendan Doyle: Both sides relationships and clients as well.

00:41:40.170 --> 00:41:57.150 Brendan Doyle: You know, I, I've seen it. You know, I've gone in and done presentations for big clubs after big contracts and and just by the question in and the feel of the room. You can tell. I don't think we want this. This is going to be a nightmare. They're going to find problems in everything we do.

00:41:58.710 --> 00:42:08.430 Brendan Doyle: And and it's not going to be a good place to to build a partnership relationship, which was important in in when coaching and developing kids so

00:42:08.760 --> 00:42:26.670 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I think not only with staff but with clients as well, whereas all the clients, you can just see, you know, they, they're soaking up everything you say they're not picking holes in it. They understand and you think that this could be a great relationship for the next 10 years you know

00:42:27.180 --> 00:42:28.770 Graham Dobbin: It's a brief thing to do in business.

00:42:29.130 --> 00:42:35.430 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, to kind of go, I'm not sure this is going to work. And we've all been there, but probably taken on contracts that we shouldn't have done.

00:42:36.720 --> 00:42:37.080 Graham Dobbin: Yeah.

00:42:37.410 --> 00:42:39.300 Brendan Doyle: And especially when you're new in business.

00:42:39.330 --> 00:42:46.620 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I'm not saying we did that the beginning we definitely grabbed you know as many pieces of the pie that we could

00:42:46.920 --> 00:43:05.100 Brendan Doyle: And but as you grow and you get more into it and then you can be more choosy because you can you just get a feeling for what is going to work. And you want to be successful. And you don't want the constant hassle of of someone you know my there, and yet every single day.

00:43:05.520 --> 00:43:11.760 Graham Dobbin: So it sounds like you'd pass this on to your coaches as well. This is kind of our ethos. Yeah, this is how to approach it.

00:43:12.120 --> 00:43:15.690 Graham Dobbin: My guess is, you're also in contact with a lot of the coaches still

00:43:16.530 --> 00:43:25.380 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, I mean, we did it for 25 years so you know it's a you know the guys who first came out with those are in their 40s and

00:43:25.710 --> 00:43:32.520 Brendan Doyle: You know, I've because we gave them an opportunity here when the probably wasn't an opportunity back in your coaching.

00:43:32.940 --> 00:43:37.920 Brendan Doyle: A lot of them have gone on to do great things with some of the top clubs in the World Cup.

00:43:38.280 --> 00:43:56.310 Brendan Doyle: Chain and and it's great to have some of those contacts. Now when when I go back to the UK with with great clubs in great positions and and they will come out here and and coaching helpers it at different times when we need. So yeah, it's been a, it's been a real journey.

00:43:56.850 --> 00:43:58.650 Graham Dobbin: So does that mean you're good for tickets, then

00:43:59.520 --> 00:44:01.290 Brendan Doyle: I am always good for tickets

00:44:01.890 --> 00:44:03.630 Graham Dobbin: You've just become my favorite guest.

00:44:03.690 --> 00:44:04.020 Ever

00:44:06.660 --> 00:44:17.190 Graham Dobbin: Since the mind behind leadership we are speaking with Brendan. Brendan after the break, I want to really jump forward and and dig into what you were doing at the relevant sports group, especially around

00:44:17.760 --> 00:44:34.260 Graham Dobbin: The Women's international championship cup because I know how important that is. Especially here in the US is women's soccer you're listening to grim Dobbin with Brenda Doyle, the mind behind leadership. We're live from New York, and we'll be right back after these

00:44:39.810 --> 00:44:41.370 And when he

00:46:57.030 --> 00:47:04.320 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership and Brendan, and we're going to talk about something I know that that really important to you.

00:47:04.980 --> 00:47:12.960 Graham Dobbin: At the moment is was women's soccer and and being involved with the women's international Champions Cup. I've got to tell you

00:47:13.530 --> 00:47:20.340 Graham Dobbin: First me getting really into watching women's soccer was the last World Cup. I was absolutely riveted to it.

00:47:20.790 --> 00:47:27.780 Graham Dobbin: I find it fascinating and also my office was on Broadway. Don't at bowling green. So when there was a ticker tape parade, we were

00:47:28.050 --> 00:47:43.740 Graham Dobbin: On the ledge over the ticker was phenomenal watching just to support that women's soccer get which would never happen in the UK or not, they would never happen. It's a long way away yet happening, talk to. How did you get involved with that.

00:47:46.110 --> 00:47:58.920 Brendan Doyle: Well, we, we, I'd always been involved in in girls soccer on the youth side, you know, our, our business was 5050 boys and girls coming to our camps, our programs, whatever.

00:48:00.060 --> 00:48:06.090 Brendan Doyle: And my eldest child is a daughter, and she played and she played in college. She was a good

00:48:06.780 --> 00:48:17.310 Brendan Doyle: Good soccer player. So to me, what whatever we did with the boys on the boys side, we wanted to do it on the girls side. And when I went to

00:48:17.940 --> 00:48:28.560 Brendan Doyle: Relevant sports group in 2017 and they run the international champions cops are bringing the biggest clubs in the world over to North America.

00:48:28.950 --> 00:48:42.660 Brendan Doyle: For preseason games and to Asia as well. Singapore in China. And I went in with with the job to expand the year round platform. So I'd come from the youth space.

00:48:43.140 --> 00:48:55.890 Brendan Doyle: And so there was obviously something that could be done on the youth side, but the other obvious thing for me is they've never done a women's international Champions Cup and the dumb five years of demands and they had spoke about it.

00:48:57.150 --> 00:49:05.940 Brendan Doyle: But they had not someone in who could focus on it and push it. So, you know, we put this together. The first year our own relevant sports group.

00:49:06.390 --> 00:49:17.190 Brendan Doyle: Stephen Ross, who owns the Miami Dolphins, he said, let's do it down at hard rock Stadium in Miami. Let's do it around our men's game. So we had

00:49:17.730 --> 00:49:30.900 Brendan Doyle: A Manchester City playing by a Munich on a Saturday in August. And then we had Manchester United playing Real Madrid on a Tuesday. So our idea was, you know, lots of fans in Miami.

00:49:32.100 --> 00:49:42.060 Brendan Doyle: Let's get the top women's teams in the world. So we invited the champions in North America, North Carolina, courage, and then we invited the

00:49:42.660 --> 00:49:56.850 Brendan Doyle: Perennial Champions League champions from Europe who are Olympic Lee and A's so you know Olympic Lee on a very strong on the men's side, but they are the team on the women's side throughout the world so

00:49:57.180 --> 00:50:06.180 Brendan Doyle: We invited them. We invited Manchester City or the strong team and we invited Paris Sangean man and we brought them into Miami and played a

00:50:06.540 --> 00:50:25.980 Brendan Doyle: Like a doubleheader tournament semi finals on the Thursday. And then the final and the play the game playoff game on the on the Sunday in hard rock stadium we treated the women just like we treated the man top class facilities top class hotels and

00:50:27.480 --> 00:50:29.970 Brendan Doyle: And they loved it, you know, even

00:50:31.050 --> 00:50:44.370 Brendan Doyle: FIFA got in touch with us. And there's two women's executives that had a women's football at FIFA emailed me and said, Have heard what you're doing in Miami, could we come and watch the games. And I was like, of course, your code. We'd love

00:50:44.520 --> 00:50:45.000 Graham Dobbin: To hear them.

00:50:46.110 --> 00:51:03.480 Brendan Doyle: Stick. So we invited them and they came and spent the weekend and watch the games and everyone from the women's team said we could have done with a bigger crowd. Obviously we set it up last minute and you know it's in hard rock stadium. I think it's a 67,000 seater stadium.

00:51:04.590 --> 00:51:14.790 Brendan Doyle: So it wasn't the best place to do it, but everyone loved the idea. So that was 2018 and 2019

00:51:16.140 --> 00:51:27.150 Brendan Doyle: You know we made it more competitive, where you have to qualify. So the winners of the North American the NWS League was North Carolina courage again.

00:51:27.660 --> 00:51:45.720 Brendan Doyle: Champions League winners and the reigning champions are actually the first year, North Carolina, courage, I didn't tell you that they beat Olympic Leon, which was a big upset in the final one, zero. So, North Carolina, courage, where our reigning champions and champions of the NW USL

00:51:47.130 --> 00:51:52.170 Brendan Doyle: Olympic Lyonnais won the Champions League again and then we invited

00:51:53.730 --> 00:52:00.930 Brendan Doyle: Atletico Madrid here with the champions of Spain and Manchester City again and we did it slightly different this time.

00:52:01.230 --> 00:52:12.330 Brendan Doyle: We partnered with North Carolina courage and they hosted the whole tournament in the stadium. So they have a beautiful 10,000 seater stadium in Raleigh, North Carolina.

00:52:12.750 --> 00:52:25.650 Brendan Doyle: And we got about 8000 people for the first round of games and we fill the stadium 10,000 with the second games were on ESPN. Great, great viewing figures on TV.

00:52:26.940 --> 00:52:35.310 Brendan Doyle: This year it was the same final as the year before, but North Carolina got beat by Olympic Lee and A's and in front of the home crowd.

00:52:36.390 --> 00:52:47.640 Brendan Doyle: But great level of soccer. It was just following on from the Women's World Cup and we had 44 players who've been in the Women's World Cup in our tournament throughout the four teams phenomenal.

00:52:48.120 --> 00:53:04.260 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, because the the teams in each country don't go as deep as the man's so the to the top World Cup players aren't shared across as many teams. So even within for the top teams in the world. We scooped up, you know, heading down to 50

00:53:05.130 --> 00:53:15.090 Brendan Doyle: Of the players who played in the World Cup. So again, that was a huge success and then yeah 2020 we were all sat, we were partnered with Portland do

00:53:16.080 --> 00:53:31.710 Brendan Doyle: The best place for women's soccer in the US, they fill the stadium 15 20,000 for every game, and we had North Carolina courage coming in. And then we had Olympic Lee and A's and Barcelona common across this year and then pandemic it

00:53:32.910 --> 00:53:36.480 Graham Dobbin: Should a comeback. Is this some something you're still passionate being involved with

00:53:37.050 --> 00:53:39.450 Brendan Doyle: Well, I am but I'm not working there anymore.

00:53:39.600 --> 00:53:41.010 Graham Dobbin: I know that I'm just thinking

00:53:43.080 --> 00:53:54.450 Brendan Doyle: You know, for the live sporting events, a company like that, that just deals in live sporting events. There's literally been nothing around the world. Hopefully in 2021

00:53:54.780 --> 00:54:12.030 Brendan Doyle: But I don't know whether anyone had put any money on it. At this stage, so it's it's been a very difficult industry and and and that's why I'm not there anymore, so hopefully it will come back and you know both that and the youth tournament that I started up and develop the

00:54:13.440 --> 00:54:27.930 Brendan Doyle: We're both very successful and and and people around you know involved in the games that they were world class event. So yeah, I'm very passionate about both of those. And I'd love to help in any way I can from where I'm at, at the moment.

00:54:29.430 --> 00:54:36.150 Brendan Doyle: But yeah, I think it's important. The Women's game is growing and and you mentioned here that it's huge. But it's actually

00:54:36.870 --> 00:54:46.590 Brendan Doyle: Really good leagues now professional leagues in in in England in Spain in Germany and in France, very, very strong teams and

00:54:46.980 --> 00:54:57.570 Brendan Doyle: And the big turning point has been the big professional clubs on the men's side finally putting money into it because they realize that

00:54:58.050 --> 00:55:05.640 Brendan Doyle: The club is no longer a club. It's a brand and to be a true brand in sport. If there's women's professional game.

00:55:06.060 --> 00:55:20.280 Brendan Doyle: They need a women's professional team and man united and Real Madrid came into it later than most. And then now in the second seasons, both of them play in because they realize that they need to be involved with

00:55:20.400 --> 00:55:26.700 Graham Dobbin: We've only got a couple of minutes left. I want to ask you this question. And the reason why it's actually, the question is, I asked, we this is kind of question that

00:55:27.630 --> 00:55:37.740 Graham Dobbin: Comes up when I've got female guests is how did it, you know, working in a man's world because that's how it still seem how's it. What's it like being a man and a Women's World because I know that you can

00:55:38.040 --> 00:55:45.150 Graham Dobbin: You, you were the outlier, and a number of places we've only got a couple of minutes left. But can you just give us some concise idea what it was like.

00:55:45.450 --> 00:55:57.510 Brendan Doyle: Yeah, no I it was great. It was great. And there's plenty of men in the women's game obviously not on the field, apart from the coaches, but you know some of the top, you know,

00:55:58.410 --> 00:56:07.230 Brendan Doyle: Coaches Paul Riley is the coach in the North Carolina courage and probably the most successful club coach here is from Liverpool. He's from my hometown, so

00:56:08.370 --> 00:56:16.800 Brendan Doyle: You know there are men involved, but the women are so professional women soccer players are a joy to deal with.

00:56:17.160 --> 00:56:34.470 Brendan Doyle: They know that their sport is on the cusp of something great. And they could not work hard and they do to push the name of women's sport and to help in any way they can you know interviews TV helping get tickets sold content social media.

00:56:35.610 --> 00:56:53.190 Graham Dobbin: We could talk generally we could talk all night. I have been absolutely fascinating. Thank you for the insight, we've run out of time has gone Brendan Boyle. I thank you very much for joining us on my language. Join us again next Thursday at 7pm live and talk radio dot NYC. Good night.

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