The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, October 19, 2020

2020/10/19 - Order - Disorder - Reorder Part 2

[NEW EPISODE] Order - Disorder - Reorder Part 2

God is a God of Order - -As there is a natural progression for the development of our mind, so is there a natural progression/flow of our soul.

Do we participate? What might be in our way? We'll discuss this and more on part 2 of this topic!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr.  GeorgeAnn welcomes her listeners.  Next week she’ll have a guest who is affiliated to a men’s consciousness group. Dr.  GeorgeAnn further discusses disorder and change and how the ego responds to it.  We as humans generally look to control the disorder and pretend everything is good but that is not life and there are further challenges. She reads a poem from her cousin which dives further into this concept.  As a recap God is a God of order and as we partake in this alignment of soul we have a natural order we grow with but also a combined growth process which is a development of our soul.  In closing we are called to challenge ourselves to go beyond the limits of the mind.  We are the master of our own thoughts and we first have to see what we are thinking before we can change them, grow them and go beyond the limits.  


Segment 2

Dr.  GeorgAnn opens up talking about the concept of mindfulness and how we cannot take charge of someone else’s thoughts and we are called to know ourselves and how we react to that.  Going from there we can change and grow our behaviors to be more in touch with ourselves and each other.  We further need to be in touch with a higher power to grow into that and if we feel we don’t need it we are operating in life with half of ourselves.   GeorgeAnn further discusses how Jesus asked us to follow him, not worship in, and that it is important to follow to come in control of our thoughts.  Moving on to disorder God gave us free will and free thought and if we don’t look at what we are thinking and feeling we are living someone else’s thoughts/feelings.  In recap, first order is not wrong but it is limited.


Segment 3

GeorgeAnn opens up this segment talking about how we usually avoid being uncomfortable but God is interested in the development of our soul.  The situations that enter our life we don’t necessarily have the skill set we were taught growing up and this is usually when we begin to pray.  In disorder, disorder is shaking up the order we believe in, which we can’t not fully rely on as it will let us down.  God is desiring for each of us to awaken to God’s DNA and that the spiritual DNA can be activated in ourselves as God is part of all of us.   With God as the creator we are all one and part of this one body as God looks to integrate humanity with the divinity.  


Segment 4

GeorgeAnn begins this segment reading and discussing the parable of the wedding banquet from the Gospel of Matthew.  In further interpretation of the passage that all of us are invited but at first we don’t have the willingness to accept the invitation but we need to be willing to partake in the invitation and God has to see our relationship with God and willingness to make a difference in our lives and in others.  So in re-order we need to define the God within us and that lives in us.  In closing our freedom is free from the prison of our own illusions and that God loves us unconditionally so that we can learn ourselves and to one another.  


00:00:53.910 --> 00:00:54.840 Georgeann Dau: Hi, good evening.

00:00:55.920 --> 00:00:59.700 Georgeann Dau: I'm Dr. Georgia and well thank you for joining me tonight.

00:01:00.960 --> 00:01:06.150 Georgeann Dau: We're going to spend time again in my series a journey through

00:01:07.650 --> 00:01:08.130 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:01:09.540 --> 00:01:11.130 Georgeann Dau: Why are we taking this journey.

00:01:14.160 --> 00:01:15.330 Georgeann Dau: We really don't have to

00:01:17.550 --> 00:01:33.210 Georgeann Dau: But those of you that are interested in taking this journey. It is quite wise for many, many reasons. And not only did Jesus talk about a 2000 years ago, but it makes an incredible difference

00:01:34.500 --> 00:01:38.340 Georgeann Dau: When we do grow through different stages of our soul journey.

00:01:39.450 --> 00:01:53.010 Georgeann Dau: As a journey through into developing a higher state of consciousness or when we don't. By the way, I know it's a little early for Halloween. But I'm trying out this costume as a tomato.

00:01:55.950 --> 00:01:56.940 Georgeann Dau: It's a little bright

00:01:58.530 --> 00:02:01.980 Georgeann Dau: For those of you that can see me I'm there. Any chance

00:02:03.270 --> 00:02:08.190 Georgeann Dau: I am I had a I had a vaccine.

00:02:09.360 --> 00:02:18.810 Georgeann Dau: Today, so my arm feels like somebody hit it with a club and I feel a little strange, but I'm good. So it's good to be here with all of you.

00:02:19.950 --> 00:02:20.460 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:02:22.860 --> 00:02:23.790 Georgeann Dau: That being said,

00:02:27.450 --> 00:02:34.590 Georgeann Dau: We look at all these pieces, and I wish I knew who has been following me all the all along.

00:02:35.820 --> 00:02:39.720 Georgeann Dau: So why would feel a little bit more settled.

00:02:41.760 --> 00:02:43.350 Georgeann Dau: And, you know, picking up

00:02:44.850 --> 00:02:54.060 Georgeann Dau: where I left off, which I'm going to do and not going to spend time because I did that last week and ran out of time, by the way. Next week, we're going to have

00:02:56.130 --> 00:03:00.990 Georgeann Dau: A very lovely holy man who is very dear to my heart.

00:03:02.340 --> 00:03:18.300 Georgeann Dau: And he's going to talk about a men's consciousness group that he is affiliated with. And then we have a couple of guests, the following weeks after that. And then we'll come back to looking at more of this. But it's all related

00:03:20.610 --> 00:03:29.430 Georgeann Dau: So it's not that we're looking at all of this because there is anything wrong is anything wrong with any of you any of us.

00:03:31.650 --> 00:03:48.480 Georgeann Dau: We're all slightly dysfunctional. It's part of its part of being human. The only differences, those of us that know it, and those of us that most of us that know it by not defending against it. And if you're not defending against it, it means that your life is already better

00:03:50.940 --> 00:03:51.450 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:03:54.600 --> 00:03:55.980 Georgeann Dau: The ego believes

00:03:57.420 --> 00:04:23.490 Georgeann Dau: That disorder or change we're going to just run run over real quick disorder or change is always to be avoided. Right. So we hunker down and pretend that our order which we looked at the first mechanical part of ourselves that we create. Enter uterine to age seven

00:04:24.990 --> 00:04:36.000 Georgeann Dau: And it's not that we are consciously creating it creating the part of ourselves. It gets created by what we are living amidst, whether it be the wall.

00:04:37.050 --> 00:04:38.970 Georgeann Dau: Or then our habitat.

00:04:40.200 --> 00:04:48.240 Georgeann Dau: What we're brought up around where we are, who were around and what the influence of all of that was on us.

00:04:50.160 --> 00:04:50.610 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:04:52.800 --> 00:05:05.550 Georgeann Dau: We look to control the disorder and pretend that everything is really good. As long as it is in, in accordance with

00:05:06.690 --> 00:05:09.060 Georgeann Dau: Our truth so

00:05:10.320 --> 00:05:13.200 Georgeann Dau: Everything is good. Everybody's fine.

00:05:16.290 --> 00:05:27.450 Georgeann Dau: And as long as you're living in accordance with my beliefs. Then we have no challenge we have no issue, but that is not life as we know it.

00:05:28.500 --> 00:05:37.920 Georgeann Dau: So before I move on, I would like to read to you a poem that my cousin wrote and I have very small family.

00:05:38.580 --> 00:05:52.470 Georgeann Dau: I have two cousins and I'm very close with that I love and adore. I think I mentioned that I'm the youngest of my family. I have a sister seven years older. And this is written by my cousin pronounce was a very, very

00:05:53.520 --> 00:06:04.470 Georgeann Dau: Well known botanical artist. And I have another cousin canal, your sisters. That is an unbelievable, author of many books.

00:06:05.610 --> 00:06:10.080 Georgeann Dau: So she wrote this Olivia, and it's the real from the Unreal.

00:06:11.490 --> 00:06:27.450 Georgeann Dau: The unreal that surrounds my day woes me and beckons me to play a game that traps me in actions debt, make believe that causes me to forget a type of make believe

00:06:29.160 --> 00:06:35.190 Georgeann Dau: That life is to know God and a chance to be perfect yet.

00:06:36.570 --> 00:06:41.580 Georgeann Dau: All that be the truth mind stuff is the invader.

00:06:42.840 --> 00:06:44.520 Georgeann Dau: And creator of the Unreal.

00:06:46.020 --> 00:06:56.430 Georgeann Dau: This human life is a chance to say that, ultimately, the real goal of the soul is to rise above illusion and confusion.

00:06:57.300 --> 00:07:14.970 Georgeann Dau: The mass. The task is to unmask and break the seal of the Unreal to become one with the real and I love that. I think it's really beautiful. Thank you, cousin, if you're listening, really, really special.

00:07:16.860 --> 00:07:17.430 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:07:18.570 --> 00:07:28.080 Georgeann Dau: So we're not looking at this and we're not looking to do any type of inner work or consciousness work because there's something wrong with us. That's not it.

00:07:29.700 --> 00:07:32.700 Georgeann Dau: We're not looking to add anything to us.

00:07:34.170 --> 00:07:55.650 Georgeann Dau: We all have enough information. We really don't need any more information. What I'm looking to do is to recognize help help all of us recognize that we need to scrape away if I'm a for lack of a not so fashionable term a away the crud.

00:07:56.790 --> 00:07:57.960 Georgeann Dau: The inauthentic.

00:07:59.010 --> 00:08:01.800 Georgeann Dau: For there to be revealed.

00:08:03.150 --> 00:08:07.860 Georgeann Dau: The true authenticity that lives in each of us.

00:08:10.050 --> 00:08:20.220 Georgeann Dau: So to recap real quick. God is a God of order. And as we partake in this alignment of soul.

00:08:21.780 --> 00:08:28.470 Georgeann Dau: We have a natural progression of psychological order that we grow with, but we are also

00:08:30.390 --> 00:08:34.140 Georgeann Dau: Having a natural growth process.

00:08:35.490 --> 00:08:51.510 Georgeann Dau: That we need to partake with that is the development of our soul know we're connected to nature. The Christ or one. What a time of year for those living in the Northeast change of season. You see the leaves dying.

00:08:52.620 --> 00:08:59.910 Georgeann Dau: And in the spring, they will grow again, they will rise again. And so it is with us every time we

00:09:01.080 --> 00:09:21.090 Georgeann Dau: Scrape away or peel back some like that that metaphor of the onion to peel back the layers inside is more of the core of the truth of who we are. So it's not that we're looking to add anything here we're looking to

00:09:23.220 --> 00:09:27.030 Georgeann Dau: Peel Away that which isn't ours.

00:09:28.650 --> 00:09:39.840 Georgeann Dau: To reveal the truth of who we are. Now, why isn't it ours. It isn't ours, because we didn't choose it. We created a mechanical self.

00:09:40.470 --> 00:10:02.190 Georgeann Dau: As a way to fit in the to the environment that we were brought up around why because we come from love. We come from God. And we wanted to fit in. We want to be known. We want to fit in. We want to feel loved. We want to feel what authentic.

00:10:03.210 --> 00:10:04.500 Georgeann Dau: We want to

00:10:06.660 --> 00:10:07.470 Georgeann Dau: feel loved.

00:10:09.030 --> 00:10:21.270 Georgeann Dau: And growing up. If we didn't feel that way in whatever was going on. Most of the time that happens with siblings and when our parents are trying to teach us.

00:10:22.560 --> 00:10:35.010 Georgeann Dau: Many times they will criticize us. In the meantime, I'm not meaning to go criticism you to them. Um, but whatever they were brought up around, they will parent us that way. So,

00:10:36.480 --> 00:10:40.800 Georgeann Dau: That being said, we look to quote fitted

00:10:42.720 --> 00:10:46.260 Georgeann Dau: So we are looking to

00:10:48.060 --> 00:11:07.920 Georgeann Dau: Feel that way continually through our adult life. It doesn't happen. So God and the invites us into meta no idea which means to turn around, or to change our minds, we began our program with four weeks ago, five weeks ago with

00:11:09.090 --> 00:11:11.580 Georgeann Dau: That God relayed to me.

00:11:13.110 --> 00:11:27.390 Georgeann Dau: Going beyond the limits of the mind go beyond the limits of our mind. And that's what we're called to do that. We are bigger and greater than our mind. We are not our mind just like we're not our feelings.

00:11:27.780 --> 00:11:36.150 Georgeann Dau: We cannot identify ourselves with that we have thoughts and we have feelings, but they do not define us

00:11:37.140 --> 00:11:57.690 Georgeann Dau: Okay, so we're called to walk in alignment with God and oftentimes that doesn't happen. So when we don't follow we missed the mark. And we know from the original Greek texts that the term sin means missing the more

00:11:59.220 --> 00:12:02.100 Georgeann Dau: And we create for ourselves here.

00:12:03.480 --> 00:12:19.050 Georgeann Dau: Um, God doesn't do that God doesn't create suffering or any of that we do, we do by our choosing in ways that are not out of love that do not serve us and therefore

00:12:20.460 --> 00:12:21.150 Georgeann Dau: One another.

00:12:22.860 --> 00:12:25.410 Georgeann Dau: We are the master of our thoughts.

00:12:26.610 --> 00:12:28.560 Georgeann Dau: We are the master of our thoughts.

00:12:30.600 --> 00:12:31.770 Georgeann Dau: Do we know what we think

00:12:34.110 --> 00:12:35.940 Georgeann Dau: Can we observe our thoughts.

00:12:38.010 --> 00:12:45.930 Georgeann Dau: The voice in the back of our head. The one that says what voice do we observe our thoughts. Do we know what we're thinking

00:12:48.360 --> 00:12:50.850 Georgeann Dau: We are a master of our thoughts.

00:12:52.350 --> 00:13:02.610 Georgeann Dau: Not we're not a master of controlling other people, but we are in charge of our thoughts or not, we first have to see.

00:13:03.900 --> 00:13:22.260 Georgeann Dau: What would they do before we can take charge of them and change them grow them bring them to prayer, have them expand go beyond the limits of the mind to a deeper place of truth universal truth.

00:13:23.760 --> 00:13:39.960 Georgeann Dau: collective consciousness because we are not doing this work, just for us. We're doing it for one another. I do it for you. You do it for me. We do it for one another because we are all connected. We're all one

00:13:41.550 --> 00:13:47.700 Georgeann Dau: And certainly in these times, we need to get a grasp on that with all of the hate going on in the world.

00:13:49.770 --> 00:13:57.540 Georgeann Dau: Because going to take a break in about 20 seconds. Thank you for joining me. I'll see when I'm in a couple of minutes you're right back.

00:16:14.220 --> 00:16:21.360 Georgeann Dau: Hi, welcome back. So we're not the master of anyone else's thoughts, but we are the master of our own.

00:16:22.410 --> 00:16:26.340 Georgeann Dau: And this is a very important piece. Many people call it mindfulness

00:16:27.480 --> 00:16:28.740 Georgeann Dau: We also

00:16:29.760 --> 00:16:35.220 Georgeann Dau: Are responsible for how we react to another.

00:16:37.350 --> 00:16:38.520 Georgeann Dau: So we cannot

00:16:40.260 --> 00:17:03.810 Georgeann Dau: Take charge of someone else and have them show up in a way that fits us, which is what the small minds of the ego does. We are called to know ourselves know what quote triggers us what we don't like how we react to that and grow through that and change our behaviors.

00:17:05.460 --> 00:17:16.470 Georgeann Dau: So that we are much more whole and much more in touch with yourselves and one another when we think that we have all of this together and we can do it on our own.

00:17:16.980 --> 00:17:39.930 Georgeann Dau: We are great. We are greatly mistaken, because if we think that we're not in the need of higher power. We are really out of touch, in many ways, because we do need our higher power. Why, because that's part of us. That's our true self.

00:17:41.160 --> 00:17:44.280 Georgeann Dau: That lives in us. And if we are not

00:17:45.570 --> 00:17:54.270 Georgeann Dau: Growing into that, then we are stagnating, and if we are not growing into that and if we feel that we don't need that.

00:17:55.200 --> 00:18:09.480 Georgeann Dau: Then we're operating in life with only half of ourselves. And generally, it's not even our whole self and Scripture tells us this in john 15 Jesus says,

00:18:09.930 --> 00:18:18.480 Georgeann Dau: I am the vine. I am the true vine and my father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in Me that bears no fruit.

00:18:18.960 --> 00:18:43.650 Georgeann Dau: Well, every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful remain in me growing me. So I also will remain in you know branch can bear fruit, by itself, it must remain on the vine, neither can you bear fruit, unless you remain in me.

00:18:46.770 --> 00:18:47.220 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:18:48.780 --> 00:19:10.200 Georgeann Dau: Remember at the beginning of the show. I said, For I use the word of Jesus. You can use the word whatever you want higher power, you know, for me, my relationship is certainly with with with Jesus, but God calls us to relationship. And by the way, God will call each of us uniquely

00:19:11.520 --> 00:19:17.640 Georgeann Dau: Will call each of us uniquely so God calls me differently than God calls you, God calls

00:19:18.930 --> 00:19:26.280 Georgeann Dau: Your family member differently than God calls you, God meets each of us where we are, depending on who we are.

00:19:27.540 --> 00:19:39.780 Georgeann Dau: So in pride, we lose perspective and we lose alignment. The natural alignment with the universal order and I said last week.

00:19:40.230 --> 00:19:55.350 Georgeann Dau: Um, if we were to look at nature because we are part of that universal order. It would be like a rose. I'm saying I don't need this soil to grow. I can uproot myself and go in this cement and grow.

00:19:56.370 --> 00:19:58.020 Georgeann Dau: We know that that's not happening.

00:19:59.490 --> 00:20:04.770 Georgeann Dau: So Jesus told us in the universal order. He said that the truth will set you free.

00:20:06.180 --> 00:20:06.870 Georgeann Dau: What truth.

00:20:08.700 --> 00:20:09.360 Georgeann Dau: What truth.

00:20:12.480 --> 00:20:14.250 Georgeann Dau: Jesus lived and died.

00:20:15.780 --> 00:20:17.640 Georgeann Dau: For us to hear his teachings.

00:20:20.550 --> 00:20:31.020 Georgeann Dau: Is pictures of Jesus, you know, and pure white carrying a fluffy lamb and that's beautiful. And I love that. But Jesus was quite a warrior. He was not

00:20:32.310 --> 00:20:39.240 Georgeann Dau: He was, he was a radical loving, but certainly a warrior and

00:20:42.420 --> 00:20:52.500 Georgeann Dau: He came to bring a new consciousness to all of us. And in that the authority figures killed him.

00:20:53.430 --> 00:21:12.600 Georgeann Dau: We're all responsible for the death of Jesus, every single one of us, because it's the same broken out of lack of consciousness that killed him, which is why I've committed myself to this work, so that we can all work together to elevate our consciousness to make it a better world.

00:21:14.220 --> 00:21:34.080 Georgeann Dau: His teachings, or the way, the truth and the light and Jesus never said worship me, although it's lovely to sing beautiful songs to to do Jesus and to God the God of your understanding our higher power, power, but Jesus didn't say worship me. He said, Follow me. And that's a very tall order.

00:21:35.310 --> 00:21:42.570 Georgeann Dau: Because if we do not follow. Um, we cannot master our thoughts.

00:21:45.540 --> 00:21:47.430 Georgeann Dau: In the reordering process.

00:21:49.710 --> 00:21:51.030 Georgeann Dau: That we are called to

00:21:53.760 --> 00:21:57.990 Georgeann Dau: I don't know what year it was but Albert Einstein wrote

00:21:59.370 --> 00:22:10.350 Georgeann Dau: No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that caused it. And when you really pause and reflect on that. Think about that. That's exactly what we all do.

00:22:12.270 --> 00:22:17.250 Georgeann Dau: We use the same consciousness that created the issues.

00:22:18.840 --> 00:22:23.790 Georgeann Dau: Inside of us we use that same consciousness to

00:22:25.230 --> 00:22:26.430 Georgeann Dau: To try to change it.

00:22:30.060 --> 00:22:30.480 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:22:33.930 --> 00:22:35.460 Georgeann Dau: We're all part of Christ.

00:22:36.630 --> 00:22:39.690 Georgeann Dau: Christ is not Jesus's last name. It's part of creation.

00:22:41.610 --> 00:22:46.890 Georgeann Dau: And when we are not when we do not align ourselves with the universal border.

00:22:48.810 --> 00:22:49.890 Georgeann Dau: We regress.

00:22:51.450 --> 00:22:55.920 Georgeann Dau: And we just look to live with what's familiar

00:22:57.510 --> 00:23:09.300 Georgeann Dau: And we're going to have a segment on relationships. I'm going to do. He says on relationships because I do. I work with a lot of couples and it's just fascinating to see

00:23:10.530 --> 00:23:25.800 Georgeann Dau: What goes on and how each person is bringing whatever they were brought up around the relationship. They saw between their mother and father in the marriage and how they are recreating that from their unconscious. Because if we're not

00:23:27.240 --> 00:23:35.070 Georgeann Dau: Recognizing our unconsciousness, then we are operating out of that unconscious ness.

00:23:36.510 --> 00:23:55.080 Georgeann Dau: And we spoke about a couple of shows ago that only 10% of ourselves are conscious. The rest of us. Our consciousnesses if we're going to compare it to a glacier and this is the waterline a 90% of it is at the bottom of the glacier.

00:23:56.160 --> 00:24:07.830 Georgeann Dau: And this is some of the workings of call young so again we're going to now move to a disorder. And then on to reorder so um

00:24:08.910 --> 00:24:15.030 Georgeann Dau: God gave us free will. So we do have free will to develop our consciousness.

00:24:16.290 --> 00:24:25.230 Georgeann Dau: We have a choice on how we want to see things how we want to thank and what we want to believe. And if we don't do the work and

00:24:26.790 --> 00:24:36.270 Georgeann Dau: Look at what we are thinking, feeling, then we are living someone else's clearly. So what are your thoughts.

00:24:37.800 --> 00:24:47.100 Georgeann Dau: What are your choices are your thoughts and your choices, your own or are they someone else's that was handed down to you.

00:24:49.020 --> 00:24:53.580 Georgeann Dau: Now this is a very, very important topic because of prejudice.

00:24:55.980 --> 00:24:56.490 Georgeann Dau: And

00:24:58.530 --> 00:25:05.880 Georgeann Dau: Whatever you were brought up around whatever any of us are brought up around and what we earned in the household is inside of us.

00:25:06.540 --> 00:25:19.500 Georgeann Dau: And there's nothing wrong with it. It's just that as we grow. We need to look at is this really my truth or is it someone's truth that was infused in me. Right. The world is our own making.

00:25:21.960 --> 00:25:26.670 Georgeann Dau: From what's inside of us. That becomes our world, that becomes our reality.

00:25:28.230 --> 00:25:37.500 Georgeann Dau: But if we don't wake up, what we do is we point the finger out here. Always remember that when we're pointing the finger the thumb is coming back at us.

00:25:38.520 --> 00:25:39.930 Georgeann Dau: Right, so

00:25:41.550 --> 00:25:47.130 Georgeann Dau: When we are not doing our work, our in a work then

00:25:50.370 --> 00:25:52.320 Georgeann Dau: We look to project outward

00:25:53.430 --> 00:26:03.840 Georgeann Dau: That is out here is making me feel this way it's doing it to me and I don't have any responsibility in it. And that's not the truth so

00:26:04.950 --> 00:26:11.610 Georgeann Dau: Perhaps we want to pay attention to our habitual thinking patterns.

00:26:13.080 --> 00:26:19.470 Georgeann Dau: So just to summarize, before I move on to disorder and quickly on to reorder

00:26:20.520 --> 00:26:26.640 Georgeann Dau: And we're talking about the ordering of our consciousness and what happens with it so

00:26:28.110 --> 00:26:39.030 Georgeann Dau: Remember in the first order, it's not wrong, but it's limited and it doesn't define us, but yet we think it does. In many ways, in our unconscious

00:26:39.510 --> 00:26:55.110 Georgeann Dau: It's our mechanized cell from mechanical self that we created in a physical sense. It's like what we learned and driving a car. We don't have to think about it. We get in the car, we put it in. I was going to put it in reverse. It will maybe you put it in.

00:26:56.310 --> 00:27:10.920 Georgeann Dau: You put it in drive and you step on the gas. Take the emergency brake off and off you go. You don't have to think about it. Right. And I mentioned last week. How many times have we gotten in the car and we arrived at our destinations, like, wow, I don't even remember driving here.

00:27:12.300 --> 00:27:15.930 Georgeann Dau: I don't think that happens stitches, although I could be wrong. Um,

00:27:17.490 --> 00:27:29.580 Georgeann Dau: And it also happens on an emotional situation also that we're experiencing everything in the outer world and

00:27:31.530 --> 00:27:34.830 Georgeann Dau: All of a sudden something jumps out of our mouth and opinion.

00:27:36.690 --> 00:27:47.790 Georgeann Dau: Or an or a racial slur. And it's like wow where did that come from, I, I don't even know where that came from. Well, guess what it came from somewhere deep in here.

00:27:48.990 --> 00:27:51.540 Georgeann Dau: The opinion. So I will work.

00:27:52.980 --> 00:27:55.590 Georgeann Dau: As we face these parts of ourselves.

00:27:56.670 --> 00:28:13.020 Georgeann Dau: It is very important to recognize that we are in process and in progress. It's not about judging ourselves. It's about learning to love and live with ourselves as we face these different pieces that we are asleep.

00:28:14.040 --> 00:28:14.400 Georgeann Dau: To

00:28:15.870 --> 00:28:18.750 Georgeann Dau: Because unless we grow in this way.

00:28:19.890 --> 00:28:24.420 Georgeann Dau: We never really come to know ourselves and we don't come to recognize

00:28:26.220 --> 00:28:27.660 Georgeann Dau: Who we are

00:28:29.040 --> 00:28:30.180 Georgeann Dau: We belong to God.

00:28:31.740 --> 00:28:42.420 Georgeann Dau: So we also looked last week at disorder, and we're going to focus now on disorder for a couple minutes when we come back and

00:28:43.680 --> 00:28:45.930 Georgeann Dau: We're going to move on to reorder

00:28:47.100 --> 00:28:56.520 Georgeann Dau: As a summary for this evening. Thank you so much and I'll see you a couple of minutes. When we return, thank you are listening to

00:31:22.350 --> 00:31:37.590 Georgeann Dau: Hey, welcome back. I have a little 15 year old little, little guy. One of these days I'll show you. For those of you that don't know, and his name is Oscar CC. Let me see if he's okay.

00:31:39.630 --> 00:31:40.620 Georgeann Dau: So, um,

00:31:42.630 --> 00:31:47.490 Georgeann Dau: So all of us, usually avoid that, which might be uncomfortable.

00:31:50.250 --> 00:31:51.660 Georgeann Dau: But unfortunately,

00:31:52.710 --> 00:31:59.730 Georgeann Dau: We'd all like to be comfortable more than uncomfortable. We don't like to have certain feelings we don't like.

00:32:02.250 --> 00:32:20.280 Georgeann Dau: A god is interested in the development of our soul so many times when we grow to change and grow to stretch and go beyond what we presently depend on count on is a way to function in the world.

00:32:22.560 --> 00:32:40.740 Georgeann Dau: Which I mentioned a moment ago that you know our upbringing was to prepare us to function in the world, not only with physical tasks, but to deal with ourselves in the world, dealing with people, people, places and things

00:32:42.120 --> 00:32:46.950 Georgeann Dau: So, um, you know, sooner or later, the spiritual path.

00:32:48.000 --> 00:32:52.800 Georgeann Dau: Some event person illness relationship.

00:32:54.990 --> 00:33:00.240 Georgeann Dau: Accident God forbid will enter all lives and

00:33:02.280 --> 00:33:06.060 Georgeann Dau: For all of us and the situations happen.

00:33:08.070 --> 00:33:10.560 Georgeann Dau: And when they do, many times.

00:33:13.200 --> 00:33:23.040 Georgeann Dau: We don't necessarily have the skill set that we were taught growing up and it is this place.

00:33:24.060 --> 00:33:24.690 Georgeann Dau: That

00:33:26.250 --> 00:33:27.810 Georgeann Dau: We usually

00:33:29.160 --> 00:33:31.680 Georgeann Dau: When people usually begin to pray.

00:33:34.560 --> 00:33:38.340 Georgeann Dau: Because we recognize that

00:33:39.630 --> 00:33:44.820 Georgeann Dau: Our required knowledge or psychological learning our

00:33:46.710 --> 00:33:48.720 Georgeann Dau: Or our willpower a strong will

00:33:49.860 --> 00:33:50.610 Georgeann Dau: Or not working.

00:33:51.780 --> 00:33:56.790 Georgeann Dau: And by the way, what suffering is is when we feel out of control. Notice it in your life.

00:33:58.080 --> 00:34:07.230 Georgeann Dau: And when you know how you struggle the most is when you feel that you don't have control over situations people, places and things

00:34:10.110 --> 00:34:24.090 Georgeann Dau: So, you know, God comes to us as life and God uses all of life to stretch us and grow us through right and we we in these situations as we are in disorder.

00:34:25.080 --> 00:34:41.580 Georgeann Dau: In our life where we're brought to the edge of our private resources. So, what word what resources, those that we developed, but it's the only way that God mystery. I call God as mystery, because none of us know what God is

00:34:42.870 --> 00:34:44.580 Georgeann Dau: We only know because

00:34:45.840 --> 00:34:56.280 Georgeann Dau: You know Jesus, in many ways, Jesus walked the face of the earth and reveal to us what it would be like to be human, and he was also divine

00:34:56.760 --> 00:35:16.860 Georgeann Dau: And we have that divine particle in us, which I'm going to talk about in a moment, but in the awareness, we're looking at mature spirituality keeps us keeps pushing us into the necessary falling apart. We need to quote fall apart because the false self has to die.

00:35:17.970 --> 00:35:29.940 Georgeann Dau: Has to die. And there are some things, some scripture that I wanted to read to you, but I'm going to wait because I'm afraid of going to run out of time. Again, so

00:35:31.290 --> 00:35:54.750 Georgeann Dau: In the disorder, the disorder is shaking up the order that we've created that which we depend on that which we lean on that which we believe in as the way, the truth and the way, but it is not, and we cannot fully trust it. We can't fully rely on it and it does let us down.

00:35:56.280 --> 00:36:01.380 Georgeann Dau: And it's meant to because what feels like a stumbling

00:36:02.490 --> 00:36:06.420 Georgeann Dau: stumbling stone is actually a stepping stone.

00:36:07.860 --> 00:36:12.150 Georgeann Dau: And will bring us to the next level of consciousness. If we want it.

00:36:13.230 --> 00:36:28.650 Georgeann Dau: If we want it. And that's what I wanted to read you from Scripture. If you have a chance, you want to check out your Bible. It's the parable of the wedding banquet, and it reveals how we are all invited and

00:36:30.060 --> 00:36:35.100 Georgeann Dau: How so few of us say yes. So if you have a say yes.

00:36:37.140 --> 00:36:39.090 Georgeann Dau: Ego does not want to change.

00:36:40.200 --> 00:36:48.270 Georgeann Dau: And it's the small minds of the ego, because it's the unhealthy part of us. Right. So God pushes us by disillusionment.

00:36:50.190 --> 00:36:52.140 Georgeann Dau: Of the of the present moment.

00:36:53.910 --> 00:36:54.450 Georgeann Dau: And

00:36:58.350 --> 00:37:21.210 Georgeann Dau: Any events of disorder, we begin to awaken to the journey through E on the limits of the mind and see each of us is a piece of a creator god. Each of us is a piece of the Creator, as with our mom and dad. We have their DNA.

00:37:22.590 --> 00:37:37.020 Georgeann Dau: God is desiring for each of us to awaken to the reality that the expression, this is reality that the expression of God's DNA.

00:37:41.040 --> 00:37:43.230 Georgeann Dau: is calling us to become

00:37:45.570 --> 00:37:54.270 Georgeann Dau: By saying yes so that this divine spiritual DNA can be activated within us.

00:37:56.340 --> 00:37:56.910 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:37:58.530 --> 00:37:59.190 Georgeann Dau: God

00:38:00.870 --> 00:38:04.320 Georgeann Dau: Lives in each of us and we are a piece

00:38:05.400 --> 00:38:10.110 Georgeann Dau: Of God, and God has created each of us.

00:38:11.760 --> 00:38:28.770 Georgeann Dau: With unique gifts and we are called to find out what those gifts are and to use them to use those gifts for the fullness and betterment of all of humanity, not just ourselves, but for the betterment of all of life.

00:38:30.420 --> 00:38:41.100 Georgeann Dau: When I taught I taught a piece at the seminary here in Huntington, and for the pastoral formation Institute, which was a great program.

00:38:42.540 --> 00:38:45.960 Georgeann Dau: It was three three program and

00:38:48.420 --> 00:38:54.030 Georgeann Dau: Anyway, I'm sorry, yada, yada. So I want to read this to you from Corinthians

00:38:55.380 --> 00:38:59.640 Georgeann Dau: 12 first Corinthians is two letters. First Corinthians

00:39:01.260 --> 00:39:05.820 Georgeann Dau: Verse 15 through 626 chapter 12

00:39:07.140 --> 00:39:08.520 Georgeann Dau: And Jesus tells us

00:39:09.570 --> 00:39:23.100 Georgeann Dau: Actually anyway it is Paul now. If the foot should say because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body, it would not. For that reason, stopping part of the body.

00:39:23.730 --> 00:39:35.910 Georgeann Dau: And if the ear should say because I am not in i i do not belong to the body, it would not. For that reason, stopping part of that body if the whole body were and I

00:39:36.720 --> 00:39:48.420 Georgeann Dau: Were with a sense of hearing be if the whole body weren't here, where would this sense of smell be. But in fact, God has placed the parts in the body.

00:39:48.840 --> 00:40:06.060 Georgeann Dau: Every one of them just as he wanted them to be if they were all one poor, where would the body be as it is. There are many parts but one body, the I cannot say to the hand. I don't need you.

00:40:08.460 --> 00:40:27.120 Georgeann Dau: And it goes on to talk about. If one point suffers every port suffers and in translation what it's saying is that God is the fullness, the body. God is the Creator. We are the body parts.

00:40:28.830 --> 00:40:38.820 Georgeann Dau: And each of us is a part as God in us. Each of us is a part of that body and we are to be with each other.

00:40:39.990 --> 00:40:42.570 Georgeann Dau: With respect and love.

00:40:44.910 --> 00:40:46.110 Georgeann Dau: Because we're all one

00:40:47.730 --> 00:40:51.330 Georgeann Dau: We're just different parts of that one body.

00:40:52.890 --> 00:40:58.320 Georgeann Dau: Now were each given different gifts as part of this one body.

00:41:01.650 --> 00:41:04.080 Georgeann Dau: That's why what's going on in the world now.

00:41:08.310 --> 00:41:10.380 Georgeann Dau: With the terrible hate that's going on.

00:41:12.360 --> 00:41:15.870 Georgeann Dau: And the prejudicial thoughts and actions and feelings.

00:41:17.100 --> 00:41:20.160 Georgeann Dau: It had to come out. It's been there forever.

00:41:22.470 --> 00:41:23.520 Georgeann Dau: It has to end.

00:41:25.740 --> 00:41:28.140 Georgeann Dau: We are no different than each other.

00:41:29.550 --> 00:41:39.990 Georgeann Dau: Doesn't matter how much money you have, how much wealthy web M. What a beautiful you are. It doesn't, doesn't matter. The color of your skin, the sizing and knows it doesn't matter.

00:41:40.680 --> 00:41:56.310 Georgeann Dau: We're all one God is the creator and we are parts of this one body, and God is inviting us always to look to integrate the humanity.

00:41:57.330 --> 00:42:06.330 Georgeann Dau: With the divinity, so that we can grow into the unique soul of God that God made each of us to be

00:42:08.580 --> 00:42:31.950 Georgeann Dau: So my point before mentioning seminary was that I was doing a piece on when we choose a profession, whatever our gifts are so if someone's an engineer. You can either choose to do something with that gift to support humanity or you can build bombs.

00:42:33.540 --> 00:42:39.030 Georgeann Dau: We have a choice. What are we thinking, what do we want

00:42:40.680 --> 00:42:42.300 Georgeann Dau: Who do we want to serve.

00:42:44.370 --> 00:42:45.720 Georgeann Dau: Certainly not this world.

00:42:50.160 --> 00:43:06.570 Georgeann Dau: Remember we spoke, I think, two weeks ago, the children for ourselves. Well, Jesus tells us in john 12 verse 24 unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain of wheat.

00:43:08.220 --> 00:43:09.450 Georgeann Dau: But we are called

00:43:10.560 --> 00:43:12.870 Georgeann Dau: To allow our egos to die.

00:43:13.980 --> 00:43:17.640 Georgeann Dau: So that we can grow more fully and broadly.

00:43:18.810 --> 00:43:24.510 Georgeann Dau: Into a fuller truer human being in the name of God.

00:43:26.550 --> 00:43:40.350 Georgeann Dau: And I think we're taking a break right now. So I thank you might have one minute. So when we come back we're going to finish reorder and I wish I could take some of your questions, I would hope that you have some

00:43:41.460 --> 00:43:45.300 Georgeann Dau: I really want to thank you for listening. For those of you that are

00:43:47.130 --> 00:43:48.120 Georgeann Dau: And I hope that

00:43:49.380 --> 00:43:50.280 Georgeann Dau: You feel touched

00:43:51.450 --> 00:43:52.050 By somebody

00:46:17.880 --> 00:46:19.620 Georgeann Dau: Put a piece of ginger and what not.

00:46:21.810 --> 00:46:22.530 Georgeann Dau: To take that up.

00:46:23.550 --> 00:46:28.950 Georgeann Dau: Okay, so I think I do have time to. I like to combine

00:46:30.150 --> 00:46:33.330 Georgeann Dau: Scripture with the psychological

00:46:35.160 --> 00:46:41.670 Georgeann Dau: Premise, which is what we're doing here. Psychological commentaries of the gospel.

00:46:43.170 --> 00:46:44.820 Georgeann Dau: And this is Matthew 22

00:46:45.930 --> 00:46:48.750 Georgeann Dau: And is the parable of the wedding banquet.

00:46:51.810 --> 00:46:59.610 Georgeann Dau: Jesus spoke to them again in parable saying the Kingdom of Heaven is like a king who prepare a wedding banquet for a son.

00:47:00.180 --> 00:47:06.570 Georgeann Dau: He sent His servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused.

00:47:07.230 --> 00:47:14.190 Georgeann Dau: Then he sent some more servants and said, Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner.

00:47:14.670 --> 00:47:25.710 Georgeann Dau: By oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered and everything is ready, come to the wedding banquet, but they pay no attention and went off.

00:47:26.400 --> 00:47:39.540 Georgeann Dau: Want to his fields. Another to his business. They seem to servants mistreated them and kill them a king was enraged he sent his army and destroyed those murders and burn their city.

00:47:40.320 --> 00:47:59.070 Georgeann Dau: Then he said to his servants, the bat wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. So go to the streets and invite to the banquet anyone you find so the servants would out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find.

00:48:00.300 --> 00:48:01.950 Georgeann Dau: all peoples.

00:48:03.480 --> 00:48:19.050 Georgeann Dau: all peoples and the wedding hall was filled with guests. But when the king came to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing a wedding garment.

00:48:20.490 --> 00:48:27.000 Georgeann Dau: He asked him, How did you get in here without a wedding garment, my friend. The man was speechless.

00:48:29.700 --> 00:48:31.920 Georgeann Dau: Then the king told the attendance.

00:48:33.480 --> 00:48:37.770 Georgeann Dau: To I am hands in foot and take him outside into the darkness.

00:48:40.590 --> 00:48:47.550 Georgeann Dau: So if I was to interpret this Jesus is talking about.

00:48:49.410 --> 00:48:52.590 Georgeann Dau: The king being God and

00:48:53.790 --> 00:48:56.100 Georgeann Dau: The sun being him.

00:48:59.730 --> 00:49:00.240 Georgeann Dau: The

00:49:05.100 --> 00:49:08.100 Georgeann Dau: Persons that came before him.

00:49:09.720 --> 00:49:16.470 Georgeann Dau: Quote, The servants or the attendance that we're inviting and we're invited

00:49:17.610 --> 00:49:22.860 Georgeann Dau: Were the prophets that came before Jesus that were

00:49:24.360 --> 00:49:27.420 Georgeann Dau: Destroyed killed and shut down.

00:49:30.210 --> 00:49:30.990 Georgeann Dau: Those

00:49:32.250 --> 00:49:34.260 Georgeann Dau: That are invited are all of us.

00:49:35.850 --> 00:49:36.450 Georgeann Dau: And

00:49:38.250 --> 00:49:40.170 Georgeann Dau: Many are called

00:49:41.550 --> 00:49:42.690 Georgeann Dau: But few say yes.

00:49:44.070 --> 00:49:59.670 Georgeann Dau: So his first choosing was the people of Israel, which were the chosen people of the time and we always have to remember when this was written the type of people that that wrote it and what they

00:50:00.690 --> 00:50:04.560 Georgeann Dau: What they were they were in their faith at the time.

00:50:05.880 --> 00:50:06.510 Georgeann Dau: And

00:50:09.030 --> 00:50:11.760 Georgeann Dau: When they said no and

00:50:12.930 --> 00:50:22.230 Georgeann Dau: They went back out in the streets and invited all the others. That's all of us, all of us are invited

00:50:24.540 --> 00:50:26.220 Georgeann Dau: Some came

00:50:27.300 --> 00:50:36.720 Georgeann Dau: But you can see that the first offering the first invitation, most people said no. So the man that didn't have the wedding gone, man.

00:50:38.100 --> 00:50:45.510 Georgeann Dau: The interpretation of that is that God could see that he was not awake or willing

00:50:46.800 --> 00:51:09.630 Georgeann Dau: The wedding garment is that which we put on in willingness to awaken to what is happening at the wedding feast, the wedding feast is what we're all invited to it's the fullness of life. It is the fullness of awareness. It is beyond the small minds of the ego.

00:51:11.370 --> 00:51:20.160 Georgeann Dau: Of this man didn't have the willingness. He didn't have the desire to awaken, which is why

00:51:21.300 --> 00:51:27.630 Georgeann Dau: The king quote God went to him and said, Please, you know, escort him outside

00:51:28.770 --> 00:51:34.500 Georgeann Dau: So the purpose of me reading this, is that all of us are invited

00:51:36.240 --> 00:51:44.100 Georgeann Dau: But we need to partake in the invitation. Just like everyone that Jesus saw that was

00:51:45.840 --> 00:51:50.460 Georgeann Dau: wanting something from him like bottom as I spoke with him in the second

00:51:51.570 --> 00:52:01.710 Georgeann Dau: Second show, I believe that everyone that Jesus, that is coming before Jesus. He could see that they needed something

00:52:02.160 --> 00:52:22.830 Georgeann Dau: He could see what they needed but they had to name it. They have to claim it. God has to see our willingness and our desire to want to put dissipate in a relationship with God and grow and to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of one another.

00:52:24.270 --> 00:52:24.780 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:52:27.900 --> 00:52:29.160 Georgeann Dau: And the reorder

00:52:33.360 --> 00:52:34.560 Georgeann Dau: This true self.

00:52:35.760 --> 00:52:38.670 Georgeann Dau: That we scratched the dirt of the false self.

00:52:40.860 --> 00:52:45.630 Georgeann Dau: The true self is the secret self hidden in each of us.

00:52:46.680 --> 00:52:49.680 Georgeann Dau: It's the one and divine freedom.

00:52:51.390 --> 00:53:00.240 Georgeann Dau: It is God in us through us as Christians, we call it the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, I must go.

00:53:01.530 --> 00:53:13.530 Georgeann Dau: Knowing he was going to be crucified because he said I must go to leave you the lead, which in the which in the of the text, the Greek translation is helper.

00:53:15.180 --> 00:53:17.970 Georgeann Dau: We have that in us what a gift.

00:53:19.020 --> 00:53:43.320 Georgeann Dau: What a gift. Think about this that we have God in us to turn to to go to to develop a higher consciousness of which to live. We go through life looking to substitute that out of our unconsciousness no criticism, no judgment. I spent

00:53:44.550 --> 00:53:49.680 Georgeann Dau: Most of my eat my life unconscious. Thank you God that I woke up.

00:53:52.170 --> 00:54:00.240 Georgeann Dau: I remember, I remember the difference. I remember the contrast. I remember however sleepwalking through life.

00:54:01.500 --> 00:54:06.930 Georgeann Dau: I remember. And I remember now at times when I fall asleep.

00:54:08.130 --> 00:54:15.120 Georgeann Dau: Thank you God that I have the awareness that I have fallen asleep so that I can wake up again.

00:54:18.870 --> 00:54:21.360 Georgeann Dau: And recognize the different parts of myself.

00:54:22.380 --> 00:54:23.460 Georgeann Dau: Recognize

00:54:24.630 --> 00:54:25.620 Georgeann Dau: And accept

00:54:27.540 --> 00:54:29.340 Georgeann Dau: All of the points of myself.

00:54:30.390 --> 00:54:43.590 Georgeann Dau: The points I wish I didn't have in there and the points that I feel good about but they're both in there, but I have a choice over which one I want to feed. Right. Remember the two worlds story.

00:54:45.270 --> 00:54:50.790 Georgeann Dau: There were the towards and he was telling his grandchildren. The bedtime story.

00:54:51.930 --> 00:55:10.920 Georgeann Dau: In each of us. There are two wolves. One is made of kindness and love and gentleness and sweetness and appreciation and generosity and the other one is greedy and mean and nasty and judgmental.

00:55:12.780 --> 00:55:23.940 Georgeann Dau: And they're in constant battle. They're fighting with each other and the grandchildren said, oh my goodness grandfather. They're fighting, who's gonna win.

00:55:25.260 --> 00:55:28.920 Georgeann Dau: And grandfather, said the one that you continue to feed.

00:55:31.320 --> 00:55:35.190 Georgeann Dau: Do we have a desire to recognize which one we want to feed.

00:55:38.730 --> 00:55:42.660 Georgeann Dau: Richard Roy tells us that our deepest freedom rests.

00:55:43.800 --> 00:55:47.130 Georgeann Dau: In what the will of God has in store for us.

00:55:48.270 --> 00:55:51.510 Georgeann Dau: And to learn and partake what that is.

00:55:56.940 --> 00:55:57.960 Georgeann Dau: What freedom.

00:55:59.340 --> 00:56:02.130 Georgeann Dau: Is free from the prison of our own illusions.

00:56:03.630 --> 00:56:09.960 Georgeann Dau: And it comes with realizing that can ends and that everything is pure gift.

00:56:12.060 --> 00:56:17.040 Georgeann Dau: And above all, we ourselves are gifts and that we must first accept

00:56:18.660 --> 00:56:26.190 Georgeann Dau: That God loves us unconditionally, so that we can learn to love ourselves and to one another.

00:56:29.430 --> 00:56:30.840 Georgeann Dau: I hope this was helpful.

00:56:33.390 --> 00:56:35.790 Georgeann Dau: And we are each being sifted like wheat.

00:56:38.070 --> 00:56:39.180 Georgeann Dau: To be refined

00:56:40.650 --> 00:56:42.000 Georgeann Dau: And to regain

00:56:43.080 --> 00:56:49.230 Georgeann Dau: The truth of who we are in God in the fullness of our percentage. Amen.

00:56:50.610 --> 00:57:06.960 Georgeann Dau: Thank you so much. God bless and I look forward to seeing you next week with my guest and all of these the past sessions. You can they record. The more you can get on talk radio dot NYC. Thank you.

00:57:08.040 --> 00:57:08.430 Georgeann Dau: Good night.