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Thursday, October 8, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/10/08 - Performing at Our Peak as Leaders


2020/10/08 - Performing at Our Peak as Leaders

[NEW EPISODE] Performing at Our Peak as Leaders

Carmen Bott has been in the sport performance for over 20 years and is considered a leader in exercise prescription and strength coaching for the combative and collision sport athlete population(s).

Carmen holds a bachelor’s in Human Kinetics and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology with a focus in Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning. Coach Bott’s coaching methods are grounded in science, but it is her 20+ years of experience that allow her to transfer the science into practice.

That practice includes working with leaders on the incremental change that creates massive change so effectively.

Carmen teaches internationally in the field of sport science and performance enhancement and is a Strength & Conditioning Coach with Wrestling Canada, having taken athletes to the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Currently, Carmen offers consulting services to both amateur and professional level athletes and organizations worldwide. 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham is excited to welcome guest Carmen Bott.  Carmen Bott has been in sport performance for over 20 years and is considered a leader in exercise prescription and strength coaching, holding a bachelor’s in Human Kinetics and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology with a focus in Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning.  She has worked with world and Olympic athletes as well.  Carmen dives into more of what her duties are and how she helps students/athletes and talks about how her journey began in this field includes moving to Malaysia as part of a job.  And from there how she further got into the combative sports, starting with wrestling.  From there she went on to get her Master’s and was hired to teach while in grad school.  Carmen recently went back to school to learn the mental component of performance.  

Segment 2

Graham asks Carmen how to get athlete’s into the mindset to keep going.  Being that Carmen was in Malaysi Graham asks her how she dealt with the language barrier and coached athletes despite not speaking the same language. Carmen further discusses what she learned about herself going to Malaysia at such a young age training athletes for the Olympics in the games in Sydney.  They close this segment with how Carmen gets the growth mindset and curiosity into her students and that students cannot be afraid to fail.  

Segment 3

Graham begins this segment asking Carmen about her timeline:  Relentless, Resilient and Real.  Carmen explains why this is her timeline and her thoughts on the saying “fake it till you make it.”  They further discuss how to measure things like resilience, relentlessness or other mental components which is not clear as measuring the physical goals.  They close this segment talking about the differences between winning and success and Carmen’s point of view between the two.   

Segment 4

They begin this segment discussing what the qualities should be in a coach to be successful.  Carmen further talks about how one aspect leaders should have is being self-aware.  In the end they close with how Carmen broke in being a female in this field and not traditionally being involved in training female sports.  Finally they close with Carmen’s 3 traits of leadership.  


00:00:27.900 --> 00:00:38.760 Graham Dobbin: Good evening and welcome to the mind behind leadership live here on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbin and every week we look beyond the surface of

00:00:39.180 --> 00:00:46.740 Graham Dobbin: How we become leaders we get behind what it really means to be a leader and how we can influence others that tends to be where most of our talks have gone

00:00:47.340 --> 00:01:00.210 Graham Dobbin: With something more importantly, is how do we influence ourselves that's probably something that's a little bit more difficult at times and this week we tend to sports and the link between the main self sports and businesses as well documented.

00:01:00.720 --> 00:01:06.390 Graham Dobbin: And this week's guests will help us explore how we set ourselves up to perform at our peak performance.

00:01:07.080 --> 00:01:20.100 Graham Dobbin: At all times, whenever we are. So this week's Guess I'm absolutely delighted. We've got Carmen bought, who is a sports performance specialist. Her research is focused on load monitoring and physical performance indicators.

00:01:20.490 --> 00:01:27.750 Graham Dobbin: university level basketball athletes. We she's also worked with both world and Olympic athletes as well.

00:01:28.170 --> 00:01:36.540 Graham Dobbin: Communism evolved into an international educators, she is sought after for a methodology and coaching tactics and performance enhancement.

00:01:36.900 --> 00:01:46.500 Graham Dobbin: For competitive and repeat sprint team sports athletes and after several years of what you were taught wrestlers. So she's not to be messed with I'm going to be really nice tonight.

00:01:46.860 --> 00:01:56.880 Graham Dobbin: I can publish the book the wrestlers he switches sold what all the way she's also a professor at when Ghana college and Simon Fraser University.

00:01:57.420 --> 00:02:09.450 Graham Dobbin: As a physical performance coach Cameron has 20 plus years of hands on experience from the lens to train level to high performance world level while Carmen, welcome.

00:02:10.380 --> 00:02:12.390 Carmen Bott: And he grabbed my pleasure to be here.

00:02:12.810 --> 00:02:24.000 Graham Dobbin: Good to have you. Um, that's a law. You've done a lot, there's a there's a lot going on there that you're that you're involved as 10 account. Can you summarize. Tell us, what do you do, and how did you get there.

00:02:24.690 --> 00:02:36.510 Carmen Bott: Yeah, certainly. I mean, as you were saying all that stuff. I thought I think someone in my field would maybe understand and appreciate some of it, but I think most people, you know, like my mom and dad.

00:02:37.110 --> 00:02:47.040 Carmen Bott: They would be like, What exactly do you do like do you stand with a whistle. Is that what you do and just tell people what to do. So, um, yeah. I mean, currently

00:02:48.210 --> 00:02:56.460 Carmen Bott: I often sort of tell rather than tell people sort of what I do, I, I often say, this is, this is how I help people so I

00:02:57.420 --> 00:03:08.790 Carmen Bott: I helped students. So my hat that I wear at the university and the college as it as an instructor's I help students develop skeptical mindsets and this sort of insatiable curiosity.

00:03:09.360 --> 00:03:28.140 Carmen Bott: And help them think critically about the information that they receive in this era for in have tons of social media and fake news and blah, blah, blah. So, you know, at the university in the college. That's what I do. There. And when I'm not wearing that hat. I am a performance coach.

00:03:29.370 --> 00:03:48.000 Carmen Bott: In sort of two areas. One area is in physical performance. So I think most of your readership would imagine like a personal fitness trainer that happens to work with very, very large humans that have to do things either very fast or for very long periods of time.

00:03:49.140 --> 00:03:58.830 Carmen Bott: You know, and I think that the lay person probably thinks that I, you know, get them in shape and I'm kind of lucky who most of the kids. I work with are already quote unquote in shape.

00:03:59.370 --> 00:04:10.560 Carmen Bott: Because they're already competing at a pretty high level. But we, you know, we're doing some things to try to get them up to that to that next level, you know, maybe they'll world level or even an Olympic level or professional level so

00:04:11.790 --> 00:04:16.020 Carmen Bott: I helped them get ready for that. And then once they're there. I help them stay there.

00:04:17.040 --> 00:04:30.240 Carmen Bott: So that's where I'm not now, but you know, I began this journey, a long time ago I I watched a movie when I was 17 and it was called. Silence of the Lambs. And you're probably thinking

00:04:30.390 --> 00:04:38.070 Carmen Bott: I'm trying to see the kid. I got, what the heck are you talking about, okay, I'll I will get there eventually. But right now, let's just leave some mystery on the table and

00:04:38.670 --> 00:04:54.540 Carmen Bott: I remember watching this woman. The, the actor Jodie Foster do her job and then her job her job in the movie was to interview serial killer to catch another serial killer right to figure out what kind of made this guy tick and what got him.

00:04:55.530 --> 00:05:10.170 Carmen Bott: From A to B, if you will. I thought, Wow, this is a really cool field. I think I'm either going to be a lawyer or or I'm going to do this. So off I went to university and I took a few years of criminal psychology and I didn't enjoy it.

00:05:10.890 --> 00:05:18.390 Carmen Bott: But I had this one course I took as an elective and all the students across campus called this core course jogging for credit

00:05:18.960 --> 00:05:26.280 Carmen Bott: I thought this sounds like an easy day I'm in. I've always been an athlete. This is a good way to stay in shape. Off I go

00:05:26.790 --> 00:05:36.090 Carmen Bott: And it really kind of opened my eyes to a different discipline and not discipline was kinesiology, and I actually did quite well in the course, not just because it was

00:05:36.570 --> 00:05:58.170 Carmen Bott: An easier. A I really liked the material and I was quite good at it. And I thought, you know, it would be really interesting to sit down and talk to you know people that have done very strange things and that's fascinating, but it might not be very positive.

00:05:59.610 --> 00:06:08.460 Carmen Bott: On a day to day work environment. So I guess I had enough wisdom, at the age everything at this time I was 19 or 22 can decide, you know what, let's let's change the path.

00:06:08.850 --> 00:06:17.970 Carmen Bott: Let's go. The Kinesiology route so I switched actually transfer to a different University and finished in undergrad degree in the physical education stream.

00:06:18.510 --> 00:06:31.170 Carmen Bott: And I begged my professors in not stream to let me do all of my sort of practical experience experiential learnings in working with athletes.

00:06:31.410 --> 00:06:37.800 Carmen Bott: In physical performance versus going to like high school and being a gym teacher so I knew I didn't want to do that.

00:06:38.070 --> 00:06:43.890 Carmen Bott: I was very interested in high performance. I was interested in helping athletes get to the next level.

00:06:44.160 --> 00:06:52.410 Carmen Bott: And it wasn't so keen on teaching high school, but I knew if I took the fizz en route, I would learn a lot about different sports that I hadn't maybe played

00:06:52.980 --> 00:07:09.300 Carmen Bott: And and I did. So that's kind of where the undergraduate degree sort of went. And then in my third year I got fired from a job and I hate to admit this but this is not the first time this has happened, I was fired from it.

00:07:09.840 --> 00:07:11.040 Graham Dobbin: People have been fired so

00:07:11.790 --> 00:07:12.600 Carmen Bott: You're right.

00:07:13.170 --> 00:07:23.220 Carmen Bott: It wasn't so good at following their protocols, if you will, with their training methodology. I had other ideas of how I thought people needed to be trained

00:07:23.670 --> 00:07:39.990 Carmen Bott: And at the time I was training you know lawyers and doctors and rich people really that could afford personal training and getting more experience in that area. So I was fired and I that afternoon I went for several years with a friend. And then I ended up

00:07:41.070 --> 00:07:53.550 Carmen Bott: At a party and at that party. I ran into a graduate student. And he said, oh, the gym on campus is actually hiring. Would you like to work with us. And I said, oh, and that would be great.

00:07:54.120 --> 00:08:11.280 Carmen Bott: So I took the job on campus. And then about two weeks into working at the university as an undergraduate. I got a email from the my boss asking me if I'd be interested in moving to Malaysia, like you know week

00:08:12.360 --> 00:08:17.880 Carmen Bott: And I was, I think, at the time 2324 years old and I went, yes, that would be great.

00:08:19.050 --> 00:08:22.110 Carmen Bott: And I found myself on a plane.

00:08:23.340 --> 00:08:29.940 Carmen Bott: A week later, after I got my visa and sort of organized in my passport picture taken all these things.

00:08:30.480 --> 00:08:41.850 Carmen Bott: And ended up on the other side of the world. And I was there were five other Canadians to develop their national team athletes for the Southeast Asian Games on the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

00:08:42.780 --> 00:08:58.170 Carmen Bott: To at this point I had about three years of experience training college level athletes at the university and they were basketball player. So that's what I ended up doing my graduate research on was in basketball sort of where I started my career, but when I went to Malaysia.

00:08:59.370 --> 00:09:12.870 Carmen Bott: They said, okay, you're going to be working with the combative sports. Okay, fantastic. What does that entail, they said, Well, that would be you know judo boxing karate Taekwondo wrestling.

00:09:14.250 --> 00:09:32.130 Carmen Bott: And we want you to start with wrestling. I said, Okay, all right. Um, I guess I'll go to practice. So I went to practice and the practice was run by a coach from Iran and a coach from Mongolia. That's folks zero really much zero English. And they looked at me.

00:09:34.410 --> 00:09:45.510 Carmen Bott: And beyond me wondering if the real strength and conditioning professionals willing to walk into the room and I kind of smiled and waved

00:09:46.110 --> 00:09:56.550 Carmen Bott: Sat down there were flies are buzzing everywhere is really hot in the room is very humid and I remember having a notepad, a pen and a stopwatch.

00:09:57.000 --> 00:10:02.940 Carmen Bott: And I literally did my own analysis of the sport that entire week. I went to every single practice.

00:10:03.540 --> 00:10:08.490 Carmen Bott: And then on top of that, I go to the library and I took out every book on wrestling and I read them all.

00:10:08.880 --> 00:10:16.200 Carmen Bott: I learned the rules. I learned the positions and some of the technical things that I didn't know anything about because I wasn't my sport.

00:10:17.160 --> 00:10:25.290 Carmen Bott: And studied and then what happened was the athletes sort of coming into the weight room where I was sort of stations to be working

00:10:26.190 --> 00:10:37.260 Carmen Bott: And I started with just sort of jumping in on their workouts and just training with them. And at the time I was young and really fit in quite strong. So I think these guys were sort of surprised.

00:10:37.800 --> 00:10:46.260 Carmen Bott: That this on blue, a five foot five powerhouse could keep up. So I did that for about three weeks. I didn't say a word.

00:10:46.770 --> 00:10:58.260 Carmen Bott: I just was polite to the coaching staff. I tried to get to know the athletes, a little bit and I need to sort of foster that relationship over time and then by the time I left the institute

00:10:58.980 --> 00:11:10.230 Carmen Bott: I did train other teams and other athletes, but that one really stuck out because you know I was training both coaches, the athletes. So the wrestlers the coaching staff, plus the coaches wives.

00:11:11.250 --> 00:11:12.390 Carmen Bott: By the time I went back to

00:11:12.390 --> 00:11:20.310 Carmen Bott: Canada, you know, and so that was some that kind of was an interesting pivotal moment for me and then I came back to Canada, and I

00:11:21.330 --> 00:11:29.400 Carmen Bott: I was working with basketball players and ice hockey players and at the time I had a boss here that really had a lot of faith in me and he let me train alone Pro's

00:11:29.790 --> 00:11:38.850 Carmen Bott: pro hockey players. So I worked with them at a young age. And then I decided to go back to school and do a masters and so my master's was more in

00:11:39.270 --> 00:11:46.410 Carmen Bott: Sports Medicine and I knew I needed to be a little bit more strategic with who I take myself with

00:11:47.130 --> 00:11:55.020 Carmen Bott: You know, in terms of potential opportunities after graduate school, whether it was teaching or coaching at a really high level so

00:11:55.320 --> 00:12:03.900 Carmen Bott: The gentleman who I ended up working under was our Chief Medical Officer for for Olympic sport with Canadian Olympic sport. His name is Dr. JACK Taunton

00:12:04.440 --> 00:12:13.200 Carmen Bott: And so I did a study with with jack and he was sort of networked in with Nike down in Beaverton, Oregon, and they sponsored all my research.

00:12:13.980 --> 00:12:31.050 Carmen Bott: And I did a study on basketball performance at the time. Yeah. And then I graduated and I applied for a teaching position at the university while I was still in grad school, I remember them telling me know if you you have to pass your thesis, because we've already hired you to teach

00:12:31.830 --> 00:12:36.450 Carmen Bott: Like, oh my God, and it seemed like this is the theme here, right. It was kind of

00:12:37.050 --> 00:12:46.980 Carmen Bott: You know, I was always just flying by the seat of my pants and just barely ahead, you know, even when I got to Malaysia. I brought on my textbooks with me and I read them on the plane.

00:12:47.460 --> 00:12:55.440 Carmen Bott: Because I thought I need to study, you need to learn more, need to be sharper and I've kind of always had that attitude and then fast forward to now.

00:12:57.120 --> 00:13:06.690 Carmen Bott: I'm now 23 years experience in the field as a physical performance coach have trained all kinds of different athletes, not just wrestlers, not just basketball players.

00:13:07.050 --> 00:13:15.210 Carmen Bott: And I have embarked on another journey. And that's mental performance. So I went back to school last year to

00:13:16.200 --> 00:13:21.900 Carmen Bott: Finish some graduate work to become what they call a mental performance consultant. So it's not

00:13:22.740 --> 00:13:32.640 Carmen Bott: Like a clinical counselor, I wouldn't be working with anyone with anything clinical right but it would be yeah with athletes, you know, to help them.

00:13:33.180 --> 00:13:43.380 Carmen Bott: Navigate the mental side of their performance. So I've really enjoyed that journey and I'm at the point now where I'm doing practical hours with real humans.

00:13:43.920 --> 00:13:55.890 Carmen Bott: And I have a great supervisor that's helping me along the way. And what a fantastic way to become a professional in an area to be supervised I wish more professions were directly supervised

00:13:56.310 --> 00:14:06.330 Carmen Bott: These. I do think that it definitely lends itself to a more professional product in the end. So that's kind of where I'm at now.

00:14:07.440 --> 00:14:14.850 Graham Dobbin: I'm we've got a minute or so. Just before we go for a break. Just before that you tell us that you you've worked with different sports. What's your favorite

00:14:15.930 --> 00:14:18.690 Carmen Bott: Oh, I don't, I don't really have a favorite isn't that

00:14:19.080 --> 00:14:28.740 Carmen Bott: I mean, I have the ones I played. I was a team sport athlete. So I tend to probably get it more, you know, when the dynamics of teams for

00:14:29.070 --> 00:14:35.820 Carmen Bott: But I have a huge appreciation. Honestly, I guess, a secret Graham before the break is I love to watch breakdancing

00:14:36.840 --> 00:14:49.020 Carmen Bott: I think break down and saying is, like, the coolest sport ever and then surfing would be like number two. And I've never worked at those athletes. Because to me, they move their movement is just, it's beautiful.

00:14:50.310 --> 00:14:54.840 Graham Dobbin: We'll let will explore that a little bit more. After the break, and also

00:14:56.400 --> 00:15:04.650 Graham Dobbin: I do want to jump back on on you. You said that you kind of philosophy and skeptical main sets and curiosity. So we really want to dig in and now there's a lot

00:15:05.040 --> 00:15:09.870 Graham Dobbin: A lot that's been mentioned, they're just the first 10 minutes or so. So we've got we've got a lot to talk about.

00:15:10.080 --> 00:15:20.580 Graham Dobbin: And you're listening to the main behind leadership with me. Graham Dobbin we're live on talk radio dot NYC. And we're speaking with Carmen, but we'll be right back after these messages.

00:17:37.440 --> 00:17:51.090 Graham Dobbin: Is Thursday night. It's New York City and it's the mind behind literature, we're speaking with Carmen bots coming, you said just before we went to break that the kind of sports that you admire break dancing and what was the other one.

00:17:53.340 --> 00:17:54.210 Carmen Bott: Hot Dog Eating

00:17:54.600 --> 00:17:55.620 Graham Dobbin: Hot Dog Eating well

00:17:58.230 --> 00:17:59.160 Carmen Bott: Surfing you know

00:17:59.220 --> 00:17:59.790 Graham Dobbin: We take the

00:17:59.820 --> 00:18:00.330 Carmen Bott: Ways.

00:18:00.360 --> 00:18:02.100 Carmen Bott: We all do can tell. Hot Dog Eating

00:18:03.270 --> 00:18:04.020 Carmen Bott: Yeah, I'm

00:18:04.290 --> 00:18:16.170 Graham Dobbin: Kind of practicing. I'm one of the things you mentioned was about you enjoy team sports and you enjoy, but you've also got a coach wrestlers and

00:18:17.010 --> 00:18:25.350 Graham Dobbin: I was myself with with with professional boxers in the UK and just watching what some of these people put themselves through

00:18:26.010 --> 00:18:31.440 Graham Dobbin: On the road without even anybody you know necessarily coaching them when the training with physical training.

00:18:32.280 --> 00:18:38.250 Graham Dobbin: I watched him walk in earnings barely able to stand and then going back the next day and doing exactly the same.

00:18:38.970 --> 00:18:57.930 Graham Dobbin: Um, I always wondered about the mindset of somebody that can do that and handy get someone to just keep on pushing past what or any I'm going to call us normal people with terminal. So right, that's enough for today. I just take that extra step an extra step. How do you do it.

00:18:58.860 --> 00:19:08.850 Carmen Bott: I think it really is on them. It's something called intrinsic motivation. Right. They typically when you look at the characteristics of top performers

00:19:09.600 --> 00:19:20.580 Carmen Bott: The research will suggest that majority are intrinsically motivated. Meaning that they're not waiting for a pat on the back. They are disciplined by nature, and they also

00:19:21.390 --> 00:19:32.700 Carmen Bott: Truly have a love of the game. It might be a bit of a love hate every once in a while, but they do enjoy a lot of the aspects of the sport and training and preparing for this sport.

00:19:33.120 --> 00:19:51.480 Carmen Bott: And finding that love I think is really important in maintaining those levels of motivation. So even the training should be for the most part, enjoyable. But there are going to be times where it is suffering as well. And I think that it takes a special person to want to endure that

00:19:51.900 --> 00:19:55.080 Graham Dobbin: I'm not sure what to look to enjoyable anybody I saw doing

00:19:56.700 --> 00:19:58.590 Carmen Bott: Maybe they're just putting on an app.

00:19:59.910 --> 00:20:00.570 Carmen Bott: I don't know.

00:20:00.900 --> 00:20:16.710 Graham Dobbin: More difficult I think I'm till we you mentioned Malaysia and did I hear you're right when you said that you you kind of did that without being able to speak the language they couldn't speak the language. So how do you cope someone when you can't tell them what to do.

00:20:18.390 --> 00:20:31.950 Carmen Bott: charades. You know, it really boils down to that tell show do kind of approach in coaching teaching and you sort of leave out the towel. It's more of a, you know,

00:20:32.340 --> 00:20:42.120 Carmen Bott: This is what I want you to do by demonstrating it and I think this is where good coaches can gain credibility if they can demonstrate something well

00:20:42.720 --> 00:20:51.990 Carmen Bott: The athlete usually will sort of appreciate that and it's often you know when athletes have communicated with me, why they work with me.

00:20:52.560 --> 00:21:07.590 Carmen Bott: A lot of times it is because of my ability to not just explain a drill or an exercise, but to show them you know how to do it. Maybe not with the same amount of load, you know, I'm not going to throw up 300 pounds like an offensive lineman might, but

00:21:08.610 --> 00:21:23.130 Carmen Bott: To be able to do that is helpful because they tend to athletes tend to learn quite well. That way they they're very good at observing and then just doing it, that's not as common in the general population when it comes to coaching and training.

00:21:24.240 --> 00:21:24.720 Graham Dobbin: Um,

00:21:25.890 --> 00:21:36.540 Graham Dobbin: What did it tell you, I suppose, the natural question for me. Here's what did it tell you about yourself that you could land up in a different country. I do see quite a young age.

00:21:37.980 --> 00:21:45.600 Graham Dobbin: Sport that you really didn't understand and coach people who are going on to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. I mean, this was serious stuff.

00:21:45.810 --> 00:21:46.230 Yeah.

00:21:47.310 --> 00:21:48.990 Graham Dobbin: Tell me about you being able to do that.

00:21:49.950 --> 00:21:53.250 Carmen Bott: I think that at a young age. There was a part of me.

00:21:54.720 --> 00:22:09.810 Carmen Bott: That was it has always been brave and I'm still brave to this day and and I define bravery is is being afraid, but doing it anyways. And I have a young son. So that's kind of the simple definition of it.

00:22:10.410 --> 00:22:27.630 Carmen Bott: And I think it's okay for people to be fearful and to worry about failure, but it's maybe not okay to not try it and Michael Jordan saying miss you know 100% of the shots you don't take and I also knew going there that I would have some support. I didn't know who they were.

00:22:28.710 --> 00:22:43.260 Carmen Bott: But I knew that the people I would be going to work with would support me and they did. And I'm still very good friends with although they live in different areas of the world good friends with a lot of the people I worked with over there. One of them has developed

00:22:44.610 --> 00:22:52.740 Carmen Bott: A suit for sprinters to train in and technology also works with Formula One race car drivers on the other side of the world. And I have another nother

00:22:53.010 --> 00:23:00.990 Carmen Bott: Friend that I work with his who's gone on to do a masters in clinical psychology. So now really high achieving people I was surrounded

00:23:01.680 --> 00:23:12.660 Carmen Bott: You know by and that was helpful because I didn't feel alone while I was there and I felt like I could explore and then there's a piece around, you know, really my upbringing, my mom.

00:23:13.500 --> 00:23:17.460 Carmen Bott: Always she used to tell me stories of how she used to lie on her resume.

00:23:17.760 --> 00:23:28.440 Carmen Bott: All the time. Oh yeah, I've done that before. And then she's like, because I can figure it out. And that's actually the epitome of a growth mindset someone with a growth mindset really truly believes they can learn

00:23:29.430 --> 00:23:33.960 Carmen Bott: It's not that they're arrogant and they think they're good, they believe they can learn

00:23:34.740 --> 00:23:35.940 Graham Dobbin: To find the way to do I think

00:23:36.180 --> 00:23:36.840 Yeah.

00:23:38.190 --> 00:23:43.680 Graham Dobbin: Cool. And I'm going to paraphrase it but something like if you get an opportunity say yes and then work out how to do it.

00:23:44.220 --> 00:23:58.170 Carmen Bott: I've always had that attitude and I don't see it as often. Now with this younger generation and I'm trying my best as a mentor for younger students to to tell you know to encourage them to just go for it.

00:23:58.890 --> 00:24:05.100 Graham Dobbin: So since we have the kind of the skeptical mindset and approach of curiosity comes in then.

00:24:05.790 --> 00:24:18.270 Carmen Bott: Well, curiosity, for sure. That was something that was all. I always had as a young person as a child teenager, you know, sometimes it got me in trouble, to be perfectly honest, a lot of trouble.

00:24:19.440 --> 00:24:23.910 Carmen Bott: Got me fired, you know, because I'm like, I'm just gonna try this and go off the path right

00:24:23.970 --> 00:24:28.710 Graham Dobbin: I mean, you can't say got you into lots of trouble, without giving us some examples you just

00:24:29.250 --> 00:24:32.220 Carmen Bott: Just, you know, like, let's see what it would be like if I

00:24:33.300 --> 00:24:39.840 Carmen Bott: climbed through the roof of a bus. Well, it was moving and served on the top of it and then fell off the bat kind of curiosity.

00:24:40.590 --> 00:24:40.920 Right.

00:24:42.270 --> 00:24:43.410 Graham Dobbin: The things that you would do.

00:24:43.860 --> 00:24:48.900 Carmen Bott: on a Tuesday. Yeah, I don't, I'm not sharing with your readership. What I would do on a Wednesday, but um

00:24:49.500 --> 00:24:54.060 Carmen Bott: Yeah, and then the skepticism piece came later that came when I became an academic

00:24:54.600 --> 00:25:07.140 Carmen Bott: And my mentors and academia are really skeptical people I'm Co authoring a textbook right now with the gentleman who taught me my very first Kinesiology course remember the jogging for credits course that I

00:25:07.140 --> 00:25:08.070 Carmen Bott: Talked about

00:25:08.610 --> 00:25:13.800 Carmen Bott: I'm actually writing a book with the professor that I took that course from I

00:25:14.100 --> 00:25:15.630 Graham Dobbin: Hope to you.

00:25:15.960 --> 00:25:26.040 Carmen Bott: Know how does that feel amazing. I'm so honored. I just, I can't believe it to be honest, it's really, it's really cool because I i mean

00:25:26.520 --> 00:25:42.960 Carmen Bott: I don't know if you really remembered me as a student. It's not like I really stood out there was also 120 students. I think in the class at the time. But yeah, so I become more skeptical as I've gotten older, and I i definitely probably

00:25:44.700 --> 00:25:56.520 Carmen Bott: Have a better bullshit filter, you know, as I've gotten older, you know, the more information you gather and the more you know about what is effective and what is just hogwash or bro science, the more it becomes clear.

00:25:56.940 --> 00:26:09.000 Carmen Bott: And then you're also comfortable saying, I don't know. I don't know. There's not enough evidence to send me either direction that's, you know, but thing. I don't do is make things out for me claims that can't back

00:26:10.680 --> 00:26:22.650 Graham Dobbin: Um, so I'm thinking about, again, I think about your students, how do you get them getting that mindset that you've had that you, my guess is most of your athletes do

00:26:23.250 --> 00:26:30.570 Graham Dobbin: People who you're coaching have got that they're pushing themselves with spoken about the boxers. How do you get that to to students.

00:26:31.770 --> 00:26:35.790 Carmen Bott: So the curiosity piece or more of a growth mindset.

00:26:35.940 --> 00:26:37.350 Graham Dobbin: Yes, exactly. Yes.

00:26:37.530 --> 00:26:38.490 Carmen Bott: Yes, yes.

00:26:38.760 --> 00:26:47.460 Carmen Bott: Yeah, yeah, I think, you know, one thing I do with university students. I know what drives them nuts is the last me a question and I'll counter with the question and

00:26:48.180 --> 00:26:55.830 Carmen Bott: You know what they'll say, Well, what do you think about putting this test before this test and of testing battery. And what do you think

00:26:57.240 --> 00:27:03.510 Carmen Bott: And, you know, that is, is a way for them to be put in the hot seat and have an opportunity to be wrong.

00:27:04.020 --> 00:27:15.420 Carmen Bott: Have an aha moment. And I think at first it's really unnerving for them and they're used to maybe the teacher, giving them the answer, but I very rarely, if ever,

00:27:16.350 --> 00:27:31.830 Carmen Bott: Give the answer, even if I'm giving feedback on an exam is to see a question that was answered in correctly. I might not give the answer away. Still, I might say, you know, hey, have you considered thinking about the question this way and going in this direction.

00:27:33.420 --> 00:27:44.640 Carmen Bott: And some kids like it because it's challenging and others find it really uncomfortable and extremely annoying and it depends on what they're used to it.

00:27:46.080 --> 00:27:50.400 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting because when most people ask us a question, they've got an opinion about already.

00:27:51.090 --> 00:27:53.100 Graham Dobbin: And it almost looking for some kind of confirmation

00:27:53.130 --> 00:27:54.270 Carmen Bott: Confirmation bias.

00:27:54.270 --> 00:28:03.090 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, or or the looking for something else without having to open themselves and you know leadership programs is

00:28:04.110 --> 00:28:17.910 Graham Dobbin: Kind of one of the bus things at the moment about failing quickly, you know, fail, fail quickly protect yourself do it safely bit do it quickly. And in other words, we need to try things to absolutely destroy them.

00:28:18.300 --> 00:28:24.660 Carmen Bott: Yeah, and I, you know, where does the acronym for fail right first attempt in learning

00:28:25.980 --> 00:28:41.880 Carmen Bott: It. So, you know, and I tell them I tell the students that I said, look, you know, this can't be a place where you're afraid to fail, but I usually don't phrase it that way rather than saying don't and can't hits. This is a place where you can feel free to ask any question.

00:28:42.870 --> 00:28:45.510 Graham Dobbin: I know asked you a question. Street back if you yeah

00:28:45.570 --> 00:28:46.740 Carmen Bott: And usually, all

00:28:46.800 --> 00:28:55.350 Carmen Bott: I'll just leave you. I'll lead you. But I'm not going to serve you, because it's not servicing them in the long run. Right.

00:28:55.830 --> 00:29:00.930 Graham Dobbin: Absolutely yeah I'm after the break. But I do want to talk to you about your tagline.

00:29:01.770 --> 00:29:02.070 Carmen Bott: Okay.

00:29:02.700 --> 00:29:09.270 Graham Dobbin: Which were which we will reveal after the break, and really kind of tying this into what happens with

00:29:09.960 --> 00:29:17.220 Graham Dobbin: Us mere mortals us non high performers. But how, what can we take from the Canada lessons that you've learned

00:29:17.640 --> 00:29:30.930 Graham Dobbin: And also that you're passing on to your students and really you're listening to the mind behind our leadership with me. Graham dog and we're speaking with common bought live on talk radio dot NYC. We'll be right back after these messages.

00:31:58.740 --> 00:32:09.810 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, we're speaking with common bought here on the mind behind leadership so common, this three hours of your tagline relentless resilience in real

00:32:11.100 --> 00:32:13.590 Graham Dobbin: Why is that your tagline. And how do you coach for it.

00:32:15.600 --> 00:32:19.590 Carmen Bott: That's my tagline because they can all be demonstrated

00:32:21.060 --> 00:32:33.810 Carmen Bott: So there you know each each word. So let me. We'll start with real is it's about bringing your true, authentic self. Every day, so not pretending that you're something you're not

00:32:35.010 --> 00:32:46.410 Carmen Bott: If you're the kind of person, yesterday I uncovered with an athlete that that this athlete. She just can't stand being rushed. I don't like to be rushed and I wrote it down.

00:32:47.250 --> 00:32:58.020 Carmen Bott: So from now on, you don't meet you really doesn't like to be rushed. So we're going to create an environment for her, for the most part, where she doesn't feel recipe. She's not going to perform her best if she's feeling right away.

00:32:59.760 --> 00:33:02.880 Graham Dobbin: What about the speaker till you make it. I hear that all the time.

00:33:03.120 --> 00:33:11.100 Carmen Bott: We could know if that's false confidence. No, I don't agree with it. So that was actually, I think one of your other questions.

00:33:11.670 --> 00:33:20.340 Carmen Bott: That you had sent me and we can get to that, if you want, where I sort of talked about the traits of yours and your confidence has to be true.

00:33:20.850 --> 00:33:30.480 Carmen Bott: And there's ways to sort of know whether it's whether it's not right because if you fake it till you make it. It's not really a true belief and it's not stable.

00:33:31.770 --> 00:33:41.250 Carmen Bott: And so if you are shaken up off your off your game. You know, usually doesn't withstand that storm, and that's where resilience comes in. And that's the other are

00:33:41.580 --> 00:33:48.870 Carmen Bott: And not every resilience, you need a couple things. That means that you have the ability to bounce back and you have the ability to adopt.

00:33:49.740 --> 00:34:13.560 Carmen Bott: And adapt positively and it's something that can be built with adversity and stresses. So by delivering training stresses to the athletes that I work with, they will build their Resiliency, you know, this whole pandemic has been a test of their resiliency would relent. Yeah, go ahead.

00:34:13.770 --> 00:34:19.290 Graham Dobbin: Just not sure when you say you mean by stresses just physical or psychological

00:34:19.800 --> 00:34:23.160 Carmen Bott: It could be either. It could be either. I mean, the body itself.

00:34:24.330 --> 00:34:28.590 Carmen Bott: Really will perceive a stress in one of two ways. Either a challenge or a threat.

00:34:29.910 --> 00:34:38.190 Carmen Bott: And usually when we perceive it as a threat and we go into a fight or flight type response and we end up in this heightened state of

00:34:38.820 --> 00:34:45.180 Carmen Bott: being stressed out, if you will, and people that are typically more resilient cope better they have adaptive coping strategies.

00:34:45.630 --> 00:35:08.280 Carmen Bott: That don't keep them in that high stress state for very long. And so there they tend to have more energy, they tend to be less worry full, they tend to have better restorative mechanisms or regeneration mechanisms. I think some people use relaxation which different that you know

00:35:10.530 --> 00:35:18.600 Carmen Bott: Yeah. And then the other, or is is the relentless was just just paddling, and one of my mantras is keep paddling

00:35:19.260 --> 00:35:30.090 Carmen Bott: Paddling and sometimes you're paddling, and you're going like two miles an hour, but you're still moving in the right direction, sometimes you're paddling, and you're moving like a lightning bolt exactly where you want to be.

00:35:30.840 --> 00:35:39.810 Carmen Bott: But the key is that we don't stop. We keep trying to move forward. We keep pushing forward towards the goal that we have, you know, in mind.

00:35:40.800 --> 00:35:54.930 Carmen Bott: So that's the, that's the relentless piece and then it's also there's a piece around, you know, people that are relentless I think also a really good at ignoring distractions and outside noise, whether it's credit critics criticism from others.

00:35:56.160 --> 00:36:09.180 Carmen Bott: You know, that sort of thing. They, they sort of shelf it and know how to know how to to classify it as it not being a big influence on who they are and what their mission is at that particular time.

00:36:10.650 --> 00:36:15.390 Graham Dobbin: I'm you've mentioned about working with individuals in team sports.

00:36:15.840 --> 00:36:16.200 Carmen Bott: So,

00:36:16.230 --> 00:36:21.570 Graham Dobbin: Is it a. Is it a difference. I'm sure there is a difference. What's the difference, I suppose, is the question on

00:36:22.050 --> 00:36:29.550 Graham Dobbin: I'm training for that relentlessness that resilience and keeping it real. When you've got maybe a team with

00:36:30.150 --> 00:36:42.690 Graham Dobbin: Obviously a whole lot of individuals with different approaches, potentially, but the same goal and an individual who's got one thing in mind that may be a medal, that may be a competition. It might be whatever it is may just be the next fight.

00:36:43.620 --> 00:36:44.730 Carmen Bott: how great the

00:36:45.210 --> 00:36:47.400 Graham Dobbin: Difference there and your approach with them.

00:36:47.880 --> 00:37:05.430 Carmen Bott: Well, I mean, because I do a lot of small group or private training. I'm not dealing with group dynamics. But that's, I think what you're talking about. And I certainly encounter group dynamics in other arenas of my professional life just not with the clients IC

00:37:06.660 --> 00:37:16.770 Carmen Bott: Where you were, as you say, we may have different roles different responsibilities different skill sets or domain knowledge we might have different values.

00:37:18.120 --> 00:37:30.540 Carmen Bott: And as soon as we have different values, different goals we have usually have some problems, right, because we're now, you know, pulling the ship in many different directions.

00:37:30.930 --> 00:37:41.610 Carmen Bott: We're not collectively heading to the same space in my world. I don't I lucky. I don't really deal with that when I'm working with clients.

00:37:42.840 --> 00:37:54.510 Carmen Bott: I'm almost treating them all as individuals. And in fact, in both mental performance and physical training. We have a principle. And that's the principle of individualization

00:37:55.590 --> 00:38:07.050 Carmen Bott: So I do individualized my clients mental plans, their homework and their physical plans completely based on their metrics their testing results their interviews.

00:38:08.190 --> 00:38:16.350 Carmen Bott: Their constitution their goals and their aptitudes so it's some. Yeah, a little bit of a different beast, and I'm a bit spoiled.

00:38:17.400 --> 00:38:22.560 Carmen Bott: To not have to worry about, like, you know, little Timmy that's being disruptive in the rest of the group.

00:38:24.390 --> 00:38:24.870 Carmen Bott: Mm hmm.

00:38:24.900 --> 00:38:28.020 Graham Dobbin: Coleman, who was disruptive as a child because of the curiosity.

00:38:28.230 --> 00:38:29.490 Carmen Bott: Yes, a little bit still

00:38:31.050 --> 00:38:45.510 Graham Dobbin: It's, it's fairly straightforward to measure physical performance, isn't it, it's either the time or a weight or or being able to win something or body fat or. So we've got that right down to it, there's lots of different ways we can do, how do we measure

00:38:46.380 --> 00:38:53.100 Graham Dobbin: Resilience hate to be measured that relentlessness how to be, how could we measure that kind of that that that psychological side.

00:38:54.450 --> 00:38:58.560 Carmen Bott: I mean, there are inventories. You can use

00:39:00.210 --> 00:39:06.330 Carmen Bott: Where we can you know profile people. And it's funny, I was talking to my supervisor about that.

00:39:06.960 --> 00:39:21.540 Carmen Bott: And, you know, she said, and I said I financial performance quite different, because in the on a physical, we will run a testing boundary on the mental what we're typically taught is to sit down and talk to our clients and to build a relationship.

00:39:22.560 --> 00:39:31.980 Carmen Bott: And through that relationship and the trust that is built will come more openness and willingness to talk about things like fear or

00:39:33.000 --> 00:39:47.610 Carmen Bott: You know, our skeletons in our closet or our deepest secrets that sort of thing. So, or things that might get in our own way. So it's some with the mental side. I think it's not as cut and dry. It's not as clear. We can't measure

00:39:48.210 --> 00:39:57.270 Carmen Bott: Resiliency but we can demonstrate it. And that's what I mean when I say those are demonstrable, if you will. Those three words that I use.

00:39:57.780 --> 00:40:17.370 Carmen Bott: We can't measure it, but we can demonstrate it. And then we can validate it. So if I have a client that shows me that they were being resilient. I will acknowledge that and educate them on what they just did that was resilient and then invalidated and encourage it to happen again. Yeah.

00:40:17.820 --> 00:40:22.950 Graham Dobbin: So this is all building on previous experience the previous experience that they create

00:40:23.220 --> 00:40:28.770 Carmen Bott: Absolutely or whatever they they've encountered. You know that's been, you know, really stressful like

00:40:29.430 --> 00:40:37.170 Carmen Bott: You know, they can travel and compete because of because of a pandemic. So, you know, what can we do about that, you know, how can we be

00:40:37.740 --> 00:40:46.530 Carmen Bott: Correct. You know, crafty and resilient with the with the stress that's been placed in front of us. What are our solutions. What can we control what can we control.

00:40:47.580 --> 00:40:59.400 Graham Dobbin: Is as I mentioned that I'd watch with some professional boxers back in the UK. And there was one in particular that I remember. Everybody was focused it broken his hand, which is kind of a big thing for a professional boxer

00:41:00.210 --> 00:41:13.830 Graham Dobbin: And previously you'd actually blocking it twice in the previous 18 months and the focus was on him sparing us do phenomenally well he's going in for a big tournament phenomenally well and everybody thought he was great.

00:41:14.910 --> 00:41:24.600 Graham Dobbin: At the psychological part was he kept on running the walk to the ring, when he was in the ring. He was good, but he was in performing. But even when you were going into chain. It was that

00:41:25.020 --> 00:41:34.350 Graham Dobbin: It was actually just getting into the ring. There was almost a fear of what what happened with the hand when you go in there, you know, everything just clicked into place and he performed

00:41:35.040 --> 00:41:35.880 Carmen Bott: And we did. Okay.

00:41:36.330 --> 00:41:40.860 Graham Dobbin: He did he perform really well, but getting that getting to that point was actually the struggle for him.

00:41:41.310 --> 00:41:41.610 Carmen Bott: Right. He

00:41:41.640 --> 00:41:42.360 Carmen Bott: Wasn't he wasn't

00:41:42.660 --> 00:41:44.250 Carmen Bott: Worries itself. It was getting

00:41:46.020 --> 00:41:53.340 Carmen Bott: Well, that's an interesting point because sometimes what you're saying is that people can worry a lot and still perform well which is true.

00:41:53.940 --> 00:42:09.540 Carmen Bott: But my question is, wow. Was it really worth it going through that, you know, is there something we could have done to intervene with the worrying right the anxiety and the opposite of anxiety. If we place it on a continuum is confidence so his

00:42:09.570 --> 00:42:23.520 Graham Dobbin: His, His physical coaches were focusing on on on his performance in the ring, which was great, but we have to kind of dampen down everything all that worry that was going on. I say talk when you got to that and he was a much better place.

00:42:26.130 --> 00:42:34.950 Graham Dobbin: I suppose I've just come on we're talking about winning and we talked about success. Is it a difference between those in your point of view your opinion.

00:42:35.790 --> 00:42:46.590 Carmen Bott: Yeah, absolutely. So you can. One thing that we do do with kids as we do, you know, some questions around talking about your best performance.

00:42:47.160 --> 00:43:00.180 Carmen Bott: Kind of write a little story a narrative about your best performance and then how you felt emotionally if you can remember. Sometimes it's hard, you know, for athletes and conjure that up but

00:43:01.290 --> 00:43:11.850 Carmen Bott: You know, it's better if it's a little bit more recent and then worst performance ever. Okay, in their opinion worst performance ever and how they how they really felt about it.

00:43:12.450 --> 00:43:22.080 Carmen Bott: And it's funny because want me. And one of my athletes just recently we did this exercise, and she went through her best performance and she didn't win.

00:43:24.060 --> 00:43:38.160 Carmen Bott: Well, didn't win the match, but she did a whole bunch of things right. She executed a move that her coach and her had been working on and practice that she was hesitant to try in

00:43:38.880 --> 00:43:51.390 Carmen Bott: The past. So for her, you know, it was a match where she was in a position to try things. It wasn't a meaningful match. It wasn't a ranking tournament or anything like that. So,

00:43:51.780 --> 00:44:02.010 Carmen Bott: You know, I think definitely we can have really good personal best performances and not necessarily win and winning. You know, sometimes it's

00:44:02.640 --> 00:44:14.640 Carmen Bott: It's luck. You know, it can go. You have the two best in the world can going head to head, any, any gold medal match of the Olympics. It could go either way. You know, for a variety of reasons. So this idea of predicting performance is

00:44:15.840 --> 00:44:17.010 Carmen Bott: Not really possible

00:44:17.580 --> 00:44:24.330 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting, just thinking about, you know, past performances. When would be our peak. We kind of repeat those things. And some people see

00:44:24.960 --> 00:44:31.860 Graham Dobbin: I see footballers all the time being saved. This is superstition, or something like that. It's just, it's just getting us right into the right frame of mind.

00:44:31.980 --> 00:44:33.330 Carmen Bott: Yeah, absolutely.

00:44:33.360 --> 00:44:36.270 Carmen Bott: It's a performance plan. That's what we call it. What's your

00:44:36.270 --> 00:44:45.450 Carmen Bott: Performance Plan. And again, it goes back to controlling what you can control like if you're going to go into a really important business meeting. What's your plan for that.

00:44:46.020 --> 00:44:53.430 Carmen Bott: How do you send to yourself. How do you calm yourself. What do you say to yourself, how do you prepare for that. What a wonderful segue.

00:44:53.430 --> 00:45:01.230 Graham Dobbin: Because after the break we're going to talk about how does this affect us in business or other parts of our life, not just in sports performance, you know,

00:45:02.310 --> 00:45:09.540 Graham Dobbin: What's the qualities of a coach and also just what can professional maybe business leaders, learn from what you do. So we'll explore that.

00:45:09.870 --> 00:45:18.540 Graham Dobbin: After the break, you're listening to the mind behind leadership here live on talk radio dot NYC. We are speaking with Carmen bots and we'll be back right after this.

00:47:41.790 --> 00:47:51.240 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, we're speaking with common bought and we are talking about sports performance. But how does that impact the business. So thank you for the segway car before the break.

00:47:52.800 --> 00:47:57.450 Carmen Bott: What qualities do you see a need for a coach to be successful.

00:47:59.640 --> 00:48:09.960 Carmen Bott: I think of, you know, qualities around relating to people and communication is sort of the the top two in terms of with coaching.

00:48:11.370 --> 00:48:19.620 Carmen Bott: I really, you know, you know, I asked for a lot of feedback from my athletes. And usually what they tell me is. Nobody ever asks us for feedback.

00:48:20.280 --> 00:48:34.020 Carmen Bott: Are you asking me for feedback. What should I say, but I think that that's a, that's a really collaborative approach right and if you can, if you can institute a collaborative approach, even with kids like I coach.

00:48:34.440 --> 00:48:45.690 Carmen Bott: Little kids to and because my son's in the fifth grade, and you know, even with diamonds. Like, do you guys want to do X, or do you want to do, why these are choices right and it's empowering.

00:48:46.350 --> 00:48:59.430 Carmen Bott: You're empowering the younger generations by, you know, giving, giving them some some choice in their destiny and asking for their feedback. Really, I look at myself as just a conduit.

00:49:00.000 --> 00:49:07.800 Carmen Bott: You know I'm there to impart some of the, the teachings that have been taught to me. I stood on the shoulders of some huge giants in my field.

00:49:08.760 --> 00:49:19.020 Carmen Bott: I'm a completely when it comes to information people know that about me if i think you know lots about an area I will tag along and pick, pick away at your brain and until I feel

00:49:19.590 --> 00:49:27.300 Carmen Bott: You know, confident on that but you know that's that's what I do. I mean, that's my job is to make sure that I'm you know well versed on the on the

00:49:27.690 --> 00:49:39.120 Carmen Bott: domain knowledge, but really it's about the relationship with the kids and making sure that they feel taken care of and they feel like a human, not like a chess pawn so

00:49:40.470 --> 00:49:49.950 Graham Dobbin: I'm just, this is again your opinion, what lessons do you think that you know can business leaders professional leaders can take from that.

00:49:51.750 --> 00:49:57.450 Carmen Bott: Now, I think, you know, one thing we talked about a lot in mental performance is the foundation of

00:49:58.530 --> 00:50:05.820 Carmen Bott: skill acquisition. So like mental people that are mentally agile and mentally resilient are highly self aware

00:50:07.410 --> 00:50:25.230 Carmen Bott: And that's where it needs to start if an individual is lack self awareness. It isn't willing to work on themselves and to take criticism, maybe from others, or, you know, change oriented feedback that that's always going to be their stumbling block or their Achilles heel.

00:50:27.060 --> 00:50:32.820 Carmen Bott: That you know if you want to change and you want to make progress on your game as a leader.

00:50:33.420 --> 00:50:44.100 Carmen Bott: You need to be aware of what it is you need to work on. And then the other piece around that is being fluid and agile. I don't think the way that I lead and communicate with my academic

00:50:44.670 --> 00:50:54.270 Carmen Bott: Side of my life is the same as a coach, when I'm a coach. I have a baseball hat on and I play some Tupac and I'm a little cooler and

00:50:55.110 --> 00:51:05.220 Carmen Bott: You know, a little more casual I crack jokes I try to make everybody feel really comfortable in an academic setting. I'm probably a bit more formal

00:51:05.550 --> 00:51:14.910 Carmen Bott: Because the setting is more formal and I'm sort of trying to match my audience, but I learned something so valuable years ago. And that was just to meet people where they are.

00:51:16.230 --> 00:51:21.930 Graham Dobbin: So like we actually this discussion. I've had this discussion twice in the last couple of weeks on the

00:51:21.930 --> 00:51:22.380 Carmen Bott: Show.

00:51:22.650 --> 00:51:37.740 Graham Dobbin: About being authentic right. We've got to turn up in different ways. Sometimes, and it was something you mentioned David was kind of bringing that confidence being ourselves not faking it till we make it. Is there any point that you think this isn't really me

00:51:38.640 --> 00:51:40.020 Carmen Bott: No, not anymore.

00:51:41.340 --> 00:51:52.140 Carmen Bott: When I was younger I had a lot of fears around, not knowing enough not also motivated me like crazy to read and study and

00:51:53.730 --> 00:52:08.940 Carmen Bott: You know, get as good at that side of the game as possible, but I've learned that if I don't know something right off the bat, I can look it up. I can ask someone else that knows more in that area than me. I have a great network. Yeah, but

00:52:10.860 --> 00:52:12.840 Carmen Bott: I've just blanked on your question, though.

00:52:13.020 --> 00:52:16.110 Graham Dobbin: There is about. Do you ever feel that you're not really you

00:52:16.200 --> 00:52:27.270 Carmen Bott: Yeah, but now. No, I now I have me and I, and I've gotten used to who me is, but that's that self awareness. That's the deep work that we all need to do that's reflection.

00:52:27.720 --> 00:52:32.610 Carmen Bott: Right so finishing. Let's see, it is that you're in a business setting and you have a meeting.

00:52:33.150 --> 00:52:41.250 Carmen Bott: And one of my job's is sometimes I've that I've to evaluate new faculty and that's not fun. Okay, I sit in a classroom and I have to critique them and I can meet with them.

00:52:41.700 --> 00:52:55.440 Carmen Bott: Right and talk about, you know, it's like a performance review and I you know I really have to go through a process in order to be, you know, kind of without but at the end of the day, I bring humor and I'm see and

00:52:56.520 --> 00:53:07.320 Carmen Bott: You know myself and and the fact that I have a coffin of the fact that I have many years of experience as well. Right. So if I have a hot shot, new, new young person but

00:53:07.620 --> 00:53:19.710 Carmen Bott: Does it maybe you want to listen. It's like, well, you know, I appreciate where you're coming from. But you know it. I'm also coming from this angle of having, you know, 1314 years of experience and this is what I found.

00:53:21.540 --> 00:53:29.400 Graham Dobbin: Colleges. I think it's a big moment for me as well, was one of the challenges was always wanting more information. And so I knew everything.

00:53:29.970 --> 00:53:30.300 Carmen Bott: And it was

00:53:30.600 --> 00:53:31.980 Graham Dobbin: Like bringing you enough

00:53:33.000 --> 00:53:46.710 Graham Dobbin: It was actually really difficult to know when. When is enough enough. And when you change that and realize I can go and get the information when I need it. I might this place. I'm agile so agility is actually probably the biggest buzzwords in business at the moment.

00:53:47.070 --> 00:53:47.760 Carmen Bott: I went away.

00:53:49.050 --> 00:53:51.990 Carmen Bott: means changing directions in sport performance. So

00:53:53.550 --> 00:54:00.960 Graham Dobbin: People talking about you know because of because of the current situation that we're here we've got going on with Corbett, obviously.

00:54:01.350 --> 00:54:03.420 Carmen Bott: I'm changing like

00:54:03.450 --> 00:54:13.950 Graham Dobbin: That forever. When we look at, you know, the top 50 fortune companies, probably about 30 to 40% and weren't an existence 20 years ago.

00:54:14.400 --> 00:54:23.490 Graham Dobbin: So, you know, there's always that involvement. Anyway, so we need to keep agile and kind of one of the last questions we got because we're running a timeless. It just seems to form by

00:54:23.850 --> 00:54:35.190 Graham Dobbin: Some of the sports that you get involved with and traditionally seen as female, so just, you know, just quickly how this I hear that there's never enough female leaders and business.

00:54:35.550 --> 00:54:37.200 Carmen Bott: And it's really difficult to break through.

00:54:37.680 --> 00:54:39.150 Graham Dobbin: Break into those sports.

00:54:40.560 --> 00:54:47.580 Carmen Bott: Honestly, I don't, I'm not in that camp, Graham. This is where I'm going to give you my opinion. Don't be a victim.

00:54:48.030 --> 00:54:57.210 Carmen Bott: Just go for it. Don't be a victim, don't, don't say there's not enough opportunities, create an opportunity. Be like stupid and naive like I was

00:54:57.870 --> 00:55:09.150 Carmen Bott: And just go for it. You know it and yeah I guess I don't traditionally coach female sports but I actually played flag football top tier for 10 years

00:55:09.600 --> 00:55:21.840 Carmen Bott: So I can catch a football, I can cut jump run do things that skill players need to be able to do so I do earn respect and not sense, but I am getting old and I can't do it the way I used to be able to do it. So after and respect other ways and

00:55:22.110 --> 00:55:33.240 Carmen Bott: And that comes from even just understanding a little bit more about the sport or the position, the player, you know, plays that I work with, but you're right in that they're not typical.

00:55:34.560 --> 00:55:44.700 Carmen Bott: You know, female sports but I love pressure and like, if you think about professional football. It's a high pressure environment combat high pressure environment.

00:55:45.030 --> 00:55:55.980 Carmen Bott: Bring it on. Like I thrive there. That's a, you know, even though there's times when it's terrifying. Don't get me wrong i'm not just sitting there like it's a cakewalk. It's like a total thrill for me.

00:55:56.970 --> 00:55:57.390 So I'm just

00:55:58.440 --> 00:56:01.350 Graham Dobbin: Talking about American football not proper football. Am I correct

00:56:01.410 --> 00:56:03.540 Carmen Bott: That is correct gridiron yeah

00:56:04.110 --> 00:56:06.210 Carmen Bott: I have I have trained a few

00:56:07.530 --> 00:56:12.930 Carmen Bott: Soccer athletes in the past, but it's not an area that I do specialize in

00:56:13.410 --> 00:56:15.690 Graham Dobbin: I'm really brave when there's distance between us.

00:56:17.160 --> 00:56:18.390 Carmen Bott: No problem. But yeah.

00:56:18.420 --> 00:56:24.720 Graham Dobbin: But you know minute, wait a minute, just really quickly range to before, for sure, three traits that you believe a great leader needs to have

00:56:25.260 --> 00:56:41.700 Carmen Bott: So we know well I think I already gave you guys one and I said it was a self awareness being agile and fluid my number two was a clear understanding or acceptance of the people you're working with and what they bring to the table. You need to know your people.

00:56:42.210 --> 00:56:43.440 Graham Dobbin: And finding it just before

00:56:43.740 --> 00:56:55.020 Carmen Bott: Last one, zero, fear not only communicate face to face no texting or emailing like straight up. Let's have a beer and a conversation

00:56:56.070 --> 00:56:57.870 Carmen Bott: You know, good communication skills.

00:56:58.110 --> 00:57:04.770 Graham Dobbin: Common common bought. Thank you very much. You've been listening to the mind behind leadership. Thank you to some live events or producer tonight.

00:57:05.040 --> 00:57:18.750 Graham Dobbin: And remember my to offer the research and from make messenger for keeping me right and keeping this show going. We will be back next week with another episode of the main bank leadership live here on talk radio dot NYC. Have a good night.

00:57:19.440 --> 00:57:21.330 Carmen Bott: Good night, everyone. Thank you. Bye.

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