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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/10/06 - Video Marketing During COVID-19: Staying Top of Mind For Your Clients


2020/10/06 - Video Marketing During COVID-19: Staying Top of Mind For Your Clients

[NEW EPISODE] Video Marketing During COVID-19: Staying Top of Mind For Your Clients

With the COVID-19 Pandemic rolling along, many business owners are struggling with a loss of face time in front of their clients, prospective clients, or customers. How do you stay top of mind and relevant when you cannot have face-to-face networking, in-person meetings, or live workshops in a packed conference room?

 If this dilemma sounds familiar, then you will want to hear from our next guest, Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder of Video Socials. Vik and I will discuss how businesses can benefit more than ever using video marketing. Vik will share some of the trends he has noted during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as explaining some additional benefits that come from creating video content.

Tune in for this informative conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Eric introduces the guest of the show Vikram Rajan. Eric then informs listeners about major changes in the world of employment law and what it means for employers and employees. Vikram gives listeners a glimpse into the world of video/digital marketing before the pandemic, breaking it down into two eras before describing the industry as of late.

Segment 2

The conversation continues with the growing industry of video marketing and how it has gained a greater foothold in the world of advertisement. They also talk about the advantages of developing video marketing skills and why it’s been able to prove its viability in the industry. Vikram also goes into detail about the beginnings of Video Socials and what their goals were starting the company as well as they’ve been operating during the pandemic.

Segment 3

They continue to talk about VideoSocials and why it’s a viable option monetarily. They talk about their target demographics and why they consider themselves a community-focused type of business. The conversation also talks about marketing and networking.

Segment 4

Eric steers the conversation towards employment law and asks Vikram about some stories that employees and customers have had over the pandemic and how business is going currently. They close the show by Vikram giving away VideoSocials website and explaining their Q&A system for listeners.


00:00:38.700 --> 00:00:43.080 Eric Sarver: Good evening. Welcome to the third episode of employment law today.

00:00:43.830 --> 00:00:51.900 Eric Sarver: A show that's dedicated to small and midsize business owners who are trying to navigate today's complex area of labor and employment law.

00:00:52.170 --> 00:00:58.920 Eric Sarver: Particularly as related to covert 19 and the regulations imposed on many of us as we try to go forth with our business.

00:00:59.310 --> 00:01:10.080 Eric Sarver: My name is Eric sovereign, the host of the show. I'm from the law office of Eric em solver and I specialize in employment law and business law for the management side and for companies.

00:01:10.440 --> 00:01:29.160 Eric Sarver: And tonight, I am joined by guest of mine, a colleague and good friend Mr. Vikram read john who is the co founder of vidyo socials dinette and phone and I'll say a little bit about that in a moment I first want to welcome him to the show. Vic. Welcome to the show.

00:01:29.460 --> 00:01:30.810 Eric Sarver: It's a pleasure, I think. Yeah.

00:01:30.840 --> 00:01:32.070 Vikram Rajan: All right. Thanks for having me.

00:01:32.580 --> 00:01:42.990 Eric Sarver: Scrubbing it's funny. We've done some video networking before video marketing. Usually I'm on the other side where you're the one hosting and then we'll get to that in a bit. And I'm recording for

00:01:43.500 --> 00:01:50.340 Eric Sarver: For some of your events. But again, really happy to have you think I'm going to introduce you in a minute, but first I'd like to take a moment.

00:01:50.640 --> 00:01:56.790 Eric Sarver: Just to describe to those listeners who might be tuning in for the first time, what employment law today is about

00:01:57.240 --> 00:02:04.320 Eric Sarver: And the basis of our show. The main goals are threefold. First I seek to educate we seek to inform you.

00:02:04.650 --> 00:02:16.590 Eric Sarver: To let you know about some of the newer updates and employment law or labor law that may be impacting your business today, especially as again as I mentioned related to federal, state, or municipal laws around

00:02:17.880 --> 00:02:29.400 Eric Sarver: rules, regulations around hiring, firing employees paid sick leave and so forth. The second throng second goal, I should say, of the show is to

00:02:29.880 --> 00:02:38.940 Eric Sarver: Inspire to you and keep you informed, but also inspired in terms of having guests on the show, who are running successful businesses and they talk about

00:02:39.270 --> 00:02:44.250 Eric Sarver: What they're doing to thrive and survive during these complex code 19 pandemic.

00:02:45.030 --> 00:02:59.610 Eric Sarver: And the third goal. The show is to give you the resources and tools that you need as a small business owner and to address some of the more common problems that you're facing in these times, and those may be issues involving

00:03:00.240 --> 00:03:06.180 Eric Sarver: Marketing involving cybersecurity involving employee relations and of course employee one

00:03:06.780 --> 00:03:13.560 Eric Sarver: So with that being said, I would jump to the top of the hour updates that I'll be giving I go to highlight two

00:03:14.070 --> 00:03:23.130 Eric Sarver: Updates in the news in recent weeks for the sitters. And if you have any. I won't go into too deep of a dive right now, just the

00:03:23.460 --> 00:03:31.830 Eric Sarver: Overview so you're aware of these topics and you can feel free to look at them on your own on the websites. I'll be quoting or you can

00:03:32.100 --> 00:03:41.670 Eric Sarver: Email me if you have any questions you want a more in depth dive, you can reach out to me an MS and Eric sorry calm and those two topics for today are as follows.

00:03:42.090 --> 00:03:45.930 Eric Sarver: One is a recent United States Department of Labor update

00:03:46.800 --> 00:03:54.360 Eric Sarver: providing additional guidance on coven 19 related leave for school you openings and the crux of this, as many of you may know,

00:03:54.660 --> 00:04:01.170 Eric Sarver: That if you have employees who have children at home who were being homeschooled previous agent isn't covered 19 pandemic.

00:04:01.530 --> 00:04:17.400 Eric Sarver: In schools might be closed, for example, that those people could take paid leave under the families first coronavirus respond tax and other similar New York State laws and so with schools moving to a hybrid learning and to an online or in person.

00:04:18.540 --> 00:04:27.780 Eric Sarver: Way of operating the new guidance and Department of Labor says that in a nutshell. If your employees are parents and their students that say their children hard

00:04:28.230 --> 00:04:37.200 Eric Sarver: Online Learning exclusively than they can. So take and receive that paid sick leave, or they pay leave emergency from LA under the

00:04:37.950 --> 00:04:52.740 Eric Sarver: Corner virus Federal pay. Leave Act if their school is completely in person and open, then the employee may not be allowed to take that leave this may apply to you as well. If you or a spouse or working for a company

00:04:53.220 --> 00:05:03.930 Eric Sarver: And if the school is a half and half part remote and part in person, then the person may be able to take some lead to the extent that the school is

00:05:04.980 --> 00:05:13.380 Eric Sarver: Is on an online basis. So just a little update about some of the federal and state pay leader rules for employees to might happen or parents

00:05:13.710 --> 00:05:21.900 Eric Sarver: And then the next topic I'll just they information on that you can find on the US properly IRS website. Frequently Asked Questions section.

00:05:22.410 --> 00:05:27.270 Eric Sarver: And then the second update of the week. And the final one. Do I want to turn my attention to Vic. And I want to

00:05:27.600 --> 00:05:33.570 Eric Sarver: Tell our guests more about what do you have to say and share some his background, the second half did has to do with the New York State.

00:05:33.930 --> 00:05:42.750 Eric Sarver: Code 19 laws around sick leave. So many of you may be aware that your employees can take certain paid sick leave under New York State law.

00:05:43.230 --> 00:05:52.920 Eric Sarver: And including quarantine leave is on top of the federal Paley and so recently New York State, the summer and passing legislation.

00:05:53.280 --> 00:06:02.880 Eric Sarver: And then updates that legislation which essentially said that if you are one of your employees are voluntarily traveling, not for work, but for recreation rather reasons.

00:06:03.210 --> 00:06:11.280 Eric Sarver: To a high risk see Florida Wisconsin Texas that has more than 10% positivity rate per hundred thousand people.

00:06:11.760 --> 00:06:23.610 Eric Sarver: In that state, then they may be invalidated ineligible for taking pay leave. So if you're aware of employees who are visiting friends and family or across the country. And it's not essential for travel.

00:06:23.970 --> 00:06:31.770 Eric Sarver: Then you might have a say in their lead policy, but if you send them on a business trip, that's another story. So again, just some updates for the listeners.

00:06:32.160 --> 00:06:36.210 Eric Sarver: And if you have questions, you can email me at MS at our

00:06:37.080 --> 00:06:46.620 Eric Sarver: Now to change with perhaps a topic that some of you might find more interesting. I personally find it all fascinating. But for those that might be interested in video marketing.

00:06:47.340 --> 00:06:59.730 Eric Sarver: The main topic of our show tonight is video marketing, the time of Corona and staying top of mind for clients and customers. And so as I mentioned, we're joined tonight by Mc, Mc image on much want to read a little bit of

00:07:01.050 --> 00:07:03.930 Eric Sarver: Little bit of an intro Vic. If I can to our audience about you.

00:07:05.340 --> 00:07:12.330 Eric Sarver: Okay, great. So I guess tonight. As I mentioned, is Vic. Remember john co founder of the social net and phone

00:07:12.870 --> 00:07:30.120 Eric Sarver: Documents presented on behalf of every major Bar Association in the Greater New York City area is marketing columns premiered in the AI CP, CP insider publication and he's become one of most popular columns as of July 2010 and since then is that many publications

00:07:31.260 --> 00:07:45.900 Eric Sarver: Vic, as he is known by his colleagues clients and friends has presented in front of me networking groups and organizations as well. And he's done a 2008 book he published 365 marketing thumb rules daily reminders for me makers.

00:07:47.040 --> 00:07:54.270 Eric Sarver: And lastly, if, if you see much praise organization leaders in the legal accounting and financial services industries and real estate.

00:07:54.690 --> 00:08:03.270 Eric Sarver: And in 2005 Vikram was named as top 40 under 40 rising stars but alone on business news and, in my opinion, I think. Since then, because

00:08:03.930 --> 00:08:12.900 Eric Sarver: One that up to that prediction of the rising star. So, again, pleasure to have you on the show. I did mention your co founder review social bond blogger and

00:08:14.190 --> 00:08:15.990 Eric Sarver: Happy to agitate are you doing, how are you feeling

00:08:16.230 --> 00:08:28.500 Vikram Rajan: Good, I'm good at another busy day which is great. I'm sure you know the feeling. I'm sure our listeners and viewers know the feeling. And so looking forward to making this informative and hopefully entertaining.

00:08:29.280 --> 00:08:35.010 Eric Sarver: Indeed, visit me i'm sorry i think you know me, I can't relate in the slightest to that. But I'll try but

00:08:35.760 --> 00:08:36.360 Eric Sarver: No. Yes.

00:08:36.390 --> 00:08:37.230 Eric Sarver: Quite a busy day.

00:08:38.250 --> 00:08:45.750 Eric Sarver: And it's like I said, it's really good to have you. So as I mentioned, folks, Vic runs via social nets and

00:08:46.290 --> 00:08:52.710 Eric Sarver: Phone bargain and. NET, which I'll get to in a moment. And when thinking about this topic, it dawned on me that during this pandemic.

00:08:53.040 --> 00:09:04.920 Eric Sarver: A lot of us are. We're not as visible to our colleagues to our clients to our customers were not in our offices, we're not at networking events live maybe doing them on zoom

00:09:05.460 --> 00:09:13.920 Eric Sarver: But we're not really out there, we're not seeing folks, I'm on the train or any shared office spaces are getting workshops. So wasn't ask a question.

00:09:14.490 --> 00:09:25.860 Eric Sarver: Which kind of dovetails into the topic of video marketing today, but we've already talked about before investing video marketing in the time Krona I'd like to take us a little bit of a history, if I may, with one of our

00:09:27.480 --> 00:09:37.800 Eric Sarver: Present expert here that in the field. They can you give us a brief history or rundown of video marketing pre covert 19 pandemic. What I mean by that is

00:09:38.220 --> 00:09:50.100 Eric Sarver: When did this for marketing really take off and what types of industries and businesses have you seen that can or have been most benefiting from video marketing.

00:09:52.470 --> 00:09:53.820 Vikram Rajan: I think there is

00:09:54.990 --> 00:10:00.090 Vikram Rajan: Looking to arrows and maybe this is the beginning of a third era, you know, there's the the first era.

00:10:01.680 --> 00:10:18.180 Vikram Rajan: In around the time when everyone was shocked to the point of ridiculing Google for buying YouTube for over a billion dollars $1.65 billion. I believe in this was around. I want to say 2006

00:10:18.930 --> 00:10:30.510 Vikram Rajan: And so that was a while ago. And so people were shocked that this website that I don't think was making any money at that time probably losing money.

00:10:31.680 --> 00:10:44.520 Vikram Rajan: That Google would be buying it was just like ridiculous to people. Since then, of course, it's turned out to be a pretty good investment. It's the Go To place. It's the number two search engine in the world.

00:10:45.240 --> 00:10:50.580 Vikram Rajan: Obviously very video specific you mentioned video on the internet. It's practically synonymous with YouTube

00:10:51.060 --> 00:10:56.460 Vikram Rajan: To the point where you know you've got your TV and live streams and all that. So that's your own world.

00:10:57.840 --> 00:11:04.440 Vikram Rajan: So I think that's kind of the first hour aware video is kind of proving to be kind of part of the internet.

00:11:04.920 --> 00:11:08.160 Vikram Rajan: The second hour I would say in front of me.

00:11:08.490 --> 00:11:10.710 Vikram Rajan: We say to fans phones on video socials

00:11:13.020 --> 00:11:25.830 Vikram Rajan: second hour would have been probably around 2017 when Mark Zuckerberg Facebook announced that they are going to change their algorithm in two ways to be mobile first, and to be video centric.

00:11:26.580 --> 00:11:33.210 Vikram Rajan: And that was also kind of the revolution of it. Um, it was kind of probably around the same time, if I have to look it up.

00:11:33.570 --> 00:11:43.350 Vikram Rajan: When Facebook bought Instagram another time that they were like ridiculed for spending over a billion dollars on a company that made no money and and Instagram at that time was very photo centric. Now, of course, very video centric.

00:11:44.100 --> 00:11:55.710 Vikram Rajan: So that was kind of the for me that the second era. And that was really when I feel video started becoming a mainstream aspect of B2B or business to consumer type communication.

00:11:56.040 --> 00:12:10.290 Vikram Rajan: Where that was the beginning of businesses using video. Now, it was still a very miniscule percentage. And to this day, a very relatively small percentage LinkedIn followed Facebook in 2018 when they to announced

00:12:10.710 --> 00:12:17.820 Vikram Rajan: That they were going to follow in Facebook's footsteps as they often do to change your algorithm to prioritize video posts over written articles.

00:12:18.150 --> 00:12:28.050 Vikram Rajan: And that really changed the game for us in a bad way in a negative way, because as LinkedIn and most of our client or a LinkedIn centric lawyers, accountants coaches consultants.

00:12:28.560 --> 00:12:33.990 Vikram Rajan: As they were pushing up video. They are consequently pushing down written articles.

00:12:34.230 --> 00:12:43.290 Vikram Rajan: Which as you mentioned phone blogger that food bloggers we interview our clients over the phone and turn what they say they're written articles, we still do that for clients around the country.

00:12:43.770 --> 00:12:49.770 Vikram Rajan: And, you know, written articles can perform very well in certain situations, but on social media is getting beat up.

00:12:50.100 --> 00:12:50.550 Vikram Rajan: By the

00:12:50.880 --> 00:13:08.040 Vikram Rajan: Videos so prioritized and so I can wonder, I don't know, but I wonder if we're entering kind of a third era, which makes it even more mainstream, but much more where it's integral to our day to day and i i suppose conductor, you know, these are all just kind of made up arrows right where

00:13:08.250 --> 00:13:09.180 Vikram Rajan: I sort of something

00:13:09.810 --> 00:13:21.870 Vikram Rajan: inject your upload that video is like what you mentioned earlier so integral to our day to day very much time of coven where we don't really have a choice. It has to be a proxy for being in person.

00:13:22.230 --> 00:13:31.710 Vikram Rajan: And I will wonder how will mainstay where there was definitely this groundswell that's been happening. And now stretched a metaphor, a tsunami, because we have to wear

00:13:32.310 --> 00:13:45.780 Vikram Rajan: This is what we're doing. We are all the statistics of what video would be you know where they were projecting into the year 2026 or exaggerated by Kobe that obviously we're spending time on video. We don't really have a choice.

00:13:46.770 --> 00:13:52.170 Vikram Rajan: When I'm doing fatigue and all that stuff. And so I wonder, let's say, a year from now, as the

00:13:52.170 --> 00:13:53.010 Eric Sarver: Vaccines they're

00:13:53.670 --> 00:13:59.130 Vikram Rajan: Taking it and we have this thing under control, hopefully through that in the summer of 2021

00:14:00.210 --> 00:14:11.820 Vikram Rajan: Um, how will video play a part. I think we will, it'll actually be a Renaissance, so to speak, where we will start to enjoy this as opposed to feeling obligated.

00:14:12.060 --> 00:14:14.190 Vikram Rajan: Where we have no choice.

00:14:14.490 --> 00:14:21.810 Vikram Rajan: We can't even meet in person. So we have to meet this way and that it'll be kind of fun and enjoyable, like, oh, you know what, I don't have to travel. It's now a choice.

00:14:22.110 --> 00:14:29.040 Vikram Rajan: And it'll be actually something that we will want to do. It's, you know, we were forced to eat our vegetables as a kid. And we didn't really maybe

00:14:29.760 --> 00:14:40.380 Vikram Rajan: But now, as adults, we kind of enjoy a nice salad. Every now and then and it's your choice. We will enjoy video marketing, video socials video blogging, etc.

00:14:41.250 --> 00:14:46.080 Eric Sarver: I think that's an excellent background and, you know, we're up for a commercial break in a moment. I would just note that

00:14:46.500 --> 00:14:54.660 Eric Sarver: All the time. Famous that you had mentioned, but once I can relate to. I remember in oh five or six or seven that stage of video marketing going up. And then, of course, I remember

00:14:54.990 --> 00:15:05.940 Eric Sarver: Back in 2017 2018 that's when I was hearing and seeing the most about video marketing in networking groups. I was in through articles through recommendations through colleagues posting

00:15:06.270 --> 00:15:10.290 Eric Sarver: And we've got to take a break now folks a short commercial break. We come back.

00:15:10.620 --> 00:15:20.640 Eric Sarver: Vikram will discuss with us some benefits of video marketing over other forms of marketing you'll touch more upon that along with some discussion of how to stay top of mind.

00:15:21.390 --> 00:15:32.790 Eric Sarver: Where's the benefits during the covert era. And lastly we'll touch base on what does social net is all about. So, folks, stay tuned again is Eric solver with Docker image on my gas you're listening to.

00:15:33.810 --> 00:15:36.090 Eric Sarver: talk radio NYC employment law today.

00:17:50.010 --> 00:17:57.420 Eric Sarver: Welcome back folks, this is Eric sovereigns in the loft. ERIC, I'M solver here with my colleague and friend, Victor image on

00:17:58.050 --> 00:18:12.750 Eric Sarver: co founder of vidyo and phone and we're here on employment law today, which by the way is on Tuesday nights weekly from 5pm to 6pm Eastern Standard Time on talk radio NYC.

00:18:13.170 --> 00:18:24.210 Eric Sarver: So Vic and I were talking before the break for those who may be joining us late tonight and Vic gave us a little rundown. A History of video marketing the different phases when it really picked up.

00:18:24.780 --> 00:18:34.050 Eric Sarver: We talked about our people laughed at Google and Facebook for buying into this and it turned out to be a really good investment in terms of buying YouTube and Facebook changing their algorithms and such.

00:18:34.500 --> 00:18:44.280 Eric Sarver: And Nick I was going to ask you a question which you sort of answered in your description of video marketing's evolution in terms of some of the benefits in terms of how it surpasses

00:18:44.610 --> 00:18:50.880 Eric Sarver: That say written articles or written print media content like blogging and I think I heard you say that

00:18:51.630 --> 00:19:02.520 Eric Sarver: These days video marketing gets more SEO have more recognition online on LinkedIn and other social media, perhaps, and written articles. Is that a fair statement. Is that something you were

00:19:02.850 --> 00:19:15.360 Vikram Rajan: Stating and your. Yeah, yeah. Totally fair. I mean, the algorithms of the social media platforms are now prioritizing video. So if you want to kind of game the system, so to speak, you kind of play by their rules. And so that's

00:19:15.690 --> 00:19:20.610 Vikram Rajan: A fair assessment to say that if you're going to really take advantage of the social media algorithm is going to be video

00:19:21.120 --> 00:19:24.540 Vikram Rajan: Google kind of finally got its act together. I want to say a year ago.

00:19:25.470 --> 00:19:35.340 Vikram Rajan: Prior to that, they weren't really utilizing YouTube as an asset in their typical search engine results page arm and then they started losing traction to Facebook, LinkedIn and stuff.

00:19:36.180 --> 00:19:44.250 Vikram Rajan: Where they would lose the videos. People were posting to YouTube as much because they may as well where their friends were or where their potential clients are

00:19:45.060 --> 00:19:52.800 Vikram Rajan: Sites and so now they've incorporated. They were now if you search for something to YouTube results will actually appear above the regular search engine results.

00:19:53.100 --> 00:20:03.960 Vikram Rajan: In the marketing colloquialism jargon slang, or it's been come to known as positions zero kind of thinking it leap frogs even position one to be in the top spot on Google, while you go into

00:20:03.960 --> 00:20:05.490 Vikram Rajan: Position zero video

00:20:06.810 --> 00:20:20.970 Vikram Rajan: So, and Google Now indexes YouTube descriptions so from the search engine optimization standpoint, you know, basically incorporated YouTube in their world so yeah video is great for social, which is essentially all of this stuff is really an extension of word of mouth marketing.

00:20:21.390 --> 00:20:23.880 Vikram Rajan: So for anyone that benefits from word of mouth.

00:20:23.880 --> 00:20:29.040 Vikram Rajan: Referrals these platforms. Just make it easier for people to get to know you and for people to share you with others.

00:20:29.460 --> 00:20:37.830 Vikram Rajan: As I mentioned before the break. It's a proxy for being in person, you could, you know, a picture's worth 1000 words videos, maybe 10,000 words right so it's it's

00:20:38.250 --> 00:20:49.890 Vikram Rajan: Tremendous and it's a lot easier for a lot of us to do. I mean, we, as I'm sure you know as an attorney parsing ever over every word and making sure the intent is there and let alone all the grammar aspects of it.

00:20:50.370 --> 00:21:02.700 Vikram Rajan: Sure do. A lot of that is taken off the table and we don't have to speak in full sentences, sometimes even more effective, not too. And so, from an engineering standpoint, so long as we're more ourselves and have a conversation

00:21:03.120 --> 00:21:16.560 Vikram Rajan: Can be even more effective on video in a faster amount of time. And then there's a waterfall cascading effect where you have yourself on video relatively easy to take that audio. For example, and use it as a podcast case in point.

00:21:16.980 --> 00:21:18.480 Vikram Rajan: transcribed into text.

00:21:18.540 --> 00:21:28.560 Vikram Rajan: And if you're doing it as a one person monologue type video, you now have the makings of a blog post, but an article which is ironic because it's what a lot of our video socials members are doing

00:21:28.830 --> 00:21:32.070 Vikram Rajan: Which basically mimics what we've been doing for years, but a phone blogger.

00:21:32.430 --> 00:21:38.790 Vikram Rajan: So we're taking the audio and turning it into a written articles, especially now that we are debuting automated captioning and things of that nature.

00:21:39.030 --> 00:21:47.580 Vikram Rajan: It's basically the same stuff as taking the video and putting it back into the written word, which for a lot of people there are advantages for written articles.

00:21:48.330 --> 00:21:59.310 Vikram Rajan: A lot of people skim an article faster and faster ordering a video I mean even Netflix and YouTube know fast forwarding a rewinding and a pain in the neck. It's always buffering in this context.

00:21:59.790 --> 00:22:07.260 Vikram Rajan: So with written word, you're able to skim that faster. So I think mixing the two, you get an even greater, greater effect.

00:22:08.280 --> 00:22:08.640 Eric Sarver: I think

00:22:09.810 --> 00:22:18.360 Eric Sarver: Synergistic effect when you're mixing those two mediums and I think that it's interesting because, you know, we're talking about how the marketing can position you higher up.

00:22:18.870 --> 00:22:25.410 Eric Sarver: That faith missions zero I hadn't heard that before. So I've learned something new every day. But I like that and but what comes to mind.

00:22:25.920 --> 00:22:36.390 Eric Sarver: That distinguishes least for me and for my personal experience doing video marketing, whether it's short video clips, whether it's doing webinars, which has been happening more and more virtually since covert 19 hit

00:22:37.050 --> 00:22:46.980 Eric Sarver: I found that it's not just a matter of being on hire a search engine result but it's it's a more personable way to present yourself because I can, I can see apple

00:22:47.280 --> 00:22:57.990 Eric Sarver: Pay for a billboard advertisement on a route. They booed 56 or a highly somewhere and I can make it really, really large have my name and picture and big letters people driving by will see it.

00:22:58.320 --> 00:23:04.620 Eric Sarver: Maybe there's a phone number there and maybe they'll remember, maybe they won't. But staring at my picture on a billboard or if my name.

00:23:05.040 --> 00:23:07.830 Eric Sarver: Or even seeing my quote on an article somewhere.

00:23:08.370 --> 00:23:18.540 Eric Sarver: doesn't have the same effect as seeing somebody present or talk about an issue you can feel someone's passion, you can feel they're down to earth and this everything from their

00:23:18.810 --> 00:23:30.660 Eric Sarver: You know their personnel personality their personal ability you know their imperfections. Their, their smoothness. You can see it all. It's the thing that some more three dimensional picture and I think that a lot of businesses don't

00:23:31.140 --> 00:23:38.880 Eric Sarver: Always recognize that component that you're seeing the person and you're seeing more than in different facets. And I think that's

00:23:39.480 --> 00:23:47.820 Eric Sarver: Maybe a good segue perhaps into video social which I want to talk about want to hear you talk about and I also would love to then segue into bit of

00:23:48.150 --> 00:24:00.420 Eric Sarver: What are some of the obstacles that people are finding that you've seen people have said when you approached him about video marketing during coven 19 like you know people are saying, Well, I don't have that. Now I've got a focus in on

00:24:00.960 --> 00:24:03.900 Eric Sarver: You know, really running the business. We're learning all these employment laws.

00:24:04.380 --> 00:24:08.160 Eric Sarver: Unless they give Eric's over a call. They call me. I can talk some about and happy to do so, but

00:24:08.520 --> 00:24:24.780 Eric Sarver: But let me talk turn to you for a minute there with video socials are more than a minute because I want to, I think it's really interesting concept. So you started videos socials was it 2017 2018 2019 4019 right okay and

00:24:25.950 --> 00:24:28.230 Eric Sarver: What I like about it is socials. It has a little bit of a different

00:24:28.560 --> 00:24:45.300 Eric Sarver: Flavor to unlike other companies that might offer video marketing services. Yeah. So why don't you tell us a little bit more about or tell us about how it works and what makes your company different than other video marketing companies out there, ABC videos, Inc.

00:24:47.310 --> 00:24:52.860 Vikram Rajan: He goes to the other questions that you were going to ask me afterwards, I think.

00:24:53.670 --> 00:24:56.430 Vikram Rajan: For us, we create a video so Sala the

00:24:56.550 --> 00:24:59.280 Vikram Rajan: The challenges the problems are type of clients were adding

00:25:00.060 --> 00:25:11.370 Vikram Rajan: It wasn't really something that we necessarily set out to do. It was really trying to help our clients, our everyday attorney clients that you know some of our clients and accountants and

00:25:11.730 --> 00:25:18.990 Vikram Rajan: We work with a good number of coaches and consultants and they get their business their new clients from word of mouth referrals, much like you do.

00:25:19.350 --> 00:25:29.640 Vikram Rajan: Right, and so they do a lot of networking and they're presenting on panels and so they also let's say their phone blogger clients are putting out blog posts by social media, but also by email newsletter.

00:25:30.480 --> 00:25:35.550 Vikram Rajan: And when these social media channels, as I mentioned, change your algorithms, they started getting affected.

00:25:36.390 --> 00:25:45.060 Vikram Rajan: And so we need to figure out a way to help them. And our first solution was essentially to recommend them to go see videographers and go work with videographers so

00:25:45.450 --> 00:25:51.990 Vikram Rajan: You know and I essentially recommend because we're not videographers, and I don't really compete with a video marketing company really or a video.

00:25:52.590 --> 00:26:06.120 Vikram Rajan: Or videography company video. And so we would say looks at him, you know, so satisfied, an afternoon and get a whole bunch of videos done and they'll get it onto YouTube and once on YouTube, we can run with it because we know what we're doing, from a content marketing standpoint.

00:26:06.450 --> 00:26:07.860 Vikram Rajan: It was logistics of it.

00:26:08.010 --> 00:26:10.980 Vikram Rajan: Technology of it, if you will. The problem was,

00:26:12.360 --> 00:26:18.660 Vikram Rajan: The budget, it wasn't even like are you getting do one great video. He was like, all right, now you have to keep on doing it and

00:26:19.140 --> 00:26:27.900 Vikram Rajan: It adds up, even if it's relatively inexpensive. It just adds up over time, let alone the time itself, it takes to create the video. Our clients that have it couldn't make the grinder very busy.

00:26:28.170 --> 00:26:30.660 Vikram Rajan: For them to get out of the office to go to a studio was even worse.

00:26:31.440 --> 00:26:38.010 Vikram Rajan: And now you know they don't have that option, but they could do remote video and name that's cumbersome and they didn't have the effort to do it, let alone.

00:26:38.790 --> 00:26:44.250 Vikram Rajan: Some of them. We got very nervous on video and some degree, this kind of people are getting over it because of

00:26:44.490 --> 00:26:52.380 Vikram Rajan: Zoom and things like that that were on video, almost all day long, that people are but you turn on that recording light and you see that little red light.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:27:00.300 Vikram Rajan: And people get a little homage to him and I and they they get really nervous and which is ironic because we're real time and live all the

00:27:00.330 --> 00:27:01.950 Vikram Rajan: Time when we're talking to people.

00:27:03.180 --> 00:27:03.630 Vikram Rajan: Or word

00:27:04.020 --> 00:27:15.540 Vikram Rajan: Or we forget a quote or a date or we we figure it out. And the irony is, I usually with video you can kind of redo it. So for most of the time, except for Facebook Live, we can redo it. So,

00:27:16.020 --> 00:27:21.090 Vikram Rajan: It's kind of odd that we would find it so stressful but a lot of our type of clients did

00:27:21.570 --> 00:27:29.250 Vikram Rajan: Um, and so with all that being said, we want to create an environment that was structured to be convenient and comfortable.

00:27:29.970 --> 00:27:45.270 Vikram Rajan: But also hopefully fun so that from a habit process of wanting to keep doing this. It was not only productive from an ROI getting new clients but also a fun atmosphere so that it's enjoyable to do it because anything that's a habit.

00:27:46.290 --> 00:27:47.040 Vikram Rajan: And over again.

00:27:47.280 --> 00:27:54.300 Vikram Rajan: You can sometimes fall into a rut, and not want to do it because it gets boring. And so we wanted to make it interesting. So

00:27:55.080 --> 00:27:59.340 Vikram Rajan: We created these things called a video blogging club and I know

00:28:00.120 --> 00:28:06.210 Vikram Rajan: We can chat more about what the structure is like, but it's very similar to any other zoom meeting that that all of our viewers and listeners.

00:28:06.600 --> 00:28:13.770 Vikram Rajan: May be sick and tired of going to but eight to 10 professionals about 45 minutes each person presents a two to three minute topic.

00:28:14.250 --> 00:28:22.320 Vikram Rajan: And then you get feedback from one of your peers as a member you give feedback to the presenter after you who gives feedback to the following presenter.

00:28:22.650 --> 00:28:26.880 Vikram Rajan: And so he goes to the roundtable and 45 minutes later, everyone has recorded

00:28:27.480 --> 00:28:33.690 Vikram Rajan: An episode of their video blog together front end done the final video is just you everyone else's hidden and on mute.

00:28:34.140 --> 00:28:39.510 Vikram Rajan: And at least a part two videos socials which is the app, the brand or software that we developed

00:28:39.870 --> 00:28:49.830 Vikram Rajan: Which were automation partners with YouTube and Facebook Live and LinkedIn and so when our members are ready. They are able to type in a topic title that gets branded on to the video.

00:28:50.760 --> 00:28:57.150 Vikram Rajan: And our software as your logo and contact information, the attorney advertising disclaimers are added automatically

00:28:58.320 --> 00:29:00.870 Vikram Rajan: Push the right button at a post for them automatically.

00:29:02.070 --> 00:29:13.470 Eric Sarver: Right. It's interesting vegan. We're about up to our second commercial break any moment. But so, I'd love to get more into that with you. But what I definitely hear and what I found to be true. Also, just from

00:29:13.980 --> 00:29:25.980 Eric Sarver: My experience with video socials the time that I've tried it and so forth, is that it does force the person to commit because we can easily put video marketing on the back burner of our to do list and

00:29:26.520 --> 00:29:31.650 Eric Sarver: You have a to do list. You go down list each day or week and you of course you find yourself you know say

00:29:32.730 --> 00:29:37.080 Eric Sarver: Something else comes up right and value of a big client matter. I have a brief to work on. Or maybe I have a department labor issue.

00:29:37.350 --> 00:29:45.900 Eric Sarver: To resolve for a client of mine or a new clients to talk to. And so the video marketing is pushed back, push back, push back. Kind of like website revision, then all sudden it's like

00:29:46.290 --> 00:29:55.080 Eric Sarver: As site on forgotten. So we do socials by meeting. What I hear you saying is, sort of, it gets us all into the or gets your clients that people into the mode of

00:29:55.410 --> 00:30:04.410 Eric Sarver: Practice of discipline of habit and forming positive habits, in my opinion, especially around business in network marketing is a really key for success. So

00:30:04.710 --> 00:30:13.140 Eric Sarver: When we come back, let's talk about some of those habits. Let's talk about how how it works. Talk about the networking component and how it is even a stronger perhaps

00:30:13.830 --> 00:30:20.850 Eric Sarver: Tool in one's to about during this pandemic when we're all sort of far away. We're live on a screen so

00:30:21.720 --> 00:30:34.380 Eric Sarver: So everyone stick. Stick around, we'll be back in just a moment. Everyone with Dr. Medina over from video and flown Americ savoured laughs. ERIC, I'M solver from employment law today, stand by.

00:30:39.000 --> 00:30:39.780 NYC.

00:32:59.280 --> 00:33:06.750 Eric Sarver: Welcome back folks to complain love. Today I'm here again, like I mentioned with the VIP room with john over from video socials dinette

00:33:07.170 --> 00:33:17.610 Eric Sarver: And we've been talking about video marketing talking about the benefits of that to business owners and companies and professionals talking about staying top of mind.

00:33:18.030 --> 00:33:25.320 Eric Sarver: Being more personable people get to see your whole personality on display. They see what you know how you articulate yourself.

00:33:25.740 --> 00:33:31.560 Eric Sarver: We talked about video marketing be a great benefit in terms of just practice. And this is, I think, I mean, I feel strongly about it.

00:33:31.980 --> 00:33:37.830 Eric Sarver: That it helps us because with zoom now with people making virtual presentations to clients and pitches.

00:33:38.310 --> 00:33:42.660 Eric Sarver: There's not though, there aren't those in person cues that we get when we're standing in a room.

00:33:43.110 --> 00:33:49.830 Eric Sarver: And sometimes there's a glitch. For example, the microphone might have those static. It's why you folks see the microphone now close to my face.

00:33:50.520 --> 00:33:58.380 Eric Sarver: But they're all those little things that can trip us up. So I think video marketing, especially the way you do video socials in weekly

00:33:58.950 --> 00:34:09.450 Eric Sarver: Sessions to really help us to get over some of those issues around speaking before our crowd or public speaking on video, but, um, it's interesting because you mentioned

00:34:10.440 --> 00:34:20.070 Eric Sarver: Just having the you had clients and you tell them to go out and video. Video market and they put them back burner or it also be very expensive. And I wanted to ask you about

00:34:21.270 --> 00:34:28.890 Eric Sarver: That how you see video socials from a perspective of how it might save your clients money compared to

00:34:29.310 --> 00:34:36.510 Eric Sarver: Mainstream video marketing and I want you to trash on video marketer is that, you know, or anything like that, but just rather you know you've got clients that say

00:34:37.020 --> 00:34:44.040 Eric Sarver: Like, here's a scenario eyes as I see the environment, you've got businesses, whether they're professionals lawyers, accountants, they could be

00:34:44.340 --> 00:34:51.750 Eric Sarver: Could be a business owner can be a brick and mortar restaurant could be a coach, but they thinking that maybe Money's a little tight for some people and

00:34:52.050 --> 00:35:00.630 Eric Sarver: They see predictions of a recession looming and there but scared and they might be hesitant to spend money on video marketing and I think

00:35:00.960 --> 00:35:16.980 Eric Sarver: One thing that you know I see about video socials is a difference in price point. So my ask you to give away all your, your exact prices and such. But can you talk a bit about how the a socialist might be a more economically wise choice for

00:35:18.360 --> 00:35:20.430 Vikram Rajan: I'm happy to. And it's all on our website. So it's

00:35:20.430 --> 00:35:22.470 Vikram Rajan: Nothing secretive purposely

00:35:22.590 --> 00:35:24.180 Eric Sarver: Secret sauce thing right now. Okay.

00:35:24.570 --> 00:35:33.210 Vikram Rajan: Yeah yeah we for us. The community is key. You know, our members helping one another, where yes, they're recording a video.

00:35:33.720 --> 00:35:43.170 Vikram Rajan: But you know, I kind of use the analogy of look you can take your bicycle and go for a bike ride. Anytime you can pick up your cell phone into a video anytime

00:35:43.650 --> 00:35:51.210 Vikram Rajan: Why bother getting a peloton sure they are logistical reasons you know we're heading into fall and winter months. And that's a good reason.

00:35:51.900 --> 00:35:56.910 Vikram Rajan: But you know they're they're those dedicated who will run or bike ride rather anytime

00:35:57.900 --> 00:36:08.100 Vikram Rajan: Any, any weather and but the peloton is still a solo sport, but it's done virtually together and that community facilitates not only the habits, but everyone improving one another.

00:36:08.460 --> 00:36:17.190 Vikram Rajan: And so the nervous newbie will learn from that pro presenter, but even appropriate center is able to learn substantively as well as even President a presentation styles.

00:36:17.430 --> 00:36:20.700 Vikram Rajan: From other people even nervous newbies have something to contribute.

00:36:21.090 --> 00:36:31.140 Vikram Rajan: So from that aspect. It's beyond the nominal cost. We know that as our members practice, but then essentially start posting their videos and get shared by others.

00:36:31.590 --> 00:36:40.260 Vikram Rajan: Is incalculable the ROI so simple and so easy. So our video socials basic our members are essentially joining at $99 a month.

00:36:40.590 --> 00:36:46.350 Vikram Rajan: They're adding three or four new videos every month to their video library that accumulates over weeks and over months.

00:36:46.680 --> 00:36:53.550 Vikram Rajan: So they're able to go from posting zero to posting maybe one or two times a month on LinkedIn or their other social media platforms.

00:36:54.390 --> 00:37:04.410 Vikram Rajan: Posting and repeat posting one to two times every week if they wanted to a daily as they accumulate the videos because you post some video today on LinkedIn.

00:37:04.860 --> 00:37:11.430 Vikram Rajan: The likelihood of every one of your connections, seeing it is pretty minimal and probably zero, you know, so close statistically

00:37:11.790 --> 00:37:20.670 Vikram Rajan: So you got to repost that same video in a couple of days or a week from now because you're at the bottom of their timeline, unless you bring yourself bump yourself back top of mind.

00:37:21.030 --> 00:37:27.480 Vikram Rajan: So it's not only just the cost of doing that one video, but it's also the cost of getting it out there and repeatedly out there.

00:37:27.780 --> 00:37:36.960 Vikram Rajan: And our members are able to get to know one another well enough where they started liking and sharing each other's videos out of friendship and camaraderie and rapport, they respect each other's expertise.

00:37:37.230 --> 00:37:44.400 Vikram Rajan: But ultimately, very often have something in common CPA has something in common with it goes to the state's attorney doing negatively invariably there's going to be some

00:37:45.000 --> 00:37:56.010 Vikram Rajan: Healthy overlap in terms of their video topics and that makes it easier for them to share each other so well. We're not really a networking group then networking effective nevertheless there like it is whenever

00:37:56.400 --> 00:38:04.350 Vikram Rajan: Well Connected well seasoned professionals gather could be, you know, on a basketball court on a golf course or on a video socials club.

00:38:04.890 --> 00:38:09.420 Vikram Rajan: We have that advantage, where people literally talking about what they do from an expertise standpoint.

00:38:10.050 --> 00:38:22.410 Vikram Rajan: So people are learning from one another as well substantively from a cost standpoint, it's very nominal many of our members are part of our revenue share program where when three or four members join because of them their membership is paid for.

00:38:22.830 --> 00:38:24.990 Vikram Rajan: So we're trying to we're looking to make

00:38:25.860 --> 00:38:32.250 Vikram Rajan: The cost of it nominal and the ROI is definitely there. They're not going to earn a pink Cadillac out of this. That's not what this is.

00:38:32.550 --> 00:38:36.960 Vikram Rajan: But, you know, we want to make it where it's easy to do fun to do.

00:38:37.350 --> 00:38:50.370 Vikram Rajan: And to the point of even game of flying it were their reward points for doing the marketing habits that they should be doing anyway. And those reward points can go towards things like captioning during video which triples the engagement of their video

00:38:50.610 --> 00:38:52.890 Vikram Rajan: So you're looking to create a community of

00:38:52.890 --> 00:39:01.740 Vikram Rajan: Habits, as you mentioned before the break for us that's integral, because we know as our members are raving fans, they're going to propel video socials as global community.

00:39:02.280 --> 00:39:16.410 Vikram Rajan: To really be at the likes, but different from Toastmasters or landmark or being on other global business communities that we respect we're fond of and very much. We're different from over looking forward to being in their Echelon

00:39:17.490 --> 00:39:23.280 Eric Sarver: Right. And I see that's a really good point there. I have a lot of key points that you made. I mean, well first, you've got the aspect of

00:39:23.640 --> 00:39:33.300 Eric Sarver: That it's it's less expensive than other forms of video marketing. And again, you know, part of this. I'll take a little diversion part of a radio show is to

00:39:33.780 --> 00:39:43.170 Eric Sarver: To certainly spotlight and you know give some some presence in a stage or give some some visit attention to

00:39:43.770 --> 00:39:52.260 Eric Sarver: People like yourself who are providing helpful services to people who have been epic and also to break down some of the benefits of these services.

00:39:52.620 --> 00:39:59.070 Eric Sarver: And to get through people's past misconceptions and misnomers around the services that you provide

00:39:59.340 --> 00:40:06.450 Eric Sarver: I mean we're employment law today and I certainly talk a lot with people in the employment law field HR and consulting and employee relations and so forth.

00:40:07.260 --> 00:40:15.870 Eric Sarver: But equally important, I think, to a company surviving and being able to pay their employees is being able to get business and equal to the important to our company.

00:40:16.170 --> 00:40:31.350 Eric Sarver: Having the resources to make sure they're complying with labor laws is to have enough revenue coming in through marketing means it's also important to have the safe example cyber security as we heard last week from shorter work from home, as a company, so really

00:40:31.680 --> 00:40:32.460 Vikram Rajan: Video socials

00:40:32.790 --> 00:40:40.800 Eric Sarver: Exact rate and a member of it is such as if I remember correctly. So I think it's very important, I think, because I think that people tend to

00:40:41.220 --> 00:40:48.660 Eric Sarver: Hear about things and without investigation, he kind of fill in the blank. So what they assume movie so use your video marketing, you think, oh, it's gonna cost a fortune.

00:40:48.990 --> 00:40:53.850 Eric Sarver: And I imagine we may have some listeners tonight, maybe, maybe rouse be a little bit struggling

00:40:54.150 --> 00:41:00.750 Eric Sarver: I've had a few colleagues of mine. We've spoken on the phone. They've said to me, I've got to get back out into networking because they said

00:41:01.080 --> 00:41:07.530 Eric Sarver: They'd been stuck in their homes and Suffolk County or, you know, up in Connecticut and just not seeing their clients and not

00:41:07.890 --> 00:41:16.110 Eric Sarver: Not really being top of mind and some people don't really feel comfortable networking on zoom. So what I see here is that you're spending less money you're making videos.

00:41:17.160 --> 00:41:28.860 Eric Sarver: For me, each week. And you're also part of a group where you're getting you mentioned that sort of constructive critique and I know that before folks get scared away by the free is critique or criticism, we often don't like to

00:41:29.880 --> 00:41:38.070 Eric Sarver: be thought of as being critiqued what I've seen from, you know, attending the socials and times is that it's

00:41:39.000 --> 00:41:46.260 Eric Sarver: Kind of a positive critique moderate people give constructive feedback. So, for example, they may point out, but say if someone's

00:41:46.680 --> 00:41:50.940 Eric Sarver: A little too close to the screen or maybe if there are a few too many fillers in their

00:41:51.450 --> 00:41:57.990 Eric Sarver: Vocabulary and how they can change that. But I also hear there's a very constructive, positive vibe that

00:41:58.440 --> 00:42:08.820 Eric Sarver: Gets people more confident and more comfortable speaking in front of a camera and I think that with, you know, a lot of Shuster with Kobe 19 and what's going on in our current

00:42:09.540 --> 00:42:19.680 Eric Sarver: Situation in the business space. And I think that with zoom and WebEx and other forms of video chat being such a key part of our day to day

00:42:20.100 --> 00:42:40.110 Eric Sarver: With potential clients, which potential customers with people that we work with, or form. It's really key to have that constructive feedback about how we appear on camera. So what, there's an interesting formula I think acronym you guys use and video socials my correct that when when

00:42:41.430 --> 00:42:51.630 Eric Sarver: Let's say some of our folks like listening tonight. The side, you know, they're running a business in the pandemic. They want to have more publicity more top of mind. They want to have better SEO.

00:42:52.860 --> 00:43:10.200 Eric Sarver: Etc. And so they go to you and your socials. How am I say they're giving their, their, you know, their two minute triggers feel how might the response look like, what might you look for what might the person who's critiquing them hey

00:43:11.160 --> 00:43:16.950 Vikram Rajan: Leslie remember it because we actually don't have a very like clever.

00:43:18.600 --> 00:43:32.310 Vikram Rajan: Concocted acronym. We and it has changed over time. So we, we used to use arm kip keep improve practice or post, um, we've actually we're finding did and in the refining of it.

00:43:32.850 --> 00:43:42.630 Vikram Rajan: We've lost the elegance of something that's pronounceable and we said, Look, it's more useful for it to be functional bid for it to be clever LIKE iT SPELLS a really fun word or anything.

00:43:43.230 --> 00:43:45.390 Vikram Rajan: Really good. The word, so to speak.

00:43:45.390 --> 00:43:49.650 Vikram Rajan: Is easy comes he a SMS. I actually had to type it out to remember it.

00:43:50.910 --> 00:44:05.910 Vikram Rajan: It's basically the five areas and it just kind of gives a framework for people who give feedback. The number one, to your point, Eric. Where is not that we don't want to be negative, or we only wanted to be rah rah positive. We don't want this Pollyanna. Hey, you did great. And it was just

00:44:06.120 --> 00:44:06.660 Not good.

00:44:08.040 --> 00:44:13.440 Vikram Rajan: And sometimes you need a little bit of tough love. And you need someone to point out something that

00:44:13.470 --> 00:44:21.930 Vikram Rajan: Maybe you're not conscious of yourself, right, we have to do it in a in a respectful way and we feel that as a community where people are getting to know one another.

00:44:23.310 --> 00:44:31.260 Vikram Rajan: That can happen over time because you can get some feedback that you don't want to hear. It's always better when it said it with a smile said it with someone who

00:44:31.530 --> 00:44:36.330 Vikram Rajan: Really do does care about what you're doing because you become friends and colleagues.

00:44:36.600 --> 00:44:45.780 Vikram Rajan: And so the truffle of can come over time and it could also be chatting privately, so not to embarrass anyone. So my partner, Mark. Very often does that by private chat and

00:44:45.960 --> 00:44:55.200 Vikram Rajan: He's running Toastmasters clubs and been president. So, and he's a trained coach, so he knows how to kind of level with people in in a comfortable way. But nonetheless, tell it to them straight

00:44:56.010 --> 00:45:05.130 Vikram Rajan: And some people are tougher than others. Um, there is a definitely a rule of know shutting on others, meaning we don't tell me what they should do or should not do.

00:45:05.460 --> 00:45:17.460 Vikram Rajan: We do definitely share it from an experience perspective of how it landed on me of your video had this impact on me and I mean I'll be your target market. So the fact that you spoken all bunch of slang and jargon.

00:45:18.000 --> 00:45:34.620 Vikram Rajan: Well, I'm not meant to I don't know it, but I'm not the audience. If you are an SEC attorney and talking to hedge fund broker hedge fund managers and broker dealers. Well, you don't have to explain every three letter acronym, because in fact if you do is kind of on an awkward like

00:45:36.390 --> 00:45:43.650 Vikram Rajan: So to speak in their jargon to kind of earn the respect. Um, and then other times you should it so

00:45:44.250 --> 00:45:53.640 Vikram Rajan: You know that yourself. We're not going to share that as numbers, but as members, we're going to talk about your energy, we're going to talk about the appearance. We're going to talk about the structure of your

00:45:54.120 --> 00:46:02.880 Vikram Rajan: Video Blog. What is going on. Cool. What's memorable and if I can't remember anything. Well, that's your problem because you have been repeated it in a way that for me to remember it.

00:46:03.240 --> 00:46:13.440 Vikram Rajan: And then we want to know, like, do I know who to share your video with I mean literally someone to share your video if that's a home run. But I do. I know they're kind of people that you would want me to share your video with

00:46:13.860 --> 00:46:23.760 Vikram Rajan: And again, if that wasn't clear. Well, as you be a marketer, creating a marketing video make that clear. So he isn't he a SMS is

00:46:24.240 --> 00:46:29.700 Vikram Rajan: Really where we are right now. Maybe we'll be able to create some concocted clever word out of it.

00:46:30.180 --> 00:46:35.490 Vikram Rajan: And we were like, who cares. It starts with the energy we find that most important and kind of a circular effect.

00:46:35.730 --> 00:46:41.670 Vikram Rajan: On the other end of it. It is. Do I know who I'm going to share your video with for a word about marketing that becomes so important.

00:46:41.970 --> 00:46:52.770 Vikram Rajan: To all those kind of five areas out, you know, I welcome anyone who's listening or viewing this to come on video socials as a guest and and really experience it and get some some

00:46:53.160 --> 00:47:02.040 Vikram Rajan: Of that feedback it. Yeah, it will be positive and reinforcing but not in a rah rah sense, not in a gimmicky, you know, motivational way hopefully motivational

00:47:03.420 --> 00:47:09.630 Vikram Rajan: Way. Yeah. And in a way that guess as you said Eric builds your confidence we want people to feel confident

00:47:10.290 --> 00:47:17.550 Vikram Rajan: But not to put out stuff that will represent you well. But usually what harder on ourselves than we need to be. And sometimes

00:47:18.090 --> 00:47:29.880 Vikram Rajan: You know, even our own family and friends can be more cynical and sarcastic, then we need to hear. So don't don't take advice from someone that or I think there's a phrase.

00:47:31.050 --> 00:47:31.830 Vikram Rajan: Don't

00:47:33.180 --> 00:47:37.920 Vikram Rajan: Yeah, yeah, don't, don't give advice. Don't take advice from someone that you want to do what they do.

00:47:38.730 --> 00:47:41.670 Vikram Rajan: So if you're not video blogging themselves.

00:47:42.090 --> 00:47:49.440 Vikram Rajan: I'm sure they have something valuable to add, but it with a grain of salt because they don't know what it's like you're not doing it. But if they aren't doing it, they do know what they're doing.

00:47:49.830 --> 00:47:58.740 Vikram Rajan: And you want to be like damn well then there's something to learn there. So I think our members are really able to help each other and I'm looking forward to your, your viewers and listeners. Yes.

00:47:59.550 --> 00:48:05.640 Eric Sarver: And then we have to take a break right now commercial break. We back in a little bit. But, um, I think it was really excellent points right there.

00:48:06.120 --> 00:48:16.650 Eric Sarver: That you're just making folks down by back shortly after this commercial break. This is employment law today with I'm Eric software, your host. This is our guest speaker mode on so be back in just a moment.

00:50:37.950 --> 00:50:42.090 Eric Sarver: Let me just unmute there, folks, welcome back. I'm Eric solver.

00:50:43.500 --> 00:50:51.090 Eric Sarver: Today here with my guest Vikram Rajon from video Vicki said quite a few interesting things there towards the

00:50:51.660 --> 00:50:57.450 Eric Sarver: last segment, if I may just recap a few of them for our listeners. I think I was raised some insights there you're sharing with us.

00:50:58.140 --> 00:51:05.100 Eric Sarver: I think starting out the fact that the the feedback loop that's created by having folks come on to video socials

00:51:05.580 --> 00:51:14.910 Eric Sarver: Each person does their video it's recorded the person who is then going, I believe it's after them. If I'm taking a before them rather gives a critique.

00:51:15.810 --> 00:51:22.560 Eric Sarver: What they can improve on how they can they can change things. And again, you mentioned that you know the critique. It's not meant to

00:51:23.280 --> 00:51:31.110 Eric Sarver: Embarrass or whatnot, but it's also, it's not sugarcoat either. It's not mentioned the word pollyannaish right because if we're really not being

00:51:31.710 --> 00:51:36.780 Eric Sarver: honest with ourselves and with our with our colleagues and we're not really growing. And I think that's an interesting point.

00:51:37.080 --> 00:51:45.360 Eric Sarver: You know, it's my when I heard that I thought about my roles and employment law attorney. Right. I often have clients come to me and they're in

00:51:45.720 --> 00:51:53.670 Eric Sarver: Dire Straits maybe people listening tonight may relate to this people listening might have an issue where they have say department labor audit investigation.

00:51:54.060 --> 00:52:03.000 Eric Sarver: Or they're being sued for overtime violations of it didn't realize they weren't aware of or maybe their employee classification is off, you know, they have people

00:52:03.600 --> 00:52:11.670 Eric Sarver: incorrectly classified as independent contractors who really should not be and when I'm giving tips on compliance and I'm working with these businesses.

00:52:12.450 --> 00:52:21.030 Eric Sarver: I have to give it to them straight have to tell them where they might be making mistakes and what those mistakes can cost them. So it's definitely if I just sugarcoat it Tom ratings. Great.

00:52:21.360 --> 00:52:27.120 Eric Sarver: Then I'm not really doing my job not doing them a service. So, it is good to be reminded that although there's that

00:52:27.660 --> 00:52:36.660 Eric Sarver: There's that positive vibe to it all. There's, there's some constructive critique, you know in the in the mix. And I think you know that that

00:52:37.050 --> 00:52:45.090 Eric Sarver: I mean, just my thoughts on that enough you what your thoughts are, I think, that does something to improve the person's confidence because I think a lot of people

00:52:45.570 --> 00:52:54.600 Eric Sarver: And this might be helpful for our listeners tonight. If you're a listener and you're a small business owner and you're here to learn about employment labor law and you're also here to get tips from

00:52:55.230 --> 00:53:02.040 Eric Sarver: Professionals like Vikram here today. If you're fearful of public speaking and you're in the coven 19 time

00:53:02.670 --> 00:53:11.790 Eric Sarver: That could be problematic because if you're trying to reach customers or clients and you're hesitant on zoom or you don't like to be on camera.

00:53:12.360 --> 00:53:20.220 Eric Sarver: You can run into some real difficulties there, you can run into some real challenges. So I think that, you know, whatever you can do if you're say on a video socials

00:53:20.610 --> 00:53:26.040 Eric Sarver: Club and you spend the 99 bucks for the month. And you're making videos which by the way as Vic pointed out.

00:53:26.460 --> 00:53:36.930 Eric Sarver: You can circulate these videos more than once. Right. It's not just a one time posting, you can post a week later, you can post four times a day. You can post on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter, if I'm not mistaken.

00:53:38.070 --> 00:53:46.920 Eric Sarver: But if you're able to improve your presentation skills and you're able to face that critique and realize that it's not going to kill you.

00:53:47.490 --> 00:54:00.690 Eric Sarver: It might improve your connection when let's say you're speaking to a client or as to appear on a talk radio show like this one. So really, I think it's a good skill that people

00:54:01.140 --> 00:54:09.120 Eric Sarver: Out there might realize or understand it's good for your business. And it's also good for your, your growth as a business owner, I think often

00:54:09.480 --> 00:54:15.960 Eric Sarver: Business owners get into a mindset of the mechanic right now. The Rainmaker so they think, Okay, this is what I do. So I'm going to

00:54:16.410 --> 00:54:24.810 Eric Sarver: roll up my sleeves and focus on these tests to like say for a lawyer, for example, I'm going to write these briefs promotions or I'm going to argue this case.

00:54:25.170 --> 00:54:30.390 Eric Sarver: And that's all great, but part of being a well rounded business owner, someone who is really well rounded and

00:54:30.810 --> 00:54:43.590 Eric Sarver: And can succeed is you really have to, I think, extend yourself. And I think networking and marketing and promotion is all in healthy ways all part of that. So thinking about some of your

00:54:44.790 --> 00:54:53.340 Eric Sarver: Any interesting stories you've had any stories that people joining via socials in during this last dependent MC who have given us some

00:54:53.790 --> 00:55:01.950 Eric Sarver: Feedback or that you want to end with and any also information you want to share with our viewers before we wrap up about how to contact you again the essentials.

00:55:03.390 --> 00:55:08.280 Vikram Rajan: You know, it's, um, it's been a tough time it's been a tough time for a lot of us.

00:55:08.850 --> 00:55:28.890 Vikram Rajan: You know, economically, it's been a tough time emotionally for a lot of us, you know, I'm here in the New York area as you are. Eric and, you know, we went through a heck of a time in, especially the April time period and funny. I think my my Alexa just woke up for some reason. Um, and, but

00:55:30.090 --> 00:55:40.980 Vikram Rajan: For us, there was a lot of catharsis, it was a real community that came together people needed to vent people needed cry. People need to come together.

00:55:42.000 --> 00:55:54.090 Vikram Rajan: And some degree that maybe even is even more so than the marketing aspect, but ultimately people are coming now for the marketing purposes. There's an ROI. There, there, everything we just mentioned.

00:55:55.020 --> 00:56:13.470 Vikram Rajan: We see it. We know we like engaging with people in real time or by video or not military so um I think it's relatively simple. People can you know you, your, your viewers your, your listeners easiest way to get ahold of me is to go to our website video

00:56:14.490 --> 00:56:22.800 Vikram Rajan: In the lower right hand corner of the website will be a chat box. It's not a bot. It's not automated. It comes from straight to my cell phone.

00:56:23.460 --> 00:56:27.510 Vikram Rajan: For now, at least until it gets really annoying. I'll have someone else.

00:56:28.320 --> 00:56:38.520 Vikram Rajan: Answer it but I enjoy when people going on my website and want to ask a question that way. That's really cool. I I'll drop everything and answer that question, including from Members.

00:56:39.330 --> 00:56:45.780 Vikram Rajan: And if I can't help them directly. Someone else on our staff can, but that's the easiest way of course my email address is there, but

00:56:46.620 --> 00:56:56.310 Vikram Rajan: They can't video VI K but video socials dinette is a place and I look forward to having some of your viewers and your listeners to come on as a guest.

00:56:56.550 --> 00:57:09.990 Vikram Rajan: And for them, at the very least every promoting themselves to our large community. We have over 111 members in about a dozen states now also hosting multiple video blogging clubs every day. So ultimately, it's video blogging together front end done

00:57:11.070 --> 00:57:18.270 Eric Sarver: Vic. Thank you. That's been excellent talking with you here tonight somewhere we have your contact information, people know how to reach you, and

00:57:18.630 --> 00:57:22.830 Eric Sarver: We're about out of time, folks. The hour always flies by, in my opinion, but

00:57:23.550 --> 00:57:32.520 Eric Sarver: A TUNE IN. Tuesday nights 5pm to 6pm Eastern Standard Time. If you like what you hearing. Want to hear more. You want to hear tips about employment labor law.

00:57:32.820 --> 00:57:41.430 Eric Sarver: You want to have guest speakers who can inspire you and resources to share with you. Don't forget that talk radio dot NYC calm.

00:57:42.390 --> 00:57:56.280 Eric Sarver: Again, I want to thank you, Vic where my john from via social net and phone once again I'm Eric solver. My law firm is the law offices. Very good. Sorry. Practice employment law and business law for small to mid sized companies.

00:57:57.030 --> 00:58:01.110 Eric Sarver: That's all for tonight, folks. Once again, thank you for tuning in and

00:58:02.160 --> 00:58:06.930 Eric Sarver: Feel free to tune in next week I'll announce our guests on social media shortly. Thank you.

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