The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, October 5, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/10/05 - Coming To The Self - The Chicken & The Eagle


2020/10/05 - Coming To The Self - The Chicken & The Eagle

[NEW EPISODE] Coming To The Self - The Chicken & The Eagle

Our very early experiences set up our perceptions, our view of people and life. How do we recognize and learn to navigate these pre-talking influences on our contemporary lives?

Tune in as we discuss all this and more!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

The bible is the most important text written, but it is not read and interpreted correctly. Why bother understanding the scriptures? Because we will not receive the fullness of life that we are promised if we do not. The show will allow it to be made clear to you. Each individual that we are is a piece of the Christ making up the body of Christ. When we pay attention to our mindfulness, we have more ability to choose in our life and everything else in our life falls into place. A parent is called to help a child develop its unique self. We are called to help a child become and who they were meant to be. How a child is spoken to and made to feel about themselves if carried throughout its days. Encouraging parents to think for themselves, and not feel shame or blame, will do very well with the child. Most people are not brought up this way. 

Segment 2

Dr. Dau gives an example. A child is receiving cookies, and the child is left alone with the cookies. The mother comes in and calls her child “greedy” for eating all the cookies. This is a mother that obviously does this multiple times, it is not a one time occurrence. The child will experience this type of behavior from their mother throughout their lifetime. The child will grow up with shame. Historically this is why people do better as a tribe or a large family. She discusses a patient she had who did not have a good relationship with his father. We will pass on how we were treated in our family. We will either bring people into our lives that let us treat them that way or treat us that way. Our unconscious is like a person we put in the basement, it wants to be healed. Until we get into the core of what is inside of us and what we tell ourselves, nothing is going to change. That is why Dr. Dau loves scripture. This is how prejudism starts, they are brought up around it, but they don’t understand their feelings. 


Segment 3

Dr. Dau tells The Chicken and the Eagle Story. She talks about transference. When you see something you don’t like in someone, it is actually something you don’t like about yourself. When you are pointing a finger, there are fingers pointing back at you. She discusses projection. We don’t see things the way things are, we see things as we are. We need to elevate our minds so we aren’t lying out of our subconscious, and we live life more consciously. The more we are patient with ourselves and forgive ourselves and embrace our humanness, we will be able to be closer to divinity and be there for others. Relationships will touch us in the deepest place. When you are touched in that place and you don’t have awareness of what is going on, you will react to that person. We learn to slow down and learn how to choose how to react instead of reacting from our unconscious wounds.

Segment 4

How do we know what is going on in our subconscious? We need to pay attention to the dialogue in our heads. When we learn to laugh at ourselves for being human and making mistakes, that is great. It is not easy. We are enough, and none of us feel like enough. We are all the same. We are all fine the way we are, but we all have work to do because of what we were told about ourselves. There are distortions. If they are affecting our way of life, then we know it went on for us pre-talking. If we have a strong reaction to something from the outer world that we feel the need to react to, we know that it was something from pre-talking. When we look to have a better life, we do it because we wanna help others have a better life. We want to make differences in other people's lives and learn to love. What we don’t become mindful for, we transmit. We are looking to get rid of it (what is uncomfortable for us), like traits we don’t like. 


00:00:38.610 --> 00:00:50.190 Georgeann Dau: Good evening. Thank you for joining me again. I'm Dr. George endo and this is the journey through into awareness.

00:00:52.080 --> 00:00:57.420 Georgeann Dau: So why is this journey so important, and why is it important to me.

00:00:58.500 --> 00:01:02.370 Georgeann Dau: And why did I say yes to this radio show.

00:01:04.920 --> 00:01:07.620 Georgeann Dau: I want to pass on to you.

00:01:09.750 --> 00:01:16.830 Georgeann Dau: The psychological mystic mystical meaning of the work.

00:01:17.910 --> 00:01:23.820 Georgeann Dau: And teachings of Jesus because they are truth.

00:01:27.120 --> 00:01:39.000 Georgeann Dau: And the Bible is really the most important text written, but it is not read correctly and it is not interpreted correctly.

00:01:39.510 --> 00:01:48.540 Georgeann Dau: So I want to try to help you with that. Because as we dig deeper into scripture and certainly into the Gospels, we get to see

00:01:49.020 --> 00:01:54.630 Georgeann Dau: What Jesus was talking about is really quite profound and it was the psychological

00:01:55.320 --> 00:02:15.960 Georgeann Dau: Concepts and content that we now call psychoanalysis psycho psycho therapy mindfulness, because Jesus certainly did come to bring us a new level of consciousness. And he did that very well whether or not we answer that call is certainly up to us so

00:02:18.570 --> 00:02:29.880 Georgeann Dau: Jesus spoke about the importance of the development of our soul and how important this is and why it's important. And again, you know, when

00:02:30.870 --> 00:02:42.030 Georgeann Dau: organized religion talks about sin I so disliked that word. It's about missing the mark. It's about not getting it right, and none of us do.

00:02:42.900 --> 00:02:58.050 Georgeann Dau: But it's not about going to hell or anything like that. It's about we create our own hell here by our choices. And by the way, we create our realities which is some of what I want to talk about tonight so

00:02:59.820 --> 00:03:09.240 Georgeann Dau: Why bother doing this journey. Why bother doing our inner work, why bother looking to understand the Scriptures.

00:03:10.110 --> 00:03:19.770 Georgeann Dau: Because when we don't, we're not living our own life, we are clearly not living your own life and we are clearly and will never

00:03:20.430 --> 00:03:39.150 Georgeann Dau: Receive the fullness of life that we are promised and we we will look at that and if you, you know, hang with me for the sessions that were together the episodes of my show. I think it's going to be made clear to you at least that's my hope and my prayer.

00:03:41.280 --> 00:03:47.610 Georgeann Dau: You know, and I certainly know that it is God's for you or so. So for instance, I'm

00:03:48.690 --> 00:03:52.290 Georgeann Dau: In the Gospel of Luke five verse four.

00:03:53.400 --> 00:04:05.460 Georgeann Dau: Jesus climbs into Peters boat Peter was just fishing all night long and he just came back in and Jesus is in his boat and Jesus says to him, push out into the deeper waters.

00:04:06.510 --> 00:04:10.470 Georgeann Dau: You've been around the shoreline close to the shore all night long.

00:04:11.850 --> 00:04:13.020 Georgeann Dau: Catch anything

00:04:15.000 --> 00:04:16.980 Georgeann Dau: Go out into deeper waters.

00:04:18.930 --> 00:04:21.960 Georgeann Dau: In Scripture waters means life.

00:04:23.160 --> 00:04:35.040 Georgeann Dau: Know, Jesus is inviting him to go out into the deeper parts of yourselves in life go out into the most important deeper aspects of yourself.

00:04:35.670 --> 00:04:49.620 Georgeann Dau: In life, he says cast your nets in the original Greek text. If we look at that nets and cast is called to look around, it means look around. So Jesus is saying.

00:04:50.160 --> 00:05:12.030 Georgeann Dau: Go out into the deeper waters of your inner world and look around and see what you can catch see what's going on there. We're called to incite in sight. If we really look at that we're called to be open minded expansive not small minded.

00:05:14.850 --> 00:05:15.300 Georgeann Dau: You know,

00:05:17.610 --> 00:05:25.140 Georgeann Dau: God calls each of us creates each of us with a specific distinct purpose in mind.

00:05:26.970 --> 00:05:33.960 Georgeann Dau: And in that purpose we will find the fullness of life for each of us uniquely and individually.

00:05:35.250 --> 00:05:35.700 Georgeann Dau: And

00:05:37.470 --> 00:05:43.170 Georgeann Dau: Each individual that each of us is is a piece of the Christ of the Creator.

00:05:44.070 --> 00:06:03.810 Georgeann Dau: Making up quote the body of Christ, those of us that are listening that are Catholic or Christian we are know from our faith that we speak of the body of Christ and it speaks of that the hand can't live without the leg. The, the arm or the wrist and the foot can't be without the leg.

00:06:05.820 --> 00:06:07.320 Georgeann Dau: And so it is with us.

00:06:08.400 --> 00:06:21.630 Georgeann Dau: But also our full consciousness, our full mindfulness cannot live without us recognizing

00:06:22.860 --> 00:06:33.780 Georgeann Dau: The presence of the subconscious and the unconscious and what it speaks to us. There's a big difference between quote therapy.

00:06:34.320 --> 00:06:56.250 Georgeann Dau: And psychoanalysis that I find, certainly I can only speak from my training and my colleagues that I am not looking to give you, or my patients answers. It's not about that or or or tools so to speak of ways to deal with.

00:06:57.870 --> 00:06:58.710 Georgeann Dau: Yourself.

00:07:00.090 --> 00:07:09.990 Georgeann Dau: I look to help my patient and help you to discover within yourself in your depth, what is going on.

00:07:11.790 --> 00:07:16.710 Georgeann Dau: And we do that by me paying attention to everything that is said to me.

00:07:19.590 --> 00:07:23.160 Georgeann Dau: By the way, um, I misquoted in the last show

00:07:24.600 --> 00:07:25.530 Georgeann Dau: I said that

00:07:26.730 --> 00:07:29.280 Georgeann Dau: And I want to clear that up. I said that

00:07:31.620 --> 00:07:47.310 Georgeann Dau: The Word was made flesh, the Word was with God and the Word was made flesh and that, in fact, is a is said, but it's not said in Genesis, it is said

00:07:48.930 --> 00:07:59.970 Georgeann Dau: In john one six through 18 that it's spoken about. That's the Word was made flesh. So I just wanted to clear that up. Okay. Um,

00:08:01.290 --> 00:08:01.800 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:08:04.740 --> 00:08:17.790 Georgeann Dau: One of the most important pieces of I find in the Bible. If you wanted to start reading would be the Sermon on the Mount, because everything is is in there. It's an incredible teaching

00:08:18.390 --> 00:08:30.870 Georgeann Dau: Of Jesus Christ. You know, the Bible is one of the most important collections of mysticism ever written. And it's a shame because most people never read it.

00:08:31.590 --> 00:08:51.960 Georgeann Dau: It's not meant to be read, read, you know, from cover to cover. It's not about that. But, um, it really brings into awareness, the fabric of our humanity and the fabric of our divinity, because we both we all have both in us.

00:08:53.160 --> 00:08:58.170 Georgeann Dau: And it's a true and false self, which will go into look at

00:09:00.000 --> 00:09:01.650 Georgeann Dau: You know, our true self.

00:09:03.300 --> 00:09:06.270 Georgeann Dau: Is given to us by God.

00:09:07.560 --> 00:09:19.140 Georgeann Dau: Our false self is like this tiny little flame flickering that we looked at last week that we created, sort of, as the mechanical self.

00:09:23.520 --> 00:09:24.660 Georgeann Dau: When we

00:09:25.860 --> 00:09:27.990 Georgeann Dau: When we pay attention.

00:09:30.960 --> 00:09:46.140 Georgeann Dau: To our mindfulness. When we can learn what that is and learn to pay attention to it as it's chattering away, you know, the Buddhists call it the monkey mind because the thoughts swing from one branch to another.

00:09:48.210 --> 00:10:03.390 Georgeann Dau: It really sets we have more control. I hate that word we have more ability to choose in our life and then everything else in our life sort of falls into place.

00:10:04.680 --> 00:10:06.900 Georgeann Dau: So we looked at last week.

00:10:10.410 --> 00:10:19.890 Georgeann Dau: The stages of development zero to seven. What happens the child being a sponge. It takes everything in that it was brought up around

00:10:21.390 --> 00:10:24.270 Georgeann Dau: emulating Mommy Daddy elder siblings.

00:10:25.830 --> 00:10:31.530 Georgeann Dau: Takes in conversations at heard contexts of behaviors.

00:10:33.030 --> 00:10:43.560 Georgeann Dau: Ways parents and siblings and people in the home act how people at school going Act and the child takes all of this on.

00:10:45.060 --> 00:10:48.960 Georgeann Dau: As truth as a way to be and

00:10:51.450 --> 00:11:07.620 Georgeann Dau: A child is called a parent is called to help a child develop its uniqueness its unique self but I don't know about you, but I don't find many times. And again, no criticism to the parents. None of us no matter parent well

00:11:08.760 --> 00:11:10.530 Georgeann Dau: We all make mistakes with our children.

00:11:11.880 --> 00:11:26.340 Georgeann Dau: But we're called to help a child become develop the unique place in them the uniqueness of who they are, who they were meant to be how a child has spoken to.

00:11:27.900 --> 00:11:48.600 Georgeann Dau: How it was made to feel about it's him herself is carried with the child into adulthood all its days and we looked at that. So parents that encouraged their child to develop well to think for itself to encourage it start

00:11:49.860 --> 00:11:58.470 Georgeann Dau: To not make you feel wrong and shame and blamed when it makes a mistake in thinking for the self.

00:11:59.760 --> 00:12:09.210 Georgeann Dau: Will do very, very well with the child, but most of us were not brought up this way. Many times, this doesn't doesn't happen.

00:12:09.870 --> 00:12:21.270 Georgeann Dau: And like we looked at last week a child will always look to feel loved and accepted by the family. So whatever the child were wherever the child God acknowledgment.

00:12:22.110 --> 00:12:36.300 Georgeann Dau: Even if it's sacrifice parts of itself, it will move towards to feel a part of the family to feel loved. We come from love. We come from God. So good. Love is what we are. Love is really all we know.

00:12:38.010 --> 00:12:49.410 Georgeann Dau: And a child will do whatever it can do to feel loved and accepted by the entire family. So maybe you can ask yourself this question. If you haven't already.

00:12:49.980 --> 00:13:03.420 Georgeann Dau: You know, where does my child's or where does my opinions come from where did my views and attitudes come from, where do my child's attitudes and opinions come from.

00:13:04.830 --> 00:13:07.590 Georgeann Dau: And where do they come from now as an adult.

00:13:09.030 --> 00:13:19.650 Georgeann Dau: Where do they come from, as an adult, as an adult, we're to our opinions, our judgments our outlook on life come from.

00:13:21.690 --> 00:13:31.440 Georgeann Dau: What is our sense of self. Where does it come from, what do we remember about the way we were made to feel about ourself growing up.

00:13:33.840 --> 00:13:50.040 Georgeann Dau: How does a child grown into adult develop a healthy sense of self and even more important than what happened, what's important is how it made whatever went on in the family, how you were made to feel

00:13:51.510 --> 00:13:53.610 Georgeann Dau: As the child now grown adult

00:13:55.290 --> 00:13:57.810 Georgeann Dau: Experienced what we're known in that home.

00:14:01.620 --> 00:14:04.590 Georgeann Dau: So we're going to take one minute break.

00:14:05.760 --> 00:14:12.060 Georgeann Dau: And I want to give some examples of when we come back, so thank you for your attention. Thank you.

00:16:29.070 --> 00:16:33.210 Georgeann Dau: Hi, welcome back to rejuvenate through. I'm Dr. George and down.

00:16:34.290 --> 00:16:41.700 Georgeann Dau: So I want to give some examples of what I was just talking about, but how a child develops a sense of self and what happens

00:16:44.790 --> 00:17:01.380 Georgeann Dau: In the house in the environment that the job was brought up in. And now, as adults, how it affects us still so there was a great example of a an overweight woman who is the mother of a little girl.

00:17:02.460 --> 00:17:02.910 Georgeann Dau: And

00:17:03.930 --> 00:17:08.010 Georgeann Dau: The mother asked the child if she'd like some cookies.

00:17:09.060 --> 00:17:14.940 Georgeann Dau: And the child does not look like she has a weight problem. She's about eight years old.

00:17:15.660 --> 00:17:23.400 Georgeann Dau: So the child of course smiles, very excited. Right. We all love cookies and the mother goes in and gets a whole plate of cookies.

00:17:23.940 --> 00:17:27.810 Georgeann Dau: There are many, many cookies on this plate large size plate like a dinner plate.

00:17:28.500 --> 00:17:44.970 Georgeann Dau: And it's full, and she comes, and she brings it and puts it down in front of the child and smiles and the child smiles. Very excited and the mother leaves the room, so the child sits there, of course, and the child is eating all the cookies.

00:17:46.020 --> 00:17:53.910 Georgeann Dau: And the mother comes in and the child is smiling and the mother looks at the child.

00:17:55.470 --> 00:18:01.230 Georgeann Dau: With a very stern face and says you greedy little too.

00:18:03.330 --> 00:18:05.220 Georgeann Dau: And you see the child's face go

00:18:07.830 --> 00:18:10.560 Georgeann Dau: To complete upset and shame.

00:18:12.180 --> 00:18:15.510 Georgeann Dau: It doesn't take much for a child.

00:18:16.890 --> 00:18:19.860 Georgeann Dau: To be hurt to lose it sense of self.

00:18:20.880 --> 00:18:30.540 Georgeann Dau: A child doesn't have the tools. Yet, when I say pre talking. I'm talking about a child not having the experience child doesn't have the experience or the tools yet.

00:18:31.680 --> 00:18:34.260 Georgeann Dau: To recognize that mother and father

00:18:35.670 --> 00:18:44.430 Georgeann Dau: Or struggling having a bad day not doing the right thing. And again, no blame on have to parent

00:18:45.690 --> 00:18:48.450 Georgeann Dau: Which is looking at how it makes a child feel

00:18:49.590 --> 00:19:04.530 Georgeann Dau: So now this is a mother that obviously has this isn't a one time occurrence, a mother will bring a child up in what we're looking at here that will go on how we do one thing is how we do everything.

00:19:06.060 --> 00:19:11.070 Georgeann Dau: It's not a one time occurrence. So that child will experience this type of

00:19:12.270 --> 00:19:16.440 Georgeann Dau: Behavior from Mother towards itself.

00:19:18.120 --> 00:19:24.870 Georgeann Dau: A lifetime of that the child will most likely grow up with shame.

00:19:27.240 --> 00:19:29.190 Georgeann Dau: Not feeling so great about herself.

00:19:30.420 --> 00:19:38.250 Georgeann Dau: Now, if a child has a grandparent or an aunt that can show her the other side of something like that. That's great.

00:19:39.510 --> 00:19:49.260 Georgeann Dau: That really is very helpful. That's why. Historically, people always did better when there was a big family or a tribe.

00:19:50.640 --> 00:19:53.190 Georgeann Dau: No, it's great. Native American Indians.

00:19:54.210 --> 00:20:15.450 Georgeann Dau: They would raise a family as a tribe, which is just so great. We don't have that anymore in our society. And we've lost a lot of ritual ism, which is so important in helping our young people, our children to grow into healthy adults and I'm going to have a guest on in two weeks.

00:20:17.700 --> 00:20:22.380 Georgeann Dau: And he is very much involved with the men's group where they deal with

00:20:23.730 --> 00:20:32.040 Georgeann Dau: Male development and ritual ism and why that's important in our world and society today. So that'll be a very interesting show

00:20:33.840 --> 00:20:43.410 Georgeann Dau: You know, by the way, Michelangelo was told by his father that nothing good comes out of working with your hands.

00:20:45.690 --> 00:20:53.070 Georgeann Dau: Thank God he didn't listen to him. Right, thank God, Michelangelo thought for himself must have had a mother that helped him.

00:20:56.040 --> 00:20:57.180 Georgeann Dau: It's really something.

00:20:58.830 --> 00:21:00.450 Georgeann Dau: I have a patient who

00:21:02.970 --> 00:21:07.320 Georgeann Dau: really struggled with his relationship with his father. His father was incredibly mean

00:21:09.450 --> 00:21:14.520 Georgeann Dau: ridiculed him made him wrong for everything, no matter what the little boy did

00:21:16.830 --> 00:21:18.180 Georgeann Dau: Was never good enough for daddy.

00:21:19.230 --> 00:21:22.170 Georgeann Dau: And he tried to have a relationship with his father, but

00:21:23.580 --> 00:21:40.650 Georgeann Dau: Really was very difficult. So my patient was now in his late 30s and the father became very ill and was inhospitable and my patient wanted to discuss with me what it would be like to sort of try to make amends and

00:21:42.540 --> 00:21:52.320 Georgeann Dau: It sounds like that was important to him. And that's what he wanted. And that was great. So we worked out talked about what that would look like. And I helped him with that.

00:21:54.060 --> 00:22:04.020 Georgeann Dau: And he came back a week later, and to report that he went into the hospital room and his father was really on his deathbed.

00:22:05.310 --> 00:22:26.250 Georgeann Dau: And he spoke to his dad and told his father that he was loved him, and that he really had always wanted a better relationship with him, and that he really believed that his father tried to be a good father and his father started yelling

00:22:27.630 --> 00:22:43.770 Georgeann Dau: I don't know what you're talking about. All you did was continually flushing toys down the toilet you created more plumbing problems for your mother and I do you know how many times I had to call the plumber. You can't believe this is on this man step in

00:22:46.230 --> 00:22:49.050 Georgeann Dau: So my patient left that room free

00:22:50.640 --> 00:22:55.710 Georgeann Dau: Because he got to face what was inside of him. His wilderness

00:22:56.970 --> 00:22:59.670 Georgeann Dau: And he got to see finally that

00:23:03.000 --> 00:23:04.470 Georgeann Dau: His perception was correct.

00:23:06.780 --> 00:23:11.550 Georgeann Dau: You really did try to have a good relationship with his father and his father was not capable

00:23:14.040 --> 00:23:22.080 Georgeann Dau: And his father, probably did a better job than what he received. You see, we will pass on how we retreated.

00:23:23.460 --> 00:23:25.860 Georgeann Dau: However, we were treated in our family.

00:23:27.510 --> 00:23:36.000 Georgeann Dau: We will pass on. We will either bring people into our lives that let us treat them that way or we will bring people in our lives that

00:23:36.840 --> 00:23:52.920 Georgeann Dau: Treat us that way. One of the other, but either way it's going to be repeated without question why because this lives inside of us in our unconscious and what lives in our unconscious is always looking to be yields.

00:23:56.280 --> 00:23:58.650 Georgeann Dau: It's like a person that we put in the basement.

00:24:01.530 --> 00:24:06.630 Georgeann Dau: That's banging on the door wants to get out. It wants to be healed.

00:24:08.520 --> 00:24:13.830 Georgeann Dau: Any part of us that was ridiculed shamed or blamed as a child.

00:24:15.390 --> 00:24:26.580 Georgeann Dau: We've created ways as a child to deal with that defend against that. So we didn't have to feel that wound so many times we transfer onto people

00:24:28.890 --> 00:24:30.630 Georgeann Dau: That which we don't want to feel

00:24:35.850 --> 00:24:37.440 Georgeann Dau: I have a patient to

00:24:38.700 --> 00:24:55.950 Georgeann Dau: Mother and father got divorced when he was young, the mother had him feel very responsible to care for her. She was made to feel very responsible to care for her mother. So, of course, she repeated that. But with her son, show me as the sun and

00:24:58.950 --> 00:25:06.630 Georgeann Dau: To this day, he's working through is doing better and better, but to this day. He feels responsible to take care of everybody.

00:25:08.400 --> 00:25:09.480 Georgeann Dau: To be a caregiver.

00:25:11.820 --> 00:25:13.740 Georgeann Dau: You know, in order for us to

00:25:15.450 --> 00:25:36.360 Georgeann Dau: Work anything through, we have to see what what's living in us. This is the piece that it seems that no one wants to do. No one wants to see the disorder that lives in us, because we have to face some painful occurrences, we have to face some things that inside of us that

00:25:37.710 --> 00:25:41.970 Georgeann Dau: We were made to not feel good about even if they were not true.

00:25:43.140 --> 00:25:50.820 Georgeann Dau: So I think I mentioned in one of the shows that I was brought up to feel that I was stupid. I mean, who wants to look at that. I felt that way.

00:25:52.320 --> 00:25:59.910 Georgeann Dau: But I had to look at that for me to work it through with all my tears and upset and sadness.

00:26:01.140 --> 00:26:03.450 Georgeann Dau: To experience it, that was not true.

00:26:05.280 --> 00:26:09.450 Georgeann Dau: But it doesn't just go away by itself, you know, some of the most

00:26:13.380 --> 00:26:17.340 Georgeann Dau: Well marketed books that sell or self help books.

00:26:18.540 --> 00:26:24.210 Georgeann Dau: You can read every self help book on the planet until we engage in the inner work.

00:26:25.440 --> 00:26:32.730 Georgeann Dau: And really get down to the core of what's inside of us. And what we tell ourselves.

00:26:34.200 --> 00:26:35.970 Georgeann Dau: Nothing's going to change.

00:26:37.890 --> 00:26:45.060 Georgeann Dau: And that's why I love Scripture because it shows us that Jesus didn't just teach it. He lived it.

00:26:47.760 --> 00:26:52.140 Georgeann Dau: You know my passion is the psychological commentaries on the Gospels, right.

00:26:55.770 --> 00:27:03.240 Georgeann Dau: So again, whatever we were brought up around becomes our beliefs about ourselves, others and life.

00:27:04.320 --> 00:27:09.060 Georgeann Dau: And I'd like to mention again. That's how prejudice starts

00:27:11.250 --> 00:27:23.520 Georgeann Dau: So many people that I work with, when it comes up that they might experience prejudice stick feelings when we really break it down and look at it.

00:27:24.390 --> 00:27:30.900 Georgeann Dau: It was just that they were brought up around that they're not really prejudice. They don't really even know where these feelings escaped from

00:27:32.460 --> 00:27:39.690 Georgeann Dau: But we have to expose them for them to look at it to get a grasp on what it feeling like this.

00:27:40.980 --> 00:27:42.450 Georgeann Dau: So that it can be

00:27:44.790 --> 00:27:45.750 Georgeann Dau: worked through

00:27:47.760 --> 00:27:50.490 Georgeann Dau: This is why it's a journey through

00:27:52.350 --> 00:27:56.700 Georgeann Dau: We need to go through sort through

00:27:57.900 --> 00:27:59.340 Georgeann Dau: What's inside of us.

00:28:00.360 --> 00:28:07.050 Georgeann Dau: The dialogue we tell ourselves where it came from, and how it's affecting our adult life.

00:28:11.760 --> 00:28:19.920 Georgeann Dau: Yet, growing up with call to develop our true selves, because in doing that we're going to be developing our soul.

00:28:21.150 --> 00:28:28.620 Georgeann Dau: Thank you. We're going to take a quick break. I look forward to to seeing in a little bit. Thank you. Thank you very much.

00:30:57.480 --> 00:30:58.620 Georgeann Dau: Okay. Hi, welcome back.

00:31:00.060 --> 00:31:02.310 Georgeann Dau: So again what we were told.

00:31:03.630 --> 00:31:20.340 Georgeann Dau: Or made to believe about ourselves. We came to believe and it shows up in so many different ways. But our vision is distorted our outlook can be distorted. I'm going to tell you a story.

00:31:21.450 --> 00:31:23.910 Georgeann Dau: It's called the chicken and eagle. You might have heard it.

00:31:25.470 --> 00:31:26.670 Georgeann Dau: So there was a chicken.

00:31:27.720 --> 00:31:32.610 Georgeann Dau: hen house and chicken pen and a man's yard and he raised chickens.

00:31:34.410 --> 00:31:35.280 Georgeann Dau: And one day.

00:31:37.260 --> 00:31:43.410 Georgeann Dau: A baby eagle fell out of its nest and landed in the chicken house.

00:31:45.090 --> 00:31:55.050 Georgeann Dau: So it was with the chickens in it. Watch the chickens and it learned to scratch dirt and it learned to flap its wings and it learned to

00:31:56.370 --> 00:31:58.230 Georgeann Dau: Call now that's a crow.

00:31:59.460 --> 00:32:01.830 Georgeann Dau: I'm not a good storyteller. I'm

00:32:02.910 --> 00:32:12.510 Georgeann Dau: Not a good cook, either. I think I said that, um, but it learned everything that a chicken does while it was in the in the chicken pen.

00:32:13.830 --> 00:32:16.680 Georgeann Dau: And one day, it looked up.

00:32:19.290 --> 00:32:51.390 Georgeann Dau: And it's saw this big bird with these big outstretched wings flying and it said to its little Chicken friend, you said, Wow, look at that. What is that, wow, and the chicken said to the baby eagle. That's an eagle. It's a bird of the sky, which is chickens were birds of the earth.

00:32:52.860 --> 00:33:02.580 Georgeann Dau: And the eagle Eagle it continued to remain a chicken and stay in the chicken pen and never flying

00:33:04.140 --> 00:33:08.880 Georgeann Dau: But isn't it interesting that it identified itself.

00:33:10.290 --> 00:33:11.580 Georgeann Dau: In the outer world.

00:33:13.500 --> 00:33:28.680 Georgeann Dau: You know when I teach, and someone comes up to me and they say, Oh my gosh, Dr. Tao. I love what you said, I can just, I love it and I say it's because you already have it. You cannot embrace in me.

00:33:29.850 --> 00:33:50.700 Georgeann Dau: Anything that you saw in you, if you don't have it already. And so it is when you don't like someone so if there are people that you don't like, and you choose that you want to say something about them or talk about them. Um. It's about you. It's not about them.

00:33:54.240 --> 00:34:09.120 Georgeann Dau: You can think that they're doing something that is the reason you don't like them but somewhere along the line, what you don't like them for either you do it or you soon as somebody do it growing up that left a bad taste in your mouth and you didn't like

00:34:10.530 --> 00:34:14.520 Georgeann Dau: And that's the truth, but people don't like to hear this at all.

00:34:16.800 --> 00:34:17.730 Georgeann Dau: But it's the truth.

00:34:21.060 --> 00:34:25.950 Georgeann Dau: There and that's called transference. What we don't

00:34:27.150 --> 00:34:38.820 Georgeann Dau: Like to see in ourselves we project outward out here. So always remember that one we're pointing a finger at someone that the thumb is always pointing back at us.

00:34:40.680 --> 00:34:42.510 Georgeann Dau: So he's pointing back at ourselves.

00:34:46.260 --> 00:34:49.740 Georgeann Dau: So there, there was a master.

00:34:50.760 --> 00:34:52.470 Georgeann Dau: Who would teach a group of students.

00:34:53.790 --> 00:34:55.440 Georgeann Dau: And his name was Ness Rutan

00:34:57.000 --> 00:34:59.370 Georgeann Dau: And as root and told one of his students

00:35:00.810 --> 00:35:01.860 Georgeann Dau: That he would

00:35:03.330 --> 00:35:08.550 Georgeann Dau: Be home at four o'clock, and they would have a class. So that's written went out for the day.

00:35:09.870 --> 00:35:12.720 Georgeann Dau: And the student came to the house.

00:35:14.310 --> 00:35:20.130 Georgeann Dau: And this room wasn't home at four o'clock so Ness Rutan obviously made a mistake and he forgot

00:35:21.690 --> 00:35:25.020 Georgeann Dau: So the student was so angry. He wrote

00:35:26.370 --> 00:35:28.890 Georgeann Dau: On Ness rutan's gate.

00:35:30.000 --> 00:35:32.010 Georgeann Dau: You stupid. Oh.

00:35:33.960 --> 00:35:34.620 Georgeann Dau: And he left.

00:35:36.120 --> 00:35:37.680 Georgeann Dau: So nets route and came on.

00:35:39.990 --> 00:35:45.270 Georgeann Dau: Any call to student. And he said, oh my goodness, I'm so sorry.

00:35:46.980 --> 00:35:57.870 Georgeann Dau: I forgot we had a meeting at four o'clock, please forgive me, but I knew you were here as soon as I noticed that you wrote your name on my gate.

00:36:01.980 --> 00:36:02.760 That story.

00:36:04.290 --> 00:36:05.700 Georgeann Dau: And such a great story.

00:36:08.250 --> 00:36:21.450 Georgeann Dau: And so it is with us. And so it is with us and it's part of the fabric of being human, you know. Oh my goodness. Think of if everyone really got a grasp this

00:36:23.130 --> 00:36:31.950 Georgeann Dau: And and took responsibility for themselves what a different world. It would be, oh my goodness would be so fantastic. You know,

00:36:33.030 --> 00:36:50.820 Georgeann Dau: Where we don't like where we make mistakes. We look to projected out on someone else projection. I don't like the way I'm feeling and I'm going to get rid of it. So I'm going to project it onto you.

00:36:51.840 --> 00:36:58.680 Georgeann Dau: Have you ever met that somehow when you go into the grocery store and you feeling good and you run into someone and

00:36:59.790 --> 00:37:11.790 Georgeann Dau: They just have so much on their heart and they just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about it and it's all very negative and you walk away kind of feeling like, oh, I don't feel so good anymore.

00:37:13.290 --> 00:37:16.440 Georgeann Dau: We all can do it. And we've all received it.

00:37:18.390 --> 00:37:24.300 Georgeann Dau: So none of us see things the way they are, we see things as we are.

00:37:26.280 --> 00:37:33.000 Georgeann Dau: And our goal is to go beyond the workings of our mind and elevate our consciousness.

00:37:34.200 --> 00:37:39.210 Georgeann Dau: So that we're not living out out of our subconscious, we're not living

00:37:39.810 --> 00:37:54.720 Georgeann Dau: Life unconsciously that we are living life more consciously and that's the only way to ever have the fullness of life. There are no victims, no one can make you feel anything.

00:37:55.500 --> 00:38:02.400 Georgeann Dau: whatever is happening out here is just a trigger for what's already happening in here.

00:38:02.910 --> 00:38:21.360 Georgeann Dau: When we look at this in my group or when my patient has to look at it, it's very difficult because none of us want to see it. The small minds of the ego worked very, very hard at developing this mechanical self as a way to defend against that which it was made to feel

00:38:24.060 --> 00:38:25.170 Georgeann Dau: Doesn't want to feel it.

00:38:26.790 --> 00:38:28.230 Georgeann Dau: Doesn't want to change.

00:38:29.550 --> 00:38:39.270 Georgeann Dau: It. So this, this is true. I'm going to put this consciousness in a box, put a bow on it, put it on the shelf and I got this all together.

00:38:40.830 --> 00:38:42.120 Georgeann Dau: But it doesn't work.

00:38:43.320 --> 00:38:44.310 Georgeann Dau: It does not work.

00:38:46.230 --> 00:38:58.590 Georgeann Dau: If I'm driving in my car and I'm feeling angry at the person in front of me. Who's driving. So I know that I have something going on. I might not know what it is, but there's something going on in me.

00:38:59.190 --> 00:39:08.970 Georgeann Dau: That I'm struggling with, because it has nothing to do with that person driving slow. It has to do with me that I'm in a rush, and then I'm agitated that they're not

00:39:10.110 --> 00:39:13.380 Georgeann Dau: Participating in what I think should be in that moment.

00:39:15.510 --> 00:39:17.100 Georgeann Dau: And we all are called

00:39:18.120 --> 00:39:39.810 Georgeann Dau: To awaken to what's going on so that we can take more charge of our lives and have a better life. This is very important when it comes to having relationships, whether it be marriage or or or partner of work any relationship relationship with one another. My relationship with you.

00:39:40.920 --> 00:39:52.800 Georgeann Dau: And the more we can do this for ourselves. The more we are able to do it for one another, the more we're patient with ourselves that

00:39:55.980 --> 00:40:01.740 Georgeann Dau: We I thought I had this muted. It was a, oh my gosh, I'm talking for nothing. I'm

00:40:03.480 --> 00:40:10.590 Georgeann Dau: The more we're able to forgive ourselves. Be patient with ourselves, the more loving embrace

00:40:11.850 --> 00:40:22.620 Georgeann Dau: In who we are as humans brings us more to divinity and will also open us up to be able to be there more and more for others.

00:40:23.670 --> 00:40:46.110 Georgeann Dau: More and more for others and by be there. I mean, I'm not talking about caregiving although you can do that if you want. I'm talking about being able to meet a person where they are, you know, I really never knew how to be with someone who lost a loved one until I had debts close to me.

00:40:47.970 --> 00:40:52.710 Georgeann Dau: And I never really knew what to say. And when I think about what I did say

00:40:54.240 --> 00:41:05.010 Georgeann Dau: You know, when my father died. And I thought about in the past. What I did say to others. Um, it kind of made me feel like I didn't quite do that right

00:41:07.200 --> 00:41:08.880 Georgeann Dau: Because I didn't have any idea.

00:41:10.110 --> 00:41:17.790 Georgeann Dau: I'm just like, like I couldn't do this work if I didn't take this journey myself for 40 years

00:41:21.270 --> 00:41:22.200 Georgeann Dau: None of us can

00:41:23.940 --> 00:41:24.840 Georgeann Dau: None of us can

00:41:27.450 --> 00:41:43.020 Georgeann Dau: You know, over time through consciousness, we come to accept all the many parts of ourselves and we can take charge of them instead of them taking control of us.

00:41:44.760 --> 00:41:49.380 Georgeann Dau: So if I'm in a relationship when we're going to have a segment on relationships.

00:41:50.400 --> 00:41:53.910 Georgeann Dau: If I'm in a relationship and

00:41:56.070 --> 00:41:58.350 Georgeann Dau: There was something that is happening that

00:41:59.700 --> 00:42:02.130 Georgeann Dau: I'm not feeling good about

00:42:05.220 --> 00:42:08.700 Georgeann Dau: Relationships will touch us in the deepest place.

00:42:10.770 --> 00:42:13.350 Georgeann Dau: For many reasons that will look at, at some point.

00:42:15.660 --> 00:42:17.910 Georgeann Dau: But when I'm touched in that place.

00:42:19.230 --> 00:42:22.710 Georgeann Dau: If I don't have awareness of what's going on.

00:42:24.300 --> 00:42:26.520 Georgeann Dau: I will react.

00:42:28.140 --> 00:42:44.430 Georgeann Dau: To that person and once something flies out of our mouth and we say it. We can never take it back. And there are many things said outwardly that really affects someone inwardly and can really ruin a relationship.

00:42:46.050 --> 00:42:50.460 Georgeann Dau: I have a patient that just actually made a mistake and did that.

00:42:51.750 --> 00:42:52.110 Georgeann Dau: But

00:42:55.620 --> 00:43:01.530 Georgeann Dau: We learn how to slow down and choose how we want to be.

00:43:02.610 --> 00:43:26.010 Georgeann Dau: Choose how to act instead of React from the unconscious wounds that live in us. And this is very difficult material to talk about if you're not in the process. So I apologize for that. I really, you know, with all my heart. I'm hoping that I'm making sense to to all of you.

00:43:27.090 --> 00:43:29.460 Georgeann Dau: We're going to take a brief a brief break. Thank you.

00:45:53.940 --> 00:45:54.930 Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:45:56.340 --> 00:45:58.140 Georgeann Dau: It's very warm, all of a sudden

00:45:59.490 --> 00:46:00.600 Georgeann Dau: Anyway, um,

00:46:01.650 --> 00:46:02.220 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:46:04.650 --> 00:46:05.850 Georgeann Dau: How do we know

00:46:08.160 --> 00:46:14.820 Georgeann Dau: How do we know what's going on in our unconscious in our subconscious.

00:46:16.290 --> 00:46:19.710 Georgeann Dau: Pay attention. We need to pay attention to the dialogue.

00:46:20.760 --> 00:46:29.700 Georgeann Dau: In our heads, you know, the voice in the back of your head. The one that says what voice that that's chattering away.

00:46:30.600 --> 00:46:46.170 Georgeann Dau: And it'll tell tell us all sorts of things about ourselves. Oh my gosh, you know, my mind, many times is on my gosh. You look awful. Really, are you really need to do something about that. That's my mother's voice.

00:46:47.220 --> 00:46:53.070 Georgeann Dau: That's my mother's voice. I was the ugly duckling I this is the seven years old. And that was the beautiful

00:46:53.850 --> 00:47:13.200 Georgeann Dau: So I've always had that inside of me, and we have all of these type of things inside of me. You know, I have a very, very dear friend who I just I just adore and. She's a, she's a great spiritual director and she says, you know, we all think we know. But we're all bozos on the bus.

00:47:14.880 --> 00:47:16.590 Georgeann Dau: And I love that because

00:47:18.270 --> 00:47:31.860 Georgeann Dau: We are and when we can really laugh at ourselves for being human and making mistakes. Um, that's great. I wasn't always able to do that. Believe me, believe me. Um,

00:47:32.880 --> 00:47:35.310 Georgeann Dau: But you know nothing.

00:47:36.930 --> 00:47:39.660 Georgeann Dau: We will always look to have things define us

00:47:41.580 --> 00:47:50.940 Georgeann Dau: We know then that we're coming from the small minds of the ego nothing to find us. Nothing has to define us. We are enough. None of us feel like enough.

00:47:53.130 --> 00:48:05.670 Georgeann Dau: None of us feel loved enough. We're all the same. None of us feel like enough. None of us feel loved enough. None of us feel worthy enough. And that's all lies. All of it.

00:48:08.040 --> 00:48:09.720 Georgeann Dau: We're all just find the way we are.

00:48:11.040 --> 00:48:12.420 Georgeann Dau: We all have work to do.

00:48:14.670 --> 00:48:18.930 Georgeann Dau: Because of what was put into us that we've been looking at

00:48:20.370 --> 00:48:29.250 Georgeann Dau: From what we were told about ourselves that the voice in the back of the head of our head will tell us what we were told about ourselves.

00:48:31.470 --> 00:48:43.110 Georgeann Dau: But again, they're distortions, if they're affecting the way we view life if there are, if they're affecting our relationships with self God and other

00:48:43.590 --> 00:48:53.970 Georgeann Dau: Than we know that it went on for us pre talking. If we have a strong reaction to a situation in the outer world.

00:48:54.930 --> 00:49:01.200 Georgeann Dau: That we feel we need to react to. We know that something's going on in us that's pre talking

00:49:02.070 --> 00:49:13.800 Georgeann Dau: We will look to want to blame. We will look to want to have the other person change, we will look to try to have get rid of it that way. But that's not it. It's us

00:49:14.550 --> 00:49:26.610 Georgeann Dau: And it's us not in a way of blame or shame, which is what we had as children, but as ownership. I'm going to own this because I want a better life.

00:49:27.120 --> 00:49:39.870 Georgeann Dau: And when we look to have a better life. We're doing this just for ourselves. We want a better life. I want to be better because I want to have, you have a better life. I want to treat you better

00:49:41.040 --> 00:49:43.350 Georgeann Dau: I want to make a difference in your life.

00:49:45.330 --> 00:49:50.280 Georgeann Dau: I want to be a better human being for you. I want to learn to love.

00:49:51.540 --> 00:49:54.750 Georgeann Dau: Not just for me for all of us for you.

00:50:06.720 --> 00:50:26.730 Georgeann Dau: What we don't transform what we don't become mindful of awaken to and transform we transmit we transmit we're looking to put it somewhere. We're looking to get rid of. We're looking to get rid of that which is uncomfortable for us.

00:50:28.200 --> 00:50:31.050 Georgeann Dau: Right. We all have traits that we don't like.

00:50:33.240 --> 00:50:39.300 Georgeann Dau: We all do. We were human right. There are plenty of things that I struggle with.

00:50:41.130 --> 00:51:00.750 Georgeann Dau: But they don't define me. And they don't make they don't make my life about that and our attachments. What we're attached to all the things we're attached to, what are we making God with the small g right next week. I want to go through

00:51:04.530 --> 00:51:15.240 Georgeann Dau: The last piece on this segment of the order of of how we do all of this. What we've looked at in the past couple of weeks order disorder and reorder

00:51:16.620 --> 00:51:18.720 Georgeann Dau: Of the universe and of us.

00:51:19.830 --> 00:51:36.600 Georgeann Dau: The natural flow of things, you know, Thomas Merton, who is a great mystic, I think I mentioned him once before he spoke of the true and false self and we all have a true and false self, which I mentioned before one comes from God, and the other one.

00:51:38.580 --> 00:51:55.470 Georgeann Dau: Is what we've created to feel love to feel right. We all want to be right. You know, I know many, many years ago. Feels like 100 years ago I did the training and that was a very profound experience. It was really something I'm

00:51:56.520 --> 00:52:01.350 Georgeann Dau: You know where we were made to feel her where we were really hurt. We

00:52:02.370 --> 00:52:10.500 Georgeann Dau: If we don't deal with that hurt. We are dragging that around looking to put that hurt anywhere we can

00:52:13.080 --> 00:52:27.510 Georgeann Dau: Only think of all the hurt inside of people and you know if people hurt one another and hurt animals, and it's just all certain amount of our own self, hate, of how we were made to feel about ourselves as children.

00:52:28.680 --> 00:52:33.030 Georgeann Dau: But we, it's our responsibility as adults to wake up.

00:52:34.860 --> 00:52:36.240 Georgeann Dau: Right, and to do better.

00:52:38.460 --> 00:52:44.820 Georgeann Dau: And unless we do the work we pass on what was done to us. And that's what our parents did

00:52:46.590 --> 00:52:49.530 Georgeann Dau: Very few people knew about this work back then.

00:52:50.640 --> 00:53:09.060 Georgeann Dau: In my generation, that's for sure. I'm 66 very few people. My parents. I mean, I got my parents to the highest rating, but very few people back then. I think you're either a movie star or really mentally ill. If you did any type of inner work with treatment. At least that's my experience.

00:53:10.170 --> 00:53:16.320 Georgeann Dau: Anyway, all right. Before we end, I think I have a couple more minutes. I'm going to tell you one more story.

00:53:17.520 --> 00:53:18.750 Georgeann Dau: It's called the two wolves.

00:53:20.250 --> 00:53:45.270 Georgeann Dau: So there was a Native American Indian grandfather, who was speaking to his two grandchildren and he said inside of everyone inside of all of us. There are two wolves really grandfather. Oh yes, there are two wolves and one wolf is kind and loving and sensitive and giving and generous.

00:53:46.770 --> 00:53:53.430 Georgeann Dau: And the other wolf is mean and angry and jealous and judgmental.

00:53:54.990 --> 00:53:56.190 Georgeann Dau: And selfish.

00:53:57.270 --> 00:54:24.360 Georgeann Dau: Oh my gosh grandfather in everyone. Yes. And everyone and there's a fight going on. Yes. Children does a terrible fight between these two wolves in everyone. Oh, grandfather. That's terrible. What wolf wins and the grandfather said to his grandchildren, the one that you continue to feed.

00:54:27.510 --> 00:54:28.050 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:54:29.190 --> 00:54:33.000 Georgeann Dau: I invite you in the next week. Hopefully you joining me, each week.

00:54:36.900 --> 00:54:37.710 Georgeann Dau: Think about

00:54:40.170 --> 00:54:41.400 Georgeann Dau: The wolves inside

00:54:42.870 --> 00:54:43.800 Georgeann Dau: Maybe journal

00:54:47.760 --> 00:54:49.830 Georgeann Dau: What, what are the wolves doing

00:54:51.630 --> 00:54:53.850 Georgeann Dau: What, what are they telling you about yourself.

00:54:54.960 --> 00:54:56.700 Georgeann Dau: What are you looking to get rid of.

00:54:58.530 --> 00:55:00.060 Georgeann Dau: And which wolf. Are you feeding.

00:55:03.150 --> 00:55:04.440 Georgeann Dau: Which will defeat

00:55:05.550 --> 00:55:07.050 Georgeann Dau: Which wolf, are you

00:55:08.250 --> 00:55:09.540 Georgeann Dau: Continuing to feed.

00:55:11.790 --> 00:55:14.280 Georgeann Dau: I don't think anyone desires to feed.

00:55:16.470 --> 00:55:17.730 Georgeann Dau: The big bad wolf.

00:55:19.710 --> 00:55:21.960 Georgeann Dau: But I think unconsciously.

00:55:23.790 --> 00:55:26.040 Georgeann Dau: We can at times feed that wolf.

00:55:27.750 --> 00:55:33.000 Georgeann Dau: But my question is, which one do we feed the most

00:55:35.280 --> 00:55:40.800 Georgeann Dau: So I invite you wish I could see you. Those of you that are

00:55:43.410 --> 00:55:44.010 Georgeann Dau: Listening.

00:55:45.390 --> 00:55:54.630 Georgeann Dau: And again, if you have any questions for me. I would love them. So next week we're going to look at order reorder and disorder.

00:55:56.220 --> 00:56:11.040 Georgeann Dau: And what that means. And we'll just be recapping a little bit and then the week after. I'm going to have Dominic pensive angle on talking about the men's group in the men's movement in our country and then

00:56:12.180 --> 00:56:13.290 Georgeann Dau: I'm going to have

00:56:15.600 --> 00:56:24.480 Georgeann Dau: Some patients of mine, talking about their experience one without alcohol one with another with parenthood and

00:56:25.980 --> 00:56:27.240 Georgeann Dau: Another with

00:56:28.260 --> 00:56:29.070 Georgeann Dau: Mysticism

00:56:31.020 --> 00:56:38.100 Georgeann Dau: So I'm going to be doing some work with the Sermon on the Mount. So, let us end with prayer.

00:56:38.940 --> 00:56:47.790 Georgeann Dau: Oh, great love. Thank you for living and loving in us and through us may all that we do flow from a deep connection with you and own beings.

00:56:48.180 --> 00:57:09.150 Georgeann Dau: Help us become a community that vulnerability shares with others and their burdens in the weight of glory, listen to our hearts longings for the healing of our world know when you are hearing us better than we are speaking we offer these prayers in all the holy names of God. Amen.

00:57:10.470 --> 00:57:10.980 Georgeann Dau: Amen.

00:57:12.420 --> 00:57:14.760 Georgeann Dau: And I thank you very much. Each and every one of you.

00:57:16.980 --> 00:57:18.600 Georgeann Dau: God bless and good night.

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