The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, September 28, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/28 - Beyond The Limits Of The Mind - Beginnings


2020/09/28 - Beyond The Limits Of The Mind - Beginnings

[NEW EPISODE] Beyond The Limits Of The Mind - Beginnings

How does the mind become limited? Why is it important to see beyond those limitations? We do not see the way things are; we see as we are - Lets Take A Look...

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Show Notes

Segment 1

If we compare our consciousness to an iceberg, only 10% of our consciousness is used, much like an iceberg. Everyone in the bible that came up to Jesus, he asked them “what do you want me to do for you?” We are not ready to receive that with what we do not have a conscious desire of. She discusses her anxiety that she absorbed in the womb from her mother. 

Segment 2

Dr. Dau discusses her G-d daughter. The G-d daughter is a very happy child, and the parents lived a happy life and a happy marriage. If there is trauma during the pregnancy, then the baby will carry that trauma. Every parent has good intentions for their child. Simple experiences that baby’s experience can feel like a large impact for a child. The child is a sponge and everything is new. How the baby is touched for the first couple weeks of its life sets up an entire unconscious part of itself where it trusts or distrusts people. The baby picks everything up through their senses. How a child is raised is crucial. The child may be shamed or made to feel bad or wrong. Most humans go through life with anxiety and/or depression. 

Segment 3

There are emotional skill sets and there are mechanical unconscious skill sets. For example, learning to walk. As we get older, our ego is developed and we learn more unconscious skills such as driving. She knows that G-d called her to teach because G-d gave her images of a large crowd, and brought her to teaching. Whatever you were brought up around you are carrying in you. When it is uncomfortable you will look to get rid of it and transmit it outwards. She calls these “pre-talking experiences.” They are familiar experiences. She discusses how she fixes her wounds productively. She went towards that in defense of her feeling stupid because of the way she was raised. We are bigger than what we were brought up to be.  

Segment 4

If we are unconscious of our decisions then we have no choice, no one can ask us what we want because we are unconscious of it. Every time we face the pain we resurrect. Once we begin to own our fears they do not have a power over us anymore we have a choice. We are no longer a victim. We all have a true and a false self. The false self is the self we created from ages 0-7. This is the mechanical self. 


00:00:38.190 --> 00:00:42.330 Georgeann Dau: Hello wanted to Georgia and while I was waiting for the queue.

00:00:43.350 --> 00:00:49.680 Georgeann Dau: For my bar Introduction Music but i guess i i guess i

00:00:52.020 --> 00:01:00.840 Georgeann Dau: I guess I didn't understand what was going on. So I'm sorry about that happens to me often anyway. I'm Dr. George and

00:01:01.500 --> 00:01:09.060 Georgeann Dau: I was thinking about the music that was playing though how those that created those lyrics really have a sense

00:01:09.930 --> 00:01:19.950 Georgeann Dau: Of in my opinion of what's going on. And it's sort of what we're going to be talking about tonight in our second show. So I just want to introduce myself again.

00:01:20.730 --> 00:01:37.710 Georgeann Dau: To those of you that weren't here with me last week. I'm Dr. George and down. Um, I love what I do for a living, and I work as a psychoanalyst and a spiritual director and I spoke a little bit about last week.

00:01:38.940 --> 00:02:02.910 Georgeann Dau: How God brought me to the combination of both infusing into one another to do my work to bring to all of you and I feel very, very blessed about that because I love what I do and I love all of you, because we are all connected. Every one of us are connected to each other and

00:02:03.990 --> 00:02:22.170 Georgeann Dau: I want to thank you for the blessing of journey journeying with me tonight and having me journey with you. So what are we journey towards so that I titled this the journey through because what we're going to look at as

00:02:23.280 --> 00:02:36.090 Georgeann Dau: The developmental stages from the time that the cells come together, even before that all the way up to adulthood and what happy happens along that way along that journey.

00:02:37.110 --> 00:02:37.800 Georgeann Dau: And

00:02:40.140 --> 00:02:48.750 Georgeann Dau: We must have. We have to journey through the places of our journey are uncomfortable and

00:02:49.290 --> 00:03:00.480 Georgeann Dau: Many times are that they are uncomfortable, but we need to journey through them because they speak to us. God comes to us as life and speaks to us through our lives.

00:03:01.230 --> 00:03:23.010 Georgeann Dau: So we can't go under it around it over it. Looking to avoid the pain. Unfortunately, and it's one of the things I love about Catholicism. I'm a convert. I studied Buddhism, Hinduism. Some Judaism. I studied theology, but I God brought me to my faith and

00:03:24.120 --> 00:03:32.460 Georgeann Dau: I guess I would have to say that I am a Catholic Buddhist because the Buddha's the Buddhists have a great philosophy.

00:03:33.720 --> 00:03:43.320 Georgeann Dau: And approach to life, but it is not the Christ, and Christ is not Jesus his last name Christ encompasses

00:03:44.190 --> 00:04:05.040 Georgeann Dau: All that is it's all of creation. It's what the song was talking about quote the cosmos and how we're all connected and in the first book of the Bible, which is the Torah part of the Torah, it speaks of that, the Word was made flesh.

00:04:06.390 --> 00:04:08.070 Georgeann Dau: And the word

00:04:09.300 --> 00:04:19.890 Georgeann Dau: Was God, and the Word was made flesh and that word as God came and walked amidst humanity in Jesus.

00:04:21.360 --> 00:04:30.870 Georgeann Dau: I'm not here to convert anyone, but I wanted to just begin that with that so that when I use the word. Jesus that maybe you can hear it as the God of your understanding.

00:04:31.410 --> 00:04:45.210 Georgeann Dau: I know many times my clients or patients say I'm not really religious Dr del I'm spiritual. That's great. I'm not here to convert anyone you know for me I fell in love with Jesus. I met Jesus

00:04:46.470 --> 00:04:57.090 Georgeann Dau: And that's a story that I went through last week and I'm not going to repeat it if you'd like to hear it. You can listen to it because I had an awakening a spiritual awakening and

00:04:58.170 --> 00:05:09.960 Georgeann Dau: But I want to just begin there because we are all part of the cosmos. We are all part of the Christ. Christ as creation, the first creation.

00:05:10.860 --> 00:05:19.440 Georgeann Dau: Was the Christ, which is God, which is always was always has been, always will be. So where are we journey.

00:05:20.190 --> 00:05:38.430 Georgeann Dau: What are we journeying towards and we are journey towards what exists in every living thing. And as human beings, we're the only ones that have the capacity to be mindful to observe what's going on inside ourselves.

00:05:39.480 --> 00:05:46.530 Georgeann Dau: And we're going to look at all of this, a lot of it this evening. And again, thank you for being here with me so

00:05:47.790 --> 00:05:53.760 Georgeann Dau: The Christ is the seat of our personal consciousness.

00:05:54.780 --> 00:05:57.930 Georgeann Dau: Personally and collectively. Okay.

00:06:03.420 --> 00:06:06.660 Georgeann Dau: Each person affects the other.

00:06:10.530 --> 00:06:34.230 Georgeann Dau: If we're going to look at the see the ocean and we're going to look at an iceberg. If we're going to compare our consciousness to an iceberg only 10% of that iceberg is above sea level is above I should I shouldn't I should phrase it this way is above the surface of the water.

00:06:35.340 --> 00:06:49.950 Georgeann Dau: That's our consciousness, we only use 10% of our consciousness. The other 90% is below sea level is below what we are aware of and we're going to look at all of that.

00:06:51.690 --> 00:06:53.340 Georgeann Dau: We all desire.

00:06:55.020 --> 00:06:55.950 Georgeann Dau: To go deeper.

00:06:57.330 --> 00:07:04.140 Georgeann Dau: Part of Scripture talks about going beyond the limits of the mind why

00:07:05.370 --> 00:07:21.150 Georgeann Dau: What is the mind, the mind is made up of really processes. Right. The ego is part of that you have the end you have the ego. When you have you supercontinent is super ego. We're not going this is you know as much as this might seem like a course.

00:07:22.470 --> 00:07:26.670 Georgeann Dau: We're not going to be doing that and going over that tonight, but each

00:07:28.050 --> 00:07:32.190 Georgeann Dau: The Scripture talks about and bottom as and I quoted him last week.

00:07:33.630 --> 00:07:43.950 Georgeann Dau: He was a blind beggar, and he was walking through a town called Jericho and honest way. Jesus was walking through the town. He was the only one out of

00:07:44.820 --> 00:08:07.440 Georgeann Dau: I don't know 1000 people that stood up and was calling Jesus's name, and when Jesus called him over right God always knows what. And again, I'm going to speak to, as of Jesus as God, you can put in the God of your understanding, whatever word you want to use.

00:08:10.980 --> 00:08:25.830 Georgeann Dau: God can see what we need. But God wants us to name it and claim it we need to develop a consciousness of what goes on inside of us. Why is that rewarded. Why is that not a parents, we're going to look at that in a moment.

00:08:27.060 --> 00:08:27.390 But

00:08:30.690 --> 00:08:35.190 Georgeann Dau: Every one in the Bible that came up to Jesus.

00:08:37.260 --> 00:08:44.700 Georgeann Dau: And Jesus could see what they wanted or needed, he would ask them What is it you want me to do for you, they would have to name it.

00:08:46.890 --> 00:08:54.300 Georgeann Dau: Because we are not ready to receive that which we are not conscious of desiring

00:08:58.680 --> 00:09:21.570 Georgeann Dau: And bottom. He said, I want to see. Lord, I want to see like you do. I want to see beyond the small minds of the ego. I want my awareness to be stretched and opens to be able to receive the depth of life, the depth of love that you call us to the fullness of life.

00:09:23.280 --> 00:09:25.950 Georgeann Dau: And I'm not experiencing that

00:09:27.180 --> 00:09:30.600 Georgeann Dau: And I would tend to say that I don't think many of us do.

00:09:34.230 --> 00:09:36.900 Georgeann Dau: And there's reasons for that. So,

00:09:44.370 --> 00:09:46.260 Georgeann Dau: When you begin the sperm me

00:09:48.990 --> 00:09:52.740 Georgeann Dau: I believe the soul enters

00:09:55.200 --> 00:10:00.030 Georgeann Dau: The human being or the creation, because we're all creatures. The creatures.

00:10:03.630 --> 00:10:14.250 Georgeann Dau: The fetus, the cells come together a fetus is is created and the fetus as it's in the womb for nine months.

00:10:16.770 --> 00:10:17.610 Georgeann Dau: Developing

00:10:20.220 --> 00:10:21.930 Georgeann Dau: It experiences.

00:10:22.950 --> 00:10:40.890 Georgeann Dau: Its own experience of the womb. It has its own experience of that womb, but it also has the experience of whom will have whose womb. It is so it also has the experience of Mother of mother's life.

00:10:41.790 --> 00:11:02.970 Georgeann Dau: So if, for instance, my mother lost. I lost my mother was the son before me. He was stillborn so my mother got pregnant with me. She was very, very nervous and had a lot of anxiety. My mother had an anxiety disorder. To begin with, but my mother was very, very anxious and

00:11:05.310 --> 00:11:18.090 Georgeann Dau: All through the pregnancy. When she would talk to me as I got all that she said oh my goodness, when you were in the womb when you were in mommy's tummy. You turned and turned into I was obviously experiencing.

00:11:18.870 --> 00:11:34.560 Georgeann Dau: That anxiety. Now, some of you might say, oh, you know, that's ridiculous. And by the way, this. These are not my opinions, you can look this up there is many, many texts on a fetuses experience of the womb.

00:11:35.580 --> 00:11:36.480 Georgeann Dau: But also

00:11:37.710 --> 00:11:44.760 Georgeann Dau: I struggle with anxiety, even just to get on this show with you. I have anxiety.

00:11:46.740 --> 00:11:52.710 Georgeann Dau: I've had many, many years of my own personal analysis, which I totally believe in

00:11:54.780 --> 00:12:10.680 Georgeann Dau: And will always take part in because I believe that God made us with unlimited possibilities and I continue to challenge myself and stretch to become I desire to be open as the seat of Christ within me.

00:12:12.720 --> 00:12:13.170 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:12:15.540 --> 00:12:26.430 Georgeann Dau: I can struggle, but I've learned how to work with and live with that struggle, as I've come to know myself and not reject myself and we're going to look at why we do that

00:12:27.360 --> 00:12:39.180 Georgeann Dau: So I remember there was a woman who was a cellist and she played the cello beautifully. And it was this one song that she loved and she played it all the time when she was pregnant.

00:12:40.380 --> 00:12:52.140 Georgeann Dau: And when her son was born and started to grow up. He wanted to be a cellist and he became on and his favorite song was the song she played while being pregnant with him.

00:12:53.280 --> 00:13:00.570 Georgeann Dau: Amazing really amazing. And there are so many stories like this that you could research.

00:13:02.010 --> 00:13:05.370 Georgeann Dau: And we're going to talk about more examples of this as we go along.

00:13:06.510 --> 00:13:16.650 Georgeann Dau: So I believe we're going to take a minute break. So I thank you for your attention, and I, I hope that you'll

00:13:17.760 --> 00:13:18.510 Stay tuned.

00:15:36.840 --> 00:15:45.600 Georgeann Dau: I am talked to George and down and and we're back on the live show of the journey within a journey through

00:15:46.650 --> 00:15:53.100 Georgeann Dau: Journey within to get to the journey triple M. So I was talking about.

00:15:54.690 --> 00:16:00.930 Georgeann Dau: The fetus being in the womb and it's experience of it of its own and of mother.

00:16:02.670 --> 00:16:04.920 Georgeann Dau: While it's being held in the in the womb.

00:16:06.300 --> 00:16:09.690 Georgeann Dau: My god daughter, who's going to be two years old in November.

00:16:12.330 --> 00:16:33.810 Georgeann Dau: Mom her mom and her father are more patients of mine. So even though we went outside of boundaries. I said yes when they asked me to be Godmother in just a beautiful story of those two just doing so beautifully and my god daughter is just and I cherish her

00:16:35.190 --> 00:16:48.030 Georgeann Dau: When she was in my patients womb. She would come to the sessions and I would lay my hands on her Tommy and I would talk to her, and we would pray over her.

00:16:49.200 --> 00:17:14.190 Georgeann Dau: This child is happy 24 seven. It is just unbelievable. And when she was first born and heard my voice. She immediately knew my voice. She was smiling and eyes lit up and she was looking around, it is just amazing. So if mother and father are having

00:17:15.630 --> 00:17:18.960 Georgeann Dau: A rough marriage when a baby is being carried

00:17:20.550 --> 00:17:31.380 Georgeann Dau: If there are arguments if there is trauma or tragedy that goes into the baby goes into the infant

00:17:32.580 --> 00:17:34.350 Georgeann Dau: Via the nervous system.

00:17:36.780 --> 00:17:38.070 Georgeann Dau: So the child is born.

00:17:39.300 --> 00:17:41.610 Georgeann Dau: Now every parent has good intentions.

00:17:43.560 --> 00:17:44.460 Georgeann Dau: Most of the time.

00:17:46.350 --> 00:17:50.340 Georgeann Dau: I think all parents have good intentions and want the best for the child.

00:17:54.480 --> 00:17:55.050 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:17:58.710 --> 00:18:21.000 Georgeann Dau: Let's say the child is in the crib and there's another child and two years old, three years old and skins his name and the babies in the crib crying and as wet itself and mommy runs to the skin a child with the skinny because doesn't either baby and runs outside and the baby is left

00:18:22.260 --> 00:18:23.640 Georgeann Dau: These simple

00:18:24.660 --> 00:18:26.370 Georgeann Dau: Experiences of the baby.

00:18:28.050 --> 00:18:43.260 Georgeann Dau: Can feel like an impact to the child because the child knows nothing. Its first experience in only experience was the comfort and the security and the consistency of the womb.

00:18:46.830 --> 00:18:54.810 Georgeann Dau: So the child is a sponge and it doesn't see for a couple of weeks.

00:18:55.980 --> 00:18:56.910 Georgeann Dau: Of its life.

00:18:58.620 --> 00:19:14.430 Georgeann Dau: And everything is new. So it is learning everything new it is beginning to develop the self, everything is new, how the baby is touched how the babies touched

00:19:15.660 --> 00:19:20.190 Georgeann Dau: For the first couple of weeks of its life sets up

00:19:21.690 --> 00:19:23.880 Georgeann Dau: An entire unconscious

00:19:26.550 --> 00:19:32.580 Georgeann Dau: Part of itself, where it either trusts with this trusts people

00:19:34.770 --> 00:19:40.320 Georgeann Dau: And there were many other examples of that. But what I want you to take away is that how

00:19:42.090 --> 00:19:45.450 Georgeann Dau: A child is when it's first born

00:19:47.880 --> 00:19:55.260 Georgeann Dau: Not even walking, yet it picks everything up through sound through touch and through site.

00:19:57.510 --> 00:19:59.370 Georgeann Dau: So the child begins to grow.

00:20:02.100 --> 00:20:02.700 Georgeann Dau: And

00:20:06.840 --> 00:20:09.840 Georgeann Dau: Age to the quality call it the terrible twos H to

00:20:13.620 --> 00:20:14.700 Georgeann Dau: Potty training.

00:20:15.720 --> 00:20:18.000 Georgeann Dau: Depending on the child before that.

00:20:20.550 --> 00:20:31.530 Georgeann Dau: Is when a child begins to individually that so the child is no more feeling that I am mommy but starts to feel

00:20:32.520 --> 00:20:45.030 Georgeann Dau: I am separate I am me, but I am also you you are you, but you are also me and during these stages were like, they call it the terrible twos, which I so dislike

00:20:45.600 --> 00:21:05.040 Georgeann Dau: Is because the child is trying to develop itself. This is the, this is the ongoing beginnings of the development of the ego and this is very important because how a child is treated how it is taught how it has spoken to.

00:21:06.390 --> 00:21:13.020 Georgeann Dau: How it is made to feel about itself sets up for the rest of its adult life.

00:21:14.790 --> 00:21:19.350 Georgeann Dau: A whole preset of beliefs, feelings.

00:21:22.260 --> 00:21:36.900 Georgeann Dau: forever until it starts to be worked out worked through which we're going to look at and infants, like a sponge right is the home environment loving is the home environment safe.

00:21:38.160 --> 00:21:41.280 Georgeann Dau: Does the home environment feel consistent

00:21:42.450 --> 00:21:45.870 Georgeann Dau: Did people speak loudly that they speak softly.

00:21:48.240 --> 00:21:50.040 Georgeann Dau: You can see it in children.

00:21:51.570 --> 00:22:10.080 Georgeann Dau: When they have experience shame. And again, no one means that when we look at this, there's no criticism to mom and dad. There's no criticism to anyone. The first foundation of a child and the development of the ego is crucial and this is going to make sense, more and more as we go along.

00:22:13.230 --> 00:22:21.150 Georgeann Dau: And again, Mom and Dad. Fabulous. There's no guide on parenting. No one knows set of parents, we will parents how we were parented

00:22:22.680 --> 00:22:26.340 Georgeann Dau: And we're going to look at the source. So we repeat what we were brought up around

00:22:28.800 --> 00:22:40.860 Georgeann Dau: everyone in my family was very loud I needed to work very hard in my own analysis to tone it down because I will didn't want to be loud.

00:22:41.370 --> 00:22:52.860 Georgeann Dau: But I first had to face that I was, and the development of our first order of the ego. I call it the mechanical self, which we're going to look at

00:22:53.490 --> 00:23:06.270 Georgeann Dau: Doesn't want to hear that it has to change anything with a quote anything is wrong. Not bad, but it's just not really me it's a false interpretation of me.

00:23:09.000 --> 00:23:17.580 Georgeann Dau: The child in the House takes on the realities of life and believes that it's appropriate accurate.

00:23:19.230 --> 00:23:22.350 Georgeann Dau: So the child starts to walk and talk

00:23:23.580 --> 00:23:32.100 Georgeann Dau: A boy might pick up daddy's briefcase and learn to walk with it a little girl will put on mommy's high heels or

00:23:33.240 --> 00:23:41.580 Georgeann Dau: Pick up Mommy's purse, they will emulate Mommy Daddy in every way, not just outwardly, but inwardly.

00:23:42.150 --> 00:24:02.850 Georgeann Dau: They will emulate and take on like a sponge. What they saw mommy and daddy how they saw mommy and daddy's views and if they started taking on views that were outside of mommy and daddy's range or I call it a skill set the child in many ways can be

00:24:04.110 --> 00:24:07.890 Georgeann Dau: made to feel shameful how a child is

00:24:09.480 --> 00:24:17.220 Georgeann Dau: potty trained how a child is raised, how a child goes to the individuation stage, I said, is crucial and it is

00:24:17.580 --> 00:24:30.330 Georgeann Dau: Because many times a parent does it mean to, but the child will be shamed or made to feel bad and wrong. If it's not getting something if it's not doing it right. So a child or walk over to an electrical socket.

00:24:30.960 --> 00:24:44.160 Georgeann Dau: And go to touch it and if with anxiety, the parent runs over and of course they're worried, but if they run over, because this is how they were treated

00:24:45.300 --> 00:24:55.140 Georgeann Dau: And says, Get away from the. What are you doing, or has a reaction like that the child will shrink and made to feel wrong and shameful.

00:24:57.180 --> 00:25:02.910 Georgeann Dau: No one means it but it happens and it happens in my family.

00:25:04.860 --> 00:25:08.310 Georgeann Dau: If I spilled a glass of milk. It was like a catastrophe.

00:25:09.390 --> 00:25:26.250 Georgeann Dau: It was I was made to feel that it was a catastrophe and something was very long wrong. So with added to my already existing anxiety and by the way most human beings go through life with anxiety and depression.

00:25:29.100 --> 00:25:29.910 Georgeann Dau: Without question.

00:25:31.680 --> 00:25:38.160 Georgeann Dau: So this is how I'm shame is born. This is how low self esteem is born, and

00:25:39.120 --> 00:25:47.970 Georgeann Dau: A child begins to pick up mommy and daddy's views they listen to mommy and daddy's conversations. This is how prejudice is born. So with

00:25:48.630 --> 00:26:02.430 Georgeann Dau: Everything going on right now, which I think is a difficult time but I think it's a powerful time where it opens up the voice of prejudice, which has to be opened up and looked at

00:26:03.990 --> 00:26:06.420 Georgeann Dau: Everyone is the same and everyone is connected

00:26:07.530 --> 00:26:22.320 Georgeann Dau: So because you have different color skin or your nose is a little bit different, or you air is different, or you it doesn't matter, we're all connected. We're all brothers and sisters, doesn't mean we have to like each other.

00:26:23.520 --> 00:26:43.980 Georgeann Dau: But the love because we all come from God, and we all come from love. It's who we are. It's our true self, which is what I'm talking about in our desire to go back to the seat of Christ, the seat of God of your understanding, which is love, we were born out of love.

00:26:46.710 --> 00:26:48.900 Georgeann Dau: So if a child grows up

00:26:50.400 --> 00:27:00.480 Georgeann Dau: Hearing about hearing those kind of words and hearing and an effect and effect, meaning a tone, a

00:27:01.380 --> 00:27:17.490 Georgeann Dau: A view of something of facial expression. Many times people will react in their contemporary likes to a facial expression because it reminds them of something upsetting in their early years of what they were brought up around

00:27:18.600 --> 00:27:24.120 Georgeann Dau: So our views on the world and our relationships.

00:27:26.070 --> 00:27:41.100 Georgeann Dau: And this the small minds of the ego or form between zero and seven and I say small minds of the ego, because it's it's very limited. It's limited just to what we saw.

00:27:41.910 --> 00:27:54.630 Georgeann Dau: Even more than what happens in the family, what's most important is how the child growing up was made to feel about him or herself, that's what's important.

00:27:55.500 --> 00:28:05.130 Georgeann Dau: That's crucial because that's what a child grown adult will carry with them all their days, and we're going to take a look at that. When we come back,

00:28:06.210 --> 00:28:13.710 Georgeann Dau: You're listening to a journey through with Dr. George, and we'll be right back with taking a brief a brief pause

00:30:42.390 --> 00:30:49.290 Georgeann Dau: Hi, welcome back. I'm Dr. George endo and we're gathered here to listen to

00:30:51.270 --> 00:30:55.230 Georgeann Dau: A journey through. So we were talking about

00:30:57.570 --> 00:31:12.630 Georgeann Dau: Our first stages of development and emotional development of a baby into adolescence into adulthood and how we begin to form. And this is of course a brief overview

00:31:13.980 --> 00:31:15.330 Georgeann Dau: Right, we learn

00:31:16.710 --> 00:31:26.190 Georgeann Dau: We learn by what we saw what we heard we took in everything is a sponge and this is our first order of life.

00:31:27.060 --> 00:31:49.590 Georgeann Dau: And we believe it to be fact and to be true. We believe that our feelings affect, we believe that these perceptions are fact. And in fact, most of the time they're not. We learned certain skill sets that we count on and rely on to get us through life.

00:31:50.790 --> 00:31:51.240 Georgeann Dau: And

00:31:52.890 --> 00:32:02.670 Georgeann Dau: Many times when the sequence changes or the environment changes and it's different than what we were brought up around the skill sets, don't work.

00:32:03.780 --> 00:32:06.450 Georgeann Dau: What do we do with that we're going to be looking at that.

00:32:08.130 --> 00:32:20.460 Georgeann Dau: So a skill set. There are emotional skill sets, which we're going to be looking at, and many of the other skill sets, it's all mechanical

00:32:22.770 --> 00:32:34.620 Georgeann Dau: And it's unconscious. So for instance, one might be learning to walk as a baby, you don't think about left right left right heel, toe, heel, toe,

00:32:35.760 --> 00:32:45.720 Georgeann Dau: You don't think about it, it becomes unconscious, you don't think about it, you just do it, which is great. We need our ego. It's very important to have that

00:32:48.270 --> 00:33:02.370 Georgeann Dau: As we get older we ego we develop it and if we learn to drive. We don't think about it. We just get in the car and we go, we don't have to think about. I'm going to put the shift and bark. I'm going to put the shift and I'm going to put my right foot on the gas and

00:33:04.080 --> 00:33:18.990 Georgeann Dau: We don't think about it. We just do it. It's unconscious. So is our emotional development that we were looking at in the very early stages of life that we don't remember, but it's in there.

00:33:20.220 --> 00:33:22.110 Georgeann Dau: It's unconscious and it's in there.

00:33:23.190 --> 00:33:25.290 Georgeann Dau: So in these early stages.

00:33:26.490 --> 00:33:36.720 Georgeann Dau: Whatever variable or physical or sexual abuse that we experienced or or saw

00:33:38.340 --> 00:33:42.540 Georgeann Dau: We have inside of us. We will probably not remember it.

00:33:44.340 --> 00:33:45.750 Georgeann Dau: But we need to

00:33:47.100 --> 00:33:52.080 Georgeann Dau: Because the feelings of what we experienced or there.

00:33:53.310 --> 00:33:58.200 Georgeann Dau: And they get translated what transmitted on to

00:33:59.610 --> 00:34:02.970 Georgeann Dau: Our contemporary life and

00:34:04.200 --> 00:34:05.910 Georgeann Dau: What we don't

00:34:11.790 --> 00:34:25.080 Georgeann Dau: transmute what we don't heal. What we don't transmute we transmit and we're going to be spending the next couple of weeks, looking at all of this in more detail with examples.

00:34:26.130 --> 00:34:35.700 Georgeann Dau: And I'm going to have some patients on to give more of an understanding and I this is, you know, I was at such anxiety because I was praying about

00:34:36.360 --> 00:34:47.250 Georgeann Dau: You know it's one thing to do this work, you can't read a book on this. You can't really even tell anyone this it's a it's an individual journey that that must be taken.

00:34:48.690 --> 00:34:49.140 Georgeann Dau: But

00:34:51.420 --> 00:34:56.310 Georgeann Dau: I know that God called me to this because I was teach when I teach this.

00:34:58.800 --> 00:35:11.100 Georgeann Dau: God kept on giving me images of a large group, a large crowd and so anyway I God brought me this and this is why we're here. So, um,

00:35:14.040 --> 00:35:31.560 Georgeann Dau: Whatever you were brought up around you're carrying in you, you're carrying with you and where it's uncomfortable when it's touched upon you will look to get rid of it. You will look to trans mid it outward

00:35:33.750 --> 00:35:34.170 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:35:37.650 --> 00:35:47.460 Georgeann Dau: I call these pre talking experiences, they're familiar experiences in our contemporary life such as

00:35:48.780 --> 00:35:56.190 Georgeann Dau: Our relationships. Our most intimate relationships will bring them up the most. So for instance,

00:35:57.750 --> 00:35:58.170 Georgeann Dau: I'm

00:36:00.390 --> 00:36:08.310 Georgeann Dau: A patient of mine would as a little boy would struggle very much with the sound of chewing.

00:36:10.050 --> 00:36:24.420 Georgeann Dau: And really had a hard time with that many, many reasons, while I before we, before he was it at the table, his parent would chew very, very loudly.

00:36:25.020 --> 00:36:37.080 Georgeann Dau: So when it's contemporary life when he heard that sound. He got incredibly Rachel anger and rage, by the way, is a cover up for depth of sadness sorrow or fear.

00:36:38.280 --> 00:36:57.390 Georgeann Dau: So he would get incredibly rich. For now, of course, this is totally irrational, but to him. It made sense because he was responding to a feeling that was inside of him when we come to learn over time. And this inner work that you that we are not our feelings feelings of things we have

00:36:58.680 --> 00:37:09.750 Georgeann Dau: They don't define us just like whatever we do for living doesn't define us my second one analytical work my spiritual directive work does not define me.

00:37:11.280 --> 00:37:14.370 Georgeann Dau: Nothing that we do defines us

00:37:17.190 --> 00:37:18.330 Georgeann Dau: Except maybe love

00:37:22.350 --> 00:37:22.800 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:37:25.740 --> 00:37:36.570 Georgeann Dau: If we are prejudiced over something that's our full self we each have a true and false self Thomas Merton incredible mystic

00:37:37.740 --> 00:37:39.300 Georgeann Dau: THINK HE DIED IN THE 60s or the

00:37:42.120 --> 00:37:42.990 Georgeann Dau: Beautiful, man.

00:37:44.100 --> 00:37:44.640 Georgeann Dau: He

00:37:46.920 --> 00:37:47.580 Georgeann Dau: Coined

00:37:49.050 --> 00:38:02.340 Georgeann Dau: These parts of ourselves. The true and false self, the small minds of the ego. The one that is developed pre talking in the household in the first order of life, and we're going to look at the ordering next week.

00:38:03.690 --> 00:38:09.270 Georgeann Dau: Where we learn the skill sets on how to handle life and handle experiences.

00:38:10.740 --> 00:38:31.410 Georgeann Dau: But again, the experiences that will upsetting were painful where we were made to feel disappointed shamed where we were hurt, where we were abused, where we were abandoned where we were constricted where we felt controlled all of these parts of ourselves.

00:38:33.240 --> 00:38:35.130 Georgeann Dau: We stuffed in a bag.

00:38:36.420 --> 00:38:48.600 Georgeann Dau: And we created what are called defenses ways of covering them up in the outer world but in the inner world they exist and affect our everyday life.

00:38:49.620 --> 00:38:50.310 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:38:52.260 --> 00:38:53.220 Georgeann Dau: For instance,

00:38:54.660 --> 00:38:56.760 Georgeann Dau: I was

00:38:58.020 --> 00:39:08.730 Georgeann Dau: My father wanted a boy, not a girl so I tried everything I could to be a boy to grow up as a boy and

00:39:11.220 --> 00:39:15.030 Georgeann Dau: He loved me. Regardless, the fact that I was a girl, but he wanted a boy.

00:39:16.200 --> 00:39:18.840 Georgeann Dau: And I can fix the toilet. I'm a terrible cook.

00:39:21.690 --> 00:39:27.870 Georgeann Dau: And 11 is a man of my life is probably listening to this, he's going, Yeah, that's right. Um,

00:39:29.280 --> 00:39:29.790 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:39:31.320 --> 00:39:34.620 Georgeann Dau: My father did plumbing and heating for living.

00:39:35.970 --> 00:39:40.290 Georgeann Dau: And he didn't believe that a girl should go to college. So he always made me feel that I was

00:39:41.910 --> 00:39:44.610 Georgeann Dau: Stupid not smart.

00:39:45.660 --> 00:39:46.230 Georgeann Dau: And

00:39:47.730 --> 00:40:01.260 Georgeann Dau: When I would spill milk or something in the way I was treated when I made a mistake like that. See a parent would say it's okay, sweetheart. Let mommy wipe it up. I know you didn't mean it.

00:40:02.790 --> 00:40:10.530 Georgeann Dau: But that's not how many parents again no criticism. It's not how many parents speak to digital from

00:40:11.700 --> 00:40:17.190 Georgeann Dau: God bless you if you do. That's great. And if you don't, I hope that hearing this helps.

00:40:18.750 --> 00:40:25.440 Georgeann Dau: So being spoken to. That way, made me feel very ashamed when I made a mistake so

00:40:27.660 --> 00:40:31.350 Georgeann Dau: My father making me feel that I

00:40:32.490 --> 00:40:40.620 Georgeann Dau: Was not real smart I defended against that, in a very productive way. Now we can

00:40:41.820 --> 00:40:44.160 Georgeann Dau: Hopefully use our wounds.

00:40:45.660 --> 00:40:46.500 Georgeann Dau: productively.

00:40:47.610 --> 00:41:02.880 Georgeann Dau: Many times we don't. But how I use mine was I went. Nice. I saw, I don't have any children of my own. I gave that up and went towards getting degrees. So I have two doctorates will be do

00:41:03.540 --> 00:41:29.640 Georgeann Dau: Um, but I went towards that as a defense against me feeling stupid. So do I feel stupid anymore. No, not because I got the degrees but because I've worked on myself analytically and those wounds have been healed but it took many, many years for me to face that I felt stupid.

00:41:31.380 --> 00:41:50.490 Georgeann Dau: The ego doesn't want to look at these things. It's very small. And in a box and we all want to take our understanding and put a bow on it, put it on a box and say, Okay, there it is. Now I know how to live, but we really don't, because this only goes so far.

00:41:51.540 --> 00:42:00.780 Georgeann Dau: And God uses all of life to stretch us and the things that will stretch us the most are loving suffering, when we

00:42:01.410 --> 00:42:20.190 Georgeann Dau: See a baby when we play with the child when we can all the baby when we lose someone we love you know these these places, these open us up open us up to a deeper sense of self to a deeper sense of being

00:42:21.240 --> 00:42:25.590 Georgeann Dau: For us to explore and they must they must

00:42:28.170 --> 00:42:44.700 Georgeann Dau: We are not what we were brought up to believe we were, we are bigger and greater than that. I have a woman friend who was loved adoringly by your parents and today is a grown up and I love her dearly, but

00:42:46.140 --> 00:42:47.400 Georgeann Dau: She knows everything.

00:42:49.110 --> 00:42:58.620 Georgeann Dau: She believes in herself so much that she could never humble yourself to think that she might not know something, and I love her dearly. I accept that part of her

00:42:59.730 --> 00:43:01.620 Georgeann Dau: Because I accept my own goodness

00:43:02.880 --> 00:43:07.320 Georgeann Dau: And I can only accept others wounded Miss where I accept my own

00:43:08.850 --> 00:43:15.000 Georgeann Dau: We all bonded every single one of us. The only differences, those of us that know we are

00:43:16.890 --> 00:43:18.000 Georgeann Dau: Thank you. We're taking

00:43:19.110 --> 00:43:23.850 Georgeann Dau: A one minute break. Thank you so much, appreciate you being here with me. I did.

00:45:50.100 --> 00:45:53.310 Georgeann Dau: We're back to Georgia and down with journey through

00:45:54.930 --> 00:45:59.580 Georgeann Dau: So I just want to backtrack a little bit when we were talking about the

00:46:01.050 --> 00:46:05.700 Georgeann Dau: intrauterine experience and how it affects a human being.

00:46:07.170 --> 00:46:09.810 Georgeann Dau: That child being in the womb at that time.

00:46:12.000 --> 00:46:12.510 Georgeann Dau: A

00:46:13.860 --> 00:46:14.970 Georgeann Dau: 16 year old.

00:46:16.860 --> 00:46:19.740 Georgeann Dau: Who was constantly looking to

00:46:20.760 --> 00:46:21.750 Georgeann Dau: Take her life.

00:46:24.000 --> 00:46:25.320 Georgeann Dau: Commit suicide.

00:46:28.710 --> 00:46:33.090 Georgeann Dau: repeatedly tried and failed. Thank you, God, but tried

00:46:34.350 --> 00:46:35.820 Georgeann Dau: Only to find out.

00:46:37.110 --> 00:46:42.570 Georgeann Dau: After interviewing the parents and getting them to tell the truth that

00:46:43.920 --> 00:46:55.740 Georgeann Dau: The mother tried to abort the child inside the womb repeatedly with a go coathanger while she was pregnant with the child.

00:46:58.170 --> 00:46:59.490 Georgeann Dau: Very disturbing story.

00:47:02.400 --> 00:47:07.110 Georgeann Dau: Um, so again, how we were made to feel about ourselves.

00:47:09.840 --> 00:47:12.060 Georgeann Dau: Is what we take on and believe

00:47:13.260 --> 00:47:20.610 Georgeann Dau: And then live the rest of our life with that until we become aware that that exists.

00:47:21.750 --> 00:47:23.280 Georgeann Dau: That that exists.

00:47:25.440 --> 00:47:29.310 Georgeann Dau: So again, where we were hurt disappointed with it was trauma.

00:47:31.440 --> 00:47:36.720 Georgeann Dau: We need to now as an adult, go back into those feelings.

00:47:37.770 --> 00:47:43.380 Georgeann Dau: That we defend against my very dear friend, brilliant young woman.

00:47:45.000 --> 00:47:46.560 Georgeann Dau: Was told she was stupid.

00:47:47.790 --> 00:47:49.860 Georgeann Dau: And was beat up as a little girl.

00:47:51.450 --> 00:47:57.090 Georgeann Dau: And very badly and was told she was stupid.

00:47:59.370 --> 00:48:00.360 Georgeann Dau: Is better now.

00:48:02.010 --> 00:48:02.490 Georgeann Dau: But

00:48:05.940 --> 00:48:14.460 Georgeann Dau: Goes continually goes to school has so many degrees and licenses and never feel settled.

00:48:16.530 --> 00:48:24.390 Georgeann Dau: So these are positive ways of a wound in recognition of our wound

00:48:25.440 --> 00:48:32.160 Georgeann Dau: After the fact, to see how we've used it productively. Many times people will

00:48:33.300 --> 00:48:39.300 Georgeann Dau: become alcoholics drug addicts overeaters whatever to get rid of the feeling

00:48:40.500 --> 00:48:45.030 Georgeann Dau: We're all looking to get rid of our feelings, because they're painful.

00:48:46.890 --> 00:48:50.550 Georgeann Dau: But we need to go through them. There's no way

00:48:51.930 --> 00:49:02.550 Georgeann Dau: Forward, except to go through them with God. So, including God in prayer, bringing God into it. The God of your understanding and

00:49:04.260 --> 00:49:06.210 Georgeann Dau: You know Scripture talks about this.

00:49:08.310 --> 00:49:11.040 Georgeann Dau: There's a lot in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament.

00:49:13.530 --> 00:49:21.330 Georgeann Dau: Nicotine Nicodemus comes to who was a who was a Ferris, he was one of the religious of the time, in Jesus's time

00:49:22.500 --> 00:49:34.800 Georgeann Dau: came to Jesus in the middle of the night. He didn't want anyone to know that he was looking to be interested in what Jesus was doing so he came to Jesus and Middle of the night.

00:49:36.210 --> 00:49:36.660 Georgeann Dau: And

00:49:38.400 --> 00:49:45.150 Georgeann Dau: He's asking Jesus questions about the kingdom of God. Jesus. So we spoke about the kingdom of God.

00:49:46.290 --> 00:49:58.200 Georgeann Dau: The kingdom of God is here. The kingdom of God is amongst us. The kingdom of God is within you. Jesus was talking about. And he lived it and exemplified it he was talking about.

00:49:59.760 --> 00:50:01.200 Georgeann Dau: A new consciousness.

00:50:02.820 --> 00:50:06.150 Georgeann Dau: That was so different than it from his in his time.

00:50:08.940 --> 00:50:09.810 Georgeann Dau: But he lived it.

00:50:12.060 --> 00:50:12.450 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:50:13.530 --> 00:50:15.300 Georgeann Dau: Jesus tells Nicodemus

00:50:18.180 --> 00:50:25.290 Georgeann Dau: No one can see the kingdom of God unless he or she is born again.

00:50:28.530 --> 00:50:29.730 Georgeann Dau: How are we born again.

00:50:32.130 --> 00:50:43.920 Georgeann Dau: We're born again by facing these painful places and going through them with God, as Christians and Catholics.

00:50:45.420 --> 00:50:58.620 Georgeann Dau: Jesus is journey every moment he lived, he experienced every type of torment trauma rejection everything that a human being can can feel

00:50:59.880 --> 00:51:00.750 Georgeann Dau: He lived it.

00:51:01.890 --> 00:51:13.230 Georgeann Dau: inwardly and outwardly to show us what life would be like how to live and how to treat one another in the midst of it and it was certainly not projecting it onto others which we're going to look at next week.

00:51:17.580 --> 00:51:20.220 Georgeann Dau: He absorbed it he took it on

00:51:21.780 --> 00:51:23.280 Georgeann Dau: It put him on that cross

00:51:24.420 --> 00:51:29.910 Georgeann Dau: But what that cross represented in revealed to us was that when we

00:51:31.410 --> 00:51:33.420 Georgeann Dau: Suffer through these feelings.

00:51:34.800 --> 00:51:48.030 Georgeann Dau: That were put into us by others quote original sin by others dysfunction and we're all dysfunctional. The only difference is, those of us that know we are

00:51:48.540 --> 00:52:05.940 Georgeann Dau: And once we know we are, we can make choices differently if we're unconscious of it than we were. Then we have no choice, because we don't have a choice. No one can ask us what is it you want me to do for you because we're unconscious of it, we will not know

00:52:08.730 --> 00:52:09.270 Georgeann Dau: So,

00:52:11.880 --> 00:52:12.630 Georgeann Dau: In that

00:52:14.730 --> 00:52:28.620 Georgeann Dau: Jesus showed us that we die on that cross we die to that suffering and we take on the likeness we transcend

00:52:29.790 --> 00:52:31.320 Georgeann Dau: We rise again.

00:52:32.730 --> 00:52:34.170 Georgeann Dau: We resurrect

00:52:35.460 --> 00:52:52.350 Georgeann Dau: Every time we face the pain we resurrect. This is the power of psychoanalysis spiritual direction is that, together with God, we face the wombs

00:52:53.190 --> 00:53:08.100 Georgeann Dau: The wounds are always there. But once we face them once we begin to own them. They do not have the power over us any more. We have a choice. We have a choice.

00:53:09.120 --> 00:53:10.680 Georgeann Dau: We are no longer

00:53:13.110 --> 00:53:25.050 Georgeann Dau: A victim to them because there really is no such thing as a victim anyway. As a child, you could be victim victimized but as an adult. There's no such thing as being victimized.

00:53:26.880 --> 00:53:32.430 Georgeann Dau: We are called to awaken and be conscious so that we can

00:53:33.690 --> 00:53:34.890 Georgeann Dau: grow into

00:53:37.170 --> 00:53:41.340 Georgeann Dau: The depth openness, the broad mind.

00:53:43.980 --> 00:53:53.910 Georgeann Dau: Of Christ as the seat of our true selves, because we all have the true and false self. So the false self is the self that we created.

00:53:54.300 --> 00:54:02.460 Georgeann Dau: In the first order of life from zero to seven, the mechanical self. Why did we create this mechanical self.

00:54:03.150 --> 00:54:14.850 Georgeann Dau: Because we always come from love, and we want to be loved and accepted, no matter what. So a child will always look to fit in.

00:54:15.330 --> 00:54:33.780 Georgeann Dau: Will always look to fit in to get the love and acceptance by the original family by the original tribe. So as it's growing up the foundation of whether it be church any elders that you will around

00:54:35.550 --> 00:54:46.050 Georgeann Dau: Became the first order and we believed and we pushed ourselves to believe that they knew and we didn't that they knew what was best

00:54:46.470 --> 00:54:59.760 Georgeann Dau: And if their reaction to us and how they felt we felt in that reaction to us is what we believed, because we wanted to be loved and we want it to be accepted. So even if

00:55:00.150 --> 00:55:05.730 Georgeann Dau: We knew that maybe mommy and daddy weren't doing anything right or something right as a child.

00:55:06.330 --> 00:55:22.530 Georgeann Dau: We have a sixth sense towards it as a child, we would never ever look at that because a child would never make mother and father wrong because we come from love, and we want that love and we want that consistent acceptance.

00:55:23.640 --> 00:55:24.690 Georgeann Dau: And that's why

00:55:25.860 --> 00:55:46.950 Georgeann Dau: All of these places in us that hurt these wounds exist, and we're going to look at this in more depth next week. I hope this was helpful and I wish that if any of you want to ask questions, you can go on to www dot

00:55:48.510 --> 00:56:05.010 Georgeann Dau: D or G D Dr. G and you'll be able to leave me messages and ask questions so I can address them in one of the shows

00:56:05.910 --> 00:56:14.880 Georgeann Dau: I'm more than happy to do that. I know that this is a lot of material and I really hope it's okay. God bless you. Bye. Thank you.

00:56:15.660 --> 00:56:27.030 Georgeann Dau: And I just wanted to ends in a prayer and I always seem to lose my prayer, but let us just pray from our hearts that God

00:56:27.630 --> 00:56:47.370 Georgeann Dau: Bless all those listening, bless all living things in the universe. Thank you for this blessing to be present and helpful in your name to all those listening. We pray for all humanity and all living creatures. Amen. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

00:56:48.390 --> 00:56:48.810 Georgeann Dau: Good night.

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