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Friday, September 25, 2020

2020/09/25 - Focus On Your Passion

[PREMIERE] Focus On Your Passion

SMBs have a lot of alphabet soup to contend with as it relates to their HR department, especially in 2020. PPP doesn’t just represent a loan to help owners during the pandemic. PPP can represent the following idea:

SMB success is about surrounding yourself with the right PEOPLE, while keeping strong focus on the best business PROCESS, in order to deliver the ideal PRODUCT and employee/customer experience.

HR Outsourcing solutions help business owners focus on their passion, to help increase their revenues, and leave administrative burden to professionals who specialize in navigating the The Alphabet Soup of HR in 2020 and Beyond.

On our inaugural episode, Steve is joined by Michael Roloson, Director at PEO Focus, to dive into the options SMBs have to help them focus on the reasons they went into business in the first place.

Please join us for the premiere of Always FreyDay This week!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Steve introduces the show and what to expect from the program.  He further discusses how SMB’s can take advantage in today’s environment.  

Segment 2

Steve introduces special guest Michael Roloson, Director of PEO Focus.  Steve asks Michael how he does business, goes to market and how they help business owners.  Michael dives into one of the main drivers of PEO focus is giving business owners some of their time back, which is very important for someone starting a small business. They do this by providing further resources and options.  Michael further discusses how PEO Focus measures value for a business and finding the middle ground.  They close out discussing having jobs early on and how early on you learn the value of working which includes taxesAs taxes become more complicated and HR/compliance become more complicated it is worth the investment to help navigate the complexities of those aspects in a business. Michael discusses how PEO models might not be the best fit for all businesses and how they assess each one individually.    

Segment 3

Steve asks Michael what he has seen as of late, not only with COVID, but in general who is looking for the type of solutions PEO Focus offers.  Michael talks further about how healthcare focus/health insurance has changed due to COVID and different questions they are receiving in light of this and that there are other elements of health insurance that are being asked, regardless of COVID.  They also receive questions on the political front and that you have to prepare for multiple scenarios.  They close talking about where healthcare underwriting will go in terms of easing or being more rigorous and how PEO will look for multiple solutions.  

Segment 4

The final segment Steven and Michael discuss what message businesses can take away from the discussion and PEO Focus can assist. In closing they talk about Michael’s favorite movie character, from Glengarry Glen Ross and the slogan AIDA - Attention, Interest, Decision, Action.  Also his favorite movies, Boiler Room and The Big Short. And finally his favorite instrument and favorite musician who plays it - electric guitar by Eddie Van Halen.  


00:00:34.890 --> 00:00:47.010 Steven Frey: Good morning everyone and a very happy Friday to you. I'm Stephen Fry, welcome to always Friday, although with me. It is always Friday. Some people will say, Thank god it's Friday.

00:00:47.430 --> 00:00:53.700 Steven Frey: I'm Stephen Fry your SMB guy. I see. Why am I, which stands for, in case you missed it.

00:00:54.600 --> 00:01:02.850 Steven Frey: SMB stands for small to medium sized business, and that is why we're here on always Friday we're here to provide a weekly reflection.

00:01:03.180 --> 00:01:11.580 Steven Frey: On small to medium sized business in the USA through the eyes of business leaders, as well as their trusted advisors.

00:01:11.970 --> 00:01:21.120 Steven Frey: Each week, we're going to be focusing on a particular idea problem or popular topic of discussion that's on the minds of today's business leaders 2020 and beyond.

00:01:21.480 --> 00:01:30.360 Steven Frey: Today's topic of discussion is the alphabet soup of small business HR solutions. So you guys hear a lot of different

00:01:30.900 --> 00:01:35.220 Steven Frey: acronyms that get passed around out there. There's services like P iOS.

00:01:35.760 --> 00:01:43.110 Steven Frey: Human Resource outsourcing HR rose as owes a lot of different types of Alphabet Soup. You might have been hear us discuss PPP

00:01:43.470 --> 00:01:49.770 Steven Frey: At some point on the program today. However, PPP means something entirely different on always Friday.

00:01:50.190 --> 00:01:58.770 Steven Frey: We explore the people processes and products that give the appropriate context and geek translation to the theme of the day.

00:01:59.160 --> 00:02:09.630 Steven Frey: So, just real quick for you guys, you know, always Friday. It's not just about my last name, although I do like a good play on words, some alliteration, maybe even upon here in their

00:02:10.200 --> 00:02:15.990 Steven Frey: Fry actually means free in German, which is a dialect that many words in the English language are based on

00:02:16.800 --> 00:02:25.290 Steven Frey: I believe that most business owners their employees. Their advisors, they really have the most clarity, when they feel the freedom of the weekend coming

00:02:25.710 --> 00:02:31.230 Steven Frey: However, they get so wrapped up and trying to just steamroll through Friday and get to that weekend freedom.

00:02:31.650 --> 00:02:39.660 Steven Frey: That you know they end up doing that and come back on Friday on Monday all hung over and just go straight into the week into the throes of the week.

00:02:40.080 --> 00:02:55.200 Steven Frey: This forum here is really to capture some of that clarity provide some thought leadership and really heading to the weekend with some insight on the SMB landscape. So as I feel the freedom of the weekend coming myself. I'm going to go ahead and slip my shades on.

00:02:56.460 --> 00:03:05.250 Steven Frey: Much better. If you're not feeling free already while we are on the talk radio dot NYC network. We don't want this to just be about talk

00:03:05.640 --> 00:03:13.770 Steven Frey: The goal here once again is really to use the insight that you receive on the SMB landscape and use it to create a more impactful Monday.

00:03:14.250 --> 00:03:21.960 Steven Frey: Again, we bring a unique perspective on the people process and products that are driving SMEs today. Far too often, especially in 2020

00:03:22.440 --> 00:03:29.250 Steven Frey: SMEs are focused on the product that is going to solve their problems. The magic wand, the shiny new mouse trap, if you will.

00:03:29.850 --> 00:03:41.340 Steven Frey: I believe very strongly. The idea that products change every single day in every other facet of our lives. Whether it's personal or business is very often overlooked.

00:03:41.700 --> 00:03:51.270 Steven Frey: There is no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first and keeping focus on the process that is going to help you achieve your long term and short term goals.

00:03:51.780 --> 00:03:59.130 Steven Frey: As you do this, I believe the right products will present themselves as they are needed by the SMB, and by their and and by their trusted advisors.

00:03:59.550 --> 00:04:07.590 Steven Frey: Everything begins and ends with the people. So, in the spirit of surrounding yourself with the right people. We have a great show for you today.

00:04:07.860 --> 00:04:15.600 Steven Frey: Our special guest is Michael roloson Michael roloson is a director with PEO focus, which is a consulting firm that assists business leaders.

00:04:15.900 --> 00:04:25.980 Steven Frey: And their trusted advisors with understanding the complexities of PEO which stands for professional employer organization and other HR types of related solutions.

00:04:26.400 --> 00:04:33.480 Steven Frey: Michael is the most perfect person I could think of to discuss this theme because it's what he deals with all day long, day in and day out.

00:04:33.900 --> 00:04:37.260 Steven Frey: So in addition to learning a little bit more about Michael and what he does.

00:04:37.620 --> 00:04:43.920 Steven Frey: I also, I like to discuss three magic questions with my guests that really gives a little bit of insight. I'm a big movie.

00:04:44.220 --> 00:04:55.410 Steven Frey: TV show and music guy. So the three big questions I like to ask my focus is who is your favorite movie or TV show character. What is your favorite movie or TV show.

00:04:56.160 --> 00:05:03.750 Steven Frey: And what is your favorite musical instrument and the artists who plays it we're going to come back to that a little later in the program learn a little bit more about Michael

00:05:04.260 --> 00:05:08.670 Steven Frey: We're going to be joined by Michael roloson once again after our first commercial break.

00:05:09.150 --> 00:05:14.820 Steven Frey: In the meantime, you know, let's talk a little bit about the theme of the day so I can give you a little bit of a personal take on it.

00:05:15.330 --> 00:05:21.270 Steven Frey: And when talking about the alphabet soup that's out there, small, medium sized business solutions for as it relates to HR

00:05:21.870 --> 00:05:27.240 Steven Frey: Yeah, it reminds me of a book that I read years ago called made to stick by chip and Dan Heath.

00:05:27.720 --> 00:05:35.580 Steven Frey: You know great book about, you know, really speaking with impact and making sure that your messaging resonates with your audience, you know, very often.

00:05:36.570 --> 00:05:45.870 Steven Frey: People fall victim to what's referred to as the curse of knowledge, it's talked about a lot in the media to stick book The curse of knowledge is something that I believe all professionals have

00:05:46.350 --> 00:05:52.530 Steven Frey: And it's something that centers around the idea of the better you know something, the harder it is to explain it to other people.

00:05:53.610 --> 00:06:04.680 Steven Frey: There's any number of abbreviations and acronyms surrounding all the different options that are available out there. Again, you know, PEO so HR row you get into different

00:06:05.610 --> 00:06:17.280 Steven Frey: You know, organizational bodies that really center themselves around small to medium sized business you know SBA PPP loans that we're dealing with right now Orissa as it relates to retirement plans.

00:06:17.820 --> 00:06:26.160 Steven Frey: have health insurance, you have a ton of acronyms. Yeah, EPO POS PPO HSA FSA all these different types of acronyms.

00:06:26.670 --> 00:06:31.350 Steven Frey: A lot of it just seems like alphabet soup to people they really need some help. Navigating it

00:06:31.950 --> 00:06:42.960 Steven Frey: So, you know, it's one thing to organize a list of, you know, subject matter expertise technical thoughts, you know, in terms of abbreviations and acronyms really does help to simplify the thoughts and knowledge base.

00:06:43.320 --> 00:06:48.750 Steven Frey: But doesn't really help communicate the message to others, right, especially as it relates to

00:06:49.050 --> 00:06:58.410 Steven Frey: Small to medium sized business owners, you know, they go into business because they have a passion. They have a skill. They want to do what they're passionate about and use it to make money.

00:06:59.040 --> 00:07:05.430 Steven Frey: They don't go into business because they like dealing with things like payroll Human Resources group Benefits Administration.

00:07:05.820 --> 00:07:14.460 Steven Frey: And, you know, risk and compliance work from both the state and federal level, they go into business because they have a passion and they want to use that passion to make a living.

00:07:15.090 --> 00:07:24.690 Steven Frey: So, you know, very often they do need a lot of help as it relates to some of the the necessary evils that they look at it as, as far as running their business.

00:07:25.140 --> 00:07:31.590 Steven Frey: And, you know, again, just to look at it a little bit deeper in the in the lens of, you know, people first. You know, before process and product, you know,

00:07:32.220 --> 00:07:44.400 Steven Frey: If business owners and their leaders and management HR. Very good. Very often gets looked at as that necessary evil and it's it's nothing like that at all, again, everything begins and ends with the people, especially to me.

00:07:44.910 --> 00:07:54.360 Steven Frey: The whole goal of HR is really to bring home the best possible practices and experience for not only the people who work for you at your organization.

00:07:54.840 --> 00:08:04.800 Steven Frey: But also the clients that you're looking to serve. And that's something that really every business owner and every management team and every leadership team and and their trusted advisors.

00:08:05.160 --> 00:08:15.810 Steven Frey: That's something they should all really, you know, embrace and take to heart and really go to market with. It's very important. I do find and, you know, I'm sure. Michael will add some color to this as well.

00:08:16.920 --> 00:08:30.810 Steven Frey: A lot of times that business leaders, and even their trusted advisors there. They're often looking for just the most economical cost effective solution in this in this type of sandbox, you know, just something that that gets the job done. And does it with as little cost as possible.

00:08:32.310 --> 00:08:43.260 Steven Frey: Yeah. Very often the concept gets overlooked of, you know, this is an opportunity when you're looking to engage HR types of solutions. It's an opportunity to really strive to be an employer of choice.

00:08:43.770 --> 00:08:51.930 Steven Frey: Right and a good friend of mine uses that term a great deal striving to be an employer of choice HR solutions like the ones we're going to discuss today.

00:08:52.500 --> 00:09:00.630 Steven Frey: They're really meant for business owners and leadership teams that care about their employees right if if someone just asked you, what do you charge for this.

00:09:00.960 --> 00:09:04.890 Steven Frey: looks at it just as as a basic payroll type of service. It's

00:09:05.370 --> 00:09:12.930 Steven Frey: Kind of missing the boat. You know this this type of discussion. These types of programs. These types of solutions are really geared towards the people

00:09:13.320 --> 00:09:17.580 Steven Frey: best experience for the people who work for you best experience for the clients that you're looking to serve.

00:09:18.180 --> 00:09:23.940 Steven Frey: So, you know, often business owners and their teams, they'll, they'll look to try to figure out this stuff themselves. They'll look

00:09:24.240 --> 00:09:36.150 Steven Frey: Online at all the different acronyms that are out there, they'll ask their other business owner, friends, maybe sometimes the last their trusted advisors financial advisors insurance brokers, you know really what the right direction is to go

00:09:37.980 --> 00:09:50.220 Steven Frey: But it's, it's something where it's the opportunity does get missed often to really use it as a strategic business initiative, instead of just something that's a necessary evil and kind of needs to be done.

00:09:50.640 --> 00:09:57.450 Steven Frey: Just to get just to get the bit keep the business moving. There's all kinds of studies out there, going back 15 years

00:09:57.840 --> 00:10:06.690 Steven Frey: That that allude to the idea that, you know, outsourcing some of your administrative burden, you know, just the business processes that have to be done on a daily basis.

00:10:07.080 --> 00:10:19.020 Steven Frey: Can can increase production and revenues 20 to 30% in some cases. And a lot of times it's just because the time consumption that that comes along with doing these administrative burden tasks.

00:10:19.410 --> 00:10:25.800 Steven Frey: Is alleviated and the folks that go into business for their passion can spend more time on their passion.

00:10:26.160 --> 00:10:31.800 Steven Frey: And grow the business and enrich the business work on the business instead of in the business.

00:10:32.100 --> 00:10:37.470 Steven Frey: And you know, that's a lot of what we're here to talk about today. We want your business owners out there to really work.

00:10:37.710 --> 00:10:46.410 Steven Frey: On their business, not in their business expand their horizons expand their passion in some cases go nationally. If it's just a local organization right now, which

00:10:46.650 --> 00:10:56.940 Steven Frey: You know the current climate, we're in and actually lends itself very nicely to going into your other locales and locales enough geography that you have have yet to expand your business reach into

00:10:57.570 --> 00:11:04.680 Steven Frey: So these are all great topics of discussion, you know, these, these types of platforms that we're going to talk about with Michael coming up shortly.

00:11:05.010 --> 00:11:21.330 Steven Frey: Are are should not be seen as just necessary evils they are significant significant opportunities for the business owners and their management teams and their trusted advisors to really be strategic even, you know, right now, when some businesses are in straight up survival mode.

00:11:22.410 --> 00:11:26.760 Steven Frey: survival mode can still be strategic time it's one, you know, really big.

00:11:27.210 --> 00:11:38.610 Steven Frey: Thought that's that that's getting out there, more and more right now is that, you know, just because you might have had to, you know, lay off you know furlough shared work programs, what have you. Some of your employees.

00:11:39.060 --> 00:11:53.640 Steven Frey: It doesn't mean that you can't use this time to really be strategic and use what's going on right now to when everything comes back from pandemic types of conditions and unique business environment right now to really be positioned to win.

00:11:54.390 --> 00:11:58.860 Steven Frey: A lot of times, changes in landscape like this create challenges for people out there.

00:11:59.820 --> 00:12:05.970 Steven Frey: For the most part, they should be seen as opportunities and you know that's we want to bring this home to you in such a way where

00:12:06.420 --> 00:12:21.360 Steven Frey: You know, the thought leadership and insights we provide for you here today and and the Fridays to follow, you know, give, give you guys out there, some, you know, real catalyst for Monday impact right don't lose some of the clarity and thoughts that you had right before the weekend started

00:12:22.410 --> 00:12:29.490 Steven Frey: Just really take take them to heart. Listen to you, Michael. Listen to the other guests that we have coming up here in the next couple weeks.

00:12:29.850 --> 00:12:40.590 Steven Frey: And really take it to heart. Take the messaging away and see how you can integrate these types of thoughts into your business model to create a more impactful Monday.

00:12:41.550 --> 00:12:50.880 Steven Frey: We are going to be taking a commercial break coming up here shortly. But again, we will be joined by Michael roloson for the duration of the program today Director A P O focus

00:12:51.180 --> 00:13:04.530 Steven Frey: And he's going to talk a little bit with us about navigating the alphabet soup of the small business landscape as it relates to HR solutions. We will be right back in just a few moments.

00:15:11.490 --> 00:15:16.200 Steven Frey: Alright guys, welcome back to always Friday with Stephen Fry your SMB guy.

00:15:17.010 --> 00:15:30.150 Steven Frey: As I mentioned earlier, we're going to be joined today by Michael roloson director with PEO focus on a consulting firm that helps business leaders and their trusted advisors navigate the PEO and HR outsourcing solution landscape.

00:15:30.810 --> 00:15:37.440 Steven Frey: What you'll see with with us moving forward here is you know that this part of our show is really where we want to talk about

00:15:37.830 --> 00:15:46.230 Steven Frey: The methods behind the madness. Right. Talk a little bit about you know what our special guests do to really facilitate the topic of the day.

00:15:46.590 --> 00:15:56.850 Steven Frey: And how they do it and how they go to market. So without further ado, I want to introduce you guys to my good friend Michael roloson with PTO focus Rollo very good to see you, my friend.

00:15:57.360 --> 00:15:59.730 Michael Roloson: Hey, Stephen. Great to see you too. Thanks for having me on.

00:16:00.660 --> 00:16:11.250 Steven Frey: Absolutely. My pleasure. So, you know, as we've been discussing last far right, there's there's any number of Alphabet Soup out there as it comes to really navigating your small business.

00:16:11.610 --> 00:16:24.060 Steven Frey: And you know in the in the guise of, you know, these solutions that a lot of business owners look forward to really help them facilitate their administrative needs so that they can go focus on the reasons they went into in the first place.

00:16:24.420 --> 00:16:31.350 Steven Frey: In the way they went into business in the first place. You know there's there's a lot of choices that they have. And in the last 510 years or so, those choices have

00:16:31.650 --> 00:16:40.080 Steven Frey: increased exponentially. But it's, I find that it's it's tough for them to figure out really where they fit in custom tailoring the suit for their needs.

00:16:40.380 --> 00:16:49.020 Steven Frey: So, you know, love to hear from from you, you know, you know exactly what you guys do, how you do it for for everybody listening out there and you know you

00:16:49.770 --> 00:16:52.680 Steven Frey: Really like what what what what drives like what's

00:16:53.160 --> 00:17:00.360 Steven Frey: You know, as far as really these folks that are looking to make some type of change and make a little bit more infrastructure really scale their business.

00:17:00.690 --> 00:17:11.640 Steven Frey: You know how you guys you know really start the process of shopping for the most appropriate solutions for them and hand holding them through the process. Tell us a little bit about you know what you do and how you do it, and how you go to market.

00:17:12.510 --> 00:17:18.840 Michael Roloson: Sure, yeah. Okay. It's like a questions in one question, but I think we started the beginning here right so

00:17:19.380 --> 00:17:27.990 Michael Roloson: You know business owners, the ones I talked to, anyway. And the ones that we were able to help out obviously me my team, etc. It's

00:17:28.770 --> 00:17:34.410 Michael Roloson: It seems to be a common theme is his time in the most value valuable commodity that they really have is time and

00:17:34.740 --> 00:17:41.790 Michael Roloson: They really get into starting their own business, one doesn't do it without passion so they have a passion for what they want to accomplish.

00:17:42.150 --> 00:17:52.110 Michael Roloson: And they become experts in what they're going to do. They surround themselves with the right people and P O focus just helps assist them with giving them another set of tools and guidance of

00:17:53.040 --> 00:17:59.280 Michael Roloson: A way for them to surround themselves with information that take it gives them their time back. It takes a lot of administrative pieces off of their plate.

00:17:59.760 --> 00:18:08.610 Michael Roloson: You mentioned, there's a lot of different resources and available, things that are out there for them. Every business is different. Everybody has a different vision and goal timeline.

00:18:09.150 --> 00:18:14.400 Michael Roloson: So what we do is really partner with them to understand what their needs are, what they're looking to accomplish.

00:18:14.760 --> 00:18:22.110 Michael Roloson: And then we show them the various resources that are out there, educate them about the differences between options and what type of impact, they can expect from each option.

00:18:22.830 --> 00:18:30.870 Michael Roloson: I mean really just bring clarity to their decision making process. We are not somebody who says, okay, hey, you know, we want you to take this vendor that vendor or the other.

00:18:31.380 --> 00:18:38.100 Michael Roloson: Ultimately, our job is to make sure they have enough education and make the right decisions for their business that they have a resource that they can reach out to and us.

00:18:39.060 --> 00:18:44.190 Michael Roloson: Throughout those relationships they understand if they want to make changes they understand the options available to them.

00:18:45.150 --> 00:18:55.620 Michael Roloson: And it's just another way for them to move on to the next stage of their business and have the comfort of knowing that from a compliance standpoint, from an employee benefit point experience standpoint.

00:18:56.160 --> 00:18:59.520 Michael Roloson: They're doing the best that they can implement the tools that are going to make them successful

00:19:00.870 --> 00:19:07.320 Steven Frey: It's great stuff. Michael and I would agree with you, you know, time and money is a big focus

00:19:07.740 --> 00:19:16.290 Steven Frey: Of these folks when they're looking for the solution. It's when you're talking about, you know, service related type business professional service like doing an HR solution.

00:19:16.710 --> 00:19:20.130 Steven Frey: A lot of it does center around, you know, the whole time and money aspect.

00:19:20.550 --> 00:19:26.430 Steven Frey: How do you, you know, how do you work with the folks you know that you're talking to out there to really help them see that in addition to

00:19:26.760 --> 00:19:41.640 Steven Frey: Time and money it's it's really something of a strategic type of players as well, like it's not not necessarily just about who the cheapest vendor is out there. It's really about who's going to be the ideal partner for your business. Talk a little bit about that with me.

00:19:42.240 --> 00:19:43.530 Michael Roloson: Yeah, sure. So, you know,

00:19:44.190 --> 00:19:52.890 Michael Roloson: really digging deep going through a deep discovery process and maybe even for them, helping them understand what it is that they really want out of the solutions.

00:19:53.100 --> 00:20:00.360 Michael Roloson: Creates a new measurement you said, time, time is very measurable. We all know how to measure time, right, it can be one of the most difficult things to comprehend.

00:20:01.410 --> 00:20:08.370 Michael Roloson: Sometimes we feel we have less of it more of it, etc. But we can measure that money. Another measurable thing right no issues, their

00:20:09.300 --> 00:20:20.580 Michael Roloson: Value, however, has a lot of different components. So we try to make them understand that it's not about one particular piece of the puzzle. It's about the overall value of each solution.

00:20:21.060 --> 00:20:31.170 Michael Roloson: And when we're able to show them what the overall value pieces are based on what they are looking to accomplish and how these solutions can impact that value metric that we build for them.

00:20:31.590 --> 00:20:42.840 Michael Roloson: And they're in a better position to make a decision where they're not blinded by the investment. They're not blinded solely by one piece of the solution. They can look at everything as a whole and uncover which one's going to be best for them.

00:20:43.410 --> 00:20:52.740 Michael Roloson: It really, really comes down to which solution is going to bring you the most value. Just because something is the most expensive doesn't mean it's not the best option. Just because something's the least expensive.

00:20:53.130 --> 00:20:58.680 Michael Roloson: Obviously, doesn't mean that it's going to be the best option. It's about finding a nice middle ground where it's going to bring you the highest value.

00:21:00.120 --> 00:21:09.540 Steven Frey: Yeah. Hundred percent agree value a big, big type of discussion, you know, folks. Definitely need to have their, their value proposition statement really well in hand for this discussion.

00:21:10.770 --> 00:21:14.790 Steven Frey: You know, you mentioned time, you mentioned money both very quantifiable things

00:21:15.150 --> 00:21:21.180 Steven Frey: Also, you know, even things like the risk and compliance, you know, type of side of things. So from a state and federal level. A lot of times

00:21:21.450 --> 00:21:28.020 Steven Frey: You know that's. Those are topics that that a lot of times business owners and even sometimes their advisors will feel like is

00:21:28.290 --> 00:21:36.270 Steven Frey: It's kind of like an art project something that's abstract. We're really it's a science, science experiment. It's all stuff that you can really, really ascertain, it's all out there.

00:21:36.780 --> 00:21:43.710 Steven Frey: It's more of a matter of really where that particular business owner, you know this, that particular business in and of itself.

00:21:44.010 --> 00:21:53.340 Steven Frey: Falls into the pie. What they tend to see and how their situation might be a little bit different than others out there that are dealing with, like, you know, regular state and federal compliance type of work.

00:21:54.450 --> 00:22:02.460 Steven Frey: You know, what do you talk a little bit about that you know when it's, you know, building the value for something like this, it kind of can be like a house of cards. Sometimes it's

00:22:02.700 --> 00:22:10.710 Steven Frey: You know, a lot of times, traditional sales training and stuff like that will tell people that you got to find the pressure points and the pain points and squeeze them with everything you've got.

00:22:11.040 --> 00:22:16.410 Steven Frey: And when it comes to things like HR, you know, it's definitely good to know where certain aspects of pain are but

00:22:16.890 --> 00:22:27.000 Steven Frey: You know it's it's not again being all about the people first and last, like, it doesn't have to all be pain. It can be such a positive conversation. You know, you said you see it the same way.

00:22:28.200 --> 00:22:38.430 Michael Roloson: Yeah no absolutely and we take everything out of positive situation, we look at ourselves as consultants. First, our job is to make sure that they have the information that they need you.

00:22:39.870 --> 00:22:48.390 Michael Roloson: All right, here's a great example. Right. Remember when you were younger, I mean it's a long time ago for us. But yeah, right. You're 18 1716 years old. Did you have a job, Stephen.

00:22:49.560 --> 00:22:51.810 Steven Frey: I actually started working when I was 14 don't tell him.

00:22:52.470 --> 00:22:55.260 Michael Roloson: All right, well, I won't. Right. But let's say you're 17. What were you doing

00:22:56.970 --> 00:23:05.250 Steven Frey: Actually, I was working for a telemarketing organization that set appointments for chiropractors in high school. All through our

00:23:06.270 --> 00:23:13.590 Michael Roloson: That's awesome, right. So, somehow you got involved with that figured out about it applied for and 17 getting a little money for the gas tank.

00:23:14.460 --> 00:23:21.120 Michael Roloson: And maybe some other choice products that we probably shouldn't talk about but whatever it was that you were doing right 17 years old, you're working

00:23:21.900 --> 00:23:33.690 Michael Roloson: I remember being 17 years old I worked at the YMCA, and I did it at first to get a free membership right that hundred and $10 was so valuable to me at 17 years old.

00:23:34.110 --> 00:23:43.260 Michael Roloson: Just the free membership. I was like, I gotta work here for my X amount, and I learned a lot. I love that a great time great friends, colleagues, you know, you learn a little bit about

00:23:43.860 --> 00:23:58.050 Michael Roloson: Working but you also learned about taxes. Right. Yeah, either first to check or two and you learn a little bit about taxes, you know, the first one I remember is the $10 right to work tax. We have to pay for the ability to work. Okay, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.

00:23:59.670 --> 00:24:14.460 Michael Roloson: But where I'm going with this, was I was 17 YEARS OLD, OF YOUTube was pretty simple. I was able to do my own taxes. I put it in, and was pretty simple. I got it very minimal refund and life was great. I was happy. I went about my day like it never happened.

00:24:15.540 --> 00:24:20.400 Michael Roloson: Fast forward years down the road. And over time, things become a little bit more complicated.

00:24:20.910 --> 00:24:31.020 Michael Roloson: To the point where I can invest a ton of time educating myself about the tax code. I can invest a ton of my time into different financial vehicles to understand how to navigate the tax code.

00:24:31.290 --> 00:24:42.810 Michael Roloson: Or for a really valuable price I can pay somebody who's an expert to do all of this for me. And at the end of the day, while I invested money in that person to do these things for me. I'm coming out way on top.

00:24:44.070 --> 00:24:52.290 Michael Roloson: And that's where I'm going with kind of what your question is there is just that it's an investment people invest in their company they invest in outsourcing they invest in efficiency.

00:24:52.950 --> 00:25:04.950 Michael Roloson: And that's really what HR compliance has gotten so complicated or small medium business owners, especially ones who operate in multiple states because state regulations vary so drastically.

00:25:05.430 --> 00:25:13.350 Michael Roloson: That you can have one employee that you add in 20 person, company have one employee added in a state and it goes through your entire system in the chaos.

00:25:13.980 --> 00:25:19.260 Michael Roloson: So we do is we help these guys navigate those complexities. So they really can focus on their business, they can

00:25:19.860 --> 00:25:25.980 Michael Roloson: Say, I really want to hire this person, this is the person is going to make the biggest impact on my business. They happen to live in that state.

00:25:26.490 --> 00:25:31.500 Michael Roloson: But it doesn't have to be a detriment to what they're trying to accomplish and we help them navigate that red tape, we help them.

00:25:31.950 --> 00:25:39.360 Michael Roloson: Focus on the efficiencies of their business. We help them realize the solutions that are out there, similar to what I got into my mid 20s learning that hey,

00:25:40.020 --> 00:25:48.780 Michael Roloson: Investing in accounting and I probably learned a little later than I should besting an accountant is actually a net positive for me as opposed to an expense.

00:25:49.530 --> 00:25:55.170 Steven Frey: Yep. Yeah, totally with you there. And by the way, you know, if you mean by filling the gaps that I give me my stomach and my liver

00:25:55.200 --> 00:25:58.590 Steven Frey: Then, absolutely. That's what some of that money was used for and I

00:25:59.070 --> 00:25:59.430 Yeah.

00:26:00.840 --> 00:26:05.610 Steven Frey: I you know I love the thought process of going back to our teens and some of our first jobs and all of that.

00:26:06.000 --> 00:26:11.760 Steven Frey: Because, you know, very often, I equate and we're talking about PEO and HR solutions and things like that.

00:26:12.030 --> 00:26:20.400 Steven Frey: I equated with the business being in in puberty almost in that clumsy awkward teenage phase where their body or their business is changing a little bit and there

00:26:20.640 --> 00:26:27.000 Steven Frey: Are things are things are different on a daily basis. And they're learning new things and growing faster than they're comfortable with and

00:26:27.210 --> 00:26:35.100 Steven Frey: You know, kind of lends itself very naturally to that HR outsourcing discussion. So, you know, bringing it back to you know PTO and to focus

00:26:35.370 --> 00:26:43.980 Steven Frey: You know, just because you know you have the name PEO in the title of your business. You know, I know that you guys don't just work with P O types of solutions, however.

00:26:44.190 --> 00:26:51.900 Steven Frey: You know, I often look at PEO as a great first line of defense. You know where it's something phenomenal fit. It's one of the best stories to tell out there.

00:26:52.170 --> 00:26:58.500 Steven Frey: When it fits the organization. It is one of the best things that they can possibly do for themselves in this this type of sandbox.

00:26:58.860 --> 00:27:10.710 Steven Frey: But not every business ends up being a fit for the P O model. Talk to us a little bit about you know what you look to do with said businesses and how you look to navigate them in the HR solution landscape.

00:27:11.400 --> 00:27:15.660 Michael Roloson: Sure. Yeah. You know, it's always important evaluate all the options that are available to you.

00:27:15.990 --> 00:27:21.540 Michael Roloson: We do have a lot of people who reach in, maybe at first looking for a PR solution that ends up not being the best avenue for them.

00:27:21.870 --> 00:27:31.620 Michael Roloson: We have other people who feel they might have outgrown the PR solution they give us a ring we evaluated. We tell them. Actually, you're in the best spot possible and with the best vendors, keep doing what you're doing. Let's evaluate this again.

00:27:32.070 --> 00:27:40.740 Michael Roloson: In eight to 10 months and then we have other groups. Reach out where the P is really not the best fit because there are alternative solutions for them. Maybe they've grown into a scenario where

00:27:41.790 --> 00:27:50.790 Michael Roloson: They excelled within that PTO model now to model has efficiently gotten them to where they want to go. And now it's time to evaluate new solutions because doors have been open to decides

00:27:51.600 --> 00:28:02.130 Michael Roloson: You look at different states. New York and California, the rules change drastically when you hit 100 employees, you'll get many of the other states 50 maybe if if the employees and the rules just flip

00:28:03.720 --> 00:28:11.610 Michael Roloson: 25 a lot of different compliance changes we have different employees, you know, what are your employees needs. What are the benefits that they're looking for.

00:28:12.000 --> 00:28:19.980 Michael Roloson: I have some groups who, you know, they can attract the best talent, they can get the workers that they want the employee cultures that they want.

00:28:20.370 --> 00:28:25.050 Michael Roloson: By having the richest benefit platform in the history benefit platforms, when it comes to medical insurance.

00:28:25.560 --> 00:28:30.600 Michael Roloson: I have others who have completely different needs and they want their employees were looking for different benefits that to implement

00:28:31.470 --> 00:28:43.230 Michael Roloson: In a pew model might not be able to fit those needs. So it really, really is just, it's cyclical. It depends on where the company is in their business it. It's also not about just where we are right now, but where they want to be going

00:28:43.590 --> 00:28:46.770 Michael Roloson: And then what's going to be the most efficient way to get them there. Yep.

00:28:47.190 --> 00:28:50.790 Steven Frey: Absolutely quick thought before we take a, take a break here.

00:28:51.570 --> 00:29:02.040 Steven Frey: You find that, you know, most build some folks that are reaching out to you looking for Bo solutions are looking for. Just because they've heard of the p o packaging as a product and how how PEO works.

00:29:02.370 --> 00:29:13.800 Steven Frey: You know, versus really talking about what they're actually looking to accomplish where they are right now where they're trying to go and really trying to figure out how to get there, you find that they're just kind of asking about PTO because they heard about it.

00:29:14.550 --> 00:29:25.920 Michael Roloson: Yeah, we do get a lot of that. We do a lot of explaining as to what a P O is and does and all the different pieces that they can work with, you know, it's a buzzword they heard the buzz word

00:29:27.120 --> 00:29:35.490 Michael Roloson: Maybe they've had something happening in their business where somebody mentioned the word PTO to them and they weren't exactly familiar with it, they start to do some research.

00:29:36.060 --> 00:29:43.020 Michael Roloson: They might come across our side, reach out and we can have some conversations as far as you know where the P O cannon can't help them.

00:29:43.500 --> 00:29:48.090 Michael Roloson: So it's a lot of those types of pieces, Stephen, you know, you never know what you're going to get right. So some people

00:29:48.330 --> 00:29:56.160 Michael Roloson: As they call it, they feel like they know everything there is no IPOs and then they just want you to shop and you got to get them to Pump those brakes and be like, okay, it's not really what we do.

00:29:57.150 --> 00:30:10.290 Michael Roloson: You know, but you know we're willing to help let's have a conversation you have other groups who say, hey, I don't know what's going on, but something needs to change. And I need to get a grasp on this. Can you help us out. And those are the ones that we really, really make a big impact.

00:30:11.190 --> 00:30:14.580 Steven Frey: I heard a little bit of a life. It's like a box of chocolates in there. We're going to take a quick break.

00:30:14.910 --> 00:30:23.790 Steven Frey: We'll be back with Michael roloson shortly. We'll discuss a little bit about the madness that we see out there, regarding the alphabet soup of small business HR solutions will be right back.

00:32:40.260 --> 00:32:48.480 Steven Frey: Alright guys, we're back. Always Friday with Stephen Fry your SMB guy. We're talking with Michael roloson director of PTO focus

00:32:48.810 --> 00:32:55.050 Steven Frey: So we're going to talk a little bit about the madness that we see out there, some observations that we have on the landscape some

00:32:55.320 --> 00:33:04.470 Steven Frey: Things that we've seen as of late, whether it's, you know, some of the smaller groups. We've seen even potential high profile groups that are that are out there in the news, you know, dealing with some of the same

00:33:05.220 --> 00:33:12.480 Steven Frey: Trials and tribulations that small to medium sized businesses, deal with and I just a quick observation, you know, from my standpoint, you know,

00:33:13.170 --> 00:33:19.920 Steven Frey: I've seen businesses, you know, if even if similar businesses that are right around 100 hundred and 50 people, let's say,

00:33:20.280 --> 00:33:29.070 Steven Frey: You know, and one says, you know, our employees are our biggest asset. We've been around a long time you know we we like to do things right, but we don't necessarily do

00:33:29.460 --> 00:33:38.130 Steven Frey: Every single thing by the book, we have our own kind of culture here, you know, we just want a partner that's really going to help us along, you know, versus one that says

00:33:38.550 --> 00:33:45.180 Steven Frey: What do you, what do you guys charge. How much does this cost. I do find that the folks that are the former as opposed to the latter really tend to

00:33:45.510 --> 00:33:53.730 Steven Frey: Engage with this type of discussion a little bit more, you know, the ones that are looking at, you know, a small business HR solution as as just like a vendor.

00:33:54.060 --> 00:34:04.500 Steven Frey: Again, it's really not looking at it through the lens of of a true partner and you know that's what it really takes to grow and scale of business and take the administrative burden off the plate and really help.

00:34:04.860 --> 00:34:09.900 Steven Frey: The business achieve their mission statement and their goals and their passion and really make the money.

00:34:10.290 --> 00:34:20.280 Steven Frey: So Michael, just, you know, some observations from you have some of the things that you're seeing for this time in place now as it relates to Cove, it is always interesting to hear these days as well, but just in general.

00:34:20.700 --> 00:34:31.950 Steven Frey: You know, some of the things that you've seen as of late. You know who's looking for these types of solutions, why they're looking for it, how they got to you, it would love to hear a couple of stories from your side of the tables. I know you got a lot of

00:34:32.490 --> 00:34:37.620 Michael Roloson: Oh, we have tons of them. Right. You mentioned Cobra COBRA is a hot topic right now.

00:34:37.920 --> 00:34:38.550 Steven Frey: Yeah, I heard

00:34:39.780 --> 00:34:52.200 Michael Roloson: Have you heard me you have started to escape that one as far as the new cycle goes and, you know, obviously, everybody wants to be aware of it. Everybody wants to develop their own opinion on it and take their own safety measures and into hand.

00:34:53.790 --> 00:35:01.140 Michael Roloson: Different businesses are going to be impacted differently by code as well. Right. So it's a lot easier for certain models to go remote than it is for others.

00:35:02.010 --> 00:35:10.290 Michael Roloson: It's, it's going to impact customer bases differently. And, you know, businesses are trying to adjust the best way they can. Some are trying to position themselves to get

00:35:11.070 --> 00:35:20.760 Michael Roloson: The most value of their current client base and expand other ones are trying to survive. So we get a lot of questions about Kobe especially right now as it relates to health insurance. I mean, as everybody knows,

00:35:22.110 --> 00:35:29.940 Michael Roloson: If you're in the business world right now is when you're doing a lot of those evaluations to see how you wanted plan budget wise for 2021 you want to see and evaluate

00:35:30.600 --> 00:35:44.400 Michael Roloson: Your maybe your insurance products and how that's going to start January 1 so we're getting a lot of questions that we didn't normally get because of code as far as what we expect the health insurance and health care pricing model to look like.

00:35:44.940 --> 00:35:57.090 Michael Roloson: In 2021 and it's not just coding. Right. Some of it is some of it is, it was coated going to drive rates up a or hospital. Hospital costs on the rise, or insurance company is going to be

00:35:57.930 --> 00:36:04.890 Michael Roloson: Having a lot more expenses do to cope better they're going to have less expenses you know it's one thing to see and know what you see and what you see is

00:36:05.880 --> 00:36:15.150 Michael Roloson: There a lot of Coby cases, there are a lot of people being admitted to hospital. A lot of people who need serious treatment to fight for their lives. We're also seeing is that a lot of

00:36:16.830 --> 00:36:24.540 Michael Roloson: People are delaying surgeries that they might normally have are very, very expensive for insurance companies, but that's why you have health insurance right so

00:36:24.930 --> 00:36:35.670 Michael Roloson: That a collective can be there for you when you need to have your surgery and then obviously premium dollars go to help other people when they have there, but as people delay these things. Some of the ACI regulations kick in.

00:36:36.630 --> 00:36:54.690 Michael Roloson: Some of those ACTA regulations revolve around credits or rebates, and I don't think people are as familiar with that as they are with some of the other pieces as far as health insurance goes but health insurance carriers are required to rebate. A portion of premiums collected back to

00:36:55.890 --> 00:37:04.710 Michael Roloson: Businesses and different entities, depending on how the plans are set up if they are is not enough medical spent, you know, it's part of the program.

00:37:05.340 --> 00:37:13.260 Michael Roloson: So this year, the medical spend isn't where they budgeted to be. It's actually ends up going lower those credits will be issued next year in Q1 and Q2 mostly

00:37:14.640 --> 00:37:21.960 Michael Roloson: But if everybody comes back and has their surgeries, then you could see a really, really, really tough landscaping heading into

00:37:23.460 --> 00:37:32.340 Michael Roloson: So we talked to people about that and what their options are your certain companies are large enough, they can look at self funded it means they're only responsible for the health insurance claims of their group.

00:37:33.510 --> 00:37:39.300 Michael Roloson: We talked to people about different vehicles for protection in that world. We see a lot on the covert thing.

00:37:39.630 --> 00:37:46.410 Michael Roloson: We see other things we see a lot of people asking us questions about the political landscape and we have to advise them that all we can do is prepare for all scenarios.

00:37:46.740 --> 00:38:01.110 Michael Roloson: We are not experts when it comes to how people are going to vote in and out how they vote what those politicians are going to do will be able to or not get past so we try not to even speculate. All we do is prepare for both scenarios and expectations.

00:38:01.590 --> 00:38:04.230 Michael Roloson: But like everybody else. We kind of have to wait and see.

00:38:04.590 --> 00:38:13.050 Michael Roloson: What that ends up playing out so we get a lot of people asking. Those are the two major things right now is how is going to is how we covered infecting the marketplace on health insurance.

00:38:13.470 --> 00:38:17.520 Michael Roloson: And what do we think political outcomes are going to be in. How's that going to impact the market.

00:38:18.360 --> 00:38:29.370 Michael Roloson: Market next year. And unfortunately, we have to tell them that it remains to be seen on both fronts, you know, we give them information when we can. We recently posted an article was written by a partner of ours.

00:38:30.510 --> 00:38:39.930 Michael Roloson: We posted that out there as far as some of the take that they have uncovered. You know that's gotten some nice traction. It's really helped people kind of get an understanding of where things may or may not have

00:38:40.470 --> 00:38:50.280 Michael Roloson: Had and how they can protect themselves but Stephen. I wish I could tell you guys the answers to that. Because if I could, you know, I'd be on your podcast, I'd be on CNN.

00:38:51.240 --> 00:39:01.380 Michael Roloson: Fox News because you got to get both sides and just telling everybody like I know what's going to happen in 2021 but unfortunately we're all in a waiting pattern right now.

00:39:02.250 --> 00:39:10.590 Steven Frey: Yep, totally with you on that. And by the way, in the spirit of geek translation ACTA does stand for Affordable Care Act, we like to be a geek translator wherever possible to you guys. Oh.

00:39:10.920 --> 00:39:18.360 Michael Roloson: Also known as Obamacare, you're absolutely right. It's important that people References different things. Sorry about that. Yeah, you get caught up in the acronyms. Yeah.

00:39:18.390 --> 00:39:23.100 Steven Frey: It's, it's actually sometimes there's actual pages and pages of acronym, you know,

00:39:23.610 --> 00:39:33.780 Steven Frey: Acronym to English translation. So we want to always be able to provide that for you guys. And, you know, help, help you with some guidance, you know, some great points there, you know, the concept of a PEO in general.

00:39:34.530 --> 00:39:40.650 Steven Frey: You know, I like to relate it a lot of times, my father was in New York City Board of Ed, you know, teacher, you know, guy for 35 years

00:39:41.010 --> 00:39:49.500 Steven Frey: And you know equate the PTO we're all a lot of times to, you know, you think of a teacher. It's like a lot of people. Oh, they have summers off. They have great benefits they have pensions.

00:39:49.800 --> 00:39:55.620 Steven Frey: Like well the reason they have that is because they're part of the teachers union like my dad's was United Federation of Teachers

00:39:55.830 --> 00:40:03.450 Steven Frey: So when you have a union like that they can take care of a lot of a lot of the HR administrative burden work on behalf of their professionals.

00:40:03.660 --> 00:40:09.720 Steven Frey: And they can also negotiate with economies of scale because they have a large group of professionals in their union in their network.

00:40:10.020 --> 00:40:12.360 Steven Frey: To go out to market and negotiate on their behalf.

00:40:12.690 --> 00:40:22.020 Steven Frey: But I think some of the points you made were great, because a lot of times people are looking for that crystal ball which you know you and I both wish we had because we'd be talking about this on our yacht right now.

00:40:22.380 --> 00:40:27.840 Steven Frey: But you know, it's, we just don't have one, it would you think, though, as far as what's going on right now.

00:40:28.260 --> 00:40:33.960 Steven Frey: You know, and you painted a great picture there with you know people delaying surgeries and even doctors appointments to a certain extent.

00:40:34.530 --> 00:40:40.980 Steven Frey: But you know just given the landscape, you know, medical underwriting and you know even underwriting for the CEOs that you work with.

00:40:41.340 --> 00:40:45.420 Steven Frey: Definitely seems to have gotten a little bit more rigorous in the last couple of years, just based on

00:40:45.750 --> 00:40:54.510 Steven Frey: The kind of the landscape in general. Right now, would you think the smart money is on it, getting a little bit more challenging or do you think it'll be you know might might ease up in the near future.

00:40:55.530 --> 00:41:06.660 Michael Roloson: So you hope that if you if it eases up. That means that things have calmed down, we've gotten a handle on more of a better understanding of what Cove, it is how we can

00:41:07.050 --> 00:41:19.800 Michael Roloson: Prepare for it, how we can make it less dangerous in the event. Somebody contacts it. Maybe there's more vaccine progress, whatever the case is that's leading to it. If it comes down, that's a positive, that means that it's not

00:41:20.220 --> 00:41:32.460 Michael Roloson: As detrimental as it currently is to the country so I'm obviously a big fan of that because that just helps everybody in general, let alone business owners that's going to help employees, it's going to help people who

00:41:33.360 --> 00:41:41.670 Michael Roloson: Stay at home. That's going to help people who who are retired. It's just going to help the country as a whole. So that's obviously what we're, what we're pushing for it.

00:41:42.210 --> 00:41:52.260 Michael Roloson: And the event that the underwriting gets even more rigorous and. Well, you mentioned rigorous and ready. What they're really looking for right now is, has anybody in your organization contacted

00:41:53.220 --> 00:42:00.810 Michael Roloson: Or been infected because previously that you're aware of it. What safety measures have you put in place.

00:42:01.110 --> 00:42:05.250 Michael Roloson: To make sure that you know employees are returning to work as safely as possible.

00:42:05.520 --> 00:42:12.390 Michael Roloson: That's going to very differently from a group that's able to have remote employees, very, very easily where nobody's coming the office versus, say, a retail shoe store.

00:42:12.690 --> 00:42:23.760 Michael Roloson: Who has to take different precautions and you know you see these business owners doing everything they can help their employees but also doing everything he can to try to save these businesses, they've invested in years of their lives and to

00:42:24.450 --> 00:42:32.070 Michael Roloson: Make it go, it could be something little things like your doors doors are propped open so nobody has to touch handles.

00:42:33.330 --> 00:42:45.780 Michael Roloson: You know stations for sanitation everywhere you know mask requirements anything they can think of to try to keep their workers safe. They're trying to do and underwriters are just trying to one uncover if there's any suggestions they can even make

00:42:46.650 --> 00:42:54.750 Michael Roloson: To help improve that process and to understand and get an idea of what the risk might be with those individual groups. It's not just health insurance, Stephen.

00:42:55.680 --> 00:43:04.320 Michael Roloson: Its workers comp certain states are having debates right now about whether or not it should be a workers comp claim in the event that somebody contacts code.

00:43:04.680 --> 00:43:12.420 Michael Roloson: And it's very, very difficult to prove or understand where somebody may have gotten that from and that's part of that debate, but it's happening so

00:43:13.800 --> 00:43:17.370 Michael Roloson: We're workers comp risk underwriters are asking very, very similar questions.

00:43:18.780 --> 00:43:22.350 Steven Frey: Absolutely. We're going to take a break here just a minute. But before we do

00:43:22.650 --> 00:43:30.210 Steven Frey: You know, again, like we said before, the P. O. When it's a great fit, it's a phenomenal fit and it's one of the best discussions, you can have out there, bringing somebody into

00:43:30.480 --> 00:43:38.760 Steven Frey: The world of the PEO but when it's not a good fit for a business if for any reason, they can't pass medical or risk type of underwriting guidelines.

00:43:39.180 --> 00:43:45.750 Steven Frey: You know, talk just briefly about some of the other directions that you would look to guide you know business owners and their trusted advisor and as far as a solution.

00:43:46.260 --> 00:43:59.280 Michael Roloson: Sure, even when somebody's looking for a PDF solution, even when the P O ends up being the best, but we always underwriting look at unbundled solution, we call them unbundle because they're no POS and essentially, you mentioned economies of scale.

00:44:00.000 --> 00:44:12.090 Michael Roloson: With the teachers union and everything right. So to just leverage economies of scale if their entire model to allow small medium businesses to get remove that barrier of entry to large company up benefits and options.

00:44:12.930 --> 00:44:20.910 Michael Roloson: So we always look at the on one market and where they're not in a PEO that where they're piecing together the different pieces of the solutions for various vendors

00:44:21.690 --> 00:44:26.640 Michael Roloson: To see if. Alternatively, it does have some pros outweigh the pros of the PTO

00:44:27.030 --> 00:44:37.320 Michael Roloson: And so when somebody is having trouble are struggling or being declined by a lot of years because up years want to protect those pools. That's the value option that they bring all those other other businesses.

00:44:37.770 --> 00:44:47.250 Michael Roloson: And they have the right to do so, but in the event that somebody doesn't qualify for the program. So there's not seeing the pricing that hit that value metric, we discussed earlier.

00:44:48.600 --> 00:44:54.480 Michael Roloson: You know, we look at the unbundled market and all that it really is is looking and understanding where we can get

00:44:54.960 --> 00:45:00.540 Michael Roloson: All the little pieces of the solutions to kind of connect them right individual pieces of a puzzle instead of just one complete piece.

00:45:01.020 --> 00:45:10.200 Michael Roloson: And negotiating on their behalf, helping paint the picture to these vendors, as you know what this company is what they do the pride, they have in their business.

00:45:11.010 --> 00:45:22.950 Michael Roloson: And maybe saying, hey, they might be willing to do this, that, or the other. In the event of a pricing that could be introducing different levels of training that could be introducing safety checks or quality, quality checks.

00:45:23.610 --> 00:45:34.170 Michael Roloson: Quarterly annually or biannually whatever semi annually rather whatever makes the most sense for for that vendor to help them work more closely with our clients.

00:45:35.070 --> 00:45:42.930 Steven Frey: Awesome. Love it. We got to take a quick break here. We're going to come back after this break and put a bow on our conversation with Michael roloson at P O focused it with us.

00:47:35.100 --> 00:47:39.330 Steven Frey: Alright guys, welcome back to always Friday with Stephen Fry your SMB guy.

00:47:39.690 --> 00:47:49.800 Steven Frey: We're here with Michael roloson director at P O focus consulting firm on PEO professional employer organization as well as other HR related solutions to today's business leaders.

00:47:50.160 --> 00:47:59.130 Steven Frey: So Michael, you know, just to put a bow on our conversation today I want to talk a little bit about the message that people really need to take away from from our conversations here.

00:47:59.340 --> 00:48:06.420 Steven Frey: You know what can they really do on Monday, along the lines of this topic that's really going to help their end game save them time, save them money.

00:48:06.690 --> 00:48:18.780 Steven Frey: Give them more strategy behind you know their initiatives so that they don't feel like they're, they're kind of on their own looking for the most appropriate solution and then we're definitely going to get into your favorite movie and TV characters and

00:48:19.170 --> 00:48:27.360 Steven Frey: All that type of stuff because it's a great conversation with you for sure, but, you know, lots of talk a little bit about you know really what everyone should take away from our discussion today.

00:48:28.650 --> 00:48:29.370 Yeah, I think.

00:48:30.570 --> 00:48:38.100 Michael Roloson: The biggest takeaway that I can really say when it comes to human resources, it comes to compliance when it comes to growth in small business or even just

00:48:38.430 --> 00:48:45.030 Michael Roloson: Making sure that your employees are in the best businesses possible businesses in the best position as possible as well. It really comes down to

00:48:45.540 --> 00:48:57.060 Michael Roloson: Keeping Up With with regulations and people can try to do that themselves or they can rely on trusted experts to do that. So that's where we come in. We fill that void.

00:48:57.810 --> 00:49:08.130 Michael Roloson: We're experts at what we do, we're great at what we do and we help take away the time investment that a business owner would have to utilize on their own.

00:49:08.610 --> 00:49:19.800 Michael Roloson: So my biggest takeaway would be even if you think you have a great handle on everything that's going on, you know, feel free to reach out to trusted experts like myself or other competitors of ours who also do a great job.

00:49:21.270 --> 00:49:26.190 Michael Roloson: And and make sure you may already have relationships. Just make sure that you're constantly

00:49:26.670 --> 00:49:33.090 Michael Roloson: Looking at things were being aware of potential changes in the landscape. And you just want to really look ahead as far as possible.

00:49:33.480 --> 00:49:36.390 Michael Roloson: In 12 months 18 months ahead. We're further

00:49:36.660 --> 00:49:45.660 Michael Roloson: To make sure that you are positioning your business now to have success down the road. Most business owners are already doing those things right. They understand the business plan. The business model, those types of things.

00:49:46.050 --> 00:49:54.930 Michael Roloson: What we can do is just really help make sure that they're aware of any potential obstacles from a compliance HR or even employee shift in needs standpoint.

00:49:56.340 --> 00:50:01.290 Michael Roloson: And make sure that they're positioned well to succeed on the missions that they wanted that they want to do.

00:50:02.160 --> 00:50:15.930 Michael Roloson: I myself utilize our own services because I got it. I gotta be honest with you know they're just a lot of parts that new business and never know it all. So that would be my biggest takeaway is just stay on top of these things and utilize experts, where you can

00:50:17.010 --> 00:50:22.710 Steven Frey: I love it. And then the guys have, you know, people first then process than product, you know, for from my standpoint.

00:50:23.160 --> 00:50:28.980 Steven Frey: You know, it's, it's very often, where people are again just focused on the magic one that's going to solve all their problems.

00:50:29.220 --> 00:50:38.520 Steven Frey: And they can go online and they can research this type of stuff. I mean, we're in the information age. Everybody can dig up whatever dirt on vendors and PEO and HR and whatever.

00:50:38.970 --> 00:50:43.710 Steven Frey: But you know there's a big difference between having a map and a compass that you find online.

00:50:44.130 --> 00:50:49.020 Steven Frey: And having a guy who can take you through the wilderness. And that's, that's how I kind of look at you, Michael. As

00:50:49.350 --> 00:50:54.660 Steven Frey: As somebody like you know the wilderness, you know, the world of P or, you know, the world of HR outsourcing.

00:50:55.050 --> 00:51:06.060 Steven Frey: Know these folks that are out there trying to figure it out. They don't need to feel like they're lost in the wilderness with just a map and accomplish, they can really lean on you as their guide really take them through the wilderness, so I

00:51:06.090 --> 00:51:08.190 Michael Roloson: Was a Boy Scout. I was a boy scout Stephen

00:51:09.060 --> 00:51:12.720 Steven Frey: I like to consider myself. The biggest Boy Scout that was never a Boy Scout so

00:51:14.250 --> 00:51:15.120 Steven Frey: Be prepared some

00:51:16.920 --> 00:51:17.310 Michael Roloson: Yeah.

00:51:17.370 --> 00:51:24.870 Steven Frey: In the last in the last couple of minutes that we have left together, my friend, bringing it back to my three magical questions that you know a little off off.

00:51:25.350 --> 00:51:36.630 Steven Frey: Topic of bio and who you are and what you do. So your favorite movie, TV character is Blake Alec Baldwin's character from Glengarry Glen Ross.

00:51:36.900 --> 00:51:46.080 Steven Frey: A lot of people associate Blake with always be closing ABC, but you have a little bit of a different take on the other side of the chalkboard run that down for me real quick.

00:51:46.500 --> 00:51:54.750 Michael Roloson: Yeah, right. So I gotta, I gotta be honest with you, Steve. And somebody asked me this question, I give them a different answer every single time you just happened to catch me. I said, Blake.

00:51:56.190 --> 00:52:04.200 Michael Roloson: Glengarry Glen Ross classic movie, some people hate it. Other people can't get enough of it. Watch the 30 something times those types of things right but

00:52:04.620 --> 00:52:11.700 Michael Roloson: Everybody always remembers always be closing, I understand it. It's been said in conference rooms across the country, of course, everybody remembers that

00:52:12.720 --> 00:52:26.670 Michael Roloson: But for me it was a IDA. I really like a IDA. I feel like a lot of processes are really relatable to AI da. I think we use AI da more than always be closing also always be closing

00:52:27.480 --> 00:52:31.920 Michael Roloson: Guess it's a loose narrative, you could apply a getting some gray areas with it.

00:52:32.760 --> 00:52:42.000 Michael Roloson: Maybe it's just not my style as much but ADA. For those who don't know, it's, you know, a his attention to. I have your attention or we have attention, are we are we

00:52:42.270 --> 00:52:47.190 Michael Roloson: Are we concentrated on this or is this not really that important to us right now so you gotta, you gotta have the attention.

00:52:48.180 --> 00:52:55.230 Michael Roloson: I. Are you interested. Right. Are you interested in actually discussing this topic learning more about it. Does this make sense for you to pursue a little bit further.

00:52:56.100 --> 00:53:10.410 Michael Roloson: And then once you become educated about things. It's a decision, you know, are you ready to make a decision. And you do have enough information to make that decision. Do you need more information before you can make a decision whether that's isn't is yes no left right straight back. Whichever

00:53:12.240 --> 00:53:18.720 Michael Roloson: And then action. All right, what do we need to do to take action. What are the steps that we need to take to make sure that this goes efficiently isn't disruptive.

00:53:19.680 --> 00:53:24.390 Michael Roloson: What are the, what are the things that we have to prepare for from an actionable standpoint.

00:53:24.960 --> 00:53:34.080 Michael Roloson: So Ada, to me, is great. It really encompasses the entire process that people can go through when they're trying to make decisions. And it could be small decisions.

00:53:34.680 --> 00:53:44.490 Michael Roloson: Etc. Now way I explained it as much less emphatic than our friend Blake, Mr. Alec Baldwin, does it, but I don't have that kind of pizzazz that he has

00:53:45.000 --> 00:53:46.890 Steven Frey: Oh, stop. You got plenty of possess

00:53:47.160 --> 00:53:49.260 Michael Roloson: I don't know about that kind of is, as my friend.

00:53:50.580 --> 00:54:04.020 Steven Frey: Moving on to your, your favorite movie slash TV show you actually gave me too. So I got you on the face of Vin Diesel from boiler room, but I got both of us hanging out with your other movie which is The Big Short so

00:54:05.220 --> 00:54:06.330 Steven Frey: Yeah, definitely.

00:54:06.720 --> 00:54:08.940 Michael Roloson: Grew up with boiler room grew up watching boiler.

00:54:08.970 --> 00:54:16.140 Michael Roloson: Like wondering when I was younger was a it was a big movie. It was a small movie in a big way. Right. So the people who liked it. I liked it.

00:54:17.340 --> 00:54:21.270 Michael Roloson: I like boiler. You know, it's funny. The best man at my wedding.

00:54:22.320 --> 00:54:32.610 Michael Roloson: We call him, Joe. He's a spitting image they might be him one time we changed his Wikipedia page on his birthday, Justin, do we change just just

00:54:32.970 --> 00:54:39.810 Michael Roloson: Just to do it is to do it. And, you know, Wikipedia. We had to do it twice because Wikipedia manner. Quick changed so fast.

00:54:40.110 --> 00:54:50.580 Michael Roloson: We were able to get the screenshot for him with him a happy birthday but yeah boiler room loved it. And then, The Big Short, the real watchable factor for me once, you know, actually.

00:54:51.360 --> 00:54:59.850 Michael Roloson: There's almost like a movie slash documentaries oddly accurate. And so a lot of the portrayal of what happened during the real estate crash in the mid to late 2000s.

00:55:01.290 --> 00:55:05.550 Michael Roloson: But I just love the storyline and see yourself in there too, on this one.

00:55:06.000 --> 00:55:06.840 Steven Frey: Yeah, you like that.

00:55:07.080 --> 00:55:08.100 Michael Roloson: I do like that.

00:55:09.240 --> 00:55:11.610 Michael Roloson: We are teaming up here, Vic short

00:55:13.440 --> 00:55:26.850 Steven Frey: And last but not least, your favorite musical instrument and the artists who plays it your answer was electric guitar by none other than Mr. Eddie Van Halen. And I gotta say you do look pretty good as Eddie Van Halen

00:55:27.090 --> 00:55:34.800 Michael Roloson: Thank you. I appreciate that, you know, and like I said my answers to these questions they changed so drastically really depends on the kind of mood that I've been in the conversation we're having

00:55:35.760 --> 00:55:48.330 Michael Roloson: Just. I'm going to go ahead and steal some your time here, plug something for me. Um, I said, Van Halen because my son is three, three months old. Now just over three months old and

00:55:48.930 --> 00:55:59.490 Michael Roloson: I was dancing around the kitchen with him to the song that I used to dance around to when I was just under three years old. I used to climb up on the cat. I turned my parents stereo long think this is 1985

00:56:00.000 --> 00:56:08.070 Michael Roloson: Turn my parents stereo and climb up on the couch and when they'd yell jump I would jump off the couch grew up loving Van Halen trying to get my son.

00:56:08.520 --> 00:56:22.350 Michael Roloson: To kind of reminisce i guess i mean three months old, but we have a blast. He's smiling. Anyway, when I'm dancing around the kitchen sink into them. So that's kind of why I answered that way because it's fresh in my mind. You know, I just had a nice little moment with that guy.

00:56:23.250 --> 00:56:30.270 Steven Frey: Absolutely. Well congratulations on the birth of miles. I know you guys are very excited about that. Phenomenal to have you on the show today, Michael.

00:56:30.780 --> 00:56:37.590 Steven Frey: You can learn more about P O focus to focus com or contact Michael directly at Michael roloson that's our

00:56:38.250 --> 00:56:51.060 Steven Frey: So and and PEO focus calm. He's got any number of social media outlets going on, you know, at any given time. So definitely feel free to follow them like them, etc. Michael, thank you so much for joining me on the show today. Really appreciate it.

00:56:51.540 --> 00:56:53.010 Michael Roloson: Thanks Steve cruciate had a blast.

00:56:53.400 --> 00:57:00.690 Steven Frey: Absolutely. Man Me to coming up next week guys. We're going to be talking about the health of your body and the health of your business.

00:57:00.930 --> 00:57:07.260 Steven Frey: That's how things that I see people wishing for out there are praying for our health, which is a big one right now, obviously.

00:57:07.500 --> 00:57:17.520 Steven Frey: health, happiness, peace and wealth was a top four things. I see people wishing and praying for but my mom is my mom is always said, if you don't have your health. You have nothing.

00:57:18.030 --> 00:57:24.570 Steven Frey: We will be joined by Dr. Michael Brandon with functional integrative therapeutics or fit for those of us who are still making acronym cheat sheets.

00:57:24.990 --> 00:57:36.120 Steven Frey: Until the end I am Stephen Fry your SMB guy. Thank you for joining us on always Friday. We hope you gain some weekend insight to make some Monday impact. See you next Friday, my friends.

00:57:37.230 --> 00:57:37.650 Steven Frey: Take care.