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Thursday, August 27, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/08/27 - Being True to Your Why


2020/08/27 - Being True to Your Why

[NEW EPISODE] Being True to Your Why

Celtic FC are one of the largest football (soccer) clubs and most recognizable sporting brands in the World. When the club was officially founded at a meeting in Glasgow, Scotland in 1887, the purpose is stated as being to alleviate poverty in Glasgow’s East End parishes.

Professional sports has come a long way since then.

The Celtic FC Foundation upholds and promotes the charitable principles and heritage of Celtic Football Club.

Tony Hamilton
’s role as Chief Executive of the Celtic FC Foundation is keeping that purpose alive with a much wider reach than just Glasgow. With projects in London, Belfast and here in New York City – Tony’s leadership and guidance has been crucial in raising awareness, participation and more than $25 million to positively impact thousands of lives.

Speaking with Tony, we’ll be exploring the importance of maintaining the true purpose and why Celtic were founded, the impact of bringing a global community together for good and his personal drive & vision to sustain the purpose and keep it relevant.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Tonight’s guest Tony Hamilton is the Chief Executive of the Celtic FC Foundation. The Celtic FC Foundation upholds and promotes the charitable principles and heritage of Celtic Football Club. The world famous football club was founded in the 1800's. Since its origin, the sport and the club have evolved tremendously. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the club’s belief in charity and community. 

Everyone can play a part in improving the quality of life for another person. Tony truly believes that a giving and charitable life can be achieved by anybody who is willing to do the work. Covid-19 has immensely affected the world, so Tony is focusing on helping those who have been impacted to secure food for their families.

Segment 2

Tony discusses his work in other cities, specifically New York. He and Graham go over Tony’s efforts abroad and what charities he is connected to. In the past, Tony has worn many hats. He’s worked in media, broadcasting, and now sports and charity. 

Celtic FC is special in more ways than one. Tony speaks about how he is inspired by the people around him and the club he is a part of. Their values shine through their charity efforts and Tony is proud to be part of this team. The culture of the foundation is centered around humility and hard work, things Tony greatly values.

Segment 3

Graham and Tony dive into who and what inspires Tony. He learns by example and has been able to grow as a leader by watching others. He notes that listening and patience are sometimes the best approach opposed to harsh, gut decisions. By surrounding himself with talented peers and colleagues, Tony creates an environment of pride and motivation for himself.

Tony continues by talking about the foundation’s past and current efforts. He discusses how they have maintained professional relationships and why they are so successful.

Segment 4

Graham and Tony talk about what makes a good leader. Although Tony admits to not being very patient, he finds that understanding makes up for that. If Tony could advise someone early on in their career, he recommends listening to your superiors and educating yourself on as much as you can. He says to keep an open mind and be eager to learn. 

Graham and Tony discuss what legacy will be left by Tony and the club. He hopes that he can influence other people to help their community and the less fortunate. Tony dreams of a more equal and positive future, and he aspires to have a hand in achieving that dream.


00:00:27.450 --> 00:00:41.370 Graham Dobbin: Hi. Good evening. Welcome to the mind behind leadership here on talk radio dot NYC and grim Dobbin and every week we speak with influencers and leaders from a wide range of industries professions and backgrounds.

00:00:42.030 --> 00:00:48.690 Graham Dobbin: A major component of leadership now is that we have more access than ever of what leadership actually looks like.

00:00:48.960 --> 00:00:57.330 Graham Dobbin: The challenges that there's no one size fits all. It depends on the environment and the role, but absolutely guaranteed. Everybody has an opinion on it.

00:00:57.690 --> 00:01:04.380 Graham Dobbin: And tonight, we're lucky enough to have someone who needs to wear several hats when working with lots of different teams.

00:01:04.710 --> 00:01:11.730 Graham Dobbin: Through into the mix and the organization. He leads his parts of the world. What are the world's most recognizable and iconic spotting names.

00:01:12.030 --> 00:01:19.410 Graham Dobbin: And brands. Today we're speaking with Tony Hamilton, who is the Chief Exec of the Celtic FC foundation

00:01:19.770 --> 00:01:27.780 Graham Dobbin: Now, just to give a bit of background Tony's been with Celtic since 1994 having started out in journalism with the Irish news and Belfast.

00:01:28.110 --> 00:01:43.050 Graham Dobbin: He was the lead in Celtics multimedia and marketing team. And since 2013 is headed up the club's charitable arm in Glasgow, the Celtic FC foundation as Chief Exec. And this was after getting his MBA.

00:01:43.380 --> 00:01:50.700 Graham Dobbin: From the University of Strathclyde and Tony has a philosophy of continual learning. And the idea

00:01:51.210 --> 00:01:58.830 Graham Dobbin: That offer society collectively tackling sit tight societies issues such as poverty and poor health.

00:01:59.190 --> 00:02:13.440 Graham Dobbin: Is lectured in leadership and strategy in the third sector to international master students St Andrews University and the University of Glasgow still living in the standard Glasgow is happily married with six kids.

00:02:13.860 --> 00:02:18.540 Graham Dobbin: Wow, Tony. That's a big welcome. You've got a lot going on. Good to see you.

00:02:18.990 --> 00:02:22.590 Tony Hamilton: And Joe Graham. Thank you very much indeed for having me on.

00:02:23.010 --> 00:02:35.460 Graham Dobbin: Now it's a pleasure and just, you know, we spoke about the the iconic brand. But just to give some people a bit of background about Celtic and also the foundation can just fill in sister just some of that.

00:02:36.390 --> 00:02:48.510 Tony Hamilton: So Celtic are a world famous Football Club formed 133 years ago to feed the poor Irish immigrants in the East End of Glasgow. So those

00:02:48.900 --> 00:02:57.420 Tony Hamilton: Who had survived and God come on the great hunger and Ireland, some 3040 years before and heard fled.

00:02:58.290 --> 00:03:08.370 Tony Hamilton: They fled to the west of Scotland to the northwest of England on to where you are on the eastern seaboard as well. And many of them came to Glasgow. So the football club.

00:03:08.880 --> 00:03:18.570 Tony Hamilton: Was it was established that like team Graham really to generate a financial surplus that would feed these people when the families.

00:03:19.530 --> 00:03:24.390 Graham Dobbin: I'm and so where does it sound to KFC foundation come in within the organization.

00:03:25.230 --> 00:03:33.270 Tony Hamilton: I think the because the football club. And when I say football you are your other less than or may know that as soccer.

00:03:34.110 --> 00:03:35.100 Graham Dobbin: Football, we're talking about

00:03:35.370 --> 00:03:36.210 Tony Hamilton: This is, this is

00:03:36.720 --> 00:03:37.350 Tony Hamilton: A football.

00:03:38.670 --> 00:03:44.040 Tony Hamilton: So the football club was established as I say to feed the poor.

00:03:45.150 --> 00:03:59.430 Tony Hamilton: So it's natural that as we move through time 133 years later that the football club as true to its roots truth its origin saw the purpose

00:03:59.970 --> 00:04:11.760 Tony Hamilton: A note is clearly there are three strands to the football clubs. The any effectively. So football is the the reason that we are that we still exist.

00:04:12.630 --> 00:04:25.920 Tony Hamilton: It's the reason that we are famous and so many people are engaged with the football club. That is a commercial strand associated with that because of the football environment that we play in

00:04:26.670 --> 00:04:35.700 Tony Hamilton: We have to be a bit smarter when it comes to generating commercial revenue because we don't have the luxury of the English Premier League.

00:04:36.450 --> 00:04:53.640 Tony Hamilton: And the and the funds that that bring and the third strand of DNA effectively as really charity, which is what I do at Celtic that that that's my job is to lead this charitable Division, which we call Celtic FC foundation

00:04:55.110 --> 00:05:03.720 Graham Dobbin: Why is it. It's interesting because companies form for all different types of reasons why is it important for Celtic still to have that charitable arm.

00:05:04.530 --> 00:05:11.610 Tony Hamilton: I think without that need digs this thing, this is Victorian Breton, remember this is a long, long time ago. Life was

00:05:12.660 --> 00:05:26.340 Tony Hamilton: in one regard life was very, very different than as we look around. No, it's not actually that different. So the more things change, the more they stay the same as the cliche.

00:05:26.910 --> 00:05:36.270 Tony Hamilton: But it's very true for a big part of the population, not just in the East End the GLAAD school, but in the East End of London and Ireland in various cities.

00:05:37.440 --> 00:05:39.960 Tony Hamilton: And of course internationally as well so

00:05:40.980 --> 00:05:48.420 Tony Hamilton: Things have changed technologies change the advancements in medicine and science have changed dramatically.

00:05:48.810 --> 00:06:05.700 Tony Hamilton: But for a lot of people things haven't moved on a great deal, and that that's that's the part that we try and play and it's not about. Look how good Celtic is it's about this is why we were here in the first place. So it's rate that we continue to do this work.

00:06:06.720 --> 00:06:14.100 Graham Dobbin: If you know there's something I was thinking about just preparing for this thinking about us talking and here in New York. It's exactly the same.

00:06:14.430 --> 00:06:33.120 Graham Dobbin: The number of kind of soup kitchens and people who are needing additional help is is absolutely incredible. One of the things that we spoke about in the intro is your philosophy of, you know, we can help to tackle poverty and poor health, etc. Why is this important to you.

00:06:34.890 --> 00:06:43.830 Tony Hamilton: I think it's really easy. The easiest thing in the world is to criticize it's dead easy to say, you know, whether it's a

00:06:45.360 --> 00:06:51.090 Tony Hamilton: local authority or a national government or a decision that somebody make

00:06:51.780 --> 00:07:04.380 Tony Hamilton: Really simple to offer a criticism, it's much more difficult to offer something constructive so i and this is my, this is my personal view. I don't see the

00:07:05.130 --> 00:07:16.470 Tony Hamilton: Arrows that many people face in society as the problem owned by one particular part of the population. I don't see it necessarily

00:07:16.890 --> 00:07:26.220 Tony Hamilton: As a government problem. I think we need to take ownership of that society needs to or not and society needs to play a part in combating that

00:07:26.820 --> 00:07:35.160 Tony Hamilton: So whether that is in the form of government or an international aid or through commerce or industry.

00:07:35.760 --> 00:07:46.800 Tony Hamilton: Or the you know the private sector, the public sector and I think everyone can play a part in making life better for everybody. And I know that sounds a wee bit idealistic

00:07:47.340 --> 00:07:57.810 Tony Hamilton: But I don't think that you can just see that someone else's problem and more let that someone else going, you know, pick that up and run with it. I don't think it works like that.

00:07:58.500 --> 00:08:11.040 Graham Dobbin: And it kind of seems the Celtics DNA. The one of the organizations that steps up when something needs to be done there can be at the forefront when when when people needing help

00:08:11.700 --> 00:08:22.950 Tony Hamilton: Yeah, but I don't think again when it comes to charity. We don't, we don't own that Celtic even, even within the football club. There are many moving parts that are many

00:08:23.820 --> 00:08:33.630 Tony Hamilton: Sub organization to affiliate affiliated in one way or another to the football club with all that support those clubs or associations or, you know,

00:08:35.040 --> 00:08:44.640 Tony Hamilton: Groups who fundraise to help that. So that's just internally. If you like it, Celtic. Yeah. And then as you look across, across Scottish football.

00:08:45.030 --> 00:08:54.930 Tony Hamilton: That are 42 professional clubs in the country and that the last count I think 37 of them were doing something within the Community.

00:08:55.470 --> 00:09:07.560 Tony Hamilton: So, you know, we're not we're not market leaders, we're doing on the right to go and help people. This is part of what I'm trying to see here that everybody has a part to play.

00:09:09.030 --> 00:09:19.980 Graham Dobbin: And I was involved with somebody, the English people trusting so know even some at some of the smaller clubs and don't in England. Yeah, but the on charitable would only community outreach.

00:09:20.430 --> 00:09:27.900 Graham Dobbin: And organizations. Good. So give us an idea, the REACH, what kind of projects are going on, but are you involved. What's

00:09:28.050 --> 00:09:38.640 Tony Hamilton: Thought so. At the moment, through the corporate crisis. So since late March, early April, it's really been a boat, providing food for people

00:09:39.510 --> 00:10:01.320 Tony Hamilton: Right, so that that's been the focus. So all of our other normal activity in terms of fundraising and delivery has stopped. So it's really been about food. So the summary for the food if you like food and essentials. So, for example, there's no point in providing food for our family.

00:10:02.670 --> 00:10:11.490 Tony Hamilton: Who have found themselves through this places and dire straits. If they can have the fuel to cook the food pretty pointless.

00:10:12.810 --> 00:10:23.130 Tony Hamilton: And you say well during the crisis, the power companies, the gas company or the electric company wouldn't cut people off.

00:10:23.760 --> 00:10:35.250 Tony Hamilton: Which is true in many cases, but for a lot of these families, the hover cards that they have to pay. So if the card runs out. They've effectively cut themselves off. So, we will need to look after

00:10:35.640 --> 00:10:41.610 Tony Hamilton: Third under essentials at the moment. So that's really the focus and the past few months look like

00:10:42.600 --> 00:10:55.620 Tony Hamilton: 11,000 taught meals self to frontline NHS staff national health service staff in the and in Glasgow 55,000 vulnerable families and individuals have been supported

00:10:56.070 --> 00:11:14.550 Tony Hamilton: With providing assistance to 9000 vulnerable pensioners 4000 people facing homelessness 1600 primary school children. And we've also included two charities in New York Coalition for the Homeless and Children's Aid.

00:11:16.170 --> 00:11:24.450 Tony Hamilton: So that's, that's, that's just through this places, but that's not what we traditionally do. We're not traditionally a funder for other

00:11:25.020 --> 00:11:35.760 Tony Hamilton: Individuals or other sub sector organizations really we've got a big focus in poverty. We run a lot of employability projects which we see as are

00:11:36.300 --> 00:11:46.920 Tony Hamilton: Helping people into employment takes them further away from poverty, so that helps the economy. It helps the families that helps the individual with a whole CDs or reasons.

00:11:48.270 --> 00:11:54.540 Tony Hamilton: And because of the positioning of the football club, the partner Dame has a club open to all.

00:11:55.050 --> 00:12:04.770 Tony Hamilton: Then we delivered a lot of social inclusion projects for church children and young people who live with autism on complex physical disabilities.

00:12:05.100 --> 00:12:15.240 Tony Hamilton: And Down syndrome and a lot of elderly people who love with dementia at the moment. So that's what we normally do. But as you know, there's nothing normal at the moment.

00:12:16.380 --> 00:12:23.610 Graham Dobbin: Absolutely not. There must be some big decisions to meet then of what to get involved and what you can do and what we can do.

00:12:24.390 --> 00:12:32.790 Tony Hamilton: I think it's important to accept where the limitations are go and

00:12:33.930 --> 00:12:39.720 Tony Hamilton: So I would apply that to what I think I can do and and all we're going to talk about leadership.

00:12:41.430 --> 00:12:55.440 Tony Hamilton: And I already feel slightly uncomfortable when you're talking about influencers and leaders and me, remembering that it's meters, getting a few to tonight. So I'm slightly nervous alone.

00:12:56.250 --> 00:13:04.530 Tony Hamilton: But I think if I accept where my limitations are then it's important that as an organization Celtic FC foundation

00:13:06.000 --> 00:13:15.570 Tony Hamilton: accepts that it can't do everything we can do anything but we can't do everything.

00:13:17.070 --> 00:13:27.060 Tony Hamilton: So in that regard, we what we've done in the past five months or so is and the main with what with partners who we have a relationship with. Yep.

00:13:27.540 --> 00:13:35.370 Tony Hamilton: not exclusively, there's a few new partners there as well. And I think we're we're close to 60 mainly in the west of Scotland.

00:13:36.090 --> 00:13:43.170 Tony Hamilton: Some an island, because we are a Scottish club with Irish roots. So it's important that we have a presence in Ireland.

00:13:43.740 --> 00:13:48.630 Tony Hamilton: And we do a lot of stuff in London. So it's important for us that we have a presence in London.

00:13:49.380 --> 00:14:08.760 Tony Hamilton: And you make view or your listeners may view London as this great financial capital, which is a but it also has a nice stand the same as Glasgow has a nice thing than the demographic there for a lot of people is very, very different and life can be very tough. I

00:14:09.330 --> 00:14:16.410 Graham Dobbin: Completely agree on Tony is. And again, it's exactly the same here in here in New York. We're seeing so many different things happening.

00:14:16.650 --> 00:14:23.220 Graham Dobbin: That's, that's not unusual to this current situation corporate that's it you know that the role of issues with a big city.

00:14:23.730 --> 00:14:29.820 Graham Dobbin: And and they need, you know, as many communities to pull together as possible what we're gonna do. We're gonna take

00:14:30.390 --> 00:14:37.050 Graham Dobbin: A SHORT BREAK IN THE MOMENT. And when we come back we'll kind of look at maybe what is happening in New York, because I know that we make your last year.

00:14:37.290 --> 00:14:42.240 Graham Dobbin: Which was phenomenal. And then also dig into how you got involved with this and what your

00:14:42.510 --> 00:14:55.500 Graham Dobbin: what your background is, how you approach certain situations. You're listening to the main behind leadership, we're speaking with 20 Hamilton, who's the Chief Exec on the Celtic FC foundation. My name is Graham Dobbin. We'll be right back after these messages.

00:17:04.290 --> 00:17:09.390 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, you're listening to the mind behind leadership with me grim Dobbin we're speaking with Tony Hamilton.

00:17:10.140 --> 00:17:25.410 Graham Dobbin: This evening from the Celtic foundation and Tony, you mentioned that there was just sort of listeners here in New York that there are some of the projects and we met here in New York or kind of things that the foundation been involved with you.

00:17:26.730 --> 00:17:46.470 Tony Hamilton: We had intended. We have our big fundraising event every year in New York art a very exclusive private member's club and in Manhattan, and we had intended to come and deliver some of our inclusion and employability projects.

00:17:47.760 --> 00:18:00.690 Tony Hamilton: In summer, and obviously covered changed all of that, which is why we've partnered with the two charities that I mentioned the Children's Aid and Coalition for the Homeless really to provide food for their clients. So that's

00:18:02.070 --> 00:18:09.030 Tony Hamilton: I'm hoping post covert ticket back and and actually bringing some of what we do to the city.

00:18:09.660 --> 00:18:25.320 Tony Hamilton: I love New York. It's the greatest city in the world after law school in London, and we've got a massive support in the city, Graham. We've got five clubs across the five boroughs and we've got a big, big support here so

00:18:25.650 --> 00:18:31.470 Graham Dobbin: I mean, look, Celtic Scott support and all over the world and many cities quite buys New York important

00:18:33.210 --> 00:18:41.160 Tony Hamilton: It's important for a lot of reasons there's five clubs in such a small area. So we've got about 60 registered support those clubs in North America.

00:18:41.550 --> 00:18:52.620 Tony Hamilton: Some in Canada, but the majority of them in the United States and the majority of those are, with the exception of Washington state in the northwest and California

00:18:53.520 --> 00:19:03.270 Tony Hamilton: On the west. The majority of those that are on the eastern seaboard saw Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts.

00:19:03.780 --> 00:19:08.970 Tony Hamilton: Where that are experts at Scott's an Irish people that tends to be Celtic supporters

00:19:09.510 --> 00:19:22.560 Tony Hamilton: But after say we also have a lot of supporters who have no affiliation with Scotland or Ireland who are drawn to the famous green and white hips and who love the football club and who love the Celtic story.

00:19:23.700 --> 00:19:23.880 Tony Hamilton: But

00:19:23.910 --> 00:19:31.410 Graham Dobbin: It's, it's fun, a sporting clubs are concerned, it's a fairly unique story. So how, how did, how did you get involved into that.

00:19:32.130 --> 00:19:39.420 Tony Hamilton: I've been there for a started there in 1994 the club changed hands and 1994 and

00:19:40.440 --> 00:19:49.890 Tony Hamilton: I was on a two year management trainee program with a rank organization and the bangle clubs and I was coming to an end to that.

00:19:51.030 --> 00:19:58.500 Tony Hamilton: And I had probably could have had a kid a year and in Bangalore, which is big business, son, or people laugh, but it actually is big business, especially

00:19:58.500 --> 00:19:58.740 As

00:20:00.120 --> 00:20:13.350 Tony Hamilton: An opportunity presented itself for me to go to Celtic as the stadium and own sign on to help with some of the, the media that they were clear thing at the time. This is the main pre internet days.

00:20:14.700 --> 00:20:31.350 Tony Hamilton: So I run a premium rate a hotline a telephone service when I would interview the manager every day, which was Tommy bonds at the time. And within a few the manager record that not dissimilar to what to what's happening in radio know

00:20:32.790 --> 00:20:40.290 Tony Hamilton: I would record the interview, I would upload it to this premium rate service and people would form and pay to listen to what the manager, was saying.

00:20:41.730 --> 00:20:58.680 Tony Hamilton: I wrote for the club's magazine which is called the Celtic view and the much the program. The brochure or no much day and then I what through we started broadcasting online. We started Celtic TV.

00:21:00.180 --> 00:21:04.320 Tony Hamilton: We did a lot of stuff with the very first Celtic TV broadcast

00:21:05.370 --> 00:21:09.420 Tony Hamilton: Live from a preseason game in 2000

00:21:10.710 --> 00:21:16.950 Tony Hamilton: In Tampa, the University of South Florida. I think it was

00:21:18.450 --> 00:21:28.650 Tony Hamilton: And we took Celtic TV, you know, from strength to strength from broadcasting narrow band or do to fill HD TV.

00:21:30.390 --> 00:21:36.750 Tony Hamilton: And was involved in a whole series of things there as well. So it's been a, it's been a journey, it's been a real Johnny

00:21:37.260 --> 00:21:39.450 Graham Dobbin: How did you then get involved with the foundation

00:21:40.470 --> 00:21:42.780 Tony Hamilton: So I was leading the multimedia

00:21:44.010 --> 00:21:52.680 Tony Hamilton: Division at the team and about seven, eight years ago I had an opportunity to leave the club and I'd been there for nearly 20 years at the time.

00:21:54.210 --> 00:21:56.550 Tony Hamilton: Excuse me to go out and do something else and

00:21:57.840 --> 00:22:09.360 Tony Hamilton: I was presented with an opportunity to put two parts of the football club together, which were the Celtic charity fund that the team and the foundation as a department of the club.

00:22:10.560 --> 00:22:17.370 Tony Hamilton: And put them together and set up this new organization, the standalone organization called Celtic FC foundation

00:22:18.570 --> 00:22:35.010 Tony Hamilton: And that seemed like a great opportunity for me and a great challenge in setting up a new entity. So I've stayed and and and that's what we did. That was in 2015 and we have

00:22:36.720 --> 00:22:43.800 Tony Hamilton: made some strides. I think in the past few years, we've still got a lot to do. I've still got a lot to learn about the

00:22:44.820 --> 00:22:48.090 Tony Hamilton: You know that sub sector about charitable

00:22:49.110 --> 00:23:08.250 Tony Hamilton: Environment is vastly different from media and journalism language and how you speak with people and the things that you see are very, very different between the two. And it took me a long time to get to, you know, to get up to speed with that. But we've made some progress and

00:23:09.780 --> 00:23:20.580 Tony Hamilton: helped enormously by the Football Club and the success of the football club that more than anything as Celtic FC foundations biggest asset.

00:23:21.900 --> 00:23:27.450 Tony Hamilton: As the Football Club and the football club brand that's what opens doors for us. That's what makes

00:23:28.260 --> 00:23:36.600 Tony Hamilton: Possible, the things that we do, but on a personal level, I have had enormous support, not just from the club's executive, but from the

00:23:36.960 --> 00:23:47.970 Tony Hamilton: Board of the Board of Trustees of Celtic FC foundation as well. And these are a lot of smart people, some of them and the club. Some of them external to the club.

00:23:48.570 --> 00:24:01.860 Tony Hamilton: But leaders in their own rate and a real group of smart people who have an opinion and to have given me a steal and continue to give me str. So it's been it's been a really exciting journey, Graham.

00:24:03.150 --> 00:24:14.010 Graham Dobbin: You know, I'm thinking back in 1994 your the stadium announcer you're doing interviews with with the with the manager, which must have at that point simply or was the dream job that you're

00:24:14.400 --> 00:24:30.750 Graham Dobbin: Involved with the covenant on a daily basis. I know you're dealing with a third sector, you're lecturing you're dealing with a PLC board. The board of trustees, you've got gala dinners where you got characters like Rod Stewart coming in, or does it ever get intimidated.

00:24:32.160 --> 00:24:43.200 Tony Hamilton: I think that, you know, the there is very little point and worrying about things that you can't change and that that's one of the things that I can't change all we can do

00:24:43.800 --> 00:24:59.760 Tony Hamilton: as prepared as best we can. You are alluding to the fact that there's a lot of personalities involved in. Why do and and sport generally there's a lot of personalities, I have to tell you that there are no egos at Celtic

00:25:00.990 --> 00:25:05.520 Tony Hamilton: There's a lot of humility at the football club from, you know, across the board.

00:25:06.930 --> 00:25:19.050 Tony Hamilton: And that applies to the, you know, to the trustees to the team. The foundation and to the Celtic support across the world, people

00:25:19.920 --> 00:25:30.870 Tony Hamilton: Recognize why we're doing what we're doing and they're wanting to support us and they want to support us because they can support us, not because it's you know that

00:25:32.730 --> 00:25:39.870 Tony Hamilton: You know, for credit or for anything like that. It's because it's the right thing he doing the, these people are in a position to help so

00:25:43.200 --> 00:25:59.100 Tony Hamilton: In terms of putting these events on and doing this stuff that we do, we, we just do it and we make mistakes and we land and we connect them for the next time, but the devils in New York have been phenomenal and, you know, Rod Stewart was the last one in October and

00:26:00.600 --> 00:26:11.970 Tony Hamilton: Never went to plan because he wasn't meant to stand up and take over the auction and and saying, half a dozen songs and it was incredible. Actually, it was an incredible night.

00:26:12.840 --> 00:26:22.320 Graham Dobbin: It was. I mean, I was there. And it was kind of one of those nights that it was a little bit surreal. But it was just kind of the kind of thing that happens when this group get together.

00:26:24.360 --> 00:26:30.420 Tony Hamilton: I think it's, it's part of the charm of the football club. Keeps a lot of drawn to the Celtic the drawn to

00:26:31.080 --> 00:26:39.540 Tony Hamilton: You know the rest going to Pete and myself are drawn to the Celtic story to the the the foundations of the club and why what here and what we do and

00:26:40.500 --> 00:26:47.490 Tony Hamilton: That was our that is our uniqueness about Celtic and every football supported or tell you that, but has a heart club.

00:26:48.000 --> 00:26:57.960 Tony Hamilton: But there's something special about this. The first team from Northern Europe to when the European Cup, which is no known as the UFC Champions League, the first team.

00:26:58.440 --> 00:27:11.010 Tony Hamilton: To one name consecutive league championships will just equaled we're on record them are aiming for 10 this season. So that is something really, really special about the club and the people who have played for the club and I think

00:27:12.210 --> 00:27:26.070 Tony Hamilton: We've had a lot of big personalities play for Celtic and those people never forget we have you know the the impact that Celtic had on their lives and their careers and

00:27:26.280 --> 00:27:39.990 Graham Dobbin: Essentially I came to know just a little bit more about you, said the humility. There's a lot of humility of the club from from from the top. How do you keep that when when you've got such an iconic brand when there's so much success.

00:27:41.760 --> 00:27:48.090 Graham Dobbin: How do you think the leadership Manistee, is to keep that and I'm putting you in this. How do you keep the humility.

00:27:48.570 --> 00:27:55.350 Tony Hamilton: I think it's, it's a boat. The individuals actually it's not really as become the culture.

00:27:55.740 --> 00:28:04.530 Tony Hamilton: Okay, but it wasn't set as the culture, it's the, it's just the people was the way people behave. And that's the important thing that

00:28:05.970 --> 00:28:26.130 Tony Hamilton: That people behave accordingly and they do their job and they take great pride in their job and they get annoyed with themselves when they doesn't go well. It's no different from what you do or what, you know, people do at work. Yeah, but that is a real humility, they are

00:28:27.420 --> 00:28:36.360 Tony Hamilton: They the football department that players have grown deeds. They want to help does beg demands and the team from a lot of quarters.

00:28:37.440 --> 00:28:42.660 Tony Hamilton: And it's a good environment. It's really, really good environment at the moment. Okay.

00:28:42.930 --> 00:28:47.250 Graham Dobbin: After the break, I'm going to maybe dig in a little bit more about your leadership style Tony just again.

00:28:47.610 --> 00:28:56.400 Graham Dobbin: Who's influenced you, what have you seen maybe directly and even directly from the sporting side as well and just get some more than that background, you're listening.

00:28:56.700 --> 00:29:05.100 Graham Dobbin: To the mind behind leadership, we're speaking with Tony Hamilton tonight, who's the Chief Exec of the Celtic foundation. We'll be right back after these messages.

00:31:23.670 --> 00:31:32.910 Graham Dobbin: You're listening to the mind behind the leadership here on top radio dot NYC. We are speaking with Tony Hamilton. So Tony, who do you look up to them.

00:31:34.980 --> 00:31:48.900 Tony Hamilton: And I am in a fairly fortunate position in terms of that are a lot of influential people around me at Celtic and not just in the football club bar and the foundation, but

00:31:50.190 --> 00:32:03.270 Tony Hamilton: People were who are very influential very successful business people and I we spoke about or you spoke about learning earlier and I learned by watching behavior.

00:32:04.710 --> 00:32:11.340 Tony Hamilton: And I think that's a good way to handle that situation or that's a terrible idea.

00:32:12.960 --> 00:32:15.180 Tony Hamilton: So it's, it's a lot

00:32:17.820 --> 00:32:19.290 Tony Hamilton: Of just told you.

00:32:21.480 --> 00:32:27.720 Tony Hamilton: I think it's a boat just watching how people deal with situations. I think it's important

00:32:29.370 --> 00:32:32.370 Tony Hamilton: And what this has taught me is that

00:32:33.660 --> 00:32:41.700 Tony Hamilton: Your gut reaction may not always be the best solution for an issue.

00:32:42.840 --> 00:32:49.140 Tony Hamilton: May just be better just to take a we step back and and and consider the options and

00:32:50.940 --> 00:32:57.270 Tony Hamilton: I think just trying to be a bit more considered than an in my approach.

00:32:58.740 --> 00:33:00.240 Graham Dobbin: Is that something you've had to learn

00:33:01.980 --> 00:33:13.020 Tony Hamilton: I think before I went to do the MBA, I would just jump 10 you know the answer would document in my head, and I would just jumped in and then

00:33:14.880 --> 00:33:29.640 Tony Hamilton: I learned about scenario planning for example, and the consequences of making a decision and the consequences of the consequences. So I don't think that means that you procrastinate.

00:33:30.690 --> 00:33:36.000 Tony Hamilton: Still means that you get things done quickly, I'll listen to Russell, the leash on your show a few weeks ago and

00:33:36.450 --> 00:33:52.770 Tony Hamilton: And and he spoke about cleaning his desk so I try and adopt that as we go forward a try and get things done and not have anything outstanding but it means know that I can just take a week, step back and think about a decision and the impact of that decision.

00:33:55.050 --> 00:34:01.470 Tony Hamilton: And that's about planning as well. It's not just about react in it's about being on the front foot

00:34:03.210 --> 00:34:05.640 Tony Hamilton: And I'm not really a process guy if I'm honest.

00:34:07.170 --> 00:34:08.160 Graham Dobbin: makes two of us, Tony.

00:34:08.580 --> 00:34:17.820 Tony Hamilton: It's no it's not. It's not my 40s is process, but I think it's good to plan and good to consider what the options are.

00:34:19.020 --> 00:34:26.310 Graham Dobbin: It's really interesting because then you know I deal with leadership teams all over the US and some in Australia.

00:34:26.940 --> 00:34:41.940 Graham Dobbin: And there is so much on process at times that we actually forget is the people who implement the process and the process and the needs, you know, needs to align really well. So you've already mentioned that you're you're dealing with a lot of very talented people.

00:34:43.080 --> 00:34:45.090 Graham Dobbin: Very talented leaders business owners.

00:34:46.440 --> 00:34:56.850 Graham Dobbin: How do you find your voice and that then because, you know, I really too early. How do you make sure that you you're getting your, your opinions over your ideas.

00:34:57.900 --> 00:35:00.360 Tony Hamilton: I mean I think sometimes it's

00:35:01.410 --> 00:35:10.230 Tony Hamilton: It can be a debate a healthy debate about what what the best route as and the people who are dealing with.

00:35:11.460 --> 00:35:27.000 Tony Hamilton: Respect my possession and I have mutual respect for their possession and we we know the lane, if you like, and we and we walk from there. But the for me, this is not

00:35:27.660 --> 00:35:42.390 Tony Hamilton: What I see, I'm not a process P person. It's not about process. It's really about people. It's about the people that we work with. It's the boat, the people in the team is a bow, the people who are trustees.

00:35:43.980 --> 00:35:59.550 Tony Hamilton: And it's about relationships. It's about who you work with those people. So it's not the process of getting from A to B. It's the people who get you there. And that's the key. For me, it's really about the people.

00:36:00.570 --> 00:36:06.120 Graham Dobbin: You know mission and vision of talked about all the time and business and people struggle with us, but it kind of sounds like

00:36:07.440 --> 00:36:13.050 Graham Dobbin: We may have different opinions, but we know where we know where we're going, roughly that we know why we're going there.

00:36:13.800 --> 00:36:17.490 Graham Dobbin: Is if when you've got that when you've got that gator. Suppose it makes it easier

00:36:17.790 --> 00:36:19.650 Graham Dobbin: For a lot of the conversations

00:36:20.400 --> 00:36:26.250 Tony Hamilton: And I think people are motivated people understand why they have to take great pride in the brand.

00:36:26.730 --> 00:36:38.700 Tony Hamilton: Whether they take pride in Celtic FC foundation or the just take played in the club Brenda, I am not overly focused. Either way, they take pride and and this idea of Celtic

00:36:39.360 --> 00:36:54.180 Tony Hamilton: People motivate themselves. I am very self motivated and people think about the reputation. I said to you earlier that the biggest single asset we have is the football club brand.

00:36:54.660 --> 00:37:04.560 Tony Hamilton: Therefore, the most important thing for us to protect as the reputation of that brand. So that's why we have to do things properly. We can't cut corners.

00:37:05.010 --> 00:37:21.780 Tony Hamilton: We can ignore correspondence. We can't ignore people, people who reach out to eyes or get in touch with us. We need to do things properly and everybody's aware of that and we move forward. Accordingly, so

00:37:21.810 --> 00:37:37.020 Graham Dobbin: Does that help in your communication because I know you've got you've got your direct team. You've got people all over the world, which may be supporters groups and different people who want to get involved. You've got trustees, you got the PLC board. Does that help kind of cool your communication.

00:37:38.100 --> 00:37:39.780 Graham Dobbin: For all those different types of groups.

00:37:40.230 --> 00:37:49.770 Tony Hamilton: I think that that's the, that's the commonality is the, the, the idea of doing the right thing underplayed and less brand.

00:37:50.310 --> 00:38:07.560 Tony Hamilton: And all the stakeholders Shayla whether they are supporters club in the Bronx or whether they are in the foundation team or you know whether there are sub sector charity partner, they realize how we do things.

00:38:09.120 --> 00:38:17.430 Tony Hamilton: On a it's very helpful to have that in common that that's the, that's the bond that links as

00:38:18.780 --> 00:38:24.360 Graham Dobbin: I'm one of the things you mentioned earlier was, you know, when the, when the team successful

00:38:25.350 --> 00:38:41.610 Graham Dobbin: Can I help helps and those you know what an unprecedented run at the moment. It just is moving solidly so it's been a lot of success, especially over the last three or four years. Um, how does it impact when it doesn't quite go race because I'm sure you've seen that as well.

00:38:43.320 --> 00:38:52.800 Tony Hamilton: I'll be honest with you and the team that I've been at the foundation Celtic have been the dominant force and Scottish football. They've won the league and every year. We're know going for the 10th.

00:38:53.340 --> 00:39:01.290 Tony Hamilton: Consecutive league championship. I haven't had to face that really, if I'm honest, there have been disappointments along the way, like

00:39:01.920 --> 00:39:13.560 Tony Hamilton: The club not making the Champions League, which has a big impact has a big impact financially on the football club, but it has a big impact on the supporters for a period of time because that's the

00:39:13.980 --> 00:39:24.630 Tony Hamilton: Company that Celtic supporters want to keep. We saw the year for Champions League final and lesbian last night between by American Parasocial man and

00:39:25.770 --> 00:39:31.950 Tony Hamilton: Supporters as a Celtic support that we aspire to be in that company so that have been disappointments, they are

00:39:33.150 --> 00:39:45.120 Tony Hamilton: These things, excuse me these things tend not to last for any great length attainder I think my job if I'm honest would be significantly more difficult. If the football club wasn't successful

00:39:46.440 --> 00:39:55.500 Tony Hamilton: So I've been very, very fortunate in that regard. But what we always trying to do is keep the idea that the biggest asset is the club brand.

00:39:55.920 --> 00:40:07.110 Tony Hamilton: But let us consider what would happen if the football club wasn't successful. How do we continue to get people to engage with those

00:40:07.680 --> 00:40:17.640 Tony Hamilton: And we know it's easier when the team ones. How do we maintain that when the team don't win. That's a, that's a conundrum that kind of keeps me awake at night, to be honest.

00:40:19.470 --> 00:40:20.040 Graham Dobbin: So,

00:40:21.420 --> 00:40:34.860 Graham Dobbin: I know there's been a commercial partnership know with with Celtic and Adidas. Does that, does this presentation get any kind of knock on benefit when the, when the maybe two or Wayne brands are joining together as well.

00:40:35.100 --> 00:40:39.690 Tony Hamilton: It's very early in that relationship and the

00:40:40.830 --> 00:40:48.480 Tony Hamilton: Celtic supporters are loving the Adidas brand right now we've waited all our lives from us. However, I think.

00:40:49.530 --> 00:40:56.910 Tony Hamilton: I should see. I don't know how they did this thing or go off, get great great hopes around that and the previous

00:40:57.900 --> 00:41:11.820 Tony Hamilton: manufacturer and supplier was New Balance who are not a million miles away from, from where you are and they've been a great partner for us. They provided us with 55,000 PCs are kept that we that we sent across the world.

00:41:13.620 --> 00:41:14.250 Tony Hamilton: And

00:41:16.230 --> 00:41:24.840 Tony Hamilton: You know, they've been a great partner and the club's partners, generally. So Mike knows which is owned by CNC heard an Irish business.

00:41:26.400 --> 00:41:37.500 Tony Hamilton: You know, and then the other. The back of the shop sponsor. They had a great partner for us. We have a great relationship with them. We do a lot of stuff together in terms of foundation stuff.

00:41:38.010 --> 00:41:47.670 Tony Hamilton: Similarly, whether the car partner fleet alliance Intelligent Car leasing we've got great relationships there as well and we do a lot with them so

00:41:48.690 --> 00:41:49.920 Tony Hamilton: And alphabet.

00:41:50.940 --> 00:41:58.890 Tony Hamilton: Beg beg beg help for us. The other, the other shot sponsor. So I've give these guys a plug the desire for because

00:41:59.820 --> 00:42:12.060 Tony Hamilton: The end it for the reason that it's not about headlines for their organizations. It's not about look at as a bow. How can we help you that that's effectively where we get to

00:42:12.540 --> 00:42:19.080 Tony Hamilton: Where these organizations, and that's a great position to be. And I'm hoping it will be like that with with our D das as well.

00:42:19.560 --> 00:42:23.460 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting that there's so many supporters of the club sponsors of the club.

00:42:24.150 --> 00:42:35.700 Graham Dobbin: commercial partners or clubs still with with that similarly thoughts. So when we were we were looking at leadership and going ahead. I mean, I'm sure you've, you mentioned Tommy Barnes, you'll have seen

00:42:36.270 --> 00:42:43.740 Graham Dobbin: Lots of people in the sporting side coming and going. Do you ever take anything from what you see there how how situations. I've handled.

00:42:45.480 --> 00:42:46.860 Graham Dobbin: Does that influence you in any way.

00:42:47.910 --> 00:42:58.830 Tony Hamilton: I think it's different to watch football people doing the job and football people in real life, it's not always the same.

00:42:59.880 --> 00:43:18.480 Tony Hamilton: That's why I think and I worked in a media environment for 20 years. I think it's grossly unfair have to stick a microphone under somebody's noise at the end of our minds that you've probably just last I think you're going to get a reaction that doesn't reflect that individual.

00:43:21.210 --> 00:43:38.820 Tony Hamilton: The majority of people that have what twice in terms of football are measured come considered the people new Lennon, who's the football club manager is a really intelligent guy he is aware, Red guy he is very

00:43:40.050 --> 00:43:46.710 Tony Hamilton: Helpful for me at the foundation. It came in New York with Ozzy been in London with us. He's been an island with us.

00:43:47.280 --> 00:44:00.900 Tony Hamilton: A facilitates the help that we need at the training ground. He's a great help for those run up during the touch lane Julian a game is unrecognizable to have some the actually as

00:44:02.040 --> 00:44:14.970 Tony Hamilton: So I think it's different. There's a better drama there in football. It's an eight or 10 minutes or people perform accordingly. How would they are in real life is, you know, it's often definitely I

00:44:15.150 --> 00:44:27.270 Graham Dobbin: I was lucky enough to spend some time with a would have is here to October last year and I absolutely agree completely different from Canada. What you see in the TV, but I'm slightly different when I'm watching a game as well. Tony than that I am at the moment.

00:44:28.710 --> 00:44:37.170 Graham Dobbin: And you're listening to the main behind leadership. We're talking with Tony Horton, who is the chief executive of the Celtic foundation and we'll be right back after this break

00:46:33.780 --> 00:46:51.300 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, you're listening to the mind behind leadership on top radio dot NYC Tony Hamilton. So, um, so what frustrates you about your role really curious because it sounds like the dream role. It really does. What, what can frustrate

00:46:52.200 --> 00:47:01.920 Tony Hamilton: I think I am not the most patient person that you'll ever meet saw things not happening quick enough for me is, is very frustrating.

00:47:02.280 --> 00:47:12.900 Tony Hamilton: I'm probably less frustrated than a should be around what's happened through corporate because it's not peculiar to me. I haven't taken it personally. It's worldwide.

00:47:14.550 --> 00:47:21.720 Tony Hamilton: But I think I am quite I'm quite impatient tend to put people under about a pressure

00:47:23.250 --> 00:47:42.900 Tony Hamilton: And I think that that but what I mean by that is that people will feel challenged and the environment, often, but not but not worried about people wouldn't worry about coming to work. It's a good environment. There's a phrase here in the city that people make glad school

00:47:43.980 --> 00:48:01.320 Tony Hamilton: And that, I think that's true of what we do at Celtic FC Foundation, it's the, it's the people who are involved. This the stakeholders who make it, but it's probably patients I need. I'm not good at Wheaton. I'm not overly good at that. I don't think

00:48:02.070 --> 00:48:06.600 Graham Dobbin: That that's probably why you're enjoying New York so much. I think what, what am I, one of my

00:48:07.410 --> 00:48:24.090 Graham Dobbin: Co presenters on here. I'm Jeff Goodman, the very first thing he said to me when I had my accent. We met in New York. He says New York is the Glasgow of the USA. So, so he said, there's so many similar traits that yeah they're both cities in both people County.

00:48:24.690 --> 00:48:28.260 Tony Hamilton: I think that is very true. Those are real honesty about New Yorkers isn't

00:48:29.490 --> 00:48:41.100 Tony Hamilton: That I'm about like that. The there's never any ambiguity, I think, you know, one of my colleagues said to me that you would never leave a meeting with me and wonderful amount

00:48:43.110 --> 00:48:46.920 Tony Hamilton: Which I don't I don't think was a compliment. Incidentally, but

00:48:48.900 --> 00:48:53.190 Graham Dobbin: clear communication is something we we see it leadership needs to happen.

00:48:53.550 --> 00:48:54.390 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, both

00:48:54.810 --> 00:48:56.370 Tony Hamilton: Those ways to do. I think, you know,

00:48:56.850 --> 00:49:09.960 Graham Dobbin: Absolutely. But again, that's something that's cultural I'm, what I'm just going to jump back. You mentioned earlier about, you know, we said at the beginning, but you'd been I can continuous learner.

00:49:11.880 --> 00:49:27.990 Graham Dobbin: Obviously, you got your MBA, which is taking you to to be able to speak at St. Andrews and Glasgow, or the gospel universities for what advice would you give someone who was maybe start like a little bit earlier than the leadership clear are beginning to take on more responsibility.

00:49:28.890 --> 00:49:31.410 Tony Hamilton: I think it's a it's a boat.

00:49:32.670 --> 00:49:38.430 Tony Hamilton: Make up your own mind. It's a bow getting away perspective on things.

00:49:39.720 --> 00:49:49.710 Tony Hamilton: It's about less than two people are read a law lesson to do a lot of our podcasts. I listen to a lot of programming like this.

00:49:50.850 --> 00:49:56.160 Tony Hamilton: I read CNN and BBC and then I read every morning to see what's happening in the world.

00:49:58.680 --> 00:50:02.580 Tony Hamilton: I think that my advice would be

00:50:04.920 --> 00:50:13.950 Tony Hamilton: Surround yourself by people who you can learn from it may not be a behavior that you wish to copy

00:50:14.760 --> 00:50:25.560 Tony Hamilton: For me, I'm interested in the culture of an organization and the subculture of an organization and I'm more interested in the people of that organization than I am of anything else. It's

00:50:26.460 --> 00:50:35.280 Tony Hamilton: I can't stress this enough. It's really about people for me and relationships with people. So those are the types of things that have helped me

00:50:36.630 --> 00:50:42.360 Tony Hamilton: I don't officially have a mentor. I have a guy who are meet periodically.

00:50:43.710 --> 00:50:59.010 Tony Hamilton: Who I see as my mentor. I've never discussed that with him, but he's a great sounding board for me. And I think everybody needs somebody like that somebody who they can just go and speak with and and get our view, get a different view.

00:51:00.090 --> 00:51:06.240 Tony Hamilton: I think that's important as well that you don't accept that you don't have all the answers, and you'll never have all the answers.

00:51:07.050 --> 00:51:13.980 Graham Dobbin: It is something that almost feels like it's only especially in business. It's only kind of acceptable and been acceptable in the last few years.

00:51:14.400 --> 00:51:27.810 Graham Dobbin: You've got maybe somebody efficiently that you can go to somebody that you can. So some of us have kind of like relaxed mentors people who we who we know we've come up with and others take on coaches and advisors in different ways.

00:51:28.500 --> 00:51:38.700 Tony Hamilton: Yeah, I don't think I would ever formalize this this this guy's somebody that a nor through the football club that I've known for a number of years that I trust.

00:51:39.810 --> 00:51:46.620 Tony Hamilton: I'm not divulging state secrets with him. I'm just asking his view on getting it all set up Asians and

00:51:47.670 --> 00:51:51.420 Tony Hamilton: I enjoy meeting with him and speaking with him.

00:51:53.100 --> 00:52:03.690 Tony Hamilton: And he is like me very, very direct, which is quite helpful. So, sir. It's an awakening periodically for me.

00:52:05.370 --> 00:52:10.950 Graham Dobbin: We must trade off and everything you've done at Celtic what is what you're most proud of.

00:52:12.510 --> 00:52:17.340 Tony Hamilton: I suppose the glib answer would be the have not been phone though after 2016

00:52:19.890 --> 00:52:28.650 Tony Hamilton: I am pro have three Celtic FC foundation and true to the content that we created and made a lot of film.

00:52:29.100 --> 00:52:44.910 Tony Hamilton: About the football club and its history and its big personalities like belly McNeil and Jimmy Johnston and Tommy buns and Henrik Larsson and I created a history fell over a PD the years and this mass of a

00:52:46.680 --> 00:53:07.890 Tony Hamilton: 40 pound book called The Celtic opus, which we produced over five years. I'm very proud of those things in terms of the foundation I produce a of the walk that we do under people who do it, whether that's foundation staff or

00:53:09.750 --> 00:53:23.610 Tony Hamilton: Club staff or the club executive or the foundation trustees who are all volunteers or supporters across the world or private funders and trysts anybody who can help us achieve our goals and

00:53:24.660 --> 00:53:34.380 Tony Hamilton: I'm enormously proud. I'm proud of the work that we do. I'm very proud of the football club and what it stands for. And its place, and in Scotland.

00:53:35.520 --> 00:53:37.350 Tony Hamilton: And long may it continue

00:53:38.640 --> 00:53:39.240 Graham Dobbin: So,

00:53:40.500 --> 00:53:44.370 Graham Dobbin: What do you, what do you see your legacy being, what would you like to leave as a legacy

00:53:45.480 --> 00:54:01.980 Tony Hamilton: I think I don't think I'm grand enough if I'm honest to have a legacy and I'm not a norm, not as funny as I think I'm actually not being funny and not occasion. I've never really thought that I would have a legacy PFC. I don't

00:54:03.540 --> 00:54:08.940 Tony Hamilton: It's not either or short term or long term goal for me, it seems

00:54:08.970 --> 00:54:09.210 Tony Hamilton: Like

00:54:09.660 --> 00:54:13.500 Graham Dobbin: That's a pause when it comes to kind of come at it from from that angle. What I'm asking is,

00:54:13.980 --> 00:54:24.180 Graham Dobbin: You've already said you've got somebody who you trust and you know you see them as maybe I mentioned or something you can bounce off. We all have influenced by Trimble working in this kind of environment.

00:54:24.510 --> 00:54:33.330 Graham Dobbin: And we will leave something behind, whether it's, you know, whether it's a huge grand legacy or just some kind of influence on other people. So do you see

00:54:34.830 --> 00:54:36.510 Graham Dobbin: What do you think people will see a big tournament.

00:54:36.900 --> 00:54:52.560 Tony Hamilton: I think if I was to leave to be, then it would be this fledgling organization called Celtic FC Foundation, which has great potential to help a lot more people it can do a lot more as a big, big impact.

00:54:53.460 --> 00:55:01.980 Tony Hamilton: has an impact on people who are struggling and it's helped transform people's lives without being overly grand or a boater

00:55:02.820 --> 00:55:21.510 Tony Hamilton: But it has a long, long way to go. There's so much more to do. I hope I'm there for a period of time to to help do that and if I'm not, then you know the next leader or the next person can command and pick it up and make the changes as he or she sees fit.

00:55:22.320 --> 00:55:36.210 Graham Dobbin: We've only got a minute that this this hour has flown past. TONY We're all good. I know a minute or so left just give us a snippet. What kind of things could be achieved. What do you see just a slight insight.

00:55:36.780 --> 00:55:40.350 Tony Hamilton: I think, I think the measure of what we do.

00:55:41.670 --> 00:55:51.030 Tony Hamilton: An isolation is probably not going to change any great deal, but I think the real measure will be how society performs generally

00:55:51.480 --> 00:55:58.410 Tony Hamilton: So seeing more people and employment, for example, seeing food banks clause, rather than more opening

00:55:59.310 --> 00:56:14.250 Tony Hamilton: Seeing people who are excluded being included so people who have autism have Down syndrome, seeing them as we see ourselves clear on your goals. Other measures that society is moving on. And I think when are we back away from that yet.

00:56:15.300 --> 00:56:19.530 Graham Dobbin: Okay, I'm turning. It's been an absolute pleasure.

00:56:21.480 --> 00:56:25.050 Graham Dobbin: Thank you for giving us some some kind of insight into your world.

00:56:25.470 --> 00:56:39.270 Graham Dobbin: And into your philosophies and also given us an idea of kind of where the for the foundation is at the moment and its influence in New York, hopefully. Hopefully I can maybe even persuade you to come back onto the program at some time in the future.

00:56:39.480 --> 00:56:42.600 Tony Hamilton: I would love that. Graham. Thank you very much indeed for having me on.

00:56:42.870 --> 00:56:57.210 Graham Dobbin: So you've been listening to the mind behind leadership with me. Graham Dobbin we're on talk radio dot NYC and our fantastic guests this evening was Tony Hamilton, the Chief Exec of the Celtic FC foundation. We'll see you again next week. Thank you for listening.

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