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Thursday, July 30, 2020

2020/07/30 - Soulful Sounds and a Tribute To John Lewis

[NEW EPISODE] Soulful Sounds and a Tribute To John Lewis

This week vocal artist Vaneese Thomas joins me to talk about wonderful singing career, faith and following your passion!

Highly regarded within the music industry, Vaneese’s talents as a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor have made her a sought-after solo performer as well as a first-call vocalist for projects by other top-name artists.

She has worked with the renowned recording producer Phil Ramone and has sung with an astonishing array of internationally known performers including Luciano Pavarotti, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Eric Clapton, Dr. John and numerous others.

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Segment 1

Antonia signs on to the show and introduces her guest; Memphis based singer Vaneese Thomas. She plugs her website and describes Vaneese’s portfolio, which includes studio work and Disney soundtracks.


Antonia discusses the public’s response to Covid-19. She reminds her audience that socializing and going back to school can be dangerous without a mask or social distancing. Antonia hopes that when kids go back to school, Covid-19 doesn’t hurt teachers and students.

Segment 2

Antonia plays some of Vaneese’s music, entitled “The Blues”. Antonia talks about Vaneeses early career and experiences touring the world. Antonia says that Vaneese sings at her local church and plugs her new album.


Antonia discusses the legacy of late congressman John Lewis. She praises his work and passion for civil rights. She talks about the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s, and that generation of leaders. Antonia talks about Americans who cannot agree to backing the Black Lives Matter movement and explains why saying All lives Matter is so hurtful to the black community.

Segment 3

Antonia talks about her experiences in her church choir, though she admits she wasn’t very good at singing. Antonia discusses diversity in media and history, questioning whether there is enough representation among authors and teachers. She says that music has the highest rate of black representation, citing gospel, hip hop, and blues as an outlet for black artists.


Segment 4

Antonia airs former president Barack Obama’s eulogy at John Lewis’ funeral. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, former president Bill Clinton, and Former Vice president Joe Biden also speak. Antonia asks her audience to reflect on John Lewis’ legacy and how much the world has changed in these last few decades. Antonia says that while dealing with Covid-19, people have to stay resilient and wishes her audience good luck. She signs off.


00:00:44.760 --> 00:00:54.150 Antonia Thompson: I'm good afternoon, everyone. It's Thursday. It's five o'clock and you're here with Antonia and so now you know I hope everyone has had a great week.

00:00:54.900 --> 00:01:05.070 Antonia Thompson: Last week, as you know, we were talking about Black Lives Matter. We talked about to Alicia Cobb an artist who was part of the painting of the mural and Stanford Connecticut and she was

00:01:05.610 --> 00:01:14.430 Antonia Thompson: Absolutely amazing. We can slip in her artwork. We get to hear a story and I hope you are inspired during the week to get more involved in the community.

00:01:14.760 --> 00:01:22.890 Antonia Thompson: Whether it was during looking at our participating in our maybe you listen to a different webinar about a topic that you're interested in learning more about

00:01:23.520 --> 00:01:33.330 Antonia Thompson: I hope you were able to do that because she was very inspirational and this week I wanted to go back to music and we're going to be talking to artists.

00:01:33.630 --> 00:01:39.660 Antonia Thompson: The nice Thomas, I hope she is able to call in with us. I wanted to share some of her music

00:01:40.140 --> 00:01:43.920 Antonia Thompson: In a little background about Vanessa is we actually attend the same church.

00:01:44.310 --> 00:01:56.460 Antonia Thompson: And I got to know her pretty well through our spiritual journey and charging. She is a big part of our choir and it's just an amazing singer and just to listen to her voice.

00:01:57.330 --> 00:02:07.560 Antonia Thompson: I mean there's just like the artwork that we looked at last week, you hear her voice and you can hear you. Think of a lot of stories and the way that she articulate her words and the lyrics

00:02:08.550 --> 00:02:23.700 Antonia Thompson: She can just say a story through her music and it just takes you to another place. So I'm excited if she could join us. But I didn't want to share with you, her website. So I shared my screen. So those of you that aren't Facebook at talk radio

00:02:24.990 --> 00:02:29.340 Antonia Thompson: Alternative I always get it wrong in our Facebook. The talking alternative

00:02:30.690 --> 00:02:39.150 Antonia Thompson: You can see this. And then if you're on if you're listening to me. You can check out VA nice Thomas calm.

00:02:39.600 --> 00:02:51.990 Antonia Thompson: And that's spelled da n e f g to t h o m as calm and you can see a little bit about what we're talking about, because I want to spend some time here because it's it's just amazing.

00:02:52.770 --> 00:03:00.870 Antonia Thompson: And I always say, I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I actually do. But it comes out in other ways, it's not it's not art.

00:03:01.320 --> 00:03:09.120 Antonia Thompson: And fitted physically painting things and it's not an audio and saying because neither of those things I can do, but we all can be very artistic in other ways.

00:03:09.810 --> 00:03:22.080 Antonia Thompson: So Bernice is from Memphis and she sings a lot of the blues again. She was a gospel singer. So if you go to our website and check it out. I can tell you all about her background.

00:03:22.560 --> 00:03:29.760 Antonia Thompson: Where she's touring how to get her music. And actually, I'll just share this bit, because I was really interested in learning about this.

00:03:30.540 --> 00:03:42.900 Antonia Thompson: That she's actually been on soundtracks for Disney and other places. So I thought that was super cool and you know how it is. And sometimes when you know people and then you just, you would never think or have any, any idea, but

00:03:44.160 --> 00:03:57.990 Antonia Thompson: She is fairly well versed in the different things that she she participates in. And so I was I was cool to see that if I can figure out on here. What track that was I'll let you know. But again, check out the website bunnies Thomas calm.

00:04:00.180 --> 00:04:04.470 Antonia Thompson: And, you know, as we've been going through the last couple of weeks, and a lot of things that are happening in our community.

00:04:05.070 --> 00:04:14.520 Antonia Thompson: Since the George Floyd murder black lives matter we're talking about defending the police, we're talking about systemic racism. What does that look like, how do we get involved.

00:04:14.940 --> 00:04:20.070 Antonia Thompson: I've been really blessed to be part of a lot of different platforms that are happening around in my community.

00:04:20.970 --> 00:04:29.550 Antonia Thompson: around those issues. And sometimes it does get exhausting, right, because we're constantly which it's a beautiful thing that we're constantly talking about these topics, because they're important.

00:04:30.270 --> 00:04:38.880 Antonia Thompson: But it also gets extremely tiring. And I think was adding to that anxiety and I don't know if you're going through that too is the whole issue of schools and our reopening

00:04:39.210 --> 00:04:45.000 Antonia Thompson: Are they going to reopen, is it going to be a hybrid or they're going to the kids going to be vs. Some days, teachers don't want to go in the building.

00:04:46.500 --> 00:04:53.700 Antonia Thompson: But when we think about the progression when, if we think about when we were back in elementary school or eventually went to college.

00:04:54.270 --> 00:05:00.690 Antonia Thompson: That was the biggest part of our education was socializing being in a classroom being with classmates learning from other people.

00:05:01.620 --> 00:05:17.340 Antonia Thompson: So I don't know what this. I don't know how this generation will be affected by going through coven I know as a country, as a community, these are definitely times that we're going to remember, we're going to remember. And as we go through the first winter of coven winter.

00:05:18.660 --> 00:05:24.030 Antonia Thompson: It's scary right we have flu season coming upon. Now, this will be the new thing flu season and coven season.

00:05:25.980 --> 00:05:29.340 Antonia Thompson: And it's still a very highly contagious disease that is in our community.

00:05:29.880 --> 00:05:38.160 Antonia Thompson: How or why people forget that I see these updates that have been happening in Florida and other places. And I'm like, Well, why you see the beach is packed.

00:05:38.400 --> 00:05:42.810 Antonia Thompson: You see people not even wearing their mass. I don't even understand why there's a debate not to wear a mask.

00:05:43.440 --> 00:05:58.890 Antonia Thompson: But just recently we just saw an uptake happening here in Connecticut in our community. And it's the youth. I think kids are just tired of being inside if the summer it's hot, they've missed out on so much from graduations to problems.

00:06:00.480 --> 00:06:07.740 Antonia Thompson: That they're just like, you know what, we're just going to dry summer but by doing that and going on these to these big parties or having these big groups together.

00:06:08.250 --> 00:06:16.950 Antonia Thompson: There's a consequence to that. So there's been a real big uptick in young adults and teens that are coming down with cold it so be very mindful of that.

00:06:17.280 --> 00:06:31.710 Antonia Thompson: It's a contagious disease. It knows no limits, no barriers. It doesn't look and say oh well that's a young kid, let me let me ignore her now. It's been very quickly. So I think that might be a threat to how schools will open up in the fall.

00:06:32.790 --> 00:06:49.020 Antonia Thompson: Because that's a big concern showing up on a campus or to a school building and only you know it only takes one person to be positive, perhaps, for it to have a very detrimental effects. Oh, it's my phone very detrimental effect on

00:06:50.610 --> 00:06:59.760 Antonia Thompson: Others right so it's like, you know, first day school might be okay. But then, by the second day third graders gonna, you know, come back positive and the whole schools that have to break down.

00:07:00.510 --> 00:07:08.280 Antonia Thompson: So I don't know it's just very anxious time so be sure you're taking time for yourself. Be mindful of your space know when you just need to take a timeout.

00:07:08.970 --> 00:07:17.280 Antonia Thompson: I mean, we're all like what is Greg say we're all Twitter thing is put it down. Just make sure that some days that phone is far away from you and then

00:07:19.320 --> 00:07:26.730 Antonia Thompson: You know, especially when you're going to bed, right, especially when you're feeling that anxiety bubble up because you're reading an article and it's upsetting you,

00:07:27.000 --> 00:07:34.290 Antonia Thompson: Put it away because it strain on your eyes it strain on your body of blood pressures raised is rising, and you just gonna

00:07:35.070 --> 00:07:41.520 Antonia Thompson: You're not gonna be able to be home right. We're not going to be able to go to the normal spaces, the gym places that we'd go that we would normally

00:07:42.510 --> 00:07:47.700 Antonia Thompson: Exercise to relieve some of that tension. We're not gonna be able to do that. So with that said,

00:07:48.270 --> 00:07:56.340 Antonia Thompson: You got to create your plan, you got to decide what's going to keep you safe and you just got to make healthy choices healthy choices, sometimes you got to tell the kids to know

00:07:56.670 --> 00:08:03.480 Antonia Thompson: You're not going to that gathering know you're not going to that protest. If it's a protest that you're uncertain of what the safety.

00:08:04.710 --> 00:08:08.040 Antonia Thompson: Protocol is going to be because you got to keep your family safe.

00:08:08.340 --> 00:08:16.350 Antonia Thompson: Because that's how this is this is how it's breaking this down like one person brings it home and then it spreads to everybody in the house, and then all of a sudden your auntie uncle or grandma.

00:08:17.280 --> 00:08:27.300 Antonia Thompson: Is being exposed to this and you never want to be that person that is exposed in your entire family just innocently sometimes too, right, because a lot of people out there asymptomatic. They're not showing any signs.

00:08:27.750 --> 00:08:33.270 Antonia Thompson: The fever is not there, the costs not there, the soreness is not there and

00:08:34.110 --> 00:08:49.050 Antonia Thompson: They're just walking around like everything's hunky dory. And those are the people that you might see the grocery stores don't have a mass. Those might be people that for some odd reason sneeze or cough and are on you know don't know that they've out there, whatever it is that saliva.

00:08:50.730 --> 00:08:53.760 Antonia Thompson: has landed somewhere. So it's a very scary season.

00:08:54.420 --> 00:09:02.970 Antonia Thompson: And I know it's the summer, but I need to be mindful, I need to realize that there's a very contagious disease that is in our community and it affects everyone. It knows no boundaries.

00:09:03.420 --> 00:09:10.440 Antonia Thompson: And we don't have a cure for it. So a lot of people who don't want to wear their mass and feel like, you know, this was made up.

00:09:11.460 --> 00:09:14.040 Antonia Thompson: That it's the government drumming up this

00:09:15.180 --> 00:09:16.440 Antonia Thompson: Fear sense of fear.

00:09:17.730 --> 00:09:28.920 Antonia Thompson: Take your chance to the hospital hope to God that you never have to get on a ventilator hope to God that you don't have any underlining health conditions that are going to make you more susceptible to complications of coven I'm going to pray that for you.

00:09:30.600 --> 00:09:35.040 Antonia Thompson: Understand if that's your lane, but be very careful not to spread it to others.

00:09:36.390 --> 00:09:42.360 Antonia Thompson: So I soon going to take a break and we're going to check in. I want to make sure, have a nice has our information.

00:09:42.720 --> 00:09:55.020 Antonia Thompson: To come visit us. And then even if she is a little contest. I want to share some of her music because again I just love seeing talented people and being surrounded by talented people knowing their stories. Great, and listening to it.

00:09:55.920 --> 00:10:08.400 Antonia Thompson: But we're here on zoom and we have access to a lot of her stuff here. So we'll come back and I will explore that a little bit. So you're listening. We're going to take a break and this is Antonia answer now you know and we'll be right back.

00:15:29.760 --> 00:15:35.280 Antonia Thompson: So we are back. You were just listening to the nice Thomas the blues.

00:15:36.900 --> 00:15:42.120 Antonia Thompson: And I love that because that really does give you the sense of the blues. Right. It just keeps you tap in and your fingers going

00:15:42.630 --> 00:15:48.240 Antonia Thompson: And part of a nice background is, she is from the south. She grew up in Memphis and

00:15:48.960 --> 00:16:00.060 Antonia Thompson: IT'S INTERESTING BECAUSE SHE SAYS THE STORE AND SHE'LL TELL THE STORY OF although she was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She went to swap more college. And that's really where she started to get a passion for her music

00:16:00.570 --> 00:16:13.230 Antonia Thompson: And what I found a human always talk about this when we have artists. Come on, is when did they know their passion, like what they wanted to do and knowing that she had grown up, you know, in the south or in this very spiritual family.

00:16:14.310 --> 00:16:25.710 Antonia Thompson: Seeing the choir was second nature to her. She found acquired Swarthmore and what is amazing until even now. Well, I should say from several years back I remember giving a presentation.

00:16:26.220 --> 00:16:31.020 Antonia Thompson: The choir traveled the world, even after they left college as the group.

00:16:31.830 --> 00:16:42.360 Antonia Thompson: Would go and seeing around the world and to listen to all the trips that they went on and the different platforms that they sing on was just amazing. And you just get a real sense of

00:16:43.290 --> 00:17:04.560 Antonia Thompson: A group of people bonded together by a passion and and something that they love to do, you know, as adults, went on and did other careers, but remained in touch and doing beautiful, beautiful work through their singing. And so it was really cool to hear that was my my phone in

00:17:06.300 --> 00:17:06.960 Antonia Thompson: She's been in the

00:17:08.010 --> 00:17:17.580 Antonia Thompson: Material Jazz Festival, she's played in Italy. I mean it was just phenomenal different places that she has been able to see, and then she's also

00:17:18.150 --> 00:17:25.800 Antonia Thompson: Been able to sing for others and other platforms in artists and on their albums. So I really just wanted to spend some time and give some

00:17:26.730 --> 00:17:38.790 Antonia Thompson: Thanks to her for the wonderful work that she does. And I'm just so blessed that she's part of my church, and then I can hear all the time. In fact, she's probably she's giving a concert this Sunday.

00:17:39.900 --> 00:17:40.770 Antonia Thompson: This Sunday.

00:17:42.720 --> 00:17:50.820 Antonia Thompson: At our church. So I'm excited to hear that. So hopefully she can come back at some other time. And we can talk to a little bit more about her history and her passion.

00:17:51.300 --> 00:18:08.490 Antonia Thompson: I think if you were watching when I was sharing the screen. She has a new album that has come out so you can always check that out. She's also on iTunes bunnies Thomas VA n e se th om as and her albums called Don down yonder.

00:18:10.260 --> 00:18:15.570 Antonia Thompson: So check that out. And some of her other albums. Are there some really, really cool stuff.

00:18:16.980 --> 00:18:27.330 Antonia Thompson: So what I'm going to now move on to nothing that I've been thinking about this week, as you know, is representative JOHN LEWIS has passed away. And today, I believe.

00:18:28.410 --> 00:18:30.270 Antonia Thompson: I think as where we're talking

00:18:31.470 --> 00:18:34.050 Antonia Thompson: His service is is taking place.

00:18:36.360 --> 00:18:46.350 Antonia Thompson: And what I think about the legacy that JOHN LEWIS left and, you know, interesting. Some people don't recognize it. Right, and I think

00:18:47.490 --> 00:18:57.960 Antonia Thompson: I'm not surprised because I think when we look at history. It's in the complete it. We're kind of self centered about it, right, is that our history. If it is, we kind of know it more than others.

00:18:58.380 --> 00:19:04.620 Antonia Thompson: If it's something that we're never taught, we don't understand but JOHN LEWIS should be a household name because because of the work that he did

00:19:06.480 --> 00:19:09.240 Antonia Thompson: In on the civil rights movement.

00:19:10.410 --> 00:19:18.990 Antonia Thompson: The work that he did for voter registration and then the amazing work that he's he's done in the Senate and the legislators. So you think people would know but not but

00:19:19.530 --> 00:19:25.230 Antonia Thompson: I would say this generation knows of him because he's been so outspoken in the last couple years.

00:19:26.070 --> 00:19:38.790 Antonia Thompson: But when I think about him and I realized, wow, he is the last of that group of that generation of social change. Martin Luther King, all these other big names that we we know of, right.

00:19:39.720 --> 00:19:48.540 Antonia Thompson: He was in our midst. He was living. He was living with us as we were learning about all this. He was part of that trauma that I would say that happened.

00:19:50.400 --> 00:19:58.350 Antonia Thompson: As part of our history, and it's sad, like when we look at and we say, wow, he was the last of soldiers that were dedicated to

00:19:58.890 --> 00:20:16.800 Antonia Thompson: The progression and the change for African American citizens is just, it's amazing, right, because that we have to think, well, the baton has been passed right we now have the responsibility to live up the legacy of those that came before us and paved the path of equity.

00:20:18.570 --> 00:20:29.100 Antonia Thompson: And I think when I don't know. I think it was bright, President Obama. I know President Clinton was going to participate, I'm taping it

00:20:31.410 --> 00:20:39.060 Antonia Thompson: On my TV so I can watch it later because it's something I don't want to be interrupted. I wanted to see the whole thing even seeing his casket coming over the bridge.

00:20:40.650 --> 00:20:54.930 Antonia Thompson: Was moving to me. So I just want to make sure that I'm in like a really good space to watch it and absorb it. So if you don't know much about JOHN LEWIS go out there and just read something and article and essay read his essay I believe it's in the Times today.

00:20:56.700 --> 00:21:00.060 Antonia Thompson: That was recently published. I think he wrote a pet before he passed.

00:21:01.230 --> 00:21:09.510 Antonia Thompson: And again, I just have like a whole pack of stuff that I just have to go through. But I encourage you to do the same. Right. We all, we're all not experts. We all know the answers.

00:21:10.470 --> 00:21:23.580 Antonia Thompson: We all have to go out and do our own work right. We have to do our own research so that we understand these issues thoroughly so that when we're making comments. We're not just saying, well, all lives matter or we're just saying

00:21:24.990 --> 00:21:29.910 Antonia Thompson: quick response to something we really understand why it is that we're saying what we are saying.

00:21:30.840 --> 00:21:39.720 Antonia Thompson: And I say all lives matter because I do get a kick out of that and I've been having a lot of conversations with different people about it and I think my take on it is that

00:21:40.470 --> 00:21:54.000 Antonia Thompson: When we if we just say all lives matter. It really waters down the importance of saying Black Lives Matter. Right. And to me, there is a discomfort.

00:21:56.400 --> 00:22:03.090 Antonia Thompson: That people have that they just can't Otter those words like the idea of saying Black. Black Lives Matter to some people, is just

00:22:03.990 --> 00:22:13.050 Antonia Thompson: Repulsive like I'm not gonna say it in some way. If I say this, I'm kind of minimizing my own worth or I'm taking away from someone else and that's not at all.

00:22:14.100 --> 00:22:15.120 Antonia Thompson: Of course, all lives matter.

00:22:16.260 --> 00:22:21.690 Antonia Thompson: All Lives Matter. I'm, I'm a woman of faith, all lives matter we are we are created by one person.

00:22:22.980 --> 00:22:33.930 Antonia Thompson: And I call him a person just one be and so all lives do matter. But when we say black lives matter. I kind of equated to is if we say, you know,

00:22:37.110 --> 00:22:46.080 Antonia Thompson: Those that are surviving assault their lives matter children that survive childless their lives matter.

00:22:47.640 --> 00:23:01.380 Antonia Thompson: Those that are addicted to alcoholism. Their lives matter right because you're kind of saying, here's a person that is either gone through a trauma or has gone through some type of violence in their life, and they have come out on the other side of it.

00:23:03.060 --> 00:23:10.230 Antonia Thompson: They survived it and so their lives matter because that journey that they took to get through that obstacle.

00:23:11.910 --> 00:23:21.960 Antonia Thompson: was hard. It was tough. It was not. Not everyone went through that journey. So we identify the disease. The trauma, the violence.

00:23:22.950 --> 00:23:35.610 Antonia Thompson: The atrocity that has been done to that though that person to say their lives matter, why is it that people can't say black lives matter. Why can't people say well you know what, when we look at African American in the context of United States history.

00:23:37.470 --> 00:23:54.060 Antonia Thompson: Going through slavery living through Jim Crow living through discrimination and prejudice living through what the United States government has done to black people since they came on this soil and continue to to do till this day. And the example of George Floyd

00:23:55.440 --> 00:24:09.270 Antonia Thompson: We have been traumatized and victim. I know not everyone right I'm sitting here. Those things didn't happen to me, but they definitely happened to my people, they definitely happened to the what I identify as being as a black African American woman.

00:24:11.070 --> 00:24:23.130 Antonia Thompson: That's happened to my people. So when I say well what black lives matter. It matters because we have gone through some type of trauma have come out the other side, but we're still dealing with the vestiges of that trauma.

00:24:23.670 --> 00:24:30.270 Antonia Thompson: Our lives matter. The same with my Jewish brothers and sisters who have lived through the Holocaust and have lived through

00:24:30.840 --> 00:24:43.740 Antonia Thompson: The vestiges of the whole their lives matter, they've gone through something that others have not. Right. If there is something that we do empathize amongst us as as African Americans and Jews Jewish

00:24:44.790 --> 00:24:53.010 Antonia Thompson: People, is that we have gone through a violent trauma, we've gone through parts of history where we were looked at as nothing devalued.

00:24:54.990 --> 00:25:14.820 Antonia Thompson: Our lives matter. So I just feel that when people say all lives matter, you're really dumbing down what the importance and significance of saying those words are because if you can say that a cancer survivor matters. Again, a person who survives the message matters.

00:25:16.410 --> 00:25:29.520 Antonia Thompson: If we can have these causes that we donate tons and tons of money to towards to deal with the harm that has been caused to a group of people or to individuals. I don't get why we just can't say black lives matter.

00:25:30.660 --> 00:25:35.400 Antonia Thompson: When the data is there, the evidence is there we sat there and watch this grown man be killed.

00:25:37.290 --> 00:25:48.360 Antonia Thompson: By a person who couldn't could have cared less the person that was there to protect the community and we've seen it over and over again, not only for grown black man grown black woman children.

00:25:50.190 --> 00:25:51.270 Antonia Thompson: Pick your poison.

00:25:52.740 --> 00:26:01.650 Antonia Thompson: Body sex, just put the fact that they were black on it and we can just say, just with police. This is how many people have passed away.

00:26:02.910 --> 00:26:16.410 Antonia Thompson: We can look at how many people were sent to like death row sent to prison for life, only to be vindicated because the evidence did not support the conviction central five Perfect example Central Park.

00:26:17.430 --> 00:26:25.500 Antonia Thompson: Those boys innocently railroaded by the police through course confessions false evidence spent most of their

00:26:26.460 --> 00:26:39.390 Antonia Thompson: Teenage young adult lives in prison, only to find out that they completely did not do it that it was a absolute fabrication by the government and and by the way our president who took out a full page in the New York Times

00:26:40.770 --> 00:26:55.110 Antonia Thompson: Advocating for them to be locked up Black Lives Matter police brutality is just not the physical, it's the, it's the contamination of evidence. It is the planting of evidence, it is false testimony, giving in a trial.

00:26:56.460 --> 00:27:05.700 Antonia Thompson: That ends up putting a black person in prison, its laws that if violated, you know, an ounce of out of crack

00:27:07.620 --> 00:27:09.690 Antonia Thompson: Gets More time than kilos of it.

00:27:10.890 --> 00:27:20.190 Antonia Thompson: Right, that we know systemically now everyone wants to apologize for those laws that were passed, but we know systemically put more of our people in prison. Black Lives Matter.

00:27:21.810 --> 00:27:35.400 Antonia Thompson: So next time you have this conversation. I just want you to think of it that way. It's not that we're trying to say once, but we're better than anyone else. We're just trying to say our people have survived trauma trauma. We have been victimized. We have been killed.

00:27:36.900 --> 00:27:43.590 Antonia Thompson: All lives matter not to take away from anyone else because any other day we are talking about other things right. We're doing cancer walks

00:27:43.890 --> 00:27:51.270 Antonia Thompson: We're doing domestic violence prevention, we're doing drugs and addiction prevention, we're doing walks in and campaigns to

00:27:52.140 --> 00:28:02.970 Antonia Thompson: To raise money and lead. I don't understand why people have a problem saying black lives matter, but that's just me. That's so that's my take on it. I don't think it should be anything different, except that we're just putting

00:28:04.170 --> 00:28:09.420 Antonia Thompson: Which is shedding light on another atrocity that has been done to a group of people

00:28:11.010 --> 00:28:13.710 Antonia Thompson: So I don't want to. So we talked about that.

00:28:14.190 --> 00:28:26.730 Antonia Thompson: We're going to get ready to take another break and I again apologize. I hope and I hope and I pray that everything is okay with Denise because I know we had talked about this, that she was going to be here today and we definitely will have her back on the show.

00:28:28.620 --> 00:28:42.270 Antonia Thompson: So we're going to just try to reach out to her. One more time, but it can I still want you to go to that website. Tiffany's Thompson, Tom. I'd say Thompson, because I'm Thompson right but he's Thomas calm. If you have a moment. Make sure you go check out. JOHN LEWIS I believe

00:28:43.740 --> 00:28:47.940 Antonia Thompson: His funeral is still going on right now. I've been away from the monitor for a while.

00:28:48.840 --> 00:28:58.020 Antonia Thompson: Definitely check that out and give a word to praise to him in the in the legacy that he leaves and the work that he accomplished and the work that all of that part of our history.

00:28:58.530 --> 00:29:09.420 Antonia Thompson: Accomplished. And if you look at his videos and see how when he was arrested and the dogs that were were sick on him and what he went through his life matters.

00:29:10.140 --> 00:29:22.230 Antonia Thompson: Right. His life matter. So we're going to get a break. Again, it's Antonia you listening. So now you know and we will be right back. And when we come back we'll listen against one another one of nisa songs, talk to you.

00:32:10.920 --> 00:32:14.850 Antonia Thompson: So again, we were listening to some of the nieces. Music

00:32:16.230 --> 00:32:16.950 Antonia Thompson: And

00:32:18.360 --> 00:32:28.980 Antonia Thompson: You know, I think it was interesting. I told you how I got to know her was from for my church and you know I've been going to that church for about 15 years but I think she had been going to

00:32:29.340 --> 00:32:40.980 Antonia Thompson: It much longer than that. And I told you how she when she was in college. She was part of it. The Swarthmore choir and we're now they've traveled the world.

00:32:44.880 --> 00:32:52.080 Antonia Thompson: they've traveled the world and it performed in these great places. So I took it upon myself to think perhaps I would be able to sing in the choir.

00:32:53.220 --> 00:32:56.280 Antonia Thompson: And the reason why I thought this is because we have what's called a

00:32:58.290 --> 00:33:10.500 Antonia Thompson: Like a festival choir and just during, during holiday holiday times they asked people to come and sing. So Christmas, Easter, stuff like that. And I kind of thought this was something that I could do

00:33:11.400 --> 00:33:17.490 Antonia Thompson: Because I like to see people acquire. I'm like, well hey if they can see that if they can sing. I can sing.

00:33:18.540 --> 00:33:25.680 Antonia Thompson: And then there's always the most people in the choir, who would say something to you like when you say, oh, you should just climb like a, you know, I don't think that will, and they take

00:33:27.240 --> 00:33:33.030 Antonia Thompson: Everybody can see in the choir will work with you. So anyway, they asked the invite. And

00:33:33.900 --> 00:33:44.100 Antonia Thompson: I did do that. I did go and I dragged one of my friends. It's also in the church. I ended. I had actually gone to college when and she could actually seem to in our and I, when we were at college. She was on the choir.

00:33:45.510 --> 00:33:54.180 Antonia Thompson: And they were polite. They allowed me to come in. I got my him though all of a sudden I realized that there's a whole language to singing

00:33:54.600 --> 00:34:03.090 Antonia Thompson: His notes that you're supposed to be following and of course they had to figure out in my soprano, am I also was like, I don't know. I think I'm in the middle.

00:34:03.720 --> 00:34:13.650 Antonia Thompson: And so they were flight. They were nice they gave me a section to sit in a couple of people you know phonetically wrote things in my, in my book,

00:34:14.430 --> 00:34:20.460 Antonia Thompson: They showed me how I was supposed to say it didn't work out. It didn't work out. I think I went to three.

00:34:21.390 --> 00:34:27.690 Antonia Thompson: rehearsals and as the show as a Sunday came up that we were actually going to be saying I chickened out.

00:34:28.020 --> 00:34:38.670 Antonia Thompson: I was like, I can't do that. This Choir is too good for me to get up there and be looking around, like I have no idea. I think that would be polite, because there were times where I would sing and then they just look or, you know,

00:34:39.690 --> 00:34:47.670 Antonia Thompson: The leader of the choir would look and he'd say, Okay, let's just let's just try and do they can maybe we can try this. And you know, when people start modeling for you.

00:34:48.570 --> 00:34:53.760 Antonia Thompson: You know, that's a problem. You know, that's a problem that you're not quite hitting that note or doing it correctly.

00:34:54.030 --> 00:35:02.400 Antonia Thompson: And then I think the last year, or was that just people that I was sitting next to like that. First time and very helpful. They're writing the notes and putting notes on my little

00:35:03.240 --> 00:35:07.530 Antonia Thompson: Music sheet, all of a sudden weren't look making eye contact.

00:35:08.040 --> 00:35:14.790 Antonia Thompson: They kind of were looking at me sideways. But I think that was part part of their process of going through the anxiety of getting ready for a show or to perform

00:35:15.240 --> 00:35:28.920 Antonia Thompson: But I'm like, you don't need to be nervous. You guys have a wonderful, no matter what you do, but they probably want me to be, you know, singing off key. And so anyway, I had to send that nice little email like while I appreciate the opportunity.

00:35:30.180 --> 00:35:32.010 Antonia Thompson: I think it's in my best interest.

00:35:33.480 --> 00:35:42.000 Antonia Thompson: And the funny thing is, all those invitations that are like oh you'll be fine. The choir, it's, it's, it's the words the Lord's words.

00:35:43.050 --> 00:35:52.410 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, no, not so much. I wasn't invited back. I wasn't asked to second time around, or you know things weren't that bad. So sometimes you just have to take those cues. Right.

00:35:53.010 --> 00:36:02.190 Antonia Thompson: You accept the invitation. You do your best, but then you also have to recognize when it's time to kind of bow out. So that was my experience.

00:36:03.750 --> 00:36:12.660 Antonia Thompson: That was my experience with my church choir. And so, but I do love singing I all of us do. Right. We love listening to music.

00:36:13.110 --> 00:36:29.400 Antonia Thompson: And I'm always envious of the artists and one thing that I love, I love about music, and this is something maybe we can bring up with Vinny so when she comes, is that a lot of times, as we talk about history and things that are going on our community. A lot of times I've heard conversations

00:36:31.410 --> 00:36:33.330 Antonia Thompson: That why weren't people speaking up

00:36:34.620 --> 00:36:38.760 Antonia Thompson: Right, and I think I see more in the context. And I don't know if you guys are aware that a lot of things.

00:36:39.240 --> 00:36:49.680 Antonia Thompson: A lot specially in schools, predominately white schools white neighborhoods. A lot of young kids are now talking about the situations that they have want through on campuses and a lot of

00:36:50.850 --> 00:37:02.130 Antonia Thompson: Light is being shown on school curriculums are our history books inclusive of everybody. Are we being inclusive of all the authors and playwrights when we look at English literature and what children are learning

00:37:03.630 --> 00:37:14.130 Antonia Thompson: Are people really getting a true understanding of our history as it pertains to black people or any other marginalized and disenfranchised group of people in our history books.

00:37:14.910 --> 00:37:18.060 Antonia Thompson: And so there's been a lot of discussion on Twitter. It's called Black Hat where

00:37:18.420 --> 00:37:28.440 Antonia Thompson: Students that were either at a college or, like I said, a private school or school and predominantly it's predominately white have been coming out and speaking out about their experiences on campus.

00:37:29.130 --> 00:37:36.630 Antonia Thompson: And what I found interesting in this conversation as black students come out, say, you know what I was tired of being the only black person and whenever we talked about slavery.

00:37:36.870 --> 00:37:45.450 Antonia Thompson: Or we talked about. To Kill a Mockingbird. I felt like I was under pressure or the way the teacher taught it was very derogatory and prejudicial to me.

00:37:46.500 --> 00:37:54.150 Antonia Thompson: And I think a lot of times I hear why aren't these students speaking up. Why was it the community speaking about these in justices, and I look at music

00:37:54.720 --> 00:38:01.680 Antonia Thompson: And it's been so we've been singing about it forever. Like, even as we talk about the blues that we've just listening for Viennese

00:38:02.520 --> 00:38:14.970 Antonia Thompson: Music has always been a mirror to what has been happening in society right even if you want to talk about john lennon Bob Marley. You can talk about all of these wonderful artists.

00:38:16.440 --> 00:38:29.760 Antonia Thompson: Michael Jackson, they all had beautiful music that had messages about what was going on in the community in the world that was asking for peace, asking for the end of violence, asking for justice.

00:38:30.840 --> 00:38:45.870 Antonia Thompson: And so a lot of times when I say to people know this isn't something new. No, this has been happening for a very, very, very long time. If you go back to all the gospel music songs that were written during slavery. Some of the most

00:38:47.850 --> 00:38:49.320 Antonia Thompson: Recognized hymns.

00:38:51.180 --> 00:38:57.090 Antonia Thompson: It's coming out of a desperation, it's coming out of violence and trauma that people were going through

00:38:58.290 --> 00:39:14.100 Antonia Thompson: Right, and I think you could probably say that for every genre of music and every history. I would say any group of people that you would have those type of songs. Right. I'm trying to think of mock to mine. And that's maybe the show, we're going to have to do

00:39:15.330 --> 00:39:23.370 Antonia Thompson: On the education of music and lyrics and try to look back and date back to when we had our most

00:39:23.730 --> 00:39:41.280 Antonia Thompson: Inspirational artists, what they were singing about and what their lyrics meant and i would i would dare to say that if we look back, mostly all of them would have had some type of song that was written during the time that this country was either in war in conflict.

00:39:42.930 --> 00:39:53.190 Antonia Thompson: We would doing things in the parts of the world that we probably shouldn't have been doing that bring light to that. And I think when I think of African American music and all of the genres that we have

00:39:54.420 --> 00:40:04.650 Antonia Thompson: Is there, like, that's what hip hop is right. A lot of people back in the day did not like hip hop. I remember NWA when they came out with very strong lyrics against police violence.

00:40:05.250 --> 00:40:09.690 Antonia Thompson: Right. They were attacked by the police. They were attacked about they were attacked by

00:40:10.620 --> 00:40:17.280 Antonia Thompson: America for what they were saying. But guess what, it's all living out right now and we just thought all in real time when George flying and

00:40:17.550 --> 00:40:26.220 Antonia Thompson: All the other people that were killed. That was was taped back then, we didn't have phones. We didn't have ways to record all this right but now we do

00:40:27.060 --> 00:40:35.070 Antonia Thompson: And so if we go back and look at those lyrics that people were so just comfortable with so uncomfortable with you realize that

00:40:35.880 --> 00:40:43.710 Antonia Thompson: People were talking about an injustice that was happening way back that right hip hop came out of that struggle that inner city.

00:40:44.250 --> 00:40:58.980 Antonia Thompson: Struggle that people were going through. We look at RMB some of the very soulful music that we hear from different artists again is going back to some type of injustice, you know, people love Michael Jackson loved him. Well, what was Man in the Mirror about

00:41:00.390 --> 00:41:05.640 Antonia Thompson: Right. What was his gigantic Rhythm Nation like there are so many songs that come to mind.

00:41:07.620 --> 00:41:18.390 Antonia Thompson: That I'm like, hi. If we think about it. If we go back 20 years go back you know 30 years we can pinpoint in our history through music and through TV. TV.

00:41:18.690 --> 00:41:31.560 Antonia Thompson: Might be harder to see because we just didn't see people of color, all of us in in TV probably what the last 10 years we started to see some variety and people of color, but still, it's not great.

00:41:32.850 --> 00:41:43.770 Antonia Thompson: But we started with. The Cosby Show facts of life started to come in right we start to see more of a black culture being accepted on TV, but prior to that we can save much

00:41:44.340 --> 00:41:54.480 Antonia Thompson: Right, I probably, probably could think about it, friend, Will Smith. The Fresh Prince right we probably can name them on our hands, both, but then we see all these other movies and other things right.

00:41:55.080 --> 00:42:04.260 Antonia Thompson: Just not represented, but we still were talking about it, things were still happening. We still we're trying to appreciate our, our history. Black Lives Matter.

00:42:05.070 --> 00:42:11.550 Antonia Thompson: And I know I could go on and talk about this because I think it's important. I think it's really important is we talked about

00:42:12.300 --> 00:42:20.760 Antonia Thompson: Equity access and systemic racism. We have been very real about it because it's been going on for a very very long time.

00:42:21.450 --> 00:42:31.290 Antonia Thompson: So if there's one thing I can say about this president of ours who has been the catalyst of all of this discomfort that we've been having. It's making us talk. It's making us act.

00:42:32.130 --> 00:42:40.440 Antonia Thompson: It's it's making us demand a change. And so that's one good thing. And that reminds me. Make sure you're registered to vote.

00:42:40.800 --> 00:42:46.740 Antonia Thompson: Those of you that are living in states that have absentee ballots. Make sure you get them done. Make sure it's a

00:42:47.250 --> 00:42:57.270 Antonia Thompson: It's sent in. So we're going to get ready to take our last quick break and I will be back and we'll listen to a little bit more of a nice his music you listen to Antonia and so now you know

00:44:55.440 --> 00:44:58.260 Antonia Thompson: So I am back it's Antonia answer now you know

00:44:59.490 --> 00:45:09.390 Antonia Thompson: I shared my screen. But the funny thing is, I can't see what you guys see. So I don't know if you can see Barack Obama right now on your screen.

00:45:12.150 --> 00:45:26.190 Antonia Thompson: I don't know Sam I know my helper here might be able to type something to me if you can see Barack Obama on your screen by the New York Times, but maybe not. Because sometimes on zoom you can't you can't show video

00:45:28.020 --> 00:45:32.070 Antonia Thompson: Okay, because I kind of wanted to listen to

00:45:33.360 --> 00:45:34.350 Antonia Thompson: His speech.

00:45:50.820 --> 00:45:54.600 Antonia Thompson: Okay, so you guys may not be able to hear

00:45:56.520 --> 00:46:06.240 Antonia Thompson: The audio, the same as me. Let me see if I can change that rock obama is basically giving his john Lewis's eulogy.

00:46:12.090 --> 00:46:12.750 Voice

00:46:13.980 --> 00:46:14.970 That responsibility.

00:46:16.290 --> 00:46:17.490 But he made it his life's work.

00:46:20.130 --> 00:46:20.910 Which isn't bad.

00:46:22.470 --> 00:46:28.770 Antonia Thompson: For board from Troy from showing you the citizens of Nashville from the Freedom Rides to the March on Washington

00:46:30.090 --> 00:46:36.450 From Freedom Summer to sell my JOHN LEWIS always look outward not inward.

00:46:38.400 --> 00:46:39.870 He always thought of others.

00:46:41.790 --> 00:46:46.050 He always believed in preaching the gospel in Word, and indeed.

00:46:47.130 --> 00:46:52.230 Insisting that hate and fear had to be answered with love and hope.

00:46:53.880 --> 00:46:55.440 JOHN LEWIS believed in the Lord.

00:46:56.820 --> 00:47:00.420 He believed in humanity and he believed in America.

00:47:02.310 --> 00:47:04.140 He's been called an American saint.

00:47:06.030 --> 00:47:08.040 A believer willing to give up everything.

00:47:09.240 --> 00:47:16.800 even life itself to bear witness to the truth that drove him all his life. JOHN LEWIS was a walking rebuke to people.

00:47:19.530 --> 00:47:26.880 Antonia Thompson: Who thought, well, wait there yet. We've been working a long time. Isn't it time to bag it

00:47:30.630 --> 00:47:31.410 He kept moving

00:47:33.420 --> 00:47:39.390 He hoped for and imagine and live and work and mood for his beloved community.

00:47:41.400 --> 00:47:53.310 He took a savage beating on more than one day john convinced each one of us that we were his best friend in Congress and we come with a flag flown over the capital.

00:47:57.480 --> 00:48:09.930 The night that john past when this flag flew there. It said goodbye wave goodbye to john our friend, our mentor our colleague

00:48:11.490 --> 00:48:18.330 This beautiful man that we all had the privilege of serving with in the Congress of the United States.

00:48:32.430 --> 00:48:38.280 Antonia Thompson: So I wanted to share that with everybody, because I think it's amazing.

00:48:40.320 --> 00:48:43.350 Antonia Thompson: It's sad. But it's amazing at the same time.

00:48:45.390 --> 00:48:49.950 Antonia Thompson: So that is part of my list. This weekend is to spend some time.

00:48:51.120 --> 00:48:58.530 Antonia Thompson: Thinking about JOHN LEWIS the work that he's done the work that needs to get done to move us all forward because I think it's all of our responsibility.

00:48:59.340 --> 00:49:03.420 Antonia Thompson: It's all of our responsibility. I mean, I'd like to think that Gone are the days of

00:49:03.960 --> 00:49:17.100 Antonia Thompson: The fire hose being spread and the dogs being sick on people and separate but equal and white drinking fountains here and black fountains over there, sitting in different sides of the bus.

00:49:17.460 --> 00:49:31.860 Antonia Thompson: But sometimes I also just think we just flipped it a little bit. Right. We just flipped it a little bit. We just became up with instead of it being obvious something that we can see all the time. We all of a sudden create these laws that

00:49:33.090 --> 00:49:37.380 Antonia Thompson: Disproportionately lock up more people than others. All of a sudden

00:49:39.480 --> 00:49:45.930 Antonia Thompson: Getting access to loans and stuff like that is more difficult for other people. So all of a sudden

00:49:46.650 --> 00:49:56.430 Antonia Thompson: The gap between the haves and the have nots has gotten huge right we've seen in education with school to prison pipeline issues where kids of color are suspended expelled.

00:49:56.970 --> 00:50:05.850 Antonia Thompson: Have much higher numbers than they're white they're white friends. So in some ways it's changed but it hasn't changed enough

00:50:07.050 --> 00:50:08.670 Antonia Thompson: So I'm going to start talking about that.

00:50:10.440 --> 00:50:17.430 Antonia Thompson: But I do hope and just ask that you spend some time thinking about that because we can only hold ourselves accountable for the change that we want to see.

00:50:17.850 --> 00:50:24.840 Antonia Thompson: And some people are out in the streets and they're protesting. Some people are using their positions of power to

00:50:25.470 --> 00:50:33.690 Antonia Thompson: You know, create change which is absolutely fantastic, but not everybody's in that position to do that. But you are in a position in some shape or form in your own daily life.

00:50:34.260 --> 00:50:49.770 Antonia Thompson: To try to figure out how can you make a change. So maybe that speaking up for someone maybe that in some small ways is making access to certain things easier and better for others. Right. So just spend some time thinking about that.

00:50:51.150 --> 00:50:58.080 Antonia Thompson: I think through coven it really has made us all think about what is our purpose.

00:50:58.860 --> 00:51:03.510 Antonia Thompson: Because when you take away the daily routine of getting up and going to work, getting up and going to school.

00:51:03.900 --> 00:51:18.540 Antonia Thompson: getting up and leaving the house and having some daily routine that you go through and that's been taken away. There's no more getting up going to get your coffee at Starbucks, you know, go to the gym. Right. That's just not happening anymore. Now, we really have to sit back and thing.

00:51:19.590 --> 00:51:34.500 Antonia Thompson: How do I entertain myself, how do I keep myself healthy. How do I get along with everybody in my house if you're living within, within a family context or or with roommates, right, because you're forced to really rely on yourself.

00:51:35.670 --> 00:51:42.210 Antonia Thompson: So hopefully you've been thinking about that and try to think, well, am I, where I need to be, am I doing the things that I am passionate about.

00:51:43.020 --> 00:51:57.360 Antonia Thompson: Sadly, and I pray that you are in the position where you maybe you've lost a job to the coven or you've been furloughed and now you're in a position to think, well, what am I qualified to do next. What's my next move. Where can I get another job.

00:51:58.740 --> 00:52:07.860 Antonia Thompson: So we really have to think about that and maybe if you're a person of faith, you're really relying on your faith, try to figure out what the next steps is to keep you and your family healthy

00:52:08.550 --> 00:52:13.440 Antonia Thompson: Or maybe you're now figuring out, like, hey, you know what, where I was putting all my eggs in one basket.

00:52:14.220 --> 00:52:24.390 Antonia Thompson: I probably need to diversify myself. I probably need to be thinking and making better decisions about my future. And this is the time to do it while we're all in quarantine right

00:52:25.260 --> 00:52:29.370 Antonia Thompson: So I hope everyone is well I hope you have a great upcoming week

00:52:30.030 --> 00:52:41.760 Antonia Thompson: Just kind of think about some of the things we talked about today. Again, I want you to check out the nice Thomas, check out her website and her beautiful music, we will definitely have her back on the show because she does have an amazing story.

00:52:42.870 --> 00:52:50.880 Antonia Thompson: And again, stay healthy. Practice your social distance, please wear a mask. If it's not for you.

00:52:51.720 --> 00:52:56.760 Antonia Thompson: Think of somebody in your life that you love, more than anything else, and do it for them, even if they're saying, Don't do it.

00:52:57.690 --> 00:53:19.650 Antonia Thompson: Even even if they're there with you saying, Don't do it. Just do it for them, right, just do it for them because black lives do matter. Okay, they do. And so you're listening to Antonia and so now you know. And again, I will see you next week. Thursday at five o'clock. Same place, same time

00:53:20.880 --> 00:53:33.300 Antonia Thompson: And you can follow us at the talking talk radio NYC is where you can listen to us live or if you follow us on Facebook. You can watch us some of our shows are stream there live on Facebook. So definitely

00:53:34.380 --> 00:53:41.730 Antonia Thompson: Check us out. And then if you're ever interested in hosting a show and bringing some of your ideas to the community to the world because we are

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