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Thursday, July 23, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/07/23 - Maintaining Relationships Through Change


2020/07/23 - Maintaining Relationships Through Change

[NEW EPISODE] Maintaining Relationships Through Change

Mike Macedonio is a New York Times Best Selling author, speaker and entrepreneur.

Mike is the Co-Founder of Asentiv®. By using the referral strategies that they teach, Mike has built Asentiv from a small training and consulting company to a franchised organization with over 60 locations on six continents.

Mike is also a Co-Executive Director for BNI in the Bay Area. In this role he helps thousands of local business owners build their businesses through structured business networking.

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Segment 1

Graham introduces his guest tonight, Mike Macedonio, a NYT Best Selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Mike is the Co-Founder of Asentiv®. By using the referral strategies that they teach, Mike has built Asentiv from a small training and consulting company to a franchised organization with over 60 locations on six continents.

Originally from the East Coast, but now located in California, Mike got his start in business as a kid. After years of being a paperboy, he learned the work ethic it took to be a businessman. He first got started in the restaurant industry, but then decided to become his own boss at a very young age. According to Mike.  hustle and determination paid his bills.

Mike notes that letting other people help him was what really got him to where he is today. Allowing others to be there for you and support you leads to strong connections in personal and professional life. Graham and Mike continue by discussing how the work environment has changed for Millennials and how opportunities are greater than ever.

Segment 2

Mike is also a Co-Executive Director for BNI in the Bay Area. In this role he helps thousands of local business owners build their businesses through structured business networking. He loves working with small businesses and helping others find success.

They go on to talk about the various approaches that Mike takes when aiding small businesses and leading a team of consultants. Mike then discusses how he creates a culture in his company that encourages collaboration and puts its employees first. Radical inclusion and closeness allows employees and partners to feel secure and comfortable at work. Yet, along with these positive reinforcements, there must be rules and limitations put in place to set a work standard.

Segment 3

Mike thinks that great leaders have a serving heart, they are dedicated to serve others and inspire. Mike’s company, BNI, has a culture of inclusion but has order. These systems have led to a strong work environment. 

Graham then asks Mike how tragedy and crisis affects business. In today’s unpredictable climate due to the pandemic, setbacks are unprecedented. They discuss challenges and solutions to changing times like now. Mike goes on to describe what working with family is like, and how that has impacted his work life.

Segment 4

Mike finishes by talking about his creative process for writing his best selling book. He expresses how grateful he is for all the help and advising he received on the making of his book.

Graham and Mike then debunk a few business myths and talk about how inspiration is the key to success. Take that inspiration and make it your own, copying the success of someone else gets you nowhere. Originality is what breeds success. 

Leadership is hard, and making hard choices with confidence is what defines a good leader.


00:00:30.960 --> 00:00:38.310 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Good evening and welcome to the main behind leadership live on talk radio dot NYC Live from New York.

00:00:38.790 --> 00:00:48.000 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: With milligram Dobbin every week we speak to leaders from a broad range of disciplines. We explore what makes a great leader hide we build businesses teams be an influencer

00:00:48.780 --> 00:01:00.240 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: I guess. Here's the thing, leaders are all around us impact in our lives positively and some maybe not so. And the big thing nowadays that we've noticing is everyone's got an opinion.

00:01:00.720 --> 00:01:10.830 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: On what a great leader. Looks like there's nowhere to hide. Now, interestingly, this evening. We're going to have a quick look at our year long extensive study that's been done by

00:01:11.520 --> 00:01:19.620 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And it was just released this week, and it shows which companies are regarded as having the greatest a great leadership by the people who really matter.

00:01:19.980 --> 00:01:28.140 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: That's the employees. So, as I say, well, have a look at that later on in the show and it's not just about being the head of a global business.

00:01:28.560 --> 00:01:36.360 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: It can be about ensuring that we're looking after those around us have families or friends or neighbors or business contacts and that's what makes me really excited tonight.

00:01:36.750 --> 00:01:39.420 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Because alongside me for the next hour. We got Mike Macedonia.

00:01:39.810 --> 00:01:47.610 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Not only see the co founder of a global business. We worked extensively with organizations and communities locally. So just to give you

00:01:47.880 --> 00:01:56.070 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: A little bit of a background Mike's a New York Times bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur and is a co founder of a sensitive

00:01:56.490 --> 00:02:09.330 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And by using referral shattered use the center of teachers Mike has built. I sent it from a small training and consulting company to franchise organization with over 60 locations and six continents.

00:02:09.930 --> 00:02:16.830 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: He's also the co executive executive director of be an eye in the Bay area that's Business Network international

00:02:17.220 --> 00:02:24.900 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And initially helps thousands of local businesses owners, I sort of business owners build their businesses to structured networking

00:02:25.650 --> 00:02:30.630 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: He lives life with passion. I've known him for about four or five years, I can absolutely guarantee does

00:02:31.050 --> 00:02:39.090 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And adventure. One of his proudest moments was twice competing the Leadville trail 100 mile mountain bike race in Colorado.

00:02:39.600 --> 00:02:46.620 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: That's, that's quite impressive. MAYBE ONE THING IS NOT DONE IS DELIVERED ON grub hub in New York City and a bike. That's something to do

00:02:46.950 --> 00:02:55.290 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: I was also does is it gives back to the community by holding a position on the board of directors for this Wisconsin big cat rescue

00:02:55.800 --> 00:03:11.400 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: a nonprofit organization caring for abused or neglected tigers and the lions or when he's not helping entrepreneurs big cats and cycling is a passion for his wife dawn and for entertaining friends Mike Macedonian. Good evening.

00:03:12.120 --> 00:03:14.700 Mike Macedonio BNI: Thanks Graham is so great to hear you so great to see you.

00:03:15.390 --> 00:03:16.380 Mike Macedonio BNI: Have me on your show.

00:03:16.680 --> 00:03:32.640 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Your work. I'm looking forward to this might just say to me that you're just back from a cycle. How many hours a day. Do you have considering all these things you do. Now you're based in California. So just want to check this is still 24 hours.

00:03:33.690 --> 00:03:35.760 Mike Macedonio BNI: There's, there's plenty of time for a bike ride and

00:03:36.660 --> 00:03:44.940 Mike Macedonio BNI: That's the beautiful part of the country to do it, most of the year. So unlike you, in New York, you kind of get shut down in the wintertime, but a little bit of winter not not here.

00:03:45.270 --> 00:03:56.370 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Well, I can assure you, is not winter. No, I can assure you. The Scotsman are not built for New York whether I'm that's not a California accent I'm detecting something different.

00:03:56.970 --> 00:03:59.520 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yeah. So originally. I'm from Rhode Island.

00:03:59.910 --> 00:04:00.270 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So,

00:04:00.780 --> 00:04:01.920 Mike Macedonio BNI: Within the east coast there.

00:04:03.360 --> 00:04:13.740 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So when you when you started, you know, I've given a warm list of things that you're doing there will dealt. We'll delve into some of them a little bit deeper. But what started your first start to your phone, you know,

00:04:14.100 --> 00:04:19.500 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: As an entrepreneur. Did you just wake up one morning and say, I need to do something different or what was it,

00:04:20.850 --> 00:04:32.730 Mike Macedonio BNI: I think like most entrepreneurs, you know, as, as a kid, you saw an opportunity to get out in the neighborhood and make a little bit of money and put coin in your pocket, and you did want to take selling lemonade.

00:04:34.170 --> 00:04:42.900 Mike Macedonio BNI: doing errands for the neighbors I Mike. I'll tell you what we are really cut my teeth and entrepreneurship. Yeah, it's what a paper route.

00:04:43.770 --> 00:04:53.310 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay, now in all of a sudden you understand the work ethic of seven days a week, regardless of whether there's home was we're going to get, you know,

00:04:54.060 --> 00:05:03.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: Papers every evening and in the morning on the weekends and guess what you had to do you also had to do collections. Yeah. And if you didn't do collections. Guess what happened.

00:05:03.900 --> 00:05:06.450 Mike Macedonio BNI: You couldn't pay for the papers that you bought

00:05:06.990 --> 00:05:16.290 Mike Macedonio BNI: And these are life lessons that they didn't teach me this, by the way, in college. There was no college classes that I took that said you know when you're in business. Sometimes you need to go out there and collect in. Oh, by the way.

00:05:16.710 --> 00:05:28.740 Mike Macedonio BNI: You better keep good records. You need to know everyone that page you and how much they paid you. Okay. And of course, you need to perform. You have to form by getting that paper to the home, by the way, it's New England.

00:05:29.820 --> 00:05:40.230 Mike Macedonio BNI: Dry if regardless if it's raining snowing selenium or anything else and and I'll tell you, I remember times where they were people that were dodging me. I knew they will home.

00:05:41.700 --> 00:05:52.590 Mike Macedonio BNI: It was the cat lady and I knew she was home and I knew she wasn't going to answer the door. Jamie and I would stay there for 20 minutes ringing that bell if she's not gonna pay me. I'm at least gonna annoy her until she does, but

00:05:53.910 --> 00:05:54.180 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know,

00:05:55.380 --> 00:06:03.810 Mike Macedonio BNI: I could literally bring it back to them, but unfortunately I got on a college I went out to work for somebody else. And I actually started in the restaurant industry.

00:06:05.730 --> 00:06:07.380 Mike Macedonio BNI: I was a tough industry.

00:06:08.640 --> 00:06:18.780 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, as, as the years went by I really enjoyed what I was doing. But as the years went by a I really felt like I was fighting myself not to be the victim.

00:06:19.740 --> 00:06:28.140 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know the victim of other people pulling my strings. I was actually at one point later in my career actually trying to convince myself that I wasn't an employee now.

00:06:28.860 --> 00:06:30.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: I work to somebody else and employee.

00:06:30.750 --> 00:06:38.400 Mike Macedonio BNI: But I was trying to trick myself so you know you're an independent contractor and you're choosing the the work you're going to have the person going to work for. And you're going to run this restaurant like you own it.

00:06:39.090 --> 00:06:47.430 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I must say that only work for so long. And finally, I pulled the plug. And I said, I'm going to be my own boss, you know what, I chose to do

00:06:48.360 --> 00:06:50.430 Mike Macedonio BNI: Go on anything that'll make money.

00:06:52.020 --> 00:06:53.220 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So what was that first thing

00:06:54.600 --> 00:07:02.550 Mike Macedonio BNI: What first thing I came to the table with two assets, work hard and work a lot and I excelled at both

00:07:03.150 --> 00:07:18.870 Mike Macedonio BNI: I excelled at both. So what I was doing, is I was hustling for different businesses, none of them were related. I was working 14 hours a day, seven days a week. And at the end of the day, I was paying my bills. Well, yes.

00:07:18.930 --> 00:07:21.210 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So you created a job for you with bad hours.

00:07:21.330 --> 00:07:30.420 Mike Macedonio BNI: The pinnacle of mediocrity. I can now show my kids when I get home that we pay the bills but I'm still gonna have to cut the lawn shovel the snow and change the oil and my 10 year old, the sun stanza.

00:07:31.560 --> 00:07:32.160 Mike Macedonio BNI: And

00:07:33.270 --> 00:07:45.180 Mike Macedonio BNI: There was some things I didn't know about Business and Entrepreneurship and it will credit the UI for really starting to show me how to run a business differently.

00:07:46.470 --> 00:07:49.350 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Okay, so tell tell us a bit more about that. How did that happen.

00:07:50.400 --> 00:08:02.070 Mike Macedonio BNI: So I got involved them being I and I like the concept I like business owners getting together and quite honestly, I was really intimidated by these other business owners that I felt was so much more successful than me and I was just trying to make money.

00:08:03.270 --> 00:08:09.600 Mike Macedonio BNI: Doing everything on my own. By the way, all of those businessmen everything that was getting done was getting done by me.

00:08:10.380 --> 00:08:13.290 Mike Macedonio BNI: And then I get introduced to a system where business owners are collaborating

00:08:14.100 --> 00:08:20.970 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I'm like, oh my god, this is pretty cool. I mean, they're actually helping each other in business in finding business.

00:08:21.480 --> 00:08:30.390 Mike Macedonio BNI: And and the use of philosophy called givers gain helping other people as a way of getting business and and I was finding as I was helping people. They wanted to help me back.

00:08:31.620 --> 00:08:39.540 Mike Macedonio BNI: Now I'd like to say a quick study, but it really took me quite a while to really grab on to this collaboration, rather than self sufficiency.

00:08:40.260 --> 00:08:51.690 Mike Macedonio BNI: Being self sufficient was the way I grew up. And by the way, I was also reinforced in college that that's what successful business people do your independent self sufficient now is one of the lessons I also needed to learn

00:08:52.800 --> 00:09:00.180 Mike Macedonio BNI: And for some people, you may want to write this down when people want to help you and a willing to help you.

00:09:02.160 --> 00:09:02.940 Mike Macedonio BNI: Let them.

00:09:05.520 --> 00:09:16.710 Mike Macedonio BNI: And that is something that was so foreign to my culture of actually letting people help me. And that was completely the turning point in my entrepreneurial

00:09:17.700 --> 00:09:31.110 Mike Macedonio BNI: Way of life. It is the reason why. And it's the way that we were able to build the referral Institute. Now we're sensitive to an international organization within just four or five years. Good, let's just

00:09:31.140 --> 00:09:44.760 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Explore that just a little bit. Why do we think that people don't like tell other people to help because I see lots of people wanting to help, but I agree with you that there are so many reluctance actually accepted. I do think that is

00:09:46.230 --> 00:09:48.720 Mike Macedonio BNI: I don't think everybody's inflicted with the same thing. I was

00:09:49.470 --> 00:09:51.660 Mike Macedonio BNI: Although I have met other people that are

00:09:52.020 --> 00:10:03.870 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yep. And in, you know, when I traced back my own belief system where that come from. It was the whales brought in those whales brought up my family. It was the way it was shown to me.

00:10:04.740 --> 00:10:12.540 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, in you know in business school, which is absolutely not the way it needs to be. It doesn't need to be doggy dog.

00:10:12.990 --> 00:10:24.570 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, it seems like that. This is not an East Coast thing. I'm telling you people but they need to compete and fight for business with collaboration is so much easier and so much more effective.

00:10:25.200 --> 00:10:30.060 Mike Macedonio BNI: And it allows you to leverage your time and that's what I, that's what I really grabbed on to

00:10:30.720 --> 00:10:36.390 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So you got this this insight into collaboration you link that to the hard work ethic that you

00:10:36.390 --> 00:10:42.990 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Had one of the things that jump. So when we're working with, with companies nowadays especially an employee engagement.

00:10:43.950 --> 00:10:52.800 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Employee staying late and much shorter time in jobs. I mean, they talk about Millennials and generation is that being sort of 18 months to your cycle on it.

00:10:53.400 --> 00:10:59.100 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Where it is, you were talking about having to get into the mindset of choosing to what these people seem to do that already.

00:10:59.820 --> 00:11:09.720 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: But they're also in general. And I've taught you know we can only talk in general terms tend to don't have, they have done a lots of parts thing jobs that maybe people our age half

00:11:10.260 --> 00:11:17.850 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: You know the paper. Romans and selling things, door to door, and how do you think that changes how people approach what no

00:11:19.110 --> 00:11:27.900 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yeah, I think there's more choices. And if there are more choices in terms of what to do. Okay, and who to do it for

00:11:28.560 --> 00:11:35.850 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, if you if you really go back to, and I'm not even talk to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. But, you know, even in my parents generation.

00:11:36.390 --> 00:11:47.130 Mike Macedonio BNI: And you took that job because that was available in town. So you worked for that factory or you got that, you know, civil servant Job. So you got that because it was available.

00:11:48.150 --> 00:12:04.950 Mike Macedonio BNI: And you treated it like your lifeline because it was in today. There were so many different opportunities so many different industries that people can go in, in so many different choices of companies that you can work for in including working for yourself.

00:12:06.510 --> 00:12:23.820 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And there was a big shift it, it kind of a 2008 2009 where where the economy changed many people kind of created jobs for themselves what themselves and created companies. And my guess is that's going to going to happen again quite soon. What's your thoughts.

00:12:24.630 --> 00:12:30.750 Mike Macedonio BNI: I do, I do believe that. I mean this this crisis, we're in right now is a is a shift in the economy.

00:12:31.620 --> 00:12:47.070 Mike Macedonio BNI: In some ways it's different, that you know the government's for people, safety, put some businesses, little bit closing the doors, or at least heavy restrictions on most people's businesses and that is having a huge impact across on our economy.

00:12:49.050 --> 00:13:01.650 Mike Macedonio BNI: But the dropping the economy is also very similar to 2008 910 where you know they were industries, for example, the mortgage industry lost 60% of their mortgage brokers during that period.

00:13:02.370 --> 00:13:09.600 Mike Macedonio BNI: You think about being an issue with 60% of your colleagues and competitors are going away. That's a huge drop

00:13:11.310 --> 00:13:23.340 Mike Macedonio BNI: In it, I think it on in the society. There will be people that will jump into business ownership, because they they've seen the jobs go away and they don't know how to replace them. So they're going to do from the self.

00:13:24.750 --> 00:13:26.520 Mike Macedonio BNI: Good news, bad news. I

00:13:26.940 --> 00:13:39.660 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Yeah, I, you know, and we'll explore, maybe a little bit later as they have a collaboration can help us on periods like there's, what, what can we bring because I know you've been involved in other kind of things have happened.

00:13:41.130 --> 00:13:45.900 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: incidents where, you know, the local communities have to come together and help each other.

00:13:46.980 --> 00:13:54.360 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: A little bit more recently than been in 2008 so just, just a quick question before we go to break, we're going to break in a couple of minutes. Just a quick question.

00:13:54.600 --> 00:14:01.170 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Are you still on the same path that you thought you were going to be on when you when you embarked on this. I'm going to work for myself.

00:14:03.180 --> 00:14:05.010 Mike Macedonio BNI: I couldn't be happier now.

00:14:06.210 --> 00:14:11.160 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, and I think a lot of it is because I do have a lot of people that can rely on

00:14:11.580 --> 00:14:26.430 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, and, and I mean I got involved for a referral, which will support network is far stronger and more valuable to me today in both my business life in my personal life than anything I could ask for a day, and that just makes life easy.

00:14:28.020 --> 00:14:40.470 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So after the break, we'll have a look at just what businesses, you're involved in how you may be evolved as a leader and how you collaborate and also will have a look at those kind of people around you that may be helped with who have influenced you

00:14:42.060 --> 00:14:52.260 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So this is a grim Dobbin on the mind behind the leadership live on talk radio dot NYC. We are speaking to Mike Macedonia, or this evening, and we'll be right back after these

00:16:58.920 --> 00:17:04.950 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Come back here on the mind behind leadership with Graham Dobbin and when speaking this evening with might

00:17:04.980 --> 00:17:14.790 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Macedonia, Mike, you've spoken about a couple of businesses, you're involved in, give us a little bit more detail about the collaboration and just what they are for your involved.

00:17:16.260 --> 00:17:27.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: So we mentioned DNI so in Vienna, we run professional referral groups, their small business owners locally that gets together and help each other grow their business unique with one person per profession.

00:17:27.780 --> 00:17:38.880 Mike Macedonio BNI: And my wife and I are in the San Francisco Bay Area. So, in this area, we've got 68 of those groups and about 1700 business owners that are diligently collaborating to work together.

00:17:40.050 --> 00:17:47.520 Mike Macedonio BNI: And the course with with the sensitive, which is a an international coaching training and consulting company.

00:17:48.150 --> 00:17:56.190 Mike Macedonio BNI: Working more personalized with a small business owners to excel the business getting more business getting better business getting their lives back

00:17:56.940 --> 00:18:08.250 Mike Macedonio BNI: And both of them. It's tremendously rewarding to me, mostly because of the target that were helping in that small business space.

00:18:09.090 --> 00:18:16.170 Mike Macedonio BNI: I love working with the people that I call not privileged with having endless budgets.

00:18:16.650 --> 00:18:23.250 Mike Macedonio BNI: To toe at marketing and up privilege with having, you know, such a deep organization where there is a purse of each specialty

00:18:23.460 --> 00:18:32.040 Mike Macedonio BNI: In many cases, the small business owners with limited resources are wearing multiple hats and doing a lot of different roles to service their clients and

00:18:32.820 --> 00:18:44.700 Mike Macedonio BNI: Again, a little go back to my upbringing, you know, grew up you know in a in a family that was working class. We didn't have much although growing up, I thought we had a lot

00:18:45.390 --> 00:18:52.380 Mike Macedonio BNI: But that was literally sharing a bathroom with six family members sharing a bedroom with my two brothers a sheet of bed until I was in high school.

00:18:52.950 --> 00:19:04.590 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I thought it was good. I didn't know any better. I thought that was great. But it was really taught to appreciate what you have and make the most of what you have. And that's what I see in the small business owners.

00:19:07.110 --> 00:19:17.310 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: You know that that's probably an unusual sit. Again, it's not unusual story for for people of our generation, it's probably an unusual story for and some some younger people know

00:19:17.970 --> 00:19:33.150 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: How this. How do you think that changes their attitude to to maybe others because you you obviously you're grateful for what what you've got. Know what you've what you can achieve. And you want others to five, you see that big sort of carrying on when others have been through that experience.

00:19:34.080 --> 00:19:43.740 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, unfortunately, I think we might be plagued with more of that and United States and other parts of the world. I travel, and when I when I go to. I met you in Lisbon and

00:19:43.890 --> 00:19:57.960 Mike Macedonio BNI: That's six years ago. And I remember, you know, talking to those business owners and they were so ambitious. They were so excited about the economy, you know, starting to blossom and that of course is something we've been privileged with here in United States for a long time.

00:19:58.740 --> 00:20:01.500 Mike Macedonio BNI: In with that comes sometimes complacency.

00:20:02.850 --> 00:20:06.810 Mike Macedonio BNI: Until I you know I think it's unfortunate there. There are some people that are

00:20:08.010 --> 00:20:15.630 Mike Macedonio BNI: complacent, because it's almost a feeling of entitlement. And again, this is not blush blushing the entire country.

00:20:16.320 --> 00:20:16.830 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Is going to talk

00:20:18.330 --> 00:20:18.540 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yeah.

00:20:19.650 --> 00:20:28.590 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Okay. Um, so you've got you've got the global organization got you got center and you're working hands on with local businesses, how is it different.

00:20:29.100 --> 00:20:38.610 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: What kind of different, unfortunately, maybe need to take when you're working with other people to influence a smaller business on a global basis or can approaches you

00:20:38.970 --> 00:20:58.050 Mike Macedonio BNI: I think, I think, in both cases, if you if you really want to make a big impact you need to be doing it through a lot of people. So you know we have a small staff that my wife and I have and you know that office staff to me is that's gold.

00:20:59.760 --> 00:21:08.550 Mike Macedonio BNI: Because they're good. That's gold. Matter of fact, anybody ever tells you that do the clients always right, or the most important person is the client or the customer that's a myth.

00:21:09.570 --> 00:21:17.610 Mike Macedonio BNI: That's a myth. Your great employees are your most important person in your business and it's it's much easier to fire clients.

00:21:18.000 --> 00:21:24.720 Mike Macedonio BNI: That fire and hire new employees and I would do that every day of the week. If one of my clients, Miss treats. One of my employees.

00:21:25.110 --> 00:21:30.990 Mike Macedonio BNI: But then you also have to have people out there in the field and we have directed consults, we have a team of almost 50 of these consultants.

00:21:31.620 --> 00:21:40.440 Mike Macedonio BNI: And it's, it's about inspiring and in developing them so they can then pass on to work with the clients. So it's not always a

00:21:41.220 --> 00:21:55.350 Mike Macedonio BNI: myself or my wife with the client, although that may happen. It's really to the team in the same thing applies in a sense of, you know, we've got people you know all over the world, different countries, different languages directly working with those people.

00:21:56.550 --> 00:21:58.770 Mike Macedonio BNI: With the direction resources we give them

00:21:59.910 --> 00:22:00.660 Mike Macedonio BNI: So I

00:22:02.850 --> 00:22:05.340 Mike Macedonio BNI: That is a very different world and doing everything on your own.

00:22:05.730 --> 00:22:12.570 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Yeah, it's interesting what you say about employees. I think it's it's Richard Branson. I'm going to kind of paraphrase say something about

00:22:13.050 --> 00:22:27.780 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Look out for your employees and they will look after the customers the customers and always employees first and this certainly that spoke about the very beginning of the show from and rather and

00:22:29.010 --> 00:22:37.110 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: The globe. The global companies that have the kind of the top five are not surprising, you know, you're looking at Microsoft's the Googles and T mobile's and Adobe

00:22:37.980 --> 00:22:44.820 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And one did jump out to be resume zoom came in at number two and this the employees that work for this.

00:22:45.420 --> 00:22:51.420 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And, you know, would go through big change at the moment but company like soon they these results are right up until June.

00:22:51.840 --> 00:22:59.040 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So we've come from, you know, we've come through some of that some of the issues that would come from recently and zoom is on a trajectory like you wouldn't believe.

00:22:59.520 --> 00:23:10.530 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: But even then they've got they've got employees saying our leadership is the best the king, just the high Microsoft. I personally I think that's really impressive. Yeah.

00:23:11.820 --> 00:23:21.330 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So first importance to you see all employees, taking us through you know environments like this witness lots of unexpected things happening.

00:23:23.670 --> 00:23:30.300 Mike Macedonio BNI: Like I think from the, from the leadership point of view. One important component is the culture that they create

00:23:31.860 --> 00:23:46.170 Mike Macedonio BNI: So what color it in in if they not intentionally creating that culture that cultures of feeling that people in the organization are going to get if they're not creating that in deliberately working on that a culture of its own will be created.

00:23:47.760 --> 00:23:52.470 Mike Macedonio BNI: And it may or may not be good but it but intentionally declare which are culture is going to be

00:23:53.670 --> 00:24:02.700 Mike Macedonio BNI: I would I would expect that any of those companies as top companies. Okay, or have a cult a culture of employee appreciation

00:24:03.990 --> 00:24:11.460 Mike Macedonio BNI: That the employees have. Well, first of all, there's going to be systems in place, but they are deliberately appreciating these people you think of a company like zoom

00:24:12.540 --> 00:24:14.760 Mike Macedonio BNI: Their plate that company has skyrocketed.

00:24:15.060 --> 00:24:33.900 Mike Macedonio BNI: Over the past six or seven months. How do you manage that. Okay, without casualties along the way you do that by culture. You do that by appreciation. You do that by the way that people are on boarded in developed be successful in an environment of almost chaos.

00:24:34.290 --> 00:24:36.000 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yeah, with, with such crazy growth.

00:24:38.820 --> 00:24:47.340 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: I can work to keep picking a great words similar they're just picking on me. You know, I've done some work with Google here in New York and when you go into their offices.

00:24:48.300 --> 00:24:55.980 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Honestly, you see people going about this and you know the Scriptures. And then there's a phenomenal culture phenomenal field.

00:24:56.520 --> 00:25:01.170 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: But they're almost seems to be some chaos there as well. But it works. And people are happy.

00:25:01.740 --> 00:25:09.810 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And you said this, this is your him said you said that culture, you know, if you don't create the culture to culture will be created on its own anyway.

00:25:10.530 --> 00:25:22.650 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: I since I've not actually had that before. I've not had somebody saying that we always talk about create a culture, but we don't say what kind of paraphrase what you seem to be saying take control. What's created

00:25:23.520 --> 00:25:25.080 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Yeah, is that fair. Yeah.

00:25:25.110 --> 00:25:39.270 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, I think if whether it's a small organization of larger organizations, if, if the leadership isn't doing it. Okay, the organizations do that the people in the organization to do it. For example,

00:25:40.380 --> 00:25:43.890 Mike Macedonio BNI: It's, it's not unusual. Watch a company have a culture of backbiting.

00:25:45.900 --> 00:25:51.120 Mike Macedonio BNI: It once that culture comes into it. Guess what, try to change it very difficult

00:25:52.230 --> 00:25:58.680 Mike Macedonio BNI: It is, you know, Coach, that's very different than someone coming in with a culture of appreciation and you know I was

00:25:59.730 --> 00:26:09.090 Mike Macedonio BNI: Talking with this coach that from Zappa right and that's the lane in terms of culture and he taught me one very, very, very valuable thing.

00:26:09.390 --> 00:26:15.270 Mike Macedonio BNI: And it gives us as he was talking about the culture. I was thinking about the culture. We have an incentive and I was thinking about the culture of being I

00:26:15.630 --> 00:26:25.830 Mike Macedonio BNI: And there was some things in a traditions and cultures in a sensitive and referral institute that I absolutely love you know I love the radical inclusion, for example.

00:26:26.700 --> 00:26:36.300 Mike Macedonio BNI: Radical inclusion. Now you like just about anyone else said if it gets involved in a sentence referral Institute was invited to have an experience with us.

00:26:38.400 --> 00:26:44.940 Mike Macedonio BNI: And and with that experience is using this conversation that he listened. You know, I need a day one, or day two.

00:26:45.270 --> 00:26:56.940 Mike Macedonio BNI: We're going to bring you home for dinner, you're going to come home have dinner at my, my home with my wife, my business partner. We're very good Cox will really enjoy it so we can get to know each other, build a relationship. I mean, you'll probably have some questions.

00:26:57.990 --> 00:27:04.080 Mike Macedonio BNI: Now there are two things that happened first of all people a little freaked out that I'm getting invited to the founders house with

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:16.500 Mike Macedonio BNI: Literally every franchise in every person that we brought into referral, the student center from the very beginning, and that that process included coming over for dinner.

00:27:17.730 --> 00:27:20.550 Mike Macedonio BNI: But that's a culture to me of service.

00:27:22.410 --> 00:27:31.620 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I think what's within that culture means it doesn't matter, your position within the organization. We all have a position to serve one another.

00:27:32.280 --> 00:27:45.930 Mike Macedonio BNI: And that culture doesn't happen just in the sales process. It also happens when people come up with trainings that people know it's gonna be a family dinner it we're all going to get together it we're all going to work together. I'm preparing a dinner for ourselves in now.

00:27:47.400 --> 00:27:52.860 Mike Macedonio BNI: I also mentioned radical inclusion. The number one thing I would hear from people when they come out.

00:27:53.400 --> 00:27:59.850 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay, and they would experience what we're doing, whether it's a certification or a conference and then we would meet for dinner.

00:28:00.750 --> 00:28:15.600 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I say, so what did you think it's a goes oh my god itself, it almost always sounds just like this. I feel like I'm part of this even though I'm not part of it yet everyone made me feel like I belonged. They treat me anything differently because I'm an outsider.

00:28:17.070 --> 00:28:35.100 Mike Macedonio BNI: And that radical inclusion that service hot that family dinner experience to me was an important culture. Now here's what the coach from Zappos, Tommy. If you're going to maintain a culture, you need to do what most business owners tend to run from you ready

00:28:36.540 --> 00:28:38.370 Mike Macedonio BNI: He got to have rules.

00:28:40.620 --> 00:28:47.880 Mike Macedonio BNI: A great culture needs to have rules and it's one of the things they have to have rules, with consequences.

00:28:49.860 --> 00:29:06.270 Mike Macedonio BNI: So when someone's behavior is not supporting that culture. Okay, that that culture of say of appreciation. If there was a manager that was not using those tools and maybe they were using a stick. There has to be a rule in place for that in there has to be a consequence for that manager.

00:29:09.780 --> 00:29:20.250 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Inside that there's this famous story. I think it's Paul O'Neill, who took over and alcohol and tun tun the company around. I'm going to say aluminium aluminium

00:29:21.570 --> 00:29:22.050 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Aluminium

00:29:22.290 --> 00:29:23.460 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Aluminium aluminium

00:29:24.750 --> 00:29:38.880 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And they created a culture of safety looking after the after the workers and there was one board member probably strongest, most, most strong ally made a mistake and he didn't look after the workers and Paul got little

00:29:39.930 --> 00:29:45.660 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Because it was just against the culture new if you like that to happen, it might get through the whole business.

00:29:45.990 --> 00:29:51.780 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So it was extremely careful. We're going to delve into that after the break, a little bit more. And I'm also going to want to

00:29:51.990 --> 00:30:01.200 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: kind of discuss because we we talked about employees and you say that you've got a small team, but you've actually got a huge team as well. So it's not just about leading them employees, how do you

00:30:01.800 --> 00:30:10.680 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Influence business owners who've got their own mind and also consultants to influence others just wondering what what what that's going to look like.

00:30:10.920 --> 00:30:21.420 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: You're listening to the top radio dot NYC. This is the mind behind leadership with me. Graham Dobbin we're speaking to make Macedonia, or the ceiling, you'll be right back after these

00:32:41.040 --> 00:32:46.620 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Welcome back to mind behind the leadership, Mike, we were speaking before the break about the family meal.

00:32:47.640 --> 00:32:54.870 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And also by the kind of team that you've got around you and and how you need to lead them. Now one thing you snuck in.

00:32:55.410 --> 00:33:08.940 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: When you explained about the family meal and that you didn't explain to me when I first came up to your gorgeous house I put up an old site overlooking Santa Rosa in the wind valleys and you didn't tell me I had to cook on meal.

00:33:11.340 --> 00:33:12.420 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: That was a bit of a shock.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:18.480 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Was thinking behind that. Why would you make a Scotsman cook something

00:33:21.450 --> 00:33:25.740 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yeah, the, the culture of the family meal is not to

00:33:26.130 --> 00:33:31.680 Mike Macedonio BNI: Go out there and get a caterer as a service meals, the idea of the family meal is to be a team building activity.

00:33:32.430 --> 00:33:43.170 Mike Macedonio BNI: Where people understand the team is everyone involved. And some people don't know how to cook and they're pouring wine and some people can't even do that and and helping clean

00:33:43.650 --> 00:33:53.910 Mike Macedonio BNI: And they're helping serve and you know I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me these families because sometimes there are four or five of us and that's been other times it's been like 45 of us.

00:33:54.360 --> 00:34:01.230 Mike Macedonio BNI: And so there's a lot of activity going around. Now some of these come up, they go like, I can't believe this. The CEO is doing dishes.

00:34:03.060 --> 00:34:10.710 Mike Macedonio BNI: This dishes to be done. And I think that's another quality of great leaders, they have a servant heart. And they did a survey of

00:34:11.430 --> 00:34:30.300 Mike Macedonio BNI: The people know supposedly that work for them that are under them. But no reality is your responsibility to serve them and to inspire them to want more to go more to do more. And so I feel that calling a culture. I also think it's a it's a value system.

00:34:31.530 --> 00:34:38.400 Mike Macedonio BNI: That also bonds people and and I've been opened. I don't know if I mentioned this to you or other people when we do those things said, look,

00:34:39.090 --> 00:34:47.010 Mike Macedonio BNI: If, if this looks like the type of relationship where we can partner and we can work together and that's going to work great. We both have to make that decision.

00:34:49.170 --> 00:34:56.340 Mike Macedonio BNI: In by doing this, not just once, but literally every time we have an event when I make mistakes and I will

00:34:58.170 --> 00:35:15.090 Mike Macedonio BNI: Somebody might forgive me. Yeah, that that's not that's not a bad outcome. Okay, from a having a culture in a value system of serving and working with people in a way that's not traditionally business related

00:35:15.990 --> 00:35:24.960 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Well, I mean, the insight from my side is I am such a good cook, that I was always the one to play with the dogs so so it wasn't even like to clean.

00:35:28.380 --> 00:35:31.710 Mike Macedonio BNI: I think one of them is starting to Bach because he hears your voice right now, just so you know.

00:35:34.590 --> 00:35:41.580 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: I'm so what you're saying. You got 1700 members. So they are tend to be business owners who

00:35:43.020 --> 00:35:52.140 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Probably have a lot of the same kind of dreams that you and I had when we were first kicking off and starting out and do your own thing very independent minded very focused on their own business.

00:35:52.590 --> 00:36:05.220 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: But now, they've got those rules to babysit within, within a culture within a process and then you've got some consultants who got their own business. But I've also you're selling mindset. And then you've also got coaches.

00:36:06.630 --> 00:36:13.590 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Who want to serve these people as well. How do you manage that. How do you keep inspiring everyone in meeting everyone

00:36:15.210 --> 00:36:27.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: Well I were fortunate in one respect that be an eye has an overall culture. A culture of of of inclusiveness a culture of giving cultural of helping

00:36:28.380 --> 00:36:39.990 Mike Macedonio BNI: It's a very relational type of environment. Okay. And there is also rules in place to maintain people's reputations. I think I'm kind of blessed to have those systems in place.

00:36:41.700 --> 00:36:45.240 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I'll tell you, those are what you're mentioning

00:36:46.830 --> 00:36:52.710 Mike Macedonio BNI: Day to day challenges, you're going to have, you know, with people working together in working trying to help each other.

00:36:53.880 --> 00:37:02.880 Mike Macedonio BNI: But I'll tell you one of the things that probably scares me the most right now is this economy that we have

00:37:03.930 --> 00:37:05.490 Mike Macedonio BNI: His got a lot of people frightened.

00:37:06.900 --> 00:37:14.160 Mike Macedonio BNI: And when when small business owners get scared sometimes they do things that scare me even more.

00:37:15.210 --> 00:37:32.670 Mike Macedonio BNI: And they'll say, I'll see them retreat or hide okay or not respond to what's going on and you know that lack of response is going to be detrimental to their business. And so like I feel like the past five months.

00:37:33.960 --> 00:37:38.550 Mike Macedonio BNI: My whole mission became to show business owners to keep paddling

00:37:39.510 --> 00:37:44.820 Mike Macedonio BNI: If you earn rough waters. Keep pata you pull your orders in and you let that boat drift. You don't know where it's going.

00:37:45.240 --> 00:37:54.660 Mike Macedonio BNI: And so, figure out the things that you can do today for your business in some of those were just calling up the people you know when I like you, and find out how they're doing.

00:37:55.740 --> 00:37:58.110 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, and in this is

00:37:59.610 --> 00:38:03.840 Mike Macedonio BNI: Is. Here's an example. The personal training industry, it's gotten hit pretty hard.

00:38:04.140 --> 00:38:04.380 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: You know,

00:38:04.410 --> 00:38:11.070 Mike Macedonio BNI: Most of the gyms are close, you can't even go in there and I've seen some personal trainers that have completely reinvented themselves.

00:38:11.550 --> 00:38:17.910 Mike Macedonio BNI: My son's one of them. He has built his practice over seven years by going to a facility and working with clients one to one.

00:38:18.570 --> 00:38:20.820 Mike Macedonio BNI: And all of a sudden there is no meeting with his clients.

00:38:21.780 --> 00:38:33.780 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay, and immediately he converted 85% of those clients to virtual training and continue to maintain the business with 85% of it a month or so later. I asked him, I said, So, how are things going to be different when you go back

00:38:34.530 --> 00:38:40.350 Mike Macedonio BNI: He says, Will, it'll all be different now because with the virtual training. I'm now working with people on the east coast and I'm in California.

00:38:41.550 --> 00:38:43.860 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Now we've now has an audience. Bigger than his little village.

00:38:44.250 --> 00:38:56.730 Mike Macedonio BNI: And where people that in that industry that have pulled in there was in waited for business to come back and open up. Okay. Their business is going and my son's out there trying to buy his first home.

00:38:58.260 --> 00:39:11.040 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, so you you you want to be a key paddling. And then the second thing that I'm really encouraging business owners to do is, is get more people in your boat.

00:39:13.110 --> 00:39:21.540 Mike Macedonio BNI: Get more people in your boat. Don't be the mic master don't do that started off trying to do everything on your own self sufficient independent working hard and working a lot

00:39:22.110 --> 00:39:32.850 Mike Macedonio BNI: Work smarter and collaborate with other business owners that could move you to the rough waters, but also at a quick recovery, when you do get get back

00:39:33.930 --> 00:39:40.530 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: One of the things that kind of alluded to, I was working in Australia. Earlier this year, just, just before all this happened.

00:39:41.100 --> 00:39:51.780 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And it really struck me when I got there that I'd almost forgotten about the bush fires and the bush fires that only sort of stopped I matter to a few weeks before I got there. It really can don't

00:39:52.410 --> 00:40:02.760 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Be that devastated the whole country an end of kicked into this. Um, I mean you had something similar in the smaller scale. So you would use case what pulling through this a couple of years ago.

00:40:03.990 --> 00:40:04.950 Mike Macedonio BNI: Yeah, so

00:40:06.000 --> 00:40:14.130 Mike Macedonio BNI: It was actually we went to a couple years ago. Yes. And by the way of fires ravages city again in October.

00:40:15.090 --> 00:40:25.410 Mike Macedonio BNI: And right and so a lot of the city and this micro economy, if you would, was shut down and and then that always was then followed up by power outages.

00:40:26.130 --> 00:40:34.770 Mike Macedonio BNI: Where our utility companies were literally turning off power for days to all businesses in houses for the threat of the high winds causing another fire.

00:40:35.460 --> 00:40:50.370 Mike Macedonio BNI: While so yeah there's there's been a number of setbacks it. Here's the thing with with these setbacks and this one here is unprecedented in by the way I felt like the 2008 recession was unprecedented as well.

00:40:51.720 --> 00:41:00.270 Mike Macedonio BNI: I think we also as small business owners kick it to over consumed by the macro economy thinking that's affecting our micro economy.

00:41:01.230 --> 00:41:12.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: It is possible because we don't rely on the gross domestic product of the state or the country. Okay, we rely on X amount of clients, reducing X amount of revenue.

00:41:13.230 --> 00:41:22.200 Mike Macedonio BNI: And, you know, in those times of setback. More recently, and even in 2008 nine and 10 we worked with plenty of business owners.

00:41:23.250 --> 00:41:34.260 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay, that not only survived that period, but actually thrived. You know I mentioned the mortgage industry shrinking by 60% and one of our clients who is a average earner already

00:41:34.710 --> 00:41:42.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: In the mortgage industry literally doubled her income during the recession. And he said, well, you got a banking crisis. Well, her micro economy.

00:41:42.960 --> 00:41:45.270 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay, is affected by her activities.

00:41:45.450 --> 00:41:52.830 Mike Macedonio BNI: Now with the trend of economy as a whole does you know referral Institute at that time, even though our industry.

00:41:53.580 --> 00:42:08.460 Mike Macedonio BNI: Collapse because organizations, we're not putting money back into trainings and training employees, they'll putting it into downsizing and yet you know for our company that first year we were up 8% calm sales and the next three years. We were up double digit comp sales every year.

00:42:11.460 --> 00:42:23.760 Mike Macedonio BNI: I would you know obviously just anyone not oh don't do not feel that your business, your micro kami has to be what's happening on the global or national level.

00:42:25.440 --> 00:42:30.150 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: When you put that down to do you get that down to attitude activity.

00:42:31.980 --> 00:42:33.750 Mike Macedonio BNI: We started talking about how

00:42:34.110 --> 00:42:42.090 Mike Macedonio BNI: A lot of times people get fearful when they watch what's going on around them as far as going on as possible going out of business being closed.

00:42:42.480 --> 00:42:50.490 Mike Macedonio BNI: And when they get fearful they stop responding. They stop acting they stopped taking the actions. Okay. And they go into retreat mode.

00:42:51.150 --> 00:42:52.530 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay, that's the orders coming in.

00:42:53.160 --> 00:43:01.950 Mike Macedonio BNI: Right, and so the business owners that says, no, I'm going to paddle a matter of fact, maybe I need to paddle hotter as No Matter of fact, I'm going to get more people in here and I want to inspire them to paddle even harder with me.

00:43:02.580 --> 00:43:06.210 Mike Macedonio BNI: And then those come out of it. Okay, not only surviving but thriving.

00:43:07.350 --> 00:43:17.520 Mike Macedonio BNI: And, you know, yes. You may need to amplify the number of activities, you're doing to offset your restrictions. Yeah, but it's absolutely possible and

00:43:18.960 --> 00:43:19.590 Mike Macedonio BNI: It's there's

00:43:21.870 --> 00:43:27.120 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: There's some read something last week it was it was from a coaching.

00:43:30.450 --> 00:43:31.950 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Coaching sent and

00:43:33.090 --> 00:43:38.190 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: They said one of the reasons that coaches don't have enough business at the moment is because there's not enough proposals out there.

00:43:38.640 --> 00:43:51.300 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: They've not got, of course, out there, the more courts, the more business, you'll get so just focus on that don't focus on winning the business focus on doing the right activity. The more you get out the model happened and it just felt so logical

00:43:52.770 --> 00:44:08.160 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So almost so simple but yeah and will always be able to define how we go to market. But having that having that activity up front is is going to be key and just just before we go to the big very quick question. We've only got a minute to go. What's it like working with your wife.

00:44:09.210 --> 00:44:12.390 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Just throw that one in the engine and be careful. She might be listening.

00:44:14.280 --> 00:44:22.590 Mike Macedonio BNI: I actually, I actually think that's one of my superpowers that I can help people with when they're when they had their spouse involved in their business and I can show people on how to

00:44:24.060 --> 00:44:34.500 Mike Macedonio BNI: Love your business and love your spouse working together because we work together and and there is there is a real because we have multiple business it within each business is one boss.

00:44:35.610 --> 00:44:48.900 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay. And it's some businesses that, sir, that means, but it has to come to a final decision. It's going to be Horace and they were sometimes at that decision is going to be mine. Okay. And we both respect that that final decision is going to come here, even though we may have input.

00:44:49.740 --> 00:44:58.290 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Well hopefully you're going to be the boss at one point and influencer because we desperately want dawn on as a guest on here as well. At some point, and so

00:44:59.100 --> 00:45:05.010 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: After the break we're going to ask you. You've written a book. Best time New York Times bestseller going to kind of delve into that.

00:45:05.190 --> 00:45:12.090 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And also one of the things from this survey is about what the best traits of a leader are what the things that really make a legal standpoint.

00:45:12.390 --> 00:45:29.310 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: We're going to want to know what Mike Macedonia's trees, what's the top three traits, a leader should have you're listening to the mind behind leadership here live on top radio dot NYC in New York is Graham Dobbin with Mike Macedonia, we'll be back right after these messages.

00:47:25.080 --> 00:47:33.390 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Welcome back to the main behind the leadership, we're speaking with Mike Macedonia, or this evening, Mike, New York Times bestselling author

00:47:34.140 --> 00:47:43.050 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Everybody I speak to every business person tells me, they've got every business person tells me this is a year. This is a year. It's going to write to including myself.

00:47:44.100 --> 00:47:47.370 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: But you've actually done it. How did you do talk us through that.

00:47:48.090 --> 00:47:51.180 Mike Macedonio BNI: Well, it was actually recommended to me based on some

00:47:52.080 --> 00:47:59.400 Mike Macedonio BNI: What I call truthful delusions, where people think they're going to help their business that really doesn't work, or things that they're not thinking of that actually can make a big difference.

00:47:59.610 --> 00:48:07.020 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I would use them in workshops and speaking just to kind of engage the audience and john come up to me says, you know, you were to write a book.

00:48:07.590 --> 00:48:14.490 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I literally laughed it off for my reading a book. I can't even spell, but any other way to block and I just laughed it off. I'm not, I'm not a book right and kind of guy.

00:48:15.120 --> 00:48:23.010 Mike Macedonio BNI: And the more we talked about it and stuff when we started challenging each other on these different true to delusions and ultimately we came up with like 48 of them.

00:48:24.300 --> 00:48:35.430 Mike Macedonio BNI: And here's the thing that works for me. First of all, hooking my wagon to one of the top authors on networking referral marketing relationship marketing. Dr. Ivan Meisner

00:48:36.720 --> 00:48:41.700 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I will tell you the first time I pitched a book to him. He thought it was a bad idea because we were trying to build

00:48:42.330 --> 00:48:57.300 Mike Macedonio BNI: Referral Institute, and we had no foundation, because, first you need to build a foundation, then we can talk about a book. One year later, I came back pitched the exact same book the exact same way. He's like some great I did this little book.

00:48:58.980 --> 00:49:08.130 Mike Macedonio BNI: And then the next step is Bringing in the Experts. This is not something that I was going to be popping up. Now I had plenty of notes I had plenty of times

00:49:08.580 --> 00:49:14.820 Mike Macedonio BNI: But I literally brought in several editors, one that actually stayed with this in Rhode Island in a blizzard

00:49:15.570 --> 00:49:23.700 Mike Macedonio BNI: And all weekend we were talking about these two two delusions. He was redundantly recording it and typing everything we're talking about. And then we give them all of our notes.

00:49:24.150 --> 00:49:42.720 Mike Macedonio BNI: And so through that editor this stuff actually got transcribes printed and then of course is layout editors and design editors. So we had all of the call the major players okay publisher agents, all of that. Now, but here's, here's the most interesting thing to me.

00:49:43.980 --> 00:49:52.500 Mike Macedonio BNI: The book gets released the day after the book gets released, I get a phone call from Ivan Meisner now I'm doing I'm doing a book signing. So I'm on a book tour.

00:49:52.830 --> 00:50:00.210 Mike Macedonio BNI: I'm in Wisconsin. I mean, just real swanky hotel, you probably heard of it. That's Weston and and I take my call. And he says, hey,

00:50:00.900 --> 00:50:07.860 Mike Macedonio BNI: Your best selling author, can you get online. I go, yeah, I'm at the best Western and he goes, go to Amazon and I go to Amazon in the book is, you know,

00:50:08.070 --> 00:50:19.230 Mike Macedonio BNI: It's kind of a moving target. Every time you refresh the page, but every time I'm refreshing the page is going up, up, up, up. And at one point. So you're not gonna believe this. OK. This is the day after book is released this book just hit number one.

00:50:20.250 --> 00:50:26.280 Mike Macedonio BNI: Overall not business book not mocking number one book without any sexual violence or scandals in it.

00:50:26.610 --> 00:50:27.360 On Amazon.

00:50:28.500 --> 00:50:34.320 Mike Macedonio BNI: He said, You kidding me ago, you'll never get some number two is he goes, who Donald Trump.

00:50:36.030 --> 00:50:48.000 Mike Macedonio BNI: His book why we want to be rich just passed by a couple of nobodies. Now here's the thing. We both had published this we both had agents, we built that all of that stuff one and you gotta believe his muscle in that area is a lot bigger.

00:50:48.840 --> 00:50:58.350 Mike Macedonio BNI: But through our relationships and there were 96 of them all the thank you notes from me. They knew hundreds and sometimes thousands of people that would be interested in a book like this.

00:50:58.830 --> 00:51:10.650 Mike Macedonio BNI: In through them. Okay, through collaboration. These people move thousands of books for us, which pushed it to bestseller on Amazon USA Today Wall Street Journal. And of course, you mentioned New York Times

00:51:11.070 --> 00:51:24.540 Mike Macedonio BNI: So, so if you cut up a couple of things in the air, you know, get help team up. All right, bring in professionals and utilize other people besides a normal marketing methods.

00:51:25.410 --> 00:51:31.380 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: The seems we have a theme through this get help and team up getting you look up to in business.

00:51:32.820 --> 00:51:33.090 You

00:51:34.620 --> 00:51:37.530 Mike Macedonio BNI: Will, believe it or not, Ivan Meisner. Mm hmm.

00:51:38.610 --> 00:51:46.170 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I suggest this to anyone that's in business and want to excel find someone that you could absolutely

00:51:47.280 --> 00:51:56.400 Mike Macedonio BNI: I'm gonna say idolize then it's that's really the wrong words I don't idolize people. I have a high regard for them. Yeah. See, there's a myth going around that if you do what successful people do. You're going to be successful.

00:51:57.120 --> 00:52:02.700 Mike Macedonio BNI: It's a myth. In many cases, because without a couple of things to support that it falls apart.

00:52:03.630 --> 00:52:11.640 Mike Macedonio BNI: The first thing is if you go to you want to follow the tracks of somebody that's successful. You have to be able to evaluate a few things. And the first is

00:52:12.210 --> 00:52:21.090 Mike Macedonio BNI: Is what they did, then, not what they're doing now going to get to be where a lot of a okay I can't do it. Richard Branson's doing now.

00:52:21.870 --> 00:52:29.550 Mike Macedonio BNI: I get to find out what Richard Branson was doing when he was at my level. Now the second question I have to look at is, is that still relevant.

00:52:30.360 --> 00:52:43.290 Mike Macedonio BNI: If I was running for public office and I did with Abraham Lincoln. Did you know driving around on a train, but he's probably not going to get me elected. Right, so it has to be relative. So, and here's the key. The final, final key.

00:52:45.000 --> 00:52:53.160 Mike Macedonio BNI: Is the values match. They were people that have been successful that have been ruthless and if you attack your nature to be ruthless

00:52:53.700 --> 00:52:58.110 Mike Macedonio BNI: Trying to do what they did is not going to work. Yeah. Colonel Sanders was a ruthless man.

00:52:58.770 --> 00:53:16.500 Mike Macedonio BNI: He killed his competition if you're not capable of murder you probably are not going to be successful. Following his formula. Now here's why I can work so well for me if you understand where his value and where he's coming from this man is all about the underdog.

00:53:18.000 --> 00:53:28.680 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, in I didn't just listen to him. I studied him. I read his books I listened to every time we talk. I sat in his meetings and within a few short years

00:53:29.280 --> 00:53:33.630 Mike Macedonio BNI: I became very good at making decisions like Ivan would

00:53:34.530 --> 00:53:41.430 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I did every time I was trying to move the company forward to do something else I would ask myself the question, what would I even do

00:53:41.700 --> 00:53:53.550 Mike Macedonio BNI: What would I do in the beginning, I would even ask him, but eventually it felt like I got this. I know exactly the way he thinks in the way he would approach a problem. And by the way, he's a master chess player.

00:53:54.810 --> 00:54:09.150 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay and so find somebody that you absolutely admire what a great value assessment that's still relevant and study them as close as you can to find out what the thought processes and what their decision making processes.

00:54:10.080 --> 00:54:28.770 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So that, that takes us on really nicely to having a look at the truth of leaders. So I've got, I've got the answers here. But just very quickly. And, you know, the final couple of minutes that we've got three traits of the leaders should have great leaders and

00:54:28.920 --> 00:54:31.140 Mike Macedonio BNI: You told me the sixth results look sharp.

00:54:32.310 --> 00:54:34.590 Mike Macedonio BNI: The ones that come right off is, you know, empathy.

00:54:35.880 --> 00:54:36.990 Mike Macedonio BNI: Inspiration.

00:54:38.160 --> 00:54:47.340 Mike Macedonio BNI: visionaries in it. But after visionaries, I would say it's the and I've already mentioned service. I think its mission driven leaders.

00:54:48.120 --> 00:54:52.050 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know that they know where they're going, but they also want to stay stay on mission because they listen

00:54:52.560 --> 00:55:00.450 Mike Macedonio BNI: Whether you're a small business or a large businesses always distractions, there's always things taking off tracking the mission creates you're not to do list.

00:55:01.350 --> 00:55:06.720 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, I, my kids are give me this animated book for Father's Day when they were little on leadership.

00:55:07.560 --> 00:55:18.840 Mike Macedonio BNI: And I'm reading a cartoon book on leadership, but I figured my kids gave this to me. I have to read it and I'm reading along and the automated comment as a leader. You're no one until somebody hates you.

00:55:20.130 --> 00:55:28.350 Mike Macedonio BNI: Know, okay. Where's he going with this. He goes, You know what, it's a symmetric, then I read on. And what is making the point as about being mission driven

00:55:29.190 --> 00:55:37.500 Mike Macedonio BNI: Okay means you're not a people pleaser. You're not trying to make everyone happy along the way. Sometimes you're going to make a decision in someone's not going to be happy with you.

00:55:38.670 --> 00:55:51.180 Mike Macedonio BNI: You know, okay, that's when you know you're a leader. And so it's been one of those sayings, that's kind of been in my head so many times that you know one until somebody hates you. So sometimes I get some as a backslash I must be a someone today.

00:55:52.200 --> 00:55:54.030 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: I'm feeling I must be a great leader as well.

00:55:56.400 --> 00:56:00.360 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Um, do you want to know the answers as well. So we're really in the right light I

00:56:00.570 --> 00:56:01.710 Mike Macedonio BNI: Guess what are the experts say

00:56:02.760 --> 00:56:13.050 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Employees have said for the largest companies transparency empathy and open minded and you're saying empathy inspiration visionary and none of those

00:56:13.620 --> 00:56:30.000 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: Talk about knowledge, none of this talk about skill, they all talk about a being an attitude the wheel, a way of approach and kind of that. That's what we look at here, you know, the mind behind leadership is what's been hanging everything away from the academic level of it.

00:56:30.360 --> 00:56:32.430 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: So it's really interesting. What people catch up.

00:56:32.580 --> 00:56:42.270 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: On. Is that open mindedness and as you say, empathy, so anything around. They're just really shows up, Mike, it's been

00:56:42.960 --> 00:56:55.830 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: An absolute pleasure that I would have just morning and just to help everyone anyone that's listening. If you want to go to the main what we've done. There is just go to the theme of this evening.

00:56:56.280 --> 00:57:00.360 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: We've got a couple of assessments and then people can download, they can look at on

00:57:01.020 --> 00:57:08.340 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: How their own network is where the businesses at the moment we've got some webinars coming up on just how to create that collaboration.

00:57:09.120 --> 00:57:14.460 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: And if you really, really, really want to listen this to this. Again, there's a little button on there as well that you can register.

00:57:14.820 --> 00:57:24.150 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: When because already tomorrow, we'll send it to you because you might just want to listen to it will make you want to listen to what you want to listen to me again. But I'm sure you want to listen to my mind.

00:57:24.630 --> 00:57:34.530 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: It's been an absolute pleasure. You're welcome. On any time at all. Thank you so much. Give my love to dawn and tell her that we want her on the show as well at some point.

00:57:35.340 --> 00:57:37.140 Mike Macedonio BNI: And such a pleasure. So totally

00:57:38.160 --> 00:57:47.790 Graham Dobbin, The Mind Behind Leadership: This is the why behind leadership. Yes. Is that me grim Dobbin has been speaking with Mike muscle to this evening, I thank you for listening. We will be back next week.

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