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Thursday, July 9, 2020

2020/07/09 - Immigration Law and the Damage That Is Being Done to the American Dream 

[NEW EPISODE] Immigration Law and the Damage That Is Being Done to the American Dream 

Immigration Attorney Doug Penn is back on the show to review Immigration Law and Policy.

 So much has changed since the last time he was here. Email me your questions into the show! 

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Segment 1

Antonia introduces her guest and immigration attorney, Doug Penn. They discuss current day immigration law in the United States. Doug says that he didn’t get into immigration law until the 80’s, when immigration law changed drastically. He say that today, getting into the United States is incredibly complicated because of the narrow requirements.

Segment 2

Antonia asks Doug about the rights of students who study in America, but are currently being asked to return to their home countries. He discusses the rights of DACA protected people. He says that even though a person has lived in the United States for years and started a family, that person’s citizenship can always be questioned. 


Doug says that the Trump administration changed the rules by forcing immigrants to stay in their home country while applying for citizenship. Because of this, many people are forced to live in camps on the Mexican side of the border for unknown periods of time while waiting for a court date. Doug discusses the heavy toll this takes on immigrants.

Segment 3

Doug discusses the Trump Administration's current policy to send international students taking virtual classes. back to their home countries. He says that many government agencies disagree  with the policy, and are unable to say how it would be possible. Universities like Harvard and M.I.T. are currently suing the administration to allow their students to stay. 


Segment 4

Antonia expresses her anger about the new policy, and wonders what the rest of the world must think of the United States. Doug says it’s in the country's best interest to help students come to the United States, not deter them. He says that immigrants educated in America are likely to stay. Doug gives his insight on the behind the scenes of the administration's decisions. Antonia expresses her hope that the courts or congress will reign him in.