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Thursday, July 2, 2020

2020/07/02 - A Photographer's Story, Told One Click At A Time...

[NEW EPISODE] A Photographer's Story, Told One Click At A Time... 

This week I will talk with New York City photographer Stephen Hurst about his journey with photography.

Finding your true passion in life can be difficult and frustrating. Stephen will share with us how he found and developed his love for taking pictures. We will discuss some of his favorite, worst and developing projects.

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Segment 1

Antonia welcomes her guest and recaps last week's show. She reminds her guests to stay healthy, mentally and physically. 


Antonia welcomes her guest, Stephen Hurst, a photographer from New York City, and explains their distant familial relationship. Stephen and Antonia describe growing up in Brooklyn. 


As a photographer, Stephen describes how the creative market has taken a hit since the Corona outbreak. He talks about his art and experiences with street photography.

Segment 2

Stephen breaks down one of his most recent projects, ‘The Federation of Black Cowboys’, and the people behind his projects. He shares his work with Antonia. 


Stephen talks about working with his subjects, and getting models to pose in portraiture.

Segment 3

Antonia and Stephen continue discussing his photography. Stephen tells Antonia about his day to day schedule in street photography. He tells Antonia about being a black photographer who does candid photography with strangers. Most people react positively, though there’s always risk.


Stephen discusses photography’s role in current day protests and spreading awareness.


Segment 4

Stephen talks about his practices of bringing lighting equipment onto the street, and doing street photography in a studio setting. Sometimes he brings equipment onto the street and asking strangers to pose for him in front of his setup. 


Stephen talks about his future projects, and what has kept him busy during quarantine.