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Thursday, June 25, 2020

2020/06/25 - Shaking Up Leadership

[NEW EPISODE] Shaking Up Leadership

Jeff Kabat is the Chief Operating Officer & Head of Sales at the dynamic Manhattan based company Poppin that is shaking up the office furniture industry across the US.

We'll talk about how, as a successful entrepreneur, he has led teams in retail & tech along with how he has dealt with all the recent changes in the business environment.

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Segment 1

Graham’s guest tonight, Jeff Kabat, is a walking example of doing what is right even when no one is looking. Graham described Jeff as one of the most genuine people he has met. Jeff has really shaken up the traditional office furniture industry in the last few years with his company, Poppin. 

Jeff discusses that as a young college student, he kept his options very broad and was able to find his passion. Now, he has found his love for consulting and really enjoys helping other companies. He continues by describing which parts of his job he enjoys most and how he established himself very early on in his career. When he was in his 20’s, Jeff had a very special mentor who helped him be a more compassionate team leader. In learning how to be a better leader, Jeff was able to become a more authentic person in all aspects of life. 

Segment 2

Graham and Jeff continue to talk about Jeff’s travels during his time as a consultant, and why he decided to settle down. He went from running big teams to running his own business. Jeff’s journey was challenging but very empowering. 

Jeff details how he started his own online company and the highs and lows that came with this experience. Even after starting his own business, Jeff still wanted to do more. He invested in a tech product startup, and eventually aided in the sale of the product to Adobe.

Segment 3

As a part of a small business, Jeff says it was an amazing experience to be noticed by Adobe.”It’s not who gets there first, it's who gets there best,” said Jeff when discussing how his tech startup landed this home run offer. 

Global and local business climate is ever changing, but Jeff and Graham both note that being perfect isn’t what leads to success. If you spend too much time perfecting your company or product, someone else will have already put the same thing on the market. Be active in whatever community you are marketing to, and you will learn how to be the best through experience and feedback.

At our core, we are all salespeople. We must constantly be selling something, whether it's the company, the product, or oneself. So, it's important to project authenticity and strong leadership qualities no matter the scenario.

Segment 4

Jeff’s current business, Poppin, is what he describes as “disruptive”. They are doing things no other office furniture company has done before. In the past, the office furniture industry was modeled after the auto industry. Poppin’s nontraditional approach to furniture production and sales has set them apart from their competition. 

Jeff prioritizes  fostering a comfortable and inclusive work environment. His motto is “work happy”, and he enforces that sentiment at work and through the products he sells. Even though the changing business environment of this current time period has presented many difficulties, this motto still holds true for Jeff and his employees.