The Glass House Festival

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

2020/06/24 - The Art of Giving

[PREMIERE] The Art of Giving

The Glass House Festival  Poetry from around the World, was conceived in response to the physical isolation of artists and audience world over, who love poetry. Apart from giving this wonderful platform of expressionism, we also envision raising funds to support the migrants and dispossessed, whose suffering goes unabated.

This limited run show includes Recitative Poetry, Slam Poetry, Close Readings of Poems, Poems in Translation, Regional Language Poetry, Poems of Protest, Resistance and Empowerment, Poems on the Environment, Panel Discussions, Workshops and Performances and Allied Arts. The four sessions that we are planning to have, will include poetry recitals,stories of artists, testimonials from our partners and include IMPACT, REACH and INJECTIONS of our VISION AND INTENT.