The Mind Behind Leadership

Thursday, June 18, 2020

2020/06/18 - ReOpening Leadership

[NEW EPISODE] ReOpening Leadership

Graham continues his show by bringing on more experts on leadership and how to lead teams of all sizes.

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Segment 1

Leadership isn't just about being the boss, it's about everyday people improving their lives. Last week we talked about crisis management and how to solve high risk problems. Tonight, we have Patrick Sullivan, an ADP partner manager in Brooklyn. Patrick has also worked at Groupon and other successful businesses. He discusses why he chose to work at ADP and what about the company intrigues him to this day. His leadership style at ADP is a reflection of his experiences and influences from past occupations. As a partner consultant, Patrick strives to give businesses the tools and advice they need for success. 

One of Patrick’s biggest role models was a former boss. He told Patrick that in order to receive the guidance he wanted, he would have to show drive and passion for the team and his own success.

Segment 2

Graham and Patrick take a look at businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Over the last few months, New York businesses have needed communication more than anything. During this time of change, the ability to adapt has allowed so many companies to stay successful in the face of uncertainty. 


Patrick discusses how it has been challenging for some industries to navigate this uncertain time period. Yet, he explains how it is possible to overcome complications like layoffs, unpredictable markets, and loans.

Segment 3

Teams are looking for empathetic and caring leaders. A great leader isn’t just intelligent, they must have people skills to manage a successful team. In Patrick’s field, he takes a very personalized approach to HR and consultation. By customizing his client’s experience, he can connect better as a leader and partner.


It is important to take into account circumstance and the human experience when trying to be a good leader. COVID-19 has been a test of compassion and team work. By valuing your team member’s situations and needs, you show them how important they are to the success of the team and company.

Segment 4

To wrap up the show, Patrick talks about how he wants to prioritize the success of small businesses in New York. Small businesses make for unique and diverse neighborhoods. Graham and Patrick talk about what is going to happen in the future. Moving forward, what is going to be different in New York because of COVID-19? 

Patrick is encouraged by the tenacity and heart so many small businesses have shown during this trying time. This is a turning point in history, and the business owners of New York have proven to be resilient.