The Mind Behind Leadership

Thursday, June 11, 2020

2020/06/11 - Emergency Leadership

[NEW EPISODE] Emergency Leadership

Our newest show focuses on real leaders and leadership!

Open, honest, opinionated and fun!

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Segment 1

This is a challenging time for everyone and now more than ever we have been looking to leaders for guidance and expertise. Graham plans to analyze the practical side of leadership through examples set by our world’s leaders. 

Tonight, Rebecca Maxwell joins Graham to discuss her experiences in contingency planning and emergency planning. She explains that not all leaders need to be outgoing, she has been able to succeed as a self-proclaimed  introvert. Any good leader knows that coherence and communication is what matters to a successful team.

Segment 2

Graham asks about who has been especially inspirational to Rebecca. One of the most important people in her career was her former manager. He allowed Rebecca to achieve more by pushing her to follow her own path, not letting others affect her bias. 

She then discusses her experience at the G8 Summit, crisis control, and how to manage difficult situations while maintaining a communicative and collaborative environment.

Segment 3

Rebecca dives into some more serious situations she has had to endure and how leaders must adapt to situations for the betterment of others. She notes that it is important to make sure your team feels secure in their working environment. Everyone must feel seen, heard, and cared for in order to perform well. People in positions of authority need to prioritize the performance ability of their team, doing this will benefit all parties. 

One thing to keep in mind is that individuals respond better to kindness and understanding, if you can “communicate with compassion,” you can reach more people.

Segment 4

To end the show, Graham and Rebecca talk about which of her past roles have been most difficult and what factors are most important to leadership. She expresses that at times it can be hard to rally people around a cause, but communication and encouragement is key. 

During her career, Rebecca has worked in the US and the UK and has met leaders from all corners of the globe. At heart, leadership is similar all over the world. It takes conviction and strong followthrough to be a good leader, you have to be true to your platform and your word. 

Great leaders are understanding of difference and circumstance, they are willing to learn and adapt.