The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, June 4, 2020

2020/06/04 - Why NOW Is The Time To Come Together

[NEW EPISODE] Why NOW Is The Time To Come Together

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam discusses a topic that is important for all of us right now.

It's not about coming together physically. It's about coming together on an emotional and spiritual level.

The world is simultaneously coming together and becoming more divided. We are allowing our bias's and prejudices to separate us at a time when it is more important than ever before to work together.

Not just because of the pandemic. This is just the first of potentially many worldwide challenges that face us. To survive and thrive as a species, now is time to come together!

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Segment 1

Sam begins the show with a quote from Abraham and the Universe about contractive emotions. In this special show, Sam shares that the difficult times in his life have made him enjoy his life even more. He says that as conscientious people it can be hard to keep a positive outlook. But he stresses that now is a time unlike any other and we must come together. 

Segment 2

Sam argues that the riots happening are a good thing. Because we are moving from Pisces to Aquarius (a major astrological shift), we are in a transitional period. The energies of Aquarius are about brotherhood and egalitarianism - meaning that everyone is valued as equal. Moving into Aquarian energy means that our efforts towards a greater community will be better supported by the world which is why the riots are a good thing. Racial injustice is ultra-present around us and we can only live with that for so long. Sam believes we have reached the tipping point where we will not stand for it anymore. How many people have to die before we say enough is enough? He offers his show as a safe space for the audience to speak up and share their stories. 

Segment 3

Sam says that the pandemic is why we all need to come together (metaphorically) to review our actions. Sam urges that our perspectives are limited and the pandemic has shown us how unsustainable the lives we live are. Our shortsightedness as a society creates so many unseen repercussions. Sam says that we must be warned and the road will get much bumpier; we won’t survive if we keep going the way we are going. However, he believes that life does not present us with challenges that we can’t conquer. 

Segment 4

Sam emphasizes that we need to come together now because we have bigger challenges on the horizon. He says the only way we will be able to handle the upcoming challenges is together, as brothers and sisters. The recent Space-Flight is an excellent example of society saying “yes” to the future. However, in this same week, the horrendous murder of George Floyd occurred which did quite the opposite. Sam stresses that we can effect real change by who we vote for and what companies we choose to patronize. Who we choose to support politically and financially has an immense impact. He ends the show by reading an email from Anthony Marx, the president of the New York Public Library.