The Mind Behind Leadership

Thursday, June 4, 2020

2020/06/04 - The Mind Behind Leadership

[PREMIERE] The Mind Behind Leadership

Our newest show focuses on real leaders and leadership!

Great leadership is about understanding human behavior, being authentic and making the rights decisions (not just the easy ones). Most people are showing leadership in their everyday lives – at home and at work.

Skillfully avoiding the traps of just talking about models and theories. We’ll explore practical and real-life situations. Why have we been driven to influence others? What impact does it have on us? Whose actions still stick with us, years later ? Good and bad.

Open, honest, opinionated and fun!

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Segment 1

Welcome to the premiere of “The Mind Behind”! “The Conscious Consultant Hour: Awakening Humanity” host, Sam Liebowitz, introduces new host, Graham Dobbin. Graham has managed, motivated, and coached business teams for 20 years as a company owner and business consultant. Even from a young age, Graham has had an entrepreneurial bug. Learn more about your new host as Sam dives into what led Graham to a career in finance, and what brought him from Scotland to New York. 

Segment 2

After falling in love with the magic and bagels of New York City, Graham decided to settle in Brooklyn. He describes the trials and triumphs of starting his own business in the Big Apple. The business world of NYC was tricky to break into, but Graham provides insight into how he acclimated and found success, even in spite of some failures. He discusses the inspirations and role models that have made him a more determined businessman. 

Segment 3

Similar to most business owners, Graham has had to adjust to the new reality brought on by COVID-19. Prior to lock-down, most of his business was conducted face-to-face; he describes how the changes have affected him and his company. Yet, he has persisted and continues to work with companies all over the world.

Even though he lives in New York now, Graham finds himself remembering the places of his past: Glasgow and Manchester. He compares life in the UK to his new experiences in The United States, from walking the Brooklyn streets to discovering IKEA.

Segment 4

Graham answers a Facebook Live question about how people in New York and Manchester relate to business differently. He explains what it has been like transitioning to the New York City business community, and describes his newfound perspective as a New Yorker. 

To conclude, Graham elaborates on his hopes for his new show. Through unique stories told by experienced leaders and entrepreneurs, Graham and his guests will provide honest guidance to those looking to be inspired in their personal and business lives.