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Friday, May 29, 2020

2020/05/29 - Fundraising 401

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

[EPISODE] Fundraising 401

Fundraising 401
That's Laurence Pagnoni's latest book. It's a series of masterclasses for all levels and a collection of revelations he's gained over 35 years in nonprofit management and fundraising.

Segment 1

Tony introduces this weeks guest, Lawrence A. Pagnoni. Lawrence discusses Peter Drucker’s impact on his fundraising style, as well as the basics of fundraising efficiency, nonprofit branding, and public outreach.

Segment 2

Lawrence continues giving advise on engaging your donors, and using data to make decisions based around what works and what does not. Lawrence stresses that donors  do not give to your organization, but rather its impact. Tony and Lawrence talk about measuring your community impact and sharing that with donors.

Segment 3

Lawrence discusses the impact of donors on nonprofit organizations, saying that no donations are small donations, since every gift helps the community. He says that less privileged donors give from their heart, not their pockets.

Segment 4

Lawrence talks about the importance of investing deeply in one cause as opposed to investing widely in many. He gives advise about organizing fundraising efforts and donations to make the biggest community impact, and where the nonprofit sector is moving post coronavirus. Lawrence plugs his new book.